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A SRS Report On

Glossary System for Document Management

Under the Guidance of Mrs. Mamatha

Submitted By Devesh Kumar Gupta Harshit Taneja Arpit Shukla B. Ravi Kumar A. Dasharath

Table of Contents

1. Project Purpose. . De!initions an" Acron#ms. $. %ist o! &unctions. '. Speci!ic Re(uirements. ). SRS*+eri!ication an" +ali"ation. ,. -ualit# Assurance. .. SD%/ 0o"el.

Glossary System for Document Management


The purpose involves helpin1 stu"ents un"erstan" the alien terms encountere" in the stu"# material an" hence e2ten" their un"erstan"in1.

1. dmin: An a"ministrator 3ill authenticate an" authori4e "i!!erent 5nstructors in the s#stem i.e. /reate60ana1e6Authenticate an" also create the course an" course structure. . !nstructor: The instructor a""in1 the "ocuments provi"es the meanin1 !or the 3or"s. $. User"Student: A user6stu"ent can vie3 the "ocument an" search !or a particular 3or"s.

#a$a: 7ava is use" !or "esi1nin1 the inter!ace o! the project that 3oul" ena8le the users let see 3hat options are availa8le re1ar"in1 the various services provi"e". #%&&: 799 is 3i"el# use" plat!orm !or server pro1rammin1 in the java pro1rammin1 lan1ua1e. The java plat!orm :enterprise 9"ition; "i!!ers !rom the 7ava stan"ar" 9"ition Plat!orm :7ava S9; in that is a""s li8raries 3hich provi"e !unctionalit# to "eplo# !ault*tolerant< "istri8ute"< multitier 7ava so!t3are< 8ase" lar1el# on mo"ular components runnin1 on an application server. MyS'(: 0#S-% is a relational "ata8ase mana1ement s#stem :RDB0S; that runs as a server provi"in1 multi*user access to a num8er o! "ata8ases. 5t is name" a!ter "eveloper 0ichael =i"enius> "au1hter. The S=% phrase stan"s !or Structure" -uer# %an1ua1e. &ree*so!t3are open source projects that re(uire a !ull*!eature" "ata8ase mana1ement s#stem o!ten use 0#S-%. &or commercial use< several pai" e"itions are availa8le< an" o!!er a""itional !unctionalit#. )TM( * #'uery: H#perte2t 0arkup %an1ua1e is 8asicall# !or the !ront en"< 3ith the "#namism o! Servlets an" 7-uer# !or the vali"ation. HT0% allo3s users to pro"uce 3e8 pa1es that inclu"e te2t< 1raphics an" pointers to other =e8Pa1es.

(ist of +unctions:

1. A"min 0o"ule.

. 5nstructor 0o"ule. $. ?ser 0o"ule. '. Document 0ana1ement.

+unction Description:
1. dmin Module: Create,User-.: The a"ministrator onl# create the users o! the application. He6she can create 5nstructor an" Stu"ents. Delete,User-.: The a"ministrator can have capa8le !or "elete the users o! the s#stem. Update,User-.: The a"ministrator can up"ate the in!ormation o! the users "epen"in1 upon the re(uests o! the users. Create,Course-.: The a"ministrator create the structure o! the course.

. !nstructor Module: (ogin-.: 5nstructor enters into the s#stem 8# usin1 the speci!ic username an" pass3or" provi"e" 8# the a"ministrator. Upload,Document-.: 5n this !unction< the instructor can uploa" a speci!ic "ocument. At a time onl# one "ocument can uploa". Pro$ide,Defination-.: 5n this !unction< the instructor provi"es the meanin16"e!inition !or the list o! 3or"s. At a time onl# one 3or" 0eanin16"e!inition can provi"e. Delete,Document-.: 5n this !unction< the 5nstructor can have capa8ilities to "elete a meanin16"e!inition !or the 3or" an" also "elete a particular "ocument. Update,Defination-.: 5n this !unction< the instructor can nee" to chan1e an# meanin16"e!inition !or an# 3or".

$. User"Student Module: (ogin-.: The A"ministrator provi"es the ?sername an" Pass3or" !or each Stu"ent< 8# usin1 this in!ormation the user can lo1in to the application. /pen,Document-.: ?se" to open the particular "ocument< in to the 3e8 pa1e in the !orm o! te2t. Search,0ord-.: The stu"ent kno3 a8out ne3 3or"s i.e. that are not presents in that "ocument < he6she can search a particular 3or". 1e2uest,Document-.: The stu"ent can re(uest the particular "ocument to speci!ic 5nstructor. '. Document Management: +iltering,Document-.: 5n this !unction< the uploa"e" "ocument can !in"s the special technical 3or"s an" list out these 3or"s. )ighlights,0ords-.: 5n this !unction< a!ter per!ormin1 the @&ilterin1ADocument:;B !unction< those 3or"s are hi1hli1hte". Display,Meaning-.: 5n this !unction< a!ter per!ormin1 the

@Hi1hli1htsA=or"s:;B< !unction< 3hen the mouse are move" on to those 3or"s a pop 3in"o3 is opene"< that contains the meanin16"e!inition !or that 3or".

Specific 1e2uirements: C
This section contains all the So!t3are re(uirements at a level o! "etail su!!icient to ena8le

"esi1ners to "esi1n a s#stem to satis!# those re(uirements an " testers to test that the s#stem satis!ies those re(uirements. Throu1hout this section< ever# state" re(uirement is e2ternall# perceiva8le 8# users< operators< or 8oth e2ternal s#stems.

3. )ard4are 1e2uirements: These are the 0inimum Har"3are Re(uirements. Pentium 5+ Processor. 1 D 0B RA0 EGB Har" Disk space.

%. Soft4are 1e2uirements: These are the 0inimum So!t3are Re(uirements. =in"o3s FP< +ista< =in"o3s .. 59 ).E or a8ove< 0o4illa &ire!o2 $.E or a8ove. 0#S-%. Apache Tomcat Server version ,.E. Get Beans 5D9 ,.D or a8ove. 7ava 1.' :7DK an" 7R9; an" a8ove.

=e have "esi1ne" our SRS in such a 3a# so that it !ollo3s all the characteristics o! a 1oo" SRS i.e. un*am8i1uit#< completeness< consistenc#< sta8ilit#< mo"i!ia8ilit# an" veri!ia8ilit#. 5erification6 5alidation Management:

0aterfall Model: The mo"el su11ests a s#stematic approach o! so!t3are "evelopment that 8e1ins at the s#stem level an" pro1resses throu1h anal#sis< "esi1n< co"in1< testin1 an" support. The principal sta1es o! the mo"el are e2plaine" 8elo3H 'uality ssurance: Software engineering Pro"uct (ualit# is an" international stan"ar" !or the evaluation o! so!t3are (ualit#. The (ualit# mo"el presente" in the !irst part o! the stan"ar"< 5SO659/ I1 ,*1< classi!ies so!t3are (ualit# in a structure" set o! characteristics an" su8*characteristics> as !ollo3sH +unctionality: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the e2istence o! a set o! !unctions an" their speci!ie" properties. 1eliability: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the capa8ilit# o! so!t3are to maintain its level o! per!ormance un"er state" con"itions !or a state" perio" o! time. Usability: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the e!!ort nee"e" !or use< an" on the in"ivi"ual assessment o! such use< 8# a state" or implie" set o! users. &fficiency: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the relationship 8et3een the level o! per!ormance o! the so!t3are an" the amount o! resources use"< un"er state" con"itions.

Maintainability: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the e!!ort nee"e" to make speci!ie"

Portability: A set o! attri8utes that 8ear on the a8ilit# o! so!t3are to 8e trans!erre" !rom one environment to another.

0aterfall Model: