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Judul Engineering Applications of Bio-Inspired Artificial Neural Networks: International Work-Conference on Artificial an Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Theories and Applications (Series on Innovative Intelligence, 5) [Hardcover] Fuzzy Neural Network Theory and Application (Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 59) [H ANN Modeling for the Resonant Frequency of Circular Microstrip Antenna: Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Detection and Classification Of Normal and Anomaly IP Packet: Network intrusion detection through Neural Networ Neural Networks in Finance Gaining Predictive Edge in the Market [Academic Press Advanced Finance] by McNelis RBF Network: Pattern recognition by RBF neural network [Paperback] FPGA implementation of Hopfield Neural Network: for constraint satisfaction problems [Paperback] Asymptotic Stability: of Delay-Difference System of Neural Networks [Paperback] Identification of load dynamics using artificial neural networks: Intelligent Control [Paperback] Comprehensive Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2: Calculus and ODEs, Splines, Probability, Fourier and Wave Complex-Valued Neural Networks (Studies in Computational Intelligence) [Hardcover] Approximation Methods for Efficient Learning of Bayesian Networks: Volume 168 Frontiers in Artificial Intelligenc Deterministic Nonmonotone Training: Recurrent Neural Networks and Applications using Symbolic Sequence Data Artificial Neural Networks for the Modelling and Fault Diagnosis of Technical Processes (Lecture Notes in Control a Intelligent Engineering Systems Through Artificial Neural Networks [Hardcover] Artificial Neural Networks (Mathematics Research Developments) [Hardcover] Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: 14th Turkish Symposium, TAINN 2005, Izmir, Turkey, June 16-17, 200 Image Processing using Punctual Kriging and Machine Learning: Applications of fuzzy logic, genetic programming a Fractional FPGA Neural Networks: A Framework For Facial Emotion Recognition [Paperback] Regaining Synchronization with Watermarks and Neural Networks: Correcting insertion and deletion errors with bin Atmospheric profiling by GPS Radio Occultation: A simple retrieval algorithm based on neural networks [Paperback Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Passive Microwave Data: A Neural Network Approach [Paperback] Introduction to Neural Networks with Java [Paperback] A Practical Guide to Neural Networks, with Disk [Hardcover]

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