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Evangelism for Eastern

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FINANCIAL TROUBLE It took place between April 23rd to 26th at Grace Romanian
But you shall remember Jehovah your God, for it is He who Pentecostal Church in Houston, TX, Pastor Vasile Streango.
gives you power to get wealth (Deut 8:18) The topic of the conference was: “The pastor and the
Can God trust you with money? Do you have the courage to Church”.
thank Him publicly for what He gave you? Did you see how
some of us glorified Him even when we had very little and
when we started to prosper we became very proud? We call
upon God when we have difficulties but when we are back on
our feet we stop counting His blessings and we start counting
our money. What happened? We became so proud that it is
hard for us to call the name of Jesus when we have to talk
about His blessings. Israel’s financial problems were nothing
new. This will happen when we start to believe that: “My
power and the might of my hand has gotten me this wealth”
(Deut 8:17).
Don’t ever get blinded by your success, don’t forget the
source of all blessings you have, and be careful not to be too
overwhelmed by your blessings and to be unable to
acknowledge the One who blessed you. God told Israel: The Pastoral Council of the Conference met on Thursday and
“Beware that you do not forget Jehovah your God,…when they are:
you have eaten and are full and have built good houses and - Down: Simi Timbuc, Teodor Luca, Nicky Pop, Cornel
lived in them, …and your silver and your gold is multiplied, Avram, Alin Bob, Petru Lascau, Ionica Buia
and all that you have is multiplied, …and you might forget Standing: Vasile Floarea, Pavel Pop, Cristian Ionescu, Ioan
Jehovah your God who brought you forth…from the house Pruneanu, Nelu Filip, Florian Mudura, Florinel Cimpean.
of slaves” (Deut 8:11-14). The following seminars were taught on Friday: (1) The
God is not against your success. He condemns arrogance. God balance in the life of the minister – presented by Nelu Filip
is not against your wealth. He condemns greediness. When you from Phoenix, AZ and (2) Generational Ministry – presented
have very little and suddenly you enter the Promised Land it is by Florin Cimpean, Chicago. Brothers Johnny Buia and
easy to forget where you came from. Some big parties, a special Cornel Avram ministered during the service. On Saturday:
brand new suit, a new car and a house in a “good (3) Warnings for an efficient ministry – presented by Cristi
neighborhood” may make you forget about the troubles of the Ionescu, Chicago, (4) The Pastor and his Vision – presented
past. God had to remind Israel many times not to forget His by Simi Timbuc, Troy, MI and
goodness and His provision for them. (5) the Pastor and the Church – presented by Petru Lascau,
Where are we now? The same things are valid for us. Phoenix, AZ.
“Remember Jehovah your God, for it is He who gives you Sunday, in the local church in Houston were ordained Br.
power to get wealth”(!?) “As the nations whom Jehovah Dan Rotariu as presbyter and Dorin Avraam, Constantin
destroys before your face, so you shall perish because you
would not listen to the voice of Jehovah your God”. (Deut
Bottom line: Everything we have is from God!
“Because you say, I am rich and increased with goods and
have need of nothing, and do not know that you are
wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked, I
counsel you to buy from Me gold purified by fire, so that
you may be rich; and white clothing, so that you may be
clothed, and so that the shame of your nakedness does not
appear. And anoint your eyes with eye salve, so that you may
see…therefore be zealous and repent. (Rev.3:17-19)
“Remember Jehovah your God, for it is He who gives you Smerica and Serafim Simionas as deacons.
power to get wealth” (Deut 8:18) During the service Daniel Urs from Romania, Simi Timbuc,
HOUSTON, TX – PASTORS’ CONFERENCE Pavel Pop and Cornel Avram preached from the Word of
God. Also with us were George Sasca from Hot Springs, We want to thank you very much for your financial support
AR, Gabriel Fazecas from Detroit, P. Dehelean from Wako,TX, especially through our Evangelical Christian Church Union
Pavel Sav from Chicago, Dragos Salar from Portland, Dan from Moldova. We thank you also for your prayers and our
Mogos (Associat Pastor), and many others. Glory to the Lord desire is that through our testimony the whole world will
for this Conference and for the Service that we’ll all remember know the power and the authority of the Resurrection of Jesus
for the rest of our life! Christ, the “Firstfruit of those who slept”.
(Seraphim Simionas)
May the Power of the Holy Spirit be with you always in your
TALAVERA DE LA REINA, SPAIN ministry and in your lives as you serve Jesus Christ our Lord.
We received a special financial request from Br. Viorel Ghilan God bless you!
who ministers at Maranatha Church from Talavera de la Riena, Let’s fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus with great
Spain for a very difficult situation. Elena Fermin who’s father dedication (John 20:21).
passed away and who suffered from a total facial paralysis, now (Petru Bors & Victor Pavlovski – Overseers).
she has to go very urgent with her mother in Mexico for special
medical interventions. Please present this situation before our ARE WE STILL CARING FOR THE ONES AROUD US?
brothers that, during this great trial this family may receive the Last week I called the Boicu Family and the wife answered
financial help they need it so very much. Thank you all. With the phone. I asked how they are doing and how Br. Robert is,
love in God’s service! (G.V.) but she started to weep and this made me think even deeper at
their problems. I prayed and next day I leaved for Codlea to
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA see first hand what’s going on. I was surprised to see the four
We had a wonderful trip to Romania. The country is beautiful people living in a shelter room with one sick child and a big
and people are wonderful. I was impressed how churches are debt. Brethren, it is a blessing for what we have…they have
full and on fire for the Lord. The first week I taught at ITP nothing and above all they are permanently threatened and
about “The Leader and Leadership”. verbally abused by their creditors.
Br. John Tipei, the Dean at ITP, a man of integrity and action, he
was for me an excellent host. The second week we traveled to God laid on my heart to send this message to you. Maybe the
the area of ministry of Lidia Rascol. Pastor Paul Marica and his Lord wants to test us. The Lord wants to see: “Are we ready
wife made great sacrifices to be my hosts. Their desire is to to give everything to Him?” with tears in their eyes they asked
bring the Gospel to the poor through the ministry of providing me: “Where are our brothers in the Lord?”
them with food and fire wood. This ministry opens many hearts They have no jobs and the only financial source is the money
for the Lord. they receive from the government for their children. For them
every dollar counts, a diaper, a sandwich, everything. They
We visited a couple of soup kitchens where children receive know to rejoice and to thank to the Lord.
meals daily. What a blessing! They have also connections with
churches where we had special services. These children were Brethren, we have to start to think more for the ones around
singing with grace and high emotion, they were shouting of joy us…I was shocked to see how much a child of God is
and clapping hands. It was a great crowd of about 100 people. suffering. We live the last days in this world, let’s give a hand
Couple of years ago there were no Christians. Now there are a to this family, I plea for them in the name of the Lord Jesus
lot of born again Christians. Christ. You can go and see them. They live in Codlea, Broşov
County, and they will be happy to see that the Lord sent
Pastor Pavel is ministering to three churches. I preached in two someone to them.
of them, one who has now 150 believers where 10 years ago
were none. Many of them are very poor and they lost hope. Also “Clujul Evanghelic” wrote about them but nobody came
Now the Gospel brought new hope to them. I saw great needs in to help them. Where is our faith? Are we good believers only
the churches we visited. We are willing to help them if we know when we go to church? We all have problems, we have
that money we might send will be used where it is needed and if children, we have needs but we cannot compare them with
it is a system of accountability. I shared with our church about what I saw. We are very busy with our problems to think for
these needs and I tried to prepare them to get involved in this the ones around us. The Lord Jesus died for us. What are
ministry. (Dr. Ted Long) we doing for the ones in need? Let’s think and let’s do
something for the Lord.
CHISINAU, MOLDOVA For me this was a test that I share with you. I believe that
During these times of spring celebrations, like Easter and the
the Lord will do to you what He did to me. I left
day of Pentecost, we wish you from the depth of our heart full
blessings. May by the Grace of God your families be flooded everything and I traveled 300 km to see what’s going on
with the fruits and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Peace, Love and it is very sad and painful.
and the Light of the Living One may dwell in your households. The telephone number of the Boicu Family is:
011(40) 753224983 and an account in Euro was open for
them: 69 BRDE080SV5996280800, under the name of
Tamas Verginia. Money Gram may be another good
God bless you all! (Jugaru Iosif)