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Mele) ail Ci i Palladium Books Presents: Rifts World Book One Vampire Kingdoms CC Cai cy Warning! Violence and the Supernatural. ‘This book may be inappropriate for young readers. ‘The nature of vampires means extreme elements of violence. Undead monsters return from the grave to feed on living human beings by drinking human blood. Decapitation, impalement, the mass destruc- tion of the vampires, as well as magic, insanity and the supernatural are all elements in this book. We suggest parental discretion. Note that Rifts and the Rifts Vampire Kingdoms are works of fiction! NONE of the monsters, charac- ters, magic or depictions are real. None of us at Pal- ladium Books condone nor encourage the occult, the practice of magic, the use of drugs, or violence Compatible with Beyond the Supernatural™, Heroes Unlimited™, the Palladium (fantasy) RPG™, and the entire Palladium Book® Megaverse®! 1 Palladium Books’ Presents Rifts World Book One: Vampire Kingdom” Vampire Kingdoms Written By: Kevin Siembieda Additional Text and Ideas: Steven Sheiring Additional Art: Timothy Truman Editors: Alex Mareiniszyn Kevin Siembieda Thomas Bartold Michael Gustovich Cover Art: Kevin Long Art Direction & Keylining: Siembieda Interior Art: Kevin Long Typography: Maryann Siembieda Special Thanks to Timothy and Gusto for pitching in on the art. Steve for floopers, shapers, ideas on travelling shows and other serious and silly things. Maryann and Thom for ideas on Ciudad Juarez and their enthusiasm, comments and long hours of work. Kev for his inspirational art and letting me ink some of his pencils, Julius for his encouragement, and Alex for all his efforts. Also to our fans for their insight, input, and patience. 3 CONTENTS Vampires... aoeerar cai The Vampire Intelligence zl 8 ‘Vampire Intelligence Statistical Data. sel ‘The Demon Familiar... nl Destroying the Vampire Intelligence .......... 12 Vampire Minions B Secondary Vampire... 2... 14 Wild Vampire ae 15 Vampires as Player Characters... 0. ese ee ees 16 ‘Vampire R.C.C. Experience Table 18 Vampire Powert soi ass csciweeeesues 18 AA lust for Blood aiacaneaae Vampire’s Bite... . cites a9. Slow Kill: Creating Other Vampires... 2... 19 Call & Control... deans 0 Mind Control: Human Enslavement parce 20 Mind Control; Vampire over Vampire ......... 22 Bilonie Bower | na nies cic cose nertin eine nie 32 Metamorphosis... 6... ee Summon Vermin ected Limited Invuinerability nner! Super Regeneratian <2. cei ces csww ecw en wes ne DA Bremal Life)... ee ee 24 Other Natural Abilities fhgntGiewinwes esa 96 To Kill a Vampire ....... 2... rr) ‘Weaknesses 26 Wooden Stake 0... eee ese ee 26 Silver Bullet Fz Garlic & Wolfbay (a.k.a. Woifsbane) 27 ‘Symbol of the Cross eer eeeeeecetzt Water jer aeeccns oh vs 8 Sunlight tne ans are 2B Soil of the Homeland. . 29 Vampire Combat Notes... 26.0 e se eee eee e eee 29 Damage Table and Weapons 29 Wood Flechette Rail Guns... 0... 30 Conventional Squirt Guns... ee 30 ‘Techno-Wizard Weapons 31 Penalties to Strike a Vampire's Heart eres era Vampires versus Magic 33 Vampires versus Psionics 34 Vampires versus Bots & Borgs 0.0... 600s eee 35 ‘Vampires versus Dragons 37 Vampires & Technology... ess esse eee cere ees 34 Knock-Down Impact Table & Rules 35 ‘Vampire Victim Table (Insanitics) ........... 36 Blood Loss Table : 36 Vampire Kingdoms .. 44... 6s esse eee ee ee ens 0 ‘The Northern Wastelands 2 40 ‘The Wild Vampires of Northern Mexico 41 Tia Belly CME a. « kee wenfsmsie etsoem ats onl Vampire Civilization 6... 6.0 eee cece ee ee ee 4 ‘The Ideal Habitat... fa 245 ‘Vampire Societies. ene 4, ‘Tribal Lords .. 2... and oan tor taertd as Vampire Towns & Cities . ‘The Kingdom of Ixzotz . “The Sheriff Kayntoe Monster Protector Other Cities in the Kingdom ‘The Mexico Empire Mexico City Tula ‘The Muluc Kingdom ‘The Milta Kingdom . Beyond the Threshold of Humankind . . . 1 Paso (Human City) ‘ ‘The Police . ‘The Gangs < King Wyatt Halloway EL Paso City Highligh. Ciudad Juarez ‘The Police ‘The Gangs 5 Guild for the Gifted Juarez. City Highlights North Side: Old North Town. Slave Market... Steve's Gags & Gifts Detective Agency Fighting Cock . Beastiary “Temple of Camazotz . Feathered Serpent Tavern (Mindolat) Palace Garcia ne Big Gus's Apartments Mind Games Shelter West Side South Side: New Town . . East Side: Old Ruin Slums Vampire Hunters of Mexi Fort Reid . Doe Reid Planktal-Nakion ‘yur Kiy ‘Traveling Shows «+... +4 Designing Travelling Shows Mr, Drak’s Travelling Circus . Mr. Drak . 3 Captain Daring Night Arcade & Freak Show Mr. Esteban Morriceo Mr. Lizzaro . Bonecruncher the Dragon Slayer ‘The Mysterious Yucatan... .. Notes & Features... 0... ‘Yucatan Overview Palenque Yaxchilan Xibalba: The Region of Phantoms 2 68 Reid’s Rangers ....... 99 47 47 48 49 sii sl - 31 52 4 - 56 +58 83 59 = 60 63 - 64 66 61 16 B B 80 81 84 85 87 88 88 89 91 4 94 = 95 95 101 103 106 uw 417 18 128 131 BT 139 140 Ms 150 153 1ST 157 157 160 160 Tikal (Demon City) Uaxactun (Demon City) Xultun (Demon City) ‘Altun Ha a Rio Bec Becan Cluster New rules of Note: Destroying the Vampire Intelligence Knock Down & Impact Table. Vampires vs Bots & Borgs ‘Vampire Vietim Insanity Table . Vampire Victim Blood Loss Table . . ‘Vampire Combat Notes Penalty to Strike the Heart Conventional Squirt Guns ‘Techno-Wizard Squirt Guns Magic for combating Vampires Tam Letters Gangs (El Paso) K's Wild Cats ‘Trogs Hammer Gangs Guarez) Subs Psykes Skivers Guard Night Masters (Vampires) Guild for the Gifted Priest of Camazotz Monsters & New Aliens ‘Agenor River Serpent Camazotz: Lord of Bats & Darkness. Children of Cihuacoatl (Snake Alien) Dinosaur: Bruutasaur (Alien; Benito) Dinosaurs: Small Theropods (Speedy & Grunt) Dinosaur: Panoplosaurus (Nodosaur; Pokey) Dragon Slayer (D-Bee; Bonecruncher) Dr. Grey Matter (Borg) Dybbuk The Demon Ghoul Floopers (D-Bee) Incubus & Succbus Jaguar People (Werebeast) Krpt (D-Bee Monster; Oltec) Kryntoc (3 armed monster) Lyvorrk Lizard Man (Mr. Lizzaro) Mad Melody (Shifter) Mutant Cats. MiicTar (D-Bee Ranger) Mindolar (Mind Slug) Psionic Mutant (Psi-Fi) Shapers (Animal/Monster) Spider Demon 161 Buna Bae eed 169 164 Uxmal .. . eee nen . 169 165 Merida 169 167 Chichen Itza .........------0005 . + 169 167 167 Other Monsters... 6.6.00 005 nee Atl Quick Find Table 35 Xibalba: The Region of Phantoms: 160, 35 Xibalba: Xibalban Demons . . fl 161 . 35 Xibalba: Ti-Xibalbans (People of Wood) 162 36 Xibalba: Lord Cuchumaquig .. .. 163 36 Xibalba; Vukub-Came (The Phantom) . . 164 29 ‘Xibalba: Hun-Came (One Death) ... . - wee 165 3 New Optional R.C.C.s 31 ‘Cihuacoalt/Vernulian (Snake Alien). 171 a Dinosaur: Broutasaur (Alien; see Benito)... 147 Balan Dragon Slayer (D-Bee; see Bonecruncher) ..... 150 Floopers (D-Bee) 0.0... ve eee eee ees 132 Taguar People (Werebeast) m 6 Krpt (D-Bee Monster; Oltec) 150 61 Lyvorrk Lizard Man (see Mr. Lizzaro) 145, oa Mutant Cats... eel a Mii-Tar (see Reid's Rangers) 112 ‘Shapers (Animal/Monster) 133 @ Vampire: Secondary... 020s eee eee 0 Vampire: Wild. . 15, ie Xibalba: Ti-Xibalbans (People of Wood)... 162 72 Reid’s Rangers "4 Doc Reid 103 6 Planktal-Nakton 106 ‘ss Sir Raoul Lazarious 107 Carlotta the White Date 108 a Pequita the Faceless One =... ss. esses. 109 te ‘yurr Kly the Hunter M1 a Mii-Tar the Destroyer 112 ay Meetal the Butcher... 2.02. sc ssc ees. 113 147 Robert “Grizzly” Carter... . 14 aa Colonel Wilding ©. 0... eevee eee 6 150 Vampires 135 ‘Vampire Clowns . 142 174 Vampire Carnival Thieves 022.22. 142 132 Vampire Carnival Henchmen... 2.2.0... M3 1s. Vampire Intelligence... 0... 8 im Vampire Demon Familiar WW 150 Vampire: Master 13 49. 1 14s Et ree net tae gS 148 Vampire Powers. 0s. s sss v eve cess IB él Vampire Weaknesses feel RL 6 112 Maps 88 Ciudad Juarez (city) 92 & 93 144 Southem Mexico... eee eee eee eee 0 133 Mexico & Central America we wee 158 173 Yocatan Peninsula... 0.20 eee ee 159 Some thoughts by the author ['ve been in the publishing business long enough to know that i's stupid to think, even for a moment, that you can please all the people even half ofthe time. Stl, itis confounding when you foolishly try to give people what they want and get criticized for it. Take the first Rifts Sourcebook for example, that entire books was written in response to our fan's comments. It was a mostly successful attempt to satisfy the hunger of Rifts players who clamored for that specific information ‘We had gotten request after request for more data on the Coalition and specific information about troop size, composition and deployment. More bots, weapons, equipment, and monsters were wanted too. So I ‘wrote it up, Kev Long pounded out the illustrations, and boom, sour- cebook was done, Since, the requests for that data has stopped and the sales of the book are phenomenal, I guess the first Rifts Soureebook: is success. Yet in a recent (mostly positive) review, the book was criticized for to much specific detail, attention to tiny details and too ‘much emphasis on the military and combat machines, and not enough new “world information.” It's justkinda frustrating, And, since I'm the author and the publisher, {Lean get stuff off my chest by publishing it in my books so I’m gonna. Hah, Seriously, I'd like to mention a couple things about the world of Ritts, First, there isn’t much world data in the sourcebook... "cause it's a “sourcebook,” not a world book. The emphasis of the first sou cexbook is robors, more weapons and equipment, more on the Coalition (specifically the military aspect requested by fans) and other pertinent