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Prawira 1 Persuasive Essay Mrs.

French English 9 2 October 2013 Beautiful Culture of West Java West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that is located in Java Island. The capital city of West Java is Bandung. The ethnic group in Java is called Sundanese. The island of Java is the most popular island in Indonesia because of the culture that West Java has. The area that is very famous in Java is the West Java. West Java is the most interesting province on the island of Java because of its foods, traditions, musical instruments and the traditional songs. People used to call West Java Sunda. Sunda is very popular for its musical instrument called Gamelan, the traditional songs, and the Jaipong dance. With just these three things it can make Sunda very famous. These three things are very famous especially their history. People in Indonesia from different kinds of region or clan should keep their own culture because without culture their region is nothing. Culture is the key to make people recognize other countries. Most people are very interested with the history about gamelan, the traditional songs, and the traditional dance. These three things are the inspiration of Culture. Gamelan is the most well know music instrument in Sunda. Many tourist that visit West Java want to watch the performance of Gamelan because it is very unique when the Gamelan group collaborate with the angklung group, that is what make gamelan from west Java very popular in the eye of tourism from other country. A large proportion of Sundanese music is performed in gamelan (Williams). Gamelan is an instrument that is made from bronze and iron and it consist of many instrument like saron, gendang, angklung, goong, bonang and the flute from bamboo, and as like Willams said that most of the Sundanese music are performed by Gamelan because Gamelan is the official traditional music

Prawira 2 instrument from west Java. Beside that, Gamelan is actually a musical group that helps to lead the angklung, calung and arumba (musical Intrument made from bamboo) to perform. Gamelan helps to make the background sound of the angklung performance. Gamelan also used in the marriage celebration based on Sundanese tradition, and it also used in the wayang golek performance or we can say a puppet show in Sundanese style. Beside the musical instrument from Sunda, the traditional song from Sunda is also very interesting. It is interesting because most Sundanese traditional song always has a moral that is very useful to peoples life. For example Manuk Dadali, this song is the most famous song from West Java because Manuk Dadali means that the eagle of Indonesia is showing the glory of Indonesia that is free from colonialism of Dutch and Japan. This song was created to make people from Indonesia to remember the glory of Indonesia. Tokecang is also one of the most famous traditional songs from West Java. Tokecang is a song that has a very useful meaning to our life. Most of children that live in Sunda used to sang Tokecang to wait something or to wait someone. Jaipong dance is the most popular dance from West Java. In West Java, Jaipong dance is the official dance from West Java in the eyes of the tourism from many countries. Jaipong dance came from the capital city of West Java called Bandung, and the person invented it named Gugum Gumbira. Gugum Gumbirsa invented this dance because there was a dance that showing about the traditional association of the Sundanese. The dance was used as a tradition dance for Sundanese. Jaipong dance has an unique movement that are pencungan movement, mincid, nibakeun, and bukaan movement that has ben developed(Sejarah Tari Jaipong dari Jawa Barat yang merupakan tarian Tradisional.). Jaipong dance is very unique not just because its a dance that showing the association of Sundanese people. Gamelan, traditional songs, and the traditional dance are the inspiration of culture. We know that West Java has a great unique culture. With these unique culture about West Java

Prawira 3 above we can see that just with the traditional song, traditional musical instrument and the dance that West Java has can make a good name to West Java. We also have to keep our culture preserved to make every generation keep know what the culture that West Java has. If we dont preserve it and if we lost this culture, it can be our shame in the eye of any other country in this world, because it is mean that we dont appreciate the culture that our country has. For now on let us preserve the culture that we have to make a better future for Indonesia.

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