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Amazon HR Analytics

Objective: Create a Toolkit for HR Analytics Function at Amazon Methodology/Approach to solve the Problem/Objective: Discover: 2-3 Weeks (Tentative) Understand Amazons Business Needs Understand Amazons HR functions (and functions within Functions as well as any crossfunctional Linkages) Understand HR Processes enabling Amazons Business Needs Map the As-Is HR Processes and identify Key HR Business Outcomes: (e.g.: HR Health, HR Efficiency and HR Effectiveness as 3 Business Outcomes with Quantifiable targets say 5% or 10% improvement) Understand the Current organization structure (HR and related shared services Practice/Center)

Analyze: 3-4 Weeks (tentative) Diagnose the Business Applicable for o Performance Management (KRAs, KPIs, PIs) o Statistical Analytics o Reporting Create Hypothesis for Insights/ Diagnosis (around key HR Business Outcomes) Collect and Run Data Analysis for validating Hypothesis Diagnose the feasibility of extending/creating the shared services function/HR function Identification of Key Risks Benchmarking with industry and related best practices.

Define Actionable Recommendations: 10-12 Weeks (Tentative) Define HR Analytical Framework o Key Business Outcomes KRAs (Key Result Areas) : Inter Functional and Cross-functional Level 1 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Inter Functional and Crossfunctional Level 2 KPIs Level 3 KPIs PIs (Performance Indicators) Reports (Lagging Indicators) and Interim Reports/MIS Reports for KPIs o Analysis Paths (to help Navigate the Analytics Framework) for What-If/Root Cause Analysis o Decision Work-Flows ( for key decisions) for KPI Values (Above/Beyond Thresholds) Leading Indicators Alerts Automated/Semi-Automated Decisions (Optional) Approvals/Notifications o Statistical Model to create Inter-Linkages between KPIs (Leading and Lagging) and Key Business Insights driven by Statistics.

Define HR Control Tower to implement the HR Analytical Framework o High Level Roadmap and Technology Options. Define the HR Analytics Function and the Governance Mechanism o Roadmap for the Extension/Creation of the Org Structure for HR Analytics Foundation Structure (Ramp Up) (Short Term) Structure (Steady State) (Medium Term) Maturity Growth Path/Model (Long Term) o Operating Model and Governance Mechanism o Detailed scope for the function operations and stages for the same o Risk Scorecard and Mitigation Techniques o Job Description of Various levels of the Structure Operations Administration & Management

Assumptions: Amazon will provide the necessary Knowledge of Business Processes, Org Structure (for HR & Shared Services to the team). Amazon will provide the team necessary data (may be masked for confidentiality) for Diagnosis. Amazon will make key stakeholders (Business Users, Process Owners, Internal Shared Technology team (Business Intelligence Experts, Data Architects, Analytics Experts) to help the team. Amazon will have a Project Sponsor/Project Owner/Project guide to head the team and for day to day guidance. The team may need to travel (may be managed through Video Conference/Calls) for delivering certain parts/stages of the project. Amazon will facilitate the same.