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Information technology is a revolutionary phenomenon experienced throughout the world. Individuals, organizations, Governments and Nations are running fast to keep themselves ahead of others in this filed. For computer professionals there is a lot of money to earn and there is a lot of comfort and luxury to be en oyed. !nd there is a lot of pride and status in the society to be grabbed. "ill Gates of #icrosoft $orporation, %arry &llison of 'racle $orporation, (cott #ecneil of (un #icro (ystems, &ric &.(chmmidt, (ergey "rin of Google are the leading personalities who shot into fame and fortune from almost nothing. )oday they en oy exceptional status and respect in the society. #ost of the leading I) companies in India are involved in software development, hardware development, internet protocols, animations, graphics, artificial intelligence, convergence, voice transmission and recognition. *eople would visualize industry as a factory making some products, engaging blue colored workers. *roducts manufactured were primarily core sector items like construction steel, cement, textiles, pharma, biscuit, edible oils etc. essential features of the business model were + demand was always more than the supply. No need for great marketing skills and no need for large inventory management and logistics planning. No sensitivity to costumer choice or delivery time. $ustomer has to place an order and wait for long. $lassic examples are "a a ,then -espa. scooter, &$I% )- / "(N% landing phone. For "a a scooter or "(N% phone, customers were waiting for 01 to 02 years. For &$I% )- ,even black / white. people waited for 3 to 04 months after placing an order. *roduction models were like small batch involving very little or production planning or industrial &ngineering techni5ues, then mass production + shift wise targets were fixed to the workers after time / motion study, then came automation to meet the growing demand + !utomatic machines increased outputs in several multiples. )hen came the I) revolution. $!6 ,computer !ided 6esign. / $!# ,computer aided manufacturing. have been extensively used by all organizations. )hrough the use of computers one can see the end product even before starting the manufacturing process. $hip based gadgets monitored production / 5uality in the manufacturing plants. I) industry is now essential part of all industries. "usinesses are leveraging I) even more to solve critical and strategic aims of organizations. !ll of us appreciate the fact I) industry has created enormous employment opportunities for Indians within the country and outside. Firstly those of the Indian engineers who migrated to 7(! in seventies have made a mark for themselves by their superior performance levels. #any of our engineers from II)s and other engineering colleges have excelled in their obs in 7(! as they stood up to tough competition from the locals. #any have been working for the best8known corporates of the world and many more have been working in leading universities and business schools. )hen came the Information )echnology boom. "ack in India pioneers like N 9 Narayana #urthy of Infosys )echnologies and !zim premi i of :ipro )echnologies have started their businesses with great vision. :hat started as small I) outfits have snowballed into world renounced conglomerated. )heir expertise in the field of computers and their persuasive and convincing abilities have proven to the entire world, that the best brains are in India. 'ver the years the entire world started looking to India for wide range of solutions in the field of information technology. :hile F. $ ;ohli of )!)! $onsultancy is the pioneer of software industry in India, #r N 9.Narayana #urthy of Infosys )echnologies is a great visionary. <is vision in the costing and billing of =engineers time> set the foundation. &ven after paying very high salaries to its employees mosts of I) companies are making huge profits. ?1@ net profits were unheard of in the past Indian I) prowess was exhibited to entire world. 9apid growth came in. Internal accruals were enormous. #ost of the I) companies have no bank borrowings $omputerization of manufacturing, banking / financials, marketing, customer service has became )<& N&$&((I)A. :ith computer as growth engine, people with brilliant brains and good interactive and communication skills are in great demand.

!dded with the economic reforms and liberalization of policies of government of India, I) industry took off to flying colors creating thousands of obs for fresherBs year after year.

GROWTH SECTORS: Information Technology Services (IT) Information Technology Enable Semicon !ctor "esign# Embe %an!fact!ring Services e Services (ITeS) Soft$are an Services

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES )he Indian information technology ,I). industry has played a key role in putting India on the global map and is now envisioned to become a 7(C 442 billion industry by 4141. 'ver the past decade, the Indian I)8"*' sector has become the countryBs premier growth engine, crossing significant milestones in terms of revenue growth, employment generation and value creation, in addition to becoming the global brand ambassador for India. !ccording to a research report published by National !ssociation of (oftware and (ervice $ompanies ,N!(($'#., DI)8"*' (ector in IndiaE (trategic 9eview 4100,B the sector is estimated to aggregate revenues of 7(C FF.0 billion in FA4100, with the I) software and services sector ,excluding hardware. accounting for 7(C G3.0 billion of revenues. )he report estimates export revenues to gross 7(C 2H billion in FA4100 and contribute 43 percent as its share in total Indian exports ,merchandise plus services., employing around 4 million employees. :ithin exports, I) (ervices segment was the fastest growing segment, growing by 44.G per cent over FA4101, and aggregating export revenues of 7(C II.2 billion, accounting for 2G per cent of total exports. N!(($'# said that the domestic I)8"*' revenues excluding hardware are expected to grow at almost 03 per cent to reach 7(C 0G.I2 billion in FA4100. (trong economic growth, rapid advancement in technology infrastructure, increasingly competitive Indian organisations, enhanced focus by the government and emergence of business models that help provide I) to new customer segments are the key drivers for increased technology adoption in India. )he data centre services market in the country is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate ,$!G9. of 44.G per cent between 411H and 4100, to touch close to 7(C 4.4 billion by the end of 4100, according to research firm I6$ IndiaJs report published in #arch 4101. )he I6$ India report stated that the overall India data centre services market in 411H was estimated at 7(C 0.IH billion. India is a preferred destination for companies looking to offshore their I) and back8office functions. It also retains its low8cost advantage and is a financially attractive location when viewed in combination with the business environment it offers and the availability of skilled people.

NASSCOM Top 20 IT Services Exporters RANK 0 4 I ? 2 3 G F H 01 00 04 0I 0? 02 03 0G 0F 0H 41 COMPANY TATA Co s!"t# c$ Services I %os$s Tec& o"o'ies Li(ite) :ipro )echnologies %imited $ognizant )echnology (olutions <$% )echnologies %imited I"# India !ccenture Tec& M#&i )r# Mp&#siS 'racle India *atni $omputers (ystems %imited ,I8Gate %imited. <ewlett8*ackard India $apgemini CSC I )i# Priv#te Li(ite) L * T I %otec& S$ te" I c !ricent )echnologies %imited *rivithi (olutions *olaris (oftware %ab %imited Mi ) Tree Co s!"ti ' Li(ite)

NASSCOM Top +, -PO Exporters )his list does not include some companies like $onvergys, I"# 6aksh and (utherland Global (ervices whose corporate head 5uarters are located outside India. RANK 0 4 I ? 2 3 G F H 01 00 04 0I 0? Genpact %imited )ata $onsultacy (ervices "*' :N( Global (ervices ,*. %td. :ipro "*' !egis %td. Firstsource (olutions %imited Infosys "*' !ditya "irla #inacs :orldwide %imited <$% "*' exl ( ,India. *rivate %imited <'- (ervices <indu a Global (olutions %imited Ii Infotech %imited Intelenet Global (ervices %imited COMPANY

02 4?KG $ustomer *rivate %imited SEMICON./CTOR .ESIGN0 EM-E..E. SOFT1ARE AN. SERVICES2

India is the seventh largest country by geographical area, and the most populous country in the world. )he economy of India is the fourth largest in the world as measured by purchasing power parity,***.. India is the second fastest growing ma or economy in the world. )he Indian semiconductor design industry, comprised of -%(I design, board design and embedded software companies, has design companies clustered around "angalore, 6elhiKNoida, <yderabad, $hennai, with presence also in *une, !hmedabad and Goa. !ll the global top ten fabless design companies have India operations and 0G of the top 42 semiconductor companies have a strong presence here. )hese companies primarily address an international demand with increasing adaptation of design to address domestic re5uirements. India provides an advantage with a 5uick turnaround time that helps early market access, and a high 5uality workforce. IndiaBs semiconductor industry employs the cream of engineering talent and generates I* in an environment that is conductive for I* rights )he Indian chip design industry is involved in end to end design activities ranging from chip architecture, development, design verification and layout, all the way to design tape out. )he semiconductor design industry had a turnover of 7(6 I.4 billion in 4112 with an engineering workforce of around G2111. It is estimated to reach 7(6 ?I billion by the year 4102. )he industry will provide obs to GF1,111 professionals with a $!G9 of around I1@ for this period )he strong foundation that the design community has established is seen as a key factor for success as India moves toward a semiconductor manufacturing industry. <aving carved a niche in global software development and services outsourcing, IndiaJs search for the next big thing in high8tech could see it take on the rest of !sia in the crowded chip manufacturing market. (emiconductor firms such as Intel $orp., !dvanced #icro 6evices Inc. and Freescale (emiconductor Inc. have already tapped India for chip design, but not manufacturing New government incentives to boost chip making, coupled with IndiaJs low labour costs and surging demand for electronic goods from a fast8growing middle class, could change that. LIndia would be the only country in the world with robust models in chip design, chip manufacturing and electronics manufacturing,L said *oornima (henoy, president of lobby group India (emiconductor !ssociation In #arch, <industan (emiconductor #anufacturing $orp., which is backed by a group of Indian investors based in (ilicon -alley, announced plans to build two chip8making plants in India for up to C?.2 billion using technology from GermanyJs Infineon )echnologies !G. L'ur focus is clearly the Indian market, although we plan to export out of the country as well. )he growth in mobile phones and computers has enabled the demand for chips,L said 6even -erma, chairman of <industan (emiconductor #anufacturing. #obile phone subscribers in India rose 3F percent in #arch from a year earlier to 033 million. (till, only about 02 percent of IndiaJs 0.0 billion people own a mobile phone, compared with around I2 percent in $hina.

L)he global demand for chips will always go through a cycle of oversupply and shortages, but the potential in India is going to be huge in the years to come. :hether we make it or not, India will continue to buy chips,L -erma said. CONS/MPTION S/RGE India spent about C4.F billion on semiconductors in 4112, and demand is estimated to exceed CI3 billion by 4102, according to a study by the India (emiconductor !ssociation and research and consultancy firm Frost / (ullivan. Furthermore, the study says electronic e5uipment consumption should surge to CI3I billion by 4102, more than 01 times spending of C4F.4 billion in 4112. LIt is ust an enabler that was badly re5uired for the semiconductor industry to take off in India,L !lok 'hrie, managing director of !#6 India, said of the government push. LIt will help establish semiconductor manufacturing in India.L !#6 is a technology partner to the local (emIndia consortium, which has said it planned to set up a chip8making facility in India with an investment of CI billion over the next five years. IndiaJs semiconductor design industry had revenues of CI.I billion in 4112 and employed about G2,111 people. )hat is expected to increase to C?I billion in revenue and over GF1,111 employees in 4102, the India (emiconductor !ssociation said. In February, )aiwan (emiconductor #anufacturing $o. %td. ,)(#$., the worldJs top contract chip maker, opened an office in "angalore to support its customers with design activities in India. ()#icroelectronicsJ Indian chief told 9euters in February that headcount in its Indian chip design centre would be raised to I,111, from 0,G11 now, in the next three years. LIf India can do the chip design work, it can take care of the manufacturing part as well, especially when labour costs in India are still 01804 percent lower than $hina,L said A.(. (ashidhar, vice8president at Frost / (ullivan. I )i# Se(ico )!ctor Associ#tio Co(p# $ N#(e !ctel (emiconductor India *vt %td !lcatel -acuum )echnology India !%#) %egal !ltera (emiconductor ,I. *vt. %td. !#6 !nalog 6evices ,I. *vt %td !pache 6esign (olutions *vt. %td. !pplied #aterials ,I. *vt. %td. !pplied #icro $ircuits $orporation !ptina India *vt. %td. !ristos &lectronics #anufacturing (ervices *vt. %td. !9# &mbedded )echnologies *vt. %td. !(# )echnologies %imited !trenta ,I. *vt %td "ergen (ystems *vt. %td. "harat &lectronics %imited "roadcom ,I. *vt. %td. $adence 6esign (ystems ,I. *vt. %td. $aliber Interconnect (olutions *vt %td Me(3er .irector$2 /RL Not applicable

$alypto 6esign (ystems $ellworks 9esearch ,I. *vt. %td. $ir8M8)ech )ako )echnologies *vt. %td. $ircuitsutra )echnologies *vt. %td. $#$ %td. $ognizant )echnology (olutions $oncept4(ilicon (ystems *vt. %td. $onexant (ystems *vt. %td. $ortina Network (ystems *vt. %td. $osmic $ircuits *vt. %td. $(9 India *vt. %td. $ypress (emiconductor )echnology India *vt. %td. 6e $ore (cience / )echnologies %td. 6elphi !utomotive (ystems *vt. %td. &6:!96( ,I. *vt %td eInfochips %td. element0? India *rivate %imited &lveego $ircuits *vt. %td. &mbedded (ystems (olutions *vt %td. &-& 6esign !utomation *vt. %td. &xcel Industries %td. Four !rrow (ystems and )echnologies *vt. %td. Freescale (emiconductor ,I. *vt. %td. <arman International India *vt. %td. <$% )echnologies %td. <ughes (ysti5ue India *vt. %td. I"I6&N (ingapore *te. %td. I"# ,I. *rivate %imited Imagination )echnologies ,I. *rivate %td Indosolar %imited Indrion )echnologies ,I. *vt. %td. Infineon)echnologies India *vt. %td. Infosys )echnologies %td Infotech &nterprises %td Intel India )echnology *vt. %td. International Institute of Information )echnology, "angalore International Institute of Information )echnology8*une Intersil !nalog (ervice *vt.%td. Ittiam (ystems *vt. %td. i:ave (ystems )echnologies *vt %td Nupiter (olar *ower %td ; / ( *artners ; %aw ;acper )echnologies *vt. %td. ;asura )echnologies *rivate %imited ;awasaki #icroelectronics Inc. India ;%! )encor (oftware ,I. *vt. %td. ;*I) $ummins Infosystems %imited ;(; (urya *hotovoltaic -enture *vt. %td %anco (olar *vt %td %arsen / )oubro %imited %ovely *rofessional 7niversity %(I India 9esearch / 6evelopment *vt. %td. #agma 6esign !utomation India *vt. %td #a mudar / $o International %awyers. #andate $hips and $ircuits *vt %td #anipal 7niversal %earning *vt ltd. #arvell India *vt. %td. #asamb &lectronics (ystems *vt %td #averick :ireless solutions *vt. %td. #axim India Integrated $ircuit 6esign *vt. %td. #entor Graphics ,I. *vt. %td. #etalogic $ircuits India *vt. %td. www.element0? www. il8 Not applicable

#icrochip )echnology ,I. *vt. %td. #indtree %td. #oschip (emiconductor )echnology %td. #oser "aer ,I. %td. National Institute of (cience and )echnology National Instruments India Natsem ,I. 6esigns *vt. %td. N$( 9enewable &nergies %imited Net%ogic (emiconductor *vt. %td. Nokia India *vt. %td Novellus (ystems ,I. *vt. %td. NO* (emiconductors ,I. *vt. %td. 'pen8(ilicon 9esearch *vt. %td. '(9!# India *vt. %td. *&( Institute of )echnology ,*&(I). *#$ 8 (ierra ,I. *vt. %td. Mlogic India *vt %td M7!%$'## ,I. *vt. %td. Muantum)hink )echnologies *vt. %td. 9ambus $hip )echnologies ,I. *vt. %td. 9enesas &lectronics (ingapore *te %td. 9edpine (ignals *rivate %imited 9F#6 Inc India %iaison 'ffice 9obert "osch &ngineering and "usiness (olutions %imited ,9"&I. 9-8-(%I 6esign $enter (affron &mbedded (oftware %abs *vt. %td. (agitaur -entures *vt. %td (amsung ,I. (oftware 'perations *vt. %td. (an6isk India 6evice 6esign $entre *vt. %td. (ankalp (emiconductor *vt. %td. (asken $ommunication )echnologies %td (ecure #eters %td. (eer !kademi *vt %td (e5uoia $apital India !dvisors *vt. %td. (ling #edia *vt. %td. (%N )echnologies *vt. %td. (martplay )echnologies *vt. %td. (oftNin )echnologies *vt. %td. (olar (emiconductor *vt %td (onic $hips India *vt. %td. (ony india (oftware $entre (pectra Innovations India *vt. %td. () 8 &ricsson India *vt. %td. ()#icroelectronics *vt. %td. (u8;!# *ower (ystems %td (ure:aves Innovations *vt. %td. (urge Forth )echnologies *vt. %td. (ynopsys ,I. *vt. %td. )aiwan (emiconductor #anufacturing $ompany %td. ,)(#$. )ata "* (olar India %imited )ata $onsultancy (ervices %imited )e as Networks %td. )ensilica )echnologies ,I. *vt. %td. )essolve (ervices *vt. %td. )exas Instruments ,I. *vt. %td. )omen &lectronics India *vt. %td. )oshiba &mbedded (oftware ,India. *vt %td. )ranscendix )ran(witch ,I. *vt. %td. )-( #otor $ompany %td. 7% India *vt. %td. -arroc &ngineering *vt. %td. -elankani 9enewable &nergy *vt. %td. Not applicable www.soft Not applicable www.te

-ikram (olar *vt. %td. -in ey (oftware (ystems *vt %td. -itesse (emiconductor ,I. *vt. %td. :hizchip 6esign )echnologies *vt. %td. :ind 9iver (ystems International Inc :ipro )echnologies Oilinx ,I. )echnology (ervices *vt. %td. MAN/FACT/RING SERVICES2

#anufacturing, a word generally speaks volume, but, there is tendency to see manufacturing as increasingly a developing world activity. :hile it is true that many products can be manufactured cheap in the developing world, about G2 per cent of global manufacturing still takes place in the advanced economies, compared to about 01 per cent in $hina. )here is a temptation to write manufacturing off on the grounds that our natural resources and services industries can assure a healthy economy for all. )heoretically, this argument may work , but, not in practice. #anufacturing does matter. It is easy to forget how pervasive manufactured products are in our lives. From food, water, clothing, shoes, furniture and building materials to pharmaceuticals, automobiles, aircraft, computers, )sets, )elephones / #obiles, chemicals, plastics and, for that matter, newspapers. )oday, many manufactured products have a high content of what we call intangibles + design, software, engineering, patents, marketing expertise, research and development. It is these activities that generate many of the good obs in manufacturing. "ut for intangibles to have value, there ultimately has to be a manufactured product. )hough India banks heavily on its services sector for growth, the manufacturing sector too plays a significant role in the Indian economy, contributing nearly 03 per cent to the G6* ,in 411381G.. &ncouraged by an increasing presence of multinationals, scaling up of operations by domestic companies and an ever expanding domestic market, the Indian manufacturing sector has been averaging a H per cent growth in the last four years ,411?8 1F., with a record 04.I per cent in 411381G. India is fast emerging as a global manufacturing hub. "e it automobiles or computer hardware, consumer durables or engineering products, all are being manufactured by multinationals in India and is emerging as one of the most preferred location for ma or #N$s owing to lower cost, availability of intellectual human capital ,re5uisite knowledge base and governments continued efforts to liberalize most sectors bit by bit. CONSTR/CTION * ENGINEERING SERVICES2 )he global construction and engineering industry is valued at around 7(C4,111 billion as per one estimate and is expected to cross 7(C 4,211 in next I8? years. $onstruct industry, as elsewhere, is growing at a phenomenal rate in India. =)he construction industry in India is worth over 7( 6ollar 20 billion and accounts for more than 41 per cent of G6*. It is also the largest employer after agriculture, employing I0 million people.L, (ourceE $onstruction Industry 6evelopment $ouncil.. )his offers a large platform for the engineering graduates and skilled manpower for a great career. =)he infrastructure sector has seen ma or developments in the last four years but there is still a long way to go. India re5uires total investment of 0G1 8 0F2bn pounds by 4104. :ith over 012 bn pounds of investments promised by various private players in the next five years, IndiaBs infrastructure is set to improve rapidly.

Cha&ter '
$ampus recruitment of final year students is arranged by the center. <owever, it may please be noted that the institute does not guarantee employment to all students. The st! ents are a vise *inal +ear, not to have any s!b(ect bac)logs by the time they enter

In order to provide a fair deal to all concerned the following points regarding the procedure going to be followed may be noted for guidanceE Further processing of cases for students will be stopped in the event of occurrence of any one of the followingE 0. 4. If a firm offers or confirmation of selection is received from an organization irrespective of its being accepted or not accepted by the student. If a maximum of two active short8listings are in hand. In the event one active short8listing gets converted into Dre ectionB the studentBs case is permitted to be proceeded further with recruitment until such time a maximum of two active short8listings are obtained.

)he following situations would represent active short8listingE

0. 4.

(tudents who appear in some part of the campus interview i.e. tests, group discussions and do not show up for the subse5uent selection round. *roduction of false or incorrect information. (tudents called for interviews purely on the basis of bio8data forwarded by the center without any screening process being conducted at the institute. (tudents who are called for interviews but do not attend the same. )hese would also include cases where information is given to the organization.


In certain exceptional cases when an organization or repute visits the institute at a later date when most of students have been selected or active short listed ,two times. and sufficient number of students are not available for interview. *!) center may allow the selected or short listed ,two times. to appear for interviews of such types of organization. )his rule is totally at the discretion of principal and should not be 5uoted as precedent preference will be given to those studentBs not selected or short listed students for the final interviews. "io8data will only be accepted between I.11 p.m. to 2.11 p.m. on all working days in the office of the *!).)he center will not maintain records enter into correspondence about recruitments done directly by organizations, in response to advertisements in the news papersKemployment news or any other agency. Notice for calling bio8data will be displayed at the notice board outside the office of *!). )he students are advised to see the notice board regularly. !t least twice daily. $ases, which are not covered by the guidelines given above, will be decided in merits. !ll the final year students are advised to please cooperative and comply with these guidelines.


*rovide large corporate database. !rrange industry contacts. 'rganize industrial tours. *rovide profiles of target companies. !rrange short8term pro ects. !rrange good speakers from industry. Give feedback on industry trends and latest technical developments. Needs analysis of corporates. 'rganize on campus and off campus interviews. "rief on interview process. )raining in communication skills. Feedback on reasons for not getting selected. $reate alumni database. *repare brochures / $6B(. Flash presentations to corporates. !lliances / #'7 with good companies.


Cha&ter .
$hoice of apparel matters as far as the interview is concerned. Aou donBt get a second chance to make a first impression. *erhaps this is one and only aspect on which you have full control. "elow are the guidelines that are widely accepted and followedE 45+5 G/I.ELINES FOR 1OMEN

T6o7Piece 3!si ess s!it2 6ark blue or grayP 6ry cleaned and pressedP )ailored to fit wellP $onservative in style, Not flashy. C"ose) toe s&oes2 (olid dark blue or black to match suitP $onservativeP <eels 4.2> or lessP :ell polishedP Not noisyP %eatherP !void snakeskin or texturesP Good fitting. 1&ite or ivor$ s&irt2 $onservative styleP Muality, natural fabric like silk or cottonP 6ry cleaned and pressedP No stainsP Good fit + not too tightP Not sheer or revealing. 1#tc&2 :ear a conservative watch that is running and will not beep during the interview. Si(p"e (#8e7!p2 !void bright or excessive, make8upP Foundation close to natural skin toneP (oft shade of lipstickP #ascara + no false lashesP (ubtle eye liner, if anyP Natural toned eye shadow, if anyP subtle blushP %ight *owder. Groo(e) #i"s2 $lean, neatly groomed nails and cuticlesP (heer, pink or beige polishP No nail ornamentsP 9easonable in length. Attr#ctive &#irst$"e2 :ell styled hairP $ut to complement faceP $leanP No large hair clips or barrettes. 4525 G/I.ELINES FOR MEN

T6o7Piece 3!si ess s!it2 6ark blue or grayP 6ry cleaned and pressedP )ailored to fit wellP $onservative in style, not flashy dress. :hite dress shirtE 011@ cottonP "utton tabs or point collar, rather than button downP No stains or holesP %ong sleeved only. .ress s&oes2 polishedP Good condition or newP "lack or cordovanP %ace8up shoes are preferred to slip8oneP No tasselsP Never wear loafersP If new, wear for at least one day to break them in. .#r8 soc8s2 "lack over the calf socks that will not slide down. Le#t&er 3e"t2 (olid color matching shoesP metal buckle matching ewelryP $onservative buckleP If you wear braces, do not wear a belt. Si"8 ec8 tie2 Four in <and ;notP "ottom of tie to touch top of belt buckleP $onservative designP 011@ silkP New or in good condition. Attr#ctive &#irst$"e2 :ell styled hairP (hort cuts are betterP $leanP %ight gel or no gelP $ut one week before interview rather than one day beforeP "eards and mustaches may be offensive to some employers.


Cha&ter /
Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written examination. 95+5 PROCE./RE2

Generally G.6 is conducted in the following manner 0. ! group, usually consisting of F to 01 students, is arranged to sit in a semicircle or full circle. &ach participant in the group is given a number. 6uring discussion the participant shall address a person only by the given number and not by the name. )he topic for discussion is usually suggested by evaluator or sometimes the group may be asked to choose a topic for discussion. )he topic may or may not have relevance to the ob or to the candidateBs area of specialization. )he time limit for a discussion is usually I1 minutes. It is expected that everyone in the group participates in the discussion by presenting hisKher views and ideas on the topic. If any candidate has not participated in the discussion, the person is generally given an opportunity to speak on the topic towards the end. Finally, one of the candidates in the group is expected to summarize and present the groupBs viewpoint on the topic at the end. If this is not forthcoming from any member of the group, one of the participants in the group may be asked to summarize.


I. ?.



CHARACTERISTICS EVAL/ATE. IN A G5.2 1. 2. 3. 4. Content Communication skills Group dynamics Leadership

Co te tE $ontent is a combination of knowledge and the ability to create logical ideas on the basis of that knowledge. Co((! ic#tio s8i""s2 $ommunication is a two8way process, and the ro"e o% t&e "iste er is critical. 7nless you listen, the points you make may not fit in with points made by others. "esides listening, you also need to have the ability toE &xpress your ideas in a clear and concise manner. "uild on othersJ points. (um up the discussion made by the entire group. Gro!p )$ #(ics2 As mentioned before, a GD is a formal peer roup situation and tests your beha!ior as "ell as your influence on the roup. #n addition, you need to ha!e$

:illingness to listen and discuss various points of view. 6o not take strong views in the beginning itselfP try and analyze the problems of a situation.


%earn to disagree politely, if re5uired. In fact, it is far better to put forward your point of view without specifically saying JI disagreeJ or JAouJre wrongJ. (how appreciation for good points made by others. Aou can make a positive contribution by agreeing to and expanding an argument made by someone else. (ize the opportunity to make a summary near the end or, even better, a part summary.

Le#)ers&ip2 'ne of the most common misconceptions about leadership is that it is all about controlling the group. <owever, for the G6s we are talking about, leadership is all about giving direction to the group in terms of content. It is about initiating the discussion and suggesting a path on which the group can continue the discussion. ! good leader is one who allows others to express their views and channels the discussion to a probable decision or conclusion on the given topic. 954 INSIGHT INTO A G5.2

It is believed that when individuals are placed in undefined circumstances or environment, they adopt roles, which are natural to them + hence, in a G.6, the roles emerge. It is a common misconcept that the leader is the one, who talks the maximum. It is often observed that in many group discussions all the members are out8talking each other without anyone listening what others are talking. )his approach is wrong. )he leader is one, who initiates discussion if the group is frozen in the beginning. )here is also another misconcept among the people appearing for G.6 that whoever speaks first will be udged as the leader. )his again is not true. If there are others who initiate discussion, then leader is one, who shows his stature by the content and 5uality of his contribution. )he leader is one who listens as much as heKshe speaks. )he leader also plays an important role in ensuring that everyone in the group gets a chance to speak. )he leader will also help in maintaining the psychological and emotional health of the group in the case of disagreements and controversies. )he leader must offer alternatives and solutions to the differences of opinion among the members. #embers in a group are usually under pressure. !n immature will build this pressure by being inconsiderate to other members of the group. (ome become argumentative, emotional and excited on one hand and on the other hand some become 5uiet, withdrawn and nervous. Interviewer looks for a balanced individual who is cool and composed, yet assertive to hold on to his own viewpoint.




6ominating nature. 6isagreeing beyond reason. "eing irrelevant. %osing temper. Impatient attitude. *oor communication skills. Ignorance about the topic given. Non8participation.




!s far as possible, try to initiate the discussion in a convincing and sober way. %isten carefully, if someone else takes the initiative do not fight with that person for grabbing the initiative. In a G.6, the topic must be discussed from all points of view and all aspects must be taken into account before a final conclusion is reached. G.6 should not turn into a debate. Good and clear communication generally impresses. :ell thought out ideas, braced with facts presented logically influences the group and helps in bringing the group to your viewpoint. If someone interrupts you when you are speaking, ask the person to wait till you complete. If the interruption continues even then, give that person a chance to speak and you can resume from where you stopped, after the other person completes, "y giving, the other person a chance to speak, you gain marks and the other person loses marks for his continuous and incessant interruption. If there is a dispute among the participants, try to reconcile the differences by explaining to them as convincingly as possible the otherBs viewpoint. #ost of the time, the dispute is because of some misunderstanding. 6o not form local centers in the group by indulging in cross talk. :hile discussion on controversial topics, do not change your viewpoints after you have already taken a stand or viewpoint. )his type of fre5uent change of your views creates impression that you do not have concrete ideas and hence you can be easily influenced. (o, before speaking out initially, form your opinions and argue in favor of them in a cogent manner. If any participant is not speaking because of hisKher inhibitions, you must solicit hisKher opinions. )his creates an impression in the minds of the evaluators that you take the whole group with you in a democratic manner. (o, from the beginning, keep an eye on the Dtongue8tiedsB in the group. ;eep track of the time. )he time limit for the G.6 makes it essential to present the views briefly and lucidly. It is better and most advisable to stop the discussion about I1 seconds before the deadline and summarize the salient viewpoints of the group. Normally most of the people in a G.6 do not keep track of the time in their excitement to speak. (o, this is one are where you can score over others.

4. I. ?.



G. F.


01. 00.



*articipation in a few practice Group 6iscussions will give the necessary practice and confidence for better performance. 6uring group discussions, it may be 5uite helpful to have a s"ip o% p#per # ) pe ci" to note down your ideas including the viewpoints of other members. )his would greatly facilitate in improving the content aspect of your participation. Aour performance in actual ob group discussions will improve by many folds if you critically analyze your own performance in the practice sessions and make the necessary corrections.


Cha&ter 0
Aour chief goals as an interviewee are twofold8first to find out how well the ob and the organization suits youP second and more important goal is how to get selected for the ob. )he following tips, guidelines and insight to interviews may help you to put in proper efforts and performance to attain the above goals. ,5+5 SELF ASSESSEMENT2

)he first preparation that you can make for an employment interview is to give some serious thought about yourself by taking stock of your needs, interests and preferred ob outcomes. !lso, take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. 9eflect on your goals and ambitions. ! good starting point would be to prepare a detailed 9esume, which is merely a comprehensive and well8 organized record of your accomplishments. !s you prepare it, you will have to review your academic 5ualifications, knowledge, skills, experiences and achievements. ,525 ;O- ANALYSIS2

)he next step is to analyze the ob opportunity to find out whether the organization and the ob provides you the right opportunities keeping in mind your personal capabilities as well as your career goals. Aou can analyze the ob opportunity under the following steps. T&e Fir(2

"ack ground of the company *roducts and services $apital invested and turnover *rofit performance Number of employees %ocation8factory and branches Future plans of the company $ompetitors !ny important issue of the organization that has been noteworthy be

+o!r so!rce of information co!l

"alance sheet of the company $hairmanBs speech at the last General "ody meeting of the company "rochures and pamphlets of the company Nob opportunity announcement )alking to the employees of the company especially to the senior alumni


T&e Appoi t(e t2

)itle of the ob Number of posts #ethod or extent of company training and confirmation 9emuneration levels of staff !ccountability K challenges Nob safety K risks

.!ties * respo si3i"ities pert#i i ' to t&e <o32

9outine K creative type of work Mualities needed for success and confirmation

Co )itio s o% E(p"o$(e t2


%ocation K area of posting 9emuneration / perks 6ay K hours of work K leave facilities !greement contract K service bond 9etirement benefits Prospects2 $riteria (pan periods of assessment for promotion *rospects for your specialization



!fter the above ob analysis, prepare a possible list of desirable 5ualities, which the firm would be looking for in a prospective candidate for that particular ob. )ry to match your capabilities with these 5ualities. )ry to improve on your shortcomings and enhance your capabilities. %isted below are certain 5ualities, which are generally assessed in interviews with the priorities and weightages, varying with the ob. Ac#)e(ic

Perso #"it$

Good scholastic record *reparation for interview Formulated long range goals / ob ectives

&nthusiasm (elf confidence *leasant personality


&motional stability *oise in the interview !ggressiveness / Initiative &fficiency #oral standards <umility Good health &xtracurricular activities * Le#)ers&ip =!#"ities

Co((! ic#tio

$ommunication skills :riting skills %eadership potential #anagerial (kills Interest in people

Or'# i>#tio #" re=!ire(e ts

:ork experience of particular type %oyalty $ompatibility with superiors 9ealistic salary expectations :illingness to accept routine assignments

,595 ,595+5

PREPARATION FOR THE INTERVIE12 F#(i"i#rit$ 6it& t&e i tervie6 process

Aou will be more confident in the interview, if you prepare well in advance for the type of 5uestions and the areas of specialization that are likely to be tested in the interview. *ersonnel selection procedures vary greatly depending on the organization, the type of ob and level of the ob. Generally, the ob selection is made by anyone or a combination of the following. 0. *reliminary, written tests like intelligence test, &nglish %anguage test, %ogical 9easoning test, #athematical skill test, )echnical ;nowledge test etc. Group 6iscussions *ersonal Interviews #edical test For certain types of obs, other tests like %eadership potential tests, Group tasks, *hysical &ndurance tests may also be used for assessment.

4. I. ?. 2.

,59525 Ac#)e(ic Prep#r#tio ! sound knowledge of various sub ects pertaining to your professional course is important. *reparation of a 5uestion bank with answers for the sub ects, which you have studied, will


be of great help in this regard. )his would give you considerable confidence in facing the )echnical part of the interview. ! broader perspective of the sub ects, through a study of technical books and ournals, will give you an edge over others. ,59545 Pro<ect 6or8 $onsiderable weightage is generally given to your final year pro ect work, as it is supposed to reflect your own work. In the interviews, 5uite a lot of 5uestions will pertain to your pro ect work to evaluate your understanding and knowledge of the topic. Impressive presentation of your pro ect work can win you a ob in many cases. Aou should have a comprehensive knowledge of the topic, including a clear understanding of the work presented in your pro ect work. 9ehearse the presentation of your pro ect work to get sufficient practice and confidence. ! very common 5uestion regarding pro ect work is D:hy did you choose this particular topicQB !nd D:hat are practical applicationsQB ,59595 Pr#ctic#" Tr#i i ' If you have undergone any practical training, this will be a credential for you. -olunteer this information during the interview, whenever you get the opportunity. (ome 5uestioning will generally be there on what you have learnt or observed during the training. *repare a brief write8up on the training that you have undergone, so that you can answer 5uestions convincingly on this topic. ,595,5 Speci#" Ac&ieve(e ts If you have, to your credit, any achievements like writing of a )echnical paper, participation in seminar talks, fabrication of e5uipment, winning a prize in a )echnical competition etc, list them out in detail and create an opportunity during the interview to pro ect them before the interview committee. ,595:5 Extr# C!rric!"#r Activities If you have distinguished yourself in extra curricular activities like sports, debate, N((, cultural or any other activity where your leadership and organizational ability is involved, list them out. (uch achievements must be authenticated or certificated. "e sure that you have a broader understanding of your field of interest, so that you can talk with confidence and authority on those topics. (ome weightage is generally given for achievements in the above8mentioned fields. ,595?5 Ho33ies If you are interested and proficient in any hobbies like music, drama, painting, literature, numismatics, philately etc, it is again a credential for you and sometimes can greatly help you in developing a positive rapport with interviewer, if that person also happens to be interested in them. ,595@5 Ge er#" 8 o6"e)'e # ) c!rre t #%%#irs ! professional person is expected to be aware of the current events and have a broad understanding of the general events happening in society. In many interviews, there will be 5uestions on these topics. 9eading of newspapers and magazines and selective ).-. -iewing is a desirable habit. !lso, participation in activities like 5uiz programs, seminars, essay writing etc. can give you considerable confidence in this regard.


,595A5 Co((! ic#tio


!bility to present your thoughts and ideas fluently in simple and correct language will be a great asset to your personality. If your communication skills are not up to the mark, you can improve your communication skills by consciously listening to some good speakers, speaking to some of your friends who are good in &nglish speaking and trying to speak in &nglish at least in informal gatherings. )here is no shortcut to gain fluency in &nglish. )he only way out is to overcome your inhibitions with some effort and start speaking in &nglish. It is also important to practice your modulation during your practice sessions.



! bio8data is the single most important document in the entire interview and selection process. It is a document, which is your first introduction to the interviewer and explains your complete background of &ducation, &xperience, !chievements and $haracter. It must be carefully and neatly prepared with complete and relevant information. (ome common faults in a poorly formulated bio8data are the followingE )he bio8data is written on crumpled or stained paper. )he handwriting is illegible. )he information given is incomplete. $orrect addresses are not given. "io8data is not signed.

It is very preferable to get your bio8data typed on a neat bond paper on a computer so that it looks very neat. !ttach a good passport size photograph to your bio8data in the first page itself. !ll the (upporting documents must be attached to the bio8data. ! suggested format of bio8data is given at the end. ,5:5 ATTEN.ING THE INTERVIE1

)horough preparation for the interview will enable you to face the interview with confidence. 9emember that each interviewer is different from others in characteristic ways and so look for ways to adapt to each one as a uni5ue individual. 6espite these differences in the personality of the interviewers, the following suggestions will be useful for most ob interviews. ,5:5+5 -e p! ct!#" # ) %res&

It would be a poor first impression, if you were not in time for the interview. *rogram your travel plans, so that you get sufficient rest and time to refresh and dress properly for the interview. "e at the venue at least fifteen minutes before the interview. Go to the interview with a fresh and an open mind. ,5:525 -e )resse) proper"$

!n appropriate dress for the interview with good grooming creates a very good first impression on the interviewer. )hough the personal choice of the dress for the occasion might vary, it is advisable to dress smarly but moderately for the interview, so that you may look neither negligent nor gaudy.



E teri ' t&e i tervie6 roo(

"efore entering the interview room, ad ust your dress and touch up on your appearance. "efore entering, en5uire by asking D#ay I come in sirsQB If permitted, close the door softly and walk in with confidence towards the chair. Face the interview panel confidently and wish them appropriately, depending on the time of the day. If the member of the interview board wants to shake hands with you, then offer a firm grip maintaining eye8to8eye contact and a smile. !sk permission to sit down by saying D#ay I sit down sirQB, if the interviewer has not already asked you to take your seat. *lease remember that during the first few minutes, you can strongly influence the interviewersB assessment of your personality. <ence, the first impression that you give in the interview is very important. ,5:595 -e 6#r( # ) respo sive

Aour getting of the interviewer should be warm, friendly and confident. #ake immediate eye contact with the interviewer. Aou may feel anxious, but remember that the interviewer is after all trying to find a suitable person for a ob in his organization and it is up to you to convince him that you are the right person for the ob. It offers you a challenge to communicate on this aspect and try to be as enthusiastic as possible about the opportunity. )ry to maintain eye contact and a cheerful disposition throughout the interview. It shows your self8confidence and poise and greatly enhances the personal impact. ,5:5,5 -e poise)

Aour proper posture during the interview adds to your personality. (it erect with hands under the table to be used only when emphasizing point or to illustrate through writing. !void mannerisms like playing with your tie or shaking legs etc.


Fo""o6 t&e i tervie6erBs "e#)

Interviewers differ widely in their manner of operating. #ost interviewers expect to control the proceedings and you will only make a bad impression if you try to take over. Follow the interviewerBs lead in answering the 5uestions. "ut, if you are clever and tactful, you can focus the interview on topics in which you are strong. ,5:5?5 -e # 'oo) "iste er

It is imperative for you to listen carefully to the 5uestions being asked. If a 5uestion is not clear, See) clarification in a &olite $ay . (eeking a clarification is far better than giving an irrelevant answer. :atch for verbal and non8verbal cues that come your way. ,5:5@5 Se"" $o!rse"%

)here is no better advice that can be given to you than this. Aou already know that the interviewer wants to make a udgment of what kind of person you are. <elp him to do so in a positive way, by volunteering positive information about you in brief and lucid way. %ike a salesman, stress your positive features and downplay your negative features. )he ob ective even when discussing your weak points is either to minimize them or turn them into an advantage. ,5:5A5 M#r8et Yo!r S8i""s


!fter you have analyzed the position and researched the organization, you are now in a position to review your 5ualifications for the position. ;nowing what you have to offer is crucial. &xpressing yourself clearly and concisely is a key element of effective interviewing. (elf8assessment of your skills, interests, and work values will help you organize your thoughts in order to pro ect a positive impression. ! thorough self8assessment should enable you toE !rticulate your related skills and abilities. (ummarize your educational experiences as it relates to the position for which you are interviewing. $ite examples of how you developedKused particular skills. ;now your personal strengths and weaknesses. 6iscuss your work and co8curricular experiences in detail. )alk about your career goals and ob ectives. ;now where you want to work.

Identify any problem areas in your background and be prepared to discuss them. ,5:5+05 Vo"! teer i %or(#tio

Fill in any gaps that may be left in your bio8data or application. Facts are not enough. Interviewers will be impressed by any information that demonstrates your mental effectiveness, enthusiasm, motivation and dedication. )hey get this information from the way you talk about things as much as from the specific details you discuss. !s you volunteer information, try to make certain that the interviewer understands how it makes you 5ualified for the ob. In other words, be rather pointed in your explanations on how you are exceptional in some important ways and how you have something uni5ue to offer etc. ,5:5++5 -e #ssertive

!ssertiveness is the ability to express your feelings honestly and to take charge of your rights responsibly. It is typified by a healthy self8respect, confidence and general good feeling about yourself. *erhaps one way of describing assertiveness is to contrast it with non8assertive and aggressive behaviors. Non8aggressive behavior is characterized by self8 denial, inhibition and anxiousness. !ggressive behavior, on the other hand, is characterized as being very expressive and self8enhancing at the expense of others. In contrast to the above two extremes, assertive behavior is a way of selling yourself on your own merits. It displays good self8assessment and confidence and also a healthy respect for the rights of others+two things that are highly valued in inter8personal relations. ,5:5+25 -e %r# 8 # ) &o est

In order to sell yourself, you should not lie or distort your answers. 9emember that no one is expected to know all the answers. If you do not know the answer to a 5uestion, it is better to acknowledge that you do not know it rather than trying to bluff. Interviewers are likely to take a stance of grilling a candidate, if they suspect himKher at lying. Aou will often find yourself being interviewed from different angles to assess certain 5ualities and sometimes by several individuals within the same organization. ;eep your answers consistent. $omparisons will inevitably be made and inconsistencies that are discovered will be to your disadvantage.



Co tro" $o!r 3e&#vior

(uppose an interviewer asks you a 5uestion that you consider inappropriate. (ometimes interviewers do ask inappropriate 5uestions to test the candidateBs emotional stability and temperament. In such situations, answer the 5uestion carefully, unemotionally and in a straightforward manner. )his will demonstrate your emotional stability. ,5:5+95 H!(or

! little humor or wit thrown in the discussion occasionally enables the interviewer to look at the pleasant side of your personality. "ut, if you are bad at wit, better to refrain from it. ,5:5+,5 Avoi) s"# '

*resent day youth use slang as an integral part of their daily communication, particularly more so the 7niversity students. <owever, during an interview, slang will not probably be understood and certainly not appreciated. Aour communication must be as formal and as explicit as possible. ,5:5+:5 -e 6e"" (# ere)

)he way you conduct yourself reflects your upbringing arid your culture. *hrases in your conversation such as Dyes please, thank you, I beg your pardon etc.B (how sophistication and good heritage. It is good to pro ect an air of humility rather than arrogance. ,5:5+?5 Lo$#"t$

!ny organization gives a high price for loyalty. -ery often the companyBs valuable assets or confidential information would be in your hands. !n organization would prefer to feel secure when hiring you. ! common 5uestion asked by interviewers to udge this 5uality is Dwhy you left or plan to leave your last or present organizationB. Never speak against your former organization. )he manner in which you uphold your former organization gives the assurance to the interviewer that you would do the same, if you were employed in their organization. ,5:5+@5 .o ot 3re#8 co %i)e ce # ) i )!"'e i c&#r#cter #ss#ssi #tio

In either case mentioned above, you will be demonstrating a lack of personal integrity that might lose you the respect of the interviewer. If you do it to your previous friends and organization, the interviewer may suspect that you will do the same in the present organization also. Aou will be viewed as having a more professional and healthy outlook, if you avoid these two errors. ,5:5+A5 K o6 $o!r 6ort&

! little prior en5uiry and effort will tell you what the current average salaries of particular obs are. #ost of the ob descriptions list the ranges of pay. It is generally, not advisable to bring up the sub ect of money in a pre8screening interview unless the interviewer mentions it. <owever, it is a very necessary issue in any final in8depth interview. !t the beginning of your career, there is very little scope for bargaining especially in our country, where there is excess of manpower available and there is shortage of obs. <owever, if you are sure of your worth, donBt undersell yourself. ,5:5205 I tervie6erBs %#ti'!e

#ost of the time the interview panel conducts the interview throughout the day. In such cases, attention starts declining as the lunch time approaches and also towards the closing time in the evening. 6uring this slack period, the interviewers will be falling short of 5uestions and may prefer some lightheartedness keep them going and may become suddenly time8conscious. (hould you be unfortunate to have your interview during this slack period, there is a possibility of their making a udgment of you based on too little


information. It is therefore imperative for you to be aware of the situation and take initiative in offering information about yourself, which is likely to pro ect you in the proper perspective.


As8 'oo) =!estio s

Generally, you will be given an opportunity to ask 5uestions at the end of the interview. (o go to the interview with good 5uestions about the ob and the company. It is up to you to determine whether you fit into the ob and whether you want it or not. Muestions regarding the ob and the organization, working conditions, career growth prospects, working relationships and so on shows your keenness and maturity in relation to the ob. ,5:5225 .o ot press t&e i tervie6er %or t&e res!"t

Aou might like immediate feedback about your performance. "ut resist the temptation to ask 5uestions like D<ow did I do, #ay I know the result etc.B Interviewer needs time to analyze, consult others in the Interview panel to take decisions. !lso, there may be procedures to be followed before letting you know the result. ,5:5245 E )i ' t&e i tervie6

)he way you conclude an interview can be as vital as the main interview. )his moment is the last impression that you leave with the interview panel prior to their post8interview discussion and decision8making. )ry to end your interview on a sparkling note. Finally thank the interviewer for the opportunity given to you and express your happiness and useful experience of the interview. Aou should then rise and wish them the time of the day maintaining eye contact and pleasant smile. 'ffer a handshake, if the interviewer does so first. 'pen and close the door gently while exiting if the interviewer does so first. 'pen and close the door gently while exiting the room. It is prudent to wait for sometime at the interview office, if an as afterthought, the interviewer may want to clarify anything further with you. ,5?5 POST INTERVIE1 RETROSPECT

It will be a useful habit to reflect and recapitulate the entire interview the same day and to note down all the 5uestions asked in the interview and also your answers. !nalyze and make a note of the positive and negative aspects of your performance. )his exercise helps you to self evaluate your performance ob ectively. (imilar exercises of other interviews will give you pattern of 5uestions generally asked in the interviews and this would give you great confidence to face future interviews. ,5@5 SELECTION INSIGHT

It may be educative to have an insight into the way the udgments are made in ob selection. )he main selecting key decisions depend on the answers to the following 5uestions. $an this person do the obQ 6oes the person possess the re5uisite skills to be effectiveQ Is the candidate motivatedQ :hy does this person want this particular obQ :ill this person be willing to stay with the obQ :hat will be the impact on others, if this person is added to a given work unitQ :ill the person is added value to a given work unitQ :ill the person be able to fit in or create disturbancesQ



Re#so s %or re<ectio

)he following are the common reasons for a candidateBs re ection in a ob interview. %ack of courtesy and manners. 'ver emphasis on money rather than growth prospects. %ack of proper career plan. 6ishonesty. 'ver ambition. Immaturity. $ondemnation of previous organization and superiors. *oor communication skills. 6isturbed family of married life. No real interest in the ob or organization. %ack of knowledge. %ack of past achievements. &xtraneous influencing for the post. Non8punctuality.



! fairly comprehensive picture of ob interviews has been presented in this monograph to help you build up a better ob personality and to succeed in interviews. 9eview it to prepare yourself properly and to personalize the tips given for effective and maximum performance in your interviews. 9emember that success comes to those, who work with strong motivation, realistic goals, perseverance and planned hard work.

:hat has been your biggest mistake that you can recallQ :hat types of people irritate youQ <ow would your teacherKclassmates describe youQ In what areas do you need to improveQ :hat further training do you needQ :ho are the most important people to youQ !nd whyQ :hat makes you a good investment for an employerQ :hat constructive criticism have you had from othersQ 6o you consider your progress so far is in commensurate with your abilityQ

<ere is another set of 5uestions on activities and interestsE In what school and college activities you have participatedQ :hat do you en oy doing other than your studiesQ :hat extra8curricular offices you have heldQ :hat kind of health problems you have hadQ


<ow do you manage your time off the collegeQ :hat do you read in your leisure timeQ

Cha&ter 1
)here are certain typical 5uestions that you come across very often in the interviews. Aour answers may depend on the ob or company in 5uestion, so you should go through your responses ust before each interview. (ome of them are listed below along with the suggested approach to tackle them. +5 Te"" !s #3o!t $o!rse"% D )his is a general 5uestion in which you can say almost anything about yourself. 7nfortunately, most of the interviewees use the opportunity to recount their bio8data, which is already there in front of the interviewer. *repare yourself so that you can tell about only those things, which are not mentioned in the bio8data such as your traits, special 5ualities, achievements and motivations. ! one or two sentence answers, which are normally given by interviewees, convey an impression that there is little to know about them. Aou should be able to say a lot without being verbose or self8opinionated. ;eep watch on the verbal and non8verbal reactions of the interviewer. 25 1&#t #re $o!r stre 't&s # ) 6e#8 esses D )his 5uestion is asked to ascertain how much you know about yourself. ! person who has good self8knowledge is likely to be more effective in life. <owever, many interviewees get bowled over by this 5uestion because they might not have given thought to it or they shy away from the fear at blowing their own trumpetQ 6o a detailed self8analysis on your strengths and weaknesses. ! sincere and honest statement of both your strengths and weaknesses is likely to enhance your personality. 45 Te"" !s #3o!t $o!r %#(i"$ 3#c8'ro! ) D )his 5uestion is asked in interviews to determine the social, cultural, religious and economic status you come from. It could reflect on your basic attitudes. )he best approach for such a 5uestion is to bring out not only the facts of parentage and background but also some of the good principles they have taught you. For example, while talking about this aspect, you may be able to say that you have been brought up in a disciplined atmosphere where punctuality, respect for elders etc. is a way of life. Aou may also state the human values like honesty, truthfulness etc. which you imbibed from your family background. Aou may also be asked to tell about your brothers and sisters. &mphasize their accomplishments and achievements. In all cases, it would be safe to talk of human values taught to you irrespective of your background. 95 Ho6 )o $o! spe ) $o!r sp#re ti(e D )his is a loaded 5uestion, which can give considerable clue to your personality. If your spare8time activities are reading, painting, cooking, listening to music and the like you are likely to be creative, introverted or a loner. If your sports activities are swimming, athletics, tennis etc. you are likely to be interpreted as a loner. 'ther games like football, hockey, cricket etc are likely to indicate you as a team man, who can get along well with people. Neither of these is right or wrong nor they are absolutely true indicators. )here are obs such as research, design 5uality control etc., which do not re5uire extroverts. Nobs such as sales, public relations, execution etc. re5uire a person with a high degree of interaction and team spirit. Generally, those who appear to be group oriented are likely to be preferred for most obs. !nother aspect of how you spend your spare time is whether you take on active or passive pursuits. If you were active, you would play games, go on sight seeing or undertake any activity that involves physical effort. *assive pursuits such as reading, listening to music


and so on sedentary obs such as doing desk work where as active person is preferred for obs, which involve travel or any predominant physical activity. ,5 1&$ )i) $o! c&oose $o!r p#rtic!"#r %ie") o% 6or8 D )his 5uestion is asked to know your temperament, attitude and personal 5ualities. It is advisable at this point to bring out your best 5ualities linking them with the ob. For example, you may say that you chose a sales ob because you are an extrovert and love traveling and that you en oy meeting people and this ob gives you the opportunity to do so. Never say that you are taking up this ob ust because someone has advised you to do so or that you are taking up this ob because you have no alternative. :hatever may be your reasons choosing a particular line, support and substantiate it fully, since you are now applying for the ob. :5 1&$ )o $o! 6# t to <oi t&is or'# i>#tio D 'rganizations are concerned about the cost of recruitment and training and would like to ensure that the candidate, who is recruited, is genuinely interested in the ob and the organization and is likely to stick on to the ob for a reasonable period of time. (ometimes, to ascertain your interest in the organization, the interviewers paint a gloomy picture of the ob to see your reactions. )he best approach to adopt is to exhibit your keenness and conviction in the ob, despite the negative aspects of it. "e consistent in your convictions throughout the interview. ?5 1&ere )o $o! see $o!rse"% i ,E+0 $e#rsB ti(e D )his 5uestion is aimed at ascertaining your aspirations. It is necessary that you are reasonably ambitious in your aspirations, so that your performance is conducive for your growth. !t the same time, you should be realistic and should not be out of context with reality. @5 Are $o! 6i""i ' to si' # 3o ) o% service D )he mention of bond of service is very disconcerting to most of the potential employees. )hey think that they are selling themselves to an organization for a certain period of time. It is important to understand the companyBs point of view. For certain obs, the company plans to invest large amounts in long training programs, during which time the employee is learning and is not productive. )he company calculates that you will provide an ade5uate return, if you stay with them for at least a certain number of years after training, which is called the bond period. )he organization also calculates how much they would lose if you leave before the bond period. 'nce you understand this, the idea of signing a bond will not be 5uite so formidable. Aou should weigh the value of the training, which the company provides against the fact that you will be tied to their ob for the bond period. A5 1&#t s!3<ects $o! "i8e) (ost )!ri ' $o!r st!)ies D For fresh graduated, this 5uestion is often asked during the interviews. )his is mainly to identify your academic talents and also put 5uestions on the topics in that sub ect to find out your depth of knowledge. "e prepared for such a 5uestion, so that you give a good impression of yourself, if such an opportunity arises. +05 1&#t #re $o!r s#"#r$ expect#tio s D )hough this is a very sensitive 5uestion, you must not feel bashful in stating your expectations, since it is your right to know before hand how much the company is going to pay you. It is important that you prepare yourself rationally and logically to mention and claim what you expect as compensation for your ob. It would be better if you have en5uired from friends or employees of the organization regarding the salary structure and what one can reasonably expect. ! 02841@ increase over your previous ob is usually considered as rational. #ost organizations mention the salary range in the advertisement itself. "ut, many mention that they are willing to negotiate depending on the candidate. :hile discussing about salary, you must not confine yourself only to the emoluments but also be clear about other perks that you can expect from the company. ++5 1&$ )o $o! 6# t to "e#ve $o!r prese t <o3 D


)his 5uestion is mainly asked to ascertain your loyalty. Never talk disparagingly of your former organization or people who work for it. Aou may give reasons regarding location, 5uality of work, salary limitations or growth aspirations as some of the many explanations for leaving the previous ob. +25 1&$ )o $o! 6# t t&is <o3D )hink carefully about this 5uestion. (tress the positive aspects, which have attracted you to apply for this position. 6o not mention the negative aspects of your current ob or the ob in 5uestion. +45 1&#t =!#"ities )o $o! t&i 8 6i"" 3e re=!ire) %or t&is <o3D )heir advertisement for the ob may help you a little bit, but you should also think of the other 5ualities that may be re5uired. )hese may include leadership ability, supervisory skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving, analytical skills, etc. +95 1&#t c# $o! co tri3!teD )his is your chance to shine. )ell them about your achievements in your previous position,s. which are relevant to the new position you are applying for. +,5 1&$ )o $o! 6# t to 6or8 %or t&is co(p# $D

%mphasis the positi!e reasons "hy you "ant to &oin their company, but a!oid aspects such as more money or shorter hours. )hese would not endear you to a
prospective employer. +:5 1&#t )o $o! 8 o6 #3o!t t&is co(p# $ D )his is your chance to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their company. Give them a run down of their productsKservices, sales figures, news, company figures, customers, etc. +?5 1&#t i terests $o! #3o!t o!r pro)!ct For serviceG D !gain, your research into the company should aid you in answering this 5uestion. +@5 1&#t c# 6e Ft&e e6 co(p# $G o%%er t&#t $o!r previo!s co(p# $ c# ot o%%er D )read carefully hereR !gain do not mention money. (tress opportunities for personal growth, new challenges, etc. +A5 Yo! &#ve ot )o e t&is sort o% <o3 3e%ore5 Ho6 6i"" $o! copeHs!ccee) D (ay that you are the sort of person who aims to succeed at everything you do and that you are very determined and will do whatever it takes to get the ob done. 205 1&$ s&o!") 6e e(p"o$ $o! D )he answer to this 5uestion will be based on your previous experience and achievements which relate to the company. !t the end you could add that you think there is a good fit between you and the ob, and do ask the interviewer for their opinion. 2+5 Ho6 "o ' )o $o! t&i 8 it 6o!") 3e 3e%ore $o! 6ere (#8i ' # si' i%ic# t co tri3!tio to t&e te#(Hco(p# $ D If you think that you could contribute from day one then say so. )hen turn the 5uestion round on them and say how soon would they expect it. 225 Ho6 #(3itio!s #re $o!D 1o!") $o! co(pete %or ($ <o3 D 6epending on the position you are applying for you may want to sound fairly ambitious, but do not look as if you are after the interviewerJs position. 245 1&#t )o $o! "i8e # ) )is"i8e #3o!t t&e <o3 6e #re )isc!ssi ' D %ikesE stress things such as a new challenge or the opportunity to bring fresh experience to the company. 6islikesE Imply there is nothing to dislike about the ob, which is why you are so interested.


295 1&$ )i) $o! c&oose # c#reer i ID "e positive about your reasons. If you have changed careers make a logical argument as to why you did so. 2,5 1&$ #re $o! c&# 'i ' c#reers D )his 5uestion will only be asked if you are making a radical change in your career. !lways stress the positive aspects of the change rather than the negative aspects of your previous career 8 you do not want to come across as someone who is moving ust because you hate your old career. (ay why you think you will be good in the new career 8 this should come from your experience and achievements, stress the transferable skills you have, such as leadership ability, etc. 2:5 Ho6 (!c& )oes $o!r "#st <o3 rese(3"e t&e o e $o! #re #pp"$i ' %orD 1&#t #re t&e )i%%ere ces D )he interviewer is trying to see how well you would fit in to the position you are applying for. (o you should stress the similarities rather than the differences. :hen it comes to discussing the differences it will help your case if you can show that either you have done something similar in the past or that you can 5uickly pick up the new skills. 2?5 1&#t )o $o! t&i 8 o% t&e "#st co(p# $ $o! 6or8e) %or D Aou should stress the positive aspects of your last company saying that they were a good company to work for. )ell them about the training you received or the work related experience you gained. 2@5 1&$ )i) $o! "e#ve $o!r previo!s co(p# $D .i) t&e$ "ive !p to $o!r expect#tio sD 1&$ #re $o! "e#vi ' o6 D !lways be positive about your reasons for oining and leaving a company. "e very careful that you do not say anything negative about your present employer. If you do, the new company will wonder what you will say about them when you leave. Aou might want to stress that you are looking for a new challenge and that you feel that the company who is interviewing you fits the billR 2A5 Exp"#i t&e or'# i>#tio #" str!ct!re i $o!r "#st co(p# $ # ) &o6 $o! %itte) i to it D )his sort of 5uestion may be used to find out whether your old ob is at a comparable level to your new ob. If the new ob being discussed would be a step up the ladder you will need to show that you are ready for a more demanding position. Aou may be able to show that you have already had many of the responsibilities and the necessary skills which would be re5uired for the next step. 405 Ho6 "o ' &#ve $o! 3ee "oo8i ' %or # e6 <o3 D If you have been unemployed for a long time this may be a rather tricky 5uestion to answer. "ut be honest. If you have been away on holiday or done some voluntary work you could mention this. 4+5 .o $o! pre%er to 6or8 i # s(#""0 (e)i!( or "#r'e co(p# $ D 9emember where you areR If the company interviewing you is a small to medium sized company say that you en oy a close atmosphere with a good team spirit. !t a large company say that you en oy the stability of working for a large and established company. 425 1&#t #re $o! "oo8i ' %or i # e6 <o3 D #ake sure your answer fits in with the company who is interviewing you. ! suitable reply would be that you are looking for a new ob where you can apply your existing skills and learn new ones. 445 1&#t 6o!") $o!r i)e#" <o3 3e D !gain, remember where you areR 6escribe the ob in terms of the criteria they have used to describe their ob. !n ideal ob might include things like challenging work, a fair rate of pay for the ob, nice colleagues, good career prospects, good team atmosphere, opportunity to learn new skills, apply old skills, etc.


495 Are $o! co si)eri ' # $ ot&er positio s #t t&e (o(e t D If you are say so, but do not give too many details away 8 it will weaken your negotiating position later. If you do not have any other ob offers at the moment ust say that you have a few irons in the fire. 4,5 1&#t )i) $o! t&i 8 o% $o!r (# #'erHs!pervisor D (ay that heKshe was the sort of person you could learn from and you communicated well, which meant that the task in hand was completed on time. 4:5 1&#t )i) $o! )o o # )#$ to )#$ 3#sis D (tress the positive things you did including your achievements. &ven if some or much of it was paperwork, you can still show your interest in the way it was tackled. 4?5 .i) $o! i cre#se s#"es or pro%its i $o!r "#st <o3 D )his 5uestion is only relevant for senior managers or sales people. If you have increased sales andKor profit then do not be afraid to shout about it. If you have not increased sales say why not, e.g. general downturn in the market, etc. It might then be a good idea to mention an achievement in a previous ob if your performance was better there. 4@5 H#ve $o! re)!ce) costs #t $o!r "#st co(p# $ D If you have reduced costs say so 8 companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs. 4A5 Ho6 6o!") $o! )escri3e $o!rse"%D Ho6 6o!") ot&ers )escri3e $o!D *ick your best attributes and achievements from your career. 905 .o $o! co si)er $o!rse"% s!ccess%!" D Aou should say you do. *ick some work related achievements that are in line with the position that you are discussing. 9+5 1&#t 6#s $o!r 're#test s!ccessD Ho6 )i) $o! #c&ieve it D Aou should pick an achievement which is related to their needs. 925 1&#t &#s 3ee $o!r 3i''est %#i"!re D )ry to pick a failure which you were later able to correct or something that is not really important. 945 Ho6 co!") $o! i(prove $o!rse"% D 6o not mention anything negative about yourself 8 the interviewer is looking for a chink in your armour. 995 .i) $o! %ee" $o! pro'resse) s#tis%#ctori"$ i $o!r "#st <o3 D If you progressed faster than normal you should say so. If growth was not as good as expected then be careful how you phrase this. 9,5 Are $o! # "e#)er D (tate how you have successfully acted as a leader, giving examples of your successes. 9:5 Ho6 )o $o! &# )"e criticis( D Aour answer should be along the following linesE LI always think that it is important to get feedback on how I am performing so that I can improve any areas which my managerKsupervisor highlights. 6o you have regular staff appraisals and a staff development planQL 9?5 1&#t sort o% (# #'er #re $o!D H 1&#t (#8es # 'oo) (# #'er D Aou should say that it is someone who listens to other people and can delegate whilst maintaining overall control of the task at hand, bringing in the pro ect on time and to budget. Good planning skills are essential.


9@5 .o $o! 6or8 6e"" 6it& ot&ersD Or #re $o! # "o er D (ome obs mean that you have to work very closely with other people whilst other obs mean that you are largely working on your own, so you need to say that you are happy in both situations. 9A5 .o $o! ee) ot&er peop"e #ro! ) to sti(!"#te $o! or #re $o! se"%7 (otiv#te)D Aou need to say that you are self8motivated. ,05 Are $o! #ccepte) i to # te#( =!ic8"$ D <opefully you can answer a resounding LAesL to this 5uestion. ,+5 C# $o! #ct o $o!r o6 i iti#tive D Aou should say that you can. Aou could ask how much responsibility you would have. ,25 Ho6 )o $o! r! # (eeti ' D Aou could say that you must start with an agenda and stick to it. Aou could add that you would try to get the views and ideas from everyone present, working in an air of co8 operation. If people moved off at a tangent you would bring them back to the item being discussed. ,45 1&#t (otiv#tes $o! D 'ur suggestions are career growth, opportunity to learn new skills, good co8workers, etc. ,95 1&#t (# #'e(e t st$"e 'ets t&e 3est res!"ts o!t o% $o! D )ry and think about how you have reacted to different managers and which factors have motivated you. 6o not say too much in reply to this 5uestion, because if your answer is contrary to the management style of the company they will not be keen to employ youR ,,5 .o $o! 8 o6 &o6 to (otiv#te ot&er peop"e D <opefully you can say LAesL, and say that you have to find out what motivates a person and give them recognition for a ob well done. Aou should always give them encouragement and help them when re5uired. ,:5 Are $o! co(petitive D Aour answer depends on the sort of ob you are doing. If you will be working as part of a team you will need to show that you can work in the best interests of the team and not ust for your own benefit. ,?5 Are $o! #''ressive D If you mean by this someone who gets things done, then the answer is LAesL. Aou need to defuse the implications of this 5uestion. ,@5 1&#t )o $o! )is"i8e )oi ' D (ay that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the ob done well and on time and try to do disagreeable things first to get them out of the way rather than putting them off. ,A5 1&#t pro3"e(s )i) $o! e co! ter i $o!r "#st <o3D 1&#t # o$e) $o! #3o!t $o!r "#st <o3 D (tick to the problems that you were able to solve, i.e. LI had problem O, which I later managed to resolve by doing AL. (how that you are a person who can solve problems rather than someone who lets things get on top of them. :05 1&#t 6o!") $o! "i8e to #voi) i $o!r ext <o3 D Aou need to be positive here and say that there is nothing in particular that you would like to avoid.


:+5 .o $o! %ee" $o! #re re#)$ to t#8e o 're#ter respo si3i"ities D (how how you have progressed throughout your life and how you have accepted and taken on responsibility for the actions of yourself and others. If you have not really had many work related responsibilities you can mention other responsibilities you have had outside work. :25 C# $o! 6or8 ! )er press!re D Aou need to say that you can. Aou could ask how much pressure the ob involves. :45 Ho6 (# $ &o!rs #re $o! prep#re) to 6or8 D Aou would be prepared to work the necessary hours to get the ob done on time. :95 .o $o! (i ) 6or8i ' %or so(eo e o")er t&# $o!rse"%D Yo! 'er t&# O% t&e opposite sex D <ere you can say that you are prepared to work with anyone. :,5 1&#t #re $o!r c#reer 'o#"s D %ink in your goals with the company who is interviewing you. ::5 Ho6 )i) $o! 'et o 6it& $o!r previo!s (# #'erHs!pervisor0 co76or8ers # ) s!3or)i #tes D <opefully you can say that you got on well with everyone. :?5 H#ve $o! 3ee respo si3"e %or i(p"e(e ti ' ISOA000H-S,?,0 or Tot#" C!#"it$ M# #'e(e t FTCMG D If you have, state how you implemented it successfully. If you have not, you will need to show that you are used to working to company 5uality standards or that you have a methodical approach to carrying out work. :@5 1&#t i terests )o $o! &#ve o!tsi)e 6or8 D Aour hobbies and interests can tell an employer a lot about you, including whether you are sociable or solitary, and whether you can take on JleadershipJ roles. (o you should think about which interests will paint the right picture of you given the position you are discussing. :A5 I% $o! &#ve c&# 'e) <o3s # "ot $o! (#$ 3e #s8e) &o6 "o ' $o! 6o!") st#$ i t&e e6 <o35 Aou should state that you are looking for a long8term opportunity where you can learn and develop. Aou could then ask them if this applies to the ob being discussed. ?05 H#ve $o! ever 3ee %ire) D If you have, you will need to handle this 5uestion with great care. )ry and put yourself in as favorable light as possible without being too dismissive. If you have later been able to correct any deficiency which resulted in you being fired you should tell the interviewer. ?+5 Are $o! too o") %or t&is <o3 D )ell them that you feel that your extra experience would enable you to make a bigger contribution to their company sooner than someone younger and less experienced. ?25 Are $o! too $o! ' %or t&is <o3 D LNo, I do not think soRL is the answer you should give and then state the reason why you are not too young. If you have a lot of experience gained in a short time, say so. ?45 Yo! (#$ 3e over =!#"i%ie) %or t&is positio D )ell them that you feel that your extra experience would enable you to make a bigger contribution sooner than someone with less experience. ?95 Are $o! prep#re) to re"oc#te D If you are, say so. If you do not want to move then you do not have to accept the ob 8 try and come across as someone who is positive. $o!D


?,5 Are $o! 6i""i ' to tr#ve" D !gain if you are, say so. Aou want to sound positive, so find out how much travelling is involved before you turn down the ob. ?:5 Ho6 o%te #re $o! o%% sic8 D )his can be a difficult 5uestion to answer if you are fre5uently off sick or you have ust recovered from a prolonged period of illness. If you have generally en oyed good health and this period of illness is not typical then you should say so. ??5 1&#t )i) $o! e#r i $o!r "#st <o3 D Aou have to be very careful when answering this 5uestion because once an interviewer knows your current salary they will try and fix your next remuneration based on this figure. )his may be satisfactory if you only wanted a modest rise in salary and your current salary is in line with their salary range, but, what if your current salary is substantially lower than the rate for the ob, or if you want a substantial salary riseQ In these cases you would be best advised to say that you do not really want to pre udice yourself by being too high or too low. !sk if you can discuss this later after the responsibilities for the ob have been discussedP you may also want to ask them what the range for the ob is ,if you do not already know.. ?@5 1&#t "eve" o% s#"#r$ #re $o! "oo8i ' %or o6 D "e very careful when you answer this 5uestion 8 you do not want to appear to be greedy. If you are applying for a specific vacancy you could ask them what the salary range is. 'nce they have answered you could say LI think my experience would place me at the top end of your range, donJt youQL If they ask you this 5uestion fairly early on in the interview you could delay answering by saying LIt is hard to discuss salary without first knowing a little bit more about the ob and the responsibilities.L ANS1ER YO/RSELF THE FOLLO1ING HR C/ESTIONS2 0. 4. I. ?. 2. 3. G. F. H. 01. 00. 04. 0I. 0?. 02. 03. 0G. 0F. 0H. )ell me about yourself. :hat are your hobbiesQ :hat are your strengths and weaknessesQ :hat was the last book you readQ :hat was your biggest failureQ <ow do you improve yourselfQ 6o you work well with othersQ !re you a good manager give me a good exampleQ Imagine yourself as a #anager, what would be the reasons to fire an employee working under you. :hat important changing trends do you see in our industryQ :hy did you choose your career in I)Q 6o you consider yourself successfulQ <ow do you run a meetingQ 6o you feel you are ready to take on greater responsibilitiesQ $an you act on your own initiativeQ :hat was your recent filmQ :here do you see yourself in next 2 yearsQ :hy do you want to work for usQ 6o you prefer to work in a groupQ


41. 40. 44. 4I. 4?. 42. 43. 4G. 4F. 4H. I1. I0. I4. II. I?. I2. I3. IG. IF. IH. ?1. ?0. ?4. ?I. ??. ?2.

6o you have good leadership skillsQ <ow could you describe your own personalityQ 6o you feel you are ready to take on greater responsibilitiesQ $an you act on your own initiativeQ <ow many hours are you prepared to workQ !re you willing to work in nightshiftsQ !re you flexibleQ $an you give an example where you prove yourselfQ :hat was your greatest successQ <ow did you achieve itQ <ow many hours are you prepared to workQ $an you work under pressureQ :hat 5ualities do you think will be re5uired for a obQ <ow would you describe your own personalityQ 6o you prefer to work in a small, medium and large companyQ 6o you need other people around to stimulate you or are you self8motivatedQ !re you accepted into a team 5uicklyQ <ow would others describe youQ :hy do you want to work for usQ :hy should we hire youQ :hat would be your ideal obQ <ow much do you expectQ :hat does your typical day look likeQ 6o you work well with others or are you a lonerQ :hat motivates youQ <ow do you handle criticismQ !re you a leaderQ Give an example. :hat do you do on a day8to8day basis to improve yourselfQ


NameE !ddressE


#obileE *honeE &8mailE CAREER O-;ECTIVE Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi8tech environment with committed / dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. :illing to work as a key player in challenging / creative environment. E./CATIONAL .ETAILS Ex#(i #tio P#sse) (($ Intermediate K 6iploma ". (c K ".$om ". )ech. #. )ech. K #.$.! .iscip"i e Co""e'eH/ iversit$ Ye#r o% P#ssi ' C"#ss K o% M#r8s

KNO1LE.GE IN SOFT1ARE <igh level %anguages !ssembly %anguages &nvironments 6atabases K &$!6 )ools PRO;ECT 1ORK .ETAILS Name of the *ro ect :ork 6escription of the pro ect PERSONAL SKILLS E E E E E E


PERSONAL .ETAILS FatherBsK#otherBs Name 'ccupation Gender 6ate of "irth and !ge Nationality #other )ongue %anguages ;nown !ddress for correspondence E E E E E E E E

$ontact *hone Number &8#ail I6


OTHER .ETAILS Industrial -isits (eminarsK$onferences !ttended *apers *resented $ertifications )raining *rograms !ttended 'thers ,if any. E E E E E E

I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. *laceE 6ateE

Si' #t!re o% t&e C# )i)#te


-5RA;ASHEKAR RE..Y *lot NoE ?01, (ubbara u )owers -i ayapuri colony, ;othapet <yderabad 8 2111I2 !ndhra *radesh *hone NoE 1?184?0?4FHH $ell NoE 1H?H0IG1422 & mailE billapatira

CAREER O-;ECTIVE2 I am a fresher in the corporate culture, but ready to take on the world and accept challenges, utilizing my communication skills, smart working ability, fresh thoughts and assertive behavior, to benefit the organization and contribute substantially to its development.


Ex#(i #tio P#sse) ". )ech

.iscip"i e &lectronics and $ommunication &ngineering #*$ 8

Co""e'e H/ iversit$ -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad Narayana Nunior $ollege, <yderabad ;rishnaveni )alent (chool, Nalgonda

Ye#r o% P#ssi ' 4100

C"#ss First

K o% M#r8s F0.2 ,till Ird year, II semester. H2.2 H4.0

Intermediate (($

411G 4112

First First


0. 4. I. ?. 2.

<igh %evel %anguages !ssembly %anguages &lectronic $ircuit 6esign *ackages &nvironment 6atabases


$, N!-! #!(# ,#acro !ssembler for F1F3. *8(pice, !ctive <6% G.0, #!)%!" #icrosoft :indows 'racle, 6"4 and #( (M% (erver


N#(e o% t&e Pro<ect 1or8



o% t&e Pro<ect2


)he pro ect mainly aims in designing completely automated switch board with the help of touch screen sensor to control the house hold appliances and also provide a user friendly environment of the user to operate the devices effectively and providing a reliable system for illiterates and old people who finds difficulty in operating few high end devices like !$, water heaters etc. PERSONAL SKILLS2

I have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. I take responsibility for my actions and am solutions8oriented. I am innovative, dynamic and confident. I am self8assured and have excellent presentation ability. I am flexible within the working environment and able to adapt 5uickly and positively to challenging situations. I have demonstrated leadership ability. I am mature with a friendly personality who en oys the challenge of working under pressure either independently or as a member of a team. I am always ready to volunteer any activity which I feel is effective and expedient.

PERSONAL PROFILE2 FatherBs name 'ccupation Gender 6ate of "irth and !ge 9eligion Nationality #arital status #other )ongue %anguages known !ddress of $orrespondence E E E E E E E E E E #r. ". "hupal 9eddy (enior officer in "(N%, <yderabad #ale 3 February, 0HH1P 41 Aears <indu IN6I!N 7nmarried )elugu )elugu, <indi, &nglish. *lot NoE ?01, (ubbara u )owers -i ayapuri $olony, ;othapet <yderabad8 2111I2, !* 1H?H0IG1422 billapatira

$ontact *hone no. &8mail I6



-isited =T#t# Co s!"t# c$ ServicesL ,)$(., <yderabad on 4? #ay, 4101. -isited =N#tio #" F !ugust, 411H. Re(ote Se si ' Ce treL ,N9($., <yderabad on



MRe#" Ti(e I(p"e(e t#tio o% .SP A"'orit&(s /si ' Co)e Co(poser St!)ioL on 00 #arch, 4101, ointly organized by department of &$& and $ranes (oftware International %td., -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. 2


I-M Certi%ie) .#t#3#se Associ#te F.-2 A F! )#(e t#"sGN iss!e) 3$ I-M I %or(#tio M# #'e(e t So%t6#re5 I-M Certi%ie) Associ#te )eve"oper FR#tio #" App"ic#tio .eve"oper %or 1e3 Sp&ere So%t6#re V :50GN iss!e) 3$ I-M R#tio #" So%t6#re5


9eceived an =A1AR. FOR EJCELLENCEL, %!;(<A!84;H on 00 Nanuary, 411H, -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. :on First Pri>e in MC!i> M#xL, !6!()9! 4101 during 43 + 4F #arch, 4101, (reenidhi Institute of (cience and )echnology, <yderabad. :on Seco ) Pri>e in MKi ' o% -re#)7-o#r)sL, F&%I$I)A4;01 during 8 40 February, 4101, III)8 <yderabad. 0G


*resented paper on =S(#rt A te #s>, !6!()9! 4101 during 43 + 4F #arch, 4101, (reenidhi Institute of (cience and )echnology, <yderabad. *resented paper on =Opport! ities %or A)v# ce) Speec& Processi ' i Mi"it#r$ -#se) S$ste(>, $'N-&9G&N$& 4101 during 0G80H #arch, 4101 -N9 -ignana Nyothi Institute of &ngineering and )echnology, <yderabad. *articipated in MI st# t Circ!it Noo)"eL, !!G!#!4;01 during F 8 01 !pril, 4101, $-(9 $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. *articipated in MTec& ic#" C!i>L, !!G!#!4;01 during F 8 01 !pril, 4101, $-(9 $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. *articipated in MTec& ic#" C!i>L, )&$<NIT'N4;F during 4H 8 I1 (eptember, 411F at -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. *articipated in MTec& ic#" C!i>L, &76'OI!4;F on 4F (eptember, 411F, -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. 2


:orked as Eve t Or'# i>er at the &76'OI!4;01, a technical arena on 42 (eptember, 4101, -ardhaman $ollege of &ngineering, <yderabad. (tood St#te Fi%t& in 6r. N.-.9ao group talent search on 42 Nanuary, 4110.


!ttended workshop on = /3! t!L, !6!()9! 4101 during 4384F #arch, 4101, (reenidhi Institute of (cience and )echnology, <yderabad.



I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars. 6ate *lace E 1H !pril, 4100 E <yderabad F-5 R#<#s&e8#r Re))$G



<ere are the tips from 6awn 9osenberg #c;ay for fresher on how to shape the office schedule. !lways arrive at work on time, if not a little early. (tick to your lunch hour. !nd if you are particularly busy, eat at your desk or come back early. 6ress appropriately. %ook around you to see how others are dressedP especially those who are further along on your career path. For example, if you work in an advertising agency and aspire to be an account executive, donBt dress like the art director, whose ob allows a more casual style. %I()&N and '"(&9-&. )he best piece of advice I received from an employer was to listen and observe before umping in to suggest changes. (tay away from office gossip. )hat is not to say donBt pay attention to what you hear through the grapevine. )hat can be helpful. <owever donBt contribute to it. #ind your manners. 6onBt forget what you learned as a child. D*leaseB and Dthank youB should still be the magic words. !lways knock before you enter. !lthough barging into your friendBs room may have been okay with him, barging into your supervisorBs office is not okay. !nswer the telephone politely, even if the call is internal. Find a mentor. %ook for someone on your career path who is willing to take you under hisKher wing. Aour own supervisor may not be a good ides, but someone else under his supervision may work well. 6onBt pretend to know things you donBt <owever, do your homework. %earn what you need to know. 6onBt be afraid to ask 5uestions. If you are assigned a pro ect and are not sure how it should be completed, ask. "etter to ask before the pro ect is due, than to have it delayed because it was done incorrectly. !lways stick to deadlines. "osses usually want pro ects completed on time. If there is any flexibility, she will let you know. Finally, pay close attention to corporate culture. %earn how things work within your company. !re relationships formal or friendlyQ 6oes everyone arrive early and stay lateQ !re lunch hours short or non8existentQ



)ata $onsultancy (ervices started in 0H3F. Mr5 F5C Ko&"i who is presently the 6eputy $hairman was entrusted with the ob of steering )$(. )he company, which was into management consultancy from day one, soon felt the need to provide solutions to its clients as well.)$( was the first Indian company to make forays into the 7( market with clients ranging from I"#, !merican &xpress, (ega etc. )$( is presently the top software services firm in !sia. )ata $onsultancy (ervices is an I) services, business solutions and outsourcing organization that delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty no other firm can match. )$( offers a consulting8led, integrated portfolio of I) and I)8enabled services delivered through its uni5ue Global Network 6elivery #odel, recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development. ! part of the )ata Group, IndiaBs largest industrial conglomerate, )$( has over 031,111 of the worldJs best trained I) consultants in ?4 countries. )he $ompany generated consolidated revenues of over 7( C3.I billion for fiscal year ended I0 #arch 4101 and is listed on the National (tock &xchange and "ombay (tock &xchange in India. 'ver C42 million were spent on enhancing hardware and software infrastructure. )he company now has G4 offices worldwide. !s many as seven centers were assessed at (&I $## F$apability #aturity #odel. Leve" , last year ,I.? mistakes in a million opportunities.. )hese include $hennai, #umbai, "angalore, $alcutta, <yderabad and %ucknow. (everal business and 9 / 6 relationship with global firms like I"#, General &lectric, 7nigraphics (olutions have been made. TCS Le#)ers&ip Te#(2

$hief &xecutive 'fficer ,$&'. and #anaging 6irectorE Mr5 N#t#r#<# C&# )r#se8#r# $hief Financial 'fficer and &xecutive 6irectorE Mr5 Set!r#(# M#&#"i '#( &xecutive 6irector and <ead, Global $orporate !ffairsE Mr5 P&iro> A V# )rev#"#

TCS -!si ess Vertic#"s2

"anking and Financial (ervices &nergies, 9esources / 7tilities Government %ife (ciences and <ealth $are <i )ech


Insurance #anufacturing #edia / Information (ervices 9etail / $onsumer *roducts )elecom )ravel, )ransportation / <ospitality

TCS Services2

I) (ervices I) Infrastructure (ervices &nterprise (olutions (upply $hange #anagement $ustomer 9elationship #anagement $onsulting "usiness *rocess 'utsourcing "usiness Intelligence and *erformance #anagement &ngineering and Industrial (ervices 'utsourcing *latform "*' $onnected #arketing (olutions



-# 8i '0 C#pit#" M#r8et # ) I s!r# ce FTCS -#NCSG2 )$( "aN$( enables transformation in financial services through a superior and holistic suite of solutions for banks, capital market firms, insurance companies, and diversified financial institutions.


TCS K o6"e)'e Pro)!cts2 &xegenix (upport$entral )$( 6igital $ertification (ervices )$( (mart )est #anager &xperience based knowledge #anagement )$( $ode Generator Framework )$( 6ata $leansing Framework )$( #asketeer + 6ata *rivacy (olutions )$( $ertificate -alidation (erver )$( $all #anagement (olution


TCS E 'i eeri ' Pro)!cts2 )$( 6irect #etal 6eposition $!# )$( (tand !lone *ost *rocessor )$( (mart"ox )$( (evak )$( 9apid (igma + (ix (igma (olutions )$( )eamcenter for #edical 6evices )$( &nterprise Integration and $ontrol &nvironment



Ot&er Pro)!cts2 )$( <ospital #anagement and Information (olution )ata !ccounts 9eceivable and "illing (ystem ,)!9!"(. )$( $lin8e4e )$( (ilicone !mbulatory &$G 6evice and (olution )$( &nterprise Integration and $ontrol &nvironment (olution )$( "io8Informatics (olution -&9I$7)8 #achine (imulation (oftware



!ptitude )est and $ritical 9easoningE )he touch tone test ,online. consists of I2 5uestions of F1 minutes duration. (ome of the 5uestions are lengthy but the exact 5uestion will be at the last. )here is a negative marking of 0KI for every wrong answer. Tec& ic#" I tervie62 )he test is followed by a )echnical, #anagerial and <9 interview. )he technical interview is highly specialized and covers almost all sub ects you have done in your curriculum. <owever one is re5uired to name hisKher favorite sub ect on which most of the interview is focused. For $omputer &ngineers $, 'perating (ystems, 6"#(, #icroprocessors are mostly focused upon. &lectronics &ngineers can be grilled on 6%6, #icroprocessors and $ommunications. M# #'eri#" Ro! )2 )his round focuses on the candidateBs future leadership potential and his fitment in the organization and its value systems. $andidates who have participated and won competitions at various stages in their school or college, organizing and participating in extracurricular activities stand an advantage over others as this would indicate their group and team behavior. H!(# Reso!rce FHRG I tervie62 )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. )he <9 interview is also important. #ostly 5uestions are asked to test your temperament. Aou may be asked your opinion on a variety of current affair topics. In some cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked.

ItJs a company with a conscienceP itBs one of the fastest growing companies in the world. )he opportunities for you are endless. ItBs the next generation I) services and consulting company you get onto a global track it is the pioneer, and the best practitioner, of the G6#E this is redefining the way business is done. It lets you en oy entrepreneurial freedomE. Aou get the freedom to make decisions and the freedom to experiment and take calculated risks. Infosys )echnologies %td. ,N!(6!ME INFA. was started on 4 Nuly, 0HF0 by seven people N 9 Narayana #urthy ,$hairman., Nandan Nilekani, N. (. 9aghavan, ;ris Gopalakrishnan ,$&'., (. 6. (hibulal, ;. 6inesh, !shok !rora with 7(C 421 . )oday, Infosys is a global leader in the Lnext generationL of I) and consulting with revenues of 7(C 3.1? billion ,%)# #arch800..


Infosys defines, designs and delivers technology8enabled business solutions for Global 4111 companies. Infosys also provides a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. Infosys offerings span business and technology consulting, application services, systems integration, product engineering, custom software development, maintenance, re8 engineering, independent testing and validation services, I) infrastructure services and business process outsourcing. Infosys pioneered the Global 6elivery #odel ,G6#., which emerged as a disruptive force in the industry leading to the rise of offshore outsourcing. )he G6# is based on the principle of taking work to the location where the best talent is available, where it makes the best economic sense, with the least amount of acceptable risk. Infosys has a global footprint with 3? offices and 3I development centers in 7(, India, $hina, !ustralia, Napan, #iddle &ast, 7;, Germany, France, (witzerland, Netherlands, *oland, the 7;, $anada and many other countries. Infosys and its subsidiaries have 0I1,F41 employees as on #arch I0, 4100. Infosys takes pride in building strategic long8term client relationships. HF@ of its revenues come from existing customers ,FA 00.. Tr#i i ' %or Fres&ers2 It is about four and half months, timings from H to 2.I1 or 2.?2 to 04.I1. !ssignments are given on that dayBs topic and supposed to finish and submit by next day morning H. )otal training is divided into two parts generic for one and half month ,general topics H modules. and stream specific training ,like ava or .net or mainframes or open system etc. for 4 and half months. )rainees are supposed to get 32@ in every test and there is negative marking too. )hey conduct test on completion of each module. Non $(KI) background people are put into long cycle. $(KI) people will be undergoing fast track training.

C&ie% Exec!tive O%%icer Services2


Mr K V Kamath,
Mr S . S&i3!"#"

I) (ervices "*' (ervices &ngineering (ervices $loud U (ervices !erospace and 6efense !irlines !utomotive "anking and $apital #arkets $ommunication (ervices $onsumer *ackaged Goods 6iscrete #anufacturing &ducation &nergy <ealthcare <igh )echnology <ospitality and %eisure Insurance %ife (ciences %ogistics and 6istribution #anufacturing *ublishing 9esources 9etail


(tudios and Networks 7tilities

Pro)!cts # ) P"#t%or(s2

Finacle Flypp Infosys <I#I Infosys i&ngage Infosys i*rowe Infosys #askI) Infosys m$onnect Infosys 9esearch 'n 6emand Infosys 7nified $ommunications and $ollaboration ,7$. i)ransform (upply $hain -isibility

INFOSYS 1ritte Ver3#" Re#so i ' 7 7

Test P#tter 2 ?1 5uestions, I1 minutes, $ut8off is 4?. I1 5uestions, ?1 minutes, $ut8off is 0F.

Ver3#" Sectio 2 0+F H + 0? 02 + 40 44 + I1 I0 + I2 I3 + ?1 E E E E E E *ick out the correct sentence from the four options ,#ostly related to )enses and *repositions. (entence $orrection Fill in the blank with a word K phrase which may make sentence Grammatically or logically correct. H (hort passages ,I + ? lines each. and a 5uestion will be asked. $omprehensive passage I ,very lengthy. E Five 5uestions $omprehensive passage II ,very lengthy. E Five Muestions

Re#so i ' Sectio 2 0+2 3 + 01 00 + 02 03 + 41 40 + 42 43 + I1 E E E E E E *uzzle test + I ,2 Muestions. Figure series 8 Non verbal reasoning 2diagrams ,2 Muestions. 6ata sufficiency ,2 Muestions. 6ata interpretation ,2 Muestions. *uzzle test + II ,2 Muestions. %ogical reasoning i.e. syllogism ,2 Muestions.

I %os$s HR I tervie6 C!estio s2 0. 4. I. ?. 2. 3. G. F. 6escribe yourselfQ <ow do your parents motivate youQ :hat is your favourite movieQ <ow many s5uares are there on a chess boardQ If a man eats 011 bananas in 2 days and eats 3 more than previous day. <ow many bananas he eats on the first dayQQ )ell me about your collegeQ :hy did you choose software developmentQ !nd why infosysQ


#ahindra (atyam ,formerly known as (atyam $omputer (ervices %tdV. was founded in 0HFG by -5R#(#"i '# R#<!. )he company offers consulting and technology ,I). services spanning various sectors, and is listed on the New Aork (tock &xchange, the National (tock &xchange ,India. and "ombay (tock &xchange ,India.. In Nune 411H, the company unveiled its new brand identity =#ahindra (atyam> subse5uent to its takeover by the #ahindra GroupBs I) arm, )ech #ahindra. $hairman -ice $hairman, #6 / $&' 2 Mr5 A # ) G M#&i )r# 2 Mr5Vi eet N#$$#r

!t #ahindra (atyam, thereBs life beyond work. )he company has an atmosphere where one can balance work with personal life. )hey conduct various work8life balancing programs that create productive work culture while minimizing the potential for tensions between work and other aspects of life. "e their learning / development seminars, self8 help workshops for associates and their family members, or recreational activities filled with loads of fun and excitement, they have a number of invigorating work8life balancing programs that keep the energy level of their associates high.

)he company offers consulting and information technology ,I). services spanning various sectors, and provides services in many areas includingE

!erospace and 6efense "anking and Financial (ervices &ducation &nergy and 7tilities <ealth care and %ife (ciences Insurance Infrastructure #anufacturing )elecom )ravel %ogistics

#ahindra (atyam became the first company in !sia to be ranked 02 in the prestigious )raining )op 042, a global ranking of best training organizations. In 'ctober 411G, #ahindra (atyam was awarded the number 0 ranking in the !merican (ociety for )raining and 6evelopmentBs ,!()6. "&() !wards 411G. )his recognition also makes #ahindra (atyam the first non87( organization and the first in !sia to make it to the number one slot at !()6 "&(). 1ritte Test P#tter FO "i eG2

!ptitude test ,G1 5uestions, ?1 minutes.. &nglish test ,011 5uestions, ?1 minutes..

Aptit!)e test t&ere #re 4 p&#ses

Numerical and #athematical abilities ,02 Muestions. %ogical and !nalytical 9easoning +Non verbal ,I2 Muestions. -erbal ,41 Muestions.



p#tter s i c"!)e2

"lood relation (imple / compound interest $oding decoding !rithmetical reasoning *uzzle ,very simple. (eries ,very simple. 'dd figure etc.

E '"is& Test

)enses ,01 Muestions. -erbs, 41 Muestions. *repositions ,41 Muestions. 9eading *assage ,01 Muestions. (entence $onstruction ,01 Muestions. $onfusable :ords,01 Muestions. "uilding verbage,01 Muestions. !rticles,01 Muestions.

2G Tec& ic#" I tervie6 Ro! ) For the technical interview round they mostly ask 5uestions about your area of specialization. If you have an I) background they may ask 5uestions from basic cWW, Nava, (oftware engineering, 6ata structure, 6"#(, 96"#(, basics of computer hardware. 4G HR I tervie6 Ro! ) In <9 round asked the basic 5uestions. ME ME ME ME )ell me about yourself. :hy should I select you. I need smart worker. :hat is the guarantee that you will do smart workQ

Corpor#te Vie62 (yntel, Inc. is a global provider of Information )echnology ,I). and ;nowledge *rocess 'utsourcing ,;*'. solutions, with global development centers in India, and 7(. (yntel was founded in )roy, #ichigan in 0HF1 by Indian = -&#r#t .es#i>, a graduate of 7niversityBs (tephen #. 9oss (chool of "usiness and = Neer<# Set&i> with an initial investment of C4,111. 'riginally named =(ystems International,> the company began providing software staffing services to local corporations, earning CI1,111 in its first year. 'n February 0, 4101, (yntel announced the promotion of = Pr#s&# t R# #)e> to the position of $&'. Founder and former $&' "harat 6esai will continue to serve as $hairman of the "oard, and is the ma ority shareholder. !s of Nune I1, 4101, (yntel has over 0?,H11 employees and annual revenues in excess of C?0H million. Founder,s. E -&#r#t .es#i0 Neer<# Set&i


<ead5uarters Number of locations 'fficial website 1or8 C!"t!re2


Tro$0 Mic&i'# 0 /SA 4G offices worldwide

(yntelJs mission is to create new opportunities for their clients by harnessing their passion, talent, and innovation. )o succeed in this mission, their employees must maintain a client8 focus and be willing to go that extra mile. )hey strive to deliver 5uality that exceeds their customersJ expectations through their dedication and passion for their work. )hey strive to live their brand. (yntelJs on8site management policies encourage managers to view themselves as leaders, coaches and motivators creating a positive growth environment allowing for the input of individual employees. #anagers delegate responsibilities to employees, awarding them ownership of processes. I )!str$ Foc!s2 "anking and Financial services <ealthcare and %ife (ciences Insurance )ours and )ravel %ogistics 9etail #anufacturing )elecom

A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 )he recruitment test consists of I to ? rounds. 1ritte Test No. of 5uestionsE ?2 , ust 0 section with random 5uestions from logical, reasoning, verbal, etc. I 5uestionsKpage. Ti(e2 ?2 minutes on the whole and timer descends ,suddenly some window pops n u r asked to fill in your parents name 8 ust for verification, but timer will never stop..(o, be fast n careful. No negative marking Gro!p )isc!ssio ,6epends on the panel.E

Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written exam. ! group usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR


Corpor#te Vie6: #phasi( consistently delivers !pplications services, Infrastructure services, and "usiness *rocess 'utsourcing ,"*'. services globally through a combination of technology know how, domain and process expertise. #phasi( %imited ,then, #phasi( "F% %imited. was formed in Nune 4111 after the merger of the 7(8based I) consulting company #phasi( $orporation ,founded in 0HHF. and the Indian I) services company "F% (oftware %imited ,founded in 0HHI.. #phasi( supports G0111 companies around the world in the improvement of their business processes. )heir uni5ue strength lies in their ability to provide integrated solutions involving !pplications, "usiness *rocess 'utsourcing, and Infrastructure services capabilities. )he convergence of technologies such as web services, work flow software and business performance monitoring along with business intelligence and customer focus drive all their services delivery offerings. )heir emphasis is on developing flexible platforms that allow their clients to rapidly implement business processes with minimal capital outlays. )hey are certified with I(' H110E411F, I('KI&$ 4G110E4112 ,formerly known as I(' 0GGHH., and are assessed at $##I v 0.4 %evel 2. )hey also provide (&I $##I, I(' and (ix (igma related services support. "esides an onsite presence at key locations globally, the company head5uartered in India has an extensive offshore infrastructure for !pplications, "*', and Infrastructure services. )hey have a global footprint with delivery centres all over the world, and have a staff of over I3,111 professionals. ;ey persons E .r5 Frie)ric& Froesc&", $hairman and 6irector. Fr# cesco Ser#%i i, -ice $hairman and 6irector. G# es& A$$#r, $hief &xecutive 'fficer and 6irector.

Mp&#sis Services2 "anking and $apital #arkets Insurance $ommunications #edia and &ntertainment <ealth care and %ife (ciences #anufacturing )ransportation and %ogistics 9etail and $onsumer Governement &nergy and 7tilities

A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 )he recruitment test consists of I rounds. I :ritten test ,!#$!) a computer based test !spiring #inds. Group 6iscussion )echnical / <9 round -erbal $ommunication test ,-ersant.

o "i e test t&ere #re , p#rts E '"is& 42 5uestions 42 min. ,9efer !spiring #inds materials. 01 synonyms andKor antonyms 4 passages ,totally 3 to F 5uestions. !ssembling the sentences.


C!# tit#tive #ptit!)e 42 5uestions I2 minutes. Muestions based on log 5uestions. (peed, distance etc. Co(p!ter -#se) 42 5uestions I2 minutes. "ased on c programming. "ased on ''* concept and '( concept. Perso #"it$ test ,No consideration to final result. F1 5uestions. 41 minutes. <ere 5uestions try to focus on your attitude. Re#so i ' 425uestionsI2minutes. *roblems based on seat arrangements, coding, se5uence etc. Aou can answer next 5uestion only by moving from current 5uestion. )here would be 0 minute leisure between parts. Aou canJt move backward to correct answers.

9edpine (ignals, Inc. was founded in 4110 and is head5uartered in (an Nose, $alifornia. It has a development center in <yderabad, India. 9edpine (ignals is a wireless systems company with uni5ue chipset and system level products for wireless networks and (mart &nergy (olutions. 9edpine has created advanced wireless technology that has gone into the creation of ultra low power and high performance products for the next generation wireless applications. 9edpine was the first in the industry to launch a single stream F14.00n chipset in late 411G. (ubse5uently, it has launched several modules and sub8systems focusing on specific vertical market segments including industrial, wireless sensor, wireless audio / video, voice over :i8Fi and high end consumer. In 411H, it has launched modules and subsystems that enable the wireless monitoring and control of utility metering systems. It has also announced the availability of multi stream F14.00n along with mobile :i#ax ,F14.03e. and IG** %)& technologies with official product launches scheduled in 411H. )he company also provides energy solutions, including smart8energy :i8Fi communications modulesP metering gateway systemsP low8power metering and communications modulesP circuit breaker systemsP and long8range simultaneous dual8 band :i8Fi modules. Its products are used in the areas of mobile phones, -o:i8Fi phones, wireless sensor nodes, :i8Fi 9)%( tags, serial to :i8Fi interfaces, wireless speakers, wireless mouse devices, wireless remote controls, mobile *$s, portable navigation devices, mobile gaming devices, I* cameras, personal media players, and digital cameras, as well as in wireless sensors for medical applications. )he company offers its products through direct sales, sales representatives, and distributors.

K#"p# # At"!ri, *resident and 6irector Ve 8#t M#tte"#, $hairman and $hief &xecutive 'fficer M#""i8 Re))$, (enior -ice *resident of $orporate 6evelopment and 6irector N#r#si(&# Ve 8#tes&, -ice *resident of !dvanced )echnologies Ric&#r) M!rp&$, -ice *resident, #arketing and "usiness 6evelopment Ke et& Lisi#8, -ice *resident of 'perations C&# )r# A33!ri, -ice *resident of (ystems and (oftware S#t$# R#o, -ice *resident of I$ &ngineering


$<I*(&)( %ow power F14.00abgn (6I'K(*I ,32#bps F14.00bgn *$I ,021#bps. F14.00bgn (6I'K(*I ,021#bps. :I8FI #'67%&( n8%inkX F14.00bgn ,4.?G<z. #odule F14.00abgn ,4.?K2G<z. #odule (erial8to8:iFi F14.00 bgn ,4.?G<z. with integrated antenna F14.00 bgn ,4.?G<z. :ireless 6evice (erver F14.00 bgn ,4.?G<z. with integrated antenna F14.00 bgn ,4.?G<z. F14.00 abgn ,4.?K2G<z. with integrated antenna F14.00 abgn ,4.?K2G<z. F14.00n (mart #eter :I8FI (A()&#( F14.00n 9eal )ime %ocation )ag :I8FI ()!9)&9 ;I)( 9enesas #$7 ;its Freescale )ower $ard



:ritten )est is different for &$&K&&& and $(&KI) background. )he paper having 011 marks. CSEHIT test pattern consists of four sectionsE

0. $ 8 ?4 marks,each 5uestion carries I or 4 marks on ob ective and descriptive. 4. 6ata (tructures 8 0F marks ,only ob ective 4 or I marks. I. 'perating (ystems 8 I1 marks ,it consists ob ective and descriptive, some problems on memory management. ?. $omputer Networks801 marks ,both ob ective and descriptive. 0. 4. I. ?. ECEHEEE test pattern consists of four sectionsE 6igital88I1marks $ommunications88841marks $omputer88841marks !ptitude88I1marks

&ach 5uestions carry weightage differently. Tec& ic#" I tervie62 )he test is followed by a )echnical and a <9 interview. )he technical interview is highly specialized and covers almost all sub ects you have done in your curriculum. <owever one is re5uired to name hisKher favorite sub ect on which most of the interview is focused. For $omputer &ngineers $, 'perating (ystems, 6"#(, #icroprocessors are mostly focused upon. &lectronics &ngineers can be grilled on 6%6, #icroprocessors and $ommunications. H!(# Reso!rce FHRG I tervie62 )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. )he <9 interview is also important. #ostly 5uestions are asked to test your temperament. Aou may be asked your opinion on a variety of current affair topics. In some cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked.


Founded in 4114 by former employees from 'racle $onsulting (ervices, !pps !ssociates is an I) service provider offering deep and proven expertise in 'racle applications / technologies. )he founding principle of the firm is delivery of exceptional service and strong 'racle experience in a cost8effective manner to maximize value for our clients. 9ecognized as one of the fastest growing private 7.(. companies ,Inc. 211. and continuing to realize rapid growth, !pps !ssociates is setting a compelling standard for delivery / customer satisfaction. !pps !ssociates has attained 'racleBs $ertified !dvantage *artner, the highest level of partner reserved for a select group of companies that demonstrate superior product knowledge and technical expertise. $urrently, !pps !ssociates employs approximately I?1 personnel worldwide. "uilt upon global delivery and best practice methodology, the company leverages on8site, onshore and offshore capabilities to deliver results and ensure 9'I. <ead5uartered in :estford, #! 7(!, the company has offices in Germany and India, the site of our Global 6evelopment $enter. C&ie% Exec!tive O%%icer 1ritte Test 2 Mr5 Sri)&#r

)he aptitude test consists of 21 ob ective 5uestions ,31 minutes.. )here are 2 sections 0. %ogical801M, 4. !nalytical reasoning801M, I. -erbal abilities801M, ?. *rogramming skills801M / 2. $WW 801M., )his (ection is optional for Non $(KI) background. Gro!p )isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written exam. ! group usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR

-irtusa $orporation ,N!(6!ME -9)7. is a global information technology ,I). services company providing I) consulting, technology and outsourcing services. -irtusa focuses on delivering business results by modernizing, rationalizing and consolidating the critical applications that support our clientsB core business processes. )he company uses an enhanced global delivery model, innovative software plat forming approach and deep industry expertise to provide high8value I) services. )his approach enables its clients to improve their customersB experience, expand market reach, and improve time to market and lower costs.


-irtusa serves Global 4111 companies and leading software vendors in $ommunications / )echnology, "anking / Financial (ervices, Insurance, )elecommunications, and #edia, Information / &ntertainment industries. -irtusa has extensive experience and in8depth expertise in "usiness *rocess #anagement, &nterprise $ontent #anagement and 6ata warehouse and "usiness Intelligence. )he companyBs service offerings include technology consulting, application development and maintenance, systems integration, custom software development, product development and )esting services. Founded in 0HH3, and head5uartered in #assachusetts, -irtusa has offices and technology centers throughout the 7nited (tates, &urope and !sia. Ex#( T$pe Ti(e 1ritte 0. 4. I. ?. 2. 3. 2 :ritten )est 2 4EI1 hrs

Ex#(2 Ver3#"2 I1mins8I1 Muestion K *assage, )enses, !rticle. Re#so i '2 I1mins8I1 Muestion K "lood 9elations, 6igs, $oding.. A"'orit&(s2 I1mins841 Muestion K )ime complexity / oKp CH;#v# FOptio #"G2 41mins801 Muestion K*rogram is given /oKp is to be found Le#r i ' A3i"it$2 02mins for reading passage K *assage will be taken after 02 #inutes 01 #inutes for answering 01 Muestion M#i" 1riti '2 02mins K hints will be given, 011 bits 4hrs I1 #inutes, No negative marking

Gro!p )isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written exam. ! group usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR

$($ is a C03.4" global I) services powerhouse, delivering on the worldJs largest, most complex pro ects to transform the way governments, companies and communities work. For more than 21 years, we at $($ have developed smart, technology8enabled solutions to solve our clientsJ toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. 'ver the past five decades, technology has radically changed the world we live in. :e have remained at the forefront of our business because we have understood how to use technology change and innovation to deliver value to our clients. $($ remains one of the marketJs select few )ier 0 hardware and software8independent options, allowing $($ to maximize its clientsJ technology choices with informed perspectives based on their needs and challenges. $urrently, $($ employs H2,111 professionals in H1 countries and is listed as a Fortune L:orldJs #ost !dmired $ompany,L ranking in the )op 2 of I) services providers ,4101..


Services2 I) (olutions, "usiness (olutions and (ervices, $loud $omputing, <ealth I), $yber security, 'utsourcing, (ystems Integration $hairman and $&'E -ri# ; M# i '

CSC Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 1ritte Test2

!ptitudeE ,?1 5uestions ?1 min. )echnicalE ,G2 5uestions ?1 min. along with that we should write essay ,01 min. Gro!p )isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written exam. ! group usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR

!utomatic 6ata *rocessing, Inc. Corpor#te Vie62 !utomatic 6ata *rocessing, Inc. ,N!(6!ME !6*., with nearly CH billion in revenues and over 2G1,111 clients, is one of the worldJs largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. %everaging over 31 years of experience, !6* offers the widest range of <9, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source. !6*Js easy8to8use solutions for employers provide superior value to organizations of all types and sizes. !6* is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the world. Speci#"ties2 *ayroll, <9, "enefits !dministration, )ime and %abor #anagement, (ales )ax, )ax $redits, *rocure8to8*ayment, 9etirement (ervices

(asken $ommunication )echnologies %imited was founded in the year 0HFH in "angalore, India. Formerly it was known as (ilicon !utomation (ystems Inc, (!(. )his company is known for the providing research and development consultancy, wireless software products, software services and network engineering services to its clients. (asken is an embedded communications (olutions $ompany, that helps businesses across the communications value chain accelerate product development life cycles. (asken offers a uni5ue combination of research and development consultancy, wireless software products and software services, and works with Network '&#s, (emiconductor


-endors, )erminal 6evice '&#s and 'perators across the world. Global Fortune 211 and )ier 0 companies in these segments are part of (askenJs customer profile. In addition to being directly involved in the development of a variety of technologies, (asken is a member of premier technology bodies including I)7, IG**, G$F, #*&G8I(', :i#ax, NF$, 6%N! and !)#, 6(% / (69 forums. (asken is (&I $## %evel 2 certified and itsB solutions are backed by I(' H110E4111, I(' 4G110 and )% H111 certifications. (askenBs commitment to environment is highlighted by its I(' 0?110 certification. Speci#"ties2 $ommunications )echnology (olutions Se"ectio Proce)!re2

)he selection pattern in this is based on ? rounds. 1ritte Test2

)he written test is divided into I sections. )here are approximately 32 5uestions in total which are to be solved in G2 minutes. Sectio I is based on -erbal ability. )here are 02 5uestions to be solved in 02 minutes. Muestions are based on technical passage related to (M% and communication and synonyms. Sectio II is %ogical reasoning. )here are 42 5uestions under this for which I1 minutes are given.)he 5uestions are like $oding and 6ecoding, !rguments, (yllogism and !ssumptions. Sectio III is based on $ language. )here are 42 5uestions for I1 minutes.

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR

#averic (ystems is IndiaJs leading independent software testing company. In addition to a pan8India delivery capability, #averic has significant presence in 7;, 7( and the #iddle &ast. "eing aligned to a few select verticals ,banking / financial services, insurance, health care, )elecom.. #averic has developed proprietary domain frameworks that help in reducing design times and ensure optimal test coverage. #averic brings end8to8end software testing capabilities to client engagements, ranging from defining a test strategy, test planning, execution, defect management, closure and documentation."eing vertically aligned, #averic has developed its proprietary domain frameworks that help in reducing design times and ensure appropriate test coverage. "y bringing in a fresh rigor and perspective to testing, #averic has been successful in shifting clients from the resource augmentation model to a business partner model in testing. #averic has also evolved alternate models for onsite8offsite test outsourcing, mitigating the associated risks by using a phased approach.


In addition to a *an8India delivery capability, #averic has significant presence in 7;, 7( and the #iddle &ast. :ith a dedicated training academy, #averic has a strong focus on testing skill development for grooming testing talent for domestic and international testing pro ects. Speci#"ties2 (ystem Integration )esting, )est *ro ect #anagement, 7ser acceptance )esting, )hird *arty )esting, (ecurity / *enetration )esting, !utomated )esting, #anual )esting, Functional )esting, *erformance )esting, 6ata #igration )esting, )est 'ff shoring.

$onvergys $orporation ,NA(&E$-G., a member of the (/* 211 and the ForbesJ *latinum ?11, is the global leader in integrated billing, employee care, and customer care services provided through outsourcing or licensing. )hey serve top companies in telecommunications, Internet, cable and broadband services, technology, financial services. )hey also provide integrated, outsourced, human resource services to leading companies across a broad range of industries. )hey bring together world8class resources, software, and expertise to help create valuable relationships between clients and their customers and their employees. )his commitment is validated by the more than 0.2 million individual bills our software produces each day to support more than 041 million subscribers, and by the more than 0.G million separate customer and employee contacts they manage each day, both live and via electronic interaction. $onvergys has approximately G1,111 employees in 3F customer contact centers. $onvergys India is the Indian division of $onvergys $orporation + the global leader in sectors such as learning, development, billing, <9, and customer care. $onvergys India is head5uartered in 'hio, 7(! and has has operations in "angalore, *une, <yderabad, #umbai, Gurgaon, and )hane in India. )he company has grown to a 01,1118people team in India, which constitutes a big part of the company workforce of about 33,111 people globally. $onvergys Information #anagement ,India. *vt. %td. based at <yderabad provides I) (ervices and does *roduct 6evelopment for the global I) re5uirements of $onvergys and its clients. )he <yderabad $entre works on and provides exposure to a broad spectrum of technologies and offers opportunities in the areas of !pplications 6evelopment, "usiness (ystems !nalysis, (ystems *lanning, (ystems Integration, *ro ect #anagement, !pplication )esting, *roduct 6eployment / (upport, 6atabase !dministration ,6"!., "usiness 'perations, 'perating (ystems #anagement, *roduction (upport, $lient (upport and <elp 6esk, among others. 9evenue ,411G.E84F??.I1 # Services2 )hey serve the worldJs leading companies in many industries including $ommunicationsE Financial services )echnology $onsumer products ;ey *erson E ;e%% Fox, *resident and $&' A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 1ritte test


)otal of ? sectionsP 32 5uestions ,G2 minutes, paper mode., cutoff is I1 marks. 0. 4. I. ?. !nalytical 9easoning ,Infosys model. $ K $WW 6"#( &nglish ,comprehension, meanings, sentence correction, fill in the blank with correct word.

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR


* To!3ro I %otec&

%arsen / )oubro Infotech %td. ,%/) Infotech., one of the fastest growing I) (ervices companies, is ranked 00th by N!(($'# among the top ,India n. software and services exporters from India in 411H. ! wholly owned subsidiary of the CH.2 billion %arsen / )oubro, IndiaJs "est #anaged $ompany ,as per the survey conducted by "usiness (tandard in 4101., %/) Infotech is differentiated by its uni5ue "usiness8to8I) $onnect. %/) Infotech was one of the top ten software companies in India as of 411F. It had over 7(C H.F billion revenue in 411H801 and over ?4,111 people, based in plant and offices worldwide. %arsen / )oubro Infotech %imited has strategic alliances with web #ethods, I"#, #icrosoft, "usiness 'b ects, 'racle, $omputer !ssociates, (iebel, 'racle, (!*, *eople(oft, (!*, N6 &dwards, #atrix 'ne, (un #icrosystems, and <*. %arsen / )oubro Infotech was formerly known as % / ) Information )echnology %imited. )he company is head5uartered in #umbai, India. It has additional offices in *une, $hennai, #ysore, "angalore, and <yderabad, India. %arsen / )oubro Infotech %imited operates as a subsidiary of %arsen / )oubro, %td. %arsen / )oubro %imited operates as a technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing company worldwide. )he company operates through six divisionsE &ngineering and $onstruction *ro ects ,&/$., <eavy &ngineering ,<&6., &ngineering $onstruction and $ontracts ,&$$., &lectrical and &lectronics ,&"G., #achinery and Industrial *roducts ,#I*6., and Information )echnology and &ngineering (ervices. Founded <ead5uarter ;ey people E E E 0HHG #umbai, #aharashtra, India Mr5 A M N#i8 %/)E $hairman / #anaging 6irector %/) InfotechE $hairman

'fficial website E Services2


!pplication 6evelopment, !pplication #aintenance / (upport, !pplications 'utsourcing, )esting, "usiness !nalytics, !rchitecture $onsulting, Infrastructure #anagement (ervices, Integrated &ngineering (ervices, %egacy #odernization, (!* (ervices, 'racle (ervices, *roduct %ifecycle #anagement, (ervice 'riented !rchitecture ,('!., ;nowledge $ontinuity A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 1ritte test2

)otal H1 5uestions, H1 minutes ,:ith (ectional $utoff. :ritten test have I sections O Gro!p )isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written exam. ! group usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR Sectio Sectio Sectio AE !ptitude -E 9easoning CE &nglish

!t *ersistent, they work with their customers to help them proficiently deliver products to their end8users and ultimately, to maximize their core business. )heir outsourced software product development services allow their customers to minimize )ime8)o8#arket, perk up the 5uality of their products, trim down risk of failure during the engineering development process, improve predictability and reliability of the engineering process while helping them minimize their over8all product engineering costs. )hey have invested in structuring a gigantic team of software engineers , veterans in product development culture. )heir team of industry specialists has an understanding of the industries in which their customers operate and the competencies that they necessitate. )hey have competency centres in telecom and wireless, life sciences, analytics and data infrastructure, embedded systems domains, product engineering and #icrosoft and Nava platforms. )heir customers range from numerous global software companies to early8stage companies that are developing cutting8edge technology products. )hey have long8standing relationships with their customers, built on their successful execution of prior engagements. Founded ;ey person E +AA0 2 .r5 A # ) .es&p# )e - Founder, Chairman and Managing Director

S5 P5 .es&p# )e

- Founder and Non-Executive Director


1or8 c!"t!re2 )hey make working at *ersistent an en oyable experience by providing a correct balance between work and fun. Informal wear and vibrant weekends mixed with a sense of teamwork are inculcated from the very beginning. )heir initiatives such as skip levels, one+on8oneBs or <9 meetings with employees encourage feedback at all levels. )he feedback received is then converted into an actionable, ensuring employee satisfaction. )heir open8minded approach in all their endeavors is aimed at bringing out the best in you. )hey have a fair, transparent and a straight8forward atmosphere that decides any position solitarily on grounds of merit and not on any extraneous factors. )hey, at *ersistent, strive to provide an environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition, removing obstacles that hinder creativity. *ersistent is an energized atmosphere where they share successes while setting new standards of excellence.

A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 1ritte Test 2

:ritten )est is different for &$&K&&& and $(&KI) background. )he paper having 011 marks. CSEHIT P#tter

Tec& ic#" o3<ective2 Involving 31 5uestions to be answered in 31 min. Involves 2 aptitude 5uestions, and other 22 5uestions from all $omputer (cienceKI) sub ects like 6ata (tructures, #icroprocessor, $K$WW, Nava, 6"#(, Networking, 'perating (ystems and $ommunication (ystems. No negative marks. Tec& ic#" s!3<ective2 Involving &ssay :riting and a $ program. )his test is to be completed in I1 min. ECEHEEE P#tter

Tec& ic#" o3<ective2 Involving 31 5uestions to be answered in 31 min. Involves aptitude 5uestions and basics of c8 language . Tec& ic#" s!3<ective2 Involving &ssay :riting and )est conditions. )his test is to be completed in I1 min.

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR5


)he "osch Group is one of the worldBs biggest private industrial corporations founded more than 041 years ago. <ead5uartered in (tuttgart, Germany, the "osch Group has some 4F1,111 employees worldwide, and generated annual sales revenue of ?2.0 billion euros in 411F. )here are about I11 subsidiary and regional companies around the world. In India, "osch is a leading supplier of technology and services, and has a strong presence in the country at numerous locations in diverse industry segments. "osch set up its manufacturing operations in 0H2I, and has grown over the years to 0? manufacturing sites and I development centres. "osch employs about 0F,1I1 associates in India, and in business year 411F achieved total consolidated revenue of over 9s. 3?11 crores. In India, the "osch Group operates through the following companies

"osch %td. "osch $hassis (ystems India %td. "osch 9exroth India %td. 9obert "osch &ngineering and "usiness (olutions %td. "osch !utomotive &lectronics India *rivate %td. "osch &lectrical 6rives India *rivate %td.


E Fr# > Fe&re 3#c&

"osch was founded more than 041 years ago. "eing around for more than a century means that they are a very agile organization, yet they are old fashioned in some ways + they give their associates a stable career, a place where minds are given the opportunity to think, reflect and create. If they had to describe the work environment in ust a handful of words they would be DMualityB, DInnovationB and D$ustomer orientationB. &ach person makes his or her own contribution to follow these lodestones of their organization. Innovation is a part of their daily lives. )here are contests for submitting the most innovative award, there are patents being filed regularly, knowledge management and knowledge sharing best practices + all this contributes to the daily atmosphere at "osch in India. !ll these practices are what they offer their associates to make their own. A3o!t t&e Recr!it(e t test2 )he recruitment test consists of I rounds. 1ritte Test2

6ifferent test papers for $(&KI) people and &$&K&&& people. )otal 31 Muestions ,31 min.. 08I2 E )echnical ,core sub ects. I3821 E Muantitative 20831 E &nglish I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR


Po"#ris So%t6#re "#3 Li(ite)

Corpor#te Vie62 Mr5 Ar! ;#i , $hairman and $&' of *olaris (oftware %ab %td., is the man behind *olaris, one of the top 01 global companies in the Financial )echnology 'ptimisation space today. !run started *olaris in 0HHI with 9s. 01,111 and a dream. )oday, *olaris is a C 0F1 #illion organisation, with over 2F11 talented professionals and a leading provider of expert solutions to the "anking, Financial (ervices / Insurance industry. *olaris is debt free, cash8rich and has 44 relationship offices in 0I countries, 3 (oftware &ngineering $enters in India and "usiness $ontinuity $enters in New Nersey and (ingapore. *olarisJ domain expertise in the Financial )echnology space stems from its 0F8year old relationship with $itibank and its singular focus on the financial services industry. :ith itJs product suite I te""ect and a robust services model, *olaris has made an impact in the global arena. *olaris has an enviable list of clients who are world leaders in the "anking and Insurance -ertical. *olaris has moved from a 011 crore company to a C 011 million company and now, to a global corporation. (ome 5uick facts about *'%!9I(E

:orldJs first $##i ,$apability #aturity #odel Integrated. %evel 2 $ertified company. "(GGHH certified 9anked Hth in the list of )op Indian (oftware &xporters. (ourceE N!(($'# 41 years of experience in "anking, Financial (ervices /Insurance ,"F(I. 311I !ssociates 44 relationship offices across 0? countries *olaris has 011 + 2 + G (trategyE 011 9elationshipsP 2 $ustomer -alues $ost, Muality, 9eliability, (peed and FlexibilityP G -alue %eversE 6omain knowledge, )echnology expertise, $ustomer understanding, *rocess excellence, 9euse of code, )ools and &nergy of people5 test P#tter 2


)he *olaris test consists of 31 5uestions of 31 minutes duration. It is a multiple choice test with o negative marking. ! paper contains the 2 5uestions on verbal ability, I2 5uestions on basic aptitude and data interpretation,41 technical 5uestions in $ *rogramming, #icroprocessors, $omputer Networks, 'perating (ystems and "asic &lectronics. Gro!p .isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews. Tec& ic#" # ) HR I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR. )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. In most cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked.


Hex#6#re Tec& o"o'ies Li(ite)

Corpor#te Vie62 At!" Nis&#r0 Founder / $hairman of <exaware first founded !ptech %imited in 0HF2 which has now grown into a leading global I) )raining company spread across 24 countries. <exaware )echnologies, founded in 0HH1, has grown into a multi8million dollar global software services and solutions corporation. !tul Nishar has been associated with N!(($'# ,National !ssociation of (oftware and (ervice $ompanies, the apex body of software and service companies in India. for several years in various capacities and became its $hairman for Aear 4111. <exaware is a leading global provider of I) and "*' services. 'ver ?1 clients are Fortune 211 $ompanies. It enable clients achieve competitive advantage by co8developing innovative I) and process capabilities delivered through flexible business models. <exaware focus leadership position in providing specialized services for verticals such as "anking, Finance, Insurance, %easing, )ravel and )ransportation, and in enterprise domains such as <9, Financials, $ustomer #anagement and (upply chain. 'n the technology front <exaware specialize in "usiness Intelligence and !nalytics, &nterprise (olutions, *roduct (ervices, !pplication #odernizationK#anagement and Independent )esting. Founded in 0HH1, <exaware is a 7( C02? million company with over 2111 employees across 03 locations worldwide. $&' 1ritte E Mr5P5R C&# )r#se8#r Test:

)he <exaware test consists of 011 5uestions of 31 minutes duration. It is a multiple choice test with o negative marking. )he paper contains the 5uestions on verbal ability, 5uestions on basic aptitude and technical 5uestions on $ *rogramming, #icroprocessors, $omputer Networks, language processors, 'perating (ystems and "asic &lectronics. Gro!p .isc!ssio 2 Group 6iscussion ,G.6. is one of the common selection procedures used for evaluation and selection of candidates for ob interviews usually after the initial written examination. ! group, usually consists of F to 04 persons. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR. )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. In most cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked.

SONATA So%t6#re Li(ite)

Corpor#te vie62 L)he company with a local face and global capabilitiesL 2 3 Ramas$amy# 4resi ent 5 %"# Sonata Soft$are 6t ,


(onata (oftware is a leading provider of I) consulting and software services globally. $ombining unparalleled experience, domain expertise, best practices and comprehensive capabilities across various industries and business functions, (onata collaborates with customers to help them effectively address their operational challenges and grow their businesses stronger. <ead5uartered in "angalore, India, and with a customer base spread across the globe, you will find (onata offices in the 7(, &urope, #iddle8&ast and the !sia8*acific. :ith a broad set of capabilities and a proven Global 6elivery #odel, (onata is poised to be the perfect partner of global firms in t heir outsourcing initiatives. They bring together a unique combination of
breadth of ca abi!ities, strong management focus and f!exibi!ity in engagement required to ma"e their customer re!ationshi s a success.

(onataJs services range from I) $onsulting to *roduct &ngineering (ervices, !pplication 6evelopment, !pplication #anagement, #anaged )esting, "usiness Intelligence, Infrastructure #anagement, *ackaged !pplications and )ravel (olutions. Their roficiency and
commitment, combined #ith their artners$ strength and "no#!edge, ma"es them a trusted organi%ation to #or" #ith.

Missio *rovide Information )echnology solutions globally, enhancing competitive advantage of customers, founded on contemporary technologies, and practices, innovation, empowered people and enduring relationships. !t the heart of (onata is the promise to provide enduring value to all its key stakeholders and constituencies. "e it delivering well thought out solutions to its customers, offering business partners a continually profitable relationship, enhancing shareholder value, or sustaining a rich and rewarding environment for its employees, the fundamental driving force isD empowered people, enduring relationshipsB. 1ritte test2

(onata test consists of 21 5uestions of 04 minutes duration.. )his paper contains the basic aptitude . )he second round consists of I1 technical 5uestions on $ and $WW programming of I1 minutes duration. )he )hird round is the test in &nglish consisting of letter writing, essay writing and 5uestioner on paragraph reading and with minimal vocabulary. No negative marking. ,*referred book is Aashwant ;anitkarBs =)est your $ (kills>.. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR. )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. In most cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked. A%ter t&e Tec& ic#" i tervie6 t&ere is # ot&er Tec& ic#" 6ritte test5


-i ai &lectricals %td. manufacturing plant, the first of its kind in India, for !#6)Js is the largest, fully integrated, manufacturing facility in the world outside 7(!. :ith a (amrakshana &lectricals %td. ,(&%., sister concern of -i ai &lectricals %td. provides support to -i ai by manufacturing and supplying almost all ma or components that go into the making of )ransformers. )his helps -i ai to get an edge over competitors in terms of 5uality, price and delivery schedules, while maintaining an effective and complete control on the entire supply chain. *ioneering %eadership, 9emarkable -ision, (trong $ustomer Focus and a 9elentless $ommitment to Muality and Innovation has made -i ai &lectricals %td. one of the largest and leading manufacturers 8 exporter of *ower and 6istribution )ransformers in India. &stablished almost three decades back in 0HGI, -i ai &lectricals %td. has come a long way in the manufacture of &lectrical *ower / 6istribution )ransformers. )oday it stands as one of the most trusted and reputed brand name among all the customers. -ertical integration, the 9/6 develop new products, high 5uality material and new technology for the benefit of customers. economical cost and energy efficient transformers. Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten

)otal of 31 Muestions,31 min. 0. 01 Muestions8 !ptitude 4. 21 Muestions8 &lectrical circuits, *ower (ystems ,&lectrical #achines. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR. )he <9 interview which follows the technical interview is very general. In most cases 5uestions regarding the company are asked.

)he meteoric success of -i ay Group gave birth to -i ay &ngineering &5uipment ,-&&. to include the prestigious -olvo dealership awarded on the strength of its repertoire of credentials and performance. (ince 0HHH, -&& sold several hundred -olvo &xcavators, %oaders and Graders and hundreds of items of -olvo road machinery to legions of corporate and individual customers. -&& stocks the full range of -olvo e5uipment ad spares and supports it with efficient after8sales support including the overhaul and intermediate repair of ma or and minor assemblies. ;eeping the need for zero downtime in mind, -olvo $are ;its have been designed to enable the user to trouble shoot and replace consumables in real time.


)hese include overhaul repair kits, maintenance kits and uptime kits. -&& also offers four customizable levels of -olvo $ustomer (upport !greements classified as :hite, "lue, (ilver and Gold, for comprehensive care and support at all times. Not stopping at offering innovative service, -&& routinely organizes training camps to customers offering them product updates and know8how. $ustomers are able to access services centers throughout the state manned by trained and experienced personnel which makes -&& a runaway favorite despite some competition. !s part of its organic growth -&& conceived of a strategic business unit for rental fleet in 411F dealing with construction e5uipment of -olvo and other brand e5uipment like "atching *lants, )ransit #ixers and )ower %ights. Visio )o provide uncompromising, seamless and timely service and support to its valued customers in every geography it serves. Missio )o empower each and every employee with cutting edge skills training to enable them to offer unmatched support and real time solutions to our customers. Mr5 C5Vi<#$# S&e8#r Re))$ ,Founder,C&#ir(# * M# #'i ' .irector0 Vi<#$ Gro!pG

Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten

Muestions includeE !ptitude #athematics &nglish and )echnical, includes !utomobile &lectrical (ystems, Fluid #echanics. .

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR.

!utomotive 9obotics is serving customers in the areas of &lectronics, &mbedded Integration, *roduct 6evelopment, &ngineering 6esign and #anufacturing (ervices. )he $ompany is head5uartered in India with office globally in 7(!. )hrough the development centre in <yderabad, the company is well positioned to offer customers the established benefits of off8shore outsourcing. !utomotive 9obotics employs people with years of experience, in !utomotive &lectronics, Integration, *roduct 6evelopment, #echanical engineering design analysis, #anufacturing (ervices / simulation. !utomotive 9obotics global clients include fortune 011 companies in the !utomotive, !gricultural, <eavy &ngineering, &lectrical &5uipments and !erospace Industry.


!utomotive 9obotics is now able to offer engine testing services from !utomotive 9obotics *roving %abs ,!9*%. . Services2 A!to(otive Ro3oticsP catalog of services consists of embedded software, engineering, manufacturing support, '&# support and system integration services. :orking within industry standards and with the most exceptionally 5ualified team of employees, !utomotive 9obotics is a leading engineering services provider. Pro)!cts2 :ith the strong expertise in embedded electronics and software, !utomotive 9obotics has developed products that are aimed to meet the ever increasing demands of customers to design newer systems with latest technologies )hey also develop smarter products that aid in faster software development and testing by replacing e5uivalent products of higher cost. )his has an additional advantage of customizing to the specific pro ect needs or customer needs. Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten

)otal of 42 Muestions ,?2 minutes. !ptitude &nglish )echnical,Includes &lectrical circuits, *ower (ystems ,&lectrical #achines..

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR.

!sia #otor :orks is a company where excellence and innovation arenJt ust buzzwords, they are the core of our existence. (ince we started rolling out trucks in 4112, our ?H8 tonners have 5uickly captured the heavy haul market segment. !#: wheel rim plant +is the worldBs largest single location unit with a capacity of producing 02 million wheel rims. )he state8of the8 art plant with advance automation assures minimal lead time and a cost effectiveness churning out of world class products for the auto and white good industry. *lants proximity to the ports provides easy and faster delivery of finish goods to customers across the globe. (ince, its first production in November 411G, the division has ac5uired business from both domestic as well as international markets. ;ey *ersons 2 Mr5 A ir!)& -&!6#"8# 7 #6 / $&'


Mr5 A5 A(#s!3r#(# i#

8 *resident

Pro)!cts2 )ippers )ractors <aulage )ransit mixers $oncrete *umps Fully "uilt -ehciles

(pare parts 6ealers (uppliers

Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 'nline

)otal of F sections ,H1 Muestions, H1 minutes. (ections includeE !ptitude Numerical !bility #ental !bility General &nglish (patial !nalysis 9easoning !rithmetic )echnical8,$overs all mechanical sub ects.

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR.

4o$er %ech 4ro(ects 6t ,#


Corpor#te Vie62 *ower #ech *ro ects %imited, a flagship company in power sector and was incorporated in the year 0HHH. *ower #ech is a fully developed infrastructure company participating in IndiaBs core infrastructure and construction sectors. )he company is doing erection, testing and commissioning of )urbine *ackage, "oiler package, "alance of plants, $: piping, )GK$ritical piping. *ower #ech involves in heavy fabrication and erection of structural steel works and overhauling and maintenance of thermal power plant of coal, gas and hydro. *ower #ech *ro ects %imited is founded by Mr5 S5 Kis&ore -#3!, an experienced, resourceful young and dynamic entrepreneur having a stupendous track record in the *ower (ector. *ower #ech is a technology, engineering and construction company. It is one of the best and most respected companies in IndiaBs *ower (ector. 'ne decade of a strong, customer8focused approach and the continuous 5uest for world class 5uality have enabled it to attain and sustain leadership in turbine and boiler erection. )he companyBs business is supported by a wide marketing and distribution network, and has established a reputation for strong customer support. ! technology8 led $onstruction $ompany evident from doing more boiler erection. *ower #ech also lays strong emphasis on systems 5uality standards and streamlined operations. *ower #echBs impregnable engineering expertise, sophisticated state8 of8 the8 art e5uipment, institutionalization of robust systems and processes, scientific competitive bidding process and the commitment of each of the members has helped it to reach the next level at an unprecedented pace. !n I(' H110E411F certified companyP *ower #ech has successfully executed erection obs over I2 pro ects and overhauling works over 411 packages spread across 02 states and is rated as one of the fastest growing construction company by the customers. *ower #ech intends to diversify its business in &*$ business, overseas contract, )ransmission / 6istribution and erection contract with cost of material and e5uipments.

Visio 2 )o be recognized leading infrastructure company in power sector industry based on excellence creative ideas, innovative methods, comprehensive in execution of pro ects and commitment to the customer with total confidence. Missio 2 &. '. (. ). )o ensure 5uality workmanship to meet or exceed customer re5uirement. )imely completion of pro ects by inducting new methods in erection and innovative ideas. )o enhance organization skill and growth by adopting new techni5ues. $apability of human resources by upgrading skill and competence.

;ey *erson2 Sri S5 Kis&ore -#3! ,$hairman / #anaging 6irector.


*ower *lant &rection (ervices , &)$ . for (team Generators ,"oiler.


)urbine Generators , )G . *iping "alance of *lants , "'* . Fabrication and &rection of (tructures 9enewable &nergy 8 <ydro, :ind and (olar Nuclear &nergy Gas )urbine $aptive *ower *lants 'ther *ro ects like Irrigation, (teel, $ement and *etro8$hemical *ro ects.

Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten

)otal of 42 Muestions,I1 min. Muestions includeE General !wareness, %ike $urrent !ffairs. !ptitude )echnical

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR.

Corpor#te Vie62 !xis I)/) %imited is a pure play &ngineering 6esign (ervices ,=&6(>. $ompany that delivers design based solutions to global engineering ma ors. !xis I)/) %imited is organized into two divisions + &6( and (oftware 6evelopment (ervices, with development centers in North !merica, &urope and !sia. )he companyBs clients include several Fortune 21 companies in the !erospace, !viation, !utomotive, #anufacturing, #ilitary, (emiconductor and #edical industries. !xis I)/) &6( unit offers such services as product design, design support and design validation. )he (oftware 6evelopment (ervices comprise of providing interactive voice response applications. !xis I)/) %imited provides its clients with cost8efficient, cutting8 edge solutions and 5uality without compromise. !ll the engineering centers of !xis8I)/) %imited in India are I(' H110E411F certified. Visio 2


!xisJ global presence and comprehensive &ngineering (ervices with a strong force of more than 0111 engineers enables it to meet or exceed customer expectations. Missio 2 &fficient, responsive cost8effective services that are innovative and tailored to clientsB re5uirements 8 'n8site and offshore teams that are highly experienced and skilled + ! global presence that facilitates 5uick solutions, and their rapid application, for clients worldwide + *rompt, pertinent and proactive service. ;ey *erson E S5 R#vi #r#$# # Services2 !xis provides premium engineering and product development solutions to our clients in the #anufacturing, Industrial, !utomotive, !erospace and 6efense sectors. AxisJ high85uality, cost8effective and business8focused approach to engineering services has helped our clients reap significant year8on8year benefits. Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten 8 $hairman / $&'

)otal of 31 Muestions,H1 min. )echnical ,?1 M.8&ngineering 6rawing, )hermo 6ynamics, Fluid #echanics !ptittude and &nglish,41 M.

I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR

Corpor#te Vie62 Inizer )echnologies *rivate %imited, is a (oftware (olutions $ompany with focus on providing high 5uality and highly affordable software solutions for different verticals of the (#& segment. )he company is owned and managed by a team of skilled I) experts and delivers cost effective / innovative web solutions like custom website design, web development, ecommerce solutions, and multimedia application / (&' services. Inizer provides full services in web designing, web hosting and website maintenance to all kinds of business houses, individuals, firms and corporate alike Missio 2 &nable individuals to attain self sufficiency in technical knowledge by imparting and providing opportunities for growing. *romote the utilization of open source solutions for economic community driven development Visio 2 &stablish the benefit of technological solution in a better living. &nhance technical awareness to enable people from remote areas to participate in the world development.


Services2 Inizer )echnologies *vt. %td. is a (oftware (olutions $ompany offering (oftware 6evelopment (ervices to clients from world8wide locations like from 7.(., 7.;., 6ubai, France, !ustralia and India with focus on providing high 5uality and highly affordable innovative solutions. 'ur offshore software outsourcing services and solutions are designed with a focus on secure, scalable, expandable and reliable business systems. $ompany offers you hassle8 free web development services for your product and website. $ompany delivers extremely productive, reliable and scalable web applications.

Corpor#te Vie62 #old8)ek is an I(' H110E411F certified, 7(6 ?1 million group %isted on "ombay (tock &xchange , India. !s a leading engineering services provider we serve our customers in 7(, &urope, 7!&, !ustralia, $anada and India. :e outperform in delivering #echanical *roduct &ngineering + $ivil and (tructural 6esign and 6etailing services toE $ivil / (tructural, 'il / gas, *etrochemicals, Industrial, *recast, !erospace and automotive etc (tarted in 0HF3 by two &ntrepreneurs 8 Mr5 ;5 L#x(# R#o, a Gold #edallist $ivil &ngineer and #"! and Mr5 A5 S!3r#(# $#(, a graduate #echanical &ngineer + #old8 )ek has a team of well8experienced and professionally 5ualified senior management with proven track record. )he &ducation, &xperience, &nergy and &nthusiasm of these Founder 6irectors and their zeal to &xperiment and &mulate best practices and systems have made #old8)ek to surge ahead of its competitors. #old8)ek )echnologies %td. , &ngineering :ing of #old8)ek Group, has been growing rapidly in the last few years. $urrently the (killed resources of 6esigning and 6etailing &ngineers provide various &ngineering (ervices to their 7( and $anadian $lients. #old8)ek is the L'N%A %I()&6L company active in &ngineering ;*' (ervices in IN6I!. Pro)!ct .eve"op(e t2 #old8)ek can help develop concepts to winning products by collaborating on the design re5uirements of the customer. #old8)ek can accelerate the design process on new product development and cut down the time to market with a range of inventive and innovative services and solutions. Speci#"ties2 #echanical, $ivil and (tructural 6esign and 6etailing. Recr!it(e t P#tter 2 Test P#tter 2 :ritten

)otal of 0H Muestions,F1 min.


? Muestions8 )rigonometry , &ach Muestion carries 2 marks. 02 Muestions8!ptitude mostly Geometry , &ach Muestion carries 4 marks. I tervie62 )he interview consists of two stagesE Tec& ic#" # ) HR.

1is& $o! 'oo) "!c8 i

#"" $o!r e )e#vors