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Anil Ambani

We will think bigger. We will think faster. But most important of all, we will think better-- to stay ahead of competition and of our times.

Considered as biggest looser of India, Mr. Anil Ambani failed to make it as big as his brother Mr. Mukesh Ambani. We identified following dark side of his leadership. (a). He is bit emotional in his de isions. !i"ersif#ing his businesses in the area where his personal interests are there signifies this fa t. (b). Continuing restru ture of organi$ations whi h he owned, signifies that he is "er# mu h unsure of his ideas and like to implement it without thinking rationall#.( restru turing of % Com, three times in last se"en #ears). ( ). With his name oming up in re ent &' s andal and a ounting fraud in relian e power. It shows that he is bit unethi al.

In totalit# we an sa# that, learl# he la ks in his "ision. He e(pe ts his subordinate to following the dire tion he will tell. He in"ol"es his personal life with his professional life. He is ethno entri and fails to reali$e ethno entrism of others.

&. )ubhas Chandra *ose

You give me blood, and promise you freedom.

%egarded as born leader and also known as +,eta-i., )ubhas Chandra *ose do ha"e some negati"e aspe ts in onte(t to leadership. (a). He was high on emotion and fre/uentl# he use to show ase his anger. His leadership st#le was di tatorial at times. (b) . He was ethno entri and ne"er tried to understand prin iples of others (like that of Mahatma 'andhi). ( ) . He ould ha"e led the ongress to the path of free India, but his disbelief in the s#stem made him to form new part#. He failed to establish onne t with ongress members.

In totalit# )ubhas Chandra *ose was ethno entri , ego entri and emotional.