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Septemb er 21, 1990

I'd like to thank the New'
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In this issue:
Travel around th
5 e World h' .
ee yourselves in lie In school.
Disappearin print, Frosh!!
New Kids c
Engineers .
....... and Much ontest!!!!!!!!!!
, Much More"'"'' .......
: c/o NKOTB Fan
, Box 7001 Club
Quincy I MA 02269
Roc!riguez! Her e Ana
Knight on "An 1 orcian
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romantIC son I' IS e
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became famous 0 er people. If you
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fhance! '
Page 2
What are you people ... on
It is the fresh fall of a new decade.
Once again. happy gurgling frosh flood
the halls of engineering. Older, more
sinister, former frosh return and
begin a four month creep. bob. skip
about the corridors. The Iron Warrior
welcomes you all. Peace. Hopefully
scads of you will slide on down to the
rw and gJve us a hand. We always need
people to help out on layout nights (no
experience necessary). and betler yet to
write things for the paper. Write about
whatever turns yer crank, gets your
goat, or makes you Jive. Music, math,
people, engineering, cats, books,
thermodynamics. glasnost. bad
movies, the history of chocolate.
anything. Even If you don't help out,
you're still welcome to schmooze about
and Indulge In, fine well -spoken
conversation with IW folic
ThIs issue of the IW tells a bit about
frosh week, and discusses some of the
stuff that is happening in engineering.
The next few issues will hopefully
cover a wider range of issues.
There are a lot of things going on In
the world. in Canada, In Waterloo. and
In engineering that piss me off.
Hopefully, future Issues of the Iron
Warrior wlll cover some of these
Waterloo: What kind of bogus move
Is the removal of the alt. newsgroups
from usenet!? Apparently the
newsgroups were removed following a
complaint about obscene material,
however the administration claimed
that the discussion groups were
removed from U of W computers for
economic reasons.
Iraq: What the hell Is going on with
Iraq? Why are Canadian troops there?
There Is a big fuss being made over
Iraq's invasion of Kuwait - Iraq Is a
new Nazi Germany. etc. The USA is
leading the condemnation of Iraq ..
This position is Interesting, because
Just a few months ago America
invaded Panama for Similar reasons.
When the US Invaded however there
..yas an orgy of - Yee-Haww America is
Naked Ladies and You
Censorship. A word that strikes a
garantuan cord of resentmcnt in the
heart of every Enlightcned
Individual. The last issue of Imprint
contained a rather risque article
dealing with this controversial
subject. They attempted to approach
the topic from a new direction and
for this I applaud them.
Parts of their commentary even had
some validity. (Read interesting.
The views of the head libraian, for
However, it was disappointing
that from such valiant beginnings
begged forth such poor stuff. If the
probe had been deeper, the search
more extensive, the commentary more
insightful, then perhaps the fact of
the photographs and i\Iustrations
The Iroq Wmior is a forum for
thought-provoking and infonnative anicJea
presented by the academic community of
the University of Waterloo. View.
expressed in the IroB Warrior. other than
the editorials. are those of the authors and
do not neceuarily reflect the opinions of
the editors or the Society.
The Iron Waaior eBeourasel
submiuionJ from ltudents. faculty ancl
other of the university
c:ommrmity. should reflect the
concemJ -of Ihe
s shure
showed demm coke-snortin', ugly-
lookln', foreign fellas - Bush wasn't
really pals with NOriega - There was
no CIA drug running through Panama.
No one mentions the Innocent
Panamanian civilians who lost their
lives or homes.
Canada: What a summer - what a
bummer. Meech Lake was a
manufactured criSiS which managed
to seriously damage Canadian unity
due to Its Incredible mismanagement
by the Canadian government. It
presented a showcase for the
government's severely impaired
negotiating skills. Unfortunately for
Canada. our government's
Incompetent face, was thrust Into the
global media spotlight as the
barricades went up at aka. plungJng
Canada's weakened post-Meech
natlonallmage down into the sewer.
In my opinion, aka was the event of
the summer and Is continuing to be the
event of the fall. The citizens of the
First Nations have become politiCized.
The situation In aka was and
continues to be Incredibly bad. It
makes me want to vomit. The
political leadership in Canada has
lost all credibility. The leaders of
every national party have hid all
summer, not venturing opinions.
Justifications, or condemnation as the
governments of Canada and Quebec
continually threw matches at the
Mohawk powderkeg. The only
politiCian to go near aka was Elijah
Harper. He Is one righteous guy, who
,eserves respect.
would not have caused the stir
righteous anger that it did.
As the situation stands, I have heard
rumours of Senate meetings and other
ominous rumblings in the ranks of the
rulers-up-on-high. Whether Imprint
will actually receive any kind of a
reprimand, or something more serious,
remains to be seen. Any attempt to
out-right forbid Imprint from printing
similar material in the future
should be avoided,though, as I
consider the university to be an
institute of free thought and bonds of
this kind cannot be tolerated.
On a different note: The Iron
Warrior is looking for a new
masthead for use on the cover of the
paper. To this end, we arc announcing
a design contest. The winning design
will replace the current bridge
graphic that has been in use since
AU submissions. unless otherwise
stated. become the property of the 1mD
Wvrior. which reserves the right to refuse
publication of material which it deems
unsuitable. The Irgn Wmjor also reserve:rs
the riabl to edit grammar, spelling and
portions of text that do not meet university
standards. Authors wiD be notifaed of any
major chan&es that may be required.
All submissions and advertising
enquiries should be fctwarded lID:
The entire situation is insane. An
Idiot of a mayor wanted to expand a
bloody stupid golf course onto lands
that Indians claim was stolen from
them. They have been promised land
claim negotiations for years. but
haven't received a thing. The
Mohawks refuse to relinquish the
land. he tries to force them off the
land, and a police officer is killed. The
government keeps qUiet. They do not
negotiate. rather they escalate.
playing war-games, trying get the
Mohawks to back down. The
government turns the army against its
own clUzens. Meanwhile, annoyed
that the Indians are not quietly
staying on the reservation the
surrounding Quebecois turn ugly.
Indians frustrated after three hundred
years of genOCide, racism,
paternalism, and theft block roads.
The QuebeCOiS angered by longer than
usual drives attack women and
children leaving the reservation for
safety. With sticks and stones, words
and hate they disgrace Canada. The
police, perhaps lookIng for vengeance,
stand by watching. not attempting to
halt the attacks.
The whole disgusting spectacle could
be expected In South Africa or the
southern USA. but not in Canada. The
absolute incompetence of the
government's treatment of the aka
affair Is beyond belief. Canada has a
legacy of shame resulting from Its
treatment of the First Nations. The
rellglons. customs. languages of the
First Nations across Canada have
been all but destroyed. Canada owes
the First Nations an Immense debt.
However, Canada has spat In the face
of all Indians. Things must change.
If these things piss you off, or you
Just want to Inflict yourself on
everybody. write up a little bit.
We're gonna be busier than a cat
covering crap on a concrete floor. so
come Join the fun In IW land, and
remember what Chuck D. sez: Fight
the Power!
Gary Peterson
1984. (Look amoungst the New Kids
on this issue's cover.)
The design must include the current
text. Deadline for the contest will be
Oct. 7. Please summit to the IW box
in the Orifice.
Alice Zee
September 21, 1990
Gary JBJ Peterson
Alice PA Zee
Cat Sullivan
Layout God
Matt Manuel
Colleen Winter
Dave Clausi
Ajay Jindal
Cliff Knox
Katherine Koszarny
Andrea Lawrence
Gigi Mazilu
Elaine Miller
Todd Ruthman
Mark Chahl
Teresa Fung
Ron Lilycropp
T. Matheo Powell
Mathias Wandel
Marko A. Oinonen
AL. BeautyMark
Mr. Bill
Red Helen
September 21, 1990
Iron Warrior
Prez Spews
Andrew Conway,
President/Engineering Society
Hello Everyone! I hope you all had as
good a summer as I did! I would like to
welcome again all the first year students,
and a welcome back to all the Vets. This
is my first term as prez and consequently
my first prez spew. I would like to make
sure everyone knows that they are
welcome to chew my ear off at any time
about any ideas or criticisms (except when
I'm having a beer in POETS). In fact, all
the exec and directors of EngSoc are here
waiting to serve you.
This year's frash week has created the
craziest batch of frash ever ! All of us
upper year classes are going to have to
watch these frosh carefully during this
terms P**5 race as they are PUMPED.
My thanks to everyone who gave of
themselves into the orientation and special
thanks to Mike Scott and 'Super' Dave
Clausi for pULLing it all together.
The results are in: The Waterloo
Engineering Endowment Foundation
(WEEF) currently sits around $200,000 !
So far this is all student money but the
Alumni money is starting to roll in, and
we are well on track towards our goal of
six million dollars in ten years.
Many people may be wondering what
happens now, and when we'll begin to see
the benefits. The plan is to allocate the
first funding grant as early as this
November. This means that EngSoc will
be gathering together student
representatives to form the Funding
Council to decide where th e fund are to
be directed. (You donated the money so
you get to decide where it is spent.) Get
involved, make your voice heard, and run
for class endowment rep. !
A you know, this endowment fund has
been established by tudents, to be
controlled by students, and to be u ed to
improve undergraduate engineering
education at the University of Waterloo.
As thi fund is still in it's infancy, there
remains many issues to be addressed. Your
EngSoc is currently drafting a constitution
to clearly 'establish an autonomous
foundation responsible to the'
undergraduate student body in order to
administer and allocate these funds. In the
interim, a resolution to the University
Board of Governors has been accepted ( and
is available for inspection in the Orifice)
which reaffirms the scope and purpose of
this fund and defines interim spending
In the next three months many decisions
will be made concerning the ultimate fonn
this multi-million dollar fund will
assume. These decisions concern you,
your money, your education, and the
future value of your degree. Informal
committee meetings will be held weekly
this term as we work out the details of the
constitution. Your input into this process
is just as essential as your donations. Plan
to attend the introductory meeting on
Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 4:30 in Orifice or
contact Denise (the Endowment Director)
in the Orifice.
You have taken the first and hardest step
towards ensuring the continuing quality
and value of a University of Waterloo
Engineering Degree.
Congratulations! !
Page 3
N Eng
Cliff Knox,
EE 91.3 FM
Are you not really here? If you are laking
one or more courses toward an engineering
degree, but for one reason or another , not on
. stream with your class (or any class), then
NN Eng wants you!
As a member of NN Eng, you will have
the right to disrupt EngSoc council meetings
with irreverent off-colour commentary. You
will be able to compete in all regular
EngSoc events and earn valuable puS
points (much more prestigious than Club
Z). You'll be able to loosely associate with
the most happening non-class in
Sounds like fun? You bel! Now you're
probably asking, "How can I join the
remarkable, all-new NN Eng?" It is
surprisingly simple. Just run down to your
nearest EngSoc Office, and add your nasty
particulars to our handy-dandy sign-up sheet
board. Do it today!
As an added bonus to those NN Enger's
who'll be completing their degree in the
Spring 91 Term, a special Class of 91.3
Yearbook is being planned. Contact your
nearest NN rep for detail!
Create your own future
At IBM, you'll be encouraged to pursue your goals, to break new ground and truly
create your own future.
Here's what some recent graduates have been doing.
"I worked on Cl team developing a
communications software packClge to
ililow different milchines on the plant
floor to cOllllllunicate with each other.
During the development, r travell ed
to an I3M location in Raleigh, North
Carolina to learn about a new
product that works with our package.
At IUM, T hilve the opportunity to
take on responsibility and leilrn a
lot. '"
Jrtlia"a HSII
Ulliversityof Waterloo
"Students may feilr that they have to
start their careers doing 'drudge
work.' My first job at /13M was not
like that. Soon ilfter [ started, I was
given total responSibility for
coordinating the installation of il
marketing support database in New
Zealand, Australia ilnd Korea. I was
the leader and made all the decisions
myself. It was very exciti ng!'"
Drew SlIelgrove
University of Westerll Ontario
At IBM, the future is yours.
----- -
- ----
- --- ---
... -- ---
_____ 1_
"I'm a Iiai on betw 'Ctl the
marketing rep and th P 'opl who
do order pro C sing. 1 havc lots of
responsibility on my desk
ensuring customer satisfaction. r
also have the freedom to usc my
initiative and make decisions on Illy
own- especially if it's in the
customer's best interest."
A"drea ArllOit
Wilfred taurier University
IBM Canada Ltd .... Committed to employment equity.
Page 4
Iron Warrior
September 21, 1990
An Endangered Species
Katherine Koszarny
Vice-President, EngSoc B
Traditionally, engineering issues do
not make the news. Every day, we hear
about politicians, important public
officials and backbenchers alike. Business
sections, magazines and best-selling books
highlight various entrepreneurs and
executives, along with their achievemenLS
and ideas. ParenLS encourage their children
to be lawyers, doctors, dentists, and
accountanLS. Engineering isn't regarded in
the same manner. Newspapers, until
recently, only made mention of
engineering using the catch-all phrase
'technOlogy'. Most of the time, that word
is used in the context of how great the
technology was that provided us with the
SkyDome, or the CN Tower, but not
referring to those who actually design
those marvels: engineers using current
Engineers are the people who create -
the CANDU reactors, the Canadarm, the
CP Railway, the snowmobile, the
telecommunications networks, the
satellites, the airplanes, the bridges we
drive over, the cars we drive over the
bridges with, the cellular phones, radios,
speakers, and amplifiers that we use in the
cars that we dri ve over the bridges
wi th . .. do you get the picture? It is
nothing much - we only create the
foundation that OUf entire society is based
HP ..J:8SX Scientific
Com. try it today.
r".4n'1 HEWLETT
HP EquationWriter application:
enter equations like they appear on
Graphics and calculus functions
combined like never before.
Symbolic math functions to fit
your needs.
Eao;y automatic unit management
1Wo-way infrared VO for easy
data tranSfer.
Expansion options with plug-in
cards and PC linkage capability.
upon. This being the case, when was the
last time that you picked up a book on the
best-seller list highlighting great Canadian
engineering achievements? An
autobiography of some of the greatest
engineers in Canada? Okay, I know this
is stooping low, but I am grasping at
anything right now - when was the last
time you flicked on the television LO
watch a program based on an engineering ,
practice? How many television characters
portray engineering professionals? L.A.
Law, The Cosby Show, S1. Elsewhere,
Marcus Welby M.D. , even Doogie
Howser M.D.; all glorify the legal and
medical professions. But then again, all
we do is design the backbone: the
networks, the roadways, the consumer
goods, the production lines to build
them .. .Is this recognized? Docs anybody
give any thought to these achievements?
And then, on December 6, 1989,
something horrible happens to twelve
engineering students, and suddenly the
world stands up and takes notice. The
engineering profession suddenly vaults to
Page One.
My thoughLS are influenced primarily
by Claudelle Mackay-Lassonde, P.Eng.,
who was the first female president of the
APEO. She believes something positive
must come from the tragedy that occurred
at the Ecok Poly technique; that those
fourteen young women should not have
died in vain. If engineering has the floor,
if it's at the top of the public agenda, let's
HP 285
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a -b -c as uS
1- 2 =3. .
Come try it tod3Y
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HP Solve feature to customize
without programming.
Symbolic math functions for
algebra and calculus.
Easy matri.x and vector math.
Enhanced RPN with albegraic
Near Olde Engllsh Parlour
886 - 7453
ALL 100 IN "tEARS PA'S"1. 1He t'lEM(?ER5 OF 1H" E"rJ(jIlJEERING-
50Clff'1 E)(EC.U1/vc HAIle- SPErJ"f -THEIR 1RMS IN OFFIC.c AS
OUR PRf5E,.)1"' INCUM6EN1'S ARe rldft'MINEV 70
N1CJRE'5<S PRo8LM AtJY' r'14 KE rr K'rJovJtJ 1HA'f THE L( 4RE,
;fHL( HAVE" COt-1MISSIO,JEI7 1.1N'. 's Res WElllt CA lORIs-(
FVI-I-'1 ANC' ItJlI t1A1h '1.
HI<E"".1fiEN, IS L10IJR Jr/ENlIFICAlIO,J 6111C' 70 ...


use this to improve things in the name of
those fourteen women, their families, and
all others affected. She believes that this
is an opportunity to address some issues
that concern the engineering profession,
and that impact society as a whole.
... the engineering profession
suddenly vaults to page one ...
-rkEA 5U R. E:Fl..
" CrRI!=F"
AMAIi!.<; I
- ---
"10M !305LE'1"

engineering is dropping, both in absolute
numbers and in the proportion of all post-
secondary students. A second factor is that
immigration has been low for many years,
and it is not likely to increase
significantly in the future. Finally, the
demand side continues to grow and grow
relatively rapidly as more and more
angineers are needed to deal with
infrastructure renewal, environmental
problems, econ omi c growth and
advancements in high technology ... " John
R. McDougall , P. Eng., President , Dalcor
---------------- lnnoventures LId
'h En ineering hortage
An issue that is currently chall enging
the engineering profession is related to
national competitiveness and the simple
fact that we are not graduating enough
I started asking around, doing a little
bit of research, and digging up some facLS.
The Canadian Engineering Manpower
Board (CEMB), under the auspices of the
Canadian Council of Professional
Engi neers, publi shes the quarterly
Indicator. The CEMB provides a forum in
which members' discuss trends affecting
the utilization of engineering manpower in
all economic sectors, and also assists
agencies in collecting data for specialized
I was amazed. Out of six articles,
including the Chairperson's Message, four
mentioned the dilemma facing Canadian
industry relating LO the predicted upcoming
shortage of engineers. The chairperson,
Claudette Mackay-Lassonde, referred to an
Outlook Study, conducted by the CEMB,
which projected a shortage of engineers in
the 1990's that could occur as early as
In another article which examined the
need for a detailed model to predict the
engineering labour market, I discovered the
following message:
.. .. .it is when we look at the growth
of supply that concerns develop ... We have
a significant gap developing and it appears
that it will develop unless .enrollments
increase or we can rely on immigration.
Demand is going to exceed supply and it
appears the only question is whether it is
next year or two or three years later. What
this analysis [the study] shows is that we
arc going to have supply problems. That
bodes well in tenns of career opportunities
for those within the profession, but is
likely to lead to real problems for those of
us in management who are trying to meet
the needs. Why is the problem
developing? The primary reason is that
the number of students choosing to take
ct's take a look at some facts. There
are currently 135 000 engineers in Canada .
This is not a very large number,
considering that it's just over double the
population of Waterloo (not KW) alone.
For every working engineer per capita
in Canada, Japan has four, and the United
States has two. When we compare real
numbers, the differences arc
overwhelming, since Japan has ten times
our population.
... for every working engineer
per capita in Canada, Japan has
four ...
But take heart: we have more lawyers
in Metro Toronto than in all of Japan.
It is not surprising that government
officials and Canadian businesses
(especially the manufacturing and R&D
sectors) are concerned. It is not surprising
that David Peterson, in a speech just
given at the University of Western
Ontario, encouraged students to go into
fields such as engineering and science as
opposed to law and other professions.
In the past, immigration has been
used to compensate for deficiencies in
domestic supply. Employers who look to
immigration as a source of engineers may
encounter strong competition from other
employers as other industrialized nations
(Japan, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S., LO
name a few) have begun to acknowledge
and act on the reality of their own
shortages of engineers. These countries
are predicting shortages so severe that our
LOtal engineering population would be Like
a drop in the bucket.
Let's see now: we have a low number
of engineers to start with, and
immigration may no longer be a viable
source of engineers, so the obvious
solution is LO graduate more domestic
continued on Page 5
Septemb er 21, 1990 Iron Warrior
Page 5
engineers. But it is not as easy as that.
The latest data shows that full-Lime
enrollment in Canadian engineering
has been declining since 1986,
while total enrollment in Canadian
universities is reaching a new peak every
year. In addition, many engineering
move on to non-engineering
In the August 1989 WEAL
(Wat.erloo Engineering Alumni Letter), ex-
dean of engineering, Bill Lennox wrote:
"As I write this, we are in the middle of
admission procedures for the fall term.
Overall to engineering
10 OntaTiO are still declining.
ThiS wIll be the fourth in a row. I know
this is true for the United States also and
it is not relat.ed to an overall decline in the
applicant pool, but a choice by applicants
to apply to other programs. Arts
appl ications are up by 15 percent."
. The fulure is looking prelty bleak
Tight now.
An adequate supply of
engineering talent is crucial
for Canada's future.
My first reaction was that if there is a
shortage, it is a good thing that I'll be
graduating in the next couple of years.
However, an adequate supply of
engineering talent is crucial for Canada's
fut ure. A small group of us alone cannot
provide all of the diverse ski ll s that will
be needed in the future. The global
competition is stiff, and Canadian success
will rely heavily on our engineering
capabilities. Time is of the essence,
especially when industries are competing
in an arena of wift technological change
and innovation. The long-term effects as a
result of diminishing national
competitiveness are frightening.
What can we do as students?
The obvious thing to do i to increase
awareness, and the knowledge of
engineering as a profession. We must let
young students know that it is an option
well worth considering. How can we do
this? The answer is imple.
Let's get involved directly in the
educational process ourselves.
As Andrew H. Wilson advise in the
February 1990 Indicator, " ... engineers
must playa larger part in telling their own
story to the general public, and especially,
to young people and political, bureaucratic
and business decision-makers."
University of Waterloo engineering
are renowned for initiating
actIons to address various issues. In 1989,
the graduating class initiated the
"Plummer's Pledge Campaign 1989" and
pledged $94 800 in support for teaching
equipment. Two fourth-year students,
John Vellinga and Avi Belinsky,
established the Voluntary Student
Contribution, the keystone of the
Engineering Endowment Fund, in order to
assist the facuIty in maintaining
excellence. In this way, we,the students,
are tackling the underfunding crisis. Let
us take the initiative and address another
crisis affecting engineering: the imminent
shortage of engineers and the public
perception of the profession.
In the March 16, 1990 issue of the
Iron Warrior, Dean Burns revealed his
views on the subject in an interview:
"It's not just a qucstion of attracting
more women into engineering, it's a
question of getting far more high school
students into science and
engineering ... You have to get to them
when they are in grade 7 and 8 ... Perhaps
the me age that I am giving you as
students i that when you get out there
with a job, we'll expect you to come back
and find the next stud nts. We'd like some
money from you, but even more we'd like
time ... ".
We should become more involved in
the myth-bu ting proce s, in the
educational proces that has to take place
to attack all issues: our image, (he
predicted hortages, and ignorance about
the profession. It is our respon ibility to
talk and act like the image that we are
trying to portray and educate people about.
I'm not saying that we alone will solve all
of the above concerns, but if one more
person is educated, we have achieved
We have a tremendous potcntial. We
have students out on work terms when
kids are attending elementary and high
school. We al 0 work in a wide variety of
regions, all over Canada. Students of
all ages look up to people that they can
relate to, that is, peopJe th3t are closer to
them in age. Why shouk! we not take this
opportunity to aCl as role and get
people aware and excited :.tbout the
profes ion that we are entering. Why
should we not show them the pride that
we have in what has been achieved in the
past and in engineering as a whole?
What I am proposing is setting up a
program where engineering students on
their workterms speak to elementary
and/or high school students about what
engineering is all about, what being an
engineering student involves, and how
rewarding the profession can be. The
equation is very simple. A couple of
hours during the next work term times x
number of people equals an enhanced
awareness and interest, and an improved
image and decreased level of ignorance.
This is an idea in its infancy. The
logistics and details still have to be
worked out. If you're interested in
VOlunteering or helping with the co-
ordination and implementation, I urge you
to contact Andrew Conway, President of
the Engineering Society A.
(reprinted with permission from
the B stream, IW issue July 6,
Sept. 24-26 10am to' 4pm
LEATHER $315.00 MELTON & LEATHER $195.00
$100 plus tax DEPOSIT REQUIRED
ROOM 110 - C.C.
Page 6
Iron Warrior
buds on your tongue, just like dx added
up over an AB interval makes up the
entire Area; IT'S GONNA WORK!!
Septemb er 21, 1990
Please deposit in a separate
container from the coloured glass.
Do the Right Thing
And if it fails, and you die of a
miserable cause anyway, at least you
know you'll be nominated to be sent to
HEAVEN, since you've been such an
ANGEL here on Earth.SO, to get
started and to make your recycling
efforts worthwhile please deposit
accepted recyclables accordingly. The
If it is clean on one side, either
reuse it yourself or deposit it in one of
the white plastic recycling containers
in the orifice or any of the Watstar
Gigi Mazilu
Recycling Director
So you have doubts about recycling,
eh ?
In the last few years, more than
ever before, the media has been talking
about the crisis and dangers which our
Earth's environment is facing. The
causes: Global warming, air and water
poll u tion, vanishing forests,
overloaded landfills, etc. These
problems have not just materialized all
at once, but have been caused by each
and everyone of us through our self-
indulgence in our ultimate convenience
and comfort lifestyles.
We've got a big problem! We must
consider finding a solution before time
runs out. Our kids could grow-up not
From an individual's point of view,
is it worth trying to make a change,
when a nuclear war could, within
seconds, destroy everyth;ng that we've
worked so hard for? All that wasted , ..
Well, 1 think that just by being a <v
student, having decided to spend soooo REC"lC"
much time studying, prepari ng for your
future, makes you fairly pessimistic recycla6les should be deposited in
regarding the possibility of a global SEPARATE containers in the CPH
nuclear war. Foyer according to the following
1 can't promise that by categories:
RECYCLING we will get rid of our
environmental problems over night, but
... possibility of a global nuclear
war ...
Deposit in the specially designated
container in the orifite.
Deposit in small amounts in the
containers in the CPH Foyer. Please tie
up large quantities newspaper in
bundles and deposit them in the CPH
Please unfold the boxes and deposit
them in the CPH Foyer across from the
ever having seen real trees, not ever -----------------
it is a great start and an appreciated,
rewarding and noticeable contribution.
To distinguish between aluminium
and steel cans, aluminium cans have
shinier bottoms, are lighter and are not
attracted to magnets. i.e. cans: The
Natural Fruit Juices sold in the C & 0,
Sprite, Canada Dry & V8. Also some
Coke and Diet Coke cans but not all.
Anyone interested in joining the
Engineering Recycling Committee or
WATROC (Waterloo Recycling On
Campus), or if you have questions and
new ideas for our Waste Management
Program, please contact Gigi Mazilu
drop us a line in our mail box in the
Student Engineering Society Office.
having swam in real rivers because all
water would be too polluted for
swimming. At the same time, we
would generate so much garbage that
we would have buried ourselves in it.
Worse yet, we would have destroyed
all the oxygen-generating vegetation
and have caused such a big hole in the
ozone layer that we would run out of
oxygen and get fried at the same time.
But then again we cpuld all get
nuked at the single touch of a button!
Cliff Knox,
Professional Societies
To all the frosh who started here this
week, I would like to welcome you to the
University of Waterloo, and more
specifically, I would like to welcome you
to your first exposure to the engineering
profession. Ours is among the oldest and
noblest professions in the world, despite
its being formalized relatively recently. In
almost every aspect of our day to day
living, the comforts and conveniences we
enjoy, are the result of some application
of technology or engineering. As future
engineers we will be called on to build
upon existing knowledge to develop new
technologies, and our training here is
intended to prepare us for the challenges
we will face later in our respective careers.
At some point during the four and two
thirds years of your program you're bound
to ask the question, "Just what is
'Engineering', anyway?" There are, of
course, a number of stock answers that are
given out by high school guidance
counsellors, but in general. this question
is never adequately answered. Part of the
problem is that the engineering profession
is so diverse. Engineering can involve
design, research and development, plant
operations, project management,
conSUlting, and many other areas. A
practising engineer may be involved in a
specific job function or he or she may
have a broad range of responsibilities. The
other part of the problem is that engineers
have been placed in the position of
STEEL AND TIN I hate to sound like a commercial,
bu t Stop making excuses and JUST 00
If each one of us helps out, trying to
make the world a better place, it will
work! It might sound discouraging
considering you're only 0.0000000002%
of the entire world population, but it
will work; just like the trusses in a
bridge or La Tour Eiffel, just like the
millions and millions of alcohol
molecules working together to taste
sati sfying when it touches your taste
Steel and Tin cans have a duller
bottom than AI, are heavier and
attracted to magnets. For your
convenience, there is a magnet on top of
the "Steel and Tin" bin. i.e. cans: PepSi,
Dr. Pepper and some of the Coke and
Diet Coke cans.
Happy Recycling,

Grecn, brown and blue bottles can be
stored in the same box located by the
white board in the CPH Foyer.
Gigi Mazilu
Recycling Queen
lUJ [Jl)
[JlJ 0 [Jl) @) ITffiJ
custodians of technology. The bulk of
society depends on our relatively small
group to introduce appropriate
technologies in a way that is both
responsible and 'easy to swallow.' As
technology changes to meet the needs of
our society, the engineering profession
must also adapt its role accordingly.
The next most obvious question you
will probably be asking yourself is "Why
am I in Engineering?" Again, there are a
number of answers. Perhaps you did well
in Math and Science when you were in
See what
has 10 say about
PacHlc Enure.s
Enuresis! . '!i
., ... ,II
.. ---_ ........ ---........._--_ ............... _ ..... --_ .... _---_ .._ ....... _._ ..._--_.
Please send me your free booklet,
"Bedwetting - What It's All About
and How To End It"
,?itt -.t .It 4(fIC<U
_OCfll!lS ____________ _
c ...; COtJNN ____ _
S":"""E llfII _ _ _
PhUI.E(---J ____ Ct-tllOSAG! ___ "",,"4k1.50criyt
' --to: .
- 38 Years ot Helping Children -
high school, and an engineering degree
seemed like the next logical step. Maybe
you heard that the program was hard to get
into, and you rose to the challenge. Or
maybe someone in your family, or a good
friend, is an engineer, and you thought it
sounded like a good career. I know that
some of you are even here because you
heard that there's a 'party atmosphere'
among engineering students. Of course,
there arc also those who really want to
become good engineers. Whatever your
reasons are, I hope that at some time you
seriously consider what it means to be an
Although engineering is a well-
established profession, practising
engineers do not enjoy the recognition or
social status of their counterparts in the
fields of law and medicine. This is due
mainly to the fact that most engineers are
employees, while in other fields, most
professionals are in private practice. To
achieve an equivalent degree of recognition
by society, engineers must constantly
demonstrate that they are worthy of it.
This is done largely by improving public
perception of a sometimes negative image,
and increasing awareness of our role in
society. In order to have more than just
nominal status as a profession, it is vital
that engineers maintain a strong
professional association. This means that
engineers applying for licensing must
strive to exemplify our code of ethics, and
follow regulations diligently, thus serving
as models for future engineers. The
reputation of practising engineers is
further strengthened by association with
technical societies, since this demonstrates
an interest in keeping knowledgeable
about new and existing technologies.
As you get nearer to graduation, you
will also ask "What lies beyond the Iron
Ring?" Some of you will end up in grad
school, and perhaps .pursue a career in
research or academics. Many of you will
be employee engineers, working at a
major company, and a few will eventually
enter into private practice as consultants.
A large number won't even pursue careers
in engineering, instead the B.A.Sc. will be
used as a 'stepping-Slone' to a long-term
career objective in business, politics, or
another profession such as medicine or
law. Consequently, career planning will
become an important priority in your
upper years.
The purpose of the Professional
Societies Liaison directorship is to address
many of the questions asked in this article.
The directorship is responsible for
developing professional awareness among
engineering students, and to answer your
questions regarding career options,
professional associations and technical
societies. We plan to inaugurate a speaker
series this tenn with a focus on issues in
the engineering profession. In addition to
this, I am ready to answer your questions
on engineering profession either in person,
or via a regular column in the Iron
Warrior. I will also welcome any ideas for
speaker topics. Please submit your
questions, ideas, or comments to the
Professional Societies Liaison mailbox in
the EngSoc Office.
Page 7
Iron Warrior
September 21, 1990
Concerning Women ...
way to being eradicated, however,
more damaging are the unconscious
sexist stereo-types which may effect
a person's ability to accurately
percei ve a no ther person's
capabilities. The goal, of course, is a
gender blind advancement system.
Elaine Miller
liThe need for engineers is going to
quadruple before the turn of the
century, II ...Jas the prediction made by
Dr. Ford ' in his frosh week
introductory lecture. High school
girls represent a significant untapped
source of potential engineers. The
history of graduate female engineers
has demonstrated aptly enough that
women are certainly capable of
competing in and contributing to the
profession. But if it is not ability,
why is it that in the last decade
engineering has had an average
female enrollment of only 12-16%?
It is felt that the answer to this
question lies in two areas: the reality
of women working as professional
engineers, as well as the perception
which high school girls have of
engineering as a profession.
To address the post-graduation
realities first, I will reference the
report "A Profile of the Engineering
Community in Canada" prepared for
the Canadian Engineering Manpower
Board (CEMB) in December 1988.
This report is the first ever to
specifically identify the status of
Non-Supervisory 77
Self-Employed 3
Supervisor 10
Manager 4
Technical Specialist 3
Sr. Supervisor 2
Sr. Manager 1
Executive 1
Other 1
women in engineering. It is clear from
Figure 1 that the bulk of the female
engineers in Canada are between 25
and 39 years old, so it foHows that
the lack of female representation
among senior executives is reasonable.
However, if you look closely at the
figure of the Level of Job
Responsibility chart, it is clear that
within the 25-39 Age group there is a
disproportionately low number of
women (23%) who actually supervise
personnel, as compared to 51 % of
male engineers.
It may be argued that perhaps
women have declined promotions for
personal reasons, however, the
evidence from "The Cooper Union
The Age Distribution of Female Professional Engineers
In Canada Compared to Male Professional Engineers

35 Male P.Eng's
_ ....._ ................ , ........ ,_........ -._ .._ ... _._......._ .._ ................. , .........._ ................. , .... _ .... _ .......................
.......... __ .... _ ........... _ ............. _ ............. _ ..... _ ... _ .. _ ........ _ ..... _._.._ .... ............. --................ --....... .
% 20
15 :;j- ........ ................................................ .............. ... ._. .-................. .
< 25-29 30-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 5054 5559 6064 >-65
Canadian Englnearlng Manpower Inventory
1989 National Survey of Women
Engineers" indicates the following
opinions of more than two thousand
American Women Engineers: one
third agreed that they felt excluded
from a decision-making capacity by
males in the organization.
sense, less qua lified, to encourage
minority involvement, the official
Canadian stance is that affirmative
action is needed to ensure that the
most qualified person is hired and
the 'systematic' barriers which
prevent women from advancing are
eliminated. It appears that the
conscious, sexist barriers are on the
The picture may appear to be
somewhat discouraging and this isn't
the case. There is an extremely high
level of job satisfaction among female
engineers, and more than 80% say the
profession has met their earning
expectat ions. In April 1990, the
ArEO passed a resolution which
confirms their mandate to:
-affirm its support of equaJ rights
and opportunities for women.
to establish and fund the
Committee to Facilitate Women in
- to be a confidential forum for
women who feel at risk challenging
sexism in engineering.
Naturally, there are a myriad of
issues here and this is merely an
attempt at an overview. In the next
issue of the IW, I hope to describe
some of the facts surrounding the
matriculation of students into
engineering programs, and the
situations they find there.
There is sometimes the perception
that women are underpaid in the
engineering field. The CEMB report
identifies that the difference in
salary between male and female
engineers, compared by year of
graduation, is that males earn, on
average, one thousand dollars more
than females. This is a statistically
arguable difference since it compares
men and women based on years since
graduation rather than years worked
since graduation.
Onto the issue of affirmative action
plans, which 'give women a break' in
the employment scene. Whereas the
American system is one of hiring
people who are in the traditional
age 8
Bullwinkle and the Gang.
Iron Warrior September 21, 1990
Eric Herb Tarlek.
5MARl f"f'ioOG-H 10 &E-r
, .. NoT 5MAR1 ENO()CTH
10 KNow
Dave Clausi, co-chairperson,
Orientation committee; .
Garry Peterson
My darling little frosh,
A confession - I miss you. I am sure all
your big brothers and sisters feel as I do.
We are sad we can no longer play and
skip. I hope you liked our Engineering
Orientation '90, and had a real fine
You were real good frosh. Happy
running jumping frosh. You did
everything so well. It made me smile a
big happy smile. Even now I still have
that big happy smile in my heart.
Wow! My mind drifts back . .. the
smells come to me first ... the aroma of
hundreds of sweaty mudcaked frash
subtly accented by the acrid scent of
dye. Ahhhhh.
The hearty schwelp of mud, the rush of
water ... oh I'M Back!
At the Aerial Photo - frosh wandering
confused aimless.
At the Fake Diagnostic - again
confusion. The quizzical look. "Why
for you do this strangeness to me?".
In the brain deadened post-scunt hours,
the huge Siblings whisper in awe of of
the strange sophistication of frosh
scunters.. Some mystic minds even
raised the possibility that those tender
young frosh contain the vital essence of
engineers of yesteryear.
The blood and gore of the chariot race
brought to mind the Roman arena - the
crowd roars for blood, no quarter is
given and none asked .... strange ....
reincarnated roman engineers perhaps?
Ugh .... the mind recoils, but wait -
they could not all be blood crazed
berserker gladiators. The friendly
scrub and buff rub a dub dub of
Shinerama disproves that theory. I
September 21, 1990 Iron Warrior
Page 9
The Moment of Truth.
can stand tall as I recall the proud,
noble frosh continuing the noble
tradition of engineer volunteer work.
What a week. It was a joy! A simple
joy of a week, but such tasty mangos as
this frosh week do not grow on trees.
Plan-plan-plan and plan again was the
motto of the orientation crew. Everyone
needs to be thanked. Elvis and his co-
workers in first year administration
didn't use up too much of the week,
they let the frosh frolic and dance
about the university. The plant
operations command team, and UW's
finest both had their tolerances pushed
when the frolicking became too fevered
for fun, but nevertheless they
maintained their cool. Not a singl e
frosh or Big Sibling was killed, shot, or
even tear gassed! Quite an
improvement over past years. True
peace people. Instead of snowmobiling
across the northern Ontario tundra, Big
Brothers and Sisters invested their
energy in frosh week. Their investment
made it 'the week that was. The video
team created the ultimate Frosh Video,
and a big gang of roving people gave
their time. Two extremely dedicated
people, need to be mentioned by name.
Jeannine Hooper-Yan tackled two large
projects, the Handbook and the Scunt.
Without her persistence, Orientation
would not have run as smoothly. Mike
Scott had dedica tion above and beyond
the call of duty. A big round of
applause for everybody.
clap-c la p-cla p-clap-cla p-cla p-clap-
cl ap-cla p-cJa p-clap-c la p-cla p-cl a p-
..... clap-clap-clap-cJap-clap-cJap-clap
Roll Baby, Roll!
Justice. Mercy. Shreddies.
The Tool helps raise money during Shinerama 190.
Page 10
Iron Warrior September 21, 1990
... Looking For
a Few
Good Engineers ...
Cliff Knox,
EE 91.3 FM
Actually, they're looking for pretty much
anybody. And if you have even just a
fleeting interest in theatrics, jocularity, or
even CKMS, then FASS probably has a
place for you!
FASS in an acronym for Faculty,
Alumni, Students and Staff, and is a theatre
company(?) who commingle every year for
the purpose of presenting an annual musical-
comedy show in late January-early February.
Of FASS members surveyed, almost
everyone agrees that it's an unforgettable
experience (opinions to the contrary have
been duly shredded!). Over a dozen engineers
participated in FASS last year - that's more
than went to the opening night of "Phantom
of the Opera."
This year's theme is Television, and the
script is still under construction. If you arc
interested in parts of this year's show
ex.perience necessary!), just come out to
MC 5045 at 7:30 pm on Wednesday and
Sunday nights. We can always use an extra
pencil or two.
lf you're planning to be on campus during
the Winter Term, why not audition for a
part? Alternatively, there's always room on
the technical crew, or even an extra seat in
the orchestra pit (for those with REAL
talent!). As a member of FASS you get all
kinds of perks, not the least of which are our
ncar legendary parties. And if you miss a
party, you can be certain that all the
scandalous details will be recorded the next
day on the UW.FASS news file.
So what are you waiting for? Come out to
the writer's meetings, or just come see the
show! Watch the Iron Warrior for further
notices about the coming production.
Remember, FASS is environmentally safe,
non-fattening, and we use plot devices that
David Lynch would probably approve of.
OF ALL -(Ht Vr.J10lt/
g,tllorJS OS:: PEoPte' 1Hm HAVE"
VtR s-rooP ON 1HI5 WORL(1, '
, .. oR AM I A -(,rJ'1 8u-( MAL-
COI'1Por./EI'J-r IN \lAS-( COSMIC.
AM I 8m A S/NGtt
8LAPE" oF' GRASS, LoS"'!
Po I LIvE MP Pic
ArJP ACtl IEVINCr No-(t-llrJCr -:
MACHINE: AM , -SlMPL'1 II {(A,",POM REACllol11
MfANlrJG-, oR (10 I A PClf(Po5c.
lJP HIS CoMIC S-({(IP \,V,-rH 5-(uPW
PH IlOSoPrllCAL CRAP Ht P/[/N', lJr-Jr7ERs-rANr/.
, .. 50, et<:.ICK CALLECJ uP
ArJ(1 MAP!; FUN OF -(HE'
.AR.1$1E" PE"r<SorJ ANP
gRIef< /Wr7 HIS FRfEN(1S
WEN'( -(0 CloN CtlERR'i'S
SAFE liNT? HAPf'1.
D-t EvelAts
( your

Z 1
88$ FOfl. 71 22
o CcNCI<-rE I:z.- Z PIZ-G.AHE
f1.P.c. pUP (sed,))
,Po H. - DI2..It.JK. IN
/"toVIES t>t2,t.JICS liN PoETS,

( PcET!.)
I. ..... .1 .. --dtw II>J Po PO{Z. oFF-

n \1=30 28

' j

1 (,:!,O IN
;P.H. D121NK IN
0 (2.
J..roc.." e:y vs
?oe:-rs Gl)eL.PH

&:> ::fJIIHf04'" !to-4 IN P
Fls .... &owL-
, : 00 Wr4/2f2..IO(Z.

H c 1"1 A "S.1'C [Z.
if ;1 p 3 0 S-
:FOrl.. U>/oX.
HOV/E-S , DIZ-IN 1c::.S'
DfZ. INK IN Poe:r.s
ses.INS ......... .
/t.!IC. IN IJP (BSQ)

\1=30 SeQ "
September 21, 1990
Iron Warrior
Page 11
Hey, I'm not Finnish yet!
travelling and the other was working
in Finland. The trip gave me the
opportunity to do things I never
thought I would get to do. I
Andrea Lawrence,
Vice-president, Engineering
" So did you have a good summer?
How was your work term ? ", is a
common greeting heard echoing in the
hall during the first week of classes.
It usually functions as small talk
with people you haven't heard from
in 4 months. It is only when I reply
"GREAT, I worked in Finland for
three months and travelled to Soviet
Union, Sweden, Norway, and
Denmark during my month off," that
people sit up and take notice. I got
the job through IAESTE the exchange
program that gives students technical
experience abroad. "So why Finland
?" is another common question, The
answer requires some explanation, On
my IAESTE application I only
requested one country (not too bright)
and during the first rounds of job
offers I did not get any placement
offers, In a panic I called the
IAESTE office and was told that I
should have requested three countries
on my form instead of one. In a
desperate attempt to get a job
overseas I said I would accept a job
from any English speaking country.
Finland doesn't exactly fit this
category (it's two official languages
are Finnish and Swedish) but one can
get by in English as all school
children are required to learn English
at a early age and most of the
population under the age of 30 have a
reasonable command of the English
I had my doubts about going to a
country I knew hardly anything about,
but now I can say I had one of the best
summers of my life. For those of you
who do not know, Finland is one of the
five Scandinavian countries located
between Sweden and the Soviet Union
with a population of 5 million. Finland
( and all Scandinavian countries) have
many similarities to Canada, the
climate is similar, looking around in
Finland one could think one was in
cottage country in Canada. But Finland
is not all forests, it's capital city of
Helsinki has a population of 1.5
million. Canada has common borders
with the larger United States and
Finland with the larger Soviet Union
and both smaller populated countries
at times feel overpowered by their
larger neighbors.
travelled up to northern Scandinavia
by train through glaciers in the
middle of July (with a guy from
Australia who had never seen snow!),
and saw the magnificant nature. I
during months of and !une .. I don't think I will ever forget the
wa.s workmg a technical universIty evening six of us climbed a mountain
domg research In the control in Narvik, Norway to watch the
I can,t say that my midnight sun accross the fjord, It was
w,as at all s,tlmulatmg: only one of the mostbeautifulthings I've
objectIOn I have IS ,that I dldn t ever seen in my life. I ' did visit all
what I would be domg before I arnved the large capital cities but I don't
in Finland. If I had the choice to do it '
again I definitely would. The job
experience is important, but learning
The whole process started last fall
with my application. I subsequently
about another culture and language was I never imagined I would get
the experience that I found the most to the Soviet Union ...
interesting and rewarding.
received a tentative traineeship offer It was interesting to work at an
in February and sent in my tentative university in a foreign country and
acceptance for it subject to an official
offer my employer in Finland. I waited
and waited for this formal offer which
came eventually in April just two weeks
before I was scheduled to leave, I ran
around in a panic to obtain my plane
tickets, work permit, and visa in time
to depart. Before I knew it r was on a
plane over the Atlantic. Since my
official job offer came so late I did not
have time to correspond with my
employer about living arrangements
before departing, As a result I did not
know where I was living in Finland or
if my errlployer had received my offer
or knew when I was arriving, All
kinds of thoughts ran through my head
about arriving at the university in
Lappeenranta and not finding anyone
... the formal offer came two
weeks before I was scheduled
to leave ...
compare it to the universities in
Canada. In Finland the technical
universities are separate from the
general universities. The university I
worked at offered five displines of
engineering as well as economics and
industrial management. The university
there definately has more up to date
equipment than the University of
Waterloo does, Our IBM PCs and ATs
in the W A TST AR rooms would be
laughed at by any Finnish student. I
might be biased because I had access to
all the research labs at the university
in Finland but I don't visit them here in
Waterloo. The,. eduction system is
totally funded by the government in
The student's first degree is
their Master's ... which can take
between fOUT and teu years to
complete ...
Finland and students have access to a
free university education. The biggest
difference in the educational system is
the structure of the study program. The
student's first degree is their masters
degree ( no such thing as a bachelors
degree) which can take between four
and ten years to complete although the
average time is six years, The students
must take a course but have the
opportunity to decide when they will
write the exam. There are four exam
periods during the year and the
students have to write the exams to
graduate, so technically one could take
the course in first year and write the
exam in fifth year although it is not
advisable. The system is definately
different with its share of advantages
and disadvantages, personally I like
whoknew-wh-o-I w-a-s -an-d-w-ou-Id-be-a-b-le our system better bu t I couldn't say that
to help me. All my worrying turned out too loudly in Finland because I'd have
to be unnecessary as r received note ten people quick to disagree with me
when I arrived at the airport in and prepare to start a discussion.
Helsinki and met my contact later that ,
day. Looking back on my arrival all I.spent a month travellIng after my
the problems just added to the 9 employment, four days to
excitement of the trip. Leningrad and a week to Sweden,
Denmark, and Norway. I met so
many people travelling and even
I was working in a town called though I was technically travelling
Lappeenranta in the south-eastern area alone I was never alone or lonely
of Finland 30 km from the border of during the travels, I ran into two
Soviet Union. My job was for 9 weeks Waterloo engineering grads, one was
think large cities do a country justice
as there are so many more things to
see away from the bustle of the cities.
One gets a chance to meet the natives
of the country and learn more about
the way of life in the small towns
and country side. I did meet a lot of
interesting people, a starving
playwright (so he told me), and an
executive of a large chemical
company, I never imagined I would
get to the Soviet Union while the
communist structure was in place or
even in my lifetime. I am much more
interested in world history, politics,
and language now, The problems and
changes in Europe seemed so far away
before I left, but eWn first hand
accounts about changes in Germany
and Romania from new found friends
really made aware of the changes
and the effect the changes had on
Finland is one of the more active
countries in IAESTE and this gave me
the opportunity to meet trainees from
lots of different countries. There were
forty trainees working in my area of
Finland and twelve actually working
at the university with me. We had
representation from Germany,
Switzerland, Yugoslavia
Netherlands, Hungary, Ghana, the
United States, France, Great Britain
and myself from Canada. I can now say
I have friends around the world to visit
for the rest of my life,

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Iron Warrior
Life, love and
The Pursuit Of Happiness
Ajay Jindal
life is full of cliches and the road
to happiness is full of sorrow. Moe
Berg and company were in town
September 12th at the Twist to
relate the pain and pleasure of
With two albums under their belt,
TPOH had a lot to tell .
Unfortunately, it seemed the
audience was too intent on
listening to the gospel instead of
revelling in the performance.
Nearly all the songs off their first
release Love_Junk and their
latest. One Sided Story were
performed almost as they had
been recorded. It appeared that
one of the backup singers has
been replaced (or she cut her hair
really short) with a competent but
less exciting woman. The other
one, the blonde that also plays
guitar, seemed much more
comfortable on stage and really
got into the show. Of course, Moe
Berg was the centre of attraction
with his androgynous variation on
the Laurie Partridge look. There
was also a drummer and bassist to
help fill up the stage and sound.
The audience seemed
unusually sedate for the first three
quarters of the show until the band
let loose with their flagship tune -
I'm An Adult Now at which point
some life seemed to have been
injected Into some viewers
although a large contingent
remained apathetic. Midway
through the song, Moe broke into
a fast and furious monologue In
which he criticized Fed Hall and
the Imprint and more globally,
chocolate companies for
financing the "Really Me" anti-
drug campaign - as Moe put it,
"They're basically saying it's bad
to use drugs but it O.K. to be fat." It
is good to see a rocker know
enough about local politics to put
it into his show and make it seem
more personal rather than ju:;t
another stop on the tour.
It was very apparent that Moe
Berg is an angry guy - but with
good reason. TPoH wrote the
theme song for the sequel to the
feature film Rock and Roll High
School in exchange for the fame
of having written a soundtrack
tune. Turns out the star got busted
for drugs and the movie will go
straight to video. One thing Berg is
good at is relating little anecdotes
like this between songs.
Opening band Bootsauce
assaulted the ears with songs
which appeared to be a
collection of stolen licks from other
big tunes. or ones that started off
with a lot of potential but gradually
degenerated into a mishmash of
distorted thrash. Andrew Cash was
a welcome relief and did a fine job
of entertaining the crowd with his
melodic artistry.
Andrea Lawrence
Vice-President, Engineering
One way to get a job abroad is
through IAESTE, The International
Association for the Exchange of
Students for Technical Experience.
IAESTE is a non-profit organization
which is located in 53 countries
worldwide. It has consultative
relationships to UNESCO, UN
Economic and Social council, and the
Industrial and Development
Organization. It was founded in
London in 1948 with only a handful of
member countries and Canada joined
in 1953 as a full member.
So how does one secure a job you
ask? It's not that difficult if you
follow the registration procedures
correctly. First, only students
currently enrolled in a program at a
Canadian university or college
leading to a degree or diploma in the
following fields: any branch of
engineering, all science fields,
applied arts and technology
(architecture, forestry, agriculture)
are eligible to apply. One must be
under 30 years old to apply and
Canadian citizens are given
preference. Graduating students are
eligible to take up training during the
summer following graduation. Most
of the placements are for engineering
students who have completed 3 or
more years of study and are for 8 - 12
weeks during the summer although
there are a limited number of jobs
available during the fall term.
The Sandford Fleming Foundation
September 21, 1990
To register the following must be
enclosed: a completed lAESTE
application form, a registration fee
of $140 charged to cover operating
costs, (if no suitable job is found $100
is refunded to the applicant), two
of an undated resume, and a
student examination record. One can
obtain a registration form and
information at Career Services in
Needles Hall. There are two ways to
register for IAESTE, the first is to
register directly with the national
office in Kingston Ontario. Their
deadline is December 5, 1990 for
summer jobs and January 7, 1991 for
fall jobs. This procedure means you
will be "on own" according to the co-
op department for your next work
term. The second option, the more
advantageous procedure is to register
through Carol Ann Olheiser, Needles
Hall, Rm 1001, and the deadline to
send her your forms is November 16,
There are two very big advantages
to following the latter procedure,
firstly you can still take place in the
co-op interview procedure providing
you have not received any job offers
from IAESTE. Once an IAESTE
position is secured it is necessary to
withdraw from the co-op interviews.
You cannot rank employers while
still registered with IAESTE but
usually you will find out if you have
a job before the ranking forms are due.
Students who find a job overseas on
their own are not permitted to
withdraw from co-op interviews.
The second advantage is you will be
practically assured a credit for your
work term as long as you get an
evaluation filled out during yout
work term.
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, /
Room 4366, Carl Pollock Hall (519) 885-1211, Ext. 4008
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1
Did a fantastic TAduring the past year? You might consider rewarding their hard work by
nomlnatmg him or her for an Outstanding TA Award. Each undergraduate class can nominate one TA.
The nominations deadline will be published in the next issue of the Iron Warrior.
Ever an unco.ntrollable urge to spew off on some meaningless topic? The Sandford Fleming Debates
may Just the thmg for youl Each term, teams from various undergrad classes compete for fame,
prestige, and cash ($10? each to of the winning team, and $50 each to the runners-up).
Contact the Debates Directors via the EngSoc Office for more details on this term's debating series.
An organization devoted to the advancement of engineering education.
September 21, 1990
Iron Warrior
Blue Rodeo on Grass
Ajay Jindal
Wow! A free concert! It looks like
I'm getting something for my Fed
Fees. Who playing.... Leslie Spit
Trio. Lava Hay and Blue Rodeo -
HEY. I've heard of them! But who
are these other two. Let's check
'em out.
In my book. there is nothing
better than an open air afternoon
concert with lots of sun. precisely
what conditions were like on
Wednesday. September 12th on
the Village Green. Although the
show was advertised as starting at
2:00pm. things didn't get under
way until nearly 3:30pm. In the
meantime. Lava Hay did a
number to appease the crowd.
Don't really remember much
about the Leslie Spit Trio. I had
heard Lava Hay described as a
pair of peroxide bimbos but closer
examination showed them to be
very nice. respectable women
who sang lovely songs. The most
striking thing about their
performance were the angelic
harmonies. and the flute player in
the band. The songs were very
sweet and mellow and of the type
that would make you nauseous if
you listened to them for more than
half an hour.
The headline act. Blue Rodeo
put on an aggressive show
featuring straight ahead rock-n-roll
with a bit of a country flavour. All
the members performed
excellently but in m hum I
op,n,on it was Bobby the
keyboardist who stole the show.
Off on stage left behind a stack of
keyboards. including a Korg which
must have been more than 100
years old. he modestly added
texture to the music. His moment
of glory came during the song
'Piranha Hole", The song began
with an awesome keyboard solo
performed by Bobby and a frisbee
ef ~
~ - - - \
\ ~ , Y
PLAY wi+h
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in the same manner that Pete
Townsend played with The Who. I
wouldn't have been surprised it he
smashed his equipment at the end
of the solo,
The audience obviously
enjoyed the show but with such
great. lazy weather. only a small
die-hard group actually rose to the
physical act of dancing. The show
lasted well ovor an hour and a half.
Including the encor . f afurlng my
man Bobby singing and playing
guitar. while the bassist took over
keyboards and one of the
guitarists. took over bass, You
got1a respect musicians who can
exchange duties like this!
Page 14 Iron Warrior
CPSE II:The Return
Dave Hook,
P**5 Director
EngSoc B claimed that it was not
possible for us to duplicate their '89
frosh week. Personally, I don't care
whether we did or not, all I know is
that I had a roaring good week and so
did hundreds of others. What
follows is a summary of the week's
highlights as seen by myself (it is in
multiple choice form so you frosh can
get ready for Phil Eastman's exams.)
The Coolest Dude during frosh week
A) The ice cream vendor at the
B) 8.}. Birdy with his head on
backwards and wearing a hard hat at
the Skydome.
C) Dr. Jim "Shades" Ford.
The Least Cool Dude(s) during frosh
week was:
A) That knob from AHS who made
a complete fool of himself trying to be
funny at the comedy night.
B) Gang Green. Engineers kick ass,
not kiss ass.
C) Erica Ehm. Monica Deol
autographed Pink's vinegar and
ketchup packets, but even after much
coaxing, Erica merely signed a bag of
popcorn with an 'X'. That's it, I'm
cancelling my membership to her fan
IAESTE (continued)
Salaries in foreign countries are
usually conSiderably lower than in
Canada but are sufficient to cover
living expenses but not travelling
costs. You are responsible for all
travel arrangements and costs as well
as having a current valid passport
and obtaining a proper visa and work
permit. This can prove to be very
time consuming and hectic especially
if your formal acceptance arrives only
a week before you are scheduled to
begin the traineeship.
The whole procedure is a long and
buracratical procedure that can take
up to six months. IEASTE Canada
receives all the applications in
December. In January representatives
from all participating countries
attend a conference and allocate
available traineeships to each
country based on the number of jobs
each country is offering. Even if, say
Ghana is participating in the
exchange Canada might not get any
available traineeships in Ghana for
The Best Dressed Dude of frosh week
A) Blue frosh "Psycho" with the
moose antlers and fish net.
B) "Party with" Eric Langford as
Eng Feud MC
C) Whoever the hell that was as
Vanna White.
The Most Ill-fated Challenge during
frosh week was:
A) Twenty vitlage frosh decide to
throw whipcream and banana peels
Canadian students. The Canadian
committee gets together and
organizes the available jobs into
discipline areas. For each discipline
appl.icants and all available
traineeships are matched and the
tentative offers are sent out to the
applicants who have two weeks to
accept or decline the offer. If the
offer is declined the trainceship offer
is sent to another qualified
applicant. If the offer is accepted all
the papers arc sent to the IAESTE
committee in the country which the
traineeshi p is offered and this
committee sends the papers to the
company for formal acceptance. 95%
of the applications arc accepted by
the companies. An official offer is
than sent via the IAESTE committees
to the applicant along with visa and
work permit applications. The job is
not secured until the applicant sends
off his/her official acceptance and
arrival dates. Hopefully there will
be enough time to have direct
correspondence with the company and
arrange accommodations and arrival
times after all official governmental
correspondence is completed.
In 1990 more than 300 Canadian
students were placed in training
at eight hundred engineering frosh at
the BBQ. Good move, guys. Next
time, yell "Run away, run away!", as
you flee for cover.
B) Two hundred arts frosh think
they can drown out fifty Waterloo
engineering frosh at the Skydome.
Wrong! We sure shut them up in a
hurry. What the hell is a Yeoman
C) Pink frosh Pete challenges Pink
frosh plant Tim to boatracing. See
the enginewsletter for the
catastrophic results.
positions overseas and 265 students
were placed in positions in Canada.
During the past 38 years more than
3500 Canadian students have been
placed overseas. There has been and
still is a considerable increase in the
number of applicants during the last
few years yet the placement is still
greater than one in three applicants
during the last few years. There are
a few ways of improving you chances
of getting placed, one is giving broad
availability date for placement ie
four months rather than one or two
months. It probably doesn't mean you
will work for four months rather that
you are available to work anytime
during the four month period. The
second way of improving your chances
to apply to three countries and
consider offers from other countries as
well. The following countries offer
the best chance for placement
Finland, Germany, France, Sweden,
Poland, Netherlands, and Denmark.
September 21, 1990
The Highlight of the Scunt was:
A) Pink frosh Justin's rap serenade.
B) Grape's filming of the Kuwati
C) Pink's vast collection of assorted
restaurant and traffic signs, most
wi th the screws still in them.
I spent Monday the following week:
A) Screaming my own cover
versions of Ten SecoJll&s over
Tokyo's cover versions.
B) Washing purple dye, mud and
oatmeal off my and clothes.
C) Disguising myself so Edcom
would not recognize me.
The funniest part of frosh week was:
A) The frosh video (which by the
way, will be on sale eventually.)
B) The Howie Mandel type guy at
the comedy night who dept saying,
II Are you with me? Thumbs UP! This
is SO COOL!"
C) My laundry bill.
What I Did Not Like was:
B) The fact that frosh week lasts
one week.
C) The fact that frosh week comes
once a year.
You Did Not Use Your frosh week to
the Fullest if:
A) You had a voice left by Sunday.
B) You can clearly remember
everything (not necessarily an
encouragement to abuse alcohol.)
C) You actually found time to buy
your books, register, or eat.
The following countries are current
members of IAESTE:
Belgium Brazil Canada
Colombia Cyprus
Denmark Egypt Estonia
Finland France Germany
Ghana Greece Hungary
Iceland India Ireland
1srael Italy Jamaica
Japan Jordan Korea
Lebanon Libya Lithuania
Luxembourg Malta Mexico
Netherlands Norway
Paraguay Philippines
Portugal S. Africa Spain
Sudan Sweden
Syria Thailand
Turkey U. A. Emirates U.K.
Uruguay United States
More information can be obtained
from Carol Ann Oldeiscr in Needles
Hall or from the IAESTE national
office in Kingston. The address is:
P. O. Box ]473, Kingston, Ontario,
K7L 5C7 Telephone (613) 549-2243.
September 21, 1990
Iron Warrior
Snapshots from Japan
Todd Ruthman
On Location
The French Effect Land in Tokyo. Clear customs with minimum hassle. Discover
the French effect. Custom's official spews syllables at a mile a
minute. Foreign language circuits kick in and Todd, drawing on
a four month crash course in Japanese, responds instinctively.
The Bike:
The People:
At the COltage: Feels like I'm camping. Mountains form a
fractal horizon. As many trees as Canada in a country l/IOth or
1!20th the size.
Rural Japan. Not much to do in Tottori. Costs money to go
elsewhere. Can only spend so much time studying engineering
and Japanese. Joined Aikido, a Japanese martial art Japanese
are serious about their clubs. Practice four times a week. Jog
barefoot on Mondays. Seen more of Tottori on foot than by
(Translated from broken English with Japanese interjections)
"So, where can I buy a used bicycle?"
"You need a bike?"
"We'll lend you one. For the term."
It's old but it works. Japanese generosity. Five weeks later, it
gets stolen at the train station. Japanese honesty is legendary,
with lwO exceptions: umbrellas when it's raining and bikes when
late. No problem. It may turn up yet.
"Mr. Todd. Haircut, you get soon?" says Aikido buddy.
"Hai. Yes. Soon."
"My friend is barber. You come, nexl week."
Next week. A ride through Tottori on an off-road bike. Get a
haircut in AiJcido buddy's friend's apartment. In the background,
Aikido buddy plays Beatles lunes on an acoustical.
"Ikvra desu lea?" <How much?>
"No charge."
Then we go riding for the first time, not the last. Japanese
The History:
The School:
The Language:
The Vacation:
The Engineering:
The Food:
The Summary:
The Message:
WHO in your class looks the MOST like each of the
Just paste a picture in the space under the matchmg kid!
The BEST matched set will win a N.K.O.T.B CALENDAR!!
Match your PROFS for a SPECIAL N.K.O.T.B PRIZE!!!!!!
Entries should be submitted to the I.W. box in the Orifice by midnight,
Sept. 30 1 990.
Page 15
Seeing sights from the back of a motorbike after an exhilarating
(read insane) ride along the mountain roads.
"See that temple half way up the mountain?"
"It was built 18()() years ago."
I look again. Canada will be 123 this year.
The pace is slow but the term is longer. Most of our effort is
expended deciphcring the lectures. The English ranges from
excellent to nonexi lenL We have textbooks. We need the
an weTS.
Were LOld Japanese wasn't required to come. Wish we had
learned it. We're learning, each in our own way. Each new word
learned adds volumes 10 our conversations. How many sentences
can you make with the verb "to go"? 5 to 1 says we can come
up with morc. Walch TV for 2 monlhs with the sound turned
down: an engineering approximation of life in Japan.
Three weeks into school, we get one week ofr. Eight Canadians
and three Japanese friends/guides/saviours travel to the southern
Isle of Shikoku. Whirlwind tour. Mountains. Beaches.
Temples. People. We have another six weeks off Ihis summer.
Different needs, different lCchnology. The roads are narrow and
meet at all angles. Big mirrors stand sentry at the comers.
Don't look both ways, look at the mirror. Tokyo, earthquake
central. Massive shock absorbers for the overpasses. Tunnels.
A country full of mountains. A country full of tunnels. No
land? Makc it. Flatten mountains and fill in the bays.
Sushi. Sunshine. Seaweed. Shrimp flavoured chips. Squid
crackers. Sugar coated french frics. Sake and beer. In Japan,
you buy Japanese. No multicultural shipping centres here. A
new experience every day. Bought milk oncc. Turned out to be
yogurt drink. Cereal was interesting that week.
Been here 2 months. Have many more.
Do it.
(reprinted with the pennission from
Ihe B stream, IW issue July 6,1990.)
Industrial Musi,k,
Greg Cook,
Arts Director
You've prob,lbly <11 ready
encountered the EngArls Board
b lW(.'{'n POETS and the Orifice, the
two 'llQS.t impMlant pltlc('s in your
university Iifc. If you have not secn
this board, go look at it right now!
On it will be find notices and ads for a
wide variety of arts and
entertainment activities as well as
numerous worthwhile projects and
All ads for textbook sales, house
rentals, etc. which obviously arc not
artistic activities will be promptly
recycled; however, should you have
any activities to advertise at UW or
in K-W please leave the notice in my
mailbox in the Orifice.
Contest not open to employees of Big Step Productions and their families,
or Fred Gwynn.
The Arts Directorship falls under
Communications and the focus will be
on communications, creativity and
activities for all. Upcoming events
will include live bands at POETS, the
Awesome Photo Contest (A.P.C), a
short fiction writing contest, group
trips to theatre events, EngArts
Option features in Iron Warrior,
mural painting, Industrial Muzik und
Video night, a robotic art seminar,
theme movie nights plus whatever
incredibly original and great ideas
you tell me about --- remember: in
each Engineer there is a creative
maelstrom, be it photography, music,
reading, or chain saw art - just let me
know and watch it happen.
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Iron Warrior
September 21, 1990
y PayMore?
Support YOUR University!
Try the Full Colour Copier
in the Dana Porter Arts Library Copy Centre
Room 218 - Phone 2956
Offset Printing
Graphic Services, hours 8:00 am-4:30 pm
We serve at 7 per copy (FST included),
discount on volu me copying. Collating,
stapling and a variety of paper colours
available at no extra cost (available at
the locations listed below)
Self serve copying at 5 per copy (avail -
able in the libraries and various locations
on campus)
Venda card copiers are located in the
Dana Porter and Davis Centre Libraries
Copy Centre Locations
Dana Porter Library - LIB 218, ext. 2956
Math Centre - Me 5182, ext. 2335
Engineering - E2 2353, ext. 2334
Arts Centre - H H 370, ext. 2336 .
Davis Centre Library - DC 1501, ext. 3878
Plastic Ring Binding
Same day service available at Graphic
Services, hours 8:00 am-4:30 pm
Our Linotronic 300 typesetter will typeset
any computer file in PostScript format on a
Mac diskette, a 5.25 or 3.5 inch PC
diskette, SCRIPT on CMS and TROFF on
We can translate your PC file to our Mac
and format into brochures, books, reports
and flyers, etc.
For more information about typesetting,
call ext. 3540.
General information, call ext. 3451.
Graphic Se
General Services Complex