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Todays Date Hiring Person Hiring Persons Job Title Hiring Persons Company Company ailing Address City, State Zip Dear r!" rs! Hiring Person,

#n the $irst paragraph, tell ho% you heard about the &ob opening ' (or about the )ompany, i$ this is not an ad*ertised &ob but rather one you are trying to dis)o*er or )reate by ma+ing dire)t )onta)t,! ention the a)tual &ob title, and say that youre sending a resume that sho%s ho% youre -uali$ied $or that parti)ular &ob! ('Try to $ind somebody %ho personally +no%s the Hiring person, and as+ i$ you may say in your )o*er letter ./ill Smith suggested # %rite to you dire)tly0! A name the hiring person re)ogni1es helps tremendously in getting you noti)ed!, #n the se)ond paragraph sho% some enthusiasm and interest in the )ompany, and appre)iation $or their produ)ts! #$ you +no% o$ a problem or opportunity $a)ing the )ompany, mention it 2 %ithout in any %ay )riti)i1ing the )ompany! 3i*e an e4ample o$ something you )ould do to help resol*e the problem or help ta+e ad*antage o$ the opportunity! (The best e4ample %ould be something similar that you did $or a pre*ious employer to impro*e the situation!, #n the third paragraph, tell ho% you %ill $ollo% through! .#ll )all your o$$i)e early ne4t %ee+ to see i$ %e )ould meet soon and dis)uss this &ob opening!0 (5$, i$ youre e4ploring $or unad*ertised &obs that may )ome up6 .#ll )all your o$$i)e ne4t %ee+ to see i$ %e )ould meet soon to dis)uss your )ompanys need $or help in the near $uture!0, (5r, i$ youre ans%ering a blind ad in the ne%spaper, and CANT )all them 2 &ust end on an upbeat note and pro*ide a phone number %ith an ans%ering ma)hine %here you )an be rea)hed!,


Joseph Job Hunter 7n)losed6 resume

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Stephen Diego 9>9> Home Street /er+eley, CA ?9@:@ (>A:, >A>=>A>A

January BC, B::? Jean Cabrillo D!P!, 5perations, South Ameri)a #nternational Eidget Corporation BBB Fnion Street San Gran)is)o, CA ?9AA: Dear Jean Cabrillo, This letter is to e4press my interest in the position as Systems 7ngineer $or #nternational Eidget Corporation in South Ameri)a, announ)ed in the De)ember &ob listing at the FC /er+eley Pla)ement Center! # am also sending a resume, sho%ing that my e4pertise e4a)tly mat)hes the re-uirements listed in the position announ)ement! This position parti)ularly )aught my eye, as # re)ently read in the Eall Street Journal that #nternational Eidget is )onsidering )on*erting all in=house )omputers to Eindo%s $or D5S! # ha*e a strong so$t%are ba)+ground, and ha*e &ust returned $rom a t%o=year stint in Argentina %here # $un)tioned as an independent )omputer spe)ialist"programmer $or a *ariety o$ businesses! Among other tas+s, # installed and utili1ed i)roso$t produ)ts, in)luding Eindo%s $or D5S, and # ha*e been de*eloping appli)ations in i)roso$t Hui)+ C $or Eindo%s! # earned a reputation among my )lients $or ensuring produ)t satis$a)tion, and # %ould be happy to supply a list o$ )lient re$eren)es! # ha*e al%ays admired the su))ess o$ #nternational Eidget, parti)ularly in South Ameri)a, %here # $ind the te)hni)al de*elopments )hallenging and re%arding! # %ould *ery mu)h en&oy dis)ussing the possibility o$ our %or+ing together! # loo+ $or%ard to hearing $rom you!

#n the third paragraph, tell ho% you %ill $ollo% through! .#ll )all your o$$i)e early ne4t %ee+ to see i$ %e )ould meet soon and dis)uss this &ob opening!0


Stephen Diego 7n)losed6 resume

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