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Reactive Power Compensation

High Voltage

High Voltage Technology Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd

Co. registration no. 1994/06312/07

Physical Address 5 Ellman Street Sunderland Ridge Centurion, 0157 South Africa Postal Address P.O. Box 8179 Centurion 0046 South Africa

Telephone +27 (0)12 666 9358 Fax +27 (0)12 666 8617 Email Website

VAT registration no. 4390154096

Highly skilled talent, managing can-do solutions to difficult problems, sustainably, in high voltage engineering
Substation Site Services Substation Equipment
Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filters, Tubular Bus-bars, Cabling & Stringing, Equipment Installation, HV & UHV Substation Equipment

April 2010


Product Group
Instrument Transformers of all kinds SF6 or Oil insulated; from 11 kV to 765 kV

Capacitive Voltage Transformers, 66-765 kV Magnetic Voltage Transformers; 66-525 kV Current Transformers; 11-765 kV Combined Current/Voltage Transformers

Power line carrier equipment

Coupling Capacitors; 66-765 kV Line traps; 66-765 kV Tuning units and surge arresters for retrofit

Reactors from 1000 V upwards

Series Reactors Filter Reactors Shunt Reactors up to 132 kV HVDC - Reactors DC - Reactors Test Laboratory Reactors Arc Suppression (Petersen) Coils Neutral Earthing Reactors Power Line Carrier Line Traps


50-600 kVAr Full film, Internal or no fuse power capacitor Motor Surge protection capacitors Traction Capacitors Distribution pole top capacitor banks Re-locatable skid/container shunt capacitor banks Complete HV Harmonic Filter Capacitor banks
Directors G. Naidoo (CEO); D. Pudney (COO); C. Crane; S. Naidoo; S. Pillay; D. Tromans

Substation equipment, 33 to 765 kV

Outdoor SF6 circuit breakers 33-132kV Disconnectors and Pantographs Station class Surge Arresters

Bushings - 44 kV and over

Paper/Oil or SF6 /Composite or Porcelain Wall Bushings - outdoor/indoor - indoor/indoor Generator Bushings Transformer Bushings - ANSI and IEC

High Voltage Resistors

Filter damping resistors Neutral earthing resistors Hydro and nuclear braking resistors Traction braking resistors Loading resistors for testing


Station and Line Post Long Rod and Disc Hollow bushings Others on request

Power Transformers

Generator Transformers All types Transmission & Distribution Transformers Shunt Reactors

Micro Supplies from Transmission Lines

** Latest Technology product

** Power Voltage Transformers approx 90kVA

Bus bar Systems

Aluminium Tubes Bus Bar supports Bus Bar clamps and hardware

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