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Name _______________________

Skill Module Number:


Subject: Instructor Led Walkaround

At the conclusion of this module, you will be able to:
• Locate various components on the exterior and interior of the
• Identify new features of the vehicle and explain their function

Vehicle and tools required:

• 2003 SL 500

Required material:


1. Follow the instructions and answer the questions.

2. Ask your instructor if assistance is needed.
3. Stop at Instructor checkpoints for sign-off.

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002

1. Using the Smart Key, operate the Vario roof close and open.
Which electrical consumers are activated and remain ON after this operation?

2. How many infra red receivers are on this vehicle? _______________________

3. Where is the sun sensor located? ____________________________________

4. Where is the GPS antenna located? __________________________________

5. Where are the alignment marks for the wiper arms?

Left: ___________________________________________________________

Right: __________________________________________________________

6. Do the side mirror’s use lights bulbs or LED’s? __________________________

7. Indicate the type of lighting for the settings listed below.

Low beam: ______________________________________________________

High beam: _____________________________________________________

Low beams ON - Flasher: __________________________________________

Low beams OFF – Flasher: _________________________________________

8. Does the vehicle have security and locator lighting? ______________________

9. Which exterior body panels are steel? _________________________________

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002
10. The remaining bolt-on body panels are made of _________________________
except the lower part of the trunk lid, which is made of ____________________.

11. Go to the rear of the vehicle. Which lights are LED’s? ___________________

Under Hood

1. Open the hood.

2. Where is the hood release located that allows you to extend the hood into the
service position? __________________________________________________

3. Does this vehicle have a brake booster? _______________________________

4. Is the vehicle equipped with ABC? ____________________________________

5. Which two reservoirs are in the left front fender area? ____________________

6. The battery located under the hood is used for? _________________________

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002

1. Open the trunk.

2. What is the function of the red button in the trunk area? __________________

3. What happens if you open the trunk partition cover with the roof stowed in the
trunk? _________________________________________________________

4. What is the function of the green button in the trunk? _____________________

5. What is the function of the battery in the trunk? _________________________

NOTE: Do NOT jump start this battery.

6. What type of spare tire does this vehicle have? _________________________

7. How is the spare inflated? __________________________________________

8. Where is the jack and lug wrench located? _____________________________

9. Where is the emergency fuel lid release? ______________________________

NOTE: When the roof is open, be cautious of the position of load assist (easy
pack) when accessing the fuel lid release area to avoid pinching your body parts.

10. Does the trunk lid have closing assist? ________________________________

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002

1. With the top in the OPEN position and all windows fully CLOSED, press the
window switch to the one-touch down position. What happened to the

2. With the top in the CLOSED position and all windows fully CLOSED, push the
window switch to the one-touch down position and wait for the window to fully
open. Now press the one-touch down again.
What happens to the rear windows?

3. Close the front windows with the one-touch up feature. Next, try the rear
windows. Do they have a one-touch up feature? ________________________

4. Where is the rollover bar switch located? ______________________________

5. Do the doors have a closing assist feature? _____________________________

6. What is the function of the buttons located on top of the seats near the
headrest? _______________________________________________________

NOTE: The R230 seats have pinch protection like the 215 (CL-Class).

7. How many interior compartments does this vehicle have? _________________

8. Where are the interior lock and unlock (central locking) switches located?

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002
9. Which interior compartments automatically lock? ________________________

NOTE: The SRS screw cover on the door panels twist for removal.

10. Where is the trunk remote unlocking switch located? ____________________

11. How many air bags is this vehicle equipped with? _______________________

12. What do the storage areas behind the rear seats house?

Right: __________________________________________________________

Left: ___________________________________________________________

13. The instructor will demonstrate how the wind-screen is installed. What type of
fastener is used to hold the wind-screen in place? ________________________

14. What are the straps located behind the seats used for? ___________________

15. Where are the cup holders located? ___________________________________

16. Where is the holder for the extra cup holder location? _____________________

17. Does the gear selector have an emergency release for shift lock? ___________

18. Where is the button located to select ABC sport mode? ___________________

19. What is the thumb-wheel located to the left of the gear selector used for?

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002

20. Open the glove box. What is the function of the knob located to the left?

21. Do the exterior mirrors electrically retract? _____________________________

22. Where is the clock located? _________________________________________

If you have noticed any parts that need to be replaced on this vehicle, please inform
your instructor now.

218 Mod 1-1 IL Walkaround (WFF, JS, RL) 01/22/2002