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Safety and Important lnformation
Please keep this information in hand for future reference.

lmportant Notice
legal notices,

'TheOn-screenManual providestheproductfeatures,troubleshooting,productspecifications,systemrequrrements,

environmental information, regulatory information, and support information. lt also provides the basic information such as maintenance procedures and setting configurations as well.


The On-scree n Manual can be installed on your computer from the CD-ROM supplied with the product. (For Mac users, lnternet connection is required during software installation. Connection fees apply.)



during installation of the On-screen Manual on your computer, the regulatory information of your country is available on the top page of the On-screen Manual.

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For computers without a CD/DVD drive, please visit Canon local website to download and install the printer software.

The latest information on use of the product is available at Canon local website.

Notes for Energy Saving Setting

For purpose of energy saving, this product will be automatically turned off after designated period without operation (The Auto Power Off function). For instructions on how to change the setting, refer to the On-screen Manual.

About Consumables

Consumables (ink tanks / FINE Cartridges) are available for 5 years after production of the machine has stopped.

A Safety Precautions
Please read these safety warnings to ensure that you use the machine safely. Do not attempt to use the machine in any way not described here or in the accompanying manuals. This may cause unexpected accident, fire, or electric shock.

. ' . . ' ' .


The following are instructions that, if ignored, could result in death or serious personal injury caused by incorrect operation of the equipment. These must be observed for safe operation.


Do not place the machine close to flammable solvents such as alcohol orthinners. Use the power cable included with the machine. For the machine's operating requirements, refer to the On-screen Manual. Connect the machine to the specified power source. Never attempt to plug in or unplug the machine from the power supply when your hands are wet.

Always push the plug all the way into the power outlet.
Never damage, modify, stretch or excessively bend or twist the power cord. Do not place heavy objects on the power cord. Never plug the maqhtne into a power socket that is shared with other equipment (extension lead/cord, 2- or 3-way adapter, etc.). Never use the machine if the power cord is bundled or knotted. for service.

.lfyoudetectsmoke,unusual smellsorstrangenoisesaroundthemachine,immediatelyunplugthemachineatthepowersupplyandcall