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Strategies to Manage Data More Effectively and Cost Efficiently

Intelligent Unstructured Data Management, Archiving and Migration Everett Dolgner Senior Partner Integration Architect Joe Jose Senior Services Product Marketing Manager

2009 Hitachi Data Systems

WebTech Educational Webinar Series Strategies to Manage Data More Effectively and Cost Efficiently Of the vast amounts of digital information being created and stored every day, up to 80 percent is unstructured and much of it ultimately unused. Our customers tell us that 60-80 percent of their unstructured data is never accessed after 12-24 months. Thats a tremendous amount of digital information that could be stored and managed to better effect. This webcast will provide guidance on how to identify, search, manage, and protect your information to deliver the greatest benefit to your business. By attending this webcast, youll learn how to:
Assess what types of data you have, where it resides, and how its being used Determine where the data should be and how to protect it Evaluate the benefits of a comprehensive data management strategy

Challenges With Files and Unstructured Content

Problems Data is growing exponentially Backup windows are shrinking Regulatory requirements are increasing Data center space is shrinking Power availability is shrinking The old standard, Do more with less Solutions File Server/NAS consolidation Server virtualization Storage virtualization Active archiving Compliance archiving Intelligent tiering

Unstructured Data

40-60% of corporate data is unstructured* 70-80% of new data created is unstructured data** File Systems contain 50% of corporate data
And generate 70% of the growth***

Much of this data is not touched after 6 months

Average of 60-80% of files can be migrated off primary storage

At the same time, need to keep all data readily available

Compliance requirements are exploding E-Discovery demands fast retrieval of structured and unstructured (file) data
* IDC ** UC Berkeley ***Arkivio/HDS

File Data: The Largest Size and Fastest Growth

Unstructured data consumes 2x more storage than email and database combined NAS cost makes it the platform of choice for unstructured data

Business processes, regulations and user expectations demand active archives, not just backups
(Source: Socha Consulting LLC., 2006)

We know we have a problem but where do we start?

Where to Start

Intelligent data management

Identification Includes enterprise search Detailed reporting Understand what you have Usage trending

Policy based archiving Efficient storage of archive data Compression Duplicate elimination

Data Migrations
Policy based migrations Migrate to proper tier Only migrate business data

Where Do Services Reside?

Software Appliance

Software Appliance Storage

Software Appliance Storage

Data Identification

2009 Hitachi Data Systems

How Does Identification Help?

Tune backups
Identify stale data so it can be archived

Justify additional capacity

Use capacity trend to indicate growth

Replicate the right data

Stop protecting mp3 collections

Reduce legal discovery

Usually second highest cost of litigation

Reclaim capacity through archiving


When Identifying Data, What is Important?

Can depend on many things Industry Certain file types Regulatory requirements Goals Consolidation with migration Archive Problems Backups take too long Running out of disk space Long term plans Virtualization Consolidation Something else Start generic and fine tune during the process

Data Identification and Reporting

Grouping and Classification Organize Based on Usage and/or Deployment Assign Relative Business Value Meaningful to customer Policy Simulation Run What if Scenarios Comprehensive reporting on data and storage environment Used capacity, file types and attributes Ownership/Security Trending Custom reports reflect data and storage classification


Efficient Search and Discovery

NAS Archive


Challenges: Lack of tools to find information across disparate storage islands Legal council search for patent content to review litigation risk Solution Capabilities: Evaluate the risk of storage practices for selected data sets Business Benefits: Improve access to information and productivity Mitigate the risks and costs of regulatory compliance



2009 Hitachi Data Systems

What and Where to Archive

Where to archive from Depends on where the data is NAS File Servers What method to use Software/Appliance Local software/Agent Direct tiering from NAS What data to archive Start with requirements Regulations, compliance Corporate governance Identification Find correct data Archiving does not mean compliance


Archiving Success Customers can now manage more with only 1 FTE + the Hitachi Content Archive Platform:
The federal government manages over 600TBs A Fortune 500 automotive/transport company manages 200TBs An S&P 500 transportation services company manages 500TBs A Global 2000 consumer products company manages 600TBs

68% of IT organizations
moved 30% or more of primary storage content to Hitachi Content Archive Platform

79% of IT organizations
moved 20% or more of primary storage content to Hitachi Content Archive Platform Overall, Overall,56% 56%of ofIT ITorganizations organizationsmanage manageover over100TB 100TB with withonly only1 1FTE FTEusing usingHitachi HitachiContent ContentArchive ArchivePlatform Platform


2009 Hitachi Data Systems

Data Migration Challenges

Identify systems to be migrated

Disparate servers and NAS devices are distributed across the enterprise Servers and NAS devices can have multiple shares

Identify data to be migrated

Not all data is valuable to the business Should shares be consolidated on the new NAS

Performing the migration

Vendor tools, command line utilities, scripts Permissions maintained? Migrate during business hours? Open files? Failed files?



Identify before migration Migrate active data Archive stale data Layout shares based on usage or data type


Next Steps Talk with us about how to identify the appropriate next steps for improving management of your unstructured data Identify, Search, Archive, Migrate Hitachi Data Systems Global Services has considerable experience, along with our partners to help customers design and plan the optimal storage environment for your business requirements Hitachi Data Systems Global Services can assist from upfront assessment to implementation to enhanced customer support (Select Care) offerings
Assess and Consult Plan and Design Install and Implement Transition Integrate Manage Support Optimize


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