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1 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Connect|ons

kead 2 Neph| 2:13 (you may want to read the verses before |t to understand the
context of th|s verse).
1. Lehi teaches a few connections to }acobfoi example: sin anu
iighteousness. What aie the othei connections he makes in the veise.
2. Bow aie these things that Lehi mentions connecteu. Foi example, what
uoes sin have to uo with iighteousness.
S. 0ften, we talk about opposition. Why uo you think that opposition is pait
of the plan of happiness.
kead 2 Neph| 2:23
1. Again, Lehi is making a few connections. What aie they. Bow uoes miseiy
help us to unueistanu joy. Bow uoes sinning help us to unueistanu uoing
2. They say, *+$#,-$&% () ./()), but if we aie ignoiant, then we nevei
expeiience joy. Bow uo you think that expeiiencing miseiy will help you
to expeiience joyeven as you stiuggle thiough tiials.
kead 2 Neph| 2:2S
1. What uiu Auam uo fiist.
2. Aftei his fall, what is available to all of mankinu.
S. Because of the fall, we expeiience sauness anu pain, yet anothei iesult of
the fall is to expeiience joy. Bow have youi auveisities anu painful
expeiiences helpeu you to feel joy in youi life. If they haven't yet biought
you joy, how may they help you to feel joy in the futuie.
4. Bow uoes unueistanuing the connection between joy anu miseiy help
you to oveicome tiials, feel the stiength of uou, anu be healeu.

2 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Symbo|s

kead 1 Neph| 8focus espec|a||y on verses 10-12
1. Bow uiu Lehi feel when he paitook of the fiuit.
Neph| sees the same dream that h|s father saw. ne exp|a|ns the mean|ng of the
tree h|s father saw and the fru|t that h|s father ate. Go to 1 Neph| 11:21-23 and
1. What is the meaning of the tiee anu fiuit.
2. Bo you want to paitake of it.
1h|nk back on 1 Neph| 8 and the groups of peop|e who are d|scussed.
1. What aie some of the obstacles that the people faceu in going to
paitake of the fiuit of the tiee.
2. What can these obstacles symbolize in oui lives.
S. Bow uiu the people paitake of the fiuit. Bow uo you paitake of the
kead A|ma 32:28-43. ay spec|a| attent|on to 41-43.
1. Alma teaches us to plant a seeu of faith in oui heaits. As we nouiish it,
the seeu spiouts anu giows. Boes it piouuce fiuit iight away.
2. What uo we neeu to uo in oiuei to have a plant beai fiuit.
S. What aie some of the obstacles that may get in the way of a plant
being fiuitful, anu how uo you oveicome them.
4. In youi life, how uo you help the seeu of faith spiout into a plant that
beais fiuit.
S. Bow uoes Alma uesciibe the fiuit that we finally beai.

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5.*$+ )5 +#/ +.// )5 3$5/ $% 6/#$78 0./'9: ;#'+ <'% -)* 0) +) /=4/.$/%</ +#/
>)- +#'+ ?/'@/%3- A'+#/. #'8 $% 8+)./ 5). -)*B

"#$%& '()*+ ,#'+ -)* './ 0)$%12+) <*3+$@'+/ -)*. ),% +.// +#'+ (/'.8 5.*$+B

"#$%& '()*+ +#/ 8-9()3 )5 #'44$%/88 #/./: C% -)*. ),% ,).08D 0/8<.$(/ $+: C8
$+ 8)9/+#$%1 +#'+ 4'88/8 +#.)*1# *8 E*$<&3-B C8 $+ ' 0//4 ). 8#'33), 5//3$%1B
C8 $+ /'8- +) )(+'$%B ?), 0)/8 +#/ <)94'.$8)% )5 #'44$%/88 +) ' 5.*$+ #/3 4
-)* +) (/++/. *%0/.8+'%0 #'44$%/88B

3 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: A L|st

kead Abraham 1:2
1. At the beginning of this veise, Abiaham iealizes that theie was moie of
something(s) available. What weie these things.
2. What uiu he seek to finu these blessings.
S. What aie the blessings of the Fatheianu the iight to auministei these same
4. What uoes the Piiesthoou have to uo with happiness, peace, anu iest.
Abraham L|sts Some of h|s Des|res. Number 1hem |n our Scr|ptures
1. Possess gieat knowleuge
2. Be a gieatei followei of iighteousness
S. Possess gieatei knowleuge
4. Be a fathei of many nations
S. Be a piince of peace
6. Receive instiuctions
7. Keep the commanuments of uou

?), 0) -)* +#$%& +#'+ +#/8/ 0/8$./8 <'% #/34 +) <)%+.$%(*+/ +) 4/'</D
#'44$%/88D '%0 ./8+B ;.$+/ 0),% '%- <)%%/<+$)%8 (/+,//% #'44$%/88 '%0
+#/8/ 0/8$./8 +#'+ -)* %)+$</:

;#'+ './ 8)9/ )5 -)*. 0/8$./8B

;#'+ 0$0 F(.'#'9 0) $% ).0/. +) ./</$@/ #$8 0/8$./8B

"#/ 4),/. )5 +#/ G.$/8+#))0 (3/88/8 '33 )5 *82%)+ )%3- +#)8/ ,#) './
'*+#).$H/0 +) #)30 $+: ?), #'8 +#/ 4),/. )5 +#/ 4.$/8+#))02/84/<$'33- +#/
<)@/%'%+8 )5 +#/ 4.$/8+#))02#/34/0 +) (.$%1 #'44$%/88 $%+) -)*. 3$5/B

4 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: 1hemesW|ckedness Never Was

kead A|ma 41:10-11
1. Can we sin uuiing this life anu then expect to live in happiness.
2. What uoes Alma teach in veise 1u about the ielationship between
wickeuness anu happiness.
S. Boes this seem like conventional wisuom. What uoes the woilu teach us that
happiness is.
4. Which uefinition of happiness uo you asciibe to.
S. }ust because theie aie multiple uefinitions of happiness in oui woilu uoesn't
mean that all of them aie tiue. Alma teaches us about oui cainal, natuial
state. What uoes he say about it.
6. 0n the contiaiy, what is the natuie of uou.
7. Knowing that uou's natuie is happiness, how uoes that help you to uefine
kead ne|aman 13:38
1. Towaiu the enu of this veise, Samuel the Lamanite is teaching about
happiness. Bow weie the people he was auuiessing seaiching foi happiness.
2. Bo you think that they founu happiness. What uiu they finu. Bo you think
that they may have confuseu what they founu with happiness. Bow uoes this
happen, anu how is pleasuie uiffeient than happiness.
kead 1 1|mothy S:6
1. Those who seek pleasuie may be pleaseu, but aie they happy. What uoes this
veise tell us about them.
2. If we look foi happiness in sin, we won't finu it, but uoes that mean that
happiness uoesn't exist. What, then, uo we neeu to change.
kead Mormon 2:13
1. The people heie aie sau. Why aie they mouining. Weie they iepentant.
2. What uoes Noimon teach that the Loiu will not always suffei the Nephites to
S. What uo you think this means.
kead Mormon 7:7
1. Chiist biought the ieuemption of the woilu. Wheie will those who aie founu
guiltless uwell.
2. Bow uo we obtain this. Bow uo we finu ouiselves guiltless befoie the Loiu.
S. What is the state of life with uou like.
4. Cuiiently, we uon't live in a Celestial woilu. 0ui woilu is full oi soiiows,
tiials, anu tioubles. Bow can we biing a little bit of heaven into oui lives

;#- $8 $+ $94).+'%+ +) &%), +#$8 +#/9/I ,$<&/0%/88 %/@/. ,'8 #'44$%/88B
?), 0)/8 *%0/.8+'%0$%1 $+ #/34 -)* $% -)*. 3$5/B

S - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: A||egory
kead Iohn 1S:1-2
1. Who is the tiue vine. The husbanuman.
2. If the Savioi is the vine, anu Beavenly Fathei is the Busbanuman, then who
aie the bianches.
S. What happens to the bianches that uon't beai fiuit.
4. What happens to the bianches that B0 beai goou fiuit. What uoes it mean to
"puige". Bo you think that this piocess of puiging is &#01#,'-./% foi the
plant. Why uo you think that the Loiu puiges the fiuitful bianch.
S. If we aie bianches, anu we aie not beaiing goou fiuit, then what uoes the
Loiu uo to us. Bowevei, if we aie biinging foith goou fiuit, then the Loiu, as
the sciiptuie says, will 23,+% us so we can biing foith moie fiuit. In what
ways uo you think that the Loiu puiges his faithful saints.
kead Iohn 1S:3-4
1. As bianches of this vine, wheie aie we supposeu to abiue.
2. Why uoes Chiist explain that a bianch can't abiue on its own. What happens
to a bianch that uoes not abiue in its vine.
S. Bow uoes this apply to us, who aie bianches, anu to Chiist, who is the vine.
kead Iohn 1S:S-6
1. Chiist claiifies oui ielationship with Bim. What uoes Be say. What can we uo
without Bim.
2. If we uo not abiue in Chiist, then what will happen to us.
kead Iohn 1S:7-8
1. If we uo abiue in Chiist, anu Bis woius abiue in us, then what will happen.
2. 0ltimately, the vine that abiues in Chiist will beai much fiuit. Bow uoes
Beavenly Fathei feel about this.
S. What uoes it mean to be fiuitful. Bow can you beai goou fiuit.
4. Is it enough to go along in life not beaiing bau fiuitcan you get by in life
being a bianch that uoesn't beai any kinu of fiuitneithei goou noi bau.
Whywhy not.
S. What uo we have to uo to inheiit eteinal life.
6. What is the key in beaiing goou fiuit.
kead Iohn 1S:9-11
1. Beie, the Loiu is not speaking in allegoiical oi symbolic teims. Be is finally
making the complete tiansition to the liteial. Be exhoits us to continue in Bis
love. Bow can this contiibute to oui feeling of happiness.
2. Bow can we abiue in the Love of the Savioi.
S. When we uo abiue in Bis love, how uo we feel.
4. What uo you think it woulu be liketo have youi joy be full. Bow uo you
think that you can stiive foi this goal.

6 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Compare and Contrast
kead Mos|ah 2:36-40
1. If we go contiaiy to what has been taught to us by the piophets, what will
2. Choosing to go contiaiy to the piophets is coming out in open iebellion
against uou. What will happen if we uo this. If we uie, an enemy to uou, what
is oui iewaiu. Will we expeiience meicy.
S. I uon't think that King Benjamin is tiying to scaie us into keeping the
commanuments. Be is just teaching the factsIf we iebel against uou, we
cannot inheiit Bis happiness oi blessings. So, King Benjamin piompts us to
uo something. What uoes he piay that we will uo.
4. What uo you think "wake to a iemembiance" means. Bow uo you uo it.
kead Mos|ah 2:41
1. What is King Benjamin instiucting us to uo in this veise. What uoes he teach
us about the faithful saints.
2. Bow uoes the state of those who aie obeuient to the gospel compaie with
those who aie iebellious.
S. When you think of each gioup, what uo they have in common.
4. Both gioups staiteu off by heaiing the same gospel message. What uiviues
S. Bow uoes the state of obeuient people compaie to those who aie iebellious.
6. Bo you think that the saints weie ieally happy. What maue them happy.
kead Matthew 11:28-30
1. What uoes this sciiptuie have to uo with the happiness of the saints anu the
unhappiness of the iebellious.
2. What can you uo to come unto Chiist, take Bis Yoke upon you, anu
expeiience the happiness Be has in stoie foi the saints.

7 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: napp|ness Scr|pture Cha|n
kead Iob S:17
1. What uoes this veise teach about happiness.
2. Bow is it possible that coiiection fiom uou will make us happy.
S. What is a way that you can be moie open to chastisement anu coiiection
fiom uou.
kead sa|ms 127:S
1. What uoes this veise teach about happiness.
2. Not eveiyone has the oppoitunity to be blesseu to beai chiluien in this life,
yet they may still "have a quivei" full of chiluiennieces, nephews, step-
chiluien, etc. They may teach piimaiy anu have othei "suiiogate" chiluien.
Bow uoes having a quivei of chiluien biing us happiness. Bow can we be
moie positive with the chiluien in oui lives, anu let them be a souice of
kead sa|ms 144:1S
1. What uoes this veise teach about happiness.
2. Bow uo you think that you can make uou youi Loiu.
kead roverbs 3:13
1. What uoes this veise teach about happiness.
2. Bow uo you think that finuing wisuom anu getting unueistanuing helps to
inciease happiness.
S. What, exactly, uoes this veise mean by wisuom oi unueistanuing.
4. What have you uone in youi life to inciease youi wisuom. Bow uiu it iesult
in gieatei happiness.
kead roverbs 14:21
1. What uoes this veise teach about happiness.
2. Bo you think that this sciiptuie iefeis only to people that aie pooi as to
mateiial goous.
S. Bow can we show meicy on the pooi.

F8 -)* #'@/ 8+*0$/0 +#$8 8<.$4+*./ <#'$%D ,/./ +#/./ '%- )@/.'.<#$%1 5//3$%18
-)* #'0 <)%</.%$%1 #'44$%/88B C5 8)D /=43'$% $% -)*. >)*.%'3 ,#'+ +#/- ,/./:
;#'+ 0$0 -)* 3/'.% +)0'-B

8 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: A Story
kead Luke 17:11-13
1. What, to this point, is the inteiaction between the lepeis anu the Savioi.
2. Since they "weie afai off," how uo you think that they weie able to iecognize
the Savioi.
S. What uiu the Savioi uo.
kead Luke 17:14
1. What uoes the Savioi uo when he notices the lepeis' plea.
2. Bow uoes the Savioi heal them.
kead Luke 17:1S-16
1. Bow many lepeis iecognize the Savioi's pait in healing them.
2. Foi all we know, the othei lepeis weie giateful to be healeu. They weie on
theii way to the piiest. Peihaps they misunueistoou the souice of theii
miiacleanu thankeu the piiest oi some othei peison. We uon't ieally know.
All we know, howevei, is that only one healeu lepei openly iecognizeu the
Savioi as his healei. In veises 1S-16, it tells how he gave thanks. What uiu he
kead Luke 17:17-19
1. What is Chiist's iesponse to the Lepei who thankeu Bim.
2. Bow many of the lepeis weie cleanseu.
S. Bow many of the lepeis weie maue whole.
4. What is the uiffeience between being cleanseu anu being maue whole.
S. What uo you think the connection between giatituue anu being maue whole
might be.

?), <'% -)* /=4./88 +#/ &$%0 )5 1.'+$+*0/ +#'+ ,$33 #/34 -)* +) (/ 9'0/

?), 0) -)* +#$%& +#'+ 8*<# 1.'+$+*0/ ,$33 '55/<+ -)*. '($3$+- +) 5//3

9 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: L|st
kead A|ma 34:37
1. Beie, what is Amulek encouiaging us to uo.
2. What uo you think "to woik out youi salvation with feai befoie uou" means.
S. Bow uo you think that this can be uone.
What fo||ows |s a ||stof ways that can he|p us as we work out our sa|vat|on
before God. L|st them |n your scr|ptures as you read the end of A|ma 34:37-38.
1. !" $"%& '&() *+& ,"-.(/ "0 ,+%.1* - What uoes this ieally mean.
Remembei, even Petei uenieu Chiist, yet we know that Petei believeu the
Savioi. Aie theie ways that we, even those who believe in Chiist anu have
covenanteu with Bim "ueny" Chiist. What can we uo to change.
2. ,"(*&(2 !" $"%& 3/3.(1* *+& 4"5) 6+"1*Aie theie times when we ignoie
the piomptings of the Boly uhost. What can you uo insteau.
S. 7&8&.9& *+& 4"5) 6+"1*Bow uoes one ieceive the Boly uhost. If you have
ieceiveu it, can you foiget about it. What aie othei ways that you can make
suie to "ieceive" it on a uaily basisso it tiuly is always with you.
4. :3;& <="( *+& !3-& "0 ,+%.1*What must you uo to take on Bis name.
Bave you uone this. Boes Bis name evei get tainisheu oi uenieu by youi
actions. What can you uo to ienew this ielationship (weekly!). Bow uoes it
feel to know that you beai Chiist's name.
S. 4<->5& ?"<%1&59&1Why is humility necessaiy in woiking oui salvation
befoie uou. What can you uo to inciease humility.
6. @"%1+.= 6"2Bow is this uone. Is Sunuay the only time you can woiship.
What is the significance of woiship. Aie theie times that we woiship
something othei than uou. What aie some of the ways that we can impiove
oui woiship.
7. A.9& .( :+3(;1/.9.(/ '3.5)why uo we neeu to be giateful to uou. What
aie some of the ways that we show giatituue. What aie some of the meicies
anu blessings you have ieceiveu fiom uou. Bow often shoulu we be giving
thanks. Bow can you make giatituue a pait of uaily life.
8. B& C3*8+0<5 <(*" D%3)&% ,"(*.(<355)We aie "exhoiteu" to piay always.
Why. What kinu of powei uoes piayei give us. Bave you evei expeiienceu
the powei of piayei. If not, begin piaying nowWhat can you uo to choose
to have an expeiience with piayei. If so, then think about the powei that you
have expeiienceu. how you might impiove youi piayeis.
9. 439& D3*.&(8&EWe aie tolu that patience will help us in ieceiving salvation.
Bow so. What is the hope that we can keep in oui heaits that will help us to
be patient. Bow uoes 'iest' fiim youi iesolve to be patient anu obeuient.

;#'+ 0)/8 +#$8 3$8+ #'@/ +) 0) ,$+# 1.'+$+*0/B J) -)* +#$%& +#'+ 1.'+$+*0/ $8
)%3- /=4./88/0 (- 8'-$%1 K+#'%& -)*LB ?), <'% )*. )+#/. '<+$)%8 8#), '%
'++$+*0/ )5 1.'+$+*0/B C+ 8//98 +#'+ 1.'+$+*0/ 5$+8 $% ,$+# '39)8+ '33 )5 +#/8/
4)$%+8: J) -)* %)+$</ ' <)%%/<+$)% (/+,//% +#/8/ 4)$%+8 '%0 #'@$%1
1.'+$+*0/B ;#'+ 0)/8 1.'+$+*0/ 9/'% +) -)*B

?), <'% )(+'$%$%1 1.'+$+*0/ '%0 0)$%1 +#/ +#$%18 '8 F9*3/& #'8 $%8+.*<+/0
'00 +) )*. )@/.'33 #'44$%/88B

10 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: 1he Commandment of Grat|tude
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants S9:1-4
1. These veises give us a little context of the iest of the chaptei.
2. To whom is the Loiu speaking.
S. Bow can you make suie that youi feet "stanu upon the lanu of Zion". (Bint,
this uoes N0T mean that you have to live in 0tah!)
4. In veise foui, notice what the Loiu will give themhe mentions thiee things.
What aie they.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants S9:S-8
1. What aie the commanuments that the Loiu gives.
2. In veise 7, the Loiu commanus us to be giateful in -// things. Bo you think
that "all things" is limiteu to positive blessings.
S. Bow uo we show giatituue in -// '4($+).
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants S9:9-19
1. What is the Loiu teaching about in these veises.
2. What aie some of the benefits listeu in veise 9 conceining keeping the
Sabbath Bay holy.
S. What aie the things we shoulu be uoing on the Sabbath.
4. What is the ielationship between fasting anu happiness.
S. In veise 1S, the Loiu gives an instiuction on how we shoulu keep the
commanuments Be has given us. What uoes Be say.
6. What aie the blessings of uoing all Be has commanueu with thanksgiving anu
a cheeiful countenance.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants S9:20-24
1. We just finisheu ieauing about the blessings that uou will give us when we
obey Bis commanuments with cheei anu giatituue. Bow uoes uou feel about
giving us these things.
2. Bow uoes Be want us to ieceive anu use them.
S. Bow uoes having giatituue help us to use oui blessings with juugment.
4. In veise 21, how uoes uou feel about those who uo not confess Bis hanu in all
S. What uo you think to "confess Bis hanu in all things" means.
6. Why uo you think that Beavenly Fathei caies that we iecognize Bis hanu.
7. Bow can we confess Bis hanu.
8. What aie the iewaius we ieceive when we uo so. (See vs. 2S.)

;#'+ $8 +#/ <)%%/<+$)% (/+,//% 1.'+$+*0/D &//4$%1 +#/ <)99'%09/%+8D '%0

M/$%1 1.'+/5*3 $8 9/%+$)%/0 +#.// +$9/8 $% +#$8 <#'4+/.D 84/<$5$<'33-: ;#'+ $8
+#/ 8$1%$5$<'%</ )5 /'<# 9/%+$)%B

?), <'% -)* (/ 9)./ 1.'+/5*32$% &//4$%1 +#/ <)99'%09/%+8 '%0 $%
./</$@$%1 (3/88$%18B

?), 0) -)* +#$%& +#'+ <*3+$@'+$%1 +#$8 <#//.5*3 '++$+*0/ ,$33 #/34 -)*. )@/.'33

11 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: attern
kead Matthew 1S:36-37
1. Notice what is happening in these veises.
2. Chiist is the ultimate example, anu heie Be gives us an example of how we
ought to conuuct ouiselves. What uiu Chiist uo fiist.
S. Bow many people weie theie to be feu.
4. Bow many loaves anu fishes uiu Be have.
S. Aie we always giateful foi blessings that seem like they may be insufficient.
What woulu be youi usual ieaction to such a scenaiio.
6. Is it easy to be giateful foi a blessing that seems so uiffeient than what you
think you iequesteu. Whywhy not.
kead h|||pp|ans 4:6
1. What uoes Paul teach heie.
Not on|y does au| teach us to be gratefu| |n our requests to God, but he a|so
pract|ces |t. kead Acts 16:2S
1. Wheie aie Paul anu Silas.
2. What aie they uoing.
S. Why uo you think that they weie piaising anu singing to uou. Why woulu
they be giateful when they weie in jail.
4. Bow uo you think that Paul uevelopeu faith to be giateful uuiing such
uifficult tiials.
kead Lther 6:4-12
1. Wheie aie the people.
2. Bow is the Loiu piopelling them on theii jouiney ovei the seas.
S. What uo you think that this woulu be like. Remembei, theie aie also flocks,
heius, beasts, animals, anu even bees with them in these baiges. Bow woulu
you ueal with this situation.
4. Biu the winus evei cease to blow.
S. In youi life, uo "winus evei cease to blow". Bow uo you usually feel about
these tiials, these stoims.
6. In veise 9, how uo the }aieuites ueal with theii situation, in baiges, with
animals, while the seas aie iaging anu winus aie blowing.
7. Bow uo you think that you coulu leain to piaise uou even in the miust of
8. When the }aieuites maue it to the Piomiseu Lanu, what uiu they uo. (See
veise 12.)
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants S9:1S
1. When we giatefully uo what uou commanus, then what uoes Be bless us
2. }ust as the multituue was feu with only 7 loaves anu fishes anu weie filleu,
we can be filleu with uou's blessings when we go to the Loiu with giatituue
in oui heaitsfoi the little we B0 have. What aie some things that you can
uo to keep thanksgiving anu giatituue at the foiefiont of youi minu, even
when you suffei thiough tiials.

12 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Scr|pture Cha|nGrat|tude
kead A|ma 37:37
1. What aie we taught to uo in this veise.
2. What uo you think that "counsel with the Loiu" actually means.
S. Evaluate youi piayeisaie you counseling with the Loiu. What shoulu you
uo to ensuie that you aie.
4. Alma teaches that at night, we watch Beavenly Fathei to watch ovei us. What
uo we uo fiist thing in the moining.
S. What uo you think that the connection between giatituue anu "counseling
with the Loiu" is.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants 46:32
1. What shoulu we be expiessing thanks foi.
2. What uoes "whatsoevei blessing ye aie blesseu with" incluue.
S. What uoesn't it incluue.
4. Bo you think that auveisities anu tiials may be consiueieu blessings.
S. Bow can you make suie that you aie tiuly thankful foi whatsoevei blessing
you aie blesseu with.
kead sa|ms 97:12
1. We aie taught in this veise to uo two uiffeient, but ielateu, things. What aie
2. Bow uo you think that iejoicing anu giving thanks aie ielateu.
S. Bow can unueistanuing this ielationship help you to finu moie joy anu
happiness in youi life.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants 62:7
1. What is the loiu willing to bless us with.
2. Boes he have a conuition on what type of blessings Be will give us.
S. What is that conuition.
4. Bow can we ieceive Bis blessings with a giateful heait.
S. Aie theie some blessings (like a hoise oi muleiathei than a chaiiot) that
aie not woithy of thanksgiving.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants 78:19
1. What is the consequence of ieceiving all things with thankfulness.
2. Bo you see the amazing upwaiu cycle this is. The Loiu blesses us, we show
giatituue, anu then 4% ./%))%) 3) %5%$ 0#,%6
S. Bow uoes it make you feel to know that you have such a loving Beavenly
Fathei, willing to bless you with eveiything that Be has.
4. Bow uoes this love help you to accept some of the blessings we ieceive that
come in the foim of tiials.

F5+/. ./'0$%1 +#$8 8<.$4+*./ <#'$%D ./<).0 8)9/ +#)*1#+8 )% 1.'+$+*0/D
+#'%&81$@$%1D -)*. ./3'+$)%8#$4 ,$+# ?/'@/%3- A'+#/.D '%0 #'44$%/88:
13 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Conference 1a|k

Ior today's ass|gnment, read "1he D|v|ne G|ft of Grat|tude" - a Conference ta|k
g|ven by res|dent 1homas S. Monson |n the Cctober 2010 Genera| Conference.

As you ieau, maik anything that stanus out to you. Wiite a few notes on 748 these
things maue an impiession. Take a moment to ieally leain fiom the Spiiit.

14 - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng: Connect|on - Ioy and 1hanksg|v|ng
kead 3 Neph| 10:10
1. This veise begins in a pietty calamitous state. What is happening.
2. Thiough the veise, how uoes the moou change.
S. What causes mouining anu lamentations to tuin to joy anu thanksgiving,
4. Bave you noticeu a connection between mouining anu joy in youi life.
Between lamentations anu thanksgiving. Bow have these tiials tuineu to
blessings in youi life.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants 136:29
1. In this veise, what aie we taught to uo. Why
2. Bave you expeiienceu this in youi lifewheie the Loiu tuineu youi soiiow
into joy. Wiite about this expeiience in youi sciiptuie jouinal.
kead Doctr|ne and Covenants 136:28
1. What aie some of the ways that we expiess oui joy, accoiuing to this
2. Nost of the expiessions listeu aie cieative expiessions. What aie some of the
things that you can uo to expiess youi giatituue to Beavenly Fathei.

"#$%& '()*+ +#/ 3'8+ +,) ,//&8 -)*7@/ (//% 8+*0-$%1 >)- '%0 +#'%&81$@$%1:
;#'+ './ 8)9/ )5 +#/ $94./88$)%8 -)* #'@/ #'0B ?'@/ -)* #'0 '%- $0/'8 )%
,'-8 +#'+ -)* <'% <#'%1/ ). +#$%18 -)* <'% 0) '8 ' ./8*3+ )5 ,#'+ -)* #'@/
3/'.%/0 5.)9 +#$8 8+*0-B ?), <'% -)* $943/9/%+ ,#'+ -)* #'@/ 3/'.%/0 $%
-)*. 3$5/B