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"the mouse"

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Steve Cririg ofVicnroto besr descr ibcs rvhet l-re and his fither trhrrirr, ollcr rheir

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motorclcling r-oads in Yictor-ia on the bacli

oi thelt fullv cquipped K 1200 G f.

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attirude. Stcve and trfarrin Craig * crc nto

tor-o'clists looking ior.r chrnge liorD drerr lives in Hcahh and Dcfcnce indLrstlics and

thcl s:rl'e gap in thc m.rrkct. l1rcl trirccl ro oflir a premium rclr.icc on the nosr

Abovei Steven Craig

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trlalrin hrcl.L lclnrnq to B\l\\i.r' hc

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K 1200 (ll

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Above: Martin and Steven Craig

poinred in choosing this desrinariorl. For those after a longer adventure,

the two-day overnight rrips can take in the Grcat Ocean or Alpine roads or the

Prom ,r

of cour,e, de,rinatiol\ of choice.

Fuervrhing i' in rhepackage.ju'r be ready to be picked-up. Tr i' not only rhe bike rhat i. cop of

the range, customers are kitted out in

full motorcycle clothing for comfort and

protection and all helmets come equipped

with communication so passengers can ralk

to Steve or Mertin. lfit is a couple on the

ride rhe


ollorv' Ful] communic;rion


motorcycles. As Steve pointed out'Thrs rs more than iusr a ride on a motorcycle, it is an experience to be enjoyed and remem- beredl

Steve said the range ofcustomers is all

encompassing. Manv are from overseas or interstate on short-term visits and othcrs

are locals, all wandng a different way to

Iook at the countryside and experience the

best that Victoria has ro offer. For a few

it is the lirst step on the journey back to

notorcycling and what befter way ro do

ic than on the heated (in winter anlway !) seat ofa K 1200 GT.

riders and passengers on bolh

lVho krow

in rhe future che bol r

might offer their passengers the option ofa

club ride. norv rhec 'r ould be a complctell

different experience. Steve said that the 6rst eleven months ofoperation heve been successful and

rewrrding and he and Mrrrin are norv in

the planning srages ofexpanding rheir operations to offer guided multi-day tours

(7'10 days) rvith riders on fully equipped BM!f models. This will attract overseas riders looking for an Aussie two-rvheeled

advcnture in a group environmen!. Thr rs now r gror ing \ectol ofworld rourr.rr

This is a very professional outlit,look-

ing after tourists on our favourite moror-

cycle, in a manner befittingBM\V. Check

it out at w1\,.w,


r', rlr

in-. rt r'*^:<

ln 1517 Augusrinian monk, Martrn


Lurher n;iled hi, 95 The'e, ro rhe door

ofAll Saints Castle church in the Gernran

city of\Wittenberg. Ir was lhe srart ofrhe Reformation.

In his Theses, Luther ser out his disser,

isfaction with the Church and horv it had rurned a\\ry from Cod. One ofhi. major criticisms was the sale oflndulgences, their

idea thac for money given to the Church

you could buyyour way ofsin and time

that would be spenr in Purgatory. It was a

nice litale earnet as Arthur Daley would say. It had become a gianr rort; sin a bir, pay a bit more and everyone is happy.

Luther did not think that rhis was the true mission ofthe Church. Everything changes, but everything

stavs lhe same.

The new'Green Religion'it seems has

clo,ely modelled ir,elIon rhe[or- mation Church. It has rhe dogma ofin-

fallibiliry (excepr it is all adherents ofthe faith and not just the leader) ir conducts

inquisitions on all non- believers and

although there is no death penahy, any professional who ques.ions any aspecr

ofGreen philo.ophy i. ridiculed ro rhe point of'professional deathl Like the

Church ofold it has major pcrsonalities preaching doom and gloom and the end

ofthe rvorld. Ofcourse there is redemp- tion and this, ofcourse, can come in thc form of carbon-credits ofoffsets.Just like


The European automotive industry

will be the vicim ofthe latesr possible

Green Larv handed down by the Euro- pean Commission, the non-elected bodv

based in Brussels (yes Europeans are only

nerv to democracy). It will add about

$2000 to rhe price ofvehicles produced

in Europe and rvould increase due to iines ifnew emission targets are not met alier 2012 and triple after 2015. Other than BMW, Me(cedes and Porsche, rhis proposed law would hit all European manufacturers hard as ir

will be based on 'total lleerl These threc

producers, unlike VlX/ group, Fiat and

Peugeot/Citroen, do nor have cars in lhe

light compact class, bur are almost rorally based in the larger car market. Before the plan was handed down, Fiat boss and presidenr of the Furopean Automobile Producers Association, strongly op- posed the plan as it will put Europe at a disadvantage and could force production

to movs our ofturope. He rdded rhar

all manufacturers are improving emission

levels but rhe 120 gm/km will cost jobs.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

attacked rhe proposal as a direct assaulr on German manufacturers. She was noc


She w.r, nor rhe onll one. rhe,hare

market reacted by lopping 3% ofthe

.hare price. oFrhe auto producer. and it

has not improved in the months since the

Brussels announcement. These are challenging times for all





' r.'

car producers and what affects BMW as

a rvhole will have repercussions

at BMV

Motorrad. \We live in interesring times.

{ln ?le ,,il'.:

600- wer onorher record ye"r For BMW

EMotorrad with worldwide rales up

2.4% to 102,,i67. Not a nassive increasc but inline with expectations. The motorcycle market is cough; there are established manufacturers and newcomers out of Asia battling arvay at rvhat is a small market in terms of automo- tive production. This is even more so in the 'leisure' area in rvhich BM\tr Mororrad operates. It n]ost cases it is a secondary

purchase so it is affected by general eco-

nomic condiaions more than perhaps other

products. It is, as rve know a grear life,sryle

but it sornetimes has to run a close seconor

In Australia BM\( Mororrad, as we

read last month, had a very pleasing vear

u'ith sales upjust under l5%, well above the average for the res! ofrhe world.

Cermrny i' the large,r m;rket and ir

r,r'as depressed, nor jusr for BM!f Mo-

torrad, but all manufacturers. This is a reflection on the Gernan cconomy and el.o i. the cflecc ofa VAT increa'e thar commenced onJanuary I lasr year Thrs

caused a record sal€s 6gure for December

2006. The real impact ofthis large increase

in government greed will not be known

until the end of2008. There was a dccrease

of2,l13 to a srill large roral of21,504.

The market situation can perhaps best be explained by the fact that BM\(/ Motor-

rad sales fell bur their share ofthe toral

marker rose from l8.5lo in 2006 to 19.2o/a

in 2007. The Italians are in second place on the I:ddem ith l+,+2-r, .rn increa,e of--J rnd third was the USA rvith 12,825, down 731 on 2006. The American marker is aLo in a slump, which can explain some ofthe de,

crease, but I anr sure Munich had a higher

6gure in mind. Former BMW Mororrad Australia General Manager, Mac McMath is probablv in a quandarv as to how to get

things movingforward and is also less than

pleased (can we say pissed-oif?) with tne recent annouDcement thar the F 800 GS would be going to European cusromers 6rst. This is the bike that has caused thc

mo\r nder inrere\r in mlny yern rnd isjurr

what nrany Americans (and othcrs)went.

The Spaniards rounded out the rop-four with 10,382, 380 up on 2007. Those 300 police bikes delivered in December came at a good time !