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noe eg oe WY) A Comprehensive Analysis of the Tremolo Technique Tole Classical, Flamenco, Fingerstyle Guitar BY IOANNIS ANASTASSAKIS MEL BAY PUBLICATIONS, ING. BM elspa ei eam Ox 2) ‘we ART oF A Comprehensive Analysis of the Tremolo Technique BY IOANNIS ANASTASSAKIS author of The Art of Rasgueado (MB98405) and Guitar Journals - Flamenco (MB20925DP) Includes chapters on A-note tremolo, S-note flamenco tremolo, S-note extended melody tremolo, 6-note iremolo, 8-note tremolo and the continuous extended tremolo Cover photo © Stavros Tsoupas 1234567890 008 BY MEL BAY PUBLICATIONS, INC. PACIFIC, MO 62069 INTERNATIONAL COPYRK Visit us on the Web at — E-mail us at Table of Contents Introduction... Chapter 1: Tremolo Practice Techniques Building a Technical Foundation .. Rest Strokes a Thumb ~ Ring Finger Scales Scales with Middle-Ring Finger Alteration ‘Variable Accents Scales Using a-m-i Altemnatior Using All the Bass Strings .. Single-String Tremolo.. “p” and “a” Playing Simultaneously Tremolo on the Inside Strings.... Quasi-Chromatie Seales... Speed Bursts Rhythmical Tricks.. More Rhythm Tricks Even More Rhythm Tricks Final Rhythm Trick: Triplets Advanced Right Hand Finger Independence Rasgueados Continuous ami Rasgueado: Continuous Rasgueado with a-m .. Continuous Rasgueado with ai ... More Single String Scales Middle Finger Rest Stroke ‘Tremolo Arpeggios! BRRBSRoCeS Chapter 2: Variations on Traditional Tremolo Variation #1 ~The p-i-m-i Tremolo Variation #2 ~ The p-i-a-i Tremolo... Variation #3 ~ The p-i-m-a Tremolo Variation #4 ~ The p-m-i-a Tremolo Variation #5 — The p-a-i-m Tremolo. Chapter 3: Extended Tremolo Techniques Flamenco Tremolo - Traditional . Flamenco Tremolo - Advanced “Angelika” ~ Easy Version “Angelika” — Regular Version “Angelika” — Advanced Version Six-Note Flamenco Tremol Eight-Note Flamenco Tremolo . Continuous Tremolo