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Anton LaVey

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Howard Stanton Levey April , !"# $hicago, %llinois, &'S' (cto)er *!, !!+ ,aged -+. Died San Francisco, $alifornia, &'S' Occupation writer, pu)lic speaker Notable The Satanic Bible work(s) The Satanic Witch /arla La0ey, 1eena Schreck, Satan Children 2er3es $arnacki La0ey Born %nfluences4show5

Anton Szandor LaVey,4 5 ,April , !"# 6 (cto)er *!, !!+. )orn oward Stanton Le!ey, was the American founder and High 7riest of the $hurch of Satan as well as a writer, occultist, and musician' He was the author of The Satanic Bible and the founder of La0eyan Satanism, a synthesi8ed system of his understanding of human nature and the insights of philosophers who advocated materialism and individualism'


9iography * :he First Family of Satanism " $ontroversy ; La0ey related )ooks

;' 9ooks )y La0ey ;'* 9ooks featuring writings )y La0ey ;'" 9ooks a)out La0ey < =ecordings of Anton La0ey - See also + >otes ? @3ternal links o ?' Writings )y La0ey o ?'* %nterviews with La0ey
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?'" A)out La0ey

"edit# Bio$raphy
La0ey was )orn in $hicago, %llinois to Jewish parents Aichael Joseph Levey, a liBuor distri)utor from (maha, >e)raska, and his wife, Certrude Augusta $oultron'4*5 His family soon moved to $alifornia, where he spent most of his early life in the San Francisco 9ay Area and later in Clo)e, Ari8ona' According to his )iography, his ancestry includes French, Alsatian, Cerman, Ceorgian, and =omanian stock'4"5 His parents supported the development of his musical a)ilities as he tried his hand at various instruments, his favorite )eing key)oards such as the pipe organ and the calliope' La0eyDs )iography tells of his dropping out of high school to Eoin a circus and carnivals, first as a rousta)out and cage )oy in an act with the )ig cats, later as a musician playing the calliope' La0ey later noted that seeing many of the same men attending )oth the )awdy Saturday night shows and the tent revival meetings on Sunday mornings reinforced his increasingly cynical view of religion' He later had many stints as an organist in )ars, lounges, and nightclu)s' While playing organ in Los Angeles )urlesBue houses, he reportedly had a )rief affair with the thenFunknown Aarilyn Aonroe as she was dancing at the Aayan :heater' :his claim has )een challenged )y those who knew Aonroe at the time, as well as the manager of the Aayan, 7aul 0alentine, who stated that she had never )een one of his dancers, nor had the theater ever )een used as a )urlesBue house or for G)ump and grindG shows'4;5 According to his )iography, La0ey moved )ack to San Francisco where he worked for a while as a photographer for the police department' He also da))led as a psychic investigator, looking into G?## callsG referred to him )y the police department' Later )iographers have Buestioned whether La0ey ever worked with the police, as there are no surviving records su)stantiating the claim' La0ey met ,in !<#. and married , !< . $arole Lansing , !"< or !"- F !+<., with whom he had his first daughter, /arla La0ey, in !<*' :hey divorced in !-# after La0ey )ecame entranced )y Hiane Hegarty' Hegarty and La0ey never married, )ut she was his companion for many years, and )ore his second daughter, 1eena Calatea La0ey in !-"'

9ecoming a local cele)rity through his paranormal research and live performances as an organist ,including playing the Wurlit8er at the Lost Weekend cocktail lounge., he attracted many San Francisco nota)les to his parties' Cuests included $arin de 7lessin, Aichael Harner, $hester A' Arthur %%%, Forrest J' Ackerman, Frit8 Lei)er, Hr' $ecil @' >i3on, and /enneth Anger' La0ey )egan presenting Friday night lectures on the occult to what he called a GAagic $ircleG of associates who shared his interests' A mem)er of this circle suggested that he had the )asis for a new religion' (n Walpurgisnacht, "# April !--, he ritualistically shaved his head in the tradition of ancient e3ecutioners, declared the founding of the $hurch of Satan and proclaimed !-- as Gthe year (neG, Anno SatanasIthe first year of the Age of Satan' Aedia attention followed the su)seBuent Satanic wedding ceremony of radical Eournalist John =aymond to >ew Jork socialite Judith $ase on Fe)ruary , !-+ ,photographed )y Joe =osenthal.' The Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle were among the newspapers that printed articles du))ing him G:he 9lack 7ope'G La0ey performed Satanic )aptisms ,including one for 1eena. and Satanic funerals ,including one for naval machinistFrepairman thirdFclass @dward (lsen, complete with a chromeF helmeted honor guard., and released a record al)um entitled The Satanic Mass' %n the late !-#s and early !+#s, La0ey melded ideological influences from Ayn =and, 4<5 Friedrich >iet8sche, Aleister $rowley,4-5 H'L' Aencken, and Jack London with the ideology and ritual practices of the $hurch of Satan' He wrote essays introduced with reworked e3cerpts from =agnar =ed)eardKs Might is Right and concluded with LSatani8edM versions of John HeeKs @nochian /eys to create )ooks such as The Satanic Bible, The Compleat Witch ,reFreleased in !?! as The Satanic Witch., and The Satanic Rituals' Hue to increasing visi)ility through his )ooks, La0ey was the su)Eect of numerous articles in the news media throughout the world, including popular maga8ines such as Look, McCall's, Newsweek, and T M!, and menKs maga8ines' He also appeared on talk shows such as Joe 7yne, 7hil Honahue, and Johnny $arson, and in a feature length documentary called Satanis" The #e$il's Mass in !+#' Hegarty and La0ey separated in the midF !?#s, and she sued for palimony' :he claim was settled out of court' La0eyKs ne3t and final companion was 9lanche 9arton' 9arton and La0ey are the parents of Satan 2er3es $arnacki La0ey, )orn >ovem)er , !!"' She succeeded herself as the head of the $hurch after his death, )ut has since stepped down from that role' Anton La0ey died on (cto)er *!, !!+, in St' AaryDs Hospital, San Francisco of pulmonary edema' He was taken to St' AaryDs, a $atholic hospital, )ecause it was the closest availa)le' For reasons open to speculation, the time and date of his death was incorrectly ,)y two days. listed as the morning of Halloween on his death certificate' His daughter 1eena Schreck claimed responsi)ility for La0eyDs death through putting a ritual curse on him' A secret Satanic funeral, attended )y invitation only, was held in $olma' La0eyDs )ody was cremated, with his ashes eventually divided amongst his heirs as part

of a settlement, on the assumption that they possess occult potency, and can )e used for acts of Satanic ritual magic' La0ey was known )y many as GdoctorG ,sometimes spelled GdoktorG., not a claim of academic standing'4citation nee%e%5

"edit# %he &irst &a'ily o( Satanis'

Anton S8andor La0ey , !"#F !!+. o High 7riest and Founder of $oS ,the $hurch of Satan.' $arole Lansing o AntonDs First Wife and Aother of /arla Aarit8a La0ey' /arla Aarit8a La0ey ,)orn !<*. o Haughter of Anton and $arole' o High 7riestess of the $hurch of Satan , !!# to !!+.N High 7riestess of the First Satanic $hurch , !!! to 7resent.' Hiane HegartyFLa0ey ,)orn !;*. o AntonDs liveFin companionN Aother of 1eena Calatea La0ey' o Hostess, AodelF@nchantress, Aother, AagicianDs Wife, and High 7riestess of the $hurch of Satan , !-- to !?;.' 1eena Calatea La0eyFSchreck ,)orn !-". o Haughter of Anton and Hiane' o Wife of 9arry Hu)in, A/A >ikolas Schreck , !?? to 7resent.N Aother of Stanton 1aharoff La0ey' o Alpha Female and $oFdirector of the Werewolf (rder and =adio Werewolf , !?? to !!".' o 7riestess of the :emple of Set , !!< to *##*.N $oFFounding mem)er and High 7riestess of the Storm %nternational 0anguard of the Sethian Aovement ,*##* F >ow Hefunct.' Stanton 1aharoff La0ey ,)orn !+?. o Son of 1eena Calatea Lavey' o Stanton carries on the family tradition as a Glifestyle Satanist'G He is supportive of his grandparentsD character and philosophy' o Aarried S8andora La0ey on #-O#-O#- ,marriage lasted only one year.' S8andora La0ey ,)orn !? . o Former daughterFinFlaw of 1eena La0eyFSchreck' o Worked as a goFgo dancer and hulaFhoop artist for a !<#s surf )and, :he Swank 9astards' o Satanic Aodel, Satanic Witch' o Aarried Stanton La0ey on #-O#-O#- ,divorced the following year.' 9lanche 9arton ,real name Sharon HensleyN )orn !<!. o Last $ompanion of AntonN Aother of 2er3es' o High 7riestess of the $hurch of Satan , !!+ to *##*.' o >ow Aagistra :empi =e3 and $hairFmistress of the $ouncil of >ine ,the governing )ody of the $hurch of Satan.'

2er3es $arnacki La0ey ,)orn !!". o Son of Anton and 9lanche' A standing mem)er of the $hurch of Satan'

"edit# Contro!ersy
Aany different sources Buote him saying : G:he first time % read The &rotocols o' the !l%ers o' (ion, my instinctive reaction was, So whatDs wrong with :HA:P %snDt that the way any master plan should workP HoesnDt the pu)lic deserve it F nay, demand F such despotismPG %n The Book o' Satan, La0ey acknowledged the influence of Might is Right )y mentioning )oth it and =agnar =ed)eard in his dedication page of the Satanic 9i)le ,only early prints of the Satanic 9i)le have this page., as well as in an introduction to a later edition of Aight is =ight'4+5 %n an interview with La0ey a Buestion regarding the )ook arose' La0ey responded )y stating: )Might is Right b* Ragnar Re%bear% is probabl* one o' the most in'lammator* books e$er written+ so who better to write an intro%uction, t was onl* natural that e-cerpte% a 'ew pages o' it 'or The Satanic Bible.)4?5 La0ey went on to state that: )The book has been so in%elibl* linke% with me+ it was 'elt that an* new e%ition shoul% ha$e m* name on it.)4?5 John Smulo, a known critic of Anton La0ey, has stated that G:hough La0ey Eustly charges that many $hristians are guilty of hypocrisy, La0ey falls short himself' :he si3th of La0eyDs @leven Satanic =ules of the @arth says, #o not take that which %oes not belong to *ou unless it is a bur%en to the other person an% he cries out to be relie$e%. &nfortunately, when it came to writing :he Satanic 9i)le, La0ey hypocritically fell short of following his own rules'G Smulo further claimed La0eyDs most well known written work, The Satanic Bible relied heavily on many writers of a philosophical nature, most nota)ly Ayn =and, Friedrich >iet8sche, and Aleister $rowley' La0ey has stated that his religion was LEust Ayn =andKs philosophy, with ceremony and ritual addedG,4!5 though many say that he should )e given credit for his creative synthesis of the thought of others into what has )ecome the most influential statement of modern Satanism'4citation nee%e%5 La0ey has denied claims of plagiarism in :he Satanic 9i)le'4 #5 La0ey did not play, nor ever claim, the role of Satan during the rape scene of Rosemar*'s Bab* ,in fact it was actor $lay :anner. and no technical advisor was used,4 54 *5 the rumor also went unmentioned )y 9lanche 9arton in G:he Ceorges Aontal)a AysteryG

"edit# LaVey related books

"edit# Books by LaVey

The Satanic Bible ,Avon, !-!, %S9> #F"?#F# <"!F#.

The Compleat Witch+ or+ What to %o When /irtue Fails ,Hodd, Aead, !+ , %S9> #F"!-F#-*--F#.N repu)lished as The Satanic Witch ,Feral House, !?!, %S9> #F !**! <F##F?.N reFreleased with an introduction )y 7eggy >adramia, and an afterword )y 9lanche 9arton ,*##", %S9> #F!**! <F?;F!.' The Satanic Rituals ,Avon, !+*, %S9> #F"?#F# "!*F;. The #e$il's Notebook ,Feral House, !!*, %S9> #F!**! <F F". Satan Speaks0, introduction )y 9lanche 9arton, foreword )y Aarilyn Aanson ,Feral House, !!?, %S9> #F!**! <F--F#.

"edit# Books (eaturin$ writin$s by LaVey

GAisanthropiaG, Rants an% ncen%iar* Tracts" /oices o' #esperate lluminations 12234&resent0, edited )y 9o) 9lack and Adam 7arfrey ,Amok 7ress and Loompanics &nlimited, !?!, %S9> #F!; -!"F#"F . G:he %nvisi)le WarG, Apocal*pse Culture: @3panded Q revised edition, edited )y Adam 7arfrey ,Amok 7ress, !!#, %S9> #F!**! <F#<F!. GForwardG, Might is Right+ or The Sur$i$al o' the Fittest )y =agnar =ed)eard, LL'H', edited )y /atEa Lane ,A'H'7' Q $o', Ltd, !!-, %S9> #F! < +!F *F .

"edit# Books about LaVey

The #e$il's A$enger" A Biograph* o' Anton S5an%or La/e* )y 9urton H' Wolfe ,7yramid 9ooks, !+;, %S9> #F< <F#";+ F , (ut of print. The Secret Li'e 6' A Satanist" The Authori5e% Biograph* o' Anton La/e* )y 9lanche 9arton ,Feral House, !!#, %S9> #F!**! <F *F . &opular Witchcra't" Straight 'rom the Witch's Mouth )y Jack Fritscher N featuring Anton La0ey ,&niversity of Wisconsin 7ress : 7opular 7ress, *##;, %S9> #F*!!F *#"##F2, hardcover, %S9> #F*!!F*#"#;F*, paper)ack.

"edit# )ecordin$s o( Anton LaVey

The Satanic Mass, L7 ,Aurgenstrumm =ecords, !-?N reFreleased on $H with one )onus track, GHymn of the Satanic @mpire, or :he 9attle Hymn of the ApocalypseG, )y Amarillo =ecords, !!;N Aephisto Aedia, *## . Answer Me78onolulu Bab*, +G single ,Amarillo =ecords, !!". Strange Music, #G @7 ,Amarillo =ecords, !!;N now availa)le through =eptilian =ecords. Satan Takes A 8oli%a*, $H ,Amarillo =ecords, !!<N now availa)le through =eptilian =ecords.
i$h *riest o( the Church o( Satan !--F !!+ Succeeded )y *eter + ,il'ore a(ter !acancy

7receded )y Church established

"edit# See also

Satanism: An interview with $hurch of Satan High 7riest 7eter Cilmore

"edit# Notes
' - Wright, Lawrence F G%tKs >ot @asy 9eing @vil in a World :hatKs Cone to HellG, =olling Stone,
Septem)er <, !!

: -"F-?, #<F -'

*' - Ancestry of Anton La0ey

"' ;' - 9arton, 9lanche The Secret Li'e o' a Satanist - The Church o' Satan )y Aichael ABuino p' +F !, detailing information from Harry Lipton, AonroeDs agent, 7aul 0alentine and @dward We))erG <' - Lewis, James =' GWho Serves SatanP A Hemographic and %deological 7rofileG' Marburg 9ournal o' Religion' June *## ' -' - 4 5 +' - Might is Right, ,9ensinville, %L: Aichael Hunt !!-.' =agnar =ed)eard, %S9> ' ?' R a b Shane and Amy 9ug)ee' G:he Hoctor is inG' http:OOwww'churchofsatan'comO7agesOAF%nterview'html' !' - @llis, 9ill F ,cited in =aising the Hevil: Satanism, >ew =eligions, and the Aedia' Le3ington, /J: :he &niversity 7ress of /entucky, *###, p' ?#.' ,=efer also to the GSatanism and ()EectivismG essay on the $hurch of Satan we)site where this connection is e3amined at length'. #' - Hypocrisy, 7lagiarism and La0ey ' - G:he $hurch of Satan )y Aicheal ABuino p' +G *' - $astle, William GStep =ight &pS %Dm Conna Scare the 7ants off AmericaG

"edit# ./ternal links

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"edit# 0ritin$s by LaVey

:he >ine Satanic Statements :he @leven Satanic =ules of the @arth :he >ine Satanic Sins 7entagonal =evisionism: A FiveF7oint 7rogram, !?? :he WorldKs Aost 7owerful =eligion @nochian 7ronunciation Cuide Letters From :he Hevil from The National nsi%er, 0ol' ;, >o' +, April *+, !-!' (n (ccultism of the 7ast from The Clo$en 8oo', Septem)er, !+ c'e', 0olume :hree, >um)er >ine'

"edit# 1nter!iews with LaVey

Section concerning Anton La0ey in $hapter 2%% ,Satan in the Su)ur)s. of G(ccult AmericaG )y John Codwin ,Hou)leday Q $ompany, %nc', !+*.

Section concerning Anton La0ey in G@verything Jou @ver Wanted to /now A)out Sorcery, 9ut Were Afraid to AskG )y Arlene J' Fit8gerald ,Aanor 9ooks, !+". LAnton La0ey: AmericaKs Satanic Aaster of Hevils, Aagic, Ausic, and AadnessM )y Walt Harrington in G:he Washington 7ost Aaga8ineG, Fe)ruary *", !?-' LAnton La0ey O :he $hurch of Satan %nterviewM )y @ugene =o)inson in G:he 9irth of :ragedyG, >o' ; L:he Cod %ssueM, >ovem)er !?- F January !?+ GHinner with the Hevil: An evening with Anton S8andor La0ey, the High 7riest of the $hurch of SatanG )y =everend 9o) Johnson in GHigh SocietyG, August, !!;' G:he Hoctor is in''''''G )y Shane Q Amy 9ug)ee in GAF Aaga8ineG T", Summer !!+' %nterview with Anton La0ey )y Aichelle $arr and @lvia Lahman, originally pu)lished in the Septem)er , !!+ 0elvet Hammer souvenir programme'

"edit# About LaVey

Anton S8andor La0ey: A 9iographical Sketch )y Aagus 7eter H' Cilmore, on the $hurch of SatanDs official we)site' Anton Lavey )y Ale3 9urns at disinformation' :he Anton S8andor La0ey Aemorial Anton La0ey Aemorial :ri)ute )y Aagus 7eter H' Cilmore Anton S8andor Lavey: %n memorium Anton S8andor La0ey tri)ute Anton La0ey at the %nternet Aovie Hata)ase Find A Crave @ntry 7eople of Significance entry for La0ey Anton La0ey entry on >>H9 Short )iographical sketch with particular focus on his influence on Aarilyn Aanson, taken from GSpin maga8ineG ,Fe)ruary !!?, pg' -;.' GHas the $hurch of Satan Cone to HellPG )y Jack 9oulware GSF WeeklyG, Jun +, !!?