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Legal Counseling - Is the art of giving advice and information concerning the solution of a legal problem arising from

a given state of facts and the adoption of appropriate reliefs or remedies under the law for the satisfaction and enforcement of a legal obligation before a judicial or quasi-judicial body. Importance of Legal Counseling The need of seeking and giving legal advice to potential litigants especially in the light of our modernized and sophisticated ways of life, and the enactment and or amendment of more laws, both substantive and procedural, cannot be underestimated. The need for the services of a lawyer who is trained to assist people confronted with legal problems becomes a necessity rather than a mere desire The need of persons who are skilled in law to represent litigants in court Importance of lawyers in society !aws can be interpreted only by judges, and judges must first be lawyers thus, ultimately, a government of laws is in effect a government of lawyers The necessities of civilized men, their human rights and their property rights, all the complicated relations of life, render the legal profession honorable and indispensable. !awyers are perpetually engaged in trying to anticipate, prevent, mediate,

settle or win human disagreements involving alleged rights recognized by law. What is considered practice of law? "epends upon each particular act and attendant circumstances It is not limited to the conduct of cases in court It includes the preparation of pleadings and other papers incident to actions and special proceedings the drawing of deeds and other instruments of conveyancing #ne who confers with clients rendering an opinion as to the proper interpretation of a statute and receiving pay for it, is to that e$tend, considered practice of law When not to accept a case %don&t take a case unless you believe in it' in the long run, this advice produces dividends in the building of a good reputation and a successful practice If the client has really no cause of action or defense at all, but merely seeks your legal services to delay and buy time, to obstruct justice and harass the court or the adverse party and you ought to know this as a counselor-at-law, then you should now accept the case "o not accept a case on the ground solely that it has %nuisance value' for purpose of settlement, for this would demean your stature and reputation

When to accept a case If you believe that a case is worthy cause though unpopular or difficult it may be, then do the best you can, for the lawyer is bound to protect the rights of his client the best he can. Options to pursue in order to start a law practice (. )olo private practice *. +ssistant or associate or partner in a private law firm ,. !egal officer in a corporate law department -. .overnment employment Ideal law office (. +re the offices readily accessible/ *. +re the offices appropriately identified/ ,. "o the offices present a neat and orderly appearance/ -. Is there sufficient light for your purposes and to permit your clients to read while waiting/ 0. Is there ample room/ 1. Is the ventilation adequate/ 2. If there is no ventilating system, are electric fans provided necessary/ 3. +re the walls attractively decorated/ 4. "o you have control over the relative humidity/ (5. In the 6summer7 does the 6airconditioning7 system maintain a healthy atmosphere/ ((. +re the offices regularly cleaned/ (*. 8tc,,,,

!ibrary 8quipment 9illing and books )taff How to obtain clients )ince it is a lawyer&s professional capability, reputed and known, that is his most effective means for obtaining and keeping clientele, his primary time, attention, and energy should be devoted to doing a better job and preparing himself to do still a better job (. 9ut clients come before reputation *. 9egin with yourself ,. .o on with the people who know you -. :oining a society or service organization 0. +ssignment by a ;ourt or :udge 1. "onating your time for speaking engagements 2. <eeping your name before the public How to hold clients The following are the characteristics clients look for in an attorney (. =riendliness *. >romptness ,. ;ourtesy -. ?espect for clients 0. 9usiness like attitude 1. ;onsideration in keeping clients informed

How to keep clients happy (. +void unnecessary delay *. <eep your client informed ,. 9e there when your client wants you -. !ook out for your clients interests 0. !ook as effective as your are )orry kulang @, sas