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Wrong decisions against Sachin Tendulkar | Umpiring errors


Sachin Tendulkar is perhaps the batsman who got out the maximum numbers of times bcoz of poor / wrong decision by umpires... We are citing some incidents which we remember, it is quite a big list. There may be many other too. Collected by Harikrishnan, Sayantan, and Ritesh

Bowled off a NO Ball from Crains. 3rd test against NewZealand in 1999. Umpire did not see that?!. Sachin had scored 217 in 1. first innings. Scorecard

In the match against Australia at Adelaide in 1999, Sachin was given Out - caught at forward shortleg by bowler Shane Warne. 2. The ball touched the thigh pads and Umpire Darel Harper gave him out. India had been at 107 for 4 when Ganguly joined Sachin and they put up 108 runs for the 5th wicket. Sachin had scored 61 Scorecard

In the same test match against Australia at Adelaide in 1999, Sachin was given Out - LBW off bowler McGrath. It was an 3. unforgettable FOOLISH decision of the umpire, nothing more to say... Scorecard

Given out by Umpire Ian Robinson LBW - bowler McGrath, in the match against Australia at Sydney in 2000. The ball seemed 4. to hit him too high and was going on leg stump. In that very over, Tendulkar had pulled a short one from McGrath for two, and hooked the next two balls for boundaries. Scorecard


Given out when he was on 44 - CB of ambrose despite the fact that the ball touched his shoulder only - in 1997 ODI vs WI

Given out wrong lbw when he was at 134 (pitched outside of legstump & going outside of off stump!) off Kasprowich at Sharjah 6. final vs Australia in 1998. Video: check from 01:10


A doubtful stump out decision in the match against Srilanka in Colombo final when he was at 128. It was a 50-50 case!


Wrong LBW off Nash vs NZ in Hamilton Test in 1999 when he was on 67. The ball was going way down the leg side.


Wrong LBW off Saqlin Mushtaq vs Pakistan at Delhi Test in 1999 when he was at 6. Pitched outside of leg stump.

Controversial run out following the obstruction of Shoaib in Eden Gardens vs Pakistan in 1999. Surprisingly, the umpire 10. Bucknor did not apply the Obstacle rule...


Wrong bat-pad catch off Shane Warne when Sachin was at 61 vs Australia in Adelaide Test in 1999


Wrong lbw decision of McGrath in Sydney test 1st innings when the ball was going down the leg side. He was at 45 then.

A shocking caught behind decision by umpire Toffo in the ODI against Pak in Perth, 1999, when Sachin had scored 17... (the 13. ball merely flicked Tendulkar's shirt (jersey) and went to the keeper & umpire gave caught behind. Scorecard

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Wrong decisions against Sachin Tendulkar | Umpiring errors


Wrong lbw off Shoaib Akhtar in Sharjah ODI vs Pak in 2000 when he was at 11 runs. It was an inside edge & then pad!

Wrong lbw decision off Abdul Razzak vs Pak in Dhaka in Asia cup ODI 2000 when he had scored 25 runs...the ball was going 15. down the leg side & clearly missing the stumps.

Given out - caught off a No Ball from Gillespie during the 3rd test 2nd innings in Chennai, 2001 India vs Aus when he was at 16. just 17.

In 2002 WI tour 3 out of 4 lbws against Sachin were wrong - all given by Ashoka Desilva! LBW by Cuffy at Port of Spain test 1st 17. innings when Sachin had scored 117

In 2002 WI tour 3 out of 4 lbws against Sachin were wrong - all given by Ashoka Desilva! LBW by Sanford at Port of Spain test 18. 2nd innings vs WI when he was on 0

In 2002 WI tour 3 out of 4 lbws against Sachin were wrong - all givenby Ashoka Desilva! LBW by Dillon at Bridgetown test 19. when he was at 8


Wrong LBW off Oram given by Ashoka Desilva again at Wellington Test in 2002 1st innings. The ball was going over the stumps.

Given wrong LBW by Bucknor at the Gabba test off Gillespie in 2003, where the ball was going clearly over the top. see the 21. video from 05:16


Given wrong caught behind off Brett Lee down the leg side in the MCG Test, 2003


Given wrong LBW off Uma Gul at Lahore Test vs Pak in 2004. Ball was missing the stump & was going way over.

A terrible caught behind decision off Razzak at Eden Test vs Pak by umpire Bucknor while the ball was going miles away from 24. bat & he was on 52.

LBW off Muralitharan at Delhi test, 2005, where the ball pitched outside of leg stump & batman was long stride when he was at 25. 109.

In 2005 LBW off Bandara at Delhi test when he was long stride forward & ball was going clearly over the top when he was on 26. 16.


LBW off Dilshan in Ahmedabad test in 2005 when there was a clear inside edge. He was at 19 runs then.


Wrong LBW off Arshad Khan where the ball hit his gloves & then the pad after 100 in Peshavar ODI vs Pak in 2006.

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Wrong decisions against Sachin Tendulkar | Umpiring errors


Wrong lbw off Monty Panesor at Nagpur test in 2006 vs Eng when he was at 16 runs

Got a shocking LBW by umpire Toffo in Tent Bridge Test, 2007, vs Eng off Collingwood of a wide-ball outside off stump! The 30. umpire apologized later for this. Sachin was on 91 then. The decision by Simon Tauffel who won the ICC award for best umpire for the third consecutive time, that year. Video -watch from 03:25 minutes Last ODI of Eng series 2007 caught behind by Aleem Dar. He realized that he made a mistake but did not change his decision. 31. And the boastful explanation after the match was, "I knew he was not out. But i dont have a habit of changing my decisions". Ex cricketers like Nassir Hussain had criticized this. Video -watch from 01:57 minutes India vs Aus Third test he was dismissed by umpire at 71. He scored centuries in the second and fourth tests. Watch the video clippings - Lee delivers to Tendulkar; the ball hits on top of the pad; at the time of contact, Tendulkar is seen jumping in the air. 32. Lee appeals confidently and umpire Rauf eventually raises the finger... Replays show it was indeed high and going over the top of the stumps. Check in Cricinfo

First ODI 2009 Srilanka Tour of India. Kumara Dharmasena's first decision as Umpire. Ball pitched outside the line of leg stump. 33. Bowler - Thushara.

Second ODI Srilanka Tour of India 2009. In the next match. In this match, Sachin was given out while the ball was going outside 34. leg stump. Bowler - Kulasekhara.

Third ODI Srilanka Tour of India 2009. Hat trick in wrong decision? In this match also the ball was going outside the leg stump. Bowler - D. Fernando. 35. (Video of Decisions 33, 34 n 35) Australia tour of India, 4th ODI: India v Australia at Mohali, Nov 2, 2009. Cricinfo - "Hauritz to Tendulkar, OUT, tosses it up on 36. middle and gets it to turn in, Tendulkar tries to work it with the turn but the ball clips the pads, it wasn't really adjacent to the stumps but umpire de Silva was convinced. Not a very straightforward lbw"

Wrong caught behind decision off Flintoff when Sachin was at 99 runs. The ball kicked up from short of length and reared 37. shoulder high. Tendulkar tried to fend it away, got his hands in front of his face and the ball gone off his arm guard. Watch video

Wrong decision against Sachin off Lyon in 4th inngs 4th test vs Australia. Ball pitched outside off. turned sharlply, missed the leg 38. stump. Given out. Detailed blog post and hawk eye description.

Wrong decision against Sachin in his 199th test match. Tendulkar tried to defend from his crease, pushing forward, and the ball straightened past the outside edge and hit the back leg quite high. He's unlucky to be given after watching replays. The impact was 39. too high, the ball would have gone over the top, but umpire Llong did not think so. -cricinfo. Detailed blog post and hawk eye description.

And the worst thing is, these decisions will not be specified in the records and stats... and the critics will say... "hmm!! It is a part of the game..."

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