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Lai Life Elixir Attunement

LightWorker Series

Founders: The Source and Mother Earth Bearer & Manual: Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel

Lai Life Elixir Attunement (LW Series)

This is a special edition of an empowerment made by Wulf "Jedami" Dietzel and offered to the LightWorker system. It is a free system. It is a gift of the universe. It shall always be given as a gift to others, and it is placed as a part of the
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What it is
Lai Life Elixir is an earthy energy, soft, warm, and tingling. It has a special connection to all living things on planet Earth and a nurturing and vitalizing effect on their bodies. When used it sparkles through the body and revitalizes all body cells, tissues, and organs.

How to receive the attunement

In a relaxed and pleasant sitting or lying position with eyes closed ask your Higher Self and The Source to receive the full attunement to Lai Life Elixir in the name of ... (name of the attuner). Then relax and enjoy the flow of energy. When you feel that the attunement is finished, which probably will be after about 15 minutes, give thanks to Source and Higher Self and enjoy your new connection.

How to use Lai Life Elixir

Whenever you need to be refreshed and revitalized, you can call this energy in and let it run through your body as long as you like. You can also send this energy to others, humans, animals, plants, to refresh their life energies and support them in restructuring and healing.

How to pass on the attunement to others

It is easy to attune others to Lai Life Elixir. In a relaxed and pleasant sitting or lying position with eyes closed connect to this energy. When you feel the energy just ask your Higher Self and The Source to attune ... (name of the attunee) fully to Lai Life Elixir. Then let the energy flow as long as it will. After the flow of energy has finished, give thanks to Source and Higher Self. Please respect that this system is a free gift of the universe and shall always be given as a gift to others.

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