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Vol. 1 Issue 21 Folly Beach’s Newspaper August 7, 2009 w FREE

Traffic cones
Staff Report

efore there was trash, there was traffic.
Although, to make that statement true,
one has to consider what constitutes trash,
and of course there is the concept of traffic as well.
Does a group of Neanderthals tromping through a
prehistoric, Canadian rainforest constitute traffic? I
guess that depends on whether they were following
ice age interstates, or, at least, if they walked in single
In either case, in early 2009, Folly Beach was talking
about traffic problems before they were talking about
trash. The City hired Wilbur Smith & Associates to

Traffic relief on the horizon...

consult on the matter and they provided long-term
solutions at a public meeting, while simultaneously
taking suggestions. However, they also promised
short-term solutions that could provide immediate
relief. The traffic issue may have been put on the back
burner of the public’s consciousness between July 4
and Labor Day, as the trash issue cast a shadow on
every other issue of concern for Folly. However, Labor
Day will roll around and both residents and the City
Council will be reminded that Folly Beach needs to
do something about traffic.
Some may wonder what happened to the short-term
solutions. For those who attended the consultant’s
public hearing, most came away with a sense that
the City would receive some strategies that could be
implemented immediately and would provide some
relief. The City received those strategies, but residents
may not see any relief during this year’s tourist
Mayor Carl Beckmann stated that he expected
the Council to discuss the short-term solutions at the
August work session, which is scheduled for August
11. It is unsure whether or not the City plans to
implement any of the suggested short-term solutions
before Labor Day, which falls on September 7.
The Folly Beach Traffic Study Committee met on
July 23 to discuss the “draft” options presented by
Wilbur Smith & Associates. The Committee evaluated
the options and should be presenting their conclusion
to the Council in the near future as another Traffic
Study meeting has not yet been scheduled.
photo by Allisyn Miller:

E Economy series part II on page 3 No more sandbags on page 7 Can you hear the music on page 10
2 August 7, 2009

Folly Beach City Council

Staff Report
No dogs allowed away from dogs can have a very difficult know the application process. As a result, be directed on appropriate parking habits.
Melissa Bimbi of the U.S. Fish and time gathering enough energy for their the City Council agreed to postpone the Booting apparently teaches people when
Wildlife Service appeared before the City migration. Furthermore, some of these vote for the Board of Zoning Appeals as it they do something wrong.
Council and conducted a presentation birds nest in the sand of the dune areas. was the only one that did not have specific Mayor Beckmann was obviously
that explained how keeping dogs from The eggs and chicks are both susceptible membership requirements and could use uninterested in his discussion and
Lighthouse Inlet beach in the area of the to curious or aggressive dogs putting more candidates. The remaining Boards quickly waved him off without much
old Coast Guard Base would protect some future populations at risk. and Commissions were appointed as consideration. The City unanimously
shorebird populations that need our help. As a result, Mayor Carl Beckmann follows: passed reading of a couple of ordinances
In particular, she discussed the American announced that dogs would no longer be  Accommodations Tax Advisory which outline proper booting and towing
Oystercatcher, Willet, and Wilson’s allowed in the old Coast Guard Base area Board: Paul Chrysostum, D.J. Rich, Cliff practices. The tow ordinance prevents the
Plover. in order to protect the birds. Harvey, John Davis. towing of any vehicle on public property
“Keep in mind that we share the “Folly Beach is a bird sanctuary. We  Parks and Recreation Board: Mary without permission from the Public Safety
beach with these birds,” she said. As their have to do our part,” he said. Ohl. department. It also requires all tow truck
habitats continue to decrease because of  Design Review Board: Gary Brown, operators to have a permit in order to
human influence on the shoreline, the David Bishop. conduct any business in Folly Beach.
Board and Committee appointments
areas of Folly Beach that are used become  Tourism and Visitors Promotion
Members of City Council voted on the
increasingly important. Board: Adam Killerman, Ron Hill, Keep it coming CARTA
various candidates that had applied for the
According to Bimbi, many shorebirds seats that had come up for appointment. Danielle Hartley. The College of Charleston student
use Folly Beach as a resting and/or nesting While some had just enough candidates  Board of Zoning Appeals: government was able to get CARTA to
spot. Some travel upwards of 20,000 miles for the vacancies, others had plenty to Postponed. run a bus (Route 31) to Folly Beach during
during their migration which makes those choose from. For example, there were the spring on a temporary basis. They felt
 Planning Commission: LaJuan
moments of rest especially important. only two vacancies on the Planning the test was successful and would like
Kennedy, Millard Smith. Karen
These birds do not generally consider Commission but six candidates. The CARTA to consider a permanent Folly
McNamara as Mayor’s appointee.
human beings a threat and can relatively Parks and Recreation Board had one Beach route that would run five times a
The City’s Boards and Committees
co-exist. However, they are threatened vacancy and only one candidate. However, day on the weekends from March-May
address relative issues and make decisions
by dogs regardless of whether they are Council members Eddie Ellis and Laura and August-October. The Council passed a
in those fields. They may also make
on a leash or not. They will take flight in Beck acknowledged that there were a resolution supporting the permanent Folly
suggestions to Council on other actions.
order to avoid being in the same area as couple of residents of whom they were Beach route. The student government was
a dog. Birds that have to constantly fly aware that wanted to serve but did not expected to present the resolution during a
Falling on deaf boots meeting with CARTA on July 29.
Recently, Folly Beach has taken on
what some could describe as an over-
Who’s transient
zealous tow/boot company. As a result,
The City Council unanimously passed
the City has crafted a couple of ordinances
a reading of Ordinance 11-09 which is
to protect people in the public domain as
intended to “limit commercialism” on
well as provide guidelines for the tow/
Folly Beach. The ordinance is designed to
boot companies. Towing and booting
restrict transient vendors without catching
became an issue when a private company
the “brick and mortar” businesses in the
was given permission to use some public
net. The transient vendors are those that
property for parking during business
operate with temporary or mobile bases
hours. The company contracted a towing
such as the Italian Ice carts and the new
service to patrol the lot. However, the
Tokyo Crepe business on East Ashley.
towing service began booting vehicles
They also tend to operate during tourist
after business hours.
months only. “Brick and mortar” refers
Richard of R&B Towing was reluctantly
to businesses that tend to operate for the
allowed to speak to Council and attempted
majority of the year, if not year round,
to explain that by booting and towing
and are stationed in actual buildings with
vehicles, he is actually protecting residents
a foundation.
by educating lawbreakers through negative
reinforcement. “Tourists”, he said, need to
August 7, 2009 3

FOLLY ECONOMY SERIES: The rental industry

In a land far, far away Lynn Pierotti

By Lindsey Conklin Publisher

n most fairytales, the beautiful According to LaJuan Kennedy of Fred
princess and the handsome prince ride Holland Realty, “People are looking for Ali Akhyari
off into the sunset, destined to travel more discounts and deals” in their rentals. Editor
to faraway lands. In our fairytale, Folly Incidentally, prices have dropped a little
has become that dream destination, but this summer as rental prices are being
an evil shadow has been cast over the royal negotiated, but not by much. On the other Kristin Hackler
Managing Editor
couple’s sunset dream. The economy has hand, some hotels on the island have not
been cast as the villain, but is it a powerful noticed a difference at all in their average
enough foe to threaten and destroy the daily rate. Swan Richards
magical Folly Beach? decrease expenses by restraining their Folly Beach’s Holiday Inn is Graphic Designer
Our ne’er-do-well is desperately luxury purchases instead of eliminating experiencing consistent business while
working to limit a favorite American them. rates have remained steady when compared
Brittany Urbach
pastime: summer vacations. Outsmarting Another trend, according to local to previous years. However, there have Reporter
the evil forces, however, people have realtors and hotel proprietors, is last minute been more last minute bookings and
discovered that Folly Beach is a great place shopping. Instead of making reservations walk-in traffic. Sarah Irving, Director of
to seek a summer sunshine getaway. Folly six months in advance, travelers are waiting Guest Services, has noticed the fairytale Richard Brendel
has not seen the dramatic decline that to book their trips to ensure that the anomaly working in the hotel. Advertising
similar local areas have witnessed in terms vacation can fit in their budget, and with 843-478-0896
“The industry itself is down, but we’re
of summer rentals. This could be due to the hopes of snagging a last minute deal. doing better and we’re staying on par,” she
the fact that people accustomed to visiting Matt Barba of Avocet noted that, rather says. Interns
Kiawah and Isle of Palms are finding a than booking in January or February, Ken Merkel, General Manager, adds, “I Chris Marchewka
refreshing retreat in Folly Beach as you “People are waiting until March or April, think Folly Beach, based on location and Dylan Sharek
not only have a place to relax, but a way or even May” to inquire about a summer Micah Brown
the connotation of it being lower priced,
to do it at a more affordable price. Dawn holiday escape. Ellien Smith
has benefited. A lot of resorts are down •
Goldman, Manager of the Water’s Edge Online travel sites, TV talk shows, 40-50 percent. We are a predominately Contributors
Inn, noted that they have experienced a news networks and magazine tips all play social and transient hotel and have been Megan Carroll
positive increase in business this year. a role in the way people are travelling able to experience a growth partially due Lindsey Conklin
While occupancy seems to be today, transforming vacationers into to the renovation, the ‘stay-cation’ theory, Joel Flores
maintaining a steady pace, the Realty quintessential bargain hunters. and also the added four to five restaurants Vince Perna
companies (Avocet, Fred Holland, and Smoky Weiner
Headlines on internet websites and on Folly to keep it interesting.” Lara Wittstadt
Dunes Properties) have noticed changes newspaper columns which read “Ten So is this economic villain truly a
in demand patterns. For instance, renters Ways to Recession Proof your Vacation” foe revealing our best kept secret: the Published by
are now looking at vacation homes two or and “Recession Friendly Vacation Rentals” fabulous Folly Beach? Obviously, Folly Lucky Dog Publishing
three streets back from the once highly tempt us to indulge in a much needed is not completely recession proof as rental of South Carolina, LLC
sought after ocean front to cut back on vacation at a better price, with tips on how rates have dropped in some instances. P.O. Box 837
expenditures. People are finding smarter Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482
best to accomplish it. Obviously, these However, occupancy is strong. This
ways to travel and are making efforts to 843-886-NEWS
tips have had an influence on vacationers. recession has produced an abundance of
summer travelers searching to get the best Future deadlines:

 PetsPetofHelpers
bargain for their buck and Folly Beach has August 12 for submissions.
been a financial beneficiary. While much
The Folly Current, a wholly owned subsidiary

of the country seems to be suffering, Folly

the Week
of Lucky Dog Publishing of South Carolina
Beach, which is financially dependent on LLC, is a free, independent newspaper pub-
tourism dollars, is that fantasy land which lished every two weeks and is for and about
seems to remain just out of the reach of Folly Beach. Copies are mailed free of charge
our economic antagonist. Perhaps our to every active mailbox in our coverage area
villain is actually a hero in disguise, saving and are also available at area businesses and
by subscription to non-islanders. Subscrip-
a small town from the dangers of a bad tions are $30 per year for non-residents and
economy and making our story a classic are available by sending a check to Lucky
Folly-tale. Dog Publishing, LLC, P.O. Box 837, Sullivan’s
Island, SC 29482. Contributions of informa-
tion, pictures and articles are welcomed and
are used according to space limitations and
Wentworth Johnny 5 news value and cannot be returned except
by special request. Our editorial content is
I am yet another black cat passed over I am quite the conversation piece with
primarily dedicated to the area of distribution;
for years simply because of the color my groovy ears...and you’ll be the talk of ad space is open to all businesses who want
of my fur….and an ugly wart on my the town at the dog park when you and I to reach the Folly Beach market. Complete
head. I am a 4 ½ year old male who go for a stroll in the sunshine. Sometimes ad creation is $50, however, changes of up to
loves kitty treats. I may seem shy at first my ears choose to pop up - and then the 30% of the original ad are included at no extra
cost. All advertising rates are listed at www.
but after first contact with me I will be next thing you know they are down and under “advertising”.
your instant buddy. I know I am not the floppin’. I am a Terrier and less than a
prettiest cat but don’t judge a book by its year old, so I’m yours for the training.
cover, I have a lot to offer. Come and see Come take me home and let’s get the
what I can offer you.  town talking about my cute self!!!

Pet Helpers is located at 1447 Folly Road, James Island.

Hours: Mon – Fri from 11am – 6pm and Sat from 11am - 5pm.
Closed: Sundays and Holidays.
Call Pet Helpers at 795-1110. Adoption fees: $125 cats & dogs (6 mo. or
younger), $100 for 6 mo. or older. $55 for rabbits. Includes spaying/neutering,
shots, heartworm check, leukemia check, deworming, microchip, collar and tag. Lucky Dog Publishing, LLC
Visit Publishers of The Folly Current, The Island
Eye News and the Island Connection.
4 August 7, 2009

Into the great unopened

By Smoky Weiner

here’s an area of Folly that only I and a few More and more people are coming to the island and mind the sub-domicilian creatures. They are not
select others know. I don’t mean to sound trying to stay. We are running out of room. Where harmful, but are rather hiding from those who
like a know-it-all or anything, but it’s true! can we put them? What can we do as a society or at would do them harm. I feel exactly the same way
The size of this area is probably about twenty five least as a municipality? The answer: R-2 ½ , or two about the underneath of a house. When I’m under
percent of the entire Folly Beach area and yet not point five zoning. Call it what you like. As I lay there, I feel safe. Capital One may call, but they are
one of us has ever seen all of it. It is an amazing deep under a house one day, I thought about how damn sure not coming down there. Even big bad
Island Editorials
wonderland of wildlife and nature, and yet also one the place above me used to be a one story house, burly cops with divorce papers won’t come after you
of human technology, engineering and creativity; which eventually had a second floor added and was down there. In this world of nagging wives, fighting
sometimes quite a bit of creativity. Yes, I’m talking later knocked down and replaced with the present kids, unpleasant bosses, deceitful co-workers and
about the deep unseen catacombs of Folly, where the day thirty nine foot, eleven inch tall building with unrelenting telemarketers and collection agencies, it
air is cool and dank, even in the heat of a summer’s thirty five percent lot coverage. “What are they is actually pure bliss under a house and the nastier
day. “Caves?” you say, “But there are no caves on going to do next?” I thought. I was sprawled out it looks to the untrained eye, the safer I feel. The
Folly!”. Yes, there are. Listen carefully on the right on my work blanket, which was on top of a plastic spiders will not bother you, they enjoy the occasional
day, usually in the late afternoon, and you can hear vapor barrier laid on the ground. I had my radio lighting. I hardly ever see live animals down there,
a tapping sound followed by a soft whirring, and nearby playing the news on NPR. I had a diet coke either. I guess when they see me, they figure I’m
every once in a while a little “barking” sound, like and plenty of lights and it was the only cool place there to eat them so they leave.
steam escaping with a sudden halt on the final “sst”. to be on this really hot day. Where else can you Some day, the real estate people will discover this
Yes, it’s me or one of my brothers. We are under get that outside of being in the water? Some folks new area and convert it into naturally cool, energy
your house. are afraid of the creatures that might be under a efficient living areas (and then it will be taxed). Just
I mention this large and largely undiscovered house, but will just jump right into water teeming remember where you heard it first.
area because of our pressing demographic problems. with sharks and Portuguese Man of War. I don’t

generally easier to convince or coax good behavior

Letters to the Editor by asking nicely than threatening. We propose to Respectfully submitted by Paul Hume on behalf of
hire a couple of young girls to travel the beach on SMACC +P (SamMikeAnnaCarolChris+Paul)
a golf cart on weekends in the season. We want
Send your letters to the them to stop by each and every person they see and
offer garbage bags for their trash. They would also
editor to: inform people of the cup laws and implore people
Dear Editor,
There is an answer to the trash problem on to not only pick up their trash, but to pick up a
little extra. They should warn of the crack down on our beaches and it is not limiting alcohol. When
Note: Be sure to sign your letters. Anonymous letters underage drinking, as well as call the police when I was a kid, we use to go out to the construction
will not be printed. appropriate. These people are there to be friendly sites at the end of the day and collect all the coke
ambassadors for our City and our cause. bottles and take them to a local store, turning them
Dear Folly Beach, in for two cents a piece. This old policy could be
4. Two or three UNDERCOVER officers
brought back, only with five cents on all canned
I am writing this letter on behalf of a self- should be dispatched on and around the beach.
drinks in SC, and allow aluminum cans only on
appointed committee determined to RESOLVE the These officers are there to enforce the law, write
the beach. Why add cups to the formula, when
garbage/litter issue and underage drinking problems tickets, and provide a heads up to other officers of
everyone has to pour their drinks from a can or
on the beach, as well as the island in general. We problems in the making.
bottle into a cup, increasing the amount of trash? If
want the world to know that we will no longer put 5. The Mayor should go to all media outlets and
the purchaser didn’t return his 18 pack back in for
up with people’s trash and illegal behavior on Folly make it known that the Folly Beach that didn’t
the 90 cents, some energetic kid looking for money
Beach. We believe that any workable solution will enforce much is now the Folly Beach that is planning
in his pocket would. Any money left over from the
require both the will and ability of our City and to derive as much of our public safety revenue as
additional five cents per can could be used to fund
its citizens to enforce the laws and abide by them. possible from the fines and enforcement assessed to
beach cleanup. This is not a new idea. I think this
Additionally, in order to be permanently workable, the “day trippers”. In addition, the Mayor should
is still done by some states in the Northeast. This
it must be cost effective. follow up weekly with gleeful reports on how many
would also set up a good way to recycle most of our
We believe the following should be implemented dollars in fines were written that previous week.
aluminum cans in SC at a time when our landfills
ASAP: 6. We are actively looking into putting together are overfilled with recyclables. It might also help
1. The city should immediately adopt the State a volunteer group to help facilitate these ideas, as kids understand that by collecting cans for money,
litter law. This law not only charges a fine of $1000 well as fill in where public safety can not, including they are doing something good for the planet and
for littering, but also mandates MANDATORY possibly managing the beach sweeps manned by their future.
community service, cleaning up litter (We do not our newly found community service volunteers.
Neal McCann
need to adopt it in order to enforce it as it stands). (See #1)
Folly Beach
2. The judges
on Folly Beach
work for and are
answerable to the
City. The practice
of dropping all or
most fines to the
smallest level must
stop immediately.
If the judges can
not see their way
to enforcing the
fines that are meant
to dissuade poor
behavior, then
they need to be
3. The Folly
Dolly program:
Simply stated, it is
August 7, 2009 5

OP-ED not necessarily the opinion of the Folly Current

a reflection of the poor 49 year old and pants. Here’s an idea for the Council: try
The anti-youth movement younger voter turnout when elections hanging around the Front Beach Inn on
were held. Still, it’s their job to represent Arctic sometime. I can almost guarantee
By Joel Flores the entire City, regardless of voter turnout. a plethora of misconduct and drunken

Surfers, barflies, all age groups and yes, behavior by so many of those over the
f you are a member of the 18-25 age DelRay, a town with a population of over
even members of political parties other age of 30 that it’s bound to convince even
group, your days of “getting folly” on 60,000 (compared to our 2,200 or so),
than their own should all receive equal the most narrow- minded of the Council
Folly are numbered. appears to have a good thing going with
billing from our elected representatives. members that perhaps the young adults
Let’s face it. There’s more white hair their Citizens on Patrol (COP) program.
Our Council seems to fall short in meeting who frequent our beach aren’t solely
on the combined heads of the Folly Beach Good for them, I say. But is it something
that particular requisite. responsible for the majority of our beaches
City Council than there are on a herd a Town of approximately 2,200 really
The second observation was that it problems.
of aging polar bears. So it came as no needs? And of the 2,200 here on Folly,
who’s actually going to do the patrolling? took a moderator to conduct the meeting. Finally, it seems like the nightmare
surprise when an exchange was overheard
I know who’s not going to do it; people in Really? Are our elected officials so of a Folly Beach transformation from
between three of the Council members at
the age group of 18-25. Why? Because they incapable of holding a forum or meeting, an original, hip, peaceful surfing village
their recent July 15 meeting, suggesting
are going to be doing what anybody in that regardless of the weight of the issue, into a McMansion riddled, cookie-cutter,
police officers walk the beach checking
age group would be doing when on the with so little confidence of agreeing that Bishop Gadsden retirement community is
for various sorts of violations with a focus
beach; enjoying it! While it was refreshing a referee had to be brought in to assure not too far from evolving into reality. With
on the 18-25 crowd, seeing as how they
to hear that our City’s representatives effective communication? The moderator, the present City Council paving the way,
were responsible for most of the problems
would like to encourage more community by the way, successfully guided the Mayor coming soon will be weekends filled with
on the beach. “10th block is one beer
involvement in curbing the rabble-rousers and Council members to some excellent out of control Grandparents Gone Wild.
away from Girls Gone Wild,” one of the
that do have a tendency to spoil it for the possible solutions concerning the issue Skateboards will no longer have a place
Council members reiterated. Apparently
rest of us, couldn’t we just use our City of littering on and off the beach. Still, on our island. However, mobile scooters
this Council member has never witnessed
resources of communication to encourage watching her work her magic, you had presently used by lazy, heavyweight
one of the countless bachelorette parties
our citizens to utilize their cell phones to to wonder, “Where did the funds for this shoppers and the elderly will frequent our
that frequent our Town.
report suspicious happenings, as opposed moderator come from exactly?” sidewalks. Live music and Thursday night
Another recommendation that got some trivia will be replaced with the return of
to making our City by the sea look like Another observation is how this
attention from the Council members was shag music and silent bingo. Instead of a
it’s on the verge of a decaying 1920s Council seems to be under the impression
the possible creation of a Citizens Patrol. pizza at Woody’s with friends, a 3pm blue
Chicago? that a great majority of this City’s litter
Rumor has it that the Mayor and his band plate special will be the preferred meal on
A few observations developed as the problems and inappropriate behavior issues
of kill-joy Council-folk were turning to the island and everyone will be comfy in
meeting ended. First, our City Council seem to stem from the conduct of anyone
areas like Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island their beds as the City Council will enforce
seems to strongly represent the agenda younger than the age of 30. It’s almost as
and Utah for inspiration and examples on their latest City wide ordinance; a-lights-
and holds an exclusive ear for those who if everything from the lack of parking to
how to resolve some of the issues involving out-by- 8:30pm policy.
share demographic similarities with most beach erosion to the ATM in City Hall
our beach, but now it seems we are such
of those sitting on the Council; The 50 running out of money is clearly the fault And then of course, there’s still the
a crime ridden community that we are
and over, white haired, male, “if-it’s-too- of anyone too young not to appreciate the whole “banning alcohol on the beach”
tearing a page from the City of DelRay,
loud-I’m-too-old” genre. Perhaps that is comfort and fashion sense of plaid golf issue that’s yet to come up. Oy vey.
Florida’s crime prevention manual.
6 August 7, 2009
August 7, 2009 7

Houses built on sand

By Ali Akhyari

ately, rescue personnel have related health, safety or resources of the residents
the stories associated with many of the State, including damages or erosion
victims who found themselves at to any beach or shore resulting from a
the mercy of the sea while swimming out hurricane, storm or other such violent
to exposed sandbars on Sullivan’s Island. disturbance.
Whatever their reasons for attempting “We do not consider a chronic erosion
such hazardous swims, those who know problem that has persisted for years, or
better can only shake their heads. But, decades, to be an emergency,” he says. Eiser
to look at it from another perspective, also points out that not all State property
what are our tiny barrier islands if not is exempt from the hardened erosion
glorified sandbars? For that matter, are policy; just State roads. The logic behind
property owners any less foolhardy if they the exemption is that these threatened
purchase island property, especially on the Photo by Barbara Bergwerf roads may provide access to properties
beach front, without being aware of the Here, sandbags are being used to protect homes on the Isle of Palms from erosion. that are not being subjected to erosion.
associated risks? However, property owners in South Carolina may no longer be able to use this option
The loss of such a road would create an
to protect themselves.
Erosion is a common occurrence on erosion-induced hardship for property
barrier islands. After all, it is the ebb and Sullivan’s Island Mayor Carl Smith doesn’t allow residents to protect their owners that would not otherwise have
flow of nature that amassed the sand and along with Council member Mike Perkis property, but simultaneously allows the been effected by the erosion. Furthermore,
shaped it in the first place. It is only in recently criticized the State’s Ocean and State to protect their roads. He wondered Eiser says that any highway owned by the
recent history that nature’s course has been Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) how the Town could possibly explain this State, County or even a local government
viewed as problematic on our Lowcountry department after attending a related to an effected property owner. can be protected in the same way for the
beaches as the American right to property workshop where OCRM Project Manager Bill Eiser says that the OCRM’s stance same reason.
is argued in Neptune’s court. But nature Bill Eiser announced that sandbags would is not a new regulation, but a more literal Property owners and local governments
does not care for our logic. In order to no longer be permitted for chronic erosion interpretation of the term “emergency”. have been quick to ask for sandbag
preserve their right, property owners have problems. Mayor Smith suggested that Sandbags will only be used to protect protection to provide fast, temporary
taken to using erosion control measures the State was taking a hardened stance property in the event of an emergency relief from erosion in the past. Although
such as sandbags in order to fight nature’s on their “retreat policy”, which suggests as defined and interpreted by the State. OCRM has permitted the sandbags, they
will and preserve their ocean front views. people move farther away from the actual According to State law: have sometimes been reluctant, often
However, the State is making it more tide lines instead of trying to fight a “Emergency” means any unusual attaching a metaphorical wag-of-the-finger
difficult for property owners to put up force as persuasive as the Atlantic Ocean. incident resulting from natural or in the form of warnings, strict guidelines,
that fight. Furthermore, he questioned a policy that unnatural causes which endanger the
see Sandbags on page 15
8 August 7, 2009

Folly Curren
August 7 -
Friday, August 7 Tuesday, August 11
Folly Farmers Market Surfer’s Healing
At the Folly River Park every Thursday – At the Folly Beach Pier. Surfer’s Healing seeks
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South to enrich the lives of children with autism and
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For the lives of the families by exposing them to the
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@ unique experience of surfing. The Folly Beach ESA will be volunteering at this event. For
more information, please call Nancy Hussey at
Rural Mission Sea Island Celebration and 843-343-4047 or email
From 6 to 9pm at the Freshfields Village Green Folly Beach City Council
with blues by Shrimp City Slim. Come and The Folly Beach City Council meets the second
support the outreach ministry and volunteers of and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm.
the Rural Mission.  Enjoy wonderful Sea Island Folly Beach City
cuisine, drink, an enjoyable evening out on the Hall, 21 Center St., (Folly Beach), (843)
common with soulful blues by local favorite 588-2447.
Shrimp City Slim and exciting auction and raffle
items. Tickets: $25 adults - $5 under 12 ! For
tickets, visit, go to Etix. Wednesday, August 12
com, drop by Freshfields Guest Services or call Pour House Crafters Market
768-1720. Selling original handmade artwork by local
starving artists with live music on the deck.
Saturday, August 8 Every Wednesday from 4 – 8pm at The Pour
House, 1977 Maybank Hwy. 571-4343, www.
Folly Farmers Market
At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For Thursday, August 13
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@ Folly Farmers Market At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
Sunday, August 9 Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@
Folly Farmers Market
At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
Sunday from 10 am until… Only South
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For Friday, August 14
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@ Folly Beach Moonlight Mixer Dance the night away under the stars at the
Folly Beach Fishing Pier with the return of the
Surfrider beach sweep popular Moonlight Mixers. From 7pm – 11pm,
Meet at the Folly Pier. Leader- Mike Arendt local DJ Rob Duren will spin the hottest oldies
( and beach music around.  Advance tickets are
Meet at the Washout. Leader- Carrie Manson $10 and $8 for Charleston County residents. 
( If available, tickets purchased on-site are $10. 
Only 600 tickets will be sold for this event. 
Call 795-4FUN or visit
August 7, 2009 9

nt Calendar
August 21
Folly Farmers Market Monday, August 17
At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
Folly Beach Design Review Board
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
The Folly Beach Design Review meets the third
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For
Monday of the month if there is an applicant.
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@
Please call ahead to confirm whether or not
a meeting will be held for the month and at
what time. The Folly Beach Design Review
Folly Beach County Park Bird Walk Board meets at the Folly Beach City Hall. For
Birding experts from CCPRC and the South more info, call DRB Chair Peter Fennelly at
Carolina Audubon Society explore Folly Beach 425-0186.
in this partnership program.  This walk focuses
on the southern shoreline of Folly Beach.  We
hope to see early migrants returning from Tuesday, August 18
northern breeding grounds and large flocks of Folly Beach Community Promotions
terns and skimmers preparing to migrate south Committee
for winter! Pre-registration required. Ages 12 The community promotions committee meets
& up. Fee: pre-registration is required. 7:30am- the third Tuesday of the month if there is an
9:30am. For more info, call 795-4386. applicant.  Applicants turn in their application
to the municipal clerk by the Thursday before
Saturday, August 15 the meeting. Please call to verify meeting
time before attending: Mary Cunningham at
Folly Farmers Market 588-7000 ext. 4.
At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For Wednesday, August 19
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@ National Aviation Day
Pour House Crafters Market
Sunday, August 16 Selling original handmade artwork by local
starving artists with live music on the deck.
Folly Farmers Market Every Wednesday from 4 – 8pm at The Pour
At the Folly River Park every Thursday – House, 1977 Maybank Hwy. 571-4343, www.
Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For
more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@ Thursday, August 20
Folly Farmers Market
7th Annual First Day Festival At the Folly River Park every Thursday –
At Liberty Square in front of the SC Aquarium Sunday from 10 am until … Only South
and Maritime Center. Celebrate the upcoming Carolina produce will be sold at the market. For
first day of school with kid’s games, boat rides, more info, call Christine Wilkerson at jcbdw@
exhibitors, food court and more! Lowcountry
Food Bank will also be accepting non-perishable
food items during the festival. For more info, Friday, August 21
call 965-4190 or visit
Folly Farmers Market
10 August 7, 2009

Jupiter’s Garden at the Once you pop

fter attaining a loyal fan to feed his musical
Pourhouse base and performing with
renowned artists such
soul, performing
at open mic nights
By Vince Perna as G. Love, Brett Dennen, and throughout New York
Matt Nathanson, John Pringle City. Pringle developed
is releasing his much anticipated an international
first full length alum, Midnight following when his
Mass on the Williamsburg Bridge. brokerage career took
He has dubbed the album “as him across the pond to
honest as it gets” and it plays like Europe. While there
an emotional opus with candid he overcame his fear

am amazed by every Jupiter’s Garden show I see, but the one on this past June lyrics which seem lifted from his John Pringle of stage fright playing
30 at the Pourhouse took the title of “Best I have ever seen”. If you have not diary. With raw vocals and simple at local pubs and won
seen the band, do yourself a favor and check out one of their shows; you will chord progressions, Pringle’s multi-layered the hearts of some of the world’s harshest
not regret it. The sound is incredible, with broad strokes of jam after enjoyable lyrics express despair without depression critics; the London working class.
melodies and tunes that make you dance. You can’t help but move out to the dance and it is this sincerity which has gained him Pringle’s ability to honestly convey his
floor and shake your stuff while the band blows your mind with their incredible such a solid following. thoughts, emotions and experiences enables
rhythms. Pringle’s musical journey has not been him to connect in a way few artists can. The
The night started well enough with the band playing a healthy dose of originals an easy or typical one. Pringle, a South honesty in his music is a reflection of this
with a few covers mixed in. After a monumental jam, which usually signals the end Carolina native, spent most of his youth sincere young man who “tells it like it is”,
of the first set, lead vocalist Justin Burke told everyone that they weren’t finished growing up in Georgia as the youngest in and in the greatest display of self candor,
yet, and busted out a version of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t stop ‘til you get enough”. a loving family with four older sisters. Even walked away from a successful business
Nice vocals, Justin. The whole dance floor was packed in a well deserved homage at a young age, Pringle had an undeniable career to pursue his dream.
to the King of Pop. passion for music. His life long admiration Whether performing in front of large or
for songwriters Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan intimate crowds, Pringle invites you into his
The second set was even better with the jams flowing like wine. A few guests
is evident in his music today, in which traces life and emotions. The simplistic sincerity of
helped charge up the sounds. Jesse Prichard contributed a few blistering guitar
of Vedder’s deep voice and Dylan’s defeatist his music and lyrics causes others to reflect
solos, and Rusty Cole from Sol Driven Train came out from behind the bar to lend
lyrics echo throughout his every song. His on their own lives and to teach us to learn
some soulful bass to the sound. Rusty was having so much fun that bassist Andy
fans have been quoted saying, “He’s the from all challenges.
Lassiter had to wrestle the bass out of his hands to continue the set. You could
next American David Gray, someone you
tell everyone was have a great time and the sounds proved it. “We have so much John will be playing the next three Saturday
can listen to and smile while enjoying the
more to play,” Burke had to tell Cole. Thank god they did! I can’t wait until next nights (August 8, 15, and 22) at the Drop In
beauty in each of the songs”.
time. Deli on Center St. Show’s will be 8:30pm till
Even while working on Wall Street as
a commodities broker, Pringle continued
Folly Beach Crab Shack
Folly music Mondays - Live Local Music

scene Tuesdays - Trivia

Wednesdays - Dave Grunstra
Thursdays - Island Duo
Friday - Folly Dogs
Mondays – Jerry Cooper
Saturdays - Sara Smile
Wednesdays – Malin Wagnon

Surf Bar
Drop-in Deli
Sundays - Dangermuffin
8/7 - Jessie Prichard
8/8 - John Pringle
The Roadhouse
8/11 - Open Mic
Thursdays - Folly Beach Bluegrass
8/13 - Stratton Lawrence Society
8/14 - Campbell Brown (of Gaslight
Street) BLU
8/15 - John Pringle 8/7 - Emekris Trio (9pm-12am)
8/17 - Mac Leaphart 8/8 - Larry George (2-5pm)
8/18 - Open Mic Triple Lindy Trio (9pm-12am)
8/20 - Kevin Church 8/9 - Graham and Kris (2-5pm)
Jay Miley (8-11pm)
Chill and Grill
Thursdays - The Hawkes
8/14 - Island Duo (9pm-12am)
8/7 - Sho Enuff
8/15 - Soulfish Duo (2-5pm)
8/8 - Mark Dye Trio
Tropicools (9pm-12am)
8/14 - Remote
8/16 - Larry George (2-5pm)
8/15 - Reid Stone and Friends
Hugh Price (8-11pm)
8/21 - Elise & the Freeloaders
8/21 - Larry David Project (9pm-12am)
8/22 - Graham Whorley

Planet Follywood
Fridays and Saturdays - Dan Clamp Vince Perna is a Folly Beach real estate
expert who also loves music. If you want
8/15 - Shakin Martinis to know if you can live on Folly, you can
find him at 31 Center Street or by calling
August 7, 2009 11

By Megan Carroll

and the Deathly Hallows. I hope better things are in store Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read the books, this is the
for us for the epic end. book where a major character says goodbye near the end
Sadly, other than setting the scene for the next film, of the film, but Yates treats it as if this character meant
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was a look at the nothing to the films’ legacy. The scene in which we say
sexual awakening of Harry and his friends. I don’t know goodbye seemed to be rushed and hollow.
if it was all the press or the knowledge we have about Another aspect overlooked in this film is the dynamic
the characters personal lives, but this film seemed to be presence of the enemies of Harry and Hogwarts. We
filled to the brim with sexual innuendoes which made never see Voldemort, but we do see who he has sent to

’ve never been a worshiper at the J.K. Rowling alter. it almost laughable at times. A sub-plot involving Ron do his dirty work. Helena Bonham Carter plays one such
That type of fantasy never captured my interest. But I Weasley (Rupert Grint) and his emerging sex appeal enemy, and with such an amazing character to develop
had the opportunity to see the most recent Harry Potter was upsetting to me because it takes the strong female and such a remarkable talent as Carter’s, you would think
movie with some “Potterhead” friends who persuaded me character, Hermione Grainger (Emma Watson), and Yates would capitalize on this, but he does not. Carter
to come along. So there I was, a non-believer amongst turns her into a whimpering afterthought. captivates us and surpasses every actor around her with
the throngs of fans swept up in the first week’s release, her amazing talent.
and I actually found more to like than dislike about the Since I have not read the books, I decided
experience. to check and see what the “Potterheads” were
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince begins with saying and heard much of what I saw echoed by
Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) closing in on the them. Part one of the Hallows is set to come out
Muggle and wizarding worlds, and even Hogwarts isn’t next year. Let’s hope that this film was a small
as safe as we thought. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is the only misstep for Yates and that he will finish this epic
one who suspects that dangers may even lie within the tale on a strong note, which would make any
castle. Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) confuses Harry true “Potterhead” happy and leave the rest of us
by being more intent on readying Harry for an unseen feeling completely entertained.
future battle than protecting himself from the present
demons. Together they work to find the key to unlock
Voldemort’s defenses. Through hiring his old friend and
colleague Professor Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent),
Dumbledore believes he has crucial information and
insights into the dark Lord’s childhood. Along with
fighting dark forces, the students at Hogwarts also seem
to be haunted by another dark and confusing force; raging
teenage hormones.
So goes the Potter saga. This installment in the Harry
Potter series was considerably darker and less exciting
than the others. There have already been five films based
on Rowling’s books: Sorcerer’s Stone, Chambers of Secrets,
Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and finally, Order of
the Phoenix. With five films, it was bound to happen
that one of them would stumble. This film was rather
dull, and I had a difficult time sitting still. Even though I
squirmed in my seat, I could see what this film was doing
-- it was preparing us, just like Dumbledore is preparing
Harry for the final battle. The disconcerting part of this Harry Potter and the Full-blooded Prince of raging teenage hormones.
understanding, for me, is that David Yates, the same man The newest Potter release is little more than a bridge to the next film.
behind the camera for Phoenix and this film, is set to be
in charge of the upcoming two-part finale, Harry Potter
12 August 7, 2009

Gromfest ‘09

The Southern South Carolina division of the Eastern Surfing

Association (SSC-ESA) held its fourth contest, the DJ McKevlin
Gromfest, on July 18 and 19 at the Washout. There was a small
wave in the water along with plenty of sunshine for competitors
and beachgoers alike. Below is a list of the winners in each of the
25 categories. For the complete list, visit

1A Menehune: Gunner Perry Ladies Shortboard: Liz Chirles

3A Menehune: Seth Pulsifer Open Shortboard: Anthony Osment
1A Boys: Zach Fryer Menehune Longboard: Dyer Askins
3A Boys: Evan Tanner Jr. Men Longboard: Dylan Morone
Junior Men: Bryant Thomas Mens Longboard: Alfred Noe
Mens Shortboard: Ted Melchers Masters Longboard: Kai Dilling
Masters Shortboard: Shaun Ducker Legends Longboard: Rick Anson
Sr. Mens Shortboard: Todd Youngblood Womens Longboard: Kristin Tanner
Grandmasters Shortboard: Todd Brazell Ladies Longboard: Jewel Napier
Legends Shortboard: Rick Lawson Menehune Bodyboard: Max Cook
Girls Shortboard: Grace Muckenfuss Open Bodyboard: Walt Watson
Jr. Womens Shortboard: MT Bourque Grom Open: Bryant Thomas
Womens Shortboard: Kristin Tanner Photos by Lindsey Conklin
August 7, 2009 13

B e st plac e s to s w e at i n C h a r l e sto n
Lara’s Top Ten By Lara Wittstadt
As the weather begins to cool off and Hampton Park. Each plush grass, benches,  The Cooper River Bridge: The
Charleston eases into fall, there’s no better station has instructions and ample parking, I Charleston running hotspot. Conquer
time to lace up the sneakers and head and is guaranteed to definitely recommend a the bridge one section at a time. Make
outside for a workout. Leave the office for give you a great strength visit. a goal to run/walk halfway and soon
some fresh air, grab the running stroller, training workout.  West Ashley Greenway: enough you will be able to do the entire
bring along the dog and choose from any  Folly Beach: Leave the Whether you desire to run.
of these locations for a refreshing and sneakers at home and run long distance or
beneficial workout. Charleston is home to hit the sand for a great go on a brisk walk, this Take advantage of the beautiful parks
numerous parks which are excellent venues workout that tests your trail, which starts at the and weather that Charleston has to offer.
to get in a variety of workouts throughout balance. Venture ankle Ashley River but is most If you have questions about locations or
the week. deep into the ocean and easily accessible from the need ideas on exercises, please feel free to
do movements against Earth Fare parking lot, contact me. Happy exercising!
 White Point Gardens at the Battery: the water for an excellent resistance goes on for miles and is always shaded.
With the cool breeze off the river and workout.  Brittlebank Park: Enjoy the gorgeous
ample plush grass, there are many  Colonial Lake: Complete with Charleston sunset on the river while Lara Wittstadt has been a personal trainer
possibilities for exercise. benches and curbs, a jog around the working up a sweat in the field or on the in the Charleston area for over two years.
lake in combination with exercises playground with your kids. She is the owner of Beach Bella Fitness,
 James Island County Park: This park
on the benches will leave your heart which offers in-home and outdoor personal
has it all: running trails, enormous grass  Waterfront Park (Pineapple Fountain
pounding. training, boot camps, and beach circuit
fields, playgrounds, a dog park and Park): This touristy downtown park not
classes. Join Lara for a free class! Go to
plenty of water activities.  Cooper River Park: Check out the only has spectacular views, it also has or e-mail lara@
 Hampton Park: There is a series of brand new park under the Cooper plenty of grass and benches for finding a for more information.
workout stations around the lake at Bridge. Complete with a breezy pier, spot to sneak in a few exercises.

Folly B each T i d e Ch a rt
Date High Tide Low Tide
Aug 7 9:17am/9:43pm 3:15am/3:15pm
Aug 8 9:53am/10:15pm 3:49am/3:54pm
Aug 9 10:29am/10:47pm 4:23am/4:34pm
Aug 10 11:06am/11:22pm 4:59am/5:17pm
Aug 11 11:48am 5:37am/6:05pm
Aug 12 12:03am/12:36pm 6:21am/6:59pm
Aug 13 12:52am/1:33pm 7:11am/8:01pm
Aug 14 1:50am/2:37pm 8:09am/9:09pm
Aug 15 2:56am/3:45pm 9:13am/10:17pm
Aug 16 4:06am/4:52pm 10:19am/11:21pm
Aug 17 5:14am/5:56pm 11:24am
Aug 18 6:19am/6:55pm 12:20am/12:25pm
Aug 19 7:19am/7:50pm 1:14am/1:23pm
Aug 20 8:16am/8:41pm 2:06am/2:18pm
14 August 7, 2009

Police Reports
The following is a summary of police males when officers arrived and was out of on the hood of his car, reaching about
reports originally provided by the Folly control; spitting, biting, and cursing even 40mph before he fell off. She drove back, July 22- An officer observed what
Beach Public Safety Department. Reports family members. He had to be restrained threw a shoe at him and punched him appeared to be underage individuals with
are from July 13- 26. and a mask put over his mouth in order in the head before fleeing the scene. The a cooler of alcohol. One took ownership
to be transported to the hospital. He was victim refused to press charges, however, of the cooler and was cited for underage
July 13- A woman reported that her cited for disorderly conduct and malicious and while the responding officer was possession. Furthermore, a pot pipe and
husband, from whom she was currently injury to property. giving the victim a ride home, it was pill bottle containing marijuana was
separated, had stolen her credit card discovered that he was wanted by North seen on the beach blanket in plain view.
information and attempted to use it to July 16- A Coast Guard helicopter Charleston Police. Instead of going home, Another individual took ownership of
make a purchase without permission. responded to the Morris Island Lighthouse he was delivered into the custody of the that and was cited. When asked if there
when a caller reported a dog swimming North Charleston Police Department. was anything else illegal, three other
toward the lighthouse and was concerned it individuals admitted to having marijuana
July 13- A resident reported that
might be caught in the tide. Upon arrival, July 18- A boy had his fake ID taken at the and/or paraphernalia in their vehicles. The
approximately $100 worth of quarters
the dog had made it across. The helicopter Kangaroo convenience store when trying items were seized and all individuals were
were stolen from his dresser.
lowered a basket and actually got the dog to buy beer. He was placed on trespass cited accordingly.
inside. It was lowered onto Folly Beach notice after trying to come back in while
July 13- A woman reported that several
where a police officer was waiting and the police were still there. July 25- Two intoxicated members of the
items had been stolen from her residence
dog was delivered to its owner. U.S. Air Force were wrestling naked on
over the course of a couple of weeks
July 19- A woman shoplifted three the beach with several other Air Force
including a phone, iPod, $100 cash,
July 16- A man was attacked by another bracelets worth a total of $15 from the friends sitting nearby. One wrestler took
jewelry and a flute.
male when he was invited back to a girl’s pier store. When approached on the off running when the officer approached,
apartment. The girl’s boyfriend was home beach by police, she denied being in the while the other simply covered his genitals
July 13- Two teenagers stole two bicycles with sand. His pants were given to him
and phycially let the victim know that he store. However, video surveillance proved
from under a person’s house. They were by a friend and the one who ran off came
was unwelcome. No charges were pressed otherwise. She admitted to the theft and
chased but got away. The bicycles were back with pants on. A non-intoxicated
as of the writing of this report. the three bracelets were recovered from a
recovered three days later by police. The friend said he would take them back to
child that was with her. She was arrested
suspects are still unknown. where they were staying and keep them off
July 17- Two men got into a fight at a for the offense.
the streets. The two wrestlers were cited
local Inn. One had already been placed on
July 14- A man reported that his cell phone for disorderly conduct and released.
trespass notice and the other was placed July 19- An officer pulled over a vehicle for
had been stolen from the Roadhouse Cafe.
on notice after the incident. The former driving over the “fog” line while leaving
He checked the phone records and gave July 25- A 20 year-old male was cited for
was given a citation for trespassing. Folly Beach. There was a male driver and
police a number that had been called from underage possession of alcohol when an
female passenger and the officer believed he
his phone after it was stolen. officer saw him with several cans on the
July 17- A woman on a bicycle was smelled alcohol. After observing “criminal
behavior” from the driver, which included front beach.
questioned by police after a witness
July 15- A man reported that an unknown his lips quivering and hand shaking
reported that he suspected her of breaking
person stole his identity to obtain a Kohl’s “uncontrollably”, the officer conducted July 25- Two unsecured pieces of luggage
into some cars. She admitted to breaking
credit card and used it in January. a physical search of the driver and were stolen from the bed of a pickup truck
into several vehicles only after her cell
phone, which she identified as her phone, discovered eye drops, “a possible indicator between 4:50-7:30pm at 1 Center Street.
July 15- Officers responded to a woman was found in a victim’s vehicle. Police of smoking marijuana”. Both driver and
being passed out at the corner of recovered most of the stolen property from passenger gave permission to search the
July 26- Four individuals had a campfire
East Cooper and Center Street. She her home, although several items were vehicle which turned up nothing illegal.
going at the old Coast Guard Base after
was verbally vulgar and slurring her missing. She was arrested for the offense. The driver was arrested when he refused
hours. An officer informed them that
speech. She was eventually arrested and to conduct a field sobriety test. He later
they needed to leave and observed a bag
taken to the hospital when she started refused to take a breathalyzer and urine
July 18- A bicycle rider ran into two people of marijuana being packed up as they
hyperventilating. She was issued a citation test (officer believed the driver had been
carrying surfboards at the Washout and left. When they got back to the vehicle
for public intoxication at the hospital. smoking marijuana).
was knocked off his bike by one of the he asked all of them for identification
surfboards. He got angry and instigatied and noticed several bulges in one of the
July 16- A man was grossly intoxicated fights with several nearby people. No July 19- Officers responded to a fight. suspect’s pockets. He patted him down
and making a lot of noise. After being persons involved wanted to press charges. Upon arrival, one man was found in an and located a pipe and grinder. The officer
asked to be quiet by neighbors, he broke apartment, bleeding with two swollen then asked for the bag of marijuana he
the rear glass door of the complainants eyes. He refused medical attention and originally saw. Another individual gave up
July 18- A man refused to press charges
home. He was being held down by three would not say who had done the damage, the bag, which weighed 15 grams. Every
after a woman drove away with the man
but claimed he “fell”. He refused to give individual surrendered paraphernalia and
any useful information. was charged accordingly, with one being
charged with possession of marijuana.
July 20- Two men were cited for drinking
beer on the street while leaving a bar.

July 20- A drunk individual asked several

strangers if they wanted to fight and then
pulled out a box cutter and swiped at
them. They got away unharmed and called
police. The man was located and arrested
for disorderly conduct. The victims did
not want to press charges.

July 21- An underage male hit another

male in the Surf Bar. The victim took the
guy to the ground and he was restrained.
The suspect was extremely intoxicated and
had no identification. He was arrested and
charged with disorderly conduct.
August 7, 2009 15

Pedal to Properties of Charleston Trudy’s turns 70

expands to Folly Beach
s the longest running dance studio in South Carolina,
Trudy’s School of Dance will be celebrating 70 years at

dam Killermann of Dunes it’s Folly Road location, with special commemorations
Properties, has joined the Pedal to and open enrollment later this year.
Properties of Charleston team on Trudy Oltmann established Trudy’s School of Dance in
Folly Beach, bringing to the island a new 1939. Both of Trudy’s daughters have been instrumental in
way for home buyers to see properties and running the studio in more recent years. Linda Oltmann
homes from the unique view of a cruiser Walker, along with her sister Judy, co-directed the studio
until Judy retired in 2008. The studio is currently operated Trudy Oltmann
bike. Kristin Walker led the charge in
June, introducing the service to Downtown by Linda, along with Trudy’s granddaughter Tiffany Oltmann Gauch. There is no
Charleston when she partnered with the shortage of dancing talent in the Oltmann family. Linda was recently inducted into
original Pedal to Properties of Boulder, the Shagger’s Hall of Fame. Perhaps that has been the key to success for this long
CO, which has been featured in Fortune, standing dance studio: tight family ties. Trudy’s has a unique ability to make its
The Wall Street Journal and The New York students and their parents feel like a part of the family. Teaching from the heart
Times. and with a love that only comes from deep-seeded roots is the treasure and allure of
Pedal to Properties agents help meet dancing at Trudy’s.
a growing desire to live a more well- Boasting two fully equipped dance studios, Trudy’s offers an array of classes, not
balanced and active life. In the process only in dance, but also in yoga, pilates and fitness. Catering to dancers of all levels
of choosing a home, Pedal to Properties and ages above the age of three, classes span from classic tap, jazz and ballet regime
enables a buyer to get out of a car in order to Hip Hop, Rap Tap, Broadway Jazz, Lyrical, Pointe, Creative Movement and, of
to see, hear, and get a true sense of homes course, Shag.
and neighborhoods. “We feel that our family has been very blessed over these past 70 years, having
“We are excited that Adam is now been able to continue this legacy started by Ms. Trudy in 1939. She instilled our
a Pedal to Properties photo provided by Pedal2Properties passion for dance in us at early stages in our lives and taught us that sharing that
agent,” said Kristin A new way of searching for real estate is passion with others is a very rewarding experience,” says Linda Walker.
Walker, leader of the coming to Folly Beach. 2009-2010 promises to be an inspiring year at the historically treasured Trudy’s
Charleston Pedal to Pedal to Properties of Charleston is School of Dance. Classes begin on Monday, August 17, and will culminate with a
Properties team. “His building a team of agents to cover the 70th celebration at its annual year-end recital held at the Gaillard Auditorium in June
unparalled knowledge Charleston Metro Area so that homebuyers of 2010.
of Folly Beach, his can benefit from having a neighborhood Trudy’s is thrilled to open its doors to any aspiring dancers for this special season.
experience in real estate expert along with them on their search. For class schedule and enrollment information, contact the studio at 795-8660, visit
and his enthusiasm for The team will maintain a fleet of Electra their website at or visit the studio during open enrollment at
the biking lifestyle makes him the perfect Townie bikes that will become distinctive 830 Folly Road on August 5 and 6, beginning at 5pm.
match for our team. Many agents want to in the Charleston area and will not only
speed up the process of buying a home, but assist buyers in finding their new home, Sandbags from page 7 high tide is once again cutting into the
people appreciate a way to slow down the they will also help promote a biking dunes at the Washout. Furthermore,
experience and truly familiarize themselves and headache inducing bureaucracy. No
lifestyle. City Administrator Toni Connor-Rooks
with the area they may live in. Adam will more.
“There has been a fundamental shift in says that the City is not permitted to
help buyers to get a great feel for the Folly Folly Beach property owners have conduct another renourishment unless a
the way people think about buying homes.
Beach and the island lifestyle.” reason to worry as they are no stranger particular percentage of the total beach
Real estate agents and industry surveys
“Folly Beach is the perfect environment to the erosion cycle. Recently, 10th Block is eroded.
indicate that homebuyers are placing
for finding a home by bike. It’s flat, with East, the new popular beach spot, received
more importance on cutting their gas bills Residents of Charleston’s barrier
beautiful views around every corner, and a fair amount of news coverage when a
and commute times, and finding homes islands certainly have much to think
throng of visitors left a copious amount
what better way to get a sense of our near urban centers that allow for multiple about. The State’s take on erosion gives
of trash on the beach. Paid parking
island’s architecture and unique culture transportation options like walking or many island residents a new reason to
has been blamed for the transition of
than from the seat of a bicycle rather than biking,” said Matt Kolb, President of feel uneasy about the ocean view that
people moving from the Washout to
from within the confines of a car?” said Pedal to Properties of Boulder. had previously provided solace. As one
10th Block. However, a more practical
Killermann. stands at the shoreline and a receding
reason might be that there is no beach
wave pulls the sand from beneath their
to sit on at high tide. Despite receiving
feet, that potential must remind us that,
a facelift in the form of a renourishment
in the end, nothing is permanent.
band-aid a couple of years ago, the