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JOURNEY TO BETHLEHEM St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Perth East, is presenting their Christmas gift to the community.

Their 18th annual Journey to ethlehem! "ill #e hel$ on %ri$ay, &ovem#er '(th an$ Satur$ay, &ovem#er )*th, '*1). oth performances #egin at 8+** p.m. This is a live &ativity re,creation at ethlehem Sta#le -Church.s re$ she$ / so remem#er to $ress "armly an$ #ring a #lan0et12. 3efreshments to follo" the program. %or more information, please contact+ Sharon Lin$ner -41(,'5',''*'2, eth Schlueter -41(,646,'5)12, Carol 7orst -41(,6'4,8((*2 or #lue#ir$ STRATFORD CONCERT CHOIR 7an$el.s 9essiah! "ith Cham#er Ensem#le The Stratfor$ Concert Choir, un$er the $irection of :an Sa$ler, presents 7an$el.s 9essiah along "ith the Stratfor$ Cham#er Ensem#le. This concert "ill #e hel$ at St. Joseph.s Church on Sun$ay, ;ecem#er 1st at )+** p.m. <$vance tic0ets+ ='* -availa#le from choir mem#ers, lo"es Stationery, 7allmar0 Car$s at %estival 9all, Stratfor$ Tourism <lliance >?5 ;o"nie St.@, calling 41(,)(),685(, or online at """.stratfor$ Series tic0ets are availa#le for =54 for the #alance of the season. Tic0ets at the $oor are ='4. Aouth 16 an$ un$er are free. SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE Coffee 7our is hel$ every Sun$ay morning E%B3E the "orship service in the &artheC. Come out for some hot chocolate, tea an$ coffeeD..coul$ #e some coo0ies there as "ell1 This time of fello"ship is prepare$ #y volunteers / "e are in nee$ of volunteers for ;ecem#er through to June. :f you are a#le to help "ith this, please contact <nne 9arie Pauli at 41(,'51,6518.

Minister: 3ev. 9ar0 Ee$c0e 41( 454 8815 or #y email at mge$c0e80noCstratfor$.com Director of Music: SuFanne Strahan Office A !inistr"tor: Gathy a0er Tre"surer: Shannon <rcher Office: #$%&'($&)*(* 0noCs8" OFFICE HOURS %"!& NOON Tues "+ t,rou-, Fri "+

.NO/ 0RESBYTERIAN CHURCH No1e!2er '34 ')$* $$:)) "! 9inister+ 3ev 9ar0 Ee$c0e 9usic ;irector+ SuFanne Strahan 0re5"r"tion for 6ors,i5 / Prayer, 9e$itation an$ Hisiting 0re7u e: Aour &ame / P. aloche, E. Pac0iam, arr. ;. Eal#raith -song#oo0 pg 162 : Eive Aou 9y 7eart / 3. 9organ, arr. ;. Eal#raith 6e7co!e "n Announce!ents CALL TO 6ORSHI0: Lea$er+ Ie are calle$ to #e the church, to love Eo$ an$ serve others. 0eo57e: 6e -"t,er "s sisters "n 2rot,ers in C,rist4 5r"isinGo 8s f"it,fu7ness4 e!2r"cin- e"c, ot,er in Go 8s 7o1e4 co!!itte to "ctin- out t,"t 7o1e in Go 8s 9or7 : Lea$er+ Ie "orship Eo$ in Joy, in eCpectation, an$ in hope. 0eo57e: 6e "re not "7one: T,"n;s to 2e Go < -Iilliam Phipps, 1(8', Iorship for <ll Seasons, Hol. ), e$. #y Thomas 7ar$ing, The Knite$ Church Pu#lishing 7ouse2 O0ENING HYMN: L 545 Come Sing, B Church, :n Joy1 0RAYER OF ADORATION4 CONFESSION = THE LORD8S 0RAYER Bur %ather in heaven, hallo"e$ #e your name, your 0ing$om come, your "ill #e $one on earth as in heaven. Eive us to$ay our $aily #rea$. %orgive us our sins as "e forgive those "ho sin against us. Save us from the time of trial an$ $eliver us from evil. %or the 0ing$om, the po"er an$ the glory are yours no" an$ forever. <men 0ASSING OF THE 0EACE: Lea$er+ The Peace of Christ #e "ith you Congregation: And also with you. ANTHEM: The Potter.s 7an$ / ;. Mschech, arr. L. Larson CHILDREN8S HYMN: : Iill %ollo" -song#oo0 pg (2 CHILDREN8S TIME SCRI0TURE READING: 3uth 1+1,18 ' Corinthians 8+1,1'

SERMON: Love %in$s < Iay HYMN: L 5*? Teach 9e Eo$ to Ion$er OFFERING OFFERTORY: Lor$, : &ee$ Aou / C. &oc0els, ;. Carson, J. 3eeves, G. Stanfill, 9. 9aher, arr. J. 9ott -song#oo0 pg ?12 OFFERTORY 0RAISE: L 661 Ie give thee #ut thine o"n -v 1 N '2 OFFERING 0RAYER -together2 ecause of your great love for us, B Eo$, "e eCpress our love for your church an$ for others through the #ringing of these gifts. <ccept them, please. Ena#le us to use them in Christ.s name. <men -Thomas 7ar$ing, 1((*, Iorship for <ll Seasons, Holume ), e$. #y Thomas 7ar$ing, The Knite$ Church Pu#lishing 7ouse2 0RAYERS OF THE 0EO0LE CLOSING HYMN: < &e" 7alleluJah -song#oo0 pg 1'2 BENEDICTION 0OSTLUDE: lesse$ e Aour &ame / . 3e$man, 9. 3e$man -song#oo0 pg )*2

C,urc, O5enin- To "+: Jim 7i$er C,urc, O5enin- Ne>t 6ee;: Tim Pauli Us,ers t,is 9ee;: Sean 3aleigh, John Ial$ie, Lair$ Christie N ill %or#es Us,ers ne>t 9ee;: Sean 3aleigh, John Ial$ie, Lair$ Christie N ill %or#es Scri5ture Re" er: ;iane Par0er Greeters t,is 9ee;+ Jac0 Ei#son N 9arlene Coulthar$ Greeters ne>t 9ee;: Coffee: THE ALLEY The <lley is in nee$ of the follo"ing items+ , "inter #oots for #oth men an$ "omen , mitts an$ gloves for men, "omen an$ chil$ren Chec0 your closets for things you aren.t "earing an$ "e "ill #e happy to sell them.

OFFERING EN?ELO0ES Ie "ill #e ma0ing a slight change for neCt year "ith the offering envelopes. Please contact Shannon <rcher -spea0 to her at church or email her at shannon."en$ell8rogers.com2. Shannon "oul$ li0e to 0no" the follo"ing+ -12 $o you "ish to have offering envelopes -yes or no2 an$ -'2 if you "oul$ li0e envelopes, $o you "ant them for "ee0ly, monthly or Ouarterly offeringsP SANTA CLAUS 0ARADE The Butreach Team continues the GnoC tra$ition of serving hot chocolate at the para$e. Come out this afternoon an$ help or Just participate in the fun1 Ie #egin serving at approCimately 4+** p.m. S0ECIAL SUNDAYS IN NO?EMBER This morning, "e clele#rate the fourth theme of our ste"ar$ship program+ <#un$ant Joy, Bverflo"ing Eenerosity!. The themes are+ Giving God Our Day -&ov. )2, Eiving Eo$ Bur Iorship -&ov. 1*2, Eiving to Eo$ of Bur Spiritual Eifts! -&ov. 152, an$ Giving to God of Our Income -&ov. '?2. < special than0s to all those "ho have helpe$ lea$ "orship this month. 9em#ers of the Ste"ar$ship Team are+ 9ar0 Ee$c0e, Hivian 7ar$ing, Sean 3aleigh, <llan 3oth"ell -chair2 an$ John Ial$ie. OUR YOUTH GROU0 CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS The Aouth Eroup meets again on Sun$ay, ;ecem#er 14th from 6 to 8 p.m. in the #anOuet hall. This time "e "ill #e ma0ing amaFing Christmas coo0ies to share "ith our families. Eames "ill also #e in a#un$ance1 :f you "oul$ li0e to learn more, spea0 to one of the lea$ers+ Shannon <rcher, Ien$ell <rcher, 9ar0 Ee$c0e, 7eather 7islop, Sarah 7islop.

Bur neCt Knox News "ill #e going to print the en$ of &ovem#er. Ie as0 that you sen$ your i$easQthoughtsQrecipesQne"s, etc. to the office -Gathy a0er2 to #e put in our neCt pu#lication. The GnoC &e"s is only as interesting as you ma0e it1

CONGREGATIONAL MEETING There "ill #e a congregational meeting on Sunday, December 8th, imme$iately follo"ing "orship to $eal "ith the election of el$ers to our Session. The meeting "ill ta0e place in the sanctuary. CHILDREN8S CHRISTMAS SHO00ING S0REE When: Satur$ay, &ovem#er )*, '*1) Time: 1*+** a.m. / noon 7elpers arrive at (+** a.m. Ie nee$ greeters an$ "rappers. ;onations are also nee$e$. &e" or gently use$ items for+ moms, $a$s, gran$parents an$ chil$ren. 9onetary $onations are greatly appreciate$ for items to #e purchase$ for this event. < #oC "ill #e place$ in the &artheC an$ church office for any $onations. Contact <nne 9arie Pauli if you are a#le to help at 41(,'51,6518 or 0ERTH COUNTY 0LAYERS @Co!!unit+ T,e"tre for t,e Lo1e of it<A A hristmas arol / #y Charles ;ic0ens Stratfor$ City 7all <u$itorium &ovem#er '(, )* N ;ecem#er 4, 6, N 5 at 5+)* p.m. ;ecem#er 1 N 5 at '+** p.m. Tic0ets+ ='* an$ availa#le online or at Sinclair Pharmacy Bur o"n SuFanne Strahan is the 9usic ;irector of this pro$uction1 <s "ell, other mem#ers of our GnoC family involve$ are+ Gristen Geller, <aron Gropf, 9aC Longfiel$ an$ Ste"art 3o#ertson. Plan to atten$ one of these "on$erful performances1 %or information, tal0 to one of the people participating. CELEBRATING OUR GIFTS The theme of our "orship to$ay is that everyone in our congregation has gifts to share "hich help to #uil$ up the ministry of our church. Bn a leaf, heart or #alloon -"hich "ill #e availa#le from the ushers2 "rite $o"n a gift you have that you share "ith the church or in your life "ith others. Some eCamples are+ prayer, singing, lea$ing Sun$ay School, encouraging, listening, Jo0e telling, the <lley. Please put your "rritten gift! on the offering plate or in the #as0et on the small ta#le at the #ac0 of the centre aisle in the nartheC. -Aou can $o this after "orship to$ay.2 Ie "ill put these gifts on our ele!ration Tree.

REMINDER Please return your ECplosion Song#oo0 to the nartheC at the en$ of our "orship service. Than0 you. SHARING OUR 0ROMISES To$ay, "e affirm all the gifts that are share$ #y in$ivi$uals of our congregation. Ie are #lesse$ #y the many "ays that people volunteer their time, talents an$ income to ena#le the ministry of GnoC Church to happen. Aou are encourage$ to put your Promise Car$ in a seale$ envelope an$ share it in the offering neCt Sun$ay. :t "ill #e 0ept confi$entail an$ loo0e$ at #y our treasurer, Shannon <rcher, to help us get rea$y for '*1?. Br, you are "elcome to 0eep your Promise Car$ at home as a remin$er of your financial support of our congregation 6OO&HA FESTI?AL < %air Tra$e %estival / Learn more a#out %air Tra$e1 ;ate N Time+ %ri$ay, &ovem#er '( / ?+** / 5+** p.m. Satur$ay, &ovem#er )* / (+** a.m. / 1'+** noon Ihere+P St. 9ichael.s Catholic Secon$ary School '?* Ba0$ale <venue, Stratfor$ IhyP To help support S.<.I.<..s "ell proJect in Ethiopia Hisit+ http+QQ""".face#oo0.comQStratfor$an$<reaIorl$<i$ for more information a#out this a"esome proJect INNER CHAMBER Soun$ R Colour Sun$ay, &ovem#er '? / 6+** p.m. %actory <rts String Suartet "ith Jac0 Iinn %actory 16) / 16) Ging Street, Stratfor$ 9any great "or0s of art are inspire$ #y great music. Iatch as painter, Jac0 Iinn, #rings to life a visual canvas of t"o musical masterpieces. The %actory <rts String Suartet provi$es eethoven.s String Suarter Bp. 5? an$ enJamin ritten.s String Suartet &o. ) as fuel for Jac0.s fire. Tic0ets are =?* -=1* for stu$ents2. Tic0ets may #e purchase$ online at """, in person at %anfare oo0s or at the $oor.