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Alergiile n conformitate cu International Food Informaii Consiliului, alergie la nuci copac, care include fistic, este una dintre

cele mai comune alergii alimentare in randul adulti si copii. Este important de a lucra cu un medic pentru a asigura diagnosticarea i managementul n condiii de siguran i corect a alergii alimentare, inclusiv alergii la nuci. Aici sunt rezumate ale unor tiinei publicat de fistic i de alergie: n sonda! de oameni care triesc n Iran, n zonele n care fistic au fost i nu au fost cultivate constatat c cei care locuiesc n zona de cre tere raportate mai multe alergii la fistic, ca!u i migdale. "ouzeci i unu de persoane cu alergie fistic au fost testate mai departe. Autorii au concluzionat ca persoanele cu fistic alergice va foarte probabil, de asemenea, reacioneaz la ca!u i migdale, i, eventual, alte fructe cu coa! tare. #oorba$%s% &, 'ortazavi (A, (an$ian ', (%a%idi F, )e%rani ', *abbari Azad F, +e%manes% F, ,araste% A. -.// fistic Alergie01revalenta si in vitro reactivitate ncruciat cu alte fructe cu coa!. Allergol Int. -2 mai. Acest raport descrie reacia alergic de o femeie de 34 de ani, a fistic. Ea a fost, de asemenea, dovedit a fi alergic la nuci i mango. Ca!u Ando 5, 6atanabe ", )amada 7, 'atsumoto 7. -.//. (indrom de alergie orala cu anafila8ie severe induse de fistic. Int * "ermatol. 'ai, 2. 92: :3;-0;. 9Coresponden: ntr0un studiu de /<< de gospodarii din ( A cu ara%ide sau nuci copac alergie, numrul de subieci raportare alergie la fiecare piuli copac a fost: nuci, =/> ca!u, nuci pecan, -4> -3> migdale, fistic, -2> /4> nuci de +razilia, /4 , alune, /?> nuci de macadamia, /?>. i nuci de pin, // sic%erer (@, 'uAoz0Furlong A, Bodbold *@, (ampson @A. 1revalenta ( A de ara%ide auto0raportate, nuci copac, i alergie la susan: // ani de folloC0up. -./.. * AllergD Clin Immunol. Iunie, /-2 93: :/;--03. 1atru adulti din *aponia, cu alergie la nuci de ca!u s0au dat teste de piele0intepatura pentru a stabili dac acestea au fost, de asemenea, alergic la fistic, i a constatat c nu a e8istat reactivitate ncruciat la fistic, de asemenea.Autorii act de faptul c nuci de ca!u, fistic i mango toate fac parte din aceea i plant EfamilieE, astfel ncFt s mprtesc aceleai proteine care pot provoca o reacie alergic la persoanele sensibile. @asegaCa ', Inomata #, 7amaza$i @, 'orita A, 5irino ' , I$ezaCa G.

-..4. Caracteristicile clinice de patru cazuri cu alergie la nuci ca!u i reactivitate ncruciat ntre nuci ca!u i fistic. Allergol Int. *un, 2< 9-: :-.40/2. Acest raport descrie modul n care un biat de /3 de ani, a aratat semne de o reac ie alergic la fistic numai dup ;. sau mai multe minute de e8ercitii. , Fr a e8ercita, toate testele de reacie alergic la fistic au fost negative.Autorii act de faptul c acesta este primul caz de o reacie indus de efort pentru a fistic. 1orcel (, (Hnc%ez A+, &odrIguez E, Fletes C, Alvarado ', ( *imJnez, @ernHndez *. -..3. "ependente de produse alimentare0e8ercitarea induse de anafila8ie la fistic. * Investig Allergol Clin Immunol>. /3 9/: :?/0;. %ttp:KKamericanpistac%ios.orgKnutrition0and0%ealt%Kallergies %ttp:KKCCC.Cisegee$.orgKC%at0are0t%e0signs0of0an0allergic0reaction0to0pistac%ios.%tm

Allergies L Symptoms L Pistachio Allergy Symptoms and Reaction Prevention

Pistachio Allergy Symptoms and Reaction Prevention inShare Reddit Food allergies are Muite common, especiallD to several tDpes of nuts including pistac%ios. It is important t%at your friends and familD are aCare of t%e allergD, as Cell. A food allergD reaction fatalitD is possible. )%e allergD to pistac%io nuts includes instant pudding and pistac%io oil. &eading food labels and menu ingredients is important Cit% anD food allergD. )%e sDmptoms of most food allergies are verD similar. Diagnosis of the Allergy In some cases, it ta$es some trial and error to figure out C%at Dou are allergic to. A doctor can do a test t%at Cill put %undreds of bumps on Dour bac$ to see C%ic% ones cause an irritation. )%is is t%e best met%od to use. If Dou $noC C%at Dou ate or touc%ed rig%t before t%e reaction occurred, t%en it %elps t%e p%Dsician to narroC doCn t%e options of C%at tDpe of reaction Dou are %aving. (ince t%e sDmptoms are common to several tDpes of allergies, an immediate diagnosis is not alCaDs possible.

Symptoms of Pistachio Allergies )%e most common sDmptom of a pistac%io allergD is sCelling of t%e face. A red, itc%D ras% is also li$elD to accompanD t%e sCelling. If Dou touc% Dour face after touc%ing t%e nuts, t%e ras% Cill occur in t%e area t%at Dou touc%ed. Nt%er sDmptoms include abdominal cramps, diarr%ea, difficultD breat%ing, and vomiting. 'ore severe reactions result in tig%tness of t%e c%est and anap%Dla8is. Anap%Dla8is is t%e most serious sDmptom, and if not treated Muic$lD it is $noCn to %ave permanent effects on t%e bodD. @ives and coug%ing are also common, along Cit% less severe sDmptoms. E"I)N&O( )I1: @ave an allergD bracelet made t%at identifies Dou as %aving food allergies. In case of an emergencD, t%e bracelet Cill be seen bD emergencD medical staff, and t%eD Cill immediatelD $noC C%at Dou are allergic to, so t%at Dou are able to be treated Muic$er. Prevention of Symptoms )%e best CaD to prevent an allergic reaction to pistac%ios is to avoid eating unfamiliar foods, especiallD at parties. 7ou s%ould also as$ t%e preparer if t%e dis% is made Cit% anD nuts. )%e li$eli%ood of Dou being allergic to multiple tDpes of nuts is %ig%. )%e most common tDpes of food to avoid if Dou are unfamiliar Cit% t%e appearance are desserts. 1istac%ios are also used in some meats, risotto dis%es, and appetizers. )%eD are also commonlD paired Cit% fruit. If Dou touc% pistac%ios, instant pistac%io pudding poCder, or pistac%io oil, t%en Cas% your %ands immediatelD and do not touc% Dour face or clot%ing. Read Food Labels and Menu Ingredients #o matter C%at t%e item is t%at Dou are purc%asing at a grocerD store, read t%e label. Even if pistac%ios are t%e last ingredient on t%e list, do not purc%ase t%e item. Food manufacturers %ave to list t%e ma!or ingredients in t%eir items t%at Could cause a food allergD reaction. If pistac%ios are used in t%e item, t%en t%eD s%ould be listed on t%e pac$age. &ead t%e ingredients on everD item t%at Dou purchase especiallD cereals, desserts, and ice cream. &ead everD ingredient in a restaurant menu, as Cell. If t%e menu does not list anD ingredients, t%en alCaDs as$ t%e server about nuts of anD $ind being used in t%eir recipes.

Always oice the Allergy to Restaurant Staff AnDtime t%at Dou eat out, it is important to inform your server of food allergies. )%e server Cill ma$e note on Dour order t%at t%ere is a food allergD and C%at it is. )%is Cill alert t%e $itc%en to ma$e t%e dis% Cit%out t%at specific ingredient or anD capacitD of it. 7our order s%ould be made in a clean pan and not combined Cit% anDone elseOs item. EverD precaution s%ould be ta$en at restaurants C%en a food allergD is made $noCn. An allergD of anD $ind is serious if it is not caug%t fast enoug% or avoided entirelD. It is important to realize t%at Dour pistac%io allergD sDmptoms are li$elD to be different to someone elseOs, depending on t%e severitD. Betting a proper diagnosis is important, so t%at Dou $noC C%at foods to avoid and %oC to ma$e a feC simple lifestDle c%anges, suc% as avoiding certain tDpes of foods, as$ing about ingredients, and reading labels. )%ese simple c%anges can save Dour life. %ttp:KKallergies.ansCers.comKsDmptomsKpistac%io0allergD0sDmptoms0and0reaction0 prevention Pistachio allergy is a condition t%at plagues about /.< million Americans saD t%e official sources. )%e tastD nut is a $ind of tree nut and allergies to t%em are rat%er Cidespread across America and Europe. @oCever, t%ere is absolutelD no cause to fret. 7ou s%ould be able to ta$e it in Dour stride bD adopting certain precautionarD measures. &ead on to find moreP Reasons for Pistachio Allergy )%e immune sDstem of our bodD erroneouslD identifies t%e nut protein as an allergen t%at is %armful for t%e bodD. )%e c%emical $noCn as %istamine is secreted bD t%e bodD to get rid of it and a particular substance $noCn as IgE is created as a reaction. )%e antibodD9IgE: tries to get rid of t%e nut proteins from our bodD causing discomfort. It is li$elD t%at Dou Cill be allergic to several tree nuts if Dou develop allergies to pistac%io. @azelnuts, Calnuts and almonds are ot%er $inds of nuts t%at Dou Could %ave to avoid in suc% cases. Pistachio Allergy Symptoms

($in ras%es in t%e form of s$in %ives and eczema become obvious after consuming or %andling 1istac%io nuts and related products. Abdominal pain, vomiting, diarr%ea and flatulence can be associated Cit% t%e allergD. 1ersistent coug%s, runnD nose and nasal congestion indicate allergic reactions to t%e nut. A feeling of tig%tness across t%e c%est and difficultD in breat%ing becomes prominent. (evere anap%Dlactic reactions are verD rare but nonet%eless possible if left untreated for a long time. It is manifested bD dizziness, a Cea$ pulse and plummeting blood pressure.

Diagnosis of Pistachio Allergy

($in 1ric$ )ests0 )%e pistac%io e8tract is diluted and in!ected beneat% t%e s$in in order to c%ec$ t%e reactions. +lood )ests0 )%e &A() test detects t%e presence of IgE t%us confirming t%e diagnosis. Cross &eactivitD )ests0 Allergic tests to all tree nuts need to be conducted if t%e suspected food is pistac%io.

!reating Pistachio Allergy Symptoms

)%e onlD to prevent t%e allergD is to forego all pistac%io products including t%e ones containing flavorings. Anti %istamine drugs %elp to get rid of mild allergic reactions. 'edications prescribed for ast%ma can be effective in eliminating respiratorD distress. (evere reactions need to be treated Cit% epinep%rine C%ic% are in!ected into t%e patient. 'edicated s$in creams and lotions are beneficial against s$in %ives and eczema patc%es.

&eading t%e food labels carefullD is necessarD if Dou %ave pistac%io allergD. Biving up t%e pistac%io flavored ice0cream mig%t seem to be a trifle difficult but Dou can safelD opt for ot%er flavors C%ic% can be a c%eering t%oug%t indeedQ

&ead more at %ttp:KKCCC.ifood.tvKblogKpistac%io0allergDRS-;liDB,.N%=ismb.44 %ttp:KKCCC.ifood.tvKblogKpistac%io0allergD