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Overall concept of Self Esteem Your self-confidence or efficiency Your sense of self-respect and self worth Self esteem-opinion

on that you hold about yourself -is a matter of experiencing different feelings and knowing that you are competent for living in your reality, and that you deserve happiness -isnt the same thing as just feeling positive about yourself. It is not the same as egotism, conceitedness, narcism, arrogance or any desire to feel like youre better than someone else.In fact, these attitudes can actually be destructive to genuine self esteem -is one of the most important psychological needs in your life Genuine self esteem-is something that takes time to develop and is consistently maintained The value you believe you have as a person The job you have in your life(tasks or employment) Your achievements The way you believe that others see you Your purpose in life Your situation in the world Your success potential Your strengths and your weaknesses Your social status and your relations w/other people Your independence and ability to be autonomous and self-supporting In a person lacking self-confidence/efficacy, she/he would instead feel helplessness, inefficiency, powerlessness and the sensation of being completely overwhelmed Abraham Maslow-came up w/a theory that clearly states the way and the order in w/c people have needs w/c must be fulfilled in order to lead a complete and healthy life Maslows hierarchy of the five basic needs: 1.The need for self actualization Experience purpose, meaning and realizing all inner potentials 2. Esteem need The need to be a unique individual w/self-respect and to enjoy general esteem from others 3.Love and belonging needs The need for belonging to receive and give love, appreciation and friendship 4.Security need The basic need for social security in a family and a society that protects against hunger and violence 5.The physiological needs(the strongest, because this must be met first in order for a person to find satisfaction) The need for food, water, shelter and clothing Self esteem has a deep affect on: Thinking processes, Emotions, Values, Choices, Desires and Goals Impact of low self esteem Personal insecurity Inability to trust or open to others

Inability to make your own decisions Anxiety Inability to experience fun/pleasure Issues in building intimate relationships Absence of open-mindedness Anger management issues Fearing rejection Exaggerating and lying in order to avoid conflict/argument Inability to be controlled by others Always seeking out people to whom you may feel responsible Inability to feel worthy Discomfort/Depression Feeling different from everyone else Inability to reward yourself Addiction to risks Inability to see humor in life w/people w/how self esteem to let go Inability to face issues Inability to recognize your own feelings Overreactions Irresponsible Frustration

It is uncontrollable Its symptoms have commonality and predictability Describable life cycle Relation to other diseases It is treatable Trans generationally transmitted It can be described by its severity Some cases are resistant to treatment It is progressive It can be terminal Symptoms of low self esteem in others Not living in the moment Always want what they cant have Undermining their own success Putting themselves down Avoidance of real intimacy Always keeping busy Frequent job changes