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A letter from the 2013 Steering Committee

Dear MLHC members, The MLHC is currently in its sixth year of operation fulfilling its mission to increase the health and wellbeing of Latino communities by organizing power for social change. Throughout this time period, the MLHC has been instrumental in a variety of initiatives ranging from environmental justice to advocating for access to bilingual and bicultural health care in our city. Additionally, the work of the coalitions Mental Health Action Team (MHAT) has continuously brought to the forefront the necessity to address the growing mental health needs that are present within our community. In 2012, the MHAT launched its bilingual Warmline initiative, which brings non-crisis peer support to Spanish-speaking individuals in need (Spanish Warmline 414.257.5333). Currently, MHAT has seven Spanish-speaking volunteers that take calls on Saturdays and Sundays from 7p.m. to 10p.m. The MLHC could not fulfill its mission without the support from general coalition members, action team members, and community partners. Thus, to better serve the needs of our community, in September 2013 the steering committee launched a membership survey. The purpose of this survey was to ascertain our memberships needs and skills in order to develop a comprehensive plan for 2014. The survey was made available to MLHC members and community representatives in an online format via e-mail, our Facebook page and our Twitter account. This report will summarize the major findings from this survey. We are thankful for your continued support and passion to improve the health and wellbeing of Latino communities by organizing power for social change.


Image: January 2013 General membership meeting

Accomplishments 2013
MLHC presented a session titled Community Mobilization and Collaboration: the Building Blocks of the Latino Research Action Team at the inaugural 2013 Evaluation and Social Justice Conference hosted by the Milwaukee Affiliate of the American Evaluators Association (AEA). Michelle Corbett MPH, CHES, current Assistant Researcher at the Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH), joined the Steering Committee in October 2013. Her strong evaluation skills coupled with her community health education background are an asset for our leadership team. Bienvenida Michelle! The MLHC collaborated with Latinas En Accin for their Da De Los Muertos Reception on November 14th, 2013. MHAT member Melissa Waldo provided the events keynote address. Spanish Warmline volunteers finished a three day training In our own voice with Jeanette Arellano from NAMI.

Best Regards,

2013 Steering Committee


MLHC 2013 Membership Survey Results

Survey Respondents
MLHC members and community representatives were invited to participate in our 2013 membership survey. Links were made available online via e-mail, Facebook, and our Twitter account. A total of 58 individuals responded to our survey of which 46 completed the entire survey. Of the 58 respondents, 42 were existing coalition members and 16 were individuals seeking membership. Existing coalition members reported serving a variety of roles ranging from general membership (27), serving on an action team (19), or serving on the coalitions steering committee (7).

Frequency of Leadership/Advisory Meetings

Monthly Quarterly

PLACE PHOTO HERE,72.7% 50.0% 50.0% 57.1% 42.9% OTHERWISE DELETE BOX 27.3%

Survey Respondents

Existing Members

Seeking Membership

Survey Respondents

Coalition Leadership Meetings

There was no difference in the proportion of survey respondents that preferred having monthly (50%) or quarterly (50%) leadership/advisory meetings. However, upon stratification of the survey responses, existing members prefer monthly meetings (57.1%) and new members prefer quarterly meetings (72.70%). (


Action Team 28% 39% General Membership Seeking Membership

Frequency of General Membership Meetings

Survey respondents represented a wide spectrum of sectors ranging from Academic Institutions (K-12 and Higher Education), Business, Community Representatives, Health Care, and Non-Profit. The majority of existing coalition members that responded to the survey represented the Health Care (35.7%) and Non-Profit (31%) sectors while individuals seeking membership mostly represented the Academic sector (31.3%).
Survey Respondents Existing Members Seeking Membership

26.1% 25.7% 27.3%

65.7% 63.6% 65.2% PHOTO PLACE HERE, OTHERWISE DELETE BOX 8.7% 5.7% 9.1%




Sectors Represented
Current Members 31.3% 23.8% 18.7% Seeking Membership 35.7% 31% 25% 18.7%

Coalition General Membership Meetings

When asked how frequently general membership coalition meetings should occur, the majority of survey respondents prefer quarterly meetings (65.2%) versus monthly (26.1%) or biannual (8.7%) meetings. A similar trend was visible among existing members (65.7%) and those seeking membership (63.6%).


MLHC 2013 Membership Survey Results

Membership Requirements
The majority of survey respondents would like coalition membership requirements to include general coalition meetings (67.4%) and action teams (52.2%).

What type of membership requirements would you like the coalition to implement?
Survey Respondents 52.2% 23.9% Yearly Fees Action Teams General Coalition Meetings 67.4% 32.6%

Leadership/Advisory Meetings

Top Three Health Issues in the Latino Community

Survey respondents identified access to bilingual/bicultural care (52.2%), mental health (45.7%), and immigration (41.3%) as the top three health issues in the Latino community.

Top Three Health Issues in the Latino Community

Pecentage 52.2% 45.7% 41.3%

Access to bilingual/bicultural care

Mental Health


MLHC 2014
st The MLHC Steering Committee metMeeting on November 1 , 2013 to discuss the General Coalition January 23rd , 2014 results of this membership survey.


The following will be implemented beginning January 2014: Steering Committee will meet at a minimum once a month. General Coalition meetings will occur on a quarterly basis. Active membership requirements will entail attendance at general coalition meetings and participation in action teams.

The Steering Committee will spend the remainder of the year obtaining more information from stakeholders and community members that will inform our initiatives for 2014.


DATE: JANUARY 23, 2014 TIME: 3:30 P.M. - 5:30P.M. LOCATION: COUNCIL FOR THE SPANISH SPEAKING - 3rd Floor 1615 S. 22nd St. Milwaukee, WI