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Biodiversity & Conservation February 1995, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 35-55

Preservation of biodiversity in small rainforest patches: rapid evaluations using butterfly trapping

Gret !en C" #aily, $aul %" &!rli !

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#eterminin. t!e apa ity o1 small 1orest remnants to support biodiversity is o1 riti al importan e, espe ially in t!e tropi s -!ere !i.! rates o1 land onversion oin ide -it!

e2traordinarily !i.! spe ies ri !ness and endemism" 3sin. 1ruit-baited traps, -e ondu ted rapid evaluations in 1993 and 1994 o1 t!e 1orest butter1ly diversity o1 seven small pat !es 43536 !a7 and a sin.le remainin. lar.e pat ! 4++8 !a7 o1 Costa %i an mid-elevation moist 1orest" 9ur results su..est t!at even re ently isolated +6536 !a 1ra.ments o1 primary 1orest retain depauperate butter1ly 1aunas relative to t!at supported by t!e ++8 !a pat ! only 6"551"6 :m a-ay" I1 1orest butter1lies are an inde2 o1 t!e diversity o1 small-bodied or.anisms in .eneral, preservation o1 t!e latter may re;uire une2pe tedly lar.e pat !es" In 1994 -e also surveyed a 1< !a botani al .arden, situated bet-een and onti.uous to bot! t!e ++8 !a pat ! and an e2 eptionally spe ies-ri ! +5 !a pat !" In t!e .arden, -e dis overed adults o1 many butter1ly spe ies

asso iated -it! 1orest interior, su..estin. t!at even !eavily mana.ed systems o1 lar.ely e2oti plants 4su ! as a.ri ultural systems7 ould be desi.ned to serve as orridors 1or butter1lies and per!aps some ot!er .roups o1 or.anisms" =e dis uss some impli ations 1or a planned restoration o1 bioti onne tions bet-een lo-land and montane 1orests in sout!ern Costa %i a"

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!ttpB((lin:"" om"s i-!ub"or.(arti le(16"1668(BF66115313