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We get by with a little help from our friends

Mississippi for Liberty depends on volunteers to research issues and to point out problems. Trained Board Members evaluate the issues on several levels. When an issue receives an agreeable vote, the board suggests a plan of action. That action usually involves you.

You have the power

Mississippi for Liberty could send a hundred emails to your public officials. That hundred %ouldn$t count as much as one email from you. !our elected officials care %hat you thin &they should'. It$s your vote and your advertisement to friends in the voting district that eeps the official %ith a "ob &or %ithout one'. Mississippi for Liberty %ill eep you updated on important issues. We can sho% you the %ay, but %e can$t clic that button for you. (nly you have that po%er. )se it.

ictories after the !"#$ %egislature &nded

(nline classes coming soon. 1ic Ward made it possible to ta e the %ritten test for enhanced firearm permits online. Classes are run by private enterprise, not the 2tate. 2topped a firearm permit price increase. 1ic Ward spotted an illegal price increase for gun permits. 3mails from activists, such as yourself, %ere sent to elected officials. The price increase %as revo ed. The illegal overcharges %ere reimbursed. 45o gun6 signs removed. (ne of the best victories %as the removal of 4no gun6 signs from all M2 %elcome centers and rest stops. This %as due mainly to citi7en activists %ho sent emails from the Action Center.

The Action Center

The Mississippi for Liberty Action Center already has over *+ issues ready for action from you. Issues and email letters are listed in the Action Center. Choose an issue you care about. Type your name and address, then clic the button to send. !ou "ust made your voice heard. The program automatically sends a form letter to several of your elected officials # even if you don$t no% their names. When the legislature begins in ,anuary, *+-., over /++ ne% bills %ill appear for evaluation. We %ill sort the issues and let you no% %hat needs support or opposition. Things move fast. It %ould be good to monitor the Action Center daily ,anuary thru April. Anything you do helps, so "ust do %hatever you can. 0eel proud that your %or is for a better place to live. Tell you friends ho% easy it is to influence politics.

Action Center' (ther Issues

0reedom Wor s 8 the 9eritage 0oundation %arn that the most important issues to bloc are: (bama;care Common Core educational program 2tate gas ta< hi es 2tate=national internet sales ta<

It's just that easy.

We bac, legislation to promote freedom. A secondary purpose is to help other liberty.oriented groups to grow and to influence government.

The 0ully;informed ,ury Assn." Motorcycle o%ners political action group: M2 2ons of Liberty 1iders 5ate >reston &*?/' .@@;+?/+ Whistle;blo%er >rotection >rogram: Arant 2o%ell &//*' B@-;@?@@ M2 Legislature i>hone 8 i>ad app lists contact information 8 more, see iTunes M2 Legislature >age # trac bills

=ecome a

)ississippi for %iberty

5im Cunningham6 7resident $$"1 8roves Ave. 5ac,son6 )0 $9!#: 2:"#3 9;".#911 ,

7atriotic Activist
in #" seconds

)ississippi for %iberty is run by volunteers. We always need more volunteers * more money for printed material such as this. +onate at our site or mail a chec, to the address on the bac, of this brochure. Contributions are not ta- deductible due to pending ta-.e-empt status under I/C 0ec. 1"#2C3243

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