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4.1 Cathode Ray Tubes 4.2 Types of display 4.3 Modern displays


! Displays are used to present in visual form the information contained in the radar echo signal, i.e. in a form suitable for operator interpretation and action." ! When the display is connected directly to the video output of the receiver, the information displayed is known as raw video. When the receiver video output is rst processed by Automatic Detection and Tracking (ADT) processing, the output is sometimes known as synthetic video." ! Until recently displays were almost universally based on the cathode ray tube (CRT), with long-persistence phosphor screens. These usually had to be operated in a darkened room. There are still many of these in use." ! There are several different types of display, according to the type of radar and scan employed..!


echo amplitude!
The time-base ! drive is very ! simple!

time or range!

The A scope was used for the earliest types of radar. It consists of a deection-modulated display, with vertical deection proportional to echo strength and horizontal coordinate proportional to range."

Radar A Scope Display


Amplitude forms ! intensity or ! z-modulation! Raster time-base ! in the vertical ! direction!


Intensity-modulated rectangular display, with azimuth angle (bearing) indicated by horizontal coordinate and range by vertical coordinate."

Radar B Scope Display

Range mark" Azimuth mark"



Plan Position Indicator (PPI)

amplitude is used ! for intensity or ! z-modulation!


range is measured radially ! outwards; bearing is the ! same as the direction of ! antenna look !

Intensity-modulated circular display in which echoes are displayed in polar format.

IEEE Std 686-2008:

Naval radar display

Range Height Indicator (RHI)

amplitude - z-modulation!


elevation angle! range!

slant range ! (given by ct/2)!

Intensity-modulated display with height (altitude) as the vertical axis and range as the horizontal axis."

Modern displays
A modern radar display is essentially the same as a computer display - so you can do whatever you want ! "

! different types of display" ! use color"

BA039 30,000' 500kts

! add coastlines, ight " corridors" ! add alphanumeric " information for height, track " status, etc"

Raymarine MarineBband Radar Display

Call sign


ATC workstation display

Different plot symbol denoting 10nm and 5nm separation minima.

" Departure point"

5nm Leader line

Flight Level



History trails

Flight Plan " Manipulation icons"

Adaptable information Field Currently showing Climb rate


ATC workstation display

Example of conict alert " display "
(6,500# apart vertically)