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. DEPARTMENT OF THE AR! i Washington 25, D. C.. 27 October 1937 3 TM 9 2800, Military Vehicles. is published for the information afd guidance é of all concerned, : r The infer: rect as Of 15 August 1936. 1G 200.7 (90 Aue 317 2 i mn in this manual is By ORDER OF THE SFCRETARY OF HE A¥es Ormeau DWIGHT D. FISENHOB: epwallb & WITSELL Chief of Sta¥, United Staves Arr: Mayor General ’ Bits est The Adjutant General rsteraution an t USAF (5), AGF (10): T (10). Dept (5): USAF Maj Comd (2) Bact FC (1): BU (1): PE (On 0) tablishments 9 (3): Gen & Sp Sv Sch (5): A(ZD) rs CHQ 2) D (2). BS, 6, 44.) RZ S11, 19, $5 (1). Bn 9 2 UIT 14, 44.55 € 90); AF GY WOOD: GO 1 For explanation of distribution formula, see TM 38 105. ae £8. CONTENTS Page Introduction : 1 11, Ambulances 3 III Amphibious Vehicles 8 TY. Armored Cars 2 V. Busses a 14 VI. Bicycles, Metorcyctes, and Scooters 19 VII. Cargo Carriers (FullyTrack) ; 2 VILL. Cranes a IX. Dollies 2 X. Gun and Howiteer Motor Carriages (Full Track). - eis tae XI Half-Teack Vehicles . 57 XII. Mine Exploders and Combat Bulldozers ; 67 XIIL_ Passenger and Scout Cars 68 XIV. Road Equipment : 1 XV. Semitrailers ho XVL. Tonks 137 XVII. Tank Transporters and Recovery Vehicles.) 150 XVHL. Tractors 154 XIX. Trailers . 175 4 XX. Trucks . 218 XXI. Truck Tractors 332 APPENDIX 3 349 INDEX 331 RESTRICTED ‘This manual supersedes TM 9-2800, 1 September 1943, and TB 9-2800-1, 26 February 1948. Section I. 1, SCOPE a. This manual is published for the infor- mation and guidance of all concerned. It contains illustrations of and pertinent data for military vehicles used or maintained by the Army. The data includes classification, pur pose, characteristics, aA performance of each vehicle. Data and illustrations have been obtained from the most reliable sources available at time of publication. These sources include the manufacturers of the vehicle and the services which use them. For more detailed information, refer to the technical manuals listed for each vehicle, b. Each section of this manual contains one class of vehicles. Within each section the vehicles are arranged according to weight When two or more different vehicles have identical weights, further arrangement is made according to other distinctive charac teristics, such as size of armament or number of wheels. “ c. Material which has been declared obso- lete since publication of the superseded edi- tion, 1 September 1943, has not been included in the revision. d. The appendix contains a list of zefer- ences to other useful publications, and an alphabetical index of all vehicles contained in the manual. 2. EXPLANATION OF TERMINOLOGY @. Technical Data. (1) Wheels. Where such data as “6 x 4” and ‘4 x 4" appears in vehicular nomenclature. the first figure indi- cates total number of wheels, and the second figure indicates number of driving wheels. Dual wheels are considered as one wheel. (2) Net Weight. Weight of fully equipped vehicle in operating condition with fuel, lubricants, and water, but without crew of payload Introduction ind from changes in stowage. efc OMcial ve- hicular shipping> weights are contained in SB-OSSC-G. (3) Payload. Weight of cargo or passen- gers, including crew, which may be safely imposed on vehicle. (3) Gross Weight or Fighting Weight Weight of vehicle fully equipped and serviced far operation, including crew, plus maximum allowable payload of cargo or passengers (5) Shipping Dimensions. dimensions to which a completely assembled vehicle may be reduced by lowering cab top of windshield, removing body bows, gun mounts, etc. (6) Ground Clearance. Minimum clear- ance ‘under lowest point of chassis. (7) Brake Dimensions, Brake band width. (8) Maximum Computed Gradability The steepest slope, measured in percent, a vehicle will traverse with transmission in lowest forward gear, and transfer case oF auxiliary transmission in low range. Percent of slope is defined as the ratio between the vertical rise and the horizontal distance traveled. Examples of slopes measured in terms of degree of angle and percent of slope follow: Percent of stope ° a (9) Turning Radius. Radius of mini- ‘mum circle within which vehicle can negotiate ‘a complete turn. Minimum ‘4 * a bg Depth Depth of water t te may be successfully Pe west speed: (1) Crussing Range. Average dist elon one full tank of fuel at rated fuel b Cl fromm the sta follows () Standard Standard vehicles are the most advanced and satisfactory that been adopte! © those which are pre ferred for procurement (2) Substitute Standard — Substitate standard vehi les are those which do not have as satisfactory m characteristics as fe substitutes ation Vehicles are clas Ant of suitability for use ard vet es, but are us cles and when necessary {1 supplement the supply Hepe ) Limiced Standard Limited stond, ai vehicles arr those which do not have as Sulisfactory ooo itary cheractenstics as stand ard vehicles, but are usable substitutes f standard vehicles, and are & av. supply demancts Complete vehicles will not be procured, b component parts, even though they may be limited procurement articles, may be pro cured if necessary to maintain these vehicles in serviceable condition throughout a reason able life expectaney. (3) Limited Procurement Limited procurement vehicles are those which have passed service tests favorably but are not ready for classification as an adopted tsps before they have been subjected te more ex tended service tests. The approval ast Jimited procurement type sig item is probably suited for se requites refinement in design or further use by troops to establish complete suitability (3) Unclassified. Unclassifet vehicles are thote for which classification was not obtainable from the services us: vehicle fies that © Section II. Ambulances sev 1 AMBULANCE, 34-TON, 4 x 2, METROPOLITAN Manufacturers: Packard Motor Car Co. Henney Cadillac Motor Car Division (GMC): Body by Superior. Body by GENERAL DATA coon 2 Passenger (nlaing erm) 2 ween ob Me_828 Pim oe Grom 116, Prema 00) Prot ea (ent) 9G coe 8 to 20 1 8 Brakes: Marulctrer—Bendit Type arabe RA Po 347217 CCasiication: Standard Make of vehicle Mlustrated: Packar! Purpose: To transport sick and wounded persicae ENGINE Manuactare: Pacha Maal 300-4 ‘Type: Ces, teyee No of cyinder Geka) Diaplacement en) ne n> 38 Stroke oa Maslow governed speed: (oma Brae , sam Gpobaase Tore 0 fo (2 ADDITIONAL DATA AMBULANCE, FIELD, 112-TON, 4x 2 Perea Lines SM C447 RAPD 347033 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Divisice (GMC) Purpose: Used by Mi va tranaport ck andl ie te tect ‘wounded 9 GENERAL DATA ENGINE | ADDITIONAL DATA @ «wo PERFORMANCE Turning radivn Right TRUCK, ¥6-TON, 4x4, AMBULANCE |: Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division, ‘Classification: Limited standard GENERAL DATA ‘Shipring dimensbone: ‘oning bt (09) aps (Capacities: Tot (7 otare sec) = Coating ter 2 eanene et) @ @ 3 Gm Gew ree 1084 Purpose: To transport sick and wounded personnels PERFORMANCE Savior computed aradablity Concent) St Turning radi Reet wean Pording dope i.) 2 Pool consumption Con om Crating range Conde = M0 ‘Mowabte speed cage) Se Matimumm recommender foe! on 1000 ENGINE Maqatacturer: Doser Mose! 7218, ‘Type: Lead, tape Noe ender nth Displacement Gadi Bore "eed 3 Sima governed epee mn) 200, lire hamepeer ems ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, 34-TON, 4x4, AMBULANCE ‘Technical Mama: 48% 9.19088, Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division Purpose: Used by Mediéal Corpe to transport ict andl Classification: Limited Standard Soesded pareeunat GENERAL DATA Foe conasmotion Gaudet) Catng range Onde) ‘Allows speed Merimum recommended to ld Ty 200 ENGINE Manutacturer: Dodge ‘Type head tee Diaplacement Sonam governed spent ‘ale hemepewer Torque 0 ot pm) 10 ADDITIONAL DATA ao 2% Trrehydrste ony TRUCK, 34-TON, 4x4, AMBULANCE, (K.D.) echatcal Mamata: $888, 18088, ‘teen, TDA Manufacturer: Chvyster Corporation, Dadge Division Purpose: To transport ick ari wrunded personnel Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA | ue conmamption Conte PPRFORMANCE rae Section IfI. Amphibious Vehicles CARRIER, CARGO, M29C (AMPHIBIAN) Manufacturer: The Studebaker Corporation. Purpose: To tranapor personnel or light cargs on land Classification: Standard. = PERFORMANCE. Maximum eradabey ‘Torning raion fred) TRUCK, 214-TON, 6 x 6, AMPHIBIAN Manufacturer: Genecal Motors Truck and Coach Div. Purpose: To transport cargo or pertennel co) land (omc), water Classification: Standard ‘This vehicle is popularly known as "The Duck Armament: Provision for installation of MBS trace mount for antiaizcalt machine guns GENERAL DATA AAuaaryeranemiaon: Spent 2 2 (Gee ten gh 17a ow hah PERFORMANCE Masiemuin computed gradabity owvert) 58 ‘Torming raion: igh) La vel conmumptton (oats) Clg tame Bont) (Gente At top pnd ra) 3 rr (0) 2 ‘Autowable sped: (can) oon) 80 ENGINE, Shipping dlmemdone. Uncatd a) 2400 Venicle Simensfons in Manufactarer: GME Tyre: Vanwamiied: See toe | everyting: ao: | 2 é Stroke fa) 1% | Masta governed spend G33 | brake nersepewer 91.3 Gm 2730, feo 30 | Torque sug Rt a (pn) Ga) Mins, sary 45 ADDITIONAL DATA te) 0 ‘Geer rue ght 461: Low—2093) VEHICLE, LANDING, TRACKED (UNARMORED), MK. 4, LVT (4) Manufacturers: Food Machinery Corp St. Louis Car Co. 2 una, machine, cal. $0: 2 guns, machine, ‘cal 10.1 gun, machine, cal 30 (ball mount). Ammunition: 4000 rounds, eal 30: §,000 counds, cal. 50 Classification: Standard ‘Traction: Spente : Communication sytem Ra ad interne PERFORMANCE Masimnom eradabiy. (oo ea 82 Teng radio Waser toad 30 Technet wales 76, ‘eircom, Make of vehicle itlustrated: Foo) Machines) Corp "Water Buffalo, Picapldan trpomsd eter, Ales ft Wading ca tech RAPD 347272 Erno Sete abeass Masionum governed sper tom tan rane noraepowe em (een) toe Terao ae ‘Type ot lait apna ADDITIONAL DATA VEHICLE, LANDING, TRACKED, ARMORED, MK. 4, LVT (A) (4) Teche! Mamata: 9778, 1794, STAC STR, IN, ITT, Wass, 8088 Aro sara Parte Lines SNL G-206 Manufacturer: Food Machinery Corp. Ammunition: 100 rounds 75 mm; 6000 rours cal. 30 Armament: 1 7Smm howiteer, M2 or M2A1; 3 guns, Purpose: Foepuse in rough terrain, war land. and ge ‘chine, cal. 30, MISIGA$ (flex) ‘propulmn sh expowed watert Alms fo “aading om Begeh (Classification: Limited standard a GENERAL DATA Woithetne ADDITIONAL DATA em ase en ttepanee W Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co sted standard Classification: La Armament: One gun, 37-mm, M6, one gun, machine, cx 30, MISIOA4 (Beside). GENERAL DATA ‘Gree 17.200 ett 6,30 roe (seh wae) 5026 Pitt, Se —9.00 20, Premute 0), Frot-—H0; rear Tred, center eo center) Ree7e Vehicle dimensions: (Grown cearance) (ey ‘Shipping lmenatone:Uncrted (ou 8) 1.0089 Gg 8) 148 heerlen! aye fo) 12 | No of baer ie capaci ‘eel (0 octane gcloe) tes eating ye 35 Sica ft) wo? Teoncer ome Dimer) Pose Deakes: Manlnctarer— Bendis Tyee pieces ‘Teamseanion: Spey (emetic, Hagh de; Low, Technical Manus Sheasn, ae, scar ited, Sas Parcs in SNL RAPD 347011 tank, HEE, M1, with fuze, ML Purpore: To provide high peed mobility. defense fe (power, and crew protection for reeunaaies a PERFORMANCE Mantimuim computed gradabiic: ‘Tarming rasion (1) Res Fording depth Plc consunmpeton Contr (Cruising range Conte) Alloa speed ENGINE # Manutacturer: Herel Mass 9 Type: Led, epee Ne et ofinten Otee) placement evn) 20 Bore non WEE cos Strom: to) _Masimam recommended governed woe Goma Brake bersepomer va rpm 708 Tongue 10 Fh arp 1386 ADDITIONAL LATA (oa) 1007 4 (m9) 168 Ga) 115 (oot) ee ot (eo 35 wor oe Ge os Pent 2% gt tee each) 6 ees! Mamata Bendix. Type—hydrese ‘Deeenians Tranamiaton: Sends si . ‘ear ta: Magi: Low 6.491) ydrovae vet) 3 Peer wicaee Pane Lat) SM G28 Manufacturers: Chassit ~ Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC), Badies by various manufacturers. GENERAL DATA. Pasengers (rca or) Weight 08) Net=4930" Paylo—2280 (eu 9g 11358 Ga a \ me No. f ber 5 "Pet (0 octane sate) fey 8 Contre nrc ; os Se 2) 14 ‘Typectraraae @) Manufacturer: International Harvester Company, Model Purpose: To transport personne! ES and KS. . feo ny 208 Gesenat Dots oa Es 5 | om a eee oe i So fe | seamen a sce ra eee oa ee ; whine 150 se nen GPa Sel en Keres Pee | at aa ms ae a oe a a Hlectes oF ayatem: (vo) 6 a ‘ ape ma on eae roe coerce Bic) Ee Sx ae ; ee reRFoRMANce a ee Tote os co ae i we Son 2 eS ENGINE Pe eS le roe = ed a ee ee ‘Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division Purpose: To transport personnel. (GMC). GENERAL DATA ie 1 oc nite * apnea Pts” Oma Sees om ma on ocala Fret =A: arte Toney ia: ree GaP Pocket oo? ee Siprigdwmaiges oranda Lee vena ates See 1s Bacwtl ear : a agar coma ot 7 ome tn. ue Cee eee ake coe teen one i ceantene (et = wu Tracevamon (maa) @ 3 Daten wo 3% Braker: Mamdactrer—Wentaghoume Ties "Deveons Gm) From ro ‘Tramamision: Speeds ‘i (Gene rte Might: Low 4 PERFORMANCE Masini computed gradebatity: Manufacturer: Mack Mfg. Corp. Gow i Passengers (oc ioting few): o* Weight (8): ern eat ales: Gear ft Ale load (6) Ege are: Phy—12 Site 10.00 2; Prema (00) Fromt “Trend, center to center (i) Front Shlopine dimeneone; Uncrated 5. (cu 8) LASH: Ga) Vehicle dimensions: ‘Ground crane (a) Hectic! system: re) To. of tenes CCapaciten: Poet (= 0 Costing nyter Gon Cranes (rt) wo 3 ‘Teanenienon (main) Gao 10s Biers wou Rakes: Mamulactuer~ Bends Wentnghoase Tener ‘Doreen (a) Pron): car 4 “Tranaminaion: Spee (orwerd) 3 (Gear tai High 1:1, Low 0531) PERFORMANCE Maximom computed ara (om a) ‘Tueming rai igh lta Fording depth: fn) 4536 Fact commumption Gonded) (emo 55 Croteing remge Conte): (ea) 05 ‘Allomableapeed 4 msm) 38 ENGINE Mamutacturer: Mack Types thee Soya ge Diaplaceme i Section VI. Bicycles, Motorcycles, and Scooters BICYCLE, MILITARY, UNIVERSAL Manufacturers: Huftnan Mig. Co; Westheld Mig, Co. a Wedge (9) Bet 38 fication: Standard. ‘Sipping dimensions: (oncates) (eu 985.) Purpose: Ta prove ranmprtatonfrPeione! MEPS) ym mp3; mH 18 Pe OA) Pre Make of Vehicle illustrated: Huffman. “Type of Drive: BICYCLE, MILITARY, ‘Techical Maul: Nene ares ties SSL GST Manufacturers: Hufiman Mfg. Co.; Westfield Mfg. Co. rom Classification: Standard. Weta i): Best ‘Shipping dlenemstons: Uncrate (co ) 905 Make of vehicle Illustrated: Westfield. Tren Pot ae To teanspectation | Preare Ob) coments Purpose: To furnah transportation for perme for | 5, Praner( messenger oF dispatch service, Manufacturer: Indian Motorcycle Co Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Gove: Welghe (0): Nee 239. Payload 225 Tree Drop ere. Mel ‘Type of deve PERFORMANCE Marien aradaniliey: ‘Turning radios (1): ENGINE Manutacturet:Inian Motorcyce Co. pes vei Ge Diuplacemest Bore Seroke ‘Net horsepower: Manion TP Net Torque: Masi 20 in ot oman ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Harley Davidson Motor Co. Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA oe 1 Weta (0): Net 526 Gapron) Payne 250; Grom appro) #06 weet 305, [Shipping dimensiones ‘Cried (2) Tires Pip=t Soe Ground viearance Vehicle dlmeneions (ore) eg’ (eon wna) fm) a iecercal sytem (wom) Me, of batons ' Poe (70 octane gain) to OR tank ) ‘Tromamalon ~ Coote ste “Type of die eae Canter of font ante to center of enue ate: ony 57h PERFORMANCE. Maxinnom gredabitity (with rome weight of 26%) cacdated) Goecent) ‘Turmine ration: (9) teh 7S gh? Fordine deo im) 3 Poet consumption (2erage condition): (om ruining range (avenge condition) Apress. (a) 110 Masionsm spend cosh) 68 Nov of oped forward 2 ENGINE, Manufacture: Harry Davidnow Mater Ca, Model WEA “Types s8¥, ne vaive, Seyle Ra efiea 3 Phaplacement Coon a826 Purpose: To provide transportation for personne! engaged in reconnaisiance, mewenger service, pice operations, ‘and convoy control ore: Gay 2765 Stroke: fon) 3.8128, “Torque: Maximum 2A Com) 3.000 ADDITIONAL DATA Net weight techn weight of gan lan al ecemerin ch Sindee egrde ee SCOOTER, MOTOR, 2W, AIRBORNE ~~ RAPD 47138 turer: Cushman Motor Works (Classification: Limited Standard To provide mobile transportation for one perwon. GENERAL DATA ADDITIONAL DATA PERFORMANCE +e cpm 3400 25.00% ac rpm 3800 22 Manufacturer: Cushman Motor Works, Model 39. Classification: Limited standard. GENERAL DATA Welghe (0): Mee—4t8 Pryload 286 Grom 400 Shipping dimensions: (ea) 102; 9) 30 ‘See 00 4 W; Prema (0), ront—30: rar—30 > 35 Gam) 6 eo 6 1% oa Sees 2 (Gear ratio: High 6483; Low 18.431) “Type of drive: chain PERFORMANCE ng raion) depth Manta Made 10670 Type: Ver oof cyindere Displacement (oom) 14.89 Bore: 2% Stroke: Go) 2 ‘Mastenian horsepower < (rm) 3800 “Torque: Manomm 1S 0m a pm) 1800 Purpose: To provide transportation for stock chasing, delivery and memenger service * ADDITIONAL DATA, Manufacture Classification: Standard, Cushman Motor Works, Mode! 34 GENERAL DATA Welghe co) et—250; pylon —225, ro 078 ‘Shipping dimensions: (nf) 204 9) 23.4 ‘Three: Piya, Sur--400 8 #) Premure (8)- Promt—30; tear 30 Ground clearance om) 4 Fiectreal system fou) 6 Capacities Peal 0 ctane gx) (oo Crantcase wt ‘cootng erten Sex eo wo ‘Type of drive ‘chain PERFORMANCE Masimuon gradabitisy: (ym cent) 4 ‘Turning radi (9) alt 5% ate O34 Fording depth a) 10 Feel consumption (average condition) (oo) Crulang range (average condition) (om) 50 Maximum speed (ooh 2 ENGINE Manofacturer, Cashman ‘Type: Vertis beyie Displacement: ‘ Bore Stroke: Moreepower: Maxime ‘Torque! Meson, 24 We oheaen (euin) 1609 Gn) 36 Ge) 2% 4s a fepm 3.500 75 (0m at (rpm 1800 Purpose: To provide transportation for stock chasing, light delivery, and mewsenger service ADDITIONAL DATA Section VII. Cargo Carriers (full-track) CARRIER, CARGO, M29 Manulacturer: The Studebaker Corp. Purpose: To transport personne or cargo over soo% Classification: Standard. — GENERAL DATA Gree: ‘ 1 = Weight (ressine emyeset ‘Shipping dimensions: Uooated Cea m0. 60) 37d tad at ow 2 (vom) 142 wot or 246 ot bate (oo 35 (eo 0 os @ 1 @ 6 ‘sret Low 286.1) Torave: wont : 2 | Type et taniion (Oe te Magh 866 1 Low 2.761 Peewee } ADDITIONAL DATA fore von 9573) ‘voce dca infor early patuction vues having 18 twat Comme nate yt: Toren | Perio yroduton veils heving 3 tack ith data ‘Wren PERFORMANCE Shree dreams fo 19 90885 Masienom gradabitity (oer ent) 108 Onna wn Turning radon () niger inien (round jee Manufacturer: Buick Motor Division (GMC). Armament: 1 gun, machine, cal. 50, H.B., M2. “Ammunition: 909 rounds, eal. $0: 1,620 rounds, eal. 30 Ti hand grenades; 4 smoke pots GENERAL DATA tie w it Goo 0 14265; 0) 88 Crvialheiwretes Ta) 1h, inate tab Ca By ed vate) ed 16s o's ‘Re cooled «4 we chstna sien) a) ws @ 4 Mecha contd dierent High ees Low 4108: on system “Type rhea ntetponen PERFORMANCE asim Uh of Reh vet wil crows 26 Om) 7 RAPD 347148 Classification: Standard Purpose: To transport cargo and personnel in combat ‘one and used a8 prime mover for Sin. gun, M6 Masten vertical obatacte veicie iii Poet coamsenption feyarngr na= (rang ange re oe Cooking epeeds (med) (het aE Maxton allowable towed tad ENGINE Manufacturer: Continent! ‘Types Rad, Heyoe Daplacemen Bore Seroke Masiouum governed spend Brake horsepower “Type of lgltton: ADDITIONAL DATA wen elt rie mower, 4 ronda 3m Section VIII. Cranes CRANE, MOBILE, 30,000 LB CAPACITY Manufacturers: Tractor, Caterpillar. Crane— ‘G. LeTournems tne. Make of vehicle illustrated: Ax above. GENERAL DATA evan 0) Ning dimensions: Unwed cra so Ground pres: Free (pu) £3; Crome accra aytem oat battens eapacitien Coning sytem ‘Cranes es) reverie sd iene Final deve eo) ent aety Transmiaion Spends “Gra foe Hoge 1) inal deve: Sere 1 (Crating speed Copa Ghani 1 ted 2 ed 28; 4eh-3.0, Sth=B6; 6h -49) ee I I Classification: Standard. Purpose: Used by AAP for lifting complete axplanes and “arplane structures weighing up to 29.000 pound ENGINE Manutacture: Cater Mose 4 ‘Type, Dae (ater cul Me olin Ging) Uhapincement rarer’ bore: Sere Matimam governed speed Net borepower: Torwve! 5 “Type of anion: Crane he for wen (whee) (1k) of per NONR ING, PNEUMATIC TIRED, WHEEL MOUNTED, TRACTOR OPERATED, 20,000 LB AT 10 FT RADIUS, 30 FT BOOM ‘echnical Manuals Soana0 Gane Manufacturer: R. G. Le Tourneau, Inc. ‘utade to ouside of ues (0) Make of vebicle illustrated: Le Tourneau Model AD, nade to onde of tes (a) ‘w, dual i SShloping dimeasioms, nusembled vehicle (am) 79 Purpose: Used by Corpe of Engineers to lift and carry | Towing webiclee tobe uscd. Any weet with 2dscm contrat Touds up t0 20,000 Ib- ‘sie CRANE, NON-REVOLVING, PNEUMATIC TIRED, WHEEL MOUNTED, TRACTOR OPERATED, 40,000 LB CAPACITY AT 3 FT 6 IN. RADIUS, 20 FT BOOM | etree he. Moen) ner ‘Weigh siribrios 0) egy RAPD 347279 Tires: Py —20 Smts.oon Mice: BE cco te Ser oe indication : rand Yebicledsension Hog (ea) © om Make of vehicle illustrated: Le Tourmeau Modei mao. | Tosine hie tewneds 0” Purpose: Used by Core of Enginers to lit and cary | nippy dimemnens, scmlce ene omds up to 40,000 Te (oom) 13073; #9 3874 soa) row2300 j peg opr vat Sis es Frnt Tn Pye 1100 xfer) Pome vee ae cay ah eu 0) 35,000; gM) 2.970 | Steet woe | PERFORMANCE ssc peso pte j Terai tour | Wed aon ne (ont consumption Gnade: (ooo) 26 (ning rate Onde 308 ices speed comm) CRANE, REVOLVING, TRUCK MOUNTED, PNEUMATIC TIRED, 2-ENGINE DRIVE, 4 TO 8-TON, CLASS X Moet XD No.of cyinders Gate) Tin) ass a) aie i cma 7 ma cemiie Frwue i eanwacr be GENERAL CRANE DATA Corte: onion stem @ « eee om Dempingeadion Gn) Degping radion ot Soot o) Dagning depth low for ive! fm) (Ceane, (25° boom) marimm londs with outrigger 1" radios a0) 13.00 1s reaion (b) 10.300, ae region om 8 redioe 8) S300 Manufacturers: Truck—Coleman, Motors Co; Shovel- Classification: Limited standart Conga ‘Crane, Trait Quick Way Track Shovel Co. pecaibes tid ‘ot a paces tng Make of veblcleiustruted: ‘Modal 2-85 on "Yoltes or crane, shovel, rape, cimael and Coleman, ton, 42 4 Truck ‘aller tached. driver operations. GENERAL TRUCK DATA ae oer fae ‘ REI igs 2 | Se * a), a Weare os. ‘ ‘orow—1sg00 | Mesimum governed spend com.t08 ‘ite aed 0: Lana Pron1aSserrer— tease | Brake herepower as maton Tee's yin ae 19.0400; Prema (2) Prome—tac rea | “Trend, omer to ets Prot GENERAL CRANE DATA ‘Sipping mensions Unowtet (cu )39013:Gm 90 3 | Capncttn: Mitte Simeone “Coton vse mm # “tame ore) witht boom Gay 303 Eranrene (td Z eo ‘Orne crane Ga ae ‘Gear caes (3 ech oo ral hgh fot) Ga) a ne een Ov ee ae OL . Mate 0-9 "Pot (0 acne eae) on Moo erties Cong wate @ « Cronene > ie ‘rant cme 7 Tranmmanans (a) Main 6; sonar 6 Darwen 2) ‘ow ck ae Winch oad crac) oo fence Marcaceer” Bendis Wentinghoase a narteaion Sec Perwed 5 PERFORMANCE “arming rain) Right: eh —31 Yording depth ; to) Toc consumption Cede!) foro 5 ‘Croting range Conte’), a cm 350 ‘Alowanteepend: om) ENGINE Mantacturer: Bade adel 10835 Type: terce No of cinders ine) 6 ‘aplacement ‘Gom) sot “Length Gover) tater 130 30 CRANE, TRUCK MOUNTED (6 x 4 CARRIER), GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 34 CU YD ‘Tread, cee to conte Front Gnd 0% | ‘Shipping dimensions (uncratet): eu .A38; (0g 38 Terave & Gn) overna e pend oom) 1800 Bence borers ” Tergoe: 143 (1 081700 (rpm) full fond oped eanerntaion: Spets | apsetien (Ge rai High 0771; Low 6533) Coot mem 2 “Tranater cote: Some > | come (Goat rte: Migh-eet; Low 183} erica oyetem cro) “ Highdeec; Low 1.5831) — 7 PERFORMANCE Stesiomum computed gradabiiy oe cet) 19 Regi —99, ee (a) {hort conmmamption Goede (ow 3 Croting range Donte) om 88 i (on) 8 CRANE, TRUCK MOUNTED (6 x 4 CARRIER), GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 34 CU YD Make of vehicle iMlustrated: Thew Shove as a power tor Moto Crane CRANE, TRUCK MOUNTED, M2, AND TRAILER, CLAMSHELL, M16 cal ‘Techical Mamoala: 9771, $154. RAPD s4vzez HONG. MIRA, SARIRA, HEH ‘Parts Lat) SNL G-172 Manufacturera:-Thew Shovel Compaay. Traler:Gramm Clasaification Standard ‘Truck and Trailer Corp. Purpose: To provide mobility for crane equipment. GaNeRAL ava aed oo = i ata oe = mcr i a ee , ae eee 4 3 ar ee ae canes ADDITIONAL DATA = 2% Sompoeeiatoar 1378 Torqur 100 ew 138 re rae: Beet “Tyme | Comme, ee Tod tank (ex) 50; Costing eaten (qt) 3; Crantense Gt) It Trearaito ete = | ater oyotem: Vote; 1 bey PERFORMANCE. Mastmurs ‘eradabiny: (om cam) 60 ‘Tarming radon (0) Right 5 tt A735 Vardiag depth: Ga) 30 ort consumption Goeded) (ore) 3 Cralaing rate Gowted) c= 200 33 HOIST, MOBILE COLLAPSIBLE, 35,000 LB CAPACITY, TYPE B-1 RA PD 347267 Manufacturers: RG, LeTourseaa, Inc. Classification: Standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: LeTourneau, Ine. Purpose: Used by AAF for lifting complete silanes and ‘erplane res weighing up 35,000 pounds a ADDITIONAL DATA o ‘racor242permanenty attache! (ae rie) 1234 Net tere en) Pot (6 ete Dit fe it) wm Cente rot Sranwrmon (natn) Foal ave Led eaacey ace: Menclectura—LeTownams ‘Dovenacne (OD) : “Tranamianon Spd ‘ Generate Migh=1.001: Law—$35:2) PERFORMANCE. Turning ratio Baan ead Fel conmumption empty) no 3 ‘Cruising range (one) om) BS Alomabie sped omy 6 ~ 34 ’ CRANE, REVOLVING, CRAWLER MOUNTED, j GASOLINE (AND DIESEL) ENGINE DRIVEN, 2 CU YD | =I! 5 TO 6-TON, CLASS II ‘Manufacturer: Bucyrus Erie Co Classification: Standard. (GENERAL DATA Cenc operator 08) 33,00 eo 9 968.7; 9927 rt Cons) on» Coming ater a Seankcane er) 3) rani at erent jo PERFORMANCE, (Crave regina: (machine on lve round) 20’ boon eerie 0) 13580, Bite eee an tenion hod Tal avin (with counter) ody ‘Snove ating (boom ot ©) ‘Clear dumping be Ge es Dicepiog rode (ot as dng baht Ga) ae Durspog tad fat rasan ae Brauner (0 oo oe Sie Daw Soph (ore rnd tev: oo Yudioemompton vergeconion) (ol Pa 10 hea) m8 Merton attemeble eds oa 8 ENGINE Sectors * Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for ‘trenching, ‘Tech Manwala: 1162, $1170 pile driving, end eraning ‘ore a Seroue: ‘Metis governed sped: Beake horsepower ‘Type of ention ADDITIONAL DATA Ceane rating: dimen a ions Pie diver eling ‘Boom ene) Hammer weg Cane Cone Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Opera) a Sis) 318 (am) 07 Ground clearance i) Ground peeanure (or raging: Ob peragin) «8 Gy Tron (enstine) o Costing sytem, % Granteate (el * ‘Teanamiaion! Speede 1 ‘Shovel raging (boom at 45: Chew 16 Dermping radia at wax dump bight). 2 din woe le Ey Daggng dept below oor Hy ‘Crane rating (machine on pr ra tation 6.80 33 oot radian 480 tb (oom) ENGINE, Mamutactarer: Cheyer Mott C36 Nov of cylinders . . , 2% Wm) oh Maxim governed speed E om) 1400 Brake em) Sida a pm) 00 CRANE, REVOLVING, CRAWLER MOUNTED, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, % CU YD, 7 TO 10-TON, CLASS Ill Moe. Ongond Co Byes Machine Kia by 10 (ny ao Kin by 70 Binby e Rie by 10 8 Hai. oy 9 (m3 (08) 3.000 Sin by 110 CRANE, REVOLVING, CRAWLER MOUNTED, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 1% TO 2 CU YD, 30. TO 40-TON, CLASS V Manufacturer: Thew Shovel Co Pryor: Used, by. Corp of Ragncere for ea ‘end ine Make of vehicle Mustrated: Thew Mode! L-82. ay GENERAL DATA nee Sake owe (Operas) a Wie re ah ob) Setters E aes cicesions Cont ae Diuplacemest xin) 1.006 somion car teat 0: ot) ony F ‘Ground cares wm Groted procere chor (0b paral) ene JONAL DATA Fuel tank (Diesel), sre (on) « _— Coaing rece é wh Cramton 5 oo” ‘Trani: Speede vm oe PERFORMANCE Shere ating oom 015° ‘ew dun noche Gy a0 ‘ Damping radi (atmex dump ght) Gad aS Dageie rode obese > 33 Dieting Sorts tow Ber dia a (Grune rigging machine on eve round—50 boom) Masi lone 12 radian" 99:00 by 25 fe raian—20,800 i 1: 30 R redl4400 CRANE, REVOLVING, TRACTOR MOUNTING, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 5,000 LB CAPACITY AT 7 FT RADIUS, 12 TO 18 FT BOOM, TELESCOPIC Manufacturers: International Model TD-9. Crane: Trackson Co., Milwaukee, Wis, Model C79, GENERAL DATA crew i Weight: ‘Shipping dimensions: Uncratet a ie Ground eareace m Drawbar beitht ea Ground prewure Ob pr mind Hiectreal wyteen Gon) 6 oof tatterce ' oe Diet x Cocting wre @ ‘ee @ ui Teanarimer ant ile @ 2 inal dive ene each). 1 Crane Gad capacity ot 7 ati) () 5.08 Beaks: Tes, mechan, emeraa! band type, 28 in wide; on ach ‘eer et ram ‘Traamlanon: Spee s PERFORMANCE. Masimam aiiowabiewpead (met) 53 ‘ast (t= 1 5; and 2; Sd. eh 29; S53) ENGINE, Manufacturer: Internationa! Marvester Ca. (qastine) Mave! UD® Net of cylinders: (ote * ae in 943 Bore: . a) 44 Serate: a) 33 Matiomuen governed epeed (om) 400 Harvester Co., Chicago, Purpose: Used to perform towing and lifting operations. a A oo Brake horsepower: stg x crm ace Maximum torque: 209 arm) 98 ‘Type of lantion: ‘Compremee | ADDITIONAL DATA ‘atkdner provided with cram. Boom 12 t0 1 ( (onesie): hoe mney Wegoe By 3000 CRANE, REVOLVING, TRACTOR MOUNTING, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 10,000 LB CAPACITY AT 8 FT RADIUS, 12 TO 18 FT BOOM, TELESCOPIC Manufacturers: International Hacyester Co, Model Make of vehicle Illustrated: International Harvester Tote Crane Hughes Reeaen Cos Mode! MCSE (Cor, tractor with Hughes Keenan Crane fP Purpose: Used to perform towing and lifting opera GENERAL DATA ADDITIONAL DATA 2 (Opertoey 1 | utidoner provided with cram S08), (a) aN (mn) Gbperamin) 88 Gam) 1a “s » 2% Grae et epee 6 Kredi 12,08 rates ‘Mechanica, eteeal band tye ‘Femstalnon’ Speeds Revert; forward¢ om) B08 Manulactures International Marvnter Made UD-16 Tee ‘epee Dice Nov eplinders ‘ Diaplacemeat (osm 67 owe ‘a x | Seroke Ga) Rated governed epee 2.380 Drawtar horepewer ‘Type of alton compen CRANE, REVOLVING, TRACTOR MOUNTING, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 12,000 LB CAPACITY AT 8 FT RADIUS ‘Manufacturers: Caterpillar Tractor Co.; Crane: Cardwell rane Co. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Crem 1 Weigh (0): Gemma ‘Shipping dimensions (wncrated) (eu 1.770 (an 128 Ground vearance fn) 1535 Ground peewure Ob prin) Minctrieal sytem Grom) ef ater é un! (05 etane Dat Fe i) ‘Cootng wate ray (Croston (ef) @ ramen @ Final arves (euch) © Benkes: Comracine ‘Tranamiaon: Speeds (Gear rate: Nigh 398:1; Low —2.3485) ‘inal deve: Gow rsa oat PERFORMANCE Mazionam gradabiey orem) 98 wit (a) 38 food aD cs) omyaiasi RAPD 047207 Make of vehicle illustrated :Caterpillar Tractor Company Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to lift airerat engines “into engine mounts. ENGINE, Manufacturer: Catrpiar Moet BF Type: Dien tyes No.of oiindors Ga Saad Diaplacement Guia) Bore: ij ad 3% Seroce: | : Marimum governed sped ma nate Net horeopoeer sein), Torave Sa atop) 18 ‘Type a tention ‘comer ADDITIONAL DATA asinpe with Reade, ye, vertical guing engin. 14 by ot 2700 tm, Pal cape ?exone animus Hfing cpecity 17900 pound at 10 fot rade Boom “averse 300 eq” Hating ape 1S per mincte GENERAL DATA wean Shipping dimensions: Costes Ground tinarance (der pa) copasars feu mp 144s oa 180 Gn) (nd (00 per in fom 8 Transmiasion: Spends Bevel gears, 391745 eeen— 5231-1) PERFORMANCE arnt ai erence tie pi. a nang CRANE, REVOLVING, TRACTOR MOUNTING, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 12,000 LB CAPACITY AT \ 12 FT RADIUS, 30 FT BOOM ime t Sy Ped 2 6, 2d 2 Ath B.3; Seh—44: Gen 3.7) Matlin devas pull equiped th sree gree) () 7. ENGINE Dien. eye ADDITIONAL DATA wena 0 boom, Section IX. Dollies DOLLY, 2W, 2 DUAL TIRES, 442-TON CAPACITY echnical Mamaia: 5-908, $7186 ‘Parcs Lets: ENG 7.089 and Bh SDs mA ro 347160 Manufacturers: Dart Truck Co ; Hobta Mig. Co. PO tat ant es i Tice: Py—8 Siee—750 120 Clamsification: Standard ae’ ned cmon Make of vebicle itlustrated: Dart Truck Co. Model 49. | Gran: sear Bee Wernher Trpe—ie Pring =| Tomi waco oe nd hay moat pe Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to convert semi ‘Shipping dimensioos, ascanbled vehicle: (co 9) 207; Gf) Cralers to all trailers Pupil ine). Put eben oe 0 Tp, Ancin Reba moana DOLLY, 2W, 7-TON PAYLOAD DOLLY, 10-TON, 2W, TRAILER CONVERTER, M36: “Technical Masala $92, 918274 Parcs Lint: SNL. 476 Manufacturer: Fruchauf Trailer Company. ieee: P= Bee—1100470 Oreating sification: Standard ‘Masemam cool pemure 00) mo ee eee OO Ga) 8 ue: To conver f eargo, 1O-tom, to fall = Sera ‘Towing whlcln to be weed: Any pine miner of 14am erway eee sis 380 Payond—12500res—15900 | SApning dtmensions susembied vail: (u1)340.2 og) 2 se Ta) 5 | Pith whet: Sie 33 Type AO "OLLY, 2W, TRAILER CONVERTER, WRECKING, TYPE C-2 i ‘Air Forces 0 convert the Wipe © 2 sertraler to fall trailer no it cam be towed aa oe “Towing veicin to be used: Any pene mover of ame apaciy Pryioat—13000 Orow=18300 Tm truce acto, wrecker type © 2. enter ‘imeotons amerbied fake a876 DOLLY, 2W, TRAILER CONVERTER, FUEL SERVICING, TYPE F-1 OR F-1A ioncanfoe,atemmbled vache (ut) 3087: (ag 89722 Putte wheel Soe ‘Type Deytonané Mae FWA gp center ine of ont ae DOLLY, 2W, TRAILER CONVERTER, FUEL SERVICING, TYPE F2 OR F2A Manufacturer: Fruchauf Trailer Co. Purpose: Used by Antiaircraft Artillery and Air Fo ‘xo convert semitrailer K-78 to full trailer (Classification: Standard when part of radio set SCR-S84 DOLLY, 2W, TRAILER CONVERTER, K-83 GENERAL DATS (co) 298,60) $2 Fite whee: Se 308 “Type Rigi semantic Jj ADDITIONAL DATA ‘en rgd drawta fr tranwpeting lly wth vehicle hang 1 28 soinch patie eight Equip with aight fo ete sehen towed. Ont ength pve with dame in upg pontn, standing eran de Takeo 47 4 ~ DOLLY, TRAILER CONVERTER, TYPE A-3, FOR TECHNICAL SUPPLY, FIELD SHOP, AND INSTRUMENT SHOP Purpose: Used by the AAF to convert semitrailere to full walers, Welght (1): Net—2.700 Payload 16,000... Grom 16,780 DOLLY, 4W TANDEM, 4DT, MI RAPD 347101 Manufacturers: Fontaine Truck & Equipment Co.; | Weleh duteibution 09): Rosey ‘Winter: Weim Co. Bide! Manufacturing C2 ‘oe Classification: Standard. Loading height: om Make of vehicle illustrated: Eide! Manufacturing Co. meee eae Purpose: Used by Corps of Enginers to convert the semi | Ground lara: ‘eal, low bed, front loading 20-ton to «ful trier Brake: Bevir Bene ‘Towing sehicos tobe used: ‘Shipring dimensions seemed obi (0 3658: (8919 Walaa 08) Meee. Pant 16 00. cromseate | ttn when ee Type lg 46 7" s — ee —— ie DOLLY, PROPELLER, TYPE C-1A © Manufacturer: General Classification: St | Meiene 00) Nera Tew: Py Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to transport 3- of 4 Masons blade propellers up to 14 feet in diameter ie | sworn Body type Welded teeta be met ‘scebled vehicle LIMBER, CARRIAGE, HEAVY, M5 Purpose: Used to convert Ammunition Trailer M23 to | ‘a eailer Section x Gun and Howitzer Motor Carriages (full-track) CARRIAGE, MOTOR, TWIN 40-MM GUN, MI9 woth Techoleal Mena: $787, 9-1727K, (STmk, eam, $-tnmc. #1sA) Sie, Sane ‘Pare Lines SNL G-208 aro s4ra4 Manufacturer: Cadiliec Motor Car Division (GMC), Ammunition: 352 rounds 40-mm; 480 rounds cal 30 420 ‘Armament: 1 Gun, Twin 40mm: 1 Gun, Sob Machine, Tounds a 48, al Sy 4 CarSine al 30, MY Ride al 30 PrplslsMfe rere motile antiirroh protiions Clasification: Seandard. j PERFORMANCE Maximo erat iii sion nestcinranit croc ‘a } Manin wid of airch vehicle Gn) 3 Manion vertical obecacle nglcle wil cmb Ge) 3 Foe! comumpiion (verge conten) orm i [Craisng ramae (veage eet) om Manimacn slowsbie sped om) 38 ENGINE Mamulactrr: Canc ( meses vid) Model 42 Type Wh tye ar nef ayindc: Gtae Diaplacersent CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 76-MM GUN, M18 (T70) Sian, FHEOA, 9A Parcs List: SNL G-162 Manufacturer: Buick Motor Division (GMC), Ammunition: $5 rounds. 76mm: 1000 rounds, cal_S0; “450 rounds, cal. 30; 12 hand grenades; 4 emoke pots. Armament: 1 js, 76mm, MIA1, MIAIC or MIA2: peace 1 euitiechion OL S00, 18. Purpoee: To provide mobility and crew protection Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Gens Wetaht (nerine) ‘Shipping dimensions; Uncrated (uf) 1.80 Ground tiearance: Pintle eght Goede) Ground pressure Electrical ster: No.of beter Capacities ru! (80 orane gate) Caning sate ‘Teenie and eon ‘Deena and tamale cae ching eck Final dies (ech) Besken Mechanica controle erento “Tranammiaion: Spends 2 (Gear ra High — eet, Low-—-4105:1) “Tranafer case: Specie 1 (Gear rate High rat Final deve: (Gent rato 21261) ull construction Rated homogeneous; Tuvet—Cast and railed ene Communication syatem: Wess ad meron PERFORMANCE Maniomum gradudiiey: recent) 60 Turning radios (9) ig 33 eh 38 Fording dene Ge) Masiqnum width of ditch vehicle itl crow jm) Masionum vertical obetcle voce mill climb Gn) 6 Foal conmumption (average coin) om 8 “Technent Mansta: 9-798, 917318, - ST78G, #17300, $178, SHS, aro 1255, 31046, 9-18084, 9.18294 jouw ‘Pare Lis: SNL G-206 Ammunition: 47 rounds, 90mm; 1,000 rounds, cal. 50 450 rounds, cal. 30; 12 hand grenades; 4 armoke ota Purpose: To provide mobility and crew protection for ‘Soman gun in offensive combat GENERAL DATA ENGINE 5 Masel OA 0) .008 ie of inns Depiacement: ‘euin) 100 eu) 1425: 0) 137 im) 84 Tin) 17% a) 6 980 feb a pn) 2.108 Maem ADDITIONAL DATA Bsc chaia—Carrag, Mot, 3 in. wan, MIOAL. Paaey Manufacturer: Fisher Tank Division (GMC). Classification: Substitute standard. Armament: | gun, 90-mm, M3; 1 gun, machine, cl. .50, ‘M2, HB. 1 gua, machine, cal. 30, MI9I9AS, GENERAL DATA Gey 5 Weiahe (dene) (onyen.o00 Shipping dimensions: ‘Grete (os 9) 1580; 09 186 ‘Ground ceraner Ga Pride bag (one) a) a8 Fecreical eter (vata) 18 ‘Noor tateree rem 2 Capacities: "Pe! (0 octane guaoe) es 188 Coane mee jw ramvease ti) wom ‘resem at iter (a) pravews Mechanica cnt erent “Tramamlasion: Spends 5 (Gear rio: Hugh, Law 7.863) inal drive: (Ona xsi: 3843) ol conatroction: Rose toncerneout Communication sytem Radi and internet PERFORMANCE Mastin aragabity (oncet) 0 git ste —31 ‘iad 36 Missi width of teh webct wl rom: f=) 9 Suman erteat obptacle vehicle wil climbs... Gn) 38 $c sommumption (verse codons: Gore 1 Claling rae (average eon) ‘em 100 ih “echincal Manuete: 7489-17318, S706, 179, y1730N, NSA, Srease, a) Seana, 200A arte Let) SNL C200 RAPD 347095 Ammunition: 97 rounds, 90mm, 1000 rounds, ca "2450 rounds, cal. 30; 17 hand grenades so, Purpose: To provide mobility for 90mm gun, and proteetion i offensive combat. Maximum allowable sped "Conn act (7 od 6-10, Marimame allowable towed loud ENGINE ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Bake Chae Tank, Mum, MAAS CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 90-MM GUN, M36B2 “Technial Mane: 9748, 9.1790, sv irsic. 751K, 9.17508, 317806, ‘S138aL, © 48084, A Parts Liat SNL G27 RAPD 347326 Manufacturers: American Locomotive Wor; Montreal “ Ammunition; 47 rounds, nm; 1,000 rounds, cal 50 Locomotive Works Armament: 1 gun, 90-mm, M43; 1 gun, eal. $0, HB, M2, Make of vehicle illustrated: American Locomotive. Classification: Substitute standard, GENERAL DATA Weight (tine) or ‘Shipping dimensions: Uncrted (cu ) 1.3005) 208 ‘Ground clearence a) 10 Pinte eg (lomdes) oe Ground premure ope eaind 95 Hlecrial epoews Grom) 26 eof tavern Cant) «2 Capacities i "Poet (0-50 ctane Dheef! ot) fo ws Costing tem ee ‘Crane (ot) as: @ ‘Trane, ero nd a ree 1 ‘ander ewe a. ae (e255 tak (Sy sue eogaeay) 2 Brae: ‘Mechasicl—sontee erent ‘Tranamiaalon: Specs A (Gout rato: Magh 0.781; Low? 8) ‘Teanaer case: “Gem ea: 1.373) Pinal dete: (Gew raie: 2841) ull comstracton: Posed bomogenecutarot weet Commantcation sytem: "Redhowe terpenes PERFORMANCE, Masiemom gradabey: : (oe con) 50 ‘Trning raion. = Fording depth oe) 8 ‘Masinuim wh of ditch vehicle wil rom f) % ‘Masi vertical obwtacle vehicle wil climb: Gm) 19 ‘oct consumption (erage contin om 99 52 450 rounds, esl. 30, MUA2 carbine Purpose: To provide mobility for 90-mm. gun, and pro: tection for row Cceutaing range: (average cottons) fo ns Mazimom allowable sped comm) 28 Croiing spends mph) (m2, 2c ed 10 eh Seb 25) Masiemaen slowsble ted load 1) 19900 ENGINE Manufacturer: MC “ype: Tein Doe! ce Made 068 and fosAD> Diaplaceenet (ese) 850 Bore’ Ga) 4 ‘Stroke: Gs Maximum governed speed Germ) 00 Net herepewer| 75a (rpm 2100 Torque 155 0008 Ge 1300 | ‘Type of nition: ‘Compreme, ADDITIONAL DATA ee ——l , CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 75-MM HOWITZER, M&S “Techna! Mana: ©7028, $1727, ED, AFRTE,9-1729G, 81729, ite, Sitawe, stsana, ta98 Paves Line! SNUG? APO 146959 Ammunition; 400 rounds cal. $0; 600 rounds, cal. 45: Manufacturer: Cadillac Motor Car Division (GMC). 735 round, eal, 30, 46 rounds 7S-mm; @ hand grenades Classification: Standard. Armament: 1 howitser, TSmm, M2 or M2A1; 1 gun, Purpose: To provide mobility for 7S.nm bowitee, ‘machine, cal. 50, M2 (Bex), HB. ‘protection for crew GENERAL DATA Fan cmsmpton nn nti) ta 6 oa : Maruman sliowabie spent om) Woiahe—egheng (9) usm Sot LE teem! eae | aon fa) a ENGINE = a Manufactures Cadillac Moe! Series 42-1 used Mepaioce clue te in | Malet . eee at eaeree Gam) | erat otinser os ieee Bitcomet SO ‘Fo! (70-80 octane gasoline) fo) 2 ae Gn) cages oo Sad Brae: ae) Sacto cai 7 | itm gered pe — wg | Skt Top tigen ADDITIONAL DATA (Communication oem ‘Type rao anette PERFORMANCE. a MasiroumrEiadablits: oven) ‘Toreing raion ‘et mx tar mn odin depth Ge) x astoim rth of ditch vehicle wll crow: oe « | Maimum serial betas ebice wii chinbs a) 18 CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 105-MM HOWITZER, M7 Manufacturer: American Locomotive Co. “Classification: Substitute standard Armament: 1 howitser,, M2ZA1; 1 gun, machine, Purpose: To provide mobility for 105-mm howitaer and al. 50, M2 (Bexible HB), Crews 7 Weight Sebine) 0) sone Shipping dimensions: Unratad (cu) 1.195 (mt Ground tearance oa) 1 Ground peeaure epee) 1 Length of track om ground wu Biectreal system (vot) eo. of batteries (12 rts) Capacities ‘Pon (Bo acta gine) a wo Diterential (one ce wt) @e) 2 Oa eae j@ 2 Comcent) 60 Turning radios ns ight —B heh Prding depth: é (a) 48 Master width of ditch reich wil crow: ny 90 Mazin vertical obetaclerebite wil in (a) 34 uel conmumption (average coon) om 5 ‘Croleing rage (average conditions) =) os Metimum aliewabie speed. (wea) 8 Mexionom ailowante towed loud: (08) 16200 (Cretan epend Goh: ‘Cat 2, Pad 48, Dd; 413.3; Seb 2059 54 Parte Lint: SNL G-128 Ammunition: 69 rounds,; 300 rounds, eal. 1620 rounds, cal. 45; 8 hand grenartes ENGINE, Manutactuter: Comenental Mote RSC ‘Type Raa ef crime 9 Diupiacement Yom) mS Beret os ‘Strate: ca) 6 Matimum governed speed One) 2800 Net horsepower” 330 at rp) 1.408 Toraue. so 0.08 ot Com) 1300 ‘Type of tantion: Macon ADDITIONAL DATA ane chanaia: Tank, median, Me (Classification: Substitute standard. Armament: 1 howitaer, 105 mm, M2A1; al 30 M2 HB. 1 gun, machine, GENERAL DATA Shipping dimension (oo Aas (oa 11853 Welaht trestng ‘Oo 3600 Ground clearance fea) 1785 a) 35 fapuse's (aay 3 - are 7 cen toe Cintng sts roe ‘Cente tei) @ oF ‘Frameonen4ierentia wa na one oan Contre dierent s "Gow fate, High 73.1; Lew—7.36.2) Homogeneou aoe PERFORMANCE orem) © Rigeah er —3t fo 38 2 wee wil roe: fe) NING Seeueat obetecte bicelles G0) 38 EPcang rate Gverge conn) fm) 8 ‘Jovian allowable speed Gm) 28 Cuatng speed (ph) Cn 2 nd 6-10, 4th—19, 20) Mttinmuen allowable towed fad cee ENGINE Mamutactare: Ford Model OAK teva tere Ammunition: 69 rounds 105 mm, 300 mounds cal. 50, 1,620 rounds eal. 45.8 hand grenades. Purpose: To provide mobility and crew protection for 130 mm howitaer in offensive combat. CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 8-INCH HOWITZER M43 AND CARRIAGE, MOTOR, 155-MM GUN, M40 f afh epee. Leese erote: om) 535 Masimum governed sped: rm) 2300 Net horepower: $00 tm) 2.10 Torgoe! so aero 1700 ADDITIONAL DATA orn, ocr, Si. bowser M43 a) 2 (Camge, ota, 15m gs, a) 35 Section XI. Manufacturers: The Autocar Co.; The White Motor Co Classification: Limited standard Armament: 1 gun, machine, cal, 50,2; 1 gun, machine, foe. 20, MABIOAS GENERAL DATA Weight O89 ser 15300—Paylend4300Grm--19.100 ‘Ale to 00) ede rent —7 ans ctr = 12.45; eh tc tory root; em BO: eck eck 1 ‘Oore) tha ees (Cabat) Pry 1D “Trach around preaare Genie) ‘Shipping dimensions Vente dimandons Grou care Pri bog ted) aerial syste cee Test (0 sane Cranes ei) Sirens) alien Mattern Bed “Type myarmne pore “Tranemiaion: Siende : Gone ia Hach Low 1.984) S Freee? Half-track Vehicles CAR, HALF-TRACK, M2 Lived [Ese echnical Manual 9-718, 9.17108, — Parte Lite SSL G12, Yo Ammunition: 700 rounds} eal, 0; 540 roundly eal "7.730 founda, cal. 30, 10 hand grenades: 14 mines, ATHE. Ma. Purpose: To transport cargo and personne! in otfensive ‘combat (Gow rae anaes bow 248) Commcicaton equlemest® Type ratoand orortoams PERFORMANCE Masienu computed grade ‘Turning radton Focding sept ety eo ign Sash —208¢ ‘towable speed Stacioven recoiled tow! tnd: Gahihany) ENGINE, Manufacturer: 9 Tyeebes. orce Baaplecences| Bore ‘Stone Mutimom governed speed Por vases cho wine wh ot oer, ange date ae “Tromaer cane: Spente : asf (ee) 1200 ates Gt) rose cm, eae 1251 | tan Gow 1.086, on Be> | FAS tacts dae vnc: ene Manufacturers: The Autocar Co.; The White Motor Co. Ammunition: 700 rounds, eal. Classification’ Limited standard. 7,750 rounds, cal. 30; 10 hand grenades: 14 Armament: 1 gun, machine, cal. .50, HB, M2;1 gin, | ATHE. Mi. ‘machine, cal. 30, MISI9A4, Purpose: To tanepext cargo and personae! in combat sone. GENERAL DATA cre: Bs, 10 Weight (8): Net—15,100 Payload 4300. Grom 19400 Rear atte: Gea ratio aac ‘Ade fond (9) Landed Prom 7.252; rear 12.30; each nce Eowty Prot 5387; ear 9513; ach tae Tires (Combat Soe 425420; Proms ib) 38 ‘Tread, enter to conte (in): Fronts ‘Track ground peeseure Oona): om ‘Shipping dimenaiaa Unrated Vehicle dimeneicos: Tenth (vera with winch, Gey ms ‘Geount care Ga) 1% Z jo) (oot) 120%; 6a) 18 Brakes: Maralactecr Bendis “Teanamiaaon: Speede (Goat tt: High rect Low 9:1) * “Toansler cate: Seis ? (Gens ratie: High direct: Low 2.681) Communication equipment: Type—tuflo en! nterhones Manufacturer: International Harvester Co, Classification: Limited standacd. Armament: 1 gun, machine, cal. 50, HB, M2; 1 quo, ‘machine, cal. 30, MISIOAS GENERAL DATA Weight (0): Nee—17110 Payload 2500. Grea —208 Rear are: Gra rat % Trees Comber, Ply 12 She-0.00 x20, Premure (0)—Proet romd,cener to ene (in) Peoat #614 Shipping dimenslone: Uncated (eu ft) 10643 (nq 1419. Ground clearance ia) 18 Pine hetght ded) Ga) 29% Ground prewar Oper sein) 122 Fccriea system (tt) No of beterien 1 ort (72 octane gation). oo Contig aye 3 ranean (ett) 9 ‘Teer cow od tama, ereniala Ct) Winch Gow capacity) (08) 10.000 Brakes “Tyme treat hydrovae Tranemielon: Spee * (Garratt: High rect, Low 4.92) “Transter case: Seents “ 2 ‘Gots High rect: Low 481) Communication aquipment, Ratio PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabiity Gecrcemt) 60 “Torming radius) ight 28 et —30 Fordiag dept: (a) 32 Poet consumption Gomded) (nen) 38 Ammunition: 700 rounds, cal. $0: 7.750 rounds, eal. TOhand grenades: 14 mines ATHE, Mi with fuse Make of vehicle illustrated: IHC M9AI with front rolier. com) st (Com) 2800 1245 at rpm 2800 ADDITIONAL DATA ‘ove data fer car, alfa, MOA: wth ole. For ct ‘eA winch date changes fall Weight ne (R) 17.810: pays 3.000; rom 20,519. Lena overall Ange of aprons Supp doe ow. t CARRIAGE, MOTOR, COMBINATION GUN, MIS5SAI ES : ‘Technical Manvsie: 9.78 simec, 9171, $1K77m, ana, SIMA Parte List SNL G-102, Vol. is Manufacturer: The Autocar Company. ‘Ammunition: 200 rounds, 37-mm; 1,200 rounds, eal. $0; Classification: Limited standard. $40 rounds, cal. 45; 12 hand grenades. Armament: 1 gun, 37-mm,MIA2;2 gund.machine, ca $0, si ‘MIHB (Besible) Purpose: To provide « highly mobile antiaireraft weapon. GENERAL DATA ~ PERFORMANCE, Crews - Weight (0): Net—18385Paylond—2415 Grom —20 Rear atl: Om rato aa [Atle load 0) ront 1406; rear—13,176; each trace—esaa | Fuel consomption (onded E ear 11 835; each ack —8908 2 Pon ecane eine) 6 Coating enter ‘ @ % ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Crambease (tit) @ 2 ‘Treats case anf Trani ~ Datretiai (49) Prom sigeme9 | Brakes: Mle —Mendia Type hpdeeevgcan and hyroree ‘Dimensions (i) Front 234; rar 395 “Tranamision: Spade, ‘ (Goat ea: High et; Low 4922) J “Teamaler case: Spots ‘ 2 (Geer ratio: gh diet; Low 24851) E Communication equipment: Pate 60 Manufacturer: White Motor Co. Classification: Limited Standard. Armament: ¢ guns, machine, el. 50, M2, HB, TT: | rite, Inuncher. grenade, MI03 GENERAL DATA 12886 mach ak Prenirt “Free 33 “Track grou premute (aded voice) Gas ‘Shipping dimensions: Uncrate ov) 189M SSI Goin. ae oa) oe Gaetan ean) ww ~ Contng sme (2 ‘ante 8) @o 1 Biden “Tranerinton ater ese Ammunition: 5000 rounds, cal. .50; 420 rounds, ea Purpose: To provide mobility for machine guns. 26 hand grenades Draplacement ‘n Sere: ‘i fm) sie eae horsepower” Torque! Bae a Gen) 200 Mampfacturer: White Motor Co. Pe Classification: Limited Standard. Armament: 1 gun, machine, ca. 50; 1 81-mm mortar, M1. , GENERAL DATA 8) 1.085 (og 1349 + 6a) 250% Gad 1186 (oe Ammunition: 112 rounds, 81-mam: 750 rounds, éal. 50; ‘$40 rounds, cal. 45; 4000 rounds, cal. 30: 12 hand ‘grenades. Purpose: To provide mobility for #1-mm mortar tection for crew. No of cyenere (ine) (eis) lant ee 14.00 Payload 3850 [Aub lond ede Front 5.200. tear 32850; sack eck A338 “Track ground presure Z oo) a “Shipping dimnstone (com 9778 Geeta ‘oo Manufacturer: White Motor Co. (Classification: Limited standard. Purpose: To provide mobility for 61mm mortar, and pro ‘ewtion for ew. GENERAL DATA o Payioas 4290 Grou 20190 pert Front 40. yar 1280 ech tuck —4.40 ‘Sue 8s 420, Preemure G9) Front 38 wee Py centr to cre Preot found premure (rw): Catded vice) (a) 184 ‘Shipeina dimensions: Uneveted—(eum) 1530 GLAST Venivie dimensions: ‘touch ore a imine 0) 190% j Keeniaaree a cal Ga) athe Fonte hg (dad a =) leerical spaters Goats) 1 wo © (36 @ ou ww? a) 008 om : “cammeustcation wqaipenent Typed PERFORMANCE iam computed gradabiiey: eet cot) 60 int radian (0) ogi =30; 32 ‘Amaunition: 2000 rounds, eal. 30. S40 rounds, cal. 45: 196 rounds, 81-min; 12 hand grenades, 14 mines, AT HE, M1; 10 rockets, ME. Fording depth: (> 2 ep come 3: Senet 100 Om) 15 Ge RB (Ex ' ‘Technical Manuals: 9-710, 917104, Taihu viore ene ions tape sate Peet om Maoutactre: vit Meter Compan small 97 conde, 8m 400 rot “600 rounds, cal. 45; 12 hand. grenades: 12 ATHE, Mi: 6 rocket, AT. 23¢0ch, MO Purpose: To provide & self propelied mount for 81-mm crews. ‘Weigh Ob): Net —15.400 Rear ace: Gear aie [Ane load OB) Landed: Front .900; 7 er Beaks horsepower: 36 a (e000 Torque 32018 ot om) 308 “eciical Manuate 9.714, 9.17104, ‘ei7i0c, S714, St, Snare, ssa, 9A sxe Parte Lists SNL G-182 347073 Manufacturers: The Autocar Co.:Diamond T Motor Co; Ammunition: 4000 rounds, cal. 30: S40 rounds, cal 45, ‘White Motor Co. 22 hand grenades: 24 mines, MI CCtassiication Stender PS trance argo aan cost Armament: 1 Gun, Machine, cal. 30, M1919A4. = oe GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE crews 1 Pamengers acting crm) 13 | Mazina computed er ‘Weight b). Ner—18500Payloa-4.500,. Grow--na00 | Turning rads) ght 30. es Rear etl: Oew soto e a | Fording depth: > oe ‘au al Angie aprench Winch) ng = Hobie) ended. Front 7.00; sar 12 00, Zach rach 300 Angie of departore Geo age Bik sios ea tere nee Feel consumption Joan) cope) 33 ‘Tees (coat) Piy—12, See 75 426; Premre OB)—Frot—ss | Cruel rane Conde) “Trend, come 1 cee in) : nn ma Track width: Ourada tase in) en — bes 5 Trade ede (on). Teast a “Teach ground pressure Donde’). Ge) 113 ‘Shipping dimensions Unewint (eal) 1.178; 69) 1518 . vooas saan Mamotacturer: white Type: Lend, tye ioe oat Ghana, 0; awe 1, wie se, | ebb : “e Kin.) 24955 pr Ee | Social Go) Ne | Sells ane: main, | Batson call is ADDITIONAL DATA i 9, | ore ufrn rYt mch e wc S0 Taglar, aes 2 eee Froee—3),s0ea1—9 00 I Payicnd 500 by Ae Led iondedy (Pome 14900 fear 13.00. eah rack 680; Empey — Cont 5.178, rear 9238, acd Seka Mata Wag Benn Type tract ene (UEAagnn Sorpin cena cna Co AAD Cn 108 ‘Dimes fn) ret 23 ce Be “Teanemlanon: Spends 4: (Gna rao: High= dire; Low 915) “rama cane; Specs (Gear ratio: High—drect, Low 2401) Commanication eqsipment adi wd terion CARRIER, PERSONNEL, HALF-TRACK, M3A1 r sinatra ad eee Purpose: To tanaport cargo wn personnel combat mae 6 Saal — es ee ee aie ee ae ae ee a | Soeaee es oe come | Sotoeiee = aoe oe | ae ee ae et oe oie poor 474 moe cf i ieee ae sce SIP ena ic ser ce are pat. SOL nae on ome Section XII. BULLDOZER, MI Manufacturer: Bulidozer: La Plante Choate Mfg Co. Inc. Clansification: Limited Standard. Purpose: To provide a bulldoser for attachment to any GENERAL DATA qu) 774382 (299 2.5995) 2584 to) (ch perma) 152 Gia) Gave) 2 (eo im (Ae cote te ie Go wean: [Shipring dimensions: £ gauges Masionm allowable opted: oon) Gruaing sped’ my fie 2s 2a, S95 taht 34) Mine Exploders and Combat Bulldozers tk of the ME eres with 4 16h. wide trace for ‘nthe amaalt of obacies, redaction of busters. Ra ENGINE ADDITIONAL DATA ‘usar gerne Homelite Mose! WRUM- ‘eight tae a tact type Te Section XIII. Passenger and Scout Cars CAR, SCOUT, 4x4, M3Al * ‘Techaleal Manvala: TM 9-705, ‘170, #1706, 1708, SEA Parte Let: SX. 6-47 RA PO 347076 Manufacturer: White Motor Co. Ammunition: 8000 rounds, cal. 30; 750 rounds, el. Gaasttication: Standard. S40 rounds, cal 45. fun, aching, cl. 0, LBL, Mz; 1 gun, Paros: Te provide mabity and crew petecion for Machine, ca. 50; MA9IOAS. ‘ecconaimance in combat. GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE Righe— 285: —28 oe ‘ero 95 eel wa cmaae 10 fb a rpm 1430 ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Grew: ' Pamengers (oclug crea) 5 Welght (3): Ne1375” Payload 100 Grom —4.075 Raat aale; Ge rte ri root 1.8; ree ‘Ase load Qi Lane toes Timm: FV "Ste 116, rt O)— Frnt 38 ead, center to center (mn) Front s734 ‘Shipping dimensions: Unceated (u®)S728 ag ft) 983 Vehicle dimensions ‘Ground carte fn) a4 iecrical systems fone) 8. We, atteree : Capacities "Poet (72 octane acting) my 8 Coating eres @ 3 (Cramton (ot) ws ‘Trance @ Dire! 1% Brakes: Marsfactrer—Chewrtet ‘Type braves Decne a) ‘Truneraesion: Seeds 3 (Gent ratio: High Set; Low 2943) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabitity: Torming raion (1: Righe—208y Fording depth Feel consumption (edad) (Ceutsng range Gonted) pn (on) 158 [Aomable epee ora) 0 ‘Techical Mantes 19-112, feta teen Part Liat: SNL G58 Purpose: To transport personne! ENGINE Manufacturer: Chevrolet Type: Valetabed, cyte Made 1962 A001 Mo. eyiners Gn Diaplacernent (ula) vores a) 3g Seroee:- (a) 3 Matimum govern sped: (ven governor farmed Xe) 3.108 Beake horserser Soot (pe) 330 ‘Torave: 80m a pn) 1108 ADDITIONAL DATA RA PO 347132 Manufacturer: Bord Motor Co. Classification : Standard GENERAL DATA coves : Pranengers (nrg ree: 5 elgne Ree 398 Ped 78. Gr 4078 Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Plymouth Div. (Classification : Standard. GENERAL DATA ers (cong er Rage dos in —30 Com 17 oa) me Technical Manuals 8-115 ‘iets SSL G82 Purpose: To transport personne Masimus governed speed ADDITIONAL DATA Torque: Manufacturer: Buick Motor Division (GMC). Classification: Standard. rom: es ‘Waighe 08) Nee 3.95, 2 Reet axle: Gear rt wa Empty Front 20 far 1888 “Ties: Phy; Sle 6.50 16; Premare (0) —Pront—30; rem —50 ‘Tran, cee to center (i Front 88)4 ‘Shipping weight Lis aes OE Vehicle dimennions: “Ground denrance ee Weoibene (=) 1 ectrcal astern ote) 68 ‘No.of bttrne : 1 Sapeciten: Por ae eo Cooking wat, em eter Ca) 13 sith heater Ce) 1086 (Cranbene (eil) 38 Trnerimen ee oo) 1M Diereotat a Brakes: Manufacturer Bendix o Delo Type bycreate aesoes ay “Teanerninion: Spends (orwats) 2 3 (Gear ratio: High direct Low 2473) PERFORMANCE, ‘Toeming radios (8): Right 20 420 ome) (eo 320 om 70 RAPD 3470268 Make of vehicle illustrated: Buick 42-41 Touring Sedan. Purpose: To provide transportation for staff officers NGINE Mamutactorer: Buick Masel 1982 “Types Vaivetw bend cle No.of eins Ge ie) Duplacemen comnts oat om) 308 ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Packard Motor Car Company. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Peylat 025 rom 4875 fm 650 x 18; Preoare (b)—Promt=08 rer —28 itr 10 cea (s Pronto Shipping dimension: Uncrate Vehicle dimensions: (60 9 $967, 64 091055 Gn) 0% (worm) a) 7 Go a7 @e 55 Go Go Ms ‘Type bdeme in) 1% PERFORMANCE, Masimum computed gradability: ‘Terming radtoe (R)- Reese 2 ft 21 RA pO 347107 Purpose: To provide transportation for staff officers ENGINE Manutacturer: Pactard Made 3001 yet Lcbed, 4 eyie No. o cyt i ae) Diapiacement Guin) Bore a) 3 Strate: Gn) 4 Atatienum governed speed: rpm) 3800 Beaks horsepower: 125 a pn) 800 Torque! 230 fb a rps) 2000, ADDITIONAL DATA GENERAL DATA 4 a) 1 "(Garros High 1.584; Low10993) ‘Teening ran): magne a7 eh =27 ENGINE Mamotacturer: Cheyer Mode —Coe 87 “ype 470 i.e einer ing) 8 F Tceumgans ca) a on) 46 co 10 a eo 800 a 0a rom 1800 ADDITIONAL DATA Section XIV. Road Equipment ASPHALT AND SOIL AGGREGATE MIXING PLANT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 25-TON PER HOUR; UNIT No. 1, MIXER, PUGMILL, SEMITRAILER RAPD 347244 Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Company. Classification: Limited Standard. Make of velicle ilustrated: Barber-Greene Company Purpove: Use by Corp of Engineers o prepare vrfcing Model 841 ‘material for roads or runways. GENERAL DATA ‘Socal rp ate 19900 Operasng Rew Gas ‘ud, sacha icles (es) 1.900569) 1802 Rear Pintle eigen ADDITIONAL DATA Engine Mate LeRot, Made! —-200P3: Cylinders, Cyclee—ts Fat Displacement 201 5 ee: ASPHALT AND SOIL AGGREGATE MIXING PLANT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 25-TON PER HOUR; UNIT NO. 2, DRYER, AGGREGATE, SEMITRAILER, MOUNTEL Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Company. Make of vehicle iIlustrated: Barber-Greene Company, Model 831. GENERAL DATA Weigne ob) ‘ Net 14500 ‘Weight datribution 15): Eeety So whee 7,706; aie —6.900 Tien PS See 7502 20. SyareL---Operning—4 ‘Maso coat prerue G8) Ress Ground clearance: Gs Brakes: Service ai Parcog band machencal ‘Toming vehicle tobe used: "Treck, on, ‘Shipping dimensions, atsernbled vebele: (ou 9 21025 (9 8) 2008 Pintle height: oa) 38 ADDITIONAL DATA Engine: Gane driven, 25 tons per hou ‘Make Leo. Model D 20173; Cyindere—4; Cyce—4: Bowe ond seroke—« x 4 sn Daplacement-—201 ca in Governed speed ‘Trp: Brake Borsepower—36 at 1400 fp, Poe! ayten gry Iention syaten- magneto; Goong syeteu— water wit See pun. Starting method hand ern Capacities: Fort gat gesting: Cooking epetein=4 ga water; Crnkense— 7 geo Guat bor ts Speed Feduen-“2 gt: lower 14 pts (8 barmer=200 gat Dane! fol 16 Classification: Limited standard Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to dry and material for surfacing roads and runways. ASPHALT AND SOIL AGGREGATE MIXING PLANT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 25-TON PER HOUR; UNIT No. 3, STABILIZER, SOIL, SEMITRAILER MOUNTED, W/DOLLY s Ae cane Miettinen saeco, EERE cs eons tin tegeiaaa Boccia Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to prepare soil and L cohen es See ee a See a ae Seen 98 ‘Size —7'50 x 30, Spare—t, Operating—* Capacities: J—12 gal. gasoline: costing system * gal waters eee = ee 2 ASPHALT AND SOIL AGGREGATE MIXING PLANT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 25-TON PER HOUR; UNIT No. 4, ELEVATOR, BUCKET, TRAILER MOUNTED + RA PD 247185 Glassifcation: Limited standard Manufacturer: Barber Greene Company. | wen wy vehicle Mlustraced: Barber-Greene Co,, | a1 Purpose: Used by Corps of Engintesto elevate ageeeate Eo ofrmireoeee aaa to dryer. ‘upp iocasons ame. wasck): ee A) 8 A 7 ASPHALT PLANT, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 5 10 TO 30 TON PER HOUR; UNIT NO. 1, MIXER, BITUMINOUS, TRAILER MOUNTED, COMPLETE Manutactorer: Barber Greene Co. Classttcation: Standard Make, of vehicle llustrated: BurherGreene, Co, Purpose: Used by Corp of Boginers to prepare bits ‘Mode! 640°C. = ‘ious warfacing materiale for roads or Famways. GENERAL DATA ENGINE. ASPHALT PLANT, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 10 TO 30 TON PER HOUR; UNIT NO. 2, DRYER, AGGREGATE, TRAILER MOUNTED, COMPLETE Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Co. Make of vehicle illustrated: Barber-Greene Co., Model 830-G. GENERAL DATA Rody type (0d) "8700 ‘Sise—12.00 x20 ‘Meniroum coot preteure 0) 6S @) Rewer Service at, Parking hand, mechanica! r Ihete to be weed Track, #00, 8 #8 ‘Shipping dimensions, amembied vehicle eu ft) 2.000; (gh) 19 Shipping welght ‘ab) 16,000 Capacities: fy 2 Gat M@ 4) 3 GO ot 1% fey 200 ENGINE Manufacturer: Lette Mode! D-201P3 Tye Naot ciate 4 Diaplacement (erin) 302 Bore 4 Serake c ‘ Brake horwapomer 6. (rpm) 400 Classification: Standard Purpose: Used by Corps of Engincers to dry and feat ‘aggregates for bituminous mixes ADDITIONAL DATA 19 CONVEYOR, BELT, TRANSFER, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 24 IN. x 57 FT Manufacturer: Berber-Greene Co. Make of vehicle illustrated: Barber-Greene Co., ‘Model N. Classification: Standort. Purpote: Used by Corps of Engincers to convey or stockpile aggregates. <* + ADDITIONAL DATA CRUSHING AND SCREENING PLANT, 2-UNIT GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, SEMITRAILER MOUNTED, W/DOLLY, 25 CU YD PER HOUR; UNIT NO. 1, JAW CRUSHER ‘Techoleal Manual: 5-112 RAPD 347187 Manufacturer: Iowa Manufacturing Company. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for primary crushing Classification: Standard. ie Make of vehicle illustrated: Iowa Model 2, Primary - Unie GENERAL DATA Capacities: Seca purpose Poet guste too. Grows 32,088 Coote wo Crate iw Center to center of bogie ae on “Servce--Bendie Wentinghoune at Parking band, mechanical ‘Towing vehicles to be used. Truck, @t00, 926 oe tocar Shipping dimensions, acembled vehicle (eu 0) 25785 9 0 1H ‘Rewr—30 Pintle heighe Gn) Fifth wheel: Ser 20 8 “Type seme ADDITIONAL DATA “antes diiy—Dety weight 485i 6 ply co mew peoewreent Engine Moss ten Drapacenest Gooiajeone Cyne + Bore fa) See ts Governed end opm 1.200 Brake hereon 65 at (rpm) 1200 took (8 vot: 17 plate battery 2 CRUSHING AND SCREENING PLANT, 2-UNIT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, SEMITRAILER MOUNTED, W/DOLLY, 25 CU YD PER HOUR; UNIT NO. 2, ROLL CRUSHER ‘Tek send vie (8): a3 Sowing Pinte negate) Pitta wheal a a ADDITIONAL DATA ect ty Day we 86 tity oe compan Gom)io00 ip tania (Ey 17 pat beta 2 ow » a oe DISTRIBUTOR, BITUMINOUS MATERIAL, TRAILER MOUNTED, 1,250 GAL ‘Shipning dimensions, tremble renee: "oro te cm 9 88 ADDITIONAL DATA Make Le Rak; Madeh—D-140-—Pr-; Cinder Bare 3 in ‘Soke Oaphement—164 ein Govern pe —1.730 fe, askew B4S a 388 re. eon mace ‘capacity Fe on) ae, Coin oem 45 wt water, stn Fos 3 et wie “Technical Manoa: $1882, Parte Lets ENG 7.08, ENG 8D. ‘Caasaticatton Stars Purpose: Used by Corre of Engineers for dicibutin raping RoRing. sod Cranaportig brarmnous etal DISTRIBUTOR, BITUMINOUS MATERIAL, TRUCK MOUNTED, 800 GAL sO Kor 00% = Ged U [eel Technica! Masala: 51134, 9-811, Fanahy, ®H8C. NIRA, than, Sinn, PND ete List: S81. G.898, ENG. 7-082, ENG. Dea Manufacturers: Chessis—Diamond T Motor Car Co. 4:Toa, 6x6; Equipment —E. D. Etnyre. Classification: Standard. ~ GENERAL DATA Crews % 2 Wane on) Ne—21580 Paya 186. Grom 2800 Rear ale! One ro oes Ait toad ted Front m6 rar—on ech—10300 Eon "coef rewon ech 0850 “ice: Py —M0, Sea) +20; Premare OR) Prot 5 eat “read cemerto comer Oa Prone Shipping dimensous: i ‘vated earns: om) 8 Venice dimensions: ‘round dearer f on ove height onde) : So) ucercal sytem ost orate evan eet) 2 Conacties 5 Bs tos a end 2300 PG cane sine). : E Rikadtcs a Cosine seem es oe psa : at ADDITIONAL DATA Pemerhoay 2 $B uk | caesar magi te Rat 0; Wate cont —4 eyes Barca eh ‘rea tia Cat Dyess; Bar and wrote +9 Bruker Sacrescne’ a ‘aioe B85 ac 17S pms Mane gover! spent 1.150 Fem akan Menta —Beni Weninghoun ‘Teer ‘inemnona os oo “Tranambaion: Speede ‘Gene tts igh 0.768 over; Ath—diee Low—7.081) (case: Speeie 2 rato: Migh- ret; Low 1.723) DRYER, AGGREGATE, DUAL DRUM, 80 TO 150-TO? PER HOUR, TRAILER MOUNTED “Technical Manual: 5.1084 Par Linc: SNL ENG 7-084, "EG #D8e Manufacturer: Barber Greene Company. Classification: Standard Make of vehicle illustrated: Barber-Greene Co.. Purpose: Used by Compa of Engineers to dey and heat Model 833, “acuregate (or betuminoan material GENERAL DATA Bay ep Spec! purpene eign (8) Grou A Waitt aherbution 9: ety Prt aaie—1,850 (1) agi ae Tee . HF F850) 5.80 95a fe) 368 ADDITIONAL DATA FINISHER, ASPHALT, CRAWLER MOUNTED, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 12 FT. Manufacturer: Barber Greene Co Make of vehicle ustrated: BarberGreene Co, Model SA. GENERAL DATA Bots re Soca pve waht” Tener 2.100, Conde (8) 33.000, ‘rachents “i180 Walghe dncrbotion: Ground comact fim ‘Rawd speed tn tra (pe mins ‘Sipping dimensions fr expe a3 bose Gembn6 a) 8 “sipping mlaht for expo ‘08) 3,300 "Pot (gestin) (wea ting rete od + Trane @ 6 ‘romemioon (conde) jt dir cane 1 ot cone burma, and cnasing pray se ‘eta ee bat ot ‘erect bata qo 3 ENGINE ee Ne ofopiades 4 ss ‘euim) 30 86 ‘Technical Manual: $1608 (Clamsifieation: Standard Purpose: Used by Coro of Baeincers for laying, tam: ‘ng end leveling tumincus material for read an sport camtructin. ADDITIONAL DATA Starting: bend crank i it 2a GRADER, ROAD, MOTORIZED, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN Mapultrorrs itpiee Taco Co; Onion tron Purp ey Crm of Engines ning ang lamafacturig C Witching and general construction and maintenance of Caavsieation andar roads and runways Make of sebicle Mlustrated: Caterpillar Modet 12. | Biptearen on ‘Strate: ©) sy Snow soverned pe ha Beaks hereporer su Opa Lat ADDITIONAL DATA eight w/e ab Ga) * Megw mie mo a PERFORMANCE Ee ae somo 183 ENGINE mwa 87 GRADATION CONTROL UNIT, AGGREGATE, GASOLINE DRIVEN, TRAILER MOUNTED, 4 x 8 FT, VIBRATING SCREEN, 3 COMPARTMENT BIN Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Co. Make of vehicle illustrated: Barber-Greene Co, ‘Model B36, GENERAL DATA (Classification: Standard. Purpose: Used by the Corps of Engineers to contrat ‘radation of sagicgnes for biteminows paving. ADDITIONAL DATA. HEATER, ASPHALT, TRAILER, MOUNTED, 2-CAR, 28 HP Sonia aie a ee a ustrated: Cleaver-Brooks Model HEATER, ASPHALT, TRAILER, MOUNTED, 3-CAR, 42 HP RAPD 347183 Mats ENG 7-HDQ ING 8.1126 Manufacturer: Clesver Brocks Compahy. Casafcation: Stanserd | Makeof vehicle ilustrated:Cieaver Bjooks Made! DS.3 ‘tumincus Puarpose; red by Corps of Engaecrs to! omer weeht 0) KETTLE, ASPHALT, REPAIR, TRAILER MOUNTED, W/MOTOR DRIVEN HAND SPRAY, 110 GAL CAPACITY Make of rebicle illustrated: Litto Brothers Model D3. Purpose: Used by Compe of Engineers for heating and spcaying tar or asphell.op seeds and runway for repair oF maintenance work : Body eype Spee Papeete Welghe Gu): Net-ASIS. Payload 128. Geom 3.000 Weighe dicriberion Ob) Ee. Maente—275; we 1.300 Lead Tre Py ‘Maar cot seemre| ‘3 Geound clearance: ‘ 4 90 ‘Technical Mamaia: S118, $1188 ‘ares Liat: ENG 7-K28 “Towing vehleien to be weed. ‘Track, 23410, 68 ‘Shipping dimensions, sncemblad vehicle: (ou) 204%; (oa 8) 52.5 Engine Maes a No. of eylinders Bore: Diaplacement: LOADER, AGGREGATE, BUCKET, CRAWLER MOUNTED, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 3 CU YD, 17 FT 4 IN. BOOM Manufacturer : Barber Greene Co Mate of vehicle illustrated: Barber.Greene Co. ‘Modal SIAM ito an asphalt ADDITIONAL DATA, GENERAL DATA 1 LOADER, AGGREGATE, BUCKET, CRAWLER MOUNTED, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 3 CU YD, 18 FT 10 IN. BOOM Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Co. (Classification: Limited Standard Make of vehicle ilustrated: Barber-Greene Co, Purpose: Used by Corpa of Boginere for loading ng- Made A eet oan * GENERAL DATA " ADDITIONAL DATA fi Special purpose x 1) 6.300 00) nie inertia, fey nee | ; , cosas | . o Shipping dimensions for export, i? boxes: i “enim oa aes Z Shipping weight for export om) 24500 Capacities 2 "Poet (gone) i... eo (Contig rate 5 od 8 : Cranes a BS ‘Teanaminton wo: ie a Alene i @ 1 High spend chain renervate a2 Halt ear care 8 ENGINE Manufacturer: Bade Model Ha Type No.of cylinders 4 Dheplacement (coin) 287 Bore Gn) 3% Stroke a [Brake horwpower Bat pm) 1.400 LOADER, AGGREGATE, BUCKET, CRAWLER MOUNTED, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 3 CU YD, 18 FT 10 IN. BOOM, GENERAL PURPOSE Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Co. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for loading aggre: Coastlines fester into axphalt mixers, dryers or truck, GENERAL DATA ADDITIONAL DATA Body type Special puro wougne Eroty ‘0%) 20,000 Loaded ‘am 20,000 | rs ‘om 300 | Weight distribution. | Terewlers teinermein. | Ground contact Sain) 2576 aed speed | sa; 183; 251 Revere 7 ‘Shipping dimensions for export ia 2 boxes Ten) 12373; (ea R) 208 (08) 28,000 oy ow 5% @ 6 @ @ 3 @ 2 @ 3 Manufacturer: Bude Tyee core Bore Brake horsepower T8280 Oat 5 93 Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Co. Make of vehicle illustrated: Berber-Greene Co., Model (Classification: Limited Standard. Purpose: Used by Corpe of Engineers for ioeding ‘eregates from the ground into dryers ot trucks. ADDITIONAL DATA Specie purpoee as om 30,975 gies Ga) 11638 - Ase T Atle Gain) 286 Mode! 12-290 Meet epinsers 6 (ein) a8 Gm) 3K Se So atom) 1.000 iz LOADER, SHOVEL, TRACTOR MOUNTED, HYDRAULIC, “3 CU YD MamulacturerPrcerJ1 Case Co. Egupment-—F.G. Make of sobicle Mlstrated: Frank, Huon Cae “Hough Co. ‘ ‘Model SI Airborne Tractor Caaiaton: Sanda Purpose! Fer Ming. ving, oii and ting (GENERAL DATA ENGINE 1 | stamataceare: cane Mott 8 ‘oss Vath Ns chepinden paceman entre ‘Sere: Mita goreraed peed Bane norcyomee * Ose & ADDITIONAL DATA (im 108 95 MIXER, ASPHALT, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, TRAVEL OR CENTRAL PLANT, TRAILER MOUNTED Manufacturer: Barber-Greene Company ‘Make of vehicle illustrated: Barber Greene Made! 648, heavy éuty Classification: Standard Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for mixing bsturmi ‘nous material RA PD 347209 0% Capoctter: Fuct—20 gat Diet od Crateme—12 4; Coating 6 eas Gene bor I! at; Gat bon 12 t- MIXER, ROTARY TILLER, SOIL STABILIZATION, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, SELF-POWERED, TRAILER MOUNTED Manufacturer: Seaman Motors Ground eharance: " Classification: Standard ‘Towing ehices tobe wed: am OH Vehicle illustrated: Seaman Motors, Model MHDT2, | Shoring dimensions, amembied whic Purpose: Used by Corps! Engineers for il stabilization. Weight: 0») Geos 4.300 SateWeukeaue, Sak!” MERU: Deters $08 Tires Py Sie T9218 Operon 3 Bovey Sete 44 fm, Bethe herepr BO "Hast sat prone ‘oe seed 000 rp Be of eye MIXER, ROTARY TILLER, SOIL STABILIZATION, POWER TAKE-OFF, TRAILER MOUNTED Manufacturer: Seaman Motors. GENERAL DATA MA ose ran Sala‘anr Musas fA Ol tae oe Ss cc a = uae Ganitetion: Standard Saeco a eS Purpose: Uae by Core of Bogner fo puverise ‘Riprinddmeecian sevmbid voice oot og) sab muha vce pavveracand | Shite wea cme a8 PUMP, ASPHALT, TRAILER MOUNTED, W/DISTRIBUTOR ATTACHMENTS Manufacturer: Litteford Bro. Make of vehicle thorrated: Lions Brow. Meet Cantfeation: Sar Purpose: Used by Corpa “retail ou rene or ranges, endfor trooter fn roads 3 ranway, aed fer erannering 98 [Sut fom one sonenines to tcther: PUMP, WATER, TRAILER MOUNTED, W/DISTRIBUTOR ATTACHMENTS Manufacturer: Rosco Manufecuring Company seh i) Battal (Glaseifcation: Standard. = Mghe of webicieluserated: Rosy Manufcsieg Co. rede sb Cral Eaizen or wing we Noveaberades an oy erp Sev neroe—remy | want: “Grom 8 ROLLER, ROAD, GASOLINE DRIVEN, TANDE! 2 AXLE, 5 TO 8-TON REGICTECER, Manufacturer: Buffalo-Springfield Roller Co Make of vehicle Illustrated: Buffalo Springfield Roller Purpose: Used by Corps (Co., Model RT-16. Engineers for finish rolling ‘of asphalt, macadam, of stabilized surfaces on mill: tary roads and runways. GENERAL DATA ENGINE b Manufacturer: Continental Mode! F306 = Na dcyheten 6 Displacement a Dore » Stroke Brats horsepower re i ADDITIONAL DATA rent vall—129; rer ral—228 Ge) ROLLER, ROAD, DIESEL OR GASOLINE DRIVEN, 3W, 10-TON Manufacturer: Galion Iron Works. Make of vehicle iilustrated: Galion Iron Works Model ai Coupling ; ‘Shipping dimensions for export, in § borer Ea) 628; 69 0 : ‘08 us 2, ‘Shigpiog weight for export ENGINE Deas Siamotacrarer:teteracinal Mosel UD-9 ‘Tye No.of eninders Diapiacenwen: ea in) 308.5 Bore Ga) ks Strate Gn) 88 Brake horsepower $2 at pm) 1.350 CCapactten ue (Dies) jn on Gaatine nk oo x Cooling system, eo 3 Erenkense on “Technical Bulletin: S1720-8 ‘Techalcal Masual: ©1108 Classification: Standard. + Used by Corps of Engineers for heavy-duty rolling of aggregates or other surfaces/on military roads fand runways. Creakeane ‘Freneaion Ae cleaner, on) nd aiterent «@e ADDITIONAL DATA x ROLLER, ROAD, GASOLINE DRIVEN, TANDEM, 3 AXLE, 9 TO 14-TON "Fecneal Mauals 1068 Baffle Springfield Roller Co Classification: Stan strated: Buffalo Springsieic Rol GENERAL DATA ENGINE ADDITIONAL DATA 101 ROLLER, ROAD, TOWED, RUBBER TIRED, 2 AXLE, 13W ea Techatcal Manual: 1160 Manufacturer: William Bros Boiler and Mfg. Co. Classification: Standard, Trirpone Used by Copel Englasrs i tftg sd woe: ‘acting subgrades on roads and runways. ‘lees (mmocth): Ply—4. se—750 415... Operating 13 Massmars coo remae CB) rot 25; rat 28 SCRAPER, ROAD, TOWED TYPE, HYDRAULIC OPERATED, 114 CU YD RAPD 47153 “Manufacturer: La Plante-Choate Mig. Co. Weight (0): Net — 2400; Payload 3.008, 15 ow pt. Geom — Se Classification: Standard Weight dlatetbution (2) impey root aie; eran Make of vehicle illustrated: La Plante Choate Model mabe Se a stacaas new, | PEPE See soos 16 (Corps of Engineers to se 7 Masimum cot premare (8) Peet 49; eat lp wc once cemiemce vox Gael | cue a “Towing vehicles fo be ued: Whedad tractor—Cane, St Airborne Doty types ‘Speci purpone—sernper | Shipping dlmensions, semble vehicle: (cu 220: (00 583 102 SCRAPER, ROAD, TOWED TYPE, CABLE OPERATED, 342 CU YD pat Apo 37152 Tochaea! Meoust: S1mail Manufacturer: R. G. Le Tournenu Ine. eign dtrtbuton (0): Gisaification: Standard. ter Frnt ote —3:1: at ane 0358 ‘Make of vehicle illustrated: R.G LeTourneau Mode! “D” erect eoest - oe ec aang Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to self.load, hau!, ee aoa totter ‘ind apread earth fa contraction work, ——- ions Wen vie ewe ne tw nest Gomind arcs ih esr ope tenia purpen—erape | Torint vices te be sed - NRT nectase Pena igenye erm iezee | Shoring dimes, semble (08) sag) SCRAPER, ROAD, TOWED TYPE, CABLE OPERATED, 6 CU YD Manufacturer: RG, Le Tournena, Inc a rf Make of vehicle illustrated: R.G Le Tourneau Model"M." Purpose: Used by Compe of Engineers to se-load, haul, ‘and spread earth in construction work. Baty type: ‘Special prrone rap ‘Wear Os) Net_1,200; Payload 15.00, Sr Oro 10200 ‘eight dietrbution CO) Manufacturer: RG. Le Tosrneay, Ine. Classification: Standard. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to self haul, iqretaad mcennctewet ‘Waigne 8): Na—15250 Payload 20,000 (8 yt). Crow 8,080 Weight decibution 0): ate ‘Eony. owt nie— 5,150; re ane 9300 Lode "Pront aul 12,190; fet anle—27800 SCRAPER, ROAD, TOWED TYPE, CABLE OPERATED, 12 CU YD Manufacturer: R.G, Le Tournemy, Inc. (Classification: Standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: RG. Le Tourneau, ‘Model LP. Purpose: Used by Corpa of Engineers to self-oad, haul, land spread earth ip conttruction work Body type: wont 0): Me 1BS80 Payload 30.0 (12 cu 104 Speci arrose rom0.80 RAPD 347155 ‘Technical Manat: 1216 erage Alon Para Lint: ENG 7-536 Tee: P16. Be ts00r2 _ Maser col pear). Preet 18; ‘Front tread Gn) (Conertotmter—68outndetooutaide— 9). nadetoinnde #5 Ground clearance: on) 155 “Towing vebicie to be weed: Tractore—Caterplt 67.8 wich ower “comet Shipping dimensions, asembied yehicte: 119" x10" os 80: on Protte ela Gi) Weight dinertbution (i) Prom tale 7.450; rar ae—12.199 Leaded Tires Py tien Mario cost peas 8) root trend Gn) ‘Centertoceter- tt} otadetooutne Mtn 455 Ground clearance ‘Towing vehicles to be weed ‘Skipping dimensions, waembled rcbicie: 12" 101° x10 10" (af LF7s GPO SCRAPER, ROAD, MOTORIZED, CABLE OPERATED, 12 CU YD Technical ulin 128-1 Manufacturer: RG. Le Tourveay, Ine Purpose: Used by Corp of nginects for excavating and Classification: Standard (vera! eath hauling yj (GENERAL DATA ENGINE Weian o Poyhadtt yd. Grm-mase | Typertatvembeed tole. Moines Gate) aioad oy oper Fee aaasevexr tasee | Diplacement ind ‘Pee Saperopereing? Bele yo Se prs Bur ta00 + 2 Frame (Feat 4@; rare | Stoke ) ‘Townapa eve Opening Top TOO idaimue severned speed: coon fe itanen Psme babe brseponer sn Gm we) ADDITIONAL DATA — 3 am 0 tation perme (70400: oa myses ow Poe noe Coney) fot recerat nem 3 ote) - Capen Pot (eta Dhl i 9) x Cosi ores ry Eco to Temes fe wo raker Sense Waguer Wie G1) yr—tarete Doone oy “Tranemanion: Sea ‘ - (aura. Hage; Ih; Pad 44; Low) PERFORMANCE “Porm ade hao: tao ‘Fos coecomption ih asus swat et capa wr tho openio) corp 500 ‘Aursieopnd coon tt SPREADER, AGGREGATE, TOWED TYPE, TRACTION POWERED, 8 FT WIDTH © Manufacturer: Good Roads Machinery Co. (Chausfication: Standard Make of bl llerated: Goat Reade Machine Purpon Used by Come of Region fr Co. Made & "on mltary roads and runway. GENERAL DATA speci parse shipping simenionnsrabied vie: am) 148: 8) Shipping wolghe fer export "Trnmlnios eer bot. é wo ADDITIONAL DATA SWEEPER, ROTARY BROOM, 3W, TRAILER MOUNTED, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 2-WAY SWEEPING, 30° x 8’ BRUSH “Technical Butetins SA0TE Manufacturer: W. E. Grace Mfg. Co, Model MB-100. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to nweep dirty Classification: Limited standard, Tight snow, et fromm roads and runway se, Weight Woaghtaitrbutien 0. 3 Ties: Pht ‘Sue-soonte ‘Macias cool pres 0). ‘Ground clearance rs ‘Shipping Stmeasions,asemnied vehites (9) 30: (6 1) ENGINE, Manetaceurer:| tee Movet xe Dioplacement (coin) 90 Nevot lagers: ‘ owe cat Strone es ee) 120 Denke borer 1 eee ia00 Foe fw 5 Cote ) wo 7 ADDITIONAL DATA SWEEPER, ROTARY, 3W MOUNTED, SELF-PROPELLED, GASOLINE DRIVEN, 1-WAY SWEEPING, PICK-UP TYPE WITH 36° x 6’ PICK-UP BROOM, TWO 30 IN. DIAMETER SIDE. BROOMS, DIGGER TYPE, AND SPRAYER Manufacturer: Rigin Sweeper Co. Classification: Standard. Make of vebicie illustrated: Bigin Sweeper Co.,Model Purpose: Used by the Corps of Engineers for 20, ‘oultary ronda and runway, GENERAL DATA ADDITIONAL DATA, TANK, ASPHALT, STEEL, TRAILER.MOUNTED, W/STEAM COILS, 1,500 GAL RA PD 247161 Mandlactorer: Littelord Brothers sre erent Claeifcation: Standar se “Make of vehicle illustrated: Littleford Brothers, Model bese ee 1028, Purpose: Lt Gt ae inhi ‘and transporting bituminous materia Wola (): Net 9.750 Paylat-16200, Grom 25.950 2 ae ee ee SS ae ae a Semitrailers Section XV. * SEMITRAILER, 6-TON GROSS, 2W, ANTENNA | Manufacturer: Fruchauf Trailer Co Classification: Standard. Purpome: Used by Signal Corps to transport radio ‘cauipment weaney mrs Weight dietrbetion ven emenbel 815 Aue 8300 i ae SEMITRAILER, 8-TON GROSS, 2W, ANTENNA MOUNT, K-22 AND K-64 Manufacturer: Couse Laboratories (chasis by Kingham Trailer) Classification: Standard when part of rad Purpose: Used by Army Ais Forces as # mobile antenna ‘molant for radio set SCR-170. + SCR270. ela : erm atiz00 | 110 a Po 347051 Manufacturer: Tratier Company of Aseica, ctasiica ‘otaupplcs and equ Pavted200m Gene 00 SEMITRAILER, 6-TON PAYLOAD, 10-TON GROSS 2W, COMB. ANIMAL AND CARGO SEMITRAILER, 2W, FUEL SERVICING, 2,000 GAL, TYPE F-2 Manufacturer: The Heil Company. Casscation ited andar Purpose: Used by AF to transport aircraft engine fact “a ibn to Rng ant ce bem my rer Salppia dmerstane; embed whi Ten serine a 8 ey | Fat am "pend 1000 «jpacaag | es th rs in me Pn Mg a 1 SEMITRAILER, 2W, FUEL SERVICING, 2,000 GAL, TYPE F-2A Techical dee: 19.2681 2a po 347230 Manufacturer: The Heil Company. (Classification: Limited standard. Purpose: Uied by AAF to transport raft enge fet ‘rom datosing fps to fying eld, ad to wervice Weight (0): Nett. Teka y 8 et pet 7 a sae, ee =. SEMITRAILER, 2W, FUEL SERVICING, 2,000 GAL, TYPE F-2B RA PD 347202 Manufacturer: The Heil Co. Weight diertbution (8): Classification: Standar. Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to transport aircraft ‘engine fuel and to service aircraft Py tank Welght OB): Net—ooo Paylead-12.000. Grom 28.000 SEMITRAILER, 4W, FUEL SERVICING, 4,000 GAL, TYPE F-1 Orders: 19-28-11, RA PD 347049 ‘Techie " Manufacturer: Standard Steet Works Classification: Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to transport aircraft ‘engine fuel from distributing points to fying fel, and GENERAL DATA ody Type: Weight Ce): Net 16480. Payload 26,000 Weight diatibocion Q) ‘Eesty--Sth wes! 2058 Manufacturer: Standard Steel Works Classification: Standard. Purpose: Une by Army Aly Forecs to transport craft eine fuel froma distributing points to toleersce aiveraft. ‘ying Reign ay ner _s0ate Poti Beige)” GENERATOR AND CHARGING PLANT, ACETYLENE GAS, SEMI- W/ DOLLY, 750 CU FT PER HOUR TRAILER MOUNTED, VAN TYPE Manufacturers: Trailer—Fruchaut Trailer, Co.: Equip. ment—Lindair Products Co. (Classification : Standard. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to provide mobile (gan generating and bottle charging facies Body expe: Van pec erpone Welaght Ob) ‘ron 37500 Weight dation Gonded) Qb): Sh wheel 143980; ace —17 80 114 SEMITRAILER, 4W, FUEL SERVICING, 4,000 GAL, TYPE F-1A “Techneal Order: 19:25:38 Toe Po Se-t90000 Open Geng foes Cb coca Gn) 1854 DBeabes: Servce As acting hand ‘Towing vablclon te bs wesdi Trockwecer, fod ervcne rowin yee Fi Myton 86 Shipping dimensions ecb vec 230 igen wheel S39 a 10 aulpped mth two gue ngne ves pumps having « eta ‘cape (et) of S30 gatann per murat poe ‘on ty 24773 on9203 eater of rea alt rar sie: We of daly mae Pinciebelght Ga). Rear 38 GENERATOR AND CHARGING PLANT, OXYGEN-NITROGEN GAS, SEMITRAILER MOUNTED, VAN TYPE, 500 CU FT PER HOUR “Techni! Manu: 5.9118, 91108 RA PO 347182 Manufacturer: Independent Engineering Co. (Heil | Loading neight Teaile), Tress Frost Phy 16 Siae—12.00430, Classification: Standard Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to provide mobile {ger qenerating and bottle charging facies. Boy type: Van special Karp Wola 0 ‘Grom 35,00 Weight BNerbuston amy Te whee ale25,000 RA PO 247191 Classification: Listed standard Make of vehicle Hlustrated: Gramm Motor Truck Purpose: Used by Quartermaster Corps to provide eld | Manufacturer: Gramm Motot aad Trailer Corp. | ‘able andy facilities Toring vehicles to be used: Track tractor 4 ton, $4 eapocky Welt Ob) Net-e000 Prvlud 18,000. Grae 20,000 es MD 19723: og 01783 ‘2 Manufacturers: Roger Brot. Corp.: La Crease Trailer; Make of vehicle illustrated: Fruchauf. ‘Frachauf Trailer Go. Steel Products o.;C.R. John Co. Purpose: Used by Corse of Engineers to transport crawler ‘comme es oat Napunted tractor, shovels an cranes, General CWE OF GENERAL DATA as ero wou Se ae Tete at mee emits Dey ale 1950; cer ete 2498 Lending belt Tem Mania cot pare 0). Opes ree 38 ‘Geman Casmnce: : ‘= Sroka Sever ends Weight Panga ‘Towing chiles fo be Weds ten, 628 ime mover or 56 ton, “shipping dimensions, asmemabied vehicle: on 12160; om para Pte neat “oad Fin was on 36 yen ADDITIONAL DATA ratte: () Cntr ener 6% nade ute 905, Tie mde Overt tag Gn) 116 SEMITRAILER, LOW BED, FRONT LOADING 20-TON (LONG GOOSENECK) Manutacrurer: La Crome Ter Coy Set Prats "Winter Weiss Co. Gunderson Regineerng Co. ‘mibanthycas a eeeieast Make of vehicle illustrated: La Cease, Purpose: Ue, by Come of eine renner in ery or ene'al em Tee ry—tt Seen t8 28 eet ‘o fcarencey Ge) 10K Lending Melght: Gu) Sih an 00; ea ate—each 7980 shah 2,908 orale 1058 SEMITRAILER, 10-TON GROSS, 2W, OXYGEN GENERATOR, TYPE Al Aro 347325 Mamutactuters: Tele: Froehaul Trailer Company: foment: A Piers Tne ‘Classification: Standard Purpose: Uned by Army Air Forces for manufacture of ‘evans’ breatiog onyers eign 9 om 21000 Maca cot we @ 6 “owing vole to be wet Trek Tor $5, 424 ‘Sipping dimensions tnembd vlc (0u 914202: 99184 7 SEMITRAILER, SPECIAL, DROP FRAME, 10-TON PONTON RAPD 347194 Manufacturers: Fruchauf Trailer Co; Teler Company of Ameria Chassifcation: Standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: Fruchauf Trailer Co, Purpose: Used by Corpe of Engineers to transport ‘bridgeloads and 10:t0n pomtone ‘Toming tebicles to be weeds Truc Shipping dimensions, scent vehicle 0 Payand nb (ete) Grove 25200 = SEMITRAILER, 25-TON, 2W, PONTON Welahe (9) Nex Manufacturers: Teller Co of Articn eign itharon co) ingty Froehauf Trailer Co. Electric Whee! Co (Classification: Standard res Fy 16 oe) ee Make of vehicte illustrated Frachaus _, saare gmane Purpose: Used by Corpa of Engineers to tea ‘and pontoon bridge loads he toe i porno Weiahe Gb) Nee 00) tase | m Min 900, ater 16000 | ome theme vehicle: (ou) MAE Cou) 288 118 SEMITRAILER, 10-TON GROSS, 2W, REFRIGERATOR BODY RAPD 47197 Manufacturers: (1) Prime Costentors—A.J-MilerAuto Classification: Limited standard Cogars Tray Gos Asean Boy & Traber Com” CE ect Corperation Rebbe’ & Burke. tne; Purpose: For items needing temperature of 10° or 32°, or EME. tatrmo Control Watson Automotive emergency sorNge aA). 108 ADDITIONAL DATA. cents era wheal fe enero ally wee ale Ga) 14 ‘Sa iy ee et ao mc a8 SEMITRAILER, 10-TON GROSS, 2W, REFRIGERATOR | Lad : ‘Shbpind dimensions, sommbled white: (a RD aN: (on™) 178 ‘Removate “pug in” regain Wyte powered by On OTC (Classlilcation: Linited standard “Make of vebicie illustrated: Rivers Body Bactory. Purpose: Used by Quartermaste: Corp to provide mobile ‘dota repair Facts. ear one 5 a vm Wolgne (0): Ne Aa06 Payal —12,000 Gm 2008 120 SEMITRAILER, 10-TON GROSS, k FIELD SHOP REPAIR, TYPE A-3A GENBRAL DATA ieee —-nesapipseasitagt Body type: ee ‘roth O): Ret —9 00, Proud (erent) 8.350; Grom 17 880 ee Manulacrorers: The Gestentger Co Talimobte Co Classification: sabe df acs oranda Catealage ca Frpoet: Wa tz Guerarenr Cor termite ie Wetene saeco Tndot sth shed nso Landing Beate ‘ire: p10 ee 9.00330 REPRODUCTION EQUIPMENT, CAMERA SECTION, 24” x 30”, SEMI-TRAILER MOUNTED (10-TON, W/VAN TYPE BODY) Purpose; Used by Compe of Hngineer to tramport imap repreduction equipment. ‘ GENERAL DATA ‘Towing veces to be wed ‘Sipping mensions, seembled elle “esto A300 oy md 98 eo Manufacturer: Fruchauf Trailer Company. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Body type ‘ ee hd Weigh (0): Net—1i,520 Payload—17 440 Orem =29 000, ‘Walgnt dlaribation 02) Loaded whee 13,000 ‘Ties: Py 10 San 9.00 +20 asia cot prone ‘ren carne ‘Towa welche ob weed: ‘Teun acter 4 mente; bed vt (#0508) 88 Piette height Gn) 38 ih wee: Bee 33 in. “hype once et ADDITIONAL DATA Contains complete equment ncrmary ¥o deveop an eit to: oleae cen am SP atevtindr, we coldd ape ‘This mentee ean be conve to a ull rier by ean Dey Convert. Type 3 se Weigh): Net 10738 Papoed— 18270 Wage hit GO) (empty)? wel —4.90, Ale 8.40 ronan Oat SEMITRAILER, 10-TON GROSS, LABORATORY, PHOTOGRAPHIC, TYPE N-2, N-3 ‘Purpose; Used by the AF to proces photographic Mega ‘ives and print photographs, SEMITRAILER, 314-TON, 2W, COMBINATION STAKE AND PLATFORM ‘ Ar su72t0 Manufacturers: Checker Cab Mfg. Co Black Diamond Co. Uilty Trailer Co, Engineering Corp; The Winter Weiss Co. ‘Chassitication: Standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: Checker CC-4, Purpose: To transport genera caren. SEMITRAILER, 5-TON, 2W, STAKE AND PLATFORM, 16 FT Manufacturers: Olsen Mig. Cou; Truck Engineering | Weight ditrivutlon ‘Teller Co. of Ameria. Re Ciasafcation: Standard Purpose: To transport general cares, ody ere é te Wotan Oh: Cat Net 600, Palos 2000, Grom nat Leading hele, ar) 126 Make of vehicle illustrated: Highway Trailer Co. Purpose: To teanaport general cargo: Manulgcurrs: ihway Ter Go. Kev Tar snd Pano Co Te ‘Suess Lisl. ile onl’ Go Sprmgcls Trae C2 Soret’ Co Tints ‘Boe Traier Co, of Amenc Sits eos G2 American Body snd Traber Co: Carte Mig Co: Coleman Mctics xp ‘Dorey Brats: Siege Sa Sem es RY Mer ate Grae Cap: Queen City Tair Co; Uy Teer Co. Dally Sorcha wars wen Camifenton: Standard Mate of vehicieilltrated: Highway Tener Co. Purpose, Und by Trangputatin xp and Ordaunce ‘etmupert gael aes Parad temo ody ore Won fe we_9.00 ight siebation : ‘Classification : Standard. GENERAL DATA Body tye: i ate ‘Woignt (0) Net9.000. Paylnd—4250 “Grom 3,.280 ‘Weight dlaebuton 0): ngey—th whee —3.900 Ae 5.100 Lente Sth wheel 5.800 ‘ase 488 Loading height? a) 35 ‘Ties: Py te Soe9.00 +20 Opera 4 "Maser cot premre| mob) Ground clearance a Gn) 17% Brakes Servicer Peng hand-eye! ‘Towing vehiches to be wed Anevacr, tSton tt ‘Sipping demenaons,sosembled vehicle: (co) 7: (op 8) 361 Pinte hehe Ge) ‘Rear —30 Filth whesl Sue 20 in. “Type Ordnance nandard ADDITIONAL DATA Equipment icdes « 10-vattgrertaedeven by # oneeyider Sr ced geese engin, ogo ad bentan d vestng men ‘Tab mera be converted 4 fl eraler by seam af Dy, ‘rater Converter Type AS. 128 portation of aigcraft spare parts nd accessories. Purpose: Used by the AAF for storage, lanue end trans nA ro 144900 Make of vehicle ilustrated: Gramm. Manufacturer: Refer to additional dats. Purpose: To transport general are. Clamification: Standard. | CGRNERAL DATA mnie pea ‘Wager dettbien A 2 Sergent icc at 2 teen OR nee eek Gees | — : event drm oo z Brake: Service - Dect Fominy veces wo belutd: Trenance sipping doensent seme eb) 68 (6191973 ADDITIONAL RATA aes vice mamdacnt yr Manh amend Tres Co "Cron Tra Ca, Chcher Cab il. CHa Tree Cos 3 OI ca 7 see (hao Cree rer C07: (Bon Prone Coy Ines Sit a; Trek Engine Cos Manutacteers: A.J. Miler (Auto Cruiser Trailer Co); Cneonta Linn Corp. ‘Classification Sabstitace tandard. Make of vehicle Ulustrated: Miter. Purpose: Used by Signal Corps to transport commanict ‘Sine equipment ce Body e908 Ts seca Na ons, Tet capac or weer ‘sipping dimeosoan, smembled white: (ou ) 205: ( 9) 208 ‘itn whee: Sar 33 nA ro 244934 Manufacturer: Watace Autometive Equipment Co, Clanaifieation Standard. Purpose: To provide mobility for Hectic accounting vachines und nthe Bel Body eres Wal (2: Na idr00 130 Polat apb0 lah surat Om) eyes che se ne Anting teighes in) le Grund daar Gnd 1034 Tins Py—10 ‘Saeco 236 Operating ‘ir ol ame) a Towing vehicies to be wand Truett, +8 tat 44 ‘Shopping diavoan aermbidwebicar(=) sae Ga"0) 188 “Tow ehices to be wned: Trckracter, 5 ton, 424. capac, = weer, ‘Sipping dimensions, soem vce: (ou) 119; (ay) 1688 ADDITIONAL DATA. ‘eter vec manufactured by: American Boy an Trater Co. ‘Dery Brothers, Gramm Track and Tray Corp, Higher ‘Trae Co, Kentucky Mf. Co, Olam Mig, Cay Brick Ca ‘Timpte Braters, Tralee Company of Ammrica, Cate Mg, Co, net Urey Tralee Me Co ect ty wi cease aig $00 ota Manufacturer: Fruchaut Tealer Co Classification: Standard. Purpose: Used by Antinrcraft Artillery and Army Ale Fert hou and ape ube eine ‘oiy tyre: eign oth sntnbytion 0): SEMITRAILER, 7-TON, 4W, _ W/DOLLY, 2W, VAN, M26 Onan ty) Froese 20 SEMITRAILER, 15-TON GROSS, 4W, W/DOLLY, 2W, V-9/MPG-1 Manufacturer: Prochaut Trailer Co, Purpose: Used by Coast Artillery to house and tranmport Caanifcation: Standard when part of radio wet adhe set AN MPO AN/MPG GENERAL DATA ety tre: wage ah Serato) ADDITIONAL DATA. cen nw tts et in fal SEMITRAILER, 11-TON PAYLOAD, 15-TON GROSS, 2W, VAN 28 FT SEMITRAILER, 1212-TON PAYLOAD, 4W, TANDEM VAN Toe Py ci) Seeemr20 Opesine—t Sewet Marna cot wena os weight Goyer osee— Pay—23.00 ‘Shlpring Smeoaons seemed vee: e239; (0 219 134 SEMITRAILER, 1244-TON, 4W, WRECKING, 25-FT, TYPE C2 Manufneturee: Trailer Company of America. Gasification: Standard Forge, Crd by ema ht fore or weeping Trae a SACS Ro oe Weight 0): Net—1900 Py —25.00 NSigneuerbatow (2) co S$ ht: we 88 sah capone 240 Sant up OS rom 3600 ending bet: SEMITRAILER, 1244-TON, 4W, WRECKING, 40-FT, TYPE C2 Classification: Standard Purpose: Used by the Army Air Fores for tracaporting ‘kged and new sucraft, eho general purpose haul. Welehe (a) Mex—18000 Payload 25.0 Grom 38000 SEN Steven ty tas 5h at; Aa -408 ding tt ees serene Sr centrd Army 05 tow ¢ 4 ToeTrace whch SLOG Cieg ie AAP pe Pa, Fann 9 ft rng os TANK, WATER, STEEL, SEMITRAILER MOUNTED, 1,500 GAL Manufacturer: Colambian Stel Tank Company. Classification: Standard Purpone: Used by Corp of Engineers to tanmort and Rotge On: Mee 7.289 Pears Grom 19200 ‘Neigh dertbaon 0) avy Se ebe-2480 ae. Sinvbeo-auso ane i190 Section XVI. Tanks TANK, LIGHT, M5Al Manufacturer: Cadilac Motor Car Division (GMC). Ammunition: 147 rounds, 37mm; 6500 rounds, cal. 30; Glassieation: Limited standard. 540 round, eal. 45,12 hand grencen: 4M4KE1; 2K 4 mmoke MB; 2 thermite‘neendiary. Aronament: | gun, 37-mm, M6; 1 gun, machine, eal 30, ‘MI9I9AS (Sued); 2 guns, machine, cal. 30, MISIGAS — Purpose:‘To provide mobile fre power and crew enbie) tion for offensive combat. 5 GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE 4 oor, SO nen ston Siping dentin Unrns iieos aang | Reames Sipping des wy oa np Sora net eum on) Grad ewe) BK | Matton lh ch rebice wl ca ‘coo Ground prema Oto) 123 | Masini serdet ober webct ni'ains fa) feet (am) “12 | Pestenanamptlon vee coe) ome ees : = Manufacturer! Cadillac Motor Car Division (GMC). Ciasaification: Standard. [Armament One gun, 75mm M6 one gus, machine cal. 30, MUCIGAS (Gad): one fun, pacing, cal. 30, MIOIOAG (feable): one gun, machine, ca. 0, M2 (exible); oe tar (mole) ME, 8 hand grenades GENERAL DATA ‘reece: Syed ; “Trane case Spnde (Gow tae Hage ads Lew 1343) Pastore ‘Tyiecet ond trp PERFORMANCE 138 mato 47020 Porte Lint SNL G-208 Ammunition: 48 rounds, 7$-mm; 3750 rounds, cal. 30; “40 rounds, eal. 50; 720 rounds cal 45; 14 Zech woke tombe. eso T rvd mbenpown a cw pie Crating range eres conse) Msloen eewetie sped ENGINE: Manutccarr: Case (agin et) Mowe 8 ypera coe totes oo) “ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturers: Baldwin Logometve Tecometine Co Detit Tank Cheyer Prosed Steel Car Cov; allan Standard Car Mig, Co Classification: Sotsttute wanda Armament: 1 un, 752m, M3; 1 gum, cal. 50, M2 (eat 3 te 30, MAAS Ge) 1 mortar “Arsenal (ere) i int CENERAL DATA Wesabe ceasing mene Sipping dimensions Teast oot tt og) 177 =) bee Pintle hla Cnn) (Growaa preswure Ob peragin) cerca tem: Gon carom : apace ea ft tae anni) Coatng race feo woe Mecca ena PERFORMANCE ss arasanney ‘Torin cod (1, Yding depth : atmos vertical setts while wi Cet ow td sagen ‘on o oo) SEE TES Sa Si, iia, sae, 9 ety Sana, ‘euiak Hah ie ‘Pare Lint SL G4, Va. YE APD sA7i4s Ammunition: 97 rounds, 75mm; 6,750 rounds, eal. 30; 600 rounds, eal. 50; $00 rounds, cal. 45; 12 rounds Finch smoke bombe: 11 hand grenades Purpose: To provide motile fre power and ert protection for offensive combat. Moa se (a) 0 fa) om nant S80 red 20 sense Gd is teen ADDITIONAL DATA Wg tae on aca pT ‘Aushary gorse, Maite” Mosel HOUR. Manufacturer: Detroit Tank Arsenal (Chey) Gasification: Limited standara Armament One howitaer, 103/mm, M4; one pun, coaching, ‘al 30, M2 (Seubi two ea 36 Stisisne Gaeatiel one morte ome) 2 GENERAL DATA ese (eo) 1 fa) 27 “ond 17h tes opera) 163 Cary ai ‘Trane: See (Grae rt: Hh073 1; Lew 7.01) ina arn eae Rake percent eh Tie —cot tmedr commcntenice ete em ene net meron PERFORMANCE “50; 4000 rounds, cl- 30: 900 rounds, eal. 48. 12 founda, Zech (amok): 12 hand grenades. Purpose: To provide mobic fre power and crew protection Yor effenaive cm ENGINE Mota ‘Me pte Yau) mys On si com 2a00 se rman won x trap tee apo 347138 Manufacturers: Lima Locomotive Works, Ine; Pacffe Ammunition: 90 rounds, 7Smm, 600 rounds, eal 50: (Cac & Foundry Co,; and Presed Stel Car Co. {600 rounds, eal. AS: 4780 rounds, cal 30:12 29. enokr Ciassficacion: Subettute standard bomb; 12 hand grenades Armament: | gun; 78mm, M3; 1 gun, cal. 50, M2 ‘Weuble), 2 guna cal 30, MI9IQA4? mortar (wmoke), PUTPOVE: To provide mptute fire power and crew prot: 2a. MB. ‘ion fr offeonive combat GENERAL DATA, ENGINE Manufacturer: Cone ae ea cmveamse | Tyme an Soca vise cote cooramian on | Se poem coma es | Setemanmat ome mage Saree acne coos | es Peet To aera 2 at) : sa = capmctien one a Ta cumin) om a 8 ADDITIONAL DATA Toc em {ey tet | swage computed th pe TH rat Gian oe “Sow ate Mi gL 7580) | Final dre: Gea rt rm com bemagenaut Forming ain 9. ordi Sept Coelded tige Grong sees Maxime allowbie speed TANK, MEDIUM, M4Al (76-MM GUN, WET) coer: ‘ Wem ieroe on rane Shinning diene Sees, (oo) 2388 Gan) sts Cra cena Gad 17H cereal tem Got) ot mere (at 2 carci Pose mie), fe ‘Song wracrn ec ‘Frameaton oa rot fe) te ‘nai: Spest + {Gus ee: Fgh 0781; Low7863) rer ood ert ct eigen et el pee Cetin ra Tye oa ter PERFORMANCE Sasi ara et cot) 00 ‘Tornng raion (9 Ret at ke Festeg Sch od Masson cid of ch abil il eo. Sims verse otc vee il hie Fel coomumption (oorne one) Masimues slowabl red stores 149 Pre Lin: SNL 207 Ammunition: 71 rounds, 6-mm; £00 ound, ea. 50; 609 Mounds, et 45, 6,950 unde, cn 30,17 smcle hem Ta hand grenades. Purpose: To provide mobile fre poser and cv pe-tection Yor ofeaave eet RAPD sere ENGINE Meccan: Coto Mos esc Dinter: ‘oom 3 Dare es Sete Coy Matimur goreroed pot Gre) 108 ake bere soon rm) tote ante aden tr ee Tee leis a ADDITIONAL DATA {aah Tee watch at be edt 38 ici tn Sosing gh ws ast oy 20 Armament: 1 gun, T6-mm, MUA2: 1 gum, ca. 50, M2, (enble). 2 gine, eal. 30; MISTOAS (Bexible); 1 eoxtar (omnoke) 2m, M3, GENERAL DATA Hae caren naw ‘Shipeingdimenain ou) 296: 8) 2 ‘Gros cearance: in 114 Pre betahe Oot "3 Groune prewre Ome) oem orn vad] Pon (1-4 cate it fet 0) 0 i) ie @ |e ‘Femme ed Stews a 4 atc eta ten 7363) Tranter con: Sede owt Te eed a PERFORMANCE Cruising rane rere cnet) bay 199 | Sitio ed oat CGaling weds Coys) a: Sn Sot10- 0-18 = 3 ‘Saimin abwabe owed bn “ceria ENGINE a) me a) a esse «Goma ‘congee ADDITIONAL DATA seabed wits pe 8 ek See Fee wack sek net gern wd, ever, Teeth wets wt binned to WN ces, Fine wo” Armament: One gun, 7mm, M3, one gun, machi al $0: BG (exbie to gunn, machine 0, MTOR, ‘CENERAL DATA Wage worn ann Shipping fmensione Gro eran: Nabi demenatoe (ov weet ie) 120% vn ra Pte gh ant) cy neent procers (pened cereal mee: ‘ ond he of tren a) oh tae eat) a8 Tad a7 capectien os (mata bec) Coane tem Erman et) a oe a "Game t: Magh 0753; Low 541) ‘nal ree oor a aes (al centrtion’ Bald Nomageern: Turret homage Comminiaton wate: ali went PERFORMANCE Masia arate. com) ‘Terming aston) Ret ats ee St Verdin de ‘ied ‘Maio width dh sbi oe ry ‘Seto vertical onamce tenis wtih: ie) Fol conmamptin ovenge aaa) mre ge Menace cto ren 144 io AK ase Sara Ca Seek, Sen Parte Les SAL Gta, Yak Ammunition: 97 rounds, TS; 300 rounds cal. 50, “790 rounds eal. 30, 080 rounds, eal. 43, 17 band Be ‘ade, Purpove: To peonde mobile fre power aad cow pret or offensive combat P sas pata ee ADDITIONAL DATA ee compe wh typ Ta ac ‘Type el ton TANK, MEDIUM, M4A3 (75-MM GUN, WET) Manufacturer: Fier Tank Division (GMC). (Cassification: Standard. Armament: 1 gun, 75mm, M3: cal. 50, Ma (Genie), i gun, cal 30, MIDIOA4 (Benibie) 1 mortar (ervoke), 2 M3. GENERAL DATA crew: 5 Werahe (Sedeng) os) 9.08 ‘Shipping dimensions: Uncrate (ou) 1.970 078 Ground clearance: Go) 176 Pintle height ont) =) 8 Ground prewure Oo pe ogin) 143 Eiecericalsyetem’ Geo) 4 "No.of bateren Gav 2 Capacities Tran (00 octane gashine) op ve Coating pte wo % ‘Cranes (efit) @ “Treomiamon and differential we) is Torning redive (P) Rags ie Fording depth (a) 36 Mania width of ditch vehicle wil cro: Gn) 9 Mastonuan vertical obstacle vehicle will cmb: in) 2 Yoel consumption (average comions) cond 8 ‘rolaing range (overage condition) co) 100 Masten allowable tyes Gest) 98 roiaing speed (mph) Ine 2; 2nd 6, Be Maximem slowsbie towed land 0; eh 36. eh 38 (8) 10,00 ‘Ammunition: 104 rounds, 75-mm; 600 rounds, cal. 50 Pier oncauve combat a en bs 16250 rounds, cal. 30; 900 rounds, cal. 45, 18 Zin. smoke bombs; 17 hand grenades. provide mobile firepower and crew protection ENGINE, ADDITIONAL DATA Wren type TS rack with Rernomtal mapeenion ie wand, overat width of vehicle wit be fnreased to 118 inches, Sheng Tis be reed by 2.850. swoghs compared with type Tal are Manufacturer: Detroit Tank Arsenal (Cheyer). Classification: Standart Armament: Oue gun, 76mm, MUA: one gun, cal. M2 (egible AA)" one gun, eal 30, MISIOAS. (exible); coemarta (une) Hach, M3. GENERAL DATA, Wala ain) ‘Shiprioadimcorione Cece (ou 2 oat) m8 Sunt ae a) 13% Pie bee des) ae Croan prewar Oh pein) 168 senile com eof tater (2 we : Fas (stan snr) Costas pues (Gronks Teese enh a er. ewe (Guu ret: High 03: Low 756) otal nage aor ae tree owe ee Cmaeienioe Weta Tye sate od he PERFORMANCE Maxtmuo aradat Cd ‘Teraing radon (1) gets eat Fording Seth co) 6 somone neh of ditch webct leo ce ‘Masleoen vera ebwacle pba willl: fin) 36 Fite cenmumption (avenge mo) ro 146 Ra ro 3a70re Ammunition: 71 rounds, 76m: 600 rounts, cl 50: (6.250 rounds, el 30; 900 rounds cal 45:18 nck ce ‘omba: Tt hand grenade, Prarpose: To provide mobie fre powcr and iru pestectin fe cfonive combat rae Trot tntion: ADDITIONAL DATA sri cop tte Twn, Sree gO tec och Latest is cle wit we med to NIN cher ing Ph attsTocenes by 235018 Manufacturers: Detroit Tanke Arsenal (Chryse’); Ford Motor Co. (Classification: Limited standard. Armament: One howitier, 105-nim, M4; one machine ‘tun, cal. 50 M2 (enble: two guns cal. 30, MISIOAS (lexible); one mortar (amok) inch, M3. Cn) 2m oan) a ren ‘Trance: Sete = \Grar rt: High 0734 Low 758) ial dere: pnt alt cameron ‘cn homage ar Fat. Te ct mopman wt “omorseietion ner "Treecatenad ures PERFORMANCE wed et “Tachnlal Miwa: 979% iy ane Tsk, $e, ‘Tihsae, tonsa, tna 2008, Shea, Shea Pacts Lint: SNE G10, Va 18 APO 347150 Ammunition: 66 rounds, 105mm howitzer; 600 rounds A) 50;4,000counda, al 30; 960 rer cal. 45:15 2 inchs smoke bomb; 12 baad grenades Purpose: To provide mobile fire power and crew protection {oe ofecsive combat g ruling spend Gn (in 3; 2nd: S10; hte) ‘Simon awe towed on ‘otosee ENGINE 28 esate ‘ad 3a oe om) 3308 sou Gesaae 50 fee om TANK, MEDIUM, M4A3E2 (75-MM GUN, WET) ASSAULT ‘Technical Manual 929, 47 Sirus wre spam, gaan Shas Shas tens, SH, Part Lines SNL 6-238 Manufacturers: Fuher Tank Deion (GMC); Deo Ammunition: 19 rounds, 7S.mem; £00 round, el $0 “Tank Arsenal 16250 rounds, el. 30; 900 rounds cal. 45,18 in che Cassifcation : Limited procurement. bombs; 12 hand grenades Arroament: 1 gun, 75.s0m, M3; 1 gun, eal. 0, M2. Purpose: To provide mobile ire power and crew pro- (esble) 2 guns cal. 30, MISIONS (Pexibie); i mortar (ene), 28 tection for offensive combet. GENERAL DATA 1 ENGINE Gr Manotncraee: Fat Mote ana ake gnome Teme Ne stetmaee ne ‘Shinpiegdimenalane: Uncrate (ou) 286 placement aan} ‘Ground cisaranee nor ma Pile beg fa) Soke: we) a Ground preenre Nertmem sovernad seed com aa00 icra rem ‘ake hormone, son Ge 38 meee. creo "| Tene noweien pm) ta ‘copes Type tenon ase awn es ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Cente (a fm cn wee rome on dt fe bee Mechelen ier ‘Tranarinon: : pets (Gewet:High73 "Low 7) ‘mat dees (onus 1381) Goocincn eee PERFORMANCE Masimem gracany comet) oe ‘Torming raion) naar iS Fordig dope ‘my 3 j Minimo width of ich ei nil crune cs ‘atime vertical baci ehiclwil imb: Gn) Fc eommumption (erage sto) come (Gusing range (vrei) ‘oo Sistem aowatic sped ome Gente oped pe) ett; S18 0) ‘Sinimearabowate cored ana ‘oo ioe 148 Manutacturers: Fiber Tait Division (OMC): Detwit ‘Taak Arsenal (Cheyer). / ‘iasseation : Standard Armament: | gun, 90-mn, M3: 1 gun, machine, cl. 50, ‘SEH. 2 gune, mchone ea. 20, MIOTOAS GENERAL DATA eae ghee: ‘bins Grown eos Gast (ou) 2889 (92549 vere =T Com > Cones nt @ 2 ‘Nieseiaoe (ernie ten) te) sy Diareeal won Pend Some foe) Cae Sree i 3 Gee rts Hage ge Low 1381) a ess a ete PERFORMANCE ot dich sce sil crm a) ‘Seach wich wick: Ga) oe Pod eemrrmrton (rte Sonn neo a Case ns 9 a) aro sirone bso ts, ram, BBE, Parte Une: SNL 208 Ammunition 7 ‘80 voundy, eal. 900 founds, Purpose: To provide mobity and crew protection for O-men gus foc oflensve combat ENGINE sme) Tot iantion: apprtid Section XVII. Tank Transporters and Recovery Vehicles TRUCK, 12-TON, 6x4, M20 Part of Truck-Trailer, 45-Ton, Tank Transporter M19 Purpose: To recover and tranmport damaged tanks and rateriel weighing up 0 99,000 pounds in connection with GENERAL DATA cme fee gnc (2) Ne—H6s0 Pay 18850. Or—48.08 Bear ane! Cows at : tae rent 308 rar =33 908 Front —10336 ree ‘Sein 8 Prot 88 rae enter Gays, Soe ati ~ comm ts on (tan Deel ol i) op 0 Cine oem 8 Crash (0 % ‘Trane Ma 9: naa 5 arta ee) «2 ‘Wonk Gad eect) wane Mir — Bras Mentinghome: a ‘pees (n Prat 4; 94 150 TRAILER, 45-TON, 12W, M9, Part of Truck-Trailer, 48-Ton, Tank Transporter M19 Technic! Maas 704, 91708, are Lins SM G98 =e ‘Mis SCIATMay maea0as> Ped endbo Grn 110159 SEMITRAILER, 40-TON, TANK TRANSPORTER, MI5 AND MIS5Al RAPD 347216 Parte Unt SS G68 Manufacturer: Froehaul Teller Co. Wei rin ‘Classification: MS Limited standard, MISA subetitate Purpose: To recover and tranapert damaged tenke and) tiatere! up '0 80.000 pounce, tm connection wits rack ‘ractor M6 aot NEGA Welch 00) Men—36150 Paynad—tngbe Great 18600 Manufacturer: Pace Car and Feundey Co. Purpone: To tw 40 mantras Ms ‘Savoie weighing wp te 8080 pound ‘Clanafiation: M26 is limited standard; M36A1 is ‘mandard. Armanvent: Bu't to scommadate truck mount M36 for Cantsrcraft machioe €u8 GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE Masiosm computed erat “Tieng rate) fowaing den Peat coneorption: Craig rage i a “Trt oer te ett im) ‘spree eimai: Greed! 207.10 ‘Grand cere ~ Pro hg font) ™ Seer rte an Fes eae ein) te Coe gan ra . oie on o “= ADDITIONAL DATA i sme Wind fd cacy) €B) Fret 3500, ea (2) 608 Wake: Marnieccer Bends Weaghoue Dene Dives) Rar Tramnmilon: Spee ‘ (Gem: Might Lee 855.1) 152 VEHICLE, TANK RECOVERY, M32 AND M32A1 SERIES Purpose: To recover dimbied tanks and nechanimd emetion: Lied end ‘equipment yment: 1 Simm mortar, ME, 1 eal. somachine gun, AIQITUIWAST cal. 50 machine gun. M2 ENGINE GENERAL DATA, | Gotten speed fp otf 2-5, 49, eH 32) 153 . ; 4 . ‘ 4 3 ; : = q Section XVIII. Tractors TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, 20 DBHP (APPROX), STANDARD, W/BULLDOZER, HYDRAULIC OPERATED, POWER CONTROL UNIT, HYDRAULIC OPERATING, REAR MOUNTED WINCH, SINGLE, DRUM, REVERSIBLE Manufacturer: Clark Bquipmest Compeny. Make of vehicle illuserated: Clark Equipment Co, Masel CA GENERAL DATA coe ean: ‘Siren diraension: Cent , oe fou 3: oe 8 cr oom) ty) ” PERFORMANCE Cruting spends (mph) tat ted 296 3d 97s has Masini aon ted eed oso 154 APO sara (Classification: Standard 7" Prerpose: Used by Corpe of Baginers for general towing ‘work, grading and earth moving, ENGINE - teaomon fone re a = ADDITIONAL DATA TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 36 TO 45 DBHP ‘Technical Magus $3118 Parte sts NG 7-5 Prpose: Used by Carpe of Engineer for towing, and for Classification: Standard. ‘il ds ef construction work Make of vehicle tlustrated: Catepitiac D4. GENERAL DATA, ENGINE © onieze uty man, a2 ee) tk i eres) 078 coats we carry ADDITIONAL DATA P 1S | ed wat stn, trae eae ang ee a foes heen Bar rum (9) 400 (cotati xt cmt) 78 vr oe co) wie ws vad TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, © 36 TO 45 DBHP, W/ANGLEDOZER Manufacturers: Caterpillar Tractor Co.; Le Tournesu Make of vehicle illustrated: Caterpillar Tractor D+ with ‘Le Tournea C4 angledozer GENERAL DATA ‘Sipping dimensions: Ucrated (eu ) LOM: aA) 137 Ground ceeranee: om) 0 Pinte lah em) om Ground preenere Weremingioa crete rate fw) 6 Cpacine Pos etene Dil frt it). wey 25 Cosme sre omy rank ret) wo Toten @ Fa! erive cum (ech) @ 7 Beate: Contracting band ‘Tranemiaion: Spec ’ ‘Geer re. High ct; Low 3.1684) inal rive: Grae soe PERFORMANCE a) ‘oy 7482 (am 28 8 3.4017 5 satel D4 coHe0) fen) 3 Pare Unt ENG 7-731 Classification: Standart Purpose: Uted by Corps of Engineers for general towing, ‘erading and earth moving. ; Bore: ‘Sroka: Meximum governed speed: Net horapower Torque! 0 1b tre) 000 ‘Type tiation: ADDITIONAL DATA eget wh To. to nig me Fa ct TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 36 TO 45 DBHP Manufacturer: inernational Harvester Company Clasafeation : Standaré GENERAL DATA TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, TO 45 DBHP, W/ARTILLERY TOWING ATTACHMENTS, WINCH, 1-DRUM, FRONT MOUNTED APD s47ass Make of vehicle flustrated: 121.C. Model TDs Parpose: To fow artillery or equip-at over rough ertla. GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE r ‘Tommi estos Rie 18 te “Fact consampthn (vragen) on Mcnimee oenbte spo end rating wpe sh) set Sand 2 ted 3. 85408—28: 0-53) Mexinam silowable ted iad ENGINE Gn toe) (oman Fos aires nt Gains nk (rar Wek Oot copy) ranean: Sete “Gast ght Low 8.6983) mal dee: Geren’ Bevel guy 43 bl ere-478) 158 TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 46 TO 60 DBHP RAPD 347286 Classification: Standard. ¢ of vehicle iMlustrated : Cateriler Tractor ‘Meat! Dis GENERAL DATA weiane (oct (om) 17,687 Shipping dlmnalone:Unerted (com) S18) (m) ARE oy nie fie er gins? ‘vou = 8 oo oe in en 15 ht om a itera) PRRFORMANCE rs fa iF fom as ‘emo “98 Td 3 set 3.2; dent 55) ‘eat ct one ‘118300 TRACTOR, CRAWLER TYPE, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 46 TO 60 DBHP, W/ARTILLERY TOWING ATTACHMENTS, WINCH, 1-DRUM, FRONT MOUNTED GENERAL DATA oon ‘Waien ‘Sipping simeniones Uoerated Grouod cearance Pinte mean one ‘Ground prewar! ‘mae: Nev worcpoeee Trot (eb etae Die al Tergors Coane : Type tintin. ‘Fein a citrentiat ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Freeontnton: Sri Ton tos Hy ae Low 264) ‘wien sowed ao) Grind epee (op (et: nd 295 3485 0B) ‘Gricog stage apres condo) w/t ad (2) 0 Nima shown toned ond oot, 160 TRACTOR, EARTH MOVING CRAWLER, DIESEL ENGINE DRIVEN, 46 TO 60 DBHP, NO. 1 Manufacturers: Tractor —Catersilar Tractor Co. Hall. Makeof vehicle fustrated Caterpilar D6 Tractor with ddorer-La Plante Choate: Le Teurneas, Le Tourneay A-6 bi Classifeation: Standard GENERAL DATA ADDITIONAL DATA Reuinged with eptindes, ¢) ety Ladin. beg (ee) 12 Marios col psa (18) Paring hand nachamca execu eu) 1.0001 nse ADDITIONAL DATA a Crome Made DF 618A TMS 9040 DretC TB Sse Stet Poets Co, Mode XBBM "TF 5 9004 Prahaet Talar Coy Mae CPP16 Special TM 59036 —. . a Make of vehicle illustrated: Fruehaut Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to transport “tfuction equipment and machinery for general RAPD 347090 “Techical Manual: 59318 Manufacturers: Rogers Bros. Corp. Fruchauf Trailer Co, Classification: Limited standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: Rogers Bros. Corp. Mode! H20LS-16 Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to transport crawler ‘mounted tractors, shovels and cranes. Ground clearance: 8 rakes: Service sit Parking band, mechanics! ‘Weighs Ob) New 15220 Pap 40,000. Grom 8.220 TRAILER, 22-TON, 6W, LOW BED Manufacturer: Fruchauf Trailer Compeny. Purpose: To transport heavy equipinent and supplies = Rady ope i Pfore Weight (3): e—132350 Payload 49.000 Grow—s7.350 Weight dieteibation (2): ‘Eepey Front sale 6830; rae anle— 6500 Leaded Peontexle— 1900; rat anle—97 850 204 ‘Weight distebtion 8) pats Front ale 7/00; ret aate—8.70 tet ‘ea AT Loading hetaht: Tier: Piy—Pront 14; Rew 10; Sar—Pront 12.0 + 20; Rear ‘Spare 1, 9.003 20 ‘Masini eal press Gb) ‘Towing rebicles to be owed? [Shipping dimensions, save (eat pis7s Pate hgh rea) ‘Techineal Manais: 9-098, 917A Pacts Lists SNL G-718 RAPD 347318 TRAILER, 60-TON, FULL, LOW BED Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to transport ‘construction equipment. Make of vehicle illustrated: Rogers Bros. Corp., Mode! DOD. GENERAL DATA Rody expe: Fiat bed ‘Weight QD): Net— 36,000 _Paylond—120,000.... Grom —154,000, Weight distribution Gb): Empty Pront ale— 17,000 rear anleeach-~8,500 onde ‘Front auie 64,000; rear aule each —48,000 @) o Service: Benin Wertnghoute—air Parking. hand — mechanical ‘Towing vehicles to be used: Truck, 12ton, 6 2 4 of tractor ‘Shipping dimensions, sswembled veces (a 0) 2508.2; (oa ) 400.3 ADDITIONAL DATA 4s2900-47-—14 Manufacturers: Fruchauf Trailer Co.; J.G. Baill Co. Classification: Standard. Make of vehicte ittustrated: Fruchauf. Purpose: To cary multine ca 50 maching gan mount ‘MAS, components of multi gun carnage MSL. Wate: Na—4520 TRAILER, MOUNT, M20 Manufacturer: Brill and Krieger Classification: Standard. Purpose: To transport multiple cil. $0 machine gun ‘mount MC. and co afford a acid operating foundation when Sring Wtghe 08): Ner—100 Pylon" Oree—3.750 Tires: Ply—8 See 728 8 10 Operating? Mosman cool preense ‘0 206 Weight dietribation (>) Loadica height: Tires: Py 12 S750 x20 ore ‘Mau cot preanre Prom —$5: ree 55 Ground clearance! os Drakes: Service ‘Towing vehicles (be ned: Frock, 215ton, 6860 greater ca ‘Shippina dimensions, sasembed vehicle: (487 5: (oq RQ) 12539 RA PD 347355 ‘Weight lstribution (b): Eeney Lanette—i85p ade 675 Lone anes 85; aale—2.595 Ground elearance: 7 Towing vehicles to be used: fae Mrem, 4 6 trek ‘Shipping dimenctons, ancenbled webct: (eu 1) 844: (og 393 Weight of Mont MUSE and sceroren my 2950 art of matey carriage, MSS Manulacturer: The Colson Corporation. (Classification: Standard, Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces for oxygen servicing of aixplanes Manufacturers: Obio Tubular Products Co.; Pacific Fabricating Co Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces for oxygen servicing of airplanes Body type ‘Tube steel welded Weta CO) ee —280 Payload 900, Groat —1150 Londing height: Tew: Ply Sioc—60089 ‘Towing vehicles to be used’ Aey hick equipped secmbled RA PD 247298 Weigh dlattbution (2): ‘Eenty Yad Loading height Tres: Pye Sor—n.0049 Mansmaen coo! yremre Ground clearance “Towing vehicles ro be wed Any rac with a TRAILER, 2-TON PAYLOAD, 2W, POLE HAULING © AND CARGO, K-36 RA PO 346988 Paree Liat: SNL G-486 Manufacturer: Highway Trailer Co.; American Coach eo s808 and Body Co. laseldication: Limited Standard Pliepose: Used by Signal Corps to transport poles for telephone lines, or general cargo. Body type Corgeconvernon | Shipping dimensions, ausenbled rehicl: (a1) 346; Gf 61 TRAILER, 344-TON PAYLOAD, 2W, POLE HAULING AND CARGO, V-13/GT Manufacturers: Vanous Classification: Substitute standard Purpose: Used by Signal Corps for construction and | ‘mintenance of telephone and telegraph pole lines Weight (9): Net 1400... Payioad7,000Grow—9400 Weight dleeiberion (1) capping eraone ay be rece Ens Lonette 140; ale 1.280 pole anchor to Poof and 251 00 208 TRAILER, TILTING TYPE, SEARCHLIGHT, 60-INCH, 4W, MI GENERAL DATA Weight Gb): Net~5.i80—Pavioed 4.008 Groee—9.180 | TRAILER, 2W, SHOE REPAIR sia Manulacturer: MeCabe-Powers Aut Baty Co. ‘Classification: Standard Make of vehicle iMustrated: McCabe Powers Two. Purpose: Used by QM. Corps to provide mobile field ‘repair of shoes, weight 6b) Uneted Net 170 Paylont—2.0:0. Grom—4700 | Plate het ar) Manufacturer : Orr and Sembower, Ine. Classification: Standard. Make of vehicle llusteated: Orr and Sembower, Mode Parpeces ii Caricheca: Cone 5 MSIE ‘acts for bath. Weight 0): Met 3.800 Papead 40... Orem 4.00 TRAILER, 1-TON, SNOW, M19 Purpose: To tranaport aircraft engine heater and booster ‘cquiprent, and liters for sick or wounded personnel Baty tape Wend and sel comracion ‘Welght (8): Uncratnd—Net—40; Payload 1,00; Grom 2,609 Vehicle dimensions: ese nage 210 ow » RAPD 347198 ‘Weight dletrtbe tow 0b) pty Lonette— 25 Lente —Laoette—275._ Lending height: a) Tres: Piy—10 Mena cot peemre Ground clearance: a) Brakes Paring cc Mocha ‘Towing veel tobe used: Treck, cree 2gt08. 8 ‘Shipping dimensions, anmembled vehicle: (co) 321,98) ngs Loading halt: Tea: Pt Ground earance: ‘Towing wehcis co be weed: Plate height Gx) ‘Shipping dieersions: (oo) 3568; (ag) 8s ‘wen as reed om rater ted vel with e645 2 TRAILER. 1-TON, 2-W, TIRE REPAIR, LOAD A, M25 Manufacturer: Same as sted for Ordnance, I-ton Cargo Weigh diserbution Trailers Classification: Standard Purpose: To transport generator, 25KW, to supply power for mobile tite repair unit GENERAL DATA Body type: Cargo, woo tet with stake siden and canopy Weight 0b): Net-1300 Payload 2.500 Grom 3.800 TRAILER, 1-TON, 2-W, TIRE REPAIR, LOAD B, M-25 RA PD 347251 Manufacturer: Same as listed for Ordnance, I'ton Cargo. | Trailers, Classification: Standard. head plate, bags f in Trailer A. ot Cargo, oi of se, wth sabe side ont exon | and gasoline im S-gallon tanks | Welghe Cb): Net=—t3900 Paylond—1.030 Grea —2-380 standard. State of vehicte towered: Provhuul—w/Daly Purpose: To transport Tractor Crane 726. Weg aye — Pham Lending height i) TRAILER, 1-TON 2W, 2-HORSE, VAN Classification: Standard. Make of vehicle illustrated: Schalt. Purpose: To transport horses. Body types 212 RAPD 347248 Tire: Pott See—825 420 Macrae cont prewnre Cb Ground cearance Brakee! Server - Warner Bere “Toming vehiclegs0 be used ‘Ash ealler. 3.86; “25880 (he etre "700; AN Welant (0): Net—.300 Paya 2400 “hey vile with uote book of 15 ton. x2 of wrest Manufacturers: A.J. Miller (Auto Cruiser Traiter Co.) Ine: Superior Trailer Mig. Co. Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Baty ee van waht). Net 890 Payload 10000 Grom 18800 eight diatibution (>): pore) res: Py fet ‘Mari cok perme Oh) Grosnd clearance: “Towing vehicles to be used Shipping dimensions, Trask Gon, atsembled vehicle (oo 19 1.58: 6g 018 Fifth whet: Sie 39 Tye red pie ADDITIONAL DATA HED aed 20 egloped with ae beak: carer models wth ‘etre beaten Make of vehicle Mlustrated: A. J Miller. Purpose: Used by Antiaircraft Artillery to house ‘transport radio equipment oa aoe Parca Lie! SNL 6-461 Manufacturer: A. J. Miller (Auto Trailer Cruiser ‘Weight diatibution Oo) - Company), ine. Beny Trot e080 Classification: Standard when part of Radio Unit Leese ‘SCR. 527.4. Leming ih i Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to house and trans- = ‘port radio. Body 4 Eres i RAPD 346970 Manufacturers: Standard Auto Body; Adam Black and Sons, Tne Classification: Standard when part of radio wt ‘AN/MPN1. Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to house and trant- ‘ort radio equipment. ‘Towing rehicien to be wed: Track, sea GENERAL DATA smembled vehicle n= 9) 17195 og) 182 Doty srpe: : Spent ves | llth whee: hae 20 Type—ripd iat Weight 0) * (Grom 23.100 | Sapernden ter VMPC 214 | RAPD 347162 Manufacturers: Deere and Cou; Van Brunt Mfg. Co.; Electric Wheel Co.; Kentucky Mfg. Co.; Rex Trailer Co. (Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA tw) ‘Track, 2g ton, 64 6 ‘Shipping dimensions, asemblad ree: (out) 35,0) 138 ADDITIONAL DATA. he same bse wale, equipped wih special adapeer ti to Cranomct§ aie inde ‘Type T Infantry sappet raftequipment cr pew ee ‘Type 11 Traaie bey load, 10:00 pomton brides. ‘Type IM Tranquaton tomer Type 1V Usty pow bane Tym V berm bone TRAILER, 214-TON, 2W, UTILITY, POLE TYPE pom an a os ‘Technleal Mami: 8-900, 9072, S76, 59082. S18 Purpose: *Used by Corps of Engineers to transport {ng equipment. a — ‘To transport, store. and dispense drinking water. % Brakes" fosx | Towlng ubcen m be weed: Track, Sy. ton capecty ea: kN Pn: Gem dimensions amembied vehicte, (ou) 37, (gt O74 ‘Arominam tank —Ret 1380. Peplend-.500.— Grams—taso | SMPDIOR 0 se on aia ton, 86 Gagne) Wetahe 0b): Net —7.200.... Payload =2,000....Grom—95.200 | Shipping dimensions asmmanbed vehicle (eu) 1188s (oq) 30 216 TRAILER, 4W, POLE TYPE, FLAT BED, 7-TON, 3 CU YD TRUCK CRANE ATTACHMENTS Classification: Standard ( Purpose: Used by Corps of Mea yd shovel attachments Baty ee Welahe (-Nev-9:409 Payload —A00 Loading beight Section XX. Trucks AUGER, EARTH, SKID MOUNTED, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN ‘This item in not itself a vehicle, Manufacturers: Chassis: General Motors Truck & Coach Division (GMC); Auger and Equipment: Highway Trailer Co. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA a rom 16180 eee Payload 5.100 rom—4880; reat $.80 (on ech) ront—4020. rear—3.215 (on ech) Boog. ‘Tires: Py—B; Bae—7-50 + 19, Operting 10, Premare 08) 55 ‘Trend, comer to center Gi) 3 ‘Vehicle dimensions! ‘Orn earner letra! system No.of batteren Capacities Pot (7 octane geting) # Cong sree 9 Craieae 75 ‘Tree coe el Tramminien (mai) 8% Diterentie (ach) (QC) Frost=—3i Boge omt—3; cear—234 Winch Gand espe) gy 10.000 Ueaker: Mamafactare GMC Bend” ‘Typebrdewule-hydrorec ‘Disensone Ge) 2 ama ed “Tranamiuion: Spade “Gent rtio. High 798: sth ret Low 6061) “Teanaler came: Spade 2 (Gear caie Migh-— 1.16 Low 241) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabilly: (omc) ‘Turmina radon (1) Right 98; et Fording depth oe! comuimption Qoatet) feno % 218 but is mounted on a truck or « D-7 tractor. RA PD 347192 Make of vehicte illustrated: Truck: 235-100, 6x 6, cargo (emc). Purpose: Used by Compe of Bagiases for boring holet 9 to 20 in. in diameter Gruteing ange Doude oid 300 ‘Alowable sped: om 8 ENGINE Manufacturer: GMC. Mast 20 “Type: Vabweiorbend, Ceyee No.of einders ine) 6 Displacement. (eoind 3085 Bore a) Serate: 6 Maximum goveroed some. (pea Brake horsepower! mist (om) 3790 Torque: 216 (02 ot Gpmp 400 ADDITIONAL DATA Data ow Auger: ‘Engine; Male Continental: Model —PF-226; Dieglacesent 226 ‘su: Bore nod stroke 3h 44 im Brake Serpe 35 {oo rer: Masini governed spend—1.80 y= lacie wet Tivo magmtoy CapectyFod—16 gx guline: Cooling SHOP, MOTORIZED, AVIATION TYPE A AND B BATTALION, Manufacturer; Chania: Ford Motor Co, Ti$t0n, 42. Make of vehicle Mtustrated: Couse Load A Equipment: Coase ores Purpose: Used by Corps of Engincers, to provide mobile Classification: Limited standard. faciities for repair and maintenance s GENERAL DATA Weight 09) Grom 2) ‘Tires 7, Poy 10. Soe «20, Presse Ob) Front 00. “Trend ceeertoctaes Gn) Proto Shipping di red (eM RDNA: 1 1503 Ground clearance: ° von) : = 2 8 elise) Go Ge ype Arby 3 PERFORMANCE Matiqnuin computes aradabity oreo) 25 Turning radios agate? Forging depth in) Fs Ful consumption re) tonied "ts Grsing range Conde) ‘ed 17s ‘iowa speed om 4 ENGINE erin) 29 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co, Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Crew 2 Pastengers Gneaing cere): 3 ‘Welght (0b): Net 2.480 Pryiead td Oram 3.20 eat ane: Ger oo ans ‘Atle ond (19) Lode Proot 1.275; ear 05 Booey Front 1290; ear 1.06 ‘Tires, Py. Sir 6:00 216; Pome (0) Front 9: rowr 30 “Trend, center to center Gn) rom ‘Seipping dlmenelons: Uncreted (ex ) 2444 (a se Vehicle dimensions: “Gronad cares omy aK, Prac hgh onde) on Hlectreal stem: (om) Capacities owt (6 cane guctine) = as Coote srten @ ou (Grameen i) e's ‘Fretr come @ 0 cata @ Dimers fat) Front ter —11 Gat PERFORMANCE Masionumn computed gradatiity: eercens) 60 Turning radian (0) Regie IT se —175 ording depth om uel consumption (ates) ow 8 220 TRUCK, 14-TON, 4x 4, COMMAND RECONNAISSANCE ‘Techeical Manabe: 9883, 91804, ‘ina, 9.280, s10084, $8270, 084, D8 Parts Lie: SNL C-800 rig rane one iaesaaaie hel aba adie a ENGINE Manfactucee: Port ‘Type: Lined, Heyee Displacements Bore Seroke: Masimum governed spend Brake horepower i Tore 3 fat pm) 2000 ADDITIONAL DATA Mel GPW 2 Ma of eyiners Gn ine) TRUCK, 14-TON, 4x 4, COMMAND RECONNAISSANCE “Technical Mawuata: 9.485, 21804, vine, ‘banaes, S170 08, SI Party Lint: SNL 808 Manufacturer: Willys Overland Motors, Ine. Purpose: To carry perscnne! primarily for reconnaissance: Capella Bader to tranaport light cargo; to tow 37 mm, antitank canna Be 7 Ko Son. ee | ieee ce pene: ee aici: | Te we done “Trend, center to center (in) From Displacement: eres eee Poa cad oo oie | a =e ees jo Per ae ek | as asteee a PPR. ara eae, oa ae om ve cee a e: Type hydrate 2 1% PomengertGnchting eo Wht Oe 308 Pa 1080 Rear ate: Gear rao [Atle load (1b) Lewded Bovey “Tiree: Pty, Sire -7 50 515; Preaae (10) Prot —30;rat—30 “Tread, center to center Gn.) Prt 3734 [Shipping dimensions: Uncrate (ou) 6539. (oq ROTOR Yeblcle dimensions: Costing heh Comp) ss Ground dearasct ss ectrenl syetem No.of teteien PERFORMANCE. Maziznuen computed gracability: (meant) 28 ‘Turning eudive (0: Right 19 Geet Pordiva depth: a) 18 Poe! coowumption Conde) (ond 18 (Grateing range Condes) ca) 100 Mlewabte epee : om ENGINE, Manofacturer: Cheat Mode! BO-1001 up ‘Type: Valves tend Cerce Nao ytndrs Un tine) 8 Displacement: teomnes Ga), pm) 3.108 Drake horsepower! 13 ot Cpm)3.300 Torgee ves eb ot pm ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, 14-TON, 4x 2, LIGHT MAINTENANCE AND INSTALLATION, K50 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Weight (0): Net—3368 Peylend 1/600 Roar asl: Ger ati. ‘Ase hd (8) Lode 2 rent 98: rae owe Front 1990; texe—.475 Tare: Py Boe 650 216, Premare (iD) Prom 36; rear —36 “Trendy contr to cane Gn) Prot 5% [Shipping dimenetons ‘Uneatad (oan 9382; a 9882 ‘Vehicie dmanaions: ‘Lmding bot (oot) ay 2386 Cred deere Ga) Og cerca pater fond 6 We. of tater 1 Capacities: Fat (7 stan ence) ye Costne wen a 1535 Croke 3 Rasta) amen : a 1% Dieses! eo Brakes: Manalecure— Dest Typ hytraohe ‘Decensons Oa) 2 PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabitey: Aomcent) 378 Torming rdton > Righe19 He Perding dort ome Poet consumo'ton (dat) (od Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Divison Purpose: To transport light cargo. Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC) Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA crew: 4 2 Weight () Net—2.a85 Papin 1.600. Grom 4303 eae atle: Goat rt or Ale loud (8): Lowe Front —1.A89: tear 2.530 Eee rent —i,780- ewe 1.608 “Ties: Py; Sar? 50 «15; Promace OB) Front 23: rear—25 “Trend, comer to emer (i) Front 5785 Shipping dimenetone: Uncrate Vehicle dimensions: “Leding beset (ty) cn) 29 ‘Ground cerance Gn) as rectical sytem No of tte : Capacities: "Pot (0 octane exsine) > Con smn (Cratene (et) ‘Tremaine rakes: Mannlacturr—Cheveclet tyre “Texmamiaion: Sent "Gene rath: High direct; Low 29611) (eo 9 6163: 6g 10088 PERFORMANCE} Maxieven computed aradability (percent) 25 ‘Turning radi (0) Right 08, ltr Feeding depth: 18 Allowable speed: cand) RA PO 247119 Purpose: To transport light cargo, ENGINE Manwtacrurer: Chewraiet Made! BD 1001 ‘Types Valve bead, beycle No ofevinder in ine) Diaplacement (oui) 65 Bore ‘oa) 384 Stroke 34 Maximum governed sped (rem as00 Drake horsepower 813 x pe 3 Torque: Oe) ea i a pm) 130 ADDITIONAL DATA Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA neta fea 859; 4) 9% Venice dimeaalons: Ground darance Ga) (vat) ‘ oo 9 (2 174 5 ee 3% GOK “Type parle Ga) 18 iss (Gene rai: High ect; Low—3.111) PERFORMANCE Masimom computed gradabiiy: Goer mmt) 382 ‘Turning radian (2) co Right 2056 Fuel conuenption (ante!) “Good 18 (Crotsing range Ooeted) 5 a) 199 ‘llowable open: : Sok) 68 226 Purpose: To transport light cargo. i Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division Classification: Limited standard. GENERAL DATA Passengers (usctuding cree) ‘Weigh (8). Nerv Pays 1.300 Teend, contr to center (i) Shipping dimensions: ‘Uncrsted Venice dimensions: Gorm 980 ting bet (eopty) in)aa9¢ rowed eens (a) 8 iectical system: (oom) Capacities: rel (0-72 octane pane) en os Costing ten @ 0 io @ Trane Teanamission: Speeds (Gear ratio: High 10:1; Law 6403) “Traneter cet Spd : (Gene ratios High 1.00.2) PERFORMANCE Masionom computed gradability percent) 3 ‘Turning radian (1): gee 25hy: eR 28)5 Purpose: To transport fight Fording depth: (=) Grahsing range (ondes): on) ans Poel consumption ‘mse Gore) 13 Allowable spend: ose ENGINE Manutectucer: Doses rat Type: Lead, 4 oye ele eylioder (tee) Displacement: (espana Pore co) a Serote: fay Masimum goveraed speed am 3300 Reais boveeeoer 2 wt too) 3.800 Toraue fet (pn) 1308 ADDITIONAL DATA SNL 6-508 cargo and personnel ee TRUCK, 14-TON, 4x4, COMMAND RECONNAISSANCE Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Divison, Classification: Limited standard, GENERAL DATA oom: 2 Pemeenters (inciting cimm) 3 Weight (ib): Net 4975 Payload 1.300 Grom—6.275 Rear atle: Geae ratio ma ‘te fond (1) "Lame ont 3.075: ear—3.200 Emo Front 2.825; tear —2.080 ‘Soe—7 0510; Preanr (8) —Froet—10; reat —40 ‘Trendy caer to center (in) Frost, ‘Shipping dimensions *Docrated (cof) 692085: (og 988 ‘Vehicle demendions: ‘Greund dren (os Posie bgt (ade) Gad is hectic ystems cod No. of taterier : 1 Capacities ‘Poet (0-72 octane gncine) ee Coting ere fo 17 Conte @ 3 ‘anal cae 2 Tranwnimon 3 Diterenia cach) (@) 2 Week ond apes 5.000 Brakes: Manufectore Dodge Type—hvarele Dimensons (n) Front ear ‘Tranaminaion: Spend ‘ (Gear rai: High 1 00:1; Low 6.401) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed aredability: (percent) 62.9 ‘Torming radius (1) ‘eran Right—25}4, e285 228 ~ Purpose: To provide transportation for staff officers im the eld Manutecturets Dodge Types L head, Hele Displacement Bore: ‘Stroke Marimum governed speed Brake horeepower Torgve Lengths (wera) ‘Anale of Approach: 1901. a pm) 1200 ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division GENERAL DATA Prange Gadling sem)> 5 Payload 3090 rom Weigh Gi): Net—s.220 (sf 00515; (g 89 119.06 (Ground cewance f° lectrcal system: ae) "No.of tet 1 Capacities. ‘Poe (70 octane gaan) fen 25 Cook eye: (17 @ 3 ‘Frente coe @ Trararancn @ 3 Purpose: To provide mobile facilities for emergency ‘ordnance repair Croinng rage outed): oni) 300 ‘Alomal pecd (oo) ENGINE Manufacturer: Dodge Modes F218 ‘Type: Wheel. Sere No. ot evlinder Gn ine) 6 Displacemen’ (eusna302 Bore ny 3 Stroke ta) O86 Maximom governed speed om 3.1088 00 fh at top) 3200 ADDITIONAL DATA 229 Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division Classification: Limited standard, GENERAL DATA Geen 2 Welahe (by: Net—s.470 | Paplet—1.000. | Gem 5.470 Rest wile: Gear ris amt ‘Atle load (8): Lode Proot 2490; ar 300 Enrty Prent 2,95; eae — 2.75 ‘Tires Phy Sue 7.50 16; Prema (0) Front; rer —80 ‘Trend, comer to center (ny Front 59% Shipping dimensions: Uncrate (00 9 67758: (og) 968 Venice dimensions: “Udeing bie Comper) a youd clearance bay acerca sytem: (oom) 6 eof batteree. i le Tul (70 octane gauss) cop 3s Soting enter (7 Cranmer ws Tranter ee w 2 Trae, @ 3 Ditereti (ect) Ge) 26 Brakes: Manuctorr Dodge Type bydew ‘Doenaane Gen), dice 186 ‘Traneniatons Spee : (Gear rat: igh 1.00; Low 64051) “Teanefee cave: Speedie pea (Gest rt: Migh=1.00.2) PERFORMANCE Masimum computed gradatlity: Goecem) 5.6 Righe—a58j 255 a ‘io 125 ‘Aliowshie woes ino Parte List; SL 6-418 Purpose: To transport general cargo. ENGINE Mamstactore: Doter Tyee Cheat, 4 cyiader Gn He) Rove =) Strote Gap Matienum governed spe! ome brake horsepowee 04a (rm) 3 Toraue! 180 at pn) 50 to 1.208 ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, 112-TON, 4 x 2, COMBINATION STAKE AND PLATFORM Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). GENERAL DATA exw: 2 Weta (0) Net—.160 Payload 3.150. Gram a3t0 Rear atle: Gear rio a ‘Atle ond (15) Lode Pront—2.350; seer 5. 980 a Pront 2.360 ear—2900 ‘Twos: Piy—t_Sse8.50 +20; Pree QB) Front 65: reat—68 “Frend, comer to centr Gi) Prone 57 “Shipping dimencione: Unrated (ou ®) 568. (aq 191384 Venice dimensions x ‘Loan bee Compt) ny ‘Grew dearece. f° Blectrialaystem” (ed oof beret : (Capacities Poe! (0 octane gnctine) oy Covtng wate 6 Crane (ft) ws Transm ao 2% Dire ws Denker: Manvlacturne—Chevreet. “type—bytewic ienaons Go) Pree per— ‘Tranaminion: Sets ‘ (Gene ratio: Migh-—ect; Low—7.003) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabilty Geercent) 40 ‘Tarking radios P) ight 28 Fording depth Ga) 22 [Anele of approach oo = [Angie of Gopartare: (ee) Fost consumption Conde) ore) 3 244 Purpose; To transport general cargo, ‘Cruteing range (one) ‘AMlowsbie speed ENGINE, Manufacturer: Cheroet ‘Type: Valve bend, teyele Diaplacement: : Bore! ‘Stroke: Marimam governed seed Brake horsepower Teron: Model BO-1001—up (No.l eyinders Gin ine) 8 Gaim) 65 ADDITIONAL DATA thes | Ean. “Technical Manuala: 1 Parts Cee! SM G47 A PD 347017 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC) Purpose: To transport and dump atone, sand, gravel, ¢te., and to transport general cargo GENERAL DATA ENGINE sR nerd (4) 7723 sipn7d a wy 9 _ Daeg det) (a) 4 ADDITIONAL DATA PERFORMANCE Maximum computes aradahitty TRUCK, 134-TON, 4x 4, AIR COMPRESSOR Chevrolet Motor Division Equipment? Satives Ma: GENERAL DATA : rom —13,200 ara "Froot—4,38; rat “Thees: Ply: Se 7.50 # 20; Premre (ib) Froat—S5; rear 88 ‘Trend, center to center Gn. Pront_—62 Shipping dimensions: Uncrated.-...-» Gu A) M43; 9 836. {Ground clarance beatae 10 Masimam computed gradabitty Goer cent) 65 ‘Turning mdiue: Right 20 30 ording depth Gm) 8 Allowable epee: (qrvereet) cosh) 8 Masimum recommended towed load. (0) 4.900 246 Make of vehicle Mustrated: Sullivan compressor on ‘Marmon Herrington truck, ‘Purpose: ‘Used by Corp of Engineers to furnish compres ‘air for construction tools ENGINE Manufacturer: Chetlet “Type: Valve bead, pele Dieplacement: Moet 2V:1008 UP [No.of yoders (te) ADDITIONAL DATA Compremer'—Mabe, Buda, Model ET-250; + cyindern, Dagar et St os ns Da et eres 1 2395 ae 355 eS pen Masur govern peed, 5 ‘Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA 1 Panengers Gacuting ew) ¢ Pavia (cating diet) —2.000; Groee—2.35 [Ale fond 0) Lond Prent—405; rar 4.930 Eonty Front 3.180, rae — 3.48 “ieee: Ply: Sar 7.50 #20; emare (6) Front 55; eer “Trea, center teeter 2) 2 ‘Shlpping dimensions: Unrate (cu 1) 8888 ‘Venite mentions (ovr ctr (oud 6 ot (0 atane extn) 0 Ceaing rte 1% Crantcns () @ 5 Tramder se @ 2 Tresumieuon 1% Front—T; eer 7 ‘Tree nydretehydrovee irri (2) rakes Manutcraer- Cherie ‘Disses Cn) Franti tar 3 (Cent rin: Hh are: Low 7.063) “Teamaer coat: Space ‘ (Goat rte: High-res; Low 1940) sisasa. 917008,» ore Parcs Lint: SNL GAS, Vol. 4 ilers and lft bombs on and Purposé: To tow bomb & teailers. Se PERFORMANCE Ragne—a6 en —26 2 Fording depth: fn) Aiowabe speed on 0 ENGINE Manufacturer: Coesrit Mode! BY 10068 ‘Types Valve bend. yen Noval epladers nt) Displacement Gouieyass Bore to) 3% Maximum gavermediabeed (ahem sermon furay (7) 3.100 fake horsepower: a (=) 008 Tera ef. (8,000 Manufacturer: Chrysier Corporation, Dovige Division. Purpose: To transport general cargo afd personnel, Classification : Standard. GENERAL DATA crews 2 ‘Panemgers (inating cee) u Weight (0): New-7.280. Payload 1.000. Grom 10.230 Rear Aale: Gene eae eat "Kile lad (8) Lande rot 3.563: rear 6.88 ony Proot 3.27; teat —3973 ‘Ture: Py—t_Sae—7.00 220; Preare (b)—Front— 55; Fear —35 ‘Trend, comer to comer (en) tee Prot 8435 Shipping dimensions “Uncrate ou 1205.9 (0g 0) 13065 Vehicle dimensions ‘Loning ight (omy) Ga) 72 Grown cima e Gn) 9% Protea Leaded 31%: eee —33, ectreal epee: out o,f better 1 "Fae (72 octane gation) os (Coote sytem Goo 2035 Cranteane wean (a) 8 Traveler case 2% a 3 Deena (ent) 2 Bakes, Manafectare—Doder Type—brdrauhe ‘Dimensions a) 384 Tranemtanton Spente : (Ome ratio: High 1 00:1; Low 6.4031) ‘Transfer case: Sonne 2 (Gent eae: High 1.003: Low 1.873) 248 Parte Lists SNL G-431 RA PD 347082 PERFORMANCE Masionum computed aradability: ADDITIONAL DATA Data rent fr bile without winch. Fer vabiclen with winch ‘he own dat Weight (R): Net 8200 ‘Asie fond (8): Londo Peyiend 24000. Orem Pret 4.195 rear Emoty Prost 3.45; ree ‘Shipping dimensions (cu 0) 1.2988; (gD 8. Length over a Ge) ‘Winch capacities: Labwicant (4) 134 ea (lb) 19.000, [Angle of speroach Gee) 3754 TRUCK, 114-TON, 4x 4, 15-FT BODY Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC) Classification: Limited standard GENERAL DATA ~ Weigh Ob): Net—A.150. Payload 3.380. Gromt—11500| Rear aile: Gear ratio een ‘Ae load io) Lent Front 3418. seu —8085 nny Pret 3.120; ear 5.00 ‘Tues: yA, Soe —7.50 20; Prewace (e)—From—55.rear—45 “Tread, center to center (in) Fronts ‘Shipping dimensions ‘Umer (ou my 12m 869) 1707 Vehicle dimensions: {Ecating moeht (empty) ™ 2 Crowed care > 9% Prove bgt nuded) > Hrecerical teen > 6 Bo. of better ‘ Capacities: Poet oe Cha ter eo 17% ‘Cram (i) @ 3 Deteentia 8 Prost); ve Brakes: Mancaceres—Chevrsiet Type—Mycenahe nyarovae ‘Danes Gm) Prom treat 3 ‘Tranamision Specie ‘ (Generate: High Diet: Lew 7.0831) ‘Transfer case: Spee 2 (Gear tac: High Diet Low 1.941) PERFORMANCE Masimom compoted gradabilty, ‘Terming redioe (oreo) 8 Rigen sae Techalcal RAPD 347066 S788. + Purpose: To transport general cargo and personnel Fording depch ™ 2 Allowable sped: (governed) en) a ENGINE Manufacturer: Chevrolet Made BY 100 ‘Type Valveurbead 4eyce Na. of eyintar Gn tee) Dlaplacement (esin 2385 Bo ‘ia the Strate (ate Merimem governed peed: om) 308 Bake horsepower oon Tongue con ADDITIONAL. DATA Manufacturer: Chevrolet Mater Divison (GMC). Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Coe: ‘ il 2 Wolght 0b): Net—A218..— Payload 3980... Orem 11-385 Rear ae: On rate: ma ‘Ane loud 08); Lond Front 4938: rat 7390 9 cot 3.825; ear 4.90 “Tires: Py; Stee 150 # 20, Premare b)—Promt—38; rear —40 ‘Tread, enter to center Gn) Premt— 4015, Stripping dimensions Deceted. ea) 1.0002; Gam) 1379 Vehicle dimensions: Tang beth Covet) Ga) at (Ground crersnoe Ga) 934 Photic ap Candes) (a) 2 lactrcal system froma) 6 To. of beter : Capacitien: 3 "Pee (70 octane gating) 30 Go 118 @ os @ 2 a § @ 7 Ge). 18 02) 10.00 “Type treme my drovae Prot. rar "(ear ratio. High-—arct; Low 76) “Tranter case: Spent 2 (Ger ratio: Migh—sret: Low 198158) 250 ‘HINA, 7650 Perce Lies SNL G56 RAPD 347121 Purpose: To transport general cargo and personnel. PERFORMANCE Maximum competed gradsbiisy Comsat) 68 ‘Tarmng raion (8) Ragheb 2034 a) 2385 a) 3 a) a Maxtraum governet spond om) 3100 Brake honepore 83. rpm) 300 Teraue 194 9 at (opm) ADDITIONAL DATA =) Secreted. eu 8) 968.8; 0) 1537 ‘Teameminaon capaclty at) 286 ‘Angle of approach: ow TRUCK, 114-TON, 4x4, CARGO (W/WINCH) RAPD 347068 Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co. Purpose: To transport general cargo and personne! Classification: Standard, GENERAL DATA ENGINE ADDITIONAL DATA PERFORMANCE "TRUCK, 134-TON, 4x4, COMBINATION STAKE AND PLATFORM, C.O.E. GENERAL DATA Goer: 2 Weight Ob): Met—4570 Payot 3.380. Grom —t1.900 ane ae: Grr ea ear ‘Ale load (00) Loaded, Front 4775 ee Tees: Py—# Sir—7 50 2; Premare (b), Pront—s8; ree $5 “Tread, center to center (in): Front 6035 SSaipping dimensions: Uneated (ou ) L903 (aq A197 Veticle dimensions “Grown cearance Gm) 9% Prete ght Qonded) Ga) 2815 ectical system (omy No of bettie : Capecitin Pont (0 octane gaat) » Contig erate 6 Grantee (rl) ws Tranelar caw @ 2 Tronenianon tw 0% Daerensas (ect) 7 Beahes: Meoulacree—ChewoletType—hydewulehydrorae ‘Desens (i) vy Pret ar ‘Tranamielon. Seeese * (Gear ratios High —irect; Low—1.061) (Gene tase High-res Low—1.962) PERFORMANCE Masiovam computed grader Torning radian 1)” Concent) 68 ght 92 ft O) Forsing depth Allowable wpeed (qovernet) om Matioveon recommanded towed load: “0b .000 ENGINE, Manutacturer: Cheersiet ‘Type: Valve toh, beet Model BVA.1001 up Ne. ot epider Gi ne) Displacement (oni) 2055 bore a) 3% ‘Stroke: on) 3 Masimum governed seed om) 2880 Brake horseponer a Goma Torave 198 0.00 a opm) 1.000 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC), Classification: Substitute standard GENERAL DATA Wergbe 06): Nes—Soi0 | Past 2339 Grom_12380 Ailend Ob) Lente, Proet—4430; rear 7910 “Tree: Ry. See 780 + 0; Prsare (h) Front ss. rear— 3 “Shipping dimensions x ‘Deere (20 10002: (4 91308 Vehicle dimensions: Loading bee (pty) s oo {engin ort a) without sich m2 Grou raranee ca) 0% Ponte bee Goode) oo) ‘iectrieal system coin 8 ‘Capacities! "Poa G0 octane excie) » Coating eyes eo 17% ranteone Gett) 3 ‘omen te 5% ‘arena Cech) @ 7 ech = (1% Wine (ond expec) ‘s 19208 DBranee: ManvtecareCheveet Type—hydrwae ‘Donerson fn) Pronk 2. rar ‘reemsminion! Spnde : "Gene ra: High iret; Low 962) “Tranefer ase: See 2 (Gem rote Magh dirs: Low 19441) 148250 0-47 i RAPD 347120 Purpose: To traaaport and dump earth, sand, gravel, coal, te, and to carry general cargo. PERFORMANCE Maxionarn compute radabilty owen) om) 4900 ENGINE [Duta given is for which i lack Foe Sheng tesa a flows roe 11-7 weiner mee=eseb Pein 2280 Nie tad 0) Ee Prot 348 ror 8 net Front 3808. ona shipgng dimensions ‘Saree oom) 98 og 387, ‘rammlon capacity 3 Angie appa eS aR RAPD 347018 a ‘Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division. Purpose: To transport and dump carth, sand, gravely Chase 4 1 aia : coal, ee., and to carry general cargo. Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC), Make of vehicle illustrated: Chevrolet: equipment by ‘Buda Auger, Mode! HBG-40. GENERAL DATA Weigh cm) Goa 12.535 Kal lad (19) Lone Pronk — 180 ear 408 Fires: Py 8 Sie 189 5 20, Premore (h) Front $5: cear—35 “Trond, coor to center Gi) From 6 ‘Shipping dimensions Unerted Vehicle dimensions (Grad cesece Gap 9) Stecrieal system (ot) oof bates ' (oo 18075: Gq ty 1875 Capacities: ron (ei wo: Tromeramnon wis Desks Mandacree Core Tyee—brdensileee ‘Teanamianion: Soeede ’ (Gear eatin: High det Low —7.08:1) “Transfer case: Sees 2 (Geet rate: High —acet: Lm 1.9411) PERFORMANCE Mastmum computed sradatility (rereem) 65 ‘arming rads (0) Roem 214 i et—29 Fording depth Go) Allowable speed (governed fom) 8 $808 (C1. 17084, FEST ‘1284, 9 27H, 918298 Parcs List: SNL G30 Purpose: Used by Signal Corps: for drilling holes and pole setting. Signal Corps nomen- lature: Truck, 1!ton, # x 4, Earth Borer and Pole Setter, K-44, (See additional data.) ENGINE Manilactucer: Chevsiet Mote! BV.1001 Type: Valens, cycle No of pentane) Diaplacemnent es 8S Bove ‘a Stroke Gnd a Masimum governed speed (om Brake horsepower a (rn) 3000 “Tora 18 fb pe) 1200 ADDITIONAL DATA ‘ise Endine- Mate, Bode; Model HPII7. «ytd Sor nd Soke, Pgs <1: brake hormpowe, 40 91808 tem, mau fevered nped, 10 Fm Capacities: Foc, 10 eae quoting race (0) 5 framrwaion Tg serena gente Ager tase, 128 i. Sesm, sttasa, 827, TRA ‘Parvo Liat: SNE G06 Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). Purpose: To transport general cargo. Also desi 1K st as used by Signal Corps to house and tr Classification: Standard. radio equipment, including SCR-299. Fording depth: (a) ool conramptlon (ante) ome 8 (Grutstng range Contes) wm) 270 Allowable speed (govered: = omy Mariam recommended towed lod: et ENGINE Manutacture: Cherset Masel BV.30 wp “Type: Valve hed, tye No ot eytnders (ie) Dlpacemene “aint Stroke i) Masta: governed speed om) 3108 Brake horsepower Sat Gym) 5.000 Torave 14 fe at pm) 1.000 ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Trasemlanon: Soe 4 ‘ (Gow rai! Higher, Loe 7.062) TRUCK, 114-TON, 4x 4, STAKE AND PLATFORM, K-33, C.O.E. Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). sification: Limited standard GENERAL DATA Wetaht Ob): Net—A968 Papa 1.5, ear asia: Gow rato ‘Ate loud (5); Empey roe —4.90, rear 4595 ‘Tires Ply; Siar —7.50 x 20; Promure (8) —Proet 85. teat 85, ‘Trend, centr to center (i) Prom 4044 Ssnipping dimensions nated 108; (o0 28 Ground drarance t=) Hiecericalsyetem wats) No.of betters capacttlon "For (7 octane ence) jy Cooking eter (16 (Cramton (ret) @ $ Trane case wo? Tranaramon (mai) eo 2% Dire (ach) 3 eakes: Mamaiacorer—Chevrolet _Type—hydrauichydrovec ‘Dereaaons Gn) Prom —tsrear 3 Teanamiion Sods : “Gem ratio: High rect; Low—7 08:1) Teanaler cane: Spree 2 (Gear eti’ High Sect: Low 1 941) PERFORMANCE Masionum computed gradabiiy: percent) 65 ‘Forming radive (1 Regt sacle —32 vording depth i ia) 29 [Abowabeapeed: (governed ot) om) 8 Masimum recommended towed load (034000 Technlcal Manual: #-885, 917484, $108, 9-108, 918078, Part List: RAPD 347151 Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to transport com- ‘ponents of radio equipment. ENGINE Manutacrarer: Chevaiet Soni BVA 100 wp “Type: Valve bead, bce (Mo. of eytnders (in boe) 8 Diaplacement cui) 265 Bore: Gn) Stroke G0) 35 Mationuen governed speed omy .880 Brake horsepower Ba peso Torque 1s 0 9 Gm) 800 ADDITIONAL DATA ar ‘Techcal Manual: 9-605, 9.0 $1rsn, #104, #1078, Manufsctarer: Chevtlet Motor Divison (GMC). Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to te Gassitcation: Standard when part of radio wet SCR.I70, __PoDeate of radio equipment ADDITIONAL DATA. les wed eens of no wet CRATE Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC). Classification: K-42 limited standard, K-43 standard $0.30; Prema (6) root 85: rar (120g 18, Masten computed aradabiity Purposes Used by Signal Corps to provide mobile facilities {for telephone construction and maintenance equipment. Angle of departure Allowable sped (goreons) Matimam recommended towed toad ENGINE Manufacturer: Chevotet a ‘Type: Valwiorbead pele Mo. of pines in Se) Diapiacement Stroke Marimym governed spend Brake boreporer Torque 294 fb ot pn) 1.008 ADDITIONAL DATA “Tacha! Mama: 9-08, 9-174, ‘Faso, ents, soe, IT Sites, Sank ‘Techneal Orders H-A8-1 Parcs Lit; SL C808 Manufacturers: Truck: Chevrolet Motor Divison (GMC); Purpose: Used ty Army Air Forces to provide mobile ‘Equipment’ Herman Body Company. facies for werial gunnery training Classification: Standard Grew Wetghe 08):Net—0778 Rant asle: Gear ratio ‘Aue fond (Load F ‘Trees Phy—¥; Soe—7.90 499; Promare (8)—Pront—85. rar—38 | Manufacturer: Chere stalevinls® ‘Trend, center to cate Gin): Proet—10'4 | Diaplacement (era) Bs ‘Shipping dimensions: Uneated. (eu 1238600 98 | Bare: =) ‘Yehicle dimensions : Serote > 3 ‘oding ba (2909) Matimom governed enced cme)aoe Geman cere Drake horsepower” 301 Gem) 308 Poot tog oe) Torave 04 (rp 08 Teaneminaon Spo "Gon rata: Hager; Low 7.061) “Trancter came: Bree 2 (Gear ro: Magh- ire; Lew. 9481) _ PERFORMANCE Masi computed greabitity: tome) 05 Taming easton (9) Bighe—2044 e295 260 TRUCK, 114-TON, 6 x 6, PERSONNEL AND CARGO (W/WINCH) Manufacturer: Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Division. Purpose: To transport personnel and general cargo. Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE ten 2 Co Maximum computed aradansits ‘astan ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Mack Manufacturing Corporation. Purpose: To haul and dump earth, sand, gravel, coal, mera Conte) 189 orem: F i ve: aay Weight Oh) Ret aAla"Paytead—5000. Grow 480 Rear ase: (One ratio 25:3), , ‘Alle ond (8) Lote Front 410: e990 3 oper Preotassesstearceans | Maswtaccerer: Mace wore Py—t0; Soe 4 +2; Pramas (OY Prem sorrewee |The: Lie tape. Mao etna nt) ese roe 0) ‘poncas | Diplacement: — S ‘Suipping dirsemsions: ine a ! i Uncrate ¢ Serokes x i om) a \Veicte mwntions: RMR OUK | Nicximum governed sped oan eee) 2-2 00) dng | Beste berepower: aise ADDITIONAL DATA 262 TRUCK, 244-TON, 4 x 2, Manufacturer: Federal Motor Truck Co. GENERAL DATA cow: ee 2 Weight Ob): Net 7.975 Payload $000, Grone—13,975 Rent ale: Gea ato 7383 ‘Prot 3,90; rew— 8.148 oper Front 3425s rar 4550 ‘Ties: Py—10; Sar —825 x20, Prwere (8) —Front—60; rea 60 [Atle oad (Is) Lode “Trend, center to cca (): Front hh Shippin dimmeosions: ‘Uncrstes ow 8) 1.910; 69 191388 Vehicle dimensions ‘Ground ewe an Praie hog Conc) ) ectical stem: ae No.of tateren 1 Capacities! ‘For G2 octane emcine). oo Cong stem @ 2 Graeme (ri. ee 6 Traneriion @ 2 Ditton @ 16 Beaker: Sac utacture—Tusken Bendix: Type—hydrauic hrdrovse Dimensions (0) Pree 3s var 35 ‘Tranamission: Speeds : 4 “(ora reso: High dec; Low—6.06-0) PERFORMANCE, Maxionam computed gradabilty: Goerent) 30 “Turning radios 1): Right 25, e253 Fording depth: Ga) 4 Fuel consumption Qoaded) Gro) 886 (Ceuining range Cowie) om) 338 = est | issri. Parte Lats SNL G59 Purpose: To transport and dump earth, sand, gravel. ete, and to transport general cargo Allowable peed: mgt) 3 Maximum recommended towed load: (on highways) (P) 12.000 ENGINE Model RD. oof cylinders Gn hae) Manwtacrorer: Hercact Type: Lead serie Dipacement Bore: Stroke: Maximum governed speed: Brake horsepower Torases ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: International Harvester Company. GENERAL DATA roms 2 ‘Weight 08) Nee 750 root 3400; rae: wey Front 3,565: ‘ices: Ply—10; Sie 4.25 «29; Premure (8) Front 00; rea 60 ‘Traed, center to cane (n): ss ‘Supping dimenstons Unrated eu 19 986; (og 1023 Vehicle dimensions: “cern carer (Gn) 10K Proce beg ond) Gn) 2734 Eimtrial netem - (ons) Teo. better : Poe (7 cctane gastie) eo Coot ete Ce) 1336 Crone Go 8 ‘Trmerimon (wai) (a) 3h ery ; 35 Dente Manalacturer— Wagner “Typed vaca ‘Danese Gn) Proat—3; rar (Gene rai: High deet Law€535:1) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabity: pet cea) 3 ‘Teeming radon) Rigee—290 eas" Ferding depth: Gn) 30% ort commumption Gowda!) 2 ene) 985 ‘Craleing rams onda!) o) 30 ‘Aowstie spend ona ‘Techalcal Manuale: $202, #1822, $-U12SA, 818278, 918270, 910A, 104. Parte Liat: SNL C-S4t Purpose: To transport and dump cart, sand, gravel, ee, snd to transport general cargo ‘ ENGINE Manufacturer: I. - Made, 0.209 ‘Type: Vacated, beycte No.of eytnder in hon) Duaplacement: (eam) 3003 =a) (a) ep) 3.000 ‘went ep) 3.000 HGS feb a rpm) 1.000, ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, 212-TON, 4x2, TELEPHONE CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE aro sera Manufacturers: Federal Motor Truck Co., and Diamond Make of vehicle illustrated: Diamond T. Purpose: Used by Signal Corps to provide mobil facies Classification: Standard. for telephone maintenance and cont GENERAL DATA | ENGINE crew: 2 Maputacturer: Heroes Weigne 00): Met—10206.—Paylond—5000. Grom=isa0e | Type: Lied. trie ule: Gen rao vasa | Displacement Ale toed (9): Lede Front —3.70;rer—thaet | Bones 0 Maniqnum governed epee Prosi | Rrake fdimenclans:Uncrted (cut 1.390:(0q 1) 101 | Torgue Fa ae (opm) BOO Venice % "Ground searnace Om) 9X ADDITIONAL DATA Pie height Cone) fo tem (ool) 8 Mo. of bateesee : "Poe! 7072 atane gurotne) oo @ # ‘Crantene (rl) wo © Teareimn (ti) @ 7 Dies 16 Araken, Marafacuter— Tieton Bendix Type—hrdewaic ‘inentene Gon) 8s eer 396 “Tranemmeton Sense (Gear ratio: Mah iret; Low —8.60:1) PERFORMANCE Maximum competed gradabity cent) ‘Taming redtoe (1) ght 25,25 oeding depth a) od consumption (owed) om 8 CCroialing rome Conse) 2 ‘llowabie spond * ‘ations commend ted ieadiOntghonre (0) 0908 185A, IRDGA, PIED, 9-18DTC, ehtw Siian ‘SINHA, STEDDA, FEA Pert Lats SNL C-038 ‘Manufacturer: Studebaker Corporation. Make of vehicte illustrated: Studebaler. Classification: Substitute standard. Purpose: To transpurt general cargo. PERFORMANCE Maximum computed tradabsity om con) as Right 90 oe BS (=) 30 Geo) 4° 30° (ome) 58 Ge) 38 comm) 8 (aty 105 (a taste CINE Men) EATT: fon) - Manufacturer: Heute Masel SRD ype bend, tye ‘o,f cinders (i Ha) Ga) 2574 | Dgincement: (cola) 300 cam 1 ae ‘Gn) 2) 2H} Necmum grand op mans GapeOeel pelt ae.eneet 87 at Geman fred 8 | Fergee ‘ 220 eat Coed ta Manufacturers: Chassis—General Motors Truck and Classification: Limited standard GENERAL DATA (eo Lat Gn 187 (=> 10 fm 3 (om) 6 (Ceanesne ot) Go 7 ‘Teamler cs wo 3 Tramecn (aie 433 Diterenais oe) Ieakee: Manufacturer GMC Bean Dimenton in) Transeo Spent $ ‘Gear tio: High—7.9 1, thie; Low 6.962) Tranaer case: Spd 2 (Gest rae: Mit 16:1 Low 2684) PERFORMANCE, Sastmm computed aradabiy occcen) 68 ‘Torating rnaton Regie aeeet 38 ‘Poet consumption owe) eno 73 Crating tama Coates) Sen 30 ‘Mlowaste peed fon) 8 ‘Techie Manuai: 9341, 9-188, ‘inaah, 9-10284, 9-100. 918078, Stk, $1884, 91K ‘are Lats SNL C-s08 apo 347127 Purpose: Used by Chemical Warfare Service to ramaport “decontamination maternal ant spraving equipment, and {for fice fighting, water hauling, and shower bata. Manvfacrarer axe Type Diapiacement Bore Seroue: = Maimum governed speed: Brake horsepower” Tongue 119 100 at (rom) 1900 ADDITIONAL DATA peer Fret to) Broxe dimension (hoot) capacitien Direc) Fro ‘Teander se TRUCK, 2%2-TON, 6 x 6, BOMB SERVICE, M27 AND M27B1 Technical Mamaia: 9-764, $401, set, Sanaa Sina. $RONC ‘SMa, URDIC, 9A, HI Parts Lines SNL G08 RAPD 347081 ‘Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division Purpose: To lift and transport bombe from depots to (GMC). planes and sirfielis, GENERAL DATA Gon: Pemengers (acting ore) Wage OW) Nee Nasis Payload 8.58 Orm—is ‘Rawr ate: Gna ato * “Ties Py 8 Sow —1-50 +20; Prem (Ib)—Prnt— 38 ea ‘ead, comtr emit (en) Pro e886 Shipping dimensions: Uncrced (ou 2.3124 GPS Venice dimensions (oesing hoe. omit) ‘in atin “Grou erenee tm) 93% Prone bog Cede) Ricerca stem : oof baer t Capacities "Pen (7 scare gating), Cosine sree (Cronnean ‘Trentr case ADDITIONAL DATA ote given a fee apt typ ene Fax bays type change in date Teena oe os fallow Daten ‘read estar to center Go) Pie 0; eeae—4735 Boge (0) Pree B; mer ‘ete sme Cn) #8 nade to tate Gn) 8 ‘Winch Gnd expats) ; Brakes: Memeactare” OMC Bend Type—Aydretiohydroree ‘Denensions Gn) ‘Tranemiaion: Spt (Gear rae High 4.200, 4h dire Low .06,) ‘Traneler cone: Sees 2 (Gem rae High 1.161, Low 2.85.) tw) 3 Peet 086 PERFORMANCE z Masionem comys td ered Gontcemt) 88 s ‘Tarning redo >) mee 38 le 35 erding dope jo) é 268 TRUCK, 214-TON, 6x 6, CARGO, 15 FT BODY, C.O.E. Part Lint: SNL 6-508 Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Cosch Classification: Standard . Division (GMC) Purpose: To transport general cargo end personnel. GENERAL DATA Fruct consumption (odes) ‘Tranafor case Speed (Gout rate: Migh1 1631; Low 2 5:1) nee sy PERFORMANCE = Maximum computed gradabiity percent) 58 ‘Taraing radian 0) reap —35 Fording depen Gn) 30 1482804718 TRUCK, 214-TON, 6 x 6, CARGO, 17 FT BODY, C.O.E. Manufacturer: General Motors Rec Classification: Standard Division (GMC), GENERAL DATA Tormlng rains (MIE 6 crews ording depch: Weigh ( feei.90|Payind—$80" Gem azate | Pont consomptin finde eat axle: Geer rato “é01 | Gruleag range Qosded) ‘Atle load (): Landed Pront—S.0: rer t2tsr | Allownbe apeed:. iow. (Frent—4420,remr—7ait | Maximum recommended towed fond: ieee: Py—t Sae~7.$0 «20; Peau (ib) Front 88; rar, ‘On haghewys i “Tread, cots w eter Gn): reat —004 — Boke: ‘Masimum governed speed: Benke horsepower! ‘Torque: ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Data on for subst for veil with wt type aie For banjo ype data lowe ‘Tread dimensions: PERFORMANCE. ‘ ae) ce Maximum computed aradabiity: « Concent) 65 "| Beak Sinennon Ga) 270 Manufacturer: The Studebaker Corp. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Weight (0): Net 10,78 Prrtoad 10000. Grom Rear ate: Gea at eon Ate load tended Front 5225; ear—15. 538, omy Front 4595; rear 6.085 ‘Tires Py, Sze—1 50 20; Premure (6) rom —35; tea ‘Tread, covert centr Gr) Front Shipping dimensions: ‘Geeated (wo winch) oa 10089: (og peers Gay Es: 41) 1464 Vehicle dimenstane ‘Loeding eit Comper) (on) 50% meth Cover al) wtho wich Ga Orcond ear fa) Pro Nght nde) (a) 90) Capacities Tot G2 tare anal) Coming se Crankean “ander cae ‘romano (ma) Daterenini (en) Weck flo capac) Denker: MenuicterWageer BKC “Teanamiaion: Senda "Gout rae: High 0799.1; Low—4.96) ‘Teanater cane Speeds . 2 (Gews¢aes. High 11588; Low—2.6013) Purpose: To transport and dump earth, snd, gravel, piAaNA, PIR. RAPD 347091 Parte List: SNL G-438 ‘ete., and to carry general cargo, PERFORMANCE Mariam computed aradebtity ‘Turning rodtan room Ferding dopth Angle of approach (w/o winch) Fst consumption Vou): ‘Cratang rande Gondet) ENGINE Manetocrarer: Heroine Types Lined, ¢ eye Diaplaceanent No of evinder in saa so pm ADDITIONAL DATA —_—_— - GENERAL DATA Payiond 52380 Proto rr 0785 Oued toute Tesi to inne —09 ‘Shipping dimenatona: Uneroed (eu 0) 105: (ug f) 166 6 Vehicle dimensions (): ig ont) ‘Ground carance: 94 ‘te eh hectic yster cmd (Capacities ‘Pan (72 crane exctine) @ « Coonng ener wo (renee (ret) 7 Tree coe 3 in) fe 5% Bamana (90. Prost Boe Pn Ber ‘Wine (od capacty) 208 Deke Mes ONC Bri Tr Spenitene ‘Deans Ce ot BKi ree ‘Tranme de ee deen th kew—0081) “Teaneler case: Speeds 2 "Geer rate: High 1.161; Low=2681) 272 TRUCK, 214-TON, 6 x 6, CARGO DUMP, LWB (W/WINCH) “Techndcal Mansl: 9.401, Parca Line: SNL G-808 Purpose: To transport and dump earth, -and, gravel, coal, ete, and to carry general cargo PERFORMANCE Maxton computed grasabilty ‘Turning radiae (9) Fording depth (x): ‘Cruising range Qoades) Allowable speed Mantonuin recommended to ‘On hgh tena ENGINE, Mafactarr on Sfasimuen governed epeed Beake homepower Tog ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Above data gven foe vehicle with wt type ae, For weices with ope trpe se ata os fs ‘iste dimenion (in) Capactis (0) ‘Tramaler case Diterentain ree oo Front) Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division (GMC) GENERAL DATA Welgh (0): Net Prom 4.380; ear—11,328 Prom 3.701; rear 8398 150 +20; Promze Qb)—Front— 85 rar 55 Tread, center to cee (a) ron —a234 Sipping dimension ‘Veicle dimecaions: Loading beube (emits) in) 083 eet over a) Without winch 2565 Poe bet (onde) (a) 3 of teres : (Grentene (rt) Seamer ee — Daterenrai (at) Bowe (a) ch Gand cacy) Brabiee: Manufacturer -OMC Ben rate hyena ‘Tranamlaion: Spete $ (Geet roc: Mah 0.798 ove, Ath dee; Low —8.96:1) “Teuneter case: Speeds 2 “(oon fatis: Hg; Low 2632) Gout 9: om 10) 105 ny 10000 Classification: Standard. Purpose: To transport general cargo. PERFORMANCE Masimm computed eradabilty percent) at Tarning radio (4) Regi 35, 35 Fording depts fn) 8 Anal of approach (w/° winch): ae) 4 oo 5 (i) 300 om 6 (06) +000 ENGINE Manutacturee: GMC Mase! 70 Type: Valve bend, Fyee No.of ephndars ne) Diapiacerent (cum) 208 Bore ry Stroke: t=) Mantmum governed speed: comire Brake horsepower O15 at ped 2759 Tora 6 heat om ADDITIONAL DATA vehicle weights computed fo winch. Wiech weight 709 1 Tread denencnn compte with 9 has For bao te Me folowing tauren, Prom, 60 tm: roms 67 ims ovine cnet, Bei nie 19 fan, #9 for vehie wth ot type ae oe ha GENERAL DATA Goren i 2 Weight QM) Met—10.18.. Prylond S380, Grome—16,008 Rear ares Gea rato ess ‘Aste toed): Lowe Prent 4910; rear 11188 — Pron —4300; rear 645 “Thee: y= Sine =750 26; Premare (9) Poet = $5; rar 85 ‘Tena, conter 19 cote Gn) a Pram ‘Tred wath: R a 10% ‘Sipping dimensions; “Vecrtad (78M) AATH aA 1 Venicte dimensions (ove Loading beg C59). =) 10% Grond erance =) 30 ‘Presic het (onde) Ga) 3036 Ractical pote fecha) 8 No oftetterien 1 apace: "Pon (73 octane gai)... on © Coaleg rte 5 @ 2 Cmte we 6 de oe 3% Teen @) 05 itera 3% ‘Wiech Goad capacity) 0) 10.00 Drakee: Manaiacare—Wagrer BK. Type hye veewue Din a) 1 ‘Trancmimton: Speeds (Gear rato: High 790; Low—A.065) “Transtar case: Spots ee | (Geer High -11884; Low 0.) 214 $1080, 9-14, $1827B, BHDTC, Sp ttaah, F9A, IAA. Parse Let: SNL G4 PERFORMANCE, ENGINE Mose CD Type bed. tape ef cyomder tae) 6 Diaplaceen (Goin) 320 ed 4 Mertmcim governed apeed Som ents harepowers a ene Toraze ‘aa fe a pm 1208 ADDITIONAL DATA “Dutt gee ia fr webct winch or vice witout wench data ‘dees at at flow ‘Woght Gb) net 10325, owt 15488; Asi on, ondad—Pront “Sate th rear 11158 Empey 3.70 rer 6415 ‘Sipping dinendons: (eu R) 100, ew A) iar Logi oval Gm) 556 age of eperon 4 * Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division Classification: Standard. (eMC). GENERAL DATA Weta (0): Na Pov —5380 Rea ate: Gear rai: ‘Aalto 0): Lewd reat: ear 1.708 ‘Technical Manuata: $98 ‘Sinead, $-18B84, DNC, 62 SS IRDIC. © 1ADRA, #K2VA Parte List: SNL G-s98 Purpose: To transport general cargo PERFORMANCE Maxton computed gradabiliry: ‘Torming raion (1) Fording depth ‘Angie of sppronch: 30 degree ADDITIONAL DATA Veet weights computed 6 winch Winch web 70 ‘Teed dimenaonn compsted with apittype even For banjo "et fotoning denenwane in) SAN2TB, 97, FARA, FEA Parte Lists SL G60 ‘Manufacturer: General Motore Truck and Coach Purpose: Used by Chemical Warfare Service to transport Division (GMC) ‘chemical containers, handling tools, ‘hnscation: Standard ae tanweoreet GENERAL DATA sami et: ae ae cca sis. “Rea Sig mit ia emg ENGINE ate : Stroke (a) 4 Maximum governed speed Grom 280 Brake horsepower 915 wt (ep) 2.750 Toneve 216 6 a pe A ADDITIONAL ‘DATA Data in frm abit fr vehicle with wnt ype ane, For bane ‘Spe se date fw aes. Ones ecu i nase totale copa "Fraaer cae ? Drterentat (0) Brera) Fo Brake Gennaio Cn Manufacturers: Chassia—General Motors: True and ‘Coach Division (GMC). Bedy— Various. Classification: Standard when part of Radio Set SCS-3. GENERAL DATA crew: : ‘Walghe():tet—11575. Payload 1.000. Greun1.575° Rear atle: Ges: ratio aon ‘Ate toad (b) Lode Froet—4.518: rear 11,000 Eno roe 080; rene —7598 ‘Tees: P=. Shoe7 50 220; Premure (h)—Pront—86: ar —38 ‘Tread, center t center in) 3‘ Front #04 Shipping dimensions < “"Unerated (0 wine), at) 1,866: 170 \eicte dimensions: Lanes (ove a) without winch ms round ewan oe 1055 ‘ecetal ayer from 6 No of beter 1 Capacities: Pa! (2 ectane sits) eo Coating wate eo nica et 1% Taleo @ 3 Tri (e645 Dire () Promt—3 Rope Froot3;rer334 ‘Wine oa capaci) ‘0 10.000 Dees! Manuiacore—GMC Beis. Type--hytrethrdrvee Direc in) Front 4: eae “Tranamlalon: Spt ‘ (Gea rato: High 0.799 ores thet: Low 6.6) “Tranatr cave: Sprots + (Gow aio: High 1.162; Low—2.4) 290 PERFORMANCE Manufacturer: OME 16 a pm) LA ADDITIONAL DATA ste weights Acton weights vay with exsiomal Shipp dimen ith anc 3.768 co. gM ‘Dust form mba fr vehicle wh wht type ane. For ‘yp ase changes in dee ot flows Freed ton 60m pat 677; ns uti vo oul #8 om. Drase dineman Ge.) Came: Dita 0) Bose a 2 — aa Manufacturers: Chassis General Motors Truck and Coach Division (GMC). Body Various Make of Vehicle illustrated: York Hoover Corporation (Boy) GENERAL DATA Weigh (In) Weer 580 (oo 1498: G9 171 fn) Ga) 285%, Ga) 305 pach (md capecty) Pahoa: Manufacturer GME Bein ‘Drenenone fn) From 234s fea —3 ‘Tramaminton: Sete 5 “Ger tate: High 0.799 over, ahha Low—.06:1) ‘Transfer case: Speede : (Geet rai: High—1 16; Low—2404) A, #0054, 9-HRDGC, IKI, anc, nash, Parte Lint: SNL Gs RAPD 347080 Classification: Standard when part of Radio Set SCR. SSA. Purpose: Used by Antiaircraft Artillery to house and ‘transport radio equipment PERFORMANCE Matimam computed grata Comrceet) at ‘Torming raion 0) Right is ording depth oe male of departure ow oe oel canwaimption (des) (mre) 284 Groking range (oases) oo aT ‘Allowable speed cen) 8 Mariam recommended towed aad ENGINE Manufacturer: OMC Mode 279 ‘Type: Valve hed, Cycle No of creda Gn tes) 6 Displacement ine fem ope) a ADDITIONAL DATA stad wvights—Actal wtightn ary with qigenent cated “Shing sense wth winch (0 F278), ng) 10 Dues on frm soba fr voice wh sue type ales For han ‘yp ase angen tn data eine 9 rate Somenao Gi) " WATER PURIFICATION UNIT, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, TRUCK MOUNTED, 75 GPM (TRUCK, Manufacturers: General Motors Truck and Conch Division of GMC: Equipment by Wallace Tierman Company, Ine. 2 GENERAL DATA G0) Goons) on « ) oo a, oy Diterenints Froot Bowe ( Pront—3; rat 24 rakes: Manatacure:- Benin (MC) Type —hpdemae hydrovee ‘Diente Gn) Front 246 rear > ‘Teanamialon: Spends : (Gor rai: High 0.79: het: Low —8.06:1) ‘Teanafer case: Spree 2 (Gear rai High 1164, Low 218951) PERFORMANCE, Masionsen computed gradabiity Gon cont) 65 ‘Turming radius (0) Right 95. eh 35 Fording dept (a) 30 Past consumption Qesdad): ore 14 292 se ae ee eee ee 2'2-TON, 6 x 6) Classification : Limited standard. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to provide mobile facilities for water purification. ‘Cruteing range Gente!) (mi) 306 [Allowable speed: oe) Mazimum recommended towed loud 08)4200 ENGINE omc Model No.of epinder toe) ‘ ean) 105 Go) @) 4 913 0 pm) 2790 216 Rh we pe EA ADDITIONAL DATA ‘These vice equipped with open ea after Jy 1963. Banippe with Tortie water pureation uni, driven By an anoles, nce Sree, Wacnain Model AB engine ‘Avove aati for ebclen wth ptt type ene. Por Banjo eye ane de flows “Tren, tow, 60 fn. ear, 6 in. sua to eutede, M8 imide te tad, 4 in ‘Beaks Genin (=) Prot 2 Coytion "Feaaer cae Cae Diterentints () Promt 686 Boos Prom 6343 rear 534 Manufacturer: General Motors Truck and Coach Division (GMC). GENERAL DATA Weigne (Met 1.913 Peyead $350 Grom Ate load (15) Lande Prom 6.150 ree Emoty Prost 4260, ear (oma) 3.4 (oof 1.29 Gof 1588 (wo) 6 Go 7 @ « ve, Wigh-2. 298 over tih—dret; Low 06:1) “Tramaer cae: Speeds 2 WGewrentte Migh-1 161; Low—288:) PERFORMANCE Marimumm computed ara: Tanning rain) ‘Techaical Manuals: 9301, 9-181," ScimadA, 9-18384, BINDS, 9 SHQIC, $18DHA, 9.18204 ‘Parte List: SNL G-508 Classification: Standarc Purpose: To transpoct drinking water. Fording depth (i) ont consumption Coated) CGruaing range Contes) Aowaite oped "Ouheheers os) ENGINE Manufacturer: GMC ‘Type: Vale tnbed, #yee Marmum governed spect Benke horsepower ADDITIONAL DATA owe ath $058, 0080, #18078, 9. reread arte Lists SNL G-309 Diente ch and exp) rake: Manure Bend Weatnghoune ‘Tranamincon: See ‘Gear rte: High — 788 over Mh dict: Low 7081) “Teanaler eae: Sede 2 (Gear ratio: High eet: Low 1.721) 294 ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturer: Diamond T Motor Car Co Purpose: To transport general cargo and tow 1 Classification: Standard. ia GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE Ore 2 | Stasi computed aradat Weta (by, Ne 18058 arming rad eat ate: (Gea rato: 8.3831) Fordiea depth ‘Ate load (8) Landes Front Fuct consumption (aded) Een Front CCruting range onde): ‘Tree: Ply-10; Siae-920; Pemuse Cd}Front—68; rer—65 | Allowable sped “Trond center to enter (i) rome=735 | Maximum recommended Shipping dleaemstons: Uncen (eu 1.25235 (aq 91789 ‘Vehicle lenenslons (i) Lonting hgh py? se ENGINE ere seg || Manette ted iectrical aystemns (orm) 18 pe: tired of batterie (6 vo) 2 | Displacement Capacice: Bere: oct ( ctae gnc) Stroke: Coning ten Maximum gorernod speed Crantenne | eake hersepower: 12 a (pa) 2200 enreae | Tonge 26 at Gp 00 Manufacturer: Diamond T Motor Car Company Classification: Standard ‘Weight (by: Net—18.800 eat esle: Geer rove ‘Tread, comer to center () Payload 900 Shipping dimensions Uncrate (omy 198s oa e227 Venice dimensions: “Loading bight (>) (ny 5 Grown dewranee to) Pratl be Cmts) in) 3856 iectrcal terme tony Noo beers t Capacities Pon! (20 octane gactine) oy Coline nyse @ ‘Crankeas ww 6 Senate case ws ‘Trane oat) wn aterm Pront Perea ech Wanch (ned expect) ‘Be s.900 rakes: yea ‘Dimeione os “Teanaminaion: Specs $ “Gear rate, High 0788 over; thier; Low 7.01) may , PERFORMANCE, Maxtinum computed gradabtity: oor ent) 65 Forming raion Right 6 lelt—35 Fording depth ca) TRUCK, 4-TON, 6 x 6, CRANE, SWINGING BOOM, MI transport heavy chemical containers, oct consumption Gown) (med > Ceaising rane Gonded): ‘cd 120 ‘Alowate spend om ENGINE Moet RC Mamutactrer; Hersiee ‘Type: Lead, tye [No of epinders Gime) 6 Duplacement (orm) 520 bore ‘iad 45 ‘Strate: Gn) 3 Maximum governed speed com Iirake horsepower 16 a (oped Tora 22 8 at rpm) 90 ADDITIONAL DATA 23 “Teracope Boom Crane Toul at radia 90015 mt ot 1 enn 5:00 1 ora {Can at 2 sadn 3800 1 DISTRIBUTOR, WATER, TRUCK MOUNTED, 1,000 GA (TRUCK, 4-TON, 6 x 6) Manufacturers: Chass: Diamond T Motor Car Co. Equipment: Rosco Mfg. Co. ‘Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA om 2 ‘Weigh Ga): Ret—19285 | Paylin 7.18 Grom 28.800 Rear ate: Goes east ‘Ade toed (8) Leaded Front—t,00; rar (on ech wae) 9230 Empty Pront—7.5; rat (on ach eae)—5.900 ‘Tae: Ply—10; See 9.00 3, % ‘Teen, centr to centr Gn): rot 73K ‘Shipping dimeacions: Unretd (eu 1.96. (DATS ebiche dimensions Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to transport and ‘stan, inanA, HIREDA Parca Lite: ENG 7-DS1, ENG DSI, SNL G-ser RAPD sao) Manufacturer: Diamond T Motor Car Co. Purpose: Te hw Classification: Standars GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE Pym nas WITH “A” FRAME, CAB PROTECTOR AND ‘WINCH, REAR MOUNTED Manufacturer: Truck—Diamond T Motor Car Co: ‘Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for transporting Classification: Standard handling henry equipment. . GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE. Crow 2 | Masimam compured gradabiiy: oar Weight 06) Net—19.200... Prylond—Ai00. Grom a1zin | Turning radive (8) Rea eh ‘Rent atl: Gra ratio : Teast | Pacding depth a pdms Piet consamption Qowsed) ow ‘Lad (Gevttng range owt co 180 Pa ‘Mowable spsedten com), ner Macimum recommended towed lod ‘oo “Trend, comet ene (a) < ‘Shipping dimentons: Uneven: ENGINE ‘Venite dimensions: Manatactore: Heevee Made XC ‘Laing ag (eos) i Gaeta | Type: Lond, tere ot elinders Ga ie) round araer : Ge) an] Duapacements.» co Mein) Pine gh Gondes) 5a) | Bowe a) 4 Hecerical sytem ‘ered i | Seoue: oof barca (6 wt ac) 2 | Marioum governed sped: oom Callie Brake horsepower Se 0 rt (eb etare patie), fey oo | Toraoes Parreer ss (Coting tes te Crane Ge) wm ADDITIONAL DATA (Gear re: Hag acct: Lowa) Nie 298 TANK, ASPHALT, STEEL, TRUCK MOUNTED, W/HEATING FLUES, 800 GAL (TRUCK, 4-TON; 6 x 6) Chassis: Diamond T Motor Car Co; Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for heating and ‘eieed Brot Mg Ce. Mosel 101L ‘transporting bituminous materia andurd GENERAL DATA From aed ea 1.5627 Prete beige on) 38% f oom) 18 PERFORMANCE computed gracsbitey Coecem) 985 =) * Foot consuimptiom (ontea) (mon 3 REPRODUCTION EQUIPMENT, PRESS SECTION, 22” x 29’’, MOTORIZED (TRUCK, 4-TON, 6 x 6, W/VAN TYPE BODY) ‘Techaleal Manuale: $811, 9-181, 18m, $eDKC, m7 A, EA, ‘Sion, 9 RAPD 347195 ‘Pere Lists BNL G-800 Manufacturers: Chassis: Diamond T Motor Car Co; Purpose: Used by Corps of Engincers to transport Baty: McCabe Powers Autobody Co, and Peter Wen: ment for map reproduction tie Classification: Standard. | GENERAL DATA Fording depth: owe 2 | reception gota i woabeamy maoeo: tase | Gotsag ange Ody Rear! Gow vs ist | Altowabte peed Aste fond (Ib). Loadew Frost—T,000. reae—17/000 ae relations Sood fonds ‘cioyir ao -900 3, Promre Oo) Pret 5p 88 ‘Tro omer re) eae nn ENGINE “Shipping dimeneions Manntactorer: Herste Mae CC nore (oom) 22655 (a) 200 See Fiat cyintis a) Venitediowntions: i vom ae on) : “md i eae ‘Mesimom governed speed om) 2300 Tileehgg 2 ~ 8a ped 2300 = dea ab at en) ac! (8 octneguatine) oe eowbgert @ « ADDITIONAL DATA —. f| rue ame baie venice wi a. — ‘Camere artion 30° Treva ie rs wes ted op) sable 4 Fengte 318°). "Weight varies wit equipment witha Baits ‘eaker: Manafectrer Benin Wetnghoune eo shown is General Dat Denes Sat “Tranamtcion: Spemte : PERFORMANCE Maxtmum computed gradabiry: ‘Torming radio (2) 300 Manufacturer: Diamond T Motor Car Co. Purpose: To lift a Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Manufacturey: Mack Manufacturing Corp. GENERAL DATA taht Cb) ek—t0.0— Paylond—10.009.— Grome—20,500 Rear ale: (Gea aio 49.1) Pont 5,290; rear 18,280 1S ear SA8S (oo) 4700; 640) 180 Gm) 52"6 Gm) 8 (in) he iecrical system: (vo) 6 No.of teres : Capacities: i Foc! (e stan exci) ow % Cosine eer 3 Cann et) eo ‘Trmennon ae Dike wo Draken: Manciactrer Bendix Wersaghoue ‘Diners On) ‘Teanseasion; Speeds "Gear cti: High 1; Low 808.1) PERFORMANCE Mastmum computed gradabiier: es Torming radon 0 abt 359 e371" ording depth: Gn) 2555 oo! consumption Qaadn!): (oro 53 302° Purpose: To transport general cargo = Geuling range Qoade: om) m5 ‘Allowable speed 38 ENGINE Manuacturer: Mack Move E386 | Typ Lek oar oof eye tne) Dinplacement (coin) 35 me ADDITIONAL DATA Parte List: SNL 6-802 Manufacturer: internaticnal Harvester Company. Purpose: To haul and dump earth, sand, gravel. ef GENERAL’ DATA ENGINE ‘eta 06) Nec—12.815 | Payload 10.000. Grom 22815 Rear aula Gas aie ost Ail load (8) ses Front $48 ror 16970 Eno Pronk S395, e790 “Tires Ply—12, Soe 080 220; Pence QB) Front 19 “Trond ene cee Gn) Ponta Shipping dimensiones Uncstcd (Gu DUIS Go 1 Veet dimension ‘Ors searance np 1156 ADDITIONAL DATA Pe eg Oonded) Gn) 3034 fecerical gate con ev teas (at each) 2 Capectin Fort (7 scune actin) wo on Costa ste 7 Srontene (et) oy Traneminson (mat. rg Daten @ force) ab Right 29 er a) 3% Fel consumotion (onde: oro ‘Croinog raver (onde = ‘tomate speed Gorm) se Manufacturers; Chassis: The Autocar Co.; Body: Yorks Hoover Co. ‘Make of vehicle illustrated: Autocar with York-Hoover body, K-31. GENERAL DATA Grew. ‘ 2 ‘Welght 0b) et 19.200. Payload 420. Grane. 700 amet Front 1.50; reae—19.170 ‘Front—752, ea—1,960 00 30; remre ft) —Froet 80; exe —#0 “Teen enter to cates Geiss Front 71%, >: ler ations date Lanting bet (oot) 494 in het nae (vou) ecticl eyater (12 wot ware) "Ho: ttre @ rh. ne « 7 Brakes: Marsfnctrer—Bend Wetnghowe Tipe air ‘Tranemision Speeds Ee (Geer rao: High 78 over: tthe: Low—Sa) ‘Tranefer case: Speeds 2 (Goat ito: ight; Low 1.72.1) PERFORMANCE Maximom computed graabiity: fowcent) 3 ‘Torming ria (1). Riga 38 35 304 = i (Classification: Standars Purpose: To traneport general cargo. Similar ‘designated K-30, K-31, and K-C2, used by Army Forces to house and transport rasio equipment. ADDITIONAL DATA sCvbie fet: 130, 2.1595 K-31, 2220, tlhe overt (4): C30, Te I, ONG “TRUCK, 6-TON, 6x 6, CARGO (TREADWAY), (4DT) Manufacturers: Truck: Brockway Motor Co. Body: Heit “ Corp; Daybrook Hydraulie Corp. ‘rect bridge equipment Classification: Corps of Engineers standard, GENERAL DATA PERFORMANCE, 2 | Stasimom computed aradabiity om cent) roet—11.750; rear—13.378 Front 7.950: rar —9.208, “Tweens Py10, See 12 0320, Preaate G9) Front 00 rm 60 ‘tnt Co? =m one =f os a = toe Brake horsepower: 202 at (70) 1150, — Ta want ch ba Fo oc om oo pero oo ADDITIONAL DATA Ea = | compemtnen on GB | Rett an en am Seer i oO: Barca atc ns ‘m3 Tolar som bebe bance Rat Tnion racemes Trae Set ; ane L854) ‘amr ne Be =a (Gen rato: Magh-dirc, Lew 258) Manufacturer: The White Motor Company: Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Grom as ee Sed Weight (0). Met—21,58; Payhnd "12,350, see 30800 eat aul: Gear ratio yaaa ‘Ate fond (0) Lae rt 8788 ret 26,500 Prot 8340; reat 12.990 ‘Technical Mamaia: 9-615, 185, $154, 1G, IRDA, 9-1, 9-198, $18 Party Lt: SNL G-S16 RAPD 247294 Purpose: To tow heavy artillery and transport cargo and ‘perwoone. (eat pm) 900 ADDITIONAL DATA se/teter oat 8.380. Manufacturer: The Corbitt Co. Classification: Standard, GENERAL DATA Weight 0b): Net—22,070; Payload "12350 w/o taller load: Grow 34.420 ‘Rear ante: Grar rate pant (eal 1450, (on) 1908 Gn) tn) (ote) oon) (oy 0 Cong sytem 6 (Crankease (ef) we Taner com @ 3 ws Front —¥s reat —6 ‘n) 15000, Prot Aer 36 PERFORMANCE Mationum recommended towed lon Brake horsepower Tongue ENGINE Manufacturers: Chassis: White Motor Co.; Van body: Superior Coach Corp, and P. A. Thomas Car Works. Classification: Standard when part of radio set SCR-545-A GENERAL DATA 3 Weigh Gb): Net—21.200. Payload rom —7.379 Meat ate: (Gea ets: 78:1) Atle load (8) Lewd Front 8.220; eae ory Proet £09, rear wet: Ply—12 Sige —10 00322; Prenore GB)-—Pront 70 Fe Trond enter to comer (en) Frew Shipping dimensions. Uncraed aan cu 90 aa ‘Vehicle dimensions (in) Ground Ceatance 10% lecrial sytem (vom) No of bates (6 wat) 2 Capacities ‘Poi (70 acta gamete) = % Consng tert Gs Gentoo @ ree eee GO 36 ewes w 9 Front gti sear QE rakes: Manafoctret—enlin Wentinghoos Tena ‘Dimensions (in) Front 4) rar—35 ‘Teamamiaaton Seeede 4 ‘Gear ratio: High direct: Low —654:1) ‘Transfer cave: Speeds. 2 (Gem sats High direct: Law 551) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabiity: (orcent) 67 Tornlng radius (1) Right et Fording depth (=) onl consumption (mex) Cruising range Gade) 308 Lee 33 > 0 Make of vehicle illustrated: Superior Coaeh Body. Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces as a prime mover TSA, 6.18060, R274, 9 DKA, S-18294, $1824 Parts List: SM G-514 48966 ‘power vas Aitowable speed et) Matimum recommended towed loud ENGINE Manutacturer: Meus Made! HD “Type: Lead, yc Do. fevinges 6a ie Displacement Gouin) 055 Bore: Stroke: we) Masimum governed speed a 288 Iirake horsepower 202 (ope) 1138 Toraue: 2 ma pm) 900 ADDITIONAL DATA When “A Samet cate oa tuck fon! overall heh a toches, aed sipping cuba 2105 68 Manufacturers: Snow Plow: Klauer Mfg. Co.; Truck Onneosh Mig. Co. Classification : Standard GENERAL DATA fen us Rea (el) 20 Man GO ‘Moratectaree Benne Wenge Ae Tree Teron expanding to (Gen tao: High; Law —91.0:1) PERPORMANCE wm « eon) 30 ENGINE Masel XC Mo of cylinders toe) (eum) 539 in) Type: Velen eed, terete PLOW, SNOW, ROTARY, GASOLINE ENGINE DRIVEN, TRUCK MOUNTED (TRUCK, 7'2-TON, 4 x 4) RA PD 247313 Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers to cemove snow frm roads and runways 4 Brake borupeser 21 9 en Tora! 9s tho pn) 1008 Engine power wit Governed pbed: Irate horecpomet Manufacturer: Biederman Motors Corporation. ‘GENERAL DATA Weight Gh): Net—22,800. Payload © (ree —40000 eat ale: Gru ato aus Atle fond (8): npey ‘Tien: Po) Se 10.00 2; Prewnate Qb)—Prot—70: rer 70 “Trend, center to cee (in) Shipping dimensions Uncrate ‘Vehicle dimenstons ‘Ground Ceermce @) ou Pinte Regt Conde) fa) 36 lecertealsysters: (ots) oof baterlee LAT Wok 26 Capacities Prt (7 octane ating) (eo) Coot system @ 6 Crane (ei) Ge w 3 8 fos) 7 (Generate High 0401; Low—$3:4) “Tranefer case: Specs Z (Gear rote, Hogh— direct, Low 2.831) PERFORMANCE Foal coondpton ade) 310 RAPD 347328 Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to lift loads 20,000 Ibs. ruining range (oad) co) ‘Allowable speed cost) Masimoen recommended towed load 40 ENGINE Manufacturer: Hercules oat ‘Typer Lhd tele No.of inden Gane) Dinplacement Gui) a5 Bore: Go) Sha ‘Stroke: Ga Maslenum governed speed: roma Beaks horespower 202 at Goa Torave 4 fe at rpm ADDITIONAL DATA. Weigh of rman and dae 17200, ‘Parte Lists SSL G-832 RA PO 347115 Manufacturer: Mack Manufacturing Corp. (Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA | PERFORMANCE coe ‘ Maximum computed gradability: resem) Welahe G8) Net—29102 "Pays —15,390. Grows Turning radive (8) edt 96 en Rear ate: Gear ratio Fording depth Gn) . Nate fond Ob)" Lond rent 13.363; tear pd cree eaguic’ ode? Front 12634. tex—16400 | Crulning range Gentes) “Tires: Piy~ 4 Bae 12.00 « 14, Prmure Ge) Front ‘loa Masimum recommended towed load ‘Teead, comer to emer Gin) Shipping dimensions (eof) 2198; 9 0) 202 ENGINE ae Mantacturer: Mack Moe me “Type: Valve sn head, eye ‘No. of evades ine) Gn) a Diaplacerent ost) Sere Staximum governed speed: ep 0 Brake horsepower: @ os Toraue: sien Craneene (ot) Winch dad Drakes: Moras ‘Dimesone On) ‘Traneilons Seeds “ High 11: Low405a) ‘Transfer case: See's ‘Goon toe! gh Len 2.5021) 157-IN. WHEELBASE Manufacturer: Euclid Road Machinery Co, Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for earth IMustrated: Euclid Road Machinery ee GENERAL DATA ENGINE Payoad—s0.000 | senufctarer: Cumaine Type: tere oo Displacement 0) ete Ply 20; Sine 14.09 150 at (rpm) (a) Torave 500 6 at frp) 600-858 (jm) 108 Gn) ta ADDITIONAL DATA. Gn) 8 ‘Whee pacing Gin) Pioat—18: rar (oente of dons) —7 Tire wpcing (ual) Sa) Whecrical ays ott) To. of batteries Me) @ 8 wo @ om (Ora ft: Migh 45 1; low 7.16 1) PERFORMANCE Turning rai (4) 2 Rages Neha 312 TRUCK, WRECKING, HEAVY, M1 AND MIAI RA PO 347729 Manufacturers: Ward La France Truck Division and Purpose: To tow, anivage, and recover, disabled Kenworth Motor Track Co. wthicles and equipment. at well ae or nameroun Classification: MIA Standard; M1 limited standard operations where Davy hoist aad winch equipment Make of vehicle illustrated: Ward La France rected GENERAL DATA Fevding dept cay aa 2 | Factconsumetion Goad (om) Weihe (O) tee 27200 —Piptedtom — Gromsiavg | Gling rane Oowed) oo sa ee | oe ee a ENGINE ‘Shipping dimatons "i erated (eu) 17206: 6 i dimensions Manotaccurer: Con Displacement eating Regt Compt) fm) % (Ground ceanes © 0 ae (om) on Capacities Trameeaaes (enin) @ 2 Dien at) Prsar— decreas inch and expt) (0) Front 20.0; een #7500 eater: Mavuletrar Bend Wetnghoune Tree ADDITIONAL DATA Minas dowd cab MAL har wit tp. (Gear rato High = 1761; hdres Law 7.074) Tranefer case: Spas 2 (Gear aio: Mah ret Law 2 5:1) PERFORMANCE Masi computed eradabilty Geren) 54 ‘Tormeg rain) Rehete, eh 70 | Manufacturers: Truck: Chevrolet; Lighting Equipment ‘American Gas Accumulator Co. Classification: Limited standard GENERAL DATA Gow > Welghe (8): Net 7.00; Payload 3.000 Gated) Crear ou 143d; (ea) BO wen ied 916 Gn) 2955 vols) 6 to 35 (eo 3 @ 2 3% Diterenta (0) Fioet 7 sree 7 Draken: Manlaceurer—Chemoiet Type hyerautc yarovar Dientces Gn). Prost ear 3 ‘Teapacniaion: Spent ‘ (Goat ratio: High vet; Low 7.06.1) “Tranater case: Specs 2 (emt rt: High iret; Low 1 941:2) PERFORMANCE Masionuse computed aradabiiy Goer cot) 68 Taming radon (*): eg —2935 lett—2935 Fording depth (a) Allowable speed (govern!) “ooo 8 Mationuen recommended towed ton: 08) .000 314 347332 Purpose: Used by Army Air Focow to tranaport lightifig. ‘equipment for sicfelds ENGINE Manufacturer: Chee. ode! BY 1008p Biers Ga) 2 (rom) 3.100 ot oom 000 | 18668 Gp) 1800 ADDITIONAL DATA Techical Order: 19-18-28 RAPD wom Manufacturers: Tuck: Chev Liging Equipment: Purpove: Ued by Army Air Force o ‘ators American Gas Accumulator Com) lighting equipment Clautdenion J+ Limiad standard; AN2SOS standard # GENERAL DATA Weight (hi Net— 1.00: Payload 3.00 (aed) Grow 10.20 Rear ate: Gua atic ters Atle oad (1), La Vee Ma: di PERFORMANCE jain computed geal tree) 88 Fording depth ce Manufacturers: Truck: Chevrolet; Lighting Equipment ‘Davey Compressor Company. Classification: 5 Limited standard: AN2S24 standard. GENERAL DATA ‘Weight (1): Net—7 200; Paylad300 (malin) Grom-—10.200 eat sale Geer re 3 Adle tad Front 1.250 tear 6950, Tires Py 50 = 20; Premare Cb) “Front; eat 85 “Trend, conte o cease) Pronk 00h, Shipping dimensions: Uncrated (08) 1430: (ag) 130 ‘Vehicle mensions : ‘Ground ara omy 9% ote height Cane) Gad 295 aecrial syater| (ome Fee eo 3s Cocung ratem 7% Jrocmsion (ne Drees! (a) Drakes: Manlactrer—Chewrlet "Dnensone Gin) ‘Teanacnimion: beets : Mom race: Hage 800: Lew-1.03) “Trametes cant: Speede 2 "Gent rai: High det; Low 19618) PERFORMANCE Marimum computed aradsbilty oercent) 5 arming radon (0) Right): bt — 25 Fording depth 9 Allowable apeed (govern!) om (02) 4.09 “Techical Mamaia: 308, inesn, Sasa, toea, 108, ‘Sinan, $0298 “Technical Orde: No. 19-16-7 ‘Parcs Lint: SNL G86 RAPD 347334 Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to transport i ‘equipment for airfields. | ENGINE | Mamwtaceuree: Coemaet Type: aires bed, eve Dhaplaceanent ore Seroke: Matimum governed speed 104 fe oe pm ADDITIONAL DATA Chast equiped with spit proper shalt PTO for generator Type} 8 wenrndemenstnd AN2SI4 0017 December 163 Intemational Harvester Co. potation, Jobn Bean Mig. C: GENERAL DATA Parton 4 00 Mich eet: Low 8.401) PERFORMANCE 1m computed aradabshty ‘Cruising ree Cine) om) ENGINE A Rarer C0. Madd GRD 235 No seylindey evi 05 Co) Ys Type: ten tye Draplacement: ack Mfg. Co.. Seagrave Corp. Make of seh: ester Ci Corporation ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, CRASH, CLASS 135, 4x 2, HIGH PRESSURE FOG FOAM Manufacturers: Chamsis—Ford Motor Co. Equipment Wes Darcy Gor Cental Fire Track’ Ca General Detroit Corp : American La France & Foamite Corp. Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Pred 4.180 Feont—3,590, rear 8.960 Ons (vom (eo) 104 wo (oer ene) 43.23 (a) 23 Fuel consumption (ade) om 45 Grolsing range Goadet: oa Allowable speed oo) 45 ‘Number of speeds fore 318 “Techical Mana: 9.806, 918068, ‘inact, 918008 Parte Line: SNL G80 RAPD 347167 Make of vehicle lurtrated: Chamie ard Moto in Equipment—An La France Foam Corp Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces ‘resulting from alxplane crashes ENGINE Displacement Hore: Tongue ine that teen) 2.080 ADDITIONAL DATA = Niatcan art Po TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, CRASH, CLASS 135, 4x4, HIGH PRESSURE FOG FOAM Manufacturers: Chassis—Cheyrolet Motor Division (GMC). Equipment Oren Fire Apparatus Co. American La France & Foamite Corp.; Minnesota Fire Equipment Co.: WS, Darley Corp. Classification: Standard, ‘cae 14.90 Atl load 1) Tien: 6 Piy¥, Sie—7 50. 2, Premure (Ib) Front S8:Fear—58 Treedcccaet Wirener ret Gn) 00 ‘Shining dimetsanes Uncrted Gout) 110227. 9 9 1844 Sieranee a> 10 (an) 6 0 0 @ 5 @ 2 2% “rama case: Specs 2 (Gear rate Hah Sect: Law 1.941) PERFORMANCE Marina computed gradabiey ox cens) 5 Terai regia (8) Right 3915 fett—29)2 Fording depth (a) ‘ct commumprion Castel) oro 's te Comte) ‘oe rot oon Pomp: ate iy Ce ms Mounting Pires Make of vehicle ilustrated: Chassis Chevrolet, 1-tor. Equipment Oren Fire Apparatus Co Purpose: Used by Army Aur Forces for combeting fires ‘ewulting from wirplane crashes. ENGINE Apia ie) (ouim 85 a 3s Gad 3 (com) 3.908 ADDITIONAL DATA TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, CLASS 150, 6x 6, LOW PRESSURE CARBON DIOXIDE Manufacturers: Chassit— Brockway, 6:ton, 6 x 6. Equipment Mack Mfg. Corp.; American La France & Foamste Corp GENERAL DATA Wetaht ()-Ne— 3.300 Payload 10.500 Grow 1.700 eat aun: Gest rates ant Aide tad (0) bende Pront-9.390 43239 ‘Teco Ply14 Sre—12.00 20, Prete 0D) Prot tea Trend, centre to cee Gn Peon 2386 oo 9922007: eq FO 1565 2 cin) 1 fe) 1 oo © @ Canter) Go Trontr ease we os Trees foi @ 0 tata (a) Pret AO, Weaker Marulncrer-Benta Wennghouae Tyee Denement th Yet rer Trameminncom. Spee : > High et: Low 4541) Trance cae: Spend 2 (Gow tee, Maghediret. Low 2553) PERFORMANCE. Masia compute gradabity arming radios) Rast, ea Pordina depth nd Pet coovemption Cad Gero 2 ge) ‘Technical Manoa: 9.803, 1815, SSA sec, 917A 90K, ‘SI, snes Parte Lets SSL G-867 Make of vehicle itlus rated: Brockway, with Mack Mtg. ‘Corp. equipment. Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces for e renting from meplane crashes ruting rante Condos) ‘ ‘Ailowahie sone cee Manufuctare Heder Displacement em hove ay Sere: 0) Saimum governed sper! Set norepewer Torgue: ADDITIONAL DATA Pumping Unt Vingine: Mauactater Mot Morel inde co Baslacenent ce Manufacturers: Chasis—Chevrolet Make of vehicte illustrated: Chamsia—Ch (Goi) Eauirseat-“W. &. Dae: ‘Cente Pie Hock MEguipment" "WS Derey Corp Cos neseteee Se Co aie: Used by Corpo of Raghoers Yor Ga ClassiScation: Noastandsrd Torush and wooed areas GENERAL DATA Grew: « ‘Welght Ob): Net—6.900 Payload 4.120. Grane 11,080 ear nate: Oca ratio sara ‘Atle Wad (2) Front 3.940; reat 7340 “Traneminsion: Spee “(Gea atic: High iret; Low 7.061) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabiity: Turning radios (1): Fording depth i Fort consumption Camel) (Crotning range Ooms) x Allowable sped: rs 322 ay Manufacturers: Chassis—Chevrolet_ Motor Division (GMC), Equipment Central Fire Truck Co, Classification: Nonstandard GENERAL DATA Gro Wola cm). Na 45 Peston 4517 Font asle: Gea ratio ear Ale oad 08) Front. rear 15020, Pema G6) Front 55 rat 88 tn) 00 (exh) 1400 5.00009 1832 1 oom Dameremas Dion en) Tramminsion: Seale “ igh ect; Low 7 9651) PERFORMANCE ‘evn commis raat ording depth Fou! consumaption Qaade): (Crating range Gondes} sm, 9-188, ‘Poets Lies Make of vehicle illustrated: Chevrolet, 11 pton Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for combating. in brush and woeded areas Allowable spend: ENGINE ‘Stroke: Stasimuim governed speed ADDITIONAL DATA tlfe Pomp: Mate -W. 5 Date Type e ioe FIRE, POWERED, PUMPER, CLASS 325 4x2,300 GPM Manufacturers: Chassis: Chrysler Corp, Dedge Division; Make of vehicle itlustraged: Chassis: Dodge, 1 ton, ‘Equipment: W. 8. Daley Corp, Approved Fie Equip 4 x 2: Equipment: W. S. Darley Corp. ment jer Fire Maxim Me % Rain Stas Frock‘ Cos"heetcan Five Appuratan Go. TUNBOGE: Used by Core of Rogier to combat (Classification: Limited wtandard. oo GENERAL DATA Shipping lemcnsions acrotcd (cu M) 19064; (gM) 1608 Vehicle dimeos Gn) 6 or) Capacities: oat G2 ectane on Coating syste 3 ‘Geneon et) wo? ‘Treen (rine) @ 3 Daterertt 54 Dates: Manainturer— Dodge Tyee bye Tranembation Spon (Cierra: Migh- sive; Low ~6.401) PERFORMANCE. Maximum computed gradabitity (recent) 05 Right 44 lett i 2 (nm) 9 Grulsing range (ded): (md 100 Allowable speed om ENGINE Manufacturer: Dates Modes F118 Type: feyele Noel epiaders (ein) 6 324 TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, PUMPER, CLASS 325, 4x4, 300 GPM J Chevrniet Motor Division Manufacturers 5 SW. S. Darley, Maxim Motors iC). Ea Sener Det Classification: Limite standard Purpose: Uae by sand for ENGINE GENERAL DATA SDDITIONAL DAT PERFORMANCE Hectrical stem (elt) Noo etter Capacities: Poel oy 8 Coning syte @) 2 Crantewe (ret) es “ronan (nen) (a 24 Diteential (rem) wo 7 (eakes: Momulactuter—Ford Type—bydrastic ‘Dovenaion Ge) Front ire 3 “Tranamislon: Spe + (Gee ratio: Migh=diect; Low 641) . PERFORMANCE Manimum computed gradabatty: (oer ceney ans ‘Tarming radive() Roghn—295; teh 295 Fording depeh Gn) 28 Fut consumption (anded): om 2 Ceuining extge awit a ms Atiowable weed coo) 48 326 ES ‘Tochaleat Mannie: #6, 9-1 ime, $1K8 Parte Lin SNL G.800 Classification: Nonstandard. Make of vehicle itlustrated: Chassin— Ford Motor Co... Ufgton Eeuipment~ Arian La Prance and Poamite Fie Used by Corps of Engineers for combating ‘ural fires at posts, camps, and elations ENGINE Mamotacrorer: Ford ‘Type: V. ye Displacement” Bore! Brake hersepomer: ° Toreue! 196 fat pe) 208 ADDITIONAL DATA Type cemetueal Gear ratio: 1543) Capecites 00 gpm a 120 ame at TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, PUMPER, CLASS 525, 4x2, 500 GPM Vint: SNL G68 Manufacturer: Chania: Chaser Corp, Ded Diviion: Make of vehicle ilustraed Chemie Dodge 135-Ton, Eisen Bove ce, Appar Co 0oren Fafa: Eaupent—Ha Mtr Track Co . parse Ce. Flan ae SDarley Corp. Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for combating Classification: Nonstandard. ‘structural fires at pont, carnps and stations % GENERAL DATA 2 Dtapacement fein 08 cre 6 | Borer wm) Wane OR) Net—7.00 Papin —a.70.Orom—tagro | rok: oy Rear asl: Gwe aio 1 | rake horsepomer: 1 rom . ie loud G8) Lode Front) ree ‘Torawe rc , Sry 8, Sr 7.0» 20, Premre 5) Front 0 ear —60 I ene ere (0) Front 39 ADDITIONAL DATA Shipping dimensions: Uncmed (ou) 1.0069: (00) 133 |p Ground Ceerance ay 784 Moke Aeerian Mari Mosel —Barian F3, Hectrca ystem coup “Type Cenaga, Gear Tato et: Mian Te. ttre - 1 Cpaciin 500 GPA wt 130 pt caption re se GPa ot 20 po Fon G0 ota prcine) wo 165 Gat 38 p. Cane spe ee) 195 | ae: Thin nt an asi on Chewoes ec Fort chat Creenese oe) os = glenn Femenion (rai) @ 3 Dito @ 3 Type Prereae PERFORMANCE Masimom computed aradabity or cen) 68 ‘Tarmiog radi Raden eae Foraing depth () 2 oct consumption Conde). core "9 CCroining rane Coated) o> 160 ‘llowable speed on) ENGINE : Manufacturer: Doser moss 318 Type: Saye Na. ofeytaders Ga int) 6 TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, PUMPER, __ CLASS 525, 4x 4, 500 GPM ‘Techoleal Manuals: 9.96, 9.17 S778, 91N08A, 91278, 9 Manufacturers: Chagsit Chevrolet Motor Division Classification: Nonstandard (GMC). Equipment Oren Fire Apparatus Co. Make of vehicle illustrated : Chevrolet, 1ig-ton, ‘Crotaing tame Gondes) GENERAL DATA ‘Miowable speeds c Weight () Net=9570 Payload S308. Gre ear atl: Gree ENGINE 8, Sge—7 $0.20, Premare QO)Pront 55 rar 38 apis oa Gomroas.oqnvi? Fe foveer imam genet ape: cmanes ey tout eta ge en) ss nib oom No.of batteries Soe concen ‘ 7a 68 ee hn ee ADDITIONAL DATA jes Fe Pomp ate W 8 Day High iret: ow 1.9601) PERFORMANCE, sen % uct comsoanpton Quaded) woo 9 328 TRUCK, FIRE, POWERED, PUMPER, CLASS 530, 6 x 6, 500 GPM, OVERSEAS TYPE Manufacturers: General Motors Truck snd Coach ‘Division (GMC). Equipment: Genera Detroit Co, Classification: Standard, GENERAL DATA beww . welt cn) 20,000 ‘Rawr Aide: Geer cate ont ‘Fires 6, Ply Se—7 80 #20 ‘Prem C8) Prost rear ‘Tread ceter to center in.) Prom a, ‘Venice dimenslons ‘round clearance omy 18 iecerica system — ‘No.of bateren t oo « (Cootieg stem @ Cranks (ret) 7 Sraeter eae w 3 GOs Prot sree GME. Bendix ‘Type —hydeautc Mydrovae Dineions Gn.) Prone 3. ‘Tewnaeattalon: Speeds $ “(Onat rato: High -® 799 over: sth—irec; low606:1) “Trwaatee Case Speeos a Gees ratio, High 1.26: Tow —240°1) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed tradabity ona ‘Taraing radian might 35: 38 ording depth “ % Purposes Used by Corps of Engineers im co Tires, involving ofinary combustible materials tts cosine atid oil, sn overseas aren: | Feel conmumoron Onates) ADDITIONAL DATA Manufacturers: Chania: Madi Mig. Corp, 216 ton nme Seaguve Corp Marth, St Bus Foc Aggiance Gor Peter Pinch Co American La Fronce Pouce Gop. Classification: Nonstandard. GENERAL DATA crew: ‘ ‘Weahe Ob): Ne 12.000 Paplond—4.330 Raat tle: Gear rio ‘Ate fond (1) ded No.of bttroe 2 Poa ® Coating sytem (Ceaser (re) Trenance (main) Dienst Beakee: Mamefature— Mc ‘Teaneeniaion: pect . (Generate High Sect; Low 4.051) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabiity: “Turning radios) (eer cem) 45 Righe—304 e321 Fording depth: Gn) 30 Pel consumption Qoutnd) om (Crutsing rane Goan) = 100 Mamstacturee: Mack Type: sey Duplacement: 330 Make of vehicle Illustrated: Mack Mfg. Corp: Purpose: Used by Corps of Engineers for comt RAPD 347335 structural fre in post, camps and stations. ore Brake horsepower: 155 at (pea Torque: 400 8 at Ge ADDITIONAL DATA ‘Thos weil wes 4 2 chan a Sn eine ire pmo, TRUCK, LIFT, M22 k or dump to plane. and raise them to bays. Classification: Standard, TRUCK, BOMB LIFT, MI RA PD 347369 Manufacturer: Weaver Mf. Co Purpose: Used by Army Air Forces to traneport bombs from truck or dump to plane Classification : Standard Tiees: Ply. ise 18% 559 Plate height ( Hydrate cpm 14 te asin oat peweare (8) icles to be ned: Manpower, a tick » ADDITIONAL DATA Weight: Poyiead Loading beighr Opening Moree cot pret OM Prone 385 Ground clearence ‘Towing tehiclee to be used Section XXI. TRUCK, 114-TON, 4x2, TRACTOR Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motor Division (GMC), Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA ee ee gana Ga) 95 (om) 6 eo me 3% wos Truck Tractors RAPD 347014 Purpose: To tow semitrailers. PERFORMANCE Masionsen computes eradabity ‘Forming raion) Fordieg depth: ‘Fool coossmption: Wihmasimemslowsbie tention (ape) | Bore Swroke Manimum governed speed fheake horsepower Torque Manufacturer! Cheyer C Classification. Stansan GENERAL DATA poration, Dodac Divisio Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co. Classification: Standard, GENERAL DATA Prylead 9300 Grom 10,120, ron Ale load (8) Load Prot 2.980; ret 7170 Emory Front 2,700; reat 3,080 Tires: Phy; Sse? 50 «205 Preave (1) Pront—555 reat “Trend, cons to center (in). Proat 5704 (oo ty 8584: 6099 fm) "| (oot) Capaciien ‘For (od scape paste) wo » Cost ste 16 CCruskeae (8) @ os Tracom : as Dire 24 Brakes: Manulacturer-Ford Type nydentic ‘Demennon Gnd Poothnd) rear 334 “Tremeonisalon Sees : (Gear cai High-t'l Low 6.4) PERFORMANCE Masionum computed aradabiity: Turning rads (0) (ox con) 262 Right 29, 129 Fording depeh Ga) 25 oss) 5 Matlmuon recommended towed load ‘On haghenys ex 12.000 334 ‘Techical Manual: 9-886, ‘isee8, 91094 Parte List: SNL 500 Purpose: To tow semitrailers. Mamutacturer: For, “Type: Lead. Heyee : 00. ot Go 190 at (ep) ADDITIONAL DATA " 30g airy for tank ried, on LH ie of cha Manufacturer: Chevrolet Motcr Division (GMC). Purpose: To tow semitrailess Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Forging seoth Allowable speed (governs) Prytend—4850 Grom10.900 Stantmvm recommended towed to ‘ Front 1510; ree ENGINE £20; Prence (0) Pront—35;4amre38 Mate BY Trend, center 20 cote Gin Fremaoor, | Shipringa dimensions: Uncraed cu pam; Geet | to hice dimensions Cover i ‘ Prete height —cmoty Ga) 30 Pith whee enter to ete of eer ave Gin), Gat) wa Franembanien Spent (Geer tate High inet: Low =2.061) Transfer ease Sp 2 (Gea ats High iret; Low 1.9411) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed grada “Th 12.000 rom weight semitrler opones the #808 Manufacturer: Studebaker Corporation GENERAL DATA Wenge: Gh Net 140 Paylond—9.520, Grom=17.680 Rear ane: (Gear rate 85:1) [Atle lad (6); Lone Prom = 4 ANS. re 13.43 Ey, Pronk 4880, rar—4 Soy Trees Py— 8" Ser-750+ 20, Pemare (0) Pront— 55, eat $8 “Tread, egaer to eroter (on) Front 88} Shipping dimensions Gneret coo) ons: Gog NBA Vehicle dimensions: ith whecl concer to center of trie ‘ Bectrial ‘ No. ot ba t Capacities: Poe (2 wy een @ * (@ 3) Teanamienon (wa) 45 Diteensins enc) 5 Brakes: Mansioctarer~ Wagner BK Type —hydemewacuaes ‘Dimensions Ge) 3% “Teanaminaon: Spends $ (Gear ratio: High 0 7991, are 806.1) 2 PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabilty: (oecent) 32 ‘Turning radon Reade —30 ent 32 1" 336 Purpose: To tow semitrailes Illowabte speed! ‘Maximum recommended towed load? On highews ENGINE Brake horsepower Tora TRUCK-TRACTOR, 4-TON, 6x 6 (4DT), 172° WHEELBASE, WITH “4 \ FRAME, CAB PROTECTOR AND FRONT MOUNTED WINCH Manufacturers: Chassis: Diamond T Motor Car C Body: Eide! Manufacturing C Classification Standard GENERAL DATA | PERFORMANCE warn nied ve ADDITIONAL DATA Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA cxew: a Weghe (8): Net 12.360 Paps 8.650 rene 21.00 Aste (Geer ratio 483) ‘Ade Fond (8): Loaded Ent 4 “Tres: P10; S000 «30; Premare (Ib) Front 65 rear 85 “Tread, canes 1 center (i) Fret 73% Ga 135 Ga) 134 Ga) 304 (oa) 12 ‘No.of betteres (vo) a (Capacities: Foe (68 octane esoioe) « Coling pers @ Cemnkeame Dryfit—16; ee a) 14 “Tranaler case @ 2 ‘Treason: ‘Simmer? gt: winter{@0) 9 Deters ern) Brakes: Macatactures— Rentie Wemingiouse ‘Dimension x) “Teanaealaion: Spends (Gene tati: High—0.75 ove: 4th direct: Low—58.1) ‘Transfer case: Spee 2 (Geer rai: High direct; Low 1.728) PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gredabicy: ‘Turning rade (9): 338 Purpose: To tow semitrilers. Fontiag depth (x) ‘Font consumetion emt) eulaing range (se) ‘With maaan alewstic towed oad Allowable speed: Masimum recommended towed loud ENGINE Mamutacturee: Heras Type Lend, toy Piaplncement® Bore: ‘Stoke. Masimum governed speed Brake horsepower ‘Torque’ 12a Go 48 feb at om ADDITIONAL DATA . Manufacturer: White Motor Company Classification: Standard, GENERAL DATA (a) 1.00, 6a 9192 a) 056 om) 3 eat) 12 wo ome @ @ 2 w 7 Type om 4 Tranealoaon: Speed ; “Gea ato: High 075 over; thet; Low--$9) (Generate High diet; Low PERFORMANCE Maximum computed gradabilty orming radius Gt) Fording depth: Purpose: To tow semi ADDITIONAL DAT baer Parte Lits: St 6-518, Manufacturer: Federal Motor Truck Co, Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA ile load (9) Londed Tue: Py—10, Se 8008 20, Promare (Frome 65: rear 68 Tied oir too Shipping dimensions (ooo 1s, mB (ay Bectricnl system (oom) 12 No.of barre. Grom encs) 2 ort (68 octane sete) « Conlin sate Go 36 Santen ( @ ie Trane Ge» Botretils (42) Front 6: rear 6 Brakes: Momufac ter Bendis Weatnghouse Tyee 4 direct: Lom 7.08.1) Mighaeeet: Low PERFORMANCE nay Martevorn coonpued ‘Turning raaive 340 echaleal Mantes 9498, 9: Sein’. teaso, ene ok, ‘tio, tank ia Pars Lt: SSL GSE RA PO 347096 Purpose: To tow semitrailers. Mavimum recommended towed loa: ENGINE, Manutacturers Heres Tope: Ube eye x ‘biptacement| Musto overned speed? Beaks honepewer Torave ADDITIONAL DATA RA PO 347087 Manufacturer ring Com. Purposes T. Classification PERFORMANCE echnical Mangala: $812, 9-182, "18284, 81K, IRDTA, TDSA, 9194 Parte Lint: SNL G: Classification : Limited standard ki Purpose: Light—Used by Traneportation Corps Ordnance Weighs (8): Net 11400... Payload 7489 Grow 19.280 she apes $ Rear ate: Gow ratio. ste mm Focoommended towed load ‘ile load (1). Lee Be moa ENGINE “Tae: Py—10; Sar 900 «20; rear ( Manufacturers tH Mote R ‘Frnad, centr to crater Ga) sche, + Raion ENERAL DATA | | | | | ‘Shipping dimensions Gece. (eo amon 1 Vehicte dimensions: eight (over-all Gin) Sab we) et Cems) 3 : Ground ccarance iin) 9 Brake horsepower 126898 rpm) 20 Prove ght (in) Ld 90h empty 3 Torque sane at orm) ith whee center to center f rear asic oy Electrical system: amy 6 ADDITIONAL DATA No.of taveries t alge bas oe Capncties fvich asim allowable towed lewd Foe (2 sane gxctine) jo {Wik tation swale towed lod Costing svete 38 (Crankenn (st) 3s ‘Teonmniodion (main) eG Diterentia! 1 Brakes: Manatactres —Bendie Wenoghowe Type ‘Deans Gn) Front ti een 5MG “Tranamlanlon: Spee =I (Ger ratio: High diet: Low 8.081) PERFORMANCE Masimum computed gradability: (om con) ‘Toning radon ight 2304 et —28 Frording dept tan | Focl conatenption (met) io 342 careetwent ry Parcs Lint: SSL GAR RA PD 347205, Manufacturers: International Harvester Co; Marmon- Armament: Ali vehicles equipped with trick mount, Nerngtan Go. Renworh (Modes #5421). for antinrcrah tachine ev E Classification: Standard: Purpose: Heavy—Usd by Transportation Comps Make of vehicle illustrated: IHC. ‘Ordnance to haul 10:ton Sernitrai GENERAL DATA Woathe (@): Net—17,100 | Paylad—13.00 Tires PM Sart 00 | ENGINE Shipping dimensions Mamotacture: totems Side as oaet feo 91482; (00) 96 | Type Valves bead eee x Vehicle dimensions Dhuplacement round rarace Ga) 10s ? , Pte eb (0) Late “4; rey 37 mas reroll: (on) 2 I eRagt caste enter Ec Ga) 6 | Brake horsepower asa roo sees cory ts | awe sai ot Up Capacities: | el (72 octane pastie nw Conse stem @) 38 tear (re) Poa raranson (ras) (oo ah raken: Manalacturr- Bendse Westinghouse Typesie ‘Daneman ss Teanamisaon’ Spe $ (Gen ates High direct; Low 2061) PERFORM. Maxie computed gradabiisy (oot eat) Paring radian (0) Raght—8 at Pac comsomption (opty) om + ‘With main alwabe towed oa rors) Manufacturer: The Autocar Co. Classification: Standard. GENERAL DATA Weight (by: Net—12.00 Paylin 10080 Grome2720 Gear rte ae oo) a: Bey Freer tase, ver 7.270 & “Tires! Ply 18; Sae—12.00 «20, Pema (9) Front 90; ret 2 Trend cue cater). Pee i oneal: Urerated (ou) 1.295 an Gn) 10 a) siectrie system oon 12 No of ater (6 ota) capacities on (th ctaneeuatioe) o Contre atom @ Ganka rt) @ Sronaer eae oy Tranamumion @ 2 Detect! Pronk at) Bireaeta) 10 Wnch 2 Winch God capac) (8) 15,000 Weaker: Manuiactare Bers Weatinghouwe Tyee ‘Drnensons (in) Peet AY to —$ ‘Tranamition: Seeds 5 (Gee roti: High ue: ath eet Low 394 ‘Teamelercaoe: Speeds 2 tit: Purpose: Used by Corps of Eneincers to tow ‘ith ponton equipment PERFORMANCE Maievum computed aradastity _ Fordiag depts Fol consumption (rit ‘With nar sows toma crateng range (owe) Wan mason atreaie towed lod Alowstie sped: Macimum recommended cowed load On hae ENGINE TRUCK-TRACTOR, 744-TON, 6 x 6, FUEL SERVICING, TYPE FI GENERAL DATS PERFORMANCE ENGINE NITIONAL DNA Manufacturer: Federal Motor Truck Company Classification: Standard GENERAL DATA Grew: ‘ Weigh (ib) Net—2.000 Paylond—19,000" Great, 000 Rea atle: Gear rato was ‘Ae load (5): Londed 10.90; reer30700 Emety Froot 10300 rari “Tires: Pry Siae—11.0» 20; Pramre (ib) Front —70, rae (of) 2078; 699 197 Loeded 353: empey—38 ‘omy 12 ever) ‘For (080 octane galoe) (=o 10 Costing ten @ © Geanucane Resi @d ‘Fearaler coe fw 3 Trane 6 Diterentina (ect) 7 Wine eo 2 ‘Winch Gad capacity) (35.000 Drakes: Manafacurr Bendix Westinghouse Type—sie "Dineonion (2) ‘ ‘Teansoniaton: Specs : (Goat ft: High. 691: Low 52551) “Transfer cases Specs 2 (Gat tt: High diet; Low 235.1) PERFORMANCE, Mazimum computed gradabiity: Cercent) 38 ‘Tarming radian (9° Right leh 90 346 TRUCK-TRACTOR, WRECKING, TYPE C2, 7¥4-1ON, 6 x 6 (4DT) RAPD 347108 Purpose: Used by Ar planes, and to perform gen ording depth Poet conmimnption (es) Gruteing range eet) ‘Allowable speeds ynatactanne: Herter (Oter moda were mqipped with Gar Word 19:0 (ot 10 foot ene madeleweve up with» Gat Wood Son (at oct Tecscoping boom, having longo 1 fey 12 ft and 8 fet ‘At haves Rear muoted onder winch; fn recommended towed toad. ENGINE ADDITIONAL DATA raecity inom crane ond have a gonetc boom 13 ft frst DC since powe Fant 3.008 wot Food leven (Ceveid Pocumatie Model YM ar springs a frets Tocrta artes and Proviso for naling cold earting siprent, RAPD 347107 ' Manufacturer: Fedefal Motor Truck Co, (Model 604), Purp GENERAL DAT. | Z | ENGINE | ADDITIONAL DATS at Data) sone tow PERFORMANCE | il by APPENDIX. References PUBLICATIONS INDEXES a The following publications indexes should be consulted frequently for latest changes to or revisions of references give: to this section and for new publications relating to matériel covered: in this manual: Current Ordnance OFSB's and FSMWO’'s SB 99 Introduction to Ordnance Catalog (explains SNL system) + WDCat.ORD1 Ordnance Supply Catalog Index WD Cat. ORD 2 4 Ordnance Major Items and Combinations and pertinent publications SB91 List and Index of War Department Publications FM 21-6 ‘ List of War Department Films, Film Strips, and Recognition Film Slides. 5 FM 21-7 Military training aids. i FM 218 WAR DEPARTMENT CATALOGS Antifriction Bearings and Related Items Cleaning, Preserving and Lubricating Materials; Recoil Fiutds. Special Oils, and Miscellaneous Related Items Elements, Oil Filter i : Group G Common Items Lubricating Equipment, Accessories and Related Dispensers Soldering, Brazing and Welding Materials, Gases and Relate Ttems Tires, Tubes, Tire Valves and Patches, Etc. Tools, Maintenance. for Repair of Automotive and ‘Semi-automotive Vehicles Tool Sets (Special) Motor Vehicies ORD 6 SNL G 27 Seed Tool Sets (Common) Specialists and Organizational . ORD6 Gi SNL G 27 Seed OTHER PUBLICATIONS Maintenance: Basic Maintenance Manual TM 37-250 Care and Maintenance of Roller Bearings TM 37-265 Classification of Ordnance Motor Transport Vehicles. SB 9-53, CL Cooling Systems: Vehicles and Powered Ground Equipment. TM 9 2858 Fire Extinguishers 4 TM 9-1799 Maintenanceand Care of Pneumatic Titesand Rubber Treads TM 31-200 Maintenance: Vehicle Major Unit Assembly Overhaul SB 9-36 Modification of Ordnance Matériel - SB 9-38 Motor Vehicle Inspection and Preveritive Maintenance Services. TM 37-2610 Twas aT os OTHER PUBLICATIONS—Continued 350 Ordnance Maintenance: Brake Systems 2540-55. -- Carburetors. . Mies ta i re Electrical Equipment: 6. {50.2 bus Boel Pom 2s. OMe cae bonis ens Speedometers, Tachometers and Recorders... . Storage Batteries, Lead-Acid Type... - - Suppression of Radio Noises... : ‘Tire Repair and Retread | 7 Vehicular General Purpose Unit Equipment - Vehicular Maintenance Equipment, Grinding, Parine. Naive Reseating Machines and Lathes... . ee Cleaning and lubricating and preserving — Cleaning, Preserving, Sealing, Lubricating and Related Materials Issued for Ordnance Matériel... . oe Rust Preventive Materials... 2 oe ee Training: ’ Driver's Manual Po een Are Driver Selection and Training : ee Radio Communication : Data for Regetration Motor Yehicle (W. Dj 0.0. Form 7358) + Development, Classification | and” Specfention®, for Types of pageeeee Pant 38 Motor Vehicles. . . - * a> Motor Transport . - Ordnance Company, Depot Ordnance Field Maintenance ‘ Ordnance Service in the Field . fn oa Registration of Motor Vehicles . . - alee ‘Supply: ‘Stock List of All Items—Pricing Guide— ee ‘Ttems . Local Procurement of Replacement Parts - Ordnance Motor Vehicles Assemblies - . . . - - Standard Overhaul Cost of Ordnance Matériel. General supply: ‘Winterization Equipment for Automotive Matériel Protection of matériel: ‘Camouflage, Basic Principles leet. ae Camouflage of Vehicles - . Decontamination ms Decontamination of Armored Force Vehicles... Preparation of Ordnance Matériel for Deep Water Fording Miscellaneous: Dictionary of United States Army Terms * Storage and shipment: Ordnance Packaging and Shipping (Posts, Camps, and Stations) + Ordnance Storage and ‘Shipment Chart, Group G (Major Items of Automotive and Semiautomotive Vehicles, Including Bicycles) . . Preparation of Unboxed Ordnance “Matériel for Shipment . Preparation for Shit ment of Unserviceable Transport and ‘Combat Vehicle Major Assemblies ‘ Preservation of Ordnance Matériel Not in Regular Use Protection of Ordnance Matériel in Open Storage... Rules and Regulations Governing Driving of Ordnance Vehicles by Commercial Driveaway Companies NOTE: Technics! Order ‘tioned from Air Matériel Command, Ws Bs TM 9-1827A, B, andC TM 9-1826A, B, and © 4 ‘TM 9-1825A and B < TM 9-1828A 4 TM 9-1829A 4 TM 9-2857 ss TM 11-483 oe TM 9-1868 TM 9-834 wd TM 9-18344, TM 9-850 SB 9-31 TM 21-305 TM 21-300 * FM 24-18 SB 9-27 850-25, 850-15, FM 25-10 FM 9-25, FM 9-10 : FM 9-5 AR 850-10 ‘WD Cat ORD 5-3-1 SB 9-22 9-40 : SB 9-30 SB 9-16 FM 5-20 FM 5-20B SB 9-47 SB 9-15 ted in this manual may be requisi- ht Field, Dayton. Ohio thy * Truck, Moton, 4 4, ambulonce (KD) AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES. Carrier, Cargo, M29C (amphibian) Truck, 2-ton, 6 6, amphibian. Vehicle, landing, tacked (unarmored), MK 4, LVT (0) Vehicte, landing, tracked, armored, MK‘ 4, LVT (A)(4) ARMORED CARS BUSSES, ‘Bus, 1S.passenger, converted type Buu ABpmneneen 422. - - 3 BICYCLES, MOTORCYCLES, and SCOOTERS Bicycle, military, universal ‘ Bicycle, military, women’s, M306... “Motorcycle, solo, extra light, MI Motoreycie, solo-model WLA Bie 2 Scooter, motor, 2w, sirborne ss ‘Scooter, motor, 3w, package delivery ., ‘Scooter, motor, 3w, w/side car CARGO CARRIERS sale Cartier, cargo, M29. Vehicle, armored, utility, M39 CRANES: Crane, mobile, 30,000 Ib capacity... ss Crane, non-revelving. pneumatic tired, wheel mounted, tractor operated, Da soba. cies ~ sae CCronc, non revolving, pacumatic tired, whec! mounted, tractor operated, 40,000 Gin rediua,20 boom ee Crane, revlving, truck mounted, pneumatic tired, 2engine drive. < to 8-ton, Crane, truck mounted, gatoline engine driven, X cu yd (mounted on Coleman + Crane, truck mounted (6 x 4 carrier), gasoline engine driven, Si cu yd. Crane, truck mounted (6 x 4 carrier), gasoline engine driven, * cu yd Crane, truck mounted, M2, and trailer, clamshell, M16 Hoist, mobile collapsible, 35,000 Tb capacity, type B-1 . - Crane, revolving, crawler mounted, gasoline (and Diese) engine driven, Kew yd, CRANES—Continued 4 Crane, revolving. crawler mounted, gasoline engine driven, %/ cu yd, 7 to 10-ton, class I. Crane, revolving, crawler mounted, Diesel engine driven, 19 to 2 u yd, 30 to 40-ton, class Vo Crane, revolving, tractor mounting, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, §,000 tb capacity at 7 fe radius, 12 to 18-ft boom, telescopic. ‘Crone, revolving, tractor mounting, crawler type, Diese! engint driven, 10,000 Ib capacity at A ft radius, 12 to 16-ft boom, telescopic. - Crane, revolving, tractor mounting, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 12.000 Ib capacity at 6 ft radiuw Crane, revolving, tractor mounting, crate type, Diese engine driven, 12,000 th capacity at 12 fe radius, 30-ft boom... i ‘ DOLLIES Dally, 10-ton, 2m, trailer converter, MI6S eg Dolly, 2w, trailer converter, wrecking, type C2. P ee Dolly, Aw; trailer converter. fuel servicing, type F2 or F2A + eta Dolly, 2w, trailer converter, fuel servicing, type Ft of FLA... i: Dolly, 2w, trailer converter, KAA... coals oe Dolly, trailer er, type A-3, {or weenie sapy el shop, and inarument| shop ‘Dolly, 4w tasdem, #DT, Mi eA Re Dolly, propeller, type CIA. 0 ee ee Limber, entriage, heavy, M555 iis GUN and HOWITZER MOTOR CARRIAGES (FULL-TRACK) Carriage, motor, twin 40:mm gun, M19 PG. ie Carriage, motor, 76mm gus, Mi8(T70) . S. z Te Carriage, motor, 90-thm gun, M36 (T71) 7 Carriage, motor, 90-mmqun, M3OBL. - . : = Carriage, motor, 90-mm gun, M36B2_ oo Carriage, motor, 75-mm howitzer, MB. ” Carriage, motor, 105-mm howitzer, M7... « « Carriage, motor, 105-mm howitzer, M7BI ‘ Carriage, motor, #-inch howitzer M43 and carriage, motor, 155-mm gun, M40 ' HALF-TRACK VEHICLES Car, half-track, M2 ow . i Car, half-trock, M2AL 7 ee 22 tne Car, balf-track, MOAL , ins a Carriage, motor, combination gun. MISA. ake Og Carringe, motor, multiple gun. M16 en Wee cate Carrier, B1-me mortar, halftrack, M4 we aa Carrier, 81-mm mortar, half-track, MGA . ....° ? Carcier, 81-mm mortar, half-track, M21 es Z MINE EXPLORERS sa OMBAT BULLDOZERS Bulldorer, MI... : 5 PASSENGER and SCOUT CARS Car, scout, 4x4, M3A1 5 5 oe é Car, Sepanenger, 4x2.lightiedan 1s. a Car, S-passenger, 4x1, light sedan 2. 2... x Car, S-passenger, 42, light sedan. 0 a Car, Sepassenger, 4x2, medium sedan... P hs Car, S-passenger. 4x 2, medium sedan... . eat Car, T-pamsenger. 4x2. medium sedan... ae scsgeess gsereesesss = ¥ zesszsss ect a itn per hos wt He sa “y5.t0n per hour; unit No. 3, voi Tmounted, w/dolly = « Apna wh gareane ining plat baie engi diven, 38 om for bv unit No. Bucket, trailer mounted a complete. Asphalt plant, ‘tlie driven, 19 to 36400 per ours wit No. dere, searcuate, trailer ‘complete — * Conveyor, belt; transfer, gatoine driven, 24m. £87 fe. {raaing on racing plant, unt quoi engine driven, smiaer mowed wh ‘pet hour: unit No.1, jaw crusher. noe recat ree en iet ir e pe 2 ‘unit No, 2, roll crusher. i "bituminous material, trailer mounted, 1.250 eat... es emi ine ‘800 eal te, dual drum, BO-to 150-ton pee hour, trailer mounted. ‘ephalt, crawler mounted, gavoline driven, 12 ME. - road, motorized. Diesel € ei Gradation control writ, SF compartment bit ae eae eater, axphait tr a Bhp é a Heater, osphalt, sear 4bp Kettie, asphalt repaie, trailer mounted, w/motor driven hand spray, 110 ol cap Kettle, asphalt mepair, trailer mounted, w/motor driven hand spray. 165 galieapacity” ln ‘ Tegan gence cba ic an = ct eieas ee a iSeries ps eudepyperenatc, bucket, crawler moat ganine driven, 3 cu yaa fe 10 in Loader, shovel, tractor mounted, hydraulic, 4 eu yd : Mixer, appholt, Diesel engine driven, travel or central plant, trailee moumed Miser, rotary ter, wil stabilization, gasoline engine driven, selppowe'es. troiler mounted = MixetyFotary tiller soll stabilization, power take-of, trailer mount! BEteephan, crelagiapenied widetnbutor eae lee mounted, widistributor attachments ass fenoline driven, tandem. ? aale, 5- to 8-ton Roller, rood, tosoline oF Dicset driven, 3m, 10:t0n Rolier. rond, gasoline driven, tondem, 3 ileg@ato 14.00 Roller, rowd, towed, rubber tired, 2 axle, 13w Scraper, road. towed type, hydraulie opersted, 1 eu yd. ‘Scraper. road. towed type, cable operated, 3} en — ve Scraper. road, towed type, cable operated, 6 cu yd Scraper. road, towed type, cable operated, B eu yd. Seraper. road, fewed type, cable opersted, 12 cu yd. Scraper, road, motorised, cable operated, 12 cu yd ‘Spreader, aggregate, towed type, traction powered. 8 fe width Sweeper. rotary broom, 3w, trailer mounted, gasoline engine driven, 2-way sweepit 3 30” x ®° brush . Eo Sweeper, rotary, 2w mounted, selfiprapelied. gasoline driveny ts 30 in. diameter « 6 ft pick up Broom, two 30 in. diay & Tank, asphalt, steel, traiter mounted, # steam coils, 1,500 gal Semitrailer, 6tom, 2 laundry ‘Semitrailer, w/dolly, 20-ton, low bed Semitrailer, 15-ton gross, 4w, widolly, 2, V-9M/PG-t Semitrailer, 11-tom payload, 15-ton gros, 2, van, 28 ft. ‘Semitrailer, 12}-ton payload, 4w, tandem van. = ‘Semitrailer, 12}5-ton, 4w, wrecking, 25 ft 5 ‘Semiteailer, 12%¢ton, 4w, wrecking, Hi i * cisnneiitiitt HATE ‘TANK TRANSPORTERS and RECOVERY VEHICLES © Truck, 12 ton, 6.4 4, M20) part of truck trailer, 45:t0n, tank tratinpot ter, MA Troilet, 45-ton 12w, MIG; part 9 truck-traler, 45:ton, tank transporter, Mi Sermitrmer, 40-ton, tank transporter, MISMEN AL © Mae < Truck tractor, Ml6 and M36AL. ee a ile: tank vecovery, MS? and MS2Al series TRACTORS: < Tractor, crawler type, gasoline engine driven, 20 DBHP (approx). standard, w/bulldarer, hydraulic operated, power control unit, hpdrelsepeteting, reer mounted winch, ingle drums, vere ag ‘Tractor. crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 36 to 43 DBHP. rector, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 36 to 4$ DBHP, w/angledorer Tractor, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 36 to 45 DBHP. Tractor, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 46 to 45 DBHP, wactllery towing attachments. winch, Ledruin, front mounted... ‘Tractor, crawler type, Diesel exgine driven, 46 t0 60 DBHP. Tractor, erawlr type, Devel engine driven, 46 to 69 DBHP, wiartilery towing attaches, winet, Vedrum, front mounted 0 ee sigh 160 “tractor, earth moving crawler, Diesel engine ériven, 46 to 60 DBHP, No.1, et fre, Dial snaiae ven, V6 tia BHF wi i magmas w arutlery towing attachments, winch, rwlee type, Diesel engine driven, 61 t0 90 DBHP . ‘Tractor. earth moving crawler, Dietel engine driven, 61 to 90 DBHP, Tractor, rewir type, Die engine driven, 6110 98 DBHP, ee a high speed gears, winch, 1-drum, front mounted - Teactor, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 61 £0 90 DBMP, wlaritery spe high speed gears, A-drum, front mounted i “ead ‘Tractor, crawler type, Diesel engine driven, 91 to 140 DBHP Tractor, high speed, 7-ton, M2... 3 nate Tractor, 1Stom, high speed, MS and MSAL | Tractor, high speed, 18:ton, M4 and M4C —_ Tractor, igh speed, 38-ton, M6. Sy Tractor, wher! type, rubber tres, gasoline engine driven, 100 S8DBHP | 5 Tractor, wheel type, rubber tires, gatoline engine driven, 23 DBHP (approx), standard, w power control unst, hydrautic operating, fear mounted ‘ ~ lg TRAILERS -ton payload, 2, antenna mount, V-15/T Aw, antenna mount, K-76 and KT sv gron, 4, antenna mount, K 28B and K-28C. 7 ton groan 4 tow bed tandem exe anente mnt, BG = antenna, &ton gross, 4w, K-64: : 4-ton gross, 4, antenna mount, K-75. ton, 2, are welder - Athey, §:ton, BTAGS-1 ee, Athey, 6-ton, BTES8-+ oe Athey, 20-ton, ETIOOL : ayeaamlleam ir rock, caer mounted. bottom dump, 1 euyiis s 2s OE bomb, Yetom payload, 2w, M29 : Pr Domb, Heton, 4ye. 753. 3 ee ee aid 4 S.ton payload, 2, cable hauler, X37. oe ton payload, 2w, telephone cable splicer. K . Yoton payload, 2, telephone cable splicer, K - fctom, 2a, cargo (amphibian) tom, 2a. eatgo - i della TRAILERS—Continued Trailer, 2¥-ton payload, 2m, cargo (amphibian) Trailer, 2, clothing and textile repair . ay s ee Trailer, chevuical handling, M2. x a ‘ ie ae Trailer, chemical service, MI Trailer, director, M13 Trailer, dicector, M14 Trailer, director, M22 Traiter, dump, towed type, !ton, 2 < i Trailer, dump, motorized, enble operated, 11% cu yd Rein conan ia Trailer, dump, motorized, pneumatic and cable operated, Scud | aS Trailer, fre pumper, 2, 500 GPM, class 1000. ial vba r ye pore yeany ety, 1c ar Trailer, fuel servicing, 2, 600 gal, type A-I 5 Trailer, fuel servicing, 2w, 600 gal, type ALA Siegen Sues Cre Trailer, fuel servicing, 2, 600 gal, type AS... ase Bs Trailer, generator, M7 Trailer, 2-ton, 4w, w/amoke generator, M7 Trailer, M18 Bi aia te caliente Generator and charging plant, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, methanol water type, low pressure, 4,000 CFH hydrogen, 156 Ib per hour carbon dioxide, trailer mounted Y Trailer, 1!y-ton payload, 6-ton gross, 4w, house, K-35 and K-65... Trailer, 3 ton gross, house, K-29 Haat Woe eNO OL Trailer laundry, mobile, 2trailer type, trailer No. 1 Trailer laundry, mobile, 2trailer type, trailer No. 2 Trailer, 8:ton, full, low bed Trailer, 16-ton, full, low bed Trailer, 20-ton, fall, low bed toe Sat a ae ee eL ler, 22-ton, 6w, low bed. - eae bits aaron 4 ler, 60-ton, full, low bed Avene ochre lee, mount, M17 ler, mount, M20 ler, 2, oxygen servicing, type E-1 Trailer, 2s, oxygen servicing, type E-2 ss ie Trailer, 2-ton payload, 2w, pole hauling and cargo, K-36 Tener, 34-ton payload, 2w, pole hauling and cargo, V-13/GT Trailer, tilting type, searchlight, 60-inch, 4w, M1 Trailer, 2m, shoe repa Trailer, 2w, shower bath Trailer, 1-ton, snow, M19 Trailer, ton 2s ce repair, load A, M25 Trailer, 1-tou 20, tire repair, load B, M25 Trailer, tractor crane, 7-ton, M6 Trailer, ton Sw, horse, van Trailer, S.ton payload. 4w. van, K-34 Trailec, ?-toa gross, 4w, van, K72 ci Trailer, 12-ton gross, aw, van, V-S MPN Trailer, 2 ier, L-ton, 2w, war 1k, 250 gal Bone Trailer, 4w, special ta, 7to 1¢-ton (SDT)... ae + Trailer, 4w, pote type, nat bed, 7-tom, 4 cu yi truck crane attachments TRUCKS ‘Auger, earth, skid mounted, gasoline engine driven, Shop, motorized, aviation battalion, type A and B. Truck, "ton, 4 x4, command reconnaissance Truck, 4-ton, ¢ x 4. eSmmand reconnaissance Track, “i-ton, 4 x 2, carryall Track, !s-tom, 4 x 2, light maintenance and installation, K50 Trucle, ston, 4 x 2) pickup, Truck, §-ton, 4 x 2, pickop Truck, ton, 4x 2, pickap Truck, ton, 4x4, carryall Truck, !=ton, 4 x 4, command reconnaiss 356 188 188 189 190 it 191 192 192 193 198 195 196 196 197 197 198 199 200 201 201 202 102 203 208 208 205 205 206 207 207 208 208 208 209 210 20 at at 212 nz 23 as 24 215 26 26 nu? TRUCKS—Continued Truck, tony #44 emergency repair Truck, (ton, 44 4 panel delivery . é Track, “ton, 4 9 4) pickup (closed eab w seats and wie seats) Truck, ton 4 <4 piekup (open cab wibucket and troop ce ton, 4 4 8, weapons cartier 3 ~ ten $4 4 carryall < Track, Sotha,4 x 4, command reconnaissance : zi ‘Tract, toms & 4, command reeonnaistanee (wiwineh) Pea Truck, Stem, 44, emergency repair, M2 Sa rR ‘Truce, ton, 4 £4, light mmintenance and instalation, $0 Truck, Seton, $x 4 telephone maintenance and installation, K50-B Cena. Truck, Sctom: 4 8 4, weapons eatnier c ‘ Truck, {tom 4.x 4, weapons cartier (w winch) Truck, 1) tom, 42, eombmation stake and platform ‘ rock, tom 4 2.eonnbination staee and platform Truck, 1! son 44 2; combination stake and platform 3 on Track, Po otan, 4 x 2 duran Trucs ton, 48 4 a compressor : oes : Truce! t-ton 4 4.4, bumb service, M6, : . 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