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#b$e"%i&e Obtain a position as a team-player in a people-oriented organization where I can maximize my technical skills in a challenging environment to achieve the corporate goals and also ensuring I meet up to the expectations. Summar' Having on 3 years of I experience in !"# !erver $atabase %dministration. &xperience in Installation' (onfiguration' )aintenance and %dministration of !"# !erver*++, and !"# !erver *++&xperience in upgrading . migrating !"# !erver from version *++, to *++&xperience with implementing High %vailability of database servers using /eplication' #og !hipping' $atabase )irroring &xperience in implementing different types of /eplication models in !"# !erver *++,0*++&xperience in implementing !"# !erver security and Ob1ect permissions like creation of users' granting permissions and assigning roles to users &xperience on utilizing $2(( commands according to the situation &xperience in !cheduling and (onfiguring !"# !erver agent 3obs' %lerts 'operators and $atabase )ail (onfiguration &xperience in )onitoring and analyzing $2 performance issues &xperience in $atabase backup and disaster recovery procedures. &xperience in implementing the 4indows (luster and !"# !erver *++,0*++- cluster 5nowledge in %$ users and groups management and also implementing %$ 4ork as part of a team and provide *6x7 support %bility to work in teams as well as communication and 8roblem-solving skills

("ademi" )reden%ials: M)( *Mas%er o+ "om,u%er (,,li"a%ions- from %nna 9niversity.

.e"/ni"al E0,osure: Operating !ystem !"# !erver

: :

4indows *++30*++- server' :8 !"# !erver*++,0*++-

1or2 E0,erien"e: 4orking as a !"# $2% 4ith 1i,ro In+o.e"/3 )/ennai ;rom Ma'45010 to ill $ate.

6ro$e"% 718ro1ect <ame (lient eam !ize /ole ime 8eriod : : : : : 2& %ero 20& %erospace +7 $2% =8roduction !upport> %ug0*+?? @ ill date

8es"ri,%ion: 20& %erospace is the worldAs leading provider of interior products and solutions' and the worldAs leading distributor of aerospace fasteners and consumables for the commercial' business 1et and other markets. 20& %erospace Inc is a listed manufacturer of aircraft cabin parts' including passenger and crew seats' oxygen delivery systems' and kitchens for commercial airliners. he company is a ma1or provider of airline seats to many airlines worldwide. Roles Res,onsibili%ies: Installation of !"# !ervers *++, and *++-.%pplying !"# !erver service packs. 9p gradation of $atabase from !"# !erver *++, and *++-. &stimated disk storage reBuirements for database software' database files . database administration needs. $atabase recoveries as per reBuirements. /egular monitor of servers' which includes 2ackup 3ob )onitoring and troubleshoot all the issues on regular basis. /esolving various performance issues and running $2(( commands' !"# 8rofiler and < monitoring tools.

)anaged security by defining roles and rights. 8rovided appropriate access to client based on !ecurity policies $eveloped' tested . implemented a robust database backup and recovery strategy. Implemented and fixed #og shipping in production databases during crisis situations. (onfigured and )aintained $atabase mirroring Implemented the /eplication )odes=2uild')onitor' roubleshooting> (onfigured and )aintained (lustering 4indows0!Bl server *++30*++, Implemented automated mail alerts for database backups' health check reports in 8roduction environment through !"# scripting 9sing the $atabase )aintenance 4izard to make some necessary changes and keeping the performance of the server at acceptable levels. Import0export data' backup restore database' managing servers' and managing clients. Handling blocking and dead lock situation 8erforming optimization tasks on the database such as re-organizing and rebuilding the indexes whenever reBuired to increase the performance. 8lanned and configured disaster recovery for critical production databases. (reating and )onitoring !"# !erver agent 1obs and troubleshooting as reBuired.

6ro$e"% 758ro1ect <ame (lient eam !ize /ole ime 8eriod : : : : : /etail Online 2anking. /abo 2ank' 95 +7 $2% 3une0*+?+ to %ug0*+??.

8es"ri,%ion: Online banking allows customer to conduct financial transaction on a secure website operated by their retail or virtual bank. Internet banking is the use of internet as a remote delivery channel for banking service such as opening a deposit account or transferring among different accounts' as well as new banking services' such as electronic bill presentment and payment' which allows customer to receive and pay

bills over a bankCs web funds sites. 2asically the pro1ect have following modules' D)y accountsC' DInvest0insure onlineC' D#oansC' D$emitC' D2ill payC and D(redit cardsC. Roles and Res,onsibili%ies: Installation' (onfiguration of !"# !erver *++,. 8roviding access to databases' as needed. )onitoring scheduled 1obs of backup and restore procedure for database ;ixing 2ackup 1ob ;ailures (reation of database users and assigning roles to the users. Implementation of !"# #ogins' /oles and %uthentication )odes as a part of !ecurity 8olicies for various categories of 9ser !upport. )ake sure daily' weekly database backups are archived on ;ile servers' as per the )aintenance plan. (onfigured and )aintained $atabase mirroring and #og !hipping 8lanned and configured disaster recovery for critical databases. (reating and )onitoring !"# !erver agent 1obs and troubleshooting as reBuired.

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