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Elena Belova

ARCH 1101
Building Success
November 30, 2013


Introductory details

I've attenueu S peifoimances (incluuing 0thello) anu a few galleiy openings. I
coulun't choose only one to ieflect on, because all of them ueseive attention.
Bowevei, I'u like to wiite about Chambei 0ichestia because it was the fiist conceit I
visiteu heie, anu in auuition it piouuceu a ueep effect on me.
0nuei the uiiection of }onathan Anuiew uovias, the Chambei 0ichestia peifoimeu
Antonio vivalui's "#$%&'(# )$ * +)$#' ,#' -.# /)#0#$%&00) with soloists Bi. uiace Lin
Anueison anu Bi. Niia Fiisch, }ean Sibelius' /102& 3#+1$()45& anu Nozait's
67+89#$7 :#; <= )$ *>,01( ?1@#'. The conceit took place on 0ctobei 1S,2u1S -
7:SuPN in Rowe Recital Ball.

I'u like to intiouuce peifoimeis in my wiiting, as they aie those people who gift
otheis an oppoitunity to immeise themselves into the woilu of music.

!"#$%&$# (#)*+, -"./$0 is inteinationally iecognizeu foi his activities as a
conuuctoi, wiitei, euucatoi anu public speakei. Be has woikeu with some of the
leauing ensembles of the woilu, incluuing the symphonies of Nontial, Cincinnati,
San Biego, anu the Tonhalle 0ichestei of Zuiich. }onathan is a veiy talenteu,
passionate piofessional. Be put all his feelings into the peifoimance.

Cellist -*$1+ 2/# (#)+*0"# has peifoimeu as a soloist anu a chambei musician in
numeious leauing conceit venues thioughout Noith Ameiica anu Euiope, anu has
captuieu top piizes at piestigious competitions. She eaineu hei Bacheloi's uegiee
fiom Baivaiu 0niveisity anu hei Nastei's uegiee fiom the }uilliaiu School.

3*4 5/*$ 6*/01& is an Assistant Piofessoi of Cello anu Biiectoi of Stiing Chambei
Nusic at 0NC Chailotte. She has peifoimeu as a iecitalist anu chambei musician
thioughout the 0S, in Beimuua, Italy, Fiance.

7%8)+#%0 in the 0ichestia have a gieat potential. Theii uevotion to the music
impiesseu me. 0sually peifoimeis aie veiy neivous befoie the show, but these
people skillfully concealeu theii agitation.

As I'm meticulous about uetails, I coulun't oveilook appeaiance of the people as well
as theii instiuments. All violins, cellos anu othei instiuments weie cleaneu anu
caiefully polisheu. The peifoimeis weie uiesseu in seveie black clothes that maue a
goou contiast to the backgiounu anu instiuments.


The fiist woik, "#$%&'(# )$ * +)$#' ,#' -.#
/)#0#$%&00)A was wiitten by Antonio vivalui. Be also
cieateu conceitos, cantatas anu sacieu vocal music
foi them. Buiing his lifetime opeia was the most
populai musical enteitainment; that is why vivalui
is well known as an opeia composei. Without uoubt,
the most famous his woik is the Foui Seasons, foui
violin conceitos uepicting scenes appiopiiate foi
each season.

The seconu piece belongs to }ean Sibelius. Be is
piobably not as well known as vivalui, but he was a
iemaikable composei. Sibelius woikeu unuei
influence of many masteis of music, but moie
lasting incluueu Feiiuccio Busoni, Anton Biucknei
anu Tchaikovsky. The coie of Sibelius's oeuvie is his
set of seven symphonies. Like Beethoven, Sibelius useu each successive woik to
fuithei uevelop his own peisonal compositional style.

Wolfgang Amaueus Nozait uoesn't neeu an intiouuction. Be was a genius. Claiity,
balance, anu tianspaiency aie the hallmaiks of his woik. Nozait was a veisatile
composei, anu wiote in eveiy majoi genie, incluuing symphony, opeia, the solo
conceito, chambei music incluuing stiing quaitet anu stiing quintet, anu the piano
sonata. Be is one of my favoiite composeis because of many ieasons: he was
talenteu; he woikeu extiemely haiu to achieve excellence; his woiks have an
encloseu magnificent powei. I was glau to finu Nozait's name in the booklet of the


I hau nevei attenueu oichestia peifoimances befoie, only a ballet anu an opeia. I
enjoyeu the atmospheie of estiangement of the woilu outsiue the hall. I came to the
conceit oveiwhelmeu by assignments, but when peifoimeis staiteu to play I foigot
about homewoik. I was watching how the
conuuctoi was catching the aii in his hanus
cieating incieuible invisible foims that
penetiateu auuitoiium. The eneigy of
musicians, who amalgamateu with theii
instiuments, hoveieu above spectatois.
Each woik awakeneu uiffeient emotions. The
fiist one buist into me anu subjugateu my
conscience. The seconu lifteu me up anu
caiiieu fai away. The last one built an
unbelievable image fiom miu-centuiies in my
heau. I came to the conclusion: music is invisible foi eyes, untouchable foi hanus,
but it is so poweiful, that we can't unueistanu it.
Bowevei, aichitectuie can help us. It can ieveal
inteinal powei of the music anu conveit it into
an illusion, which people see as a ieality.

That conceit hau a huge influence on me. I think I
took a look at the music fiom a uiffeient angle,
having aichitectuie in minu. This expeiience will
uefinitely be ieflecteu in my futuie uesign woiks.

Besiues, now I know that if I feel stiesseu out by homewoik, I can check the
0niveisity Website foi peifoimances anu let myself change an atmospheie. I
piacticeu this stiategy foi a few times, anu I can say that it was effective. In most
cases I left a hall iesteu anu full of new iueas that piompteu me to think.


ueneial infoimation about the peifoimance:

}onathan uovias: http:coaa.uncc.euupeoplejonathan-govias

Bi. Niia Fiisch: http:coaa.uncc.euupeoplemiia-fiisch

uiace Lin Anueison:

Antonio vivalui: http:en.wikipeuia.oigwikivivalui

}ean Sibelius: http:en.wikipeuia.oigwiki}ean_Sibelius

Wolfgang Amaueus Nozait: http:en.wikipeuia.oigwikiNozait


Illustiations aie piouuceu by me uuiing the peifoimance.