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Educreations Shapes

Author(s): Kelsey Dykes Overall Goal for the Lesson: Students will use educreations to draw shapes and show knowledge of shape characteristics Student O!"ective(s) for the Lesson (Given a condition, the students will, to what level): Students will draw the circle# s$uare# rectangle# and triangle and !e a!le to accurately descri!e atleast one characteristic of each shape Assess%ents: (Make sure each objective is paired to an assessment measure that allows students to show they met the criteria). Each educreation will be saved and assessed later by the teacher. Each child must have drawn each shape and orally described atleast one characteristic of each shape. Description of classroo%# grade level# and students: &his is a kindergarten classroo% with a variety of students of various skills and a!ilities 'rior Knowledge of Su!"ect ( hat do the students already know, if anythin!, in this subject area): Students are fa%iliar with educreations &hey have already !een taught how to use it and have practiced in other activities &his is the final activity in the shape unit &hey are fa%iliar with the different shapes at this point and are applying their knowledge through this activity Length of Lesson: (minutes, number of class periods, or days or weeks needed). &his activity will !e in a %ath center in the classroo% Students will filter through the center throughout the course of a week &here will !e five students in this center at a ti%e &hey will spend () %inutes at this center ** Standard(s) Addressed: K G + , Geo%etry: -odel shapes in the world !y !uilding shapes fro% co%ponents and drawing shapes .S&/ Standard(s) Addressed: 0 &echnology Operations and *oncepts Schedule of Activities: ("reak down your activity into a timeline of events. #ocus on what students will be doin! and what teachers will be doin! durin! each part of the activity.) $tudents will open the educreations app. %hey will draw the first shape asked of them on the center !uide &s they draw they will record themselves %hey will describe one thin! about the shape (%his is a s'uare it has four sides, it has four corner, etc) %hey will do this for each shape on a new pa!e for each shape. %hey will save their educreation when they are finished. Acco%%odations: ((ow mi!ht the lesson need to be adapted for students with special needs)) $tudents who lack fine motor skills may work with a buddy to create their shapes. $ome students may simply draw the shapes without the oral description portion of the assi!nment if necessary. App to !e used for lesson (if applicable):

educreations -aterials 1eeded: Go throu!h each activity and identify what items (both technolo!y and not) are needed to complete this lesson. *nclude a breakdown accordin! to individual student or student !roups. *nclude materials that need to be created as well. i'ad Stylus