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(U1)5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 2 3 # % ' ( ) People tend ________________(be) either night owls or early birds. Last week my doctor told me _______________(get) eight hours sleep every night. don!t think it!s very bene"icial ________________(take) a nap during the day. $ou really should apologise "or __________________(wake) him up so early. &hey were eager ________________(get) an early start in the morning. !d be interested in ________________(know) how much sleep the average teenager gets per night. was really surprised _________________("ind) you still awake. urge you __________________(think) about your health.

Dreams 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets, when necessary. 1 2 3 # % ' ( ) / 12 2 *ometimes dreams can be +uite _____________________ (terror). !m ___________________("ear) o" "alling asleep in case have a nightmare. n my opinion, nightmares about dying are the most ____________________(horror). t was a great ___________________(relieve) when woke up and realised it was only a dream. *ome people think dreams are a way o" e-pressing "eeling o" _________________ (guilty). woke up screaming. !ve never "elt so _______________________ (embarrassment). ."ter a week o" nightmares, was ___________________ (terror) o" "alling asleep. $ou have nothing to _________________("ear). 0o you ever "eel __________________(an-iety) about your dreams1 3hen woke up "rom my dream, "elt absolutely __________________ (terror). Complete the sentences with the phrases from the bo to make them more va!"e. a couple o" or something 1 2 3 # % ' ( # and all that stu"" like that around kind o" whatchamacallits

t!s ___________________________ been a di""icult time. 4e must be ________________________ si-ty. !ll 5ust be ________________________ minutes. 3hy don!t we go out to a club ________________________. 3e went to the cinema, had dinner, talked and ______________________. 4e had one o" those _________________________ on his head. 3hen arrived home late, my parents started asking me +uestions ____________________. $atch the adverbs (1 % 5) with the meanin!s (a % e). 1 2 3 # % reluctantly abruptly slightly incredibly ___ ___ ___ ___ a) unbelievably b) straight away c) suddenly and une-pectedly d) unwillingly e) 5ust a little

immediately ___


'ead the te t and write the correct word from the bo in each blank. a-e butter"ly cats coconut spiders stairs water


6b5ects, animals and situations are common "eatures o" dreams, and it is o"ten these small things that can be o" signi"icance to the overall meaning o" a dream. 4ere are some o" the most common things that occur in our dreams, and what they can be interpreted to mean. " you dream about _________________, they can symbolise a problem7 " you kill one o" these huge creatures, then it shows that you can overcome the problem. " you are surrounded by lots o" them, then it could mean you have to choose one bad thing in order to avoid many bad things. $ou might like these animals and even have one as a pet, but in a dream _______________ are usually a bad omen. &hey signi"y treachery and i" you are scratched, then you need to look at people close to you 8 one o" them might do something that hurts you. 6n the other hand, ________________, surprisingly, can show good luck. 3hen they are making a web, it could mean that your hard work will be rewarded. " you dream o" a beauti"ul ________________, regardless o" whether it is "lying or not, then your dream is telling you to settle down and stop changing your mind all the time. *ome things are not so easy to interpret and may have opposite meanings. 9or e-ample, with ______________ it depends on whether you are going up or down. " you are going up, then it is good, but going down can mean can represent repressed thoughts, and "alling could be a warning. . dream about ______________ can also be a warning about how you are "eeling. " it is dirty, then you might be sad at that time. " it is clean or clear, then you could be "eeling calm and serene. . symbol that is connected to money, i" dreamed about, is a ______________: it could mean that you will receive some une-pected money. 9inally, an ______________ could signi"y something une-pected. " you are chopping wood with it, then maybe you will meet someone new. ;e care"ul though, as i" it isn!t sharp, you may not be able to trust that person. 5 1 2 3 # % ' ( ) # 1 2 3 # % ' ( ) / 12 'ead the te t in e ercise & a!ain. (ndicate True, False, or Not mentioned for each statement. ) *mall things are always important in your dreams. .lligators signi"y "inancial problems. <illing an alligator means you can solve the problem. &he more alligators there are, the "ewer problems you "ace. =ats are usually unlucky in dreams. $ou are probably a decisive person i" you dream about butter"lies. nterpreting dreams about water depends on what the water is like. ;oth a-es and coconuts are connected to things you know will happen. decided to tell ;ill the truth as soon as got home. >y best "riend is someone have known "or +uite some long time. ?ealising he had "orgotten my name made me even the angrier. *he told me the dog it had run away, but didn!t believe her. .s a child, was never allowed to leave the dinner table until was completely "inished. >any o" all the people know live alone. &he woman who used to live here she has gone to live abroad. @ew $ork, which also known as &he ;ig .pple, is one o" .merica!s oldest cities. 6ut o" 2%2 candidates, only the ten passed the entrance e-am. 0avid!s apology which was +uite unnecessary, as everybody knew it wasn!t his "ault. * +$ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

,i!ht of these sentences contain an "nnecessary word. Cross o"t the word.