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Lumbini And Its Master Plan

Uddhab puri
Chief Editor of
Ithas Pravah

Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha1 and the Fountain of World
Peace2 is one of the most holy places.The Buddhists or non - Buddhists,
Who loves peace want to develop and further promote Lumbini for the
world peace and prosperity. Nepal must be proud of it and dedicate for the
conservation and completion of it's Master Plan3. His Majesty's Government
of Nepal and Lumbini Development Trust are fully committed to the
development of Lumbini according to the Master Plan.

But after 27 years of the implementation of the Master Plan, there are no
good conservation, preservation and adequate development work as
anticipated. Few works are done by Lumbini Development Trust. The office
-bearers of the Trust claim with pride that all development works are going
on according to the Master Plan but in reality there is no substantial
achievement. Most of the development works of Lumbini are done in
haste and rush, so it has not attained anticipated consequence. The major
hidden aspect of such drawback is acceptance of commission and
employment of the disqualified and involvement of the inexperienced
technicians. Government, concerned ministry and Trust must have clear
vision and commitment for the development of the Master Plan and
conservation of birth place of Lord Buddha, but it may not be hyper
criticism on the Trust's miss management. The bitter comment is made here
for the better future of Lumbini.

Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha is a historically and culturally

rich sanctuary. There are ancient and archaeological relics dating back to
the third century B.C. and earlier.4 It is one of the world prominent
heritages and it is for the future generation. Archaeological relics of the
Lumbini relating to the Lord Buddha, representative of the peace and
betterment for world society, must be well conserved5. Lumbini is the
matter of world concern. United Nations Organization had taken much
interest for its development and asked Prof. Kenzo Tange, Japan, to
prepare the Master Plan6. Master Plan was finalized in 1978 A.D.

The Lumbini Master Plan covers 1 3 sq. miles expanding 1 mile east
west and 3 miles north-south. Total holding land of Lumbini is 77o(1150
bighas) hectres and Lumbini Development Trust has ownership of
the area. Before, discussing about the Master Plan of Lumbini, we can not
forget late king Mahendra and late U Thant,the Secretary General of United
Nations, who had made substantial contributions for the development of
Lumbini. Late U Thant visited Lumbini and later on met late king
Mahendra in 1967. As a result, the United Nations Organization made a
decision to get the Master Plan prepared for the development of Lumbini.

According to the Master Plan, Lumbini's tropical landscape is

north-south and Lumbini area is divided into three zones like Sacred
Garden Zone, Monastic Zone and New Lumbini Village Zone ,which
include four elements: the Sacred Garden, Lumbini Center, Cultural Center
and the Monastic Enclaves7.

Sacred Garden

Within the Master Plan, the Sacred Garden is in the extreme southern part.
It is the most important living historical and archaeological site. Asokan
Pillar, Marker Stone and other relics found there are related to Lord
Buddha. The Sacred Garden, the focal point of Lumbini Garden circle is
900m. The Asokan Pillar was erected in Lumbini 249 Maurya
Emperor Asoka. He was there guided by his preceptor Upagupta. In that
stone pillar an inscription stating clearly here Sakyamuni Buddha was
born(Hida Budhe Jate Sakyamuniti)8. The Marker Stone pinpoints the exact
location of the birth place of Lord Buddha. It was discovered during the
excavation of the Maya Devi Temple site in 1996 A. D. Lumbini was
discovered on Dec 1,1896 A.D. by Gen Khadga Shamsher, the then governor
of Palpa,Nepal and German scholar Dr. Alois Fuhrer, an archaeological
surveyor in British India. The Nativity Sculpture, the image of Buddha
and Maya Devi is dated back to 4th

century A.D. The Marker Stone and the Nativity sculpture are well managed
inside the Maya Devi Temple. The Puskarani or Sacred Pond is famous as
Maya Devi took bath just before giving birth to the Buddha and Buddha was
also given his first purification bath there. At the holy complex of Lumbini
Garden covered group of Stupas (ancient Lumbini Village) back to the 3rd
century B.C9.

The Master Plan designs here to create an atmosphere of Buddha's

message of spirituality and peace. New construction would be removed. The
Sacred Garden area is surrounded by man made pond, a circular levee and
forest10. After long time discussion, construction of Maya Devil temple was
completed according to UNESCO archaeological norms11. But it is not fully
satisfactory so UNESCO has also made a complaint.
His Majesty's Government has done archaeological excavation and
conservation in the Maya Devi Temple complex, pond and circular levee to
be completed. Lack of trained manpower and dedicate archaeologists, the
work of archaeological conservation process is progressing in the tortoise

The Monastic Zone

The Monastic Zone has covered one mile sq. of the Master Plan. It is
in North of the Sacred Garden or the center of the forest area. Monastic Zone
is divided by main canal in two plots, for the Theravada and Mahayana
Monasteries. Forty two plots, 13 in east and 29 in west are there 12. On the
eastern side of the Zone, Theravadi monasteries are built by Myanmar,
Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and in the western side, Mahayani monasteries
are built by China, Korea, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, France, Germany, Austria,
and others. The current state of allocation of monastery is 8 in east and 20 in
west and remaining plots are 5 in east and 9 in west13 . There will be research
center, library, auditorium, museum and cultural center for the study of
Buddhism. But most of the constructions are not in accordance with the
Master Plan. There is lack of co-ordination between Trust and Monastry.
Because of poor supervision, some monastery holders and some L.T.D.
persons are making undue monetary benefit.

New Lumbini Village

The northern part(1mile.) of the holy place is called New Lumbin

Village. According to Master Plan, there will be administrative office
building, post- office, telephone office, bank, police station, school,
restroom, staff quarters and other necessary offices14. It is a gateway for the
tourists to visit Lumbini.

According to Master Plan, after the development of the New

Lumbini Village, all kind of visitors will be enjoying and have comfortable
time there. But there is no remarkable visible development.

Lastly, we must accept the reality of the Master Plan. One can not
but criticize the slow and incorrect implementation of the Master Plan. We
must complete Master Plan of the Lumbini following its norms. Then only
we will be appreciated by the world. We must not forget ,Lumbini is not
only tourism product it is the birth place of the Lord Buddha the glorious
pride of Nepal and Fountain of World Peace.


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dfofFb]aLsf] d"lt{ (Nativity Sculpture) nfO{ dfofb]aL dlGb/ leq

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dlGb/ :t'k lagf (=!) dL= cUnf] 5 eg] :t'k ;lxt !# dL= cUnf] 5 .

hGd:df/s lznf (Marker Stone)

uf}td a'4n] klxnf] kfOnf sxfF 6]s] eGg] laifodf laleGg dtdtfGt/
b]vfP klg xfn dfofFb]aL dlGb/ leq hd{gaf6 lemsfOPsf] a'n]6
k|'km lzzfn] ;'/lIft /flvPsf] &)×$)×!) ;L=Pd\= sf] k|rLg
9'ËfnfO{ dflgPsf] 5 . ;g\ !((@ b]lv !((^ ;Dd ePsf dfofb]aL
dlGb/sf] pTvgg\ sfo{sf] s|ddf klxrfg ul/Psf] pSt hGd:df/s lznf
/x]sf] :yfgdf g} a'4 hGd]sf] :jb]zL tyf lab]zL k'/ftTj lab\x?sf]
;xdlt ePkl5 g]kfn ;/sf/n] To;sf]] 3f]if0ff u/]sf] xf] .

k'is/0fL jf klaq kf]v/L (Sacred Pond)

klaq kf]v/Ldf dfofb]aLn] uf}tda'4nfO{ hGd lbg' cl3 cfkm"n]

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czf]s:tDe (Asokan Pillar)

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-v_ laxf/ If]q (Monastic Zone)

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-u_ gofF n'lDagL ufpF (New Lumbini Village)

n'lDagL u'?of]hgfsf] pQ/ tkm{sf] clGtd Ps dfOn If]qnfO{ gofF

n'lDagL ufpF elgG5 . n'lDagL If]qsf] Joa:yfkg nufot Toxf k'u]sf

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zflGt:t'kf hfkfgsf] g]kf]hg dfof]hL (Nipponzan Myohoji) n]
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slkna:t' (Kapilavastu)

slkna:t' uf}tda'4;+u hf]l8Psf] gfd xf] . To; If]qdf a'4sf lktf

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