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E MPLOYMENT CTO, Mobile Engineer Grub Runner Nov. 2013 present Developed a web app on top of PhoneJS that allows fans at stadium events to order concessions Co-Founder, iOS Engineer, UX Designer Xenon Labs, LLC Sept. 2009 Oct. 2013 Created sheet music writing app, Symphony Pro featured on for 11 months Reduced drawing times for the sheet music scrollview by 50%, while also reducing memory usage Developed import and export functionality for intricate sheet music interchange format MusicXML Implemented multi-touch, realistic piano that can be controlled with an external MIDI keyboard Wireframed and implemented complete redesign for version 3.0, resulting in 20% larger page area Implemented all of the menus and other view components contained in the main editing screen Recreated many commonly drawn images with Core Graphics to improve crispness and speed Eliminated dozens of leaks, crashes and bottlenecks using Instruments Converted 80K LOC codebase to ARC, using a custom Bash script and sed W eb Developer University of Arizona Oct. 2008 Sept. 2009 Developed Drupal module to partially automate and illustrate the new-hire onboarding process Developed web-based database administration tool to simplify the process of editing certain tables Quickly addressed any changes or fixes to a client departments website, while working remotely E DUCATION Tucson, AZ University of Arizona Aug. 2008 May 2012 B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, cum laude. GPA: 3.652 C.S. Coursework: Algorithms; Operating Systems; Compilers; Databases; Networking; Computer Vision; Computation Theory; Comparative Programming Languages; Advanced C++; Discrete Structures; OO-Programming and Design; Systems Programming and Unix; Computer Organization Math Coursework: Graph Theory; Numerical Analysis A/B; Cryptography; Linear Algebra A/B; Math Reasoning and Writing; Complex Variables; Ordinary Differential Equations; Intro. to Formal Logic T ECHNICAL E XPERIENCE Sneakerhead (LA Startup Weekend, 11/13). Etsy for sneaker collectors. W on Crowd Favorite Bubble Babble (2012). Cross-platform, fast-paced, spelling game. Lua, Corona W avelet Pitch Detection (2011). Created a monophonic pitch detector, a denoiser, and a variable-rate compression algorithm using Discrete Wavelet Transform; wrote and presented a research paper on wavelet theory as applied to pitch detection. MATLAB Toy C Compiler (2010). Wrote compiler for a subset of C for the MIPS architecture. C, flex, yacc Syncing slideshow with recorded presentation (2010). Implemented and used SIFT to match frames from a video to individual slides inside a given slideshow. C Column Sort (2010). Implemented a parallelizable sorting algorithm based on quicksort. Java O PEN S OURCE C ONTRIBUTIONS Vexflow: Sheet music viewer in HTML5 and JavaScript Fixed positioning of articulations on notes Underscore.js: Functional programming utility library for JavaScript Improved documentation L ANGUAGES AND T ECHNOLOGIES Objective-C; C; Java; JavaScript (PhoneJS, Knockout); SQL; HTML5; CSS3; PHP iOS 5-7; Xcode; Instruments; Photoshop; Git; Vim; Briefs; Omnigraffle; MySQL; Bootstrap; Eclipse; MATLAB; CINEMA 4D; Flash