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Teddys Joels Birthday Party How I Met Your Mother Trivia Extravaganza!

Name that Episode

In this episode, Ted learns that karaoke is Japanese for e pty or!hestra" Barney reveals that he lit Teds !oat on fire after Ted finds hi in his #atht$#" Ted fears that his % &o it'(ree )in!e *+ has #een #roken after drinking too any ,ed -ragons" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h Ted 0akes $p 0ith a sprained ankle next to Tr$dy and the tit$lar fr$it" 1ns0er2 The Pineapple In!ident 3hen Ted plays dete!tive in this episode, he says, theres a reason yo$r na es 4,o#in, not 4Bat an" 5e is investigating a fight #et0een 6arshall and 7ily that arose #e!a$se 7ily revealed her h$ge !redit !ard de#t to 6arshall after he #o$ght their % ne0 apart ent" 1t the end of the episode, after they ake $p, they realize that their apart ent has a pro#le , a##reviated in the title" (or ./ points, na e this episode 0here 6arshall and 7ily learn that, altho$gh its t$rned off on the 0eekends, their apart ent is -o0n0ind of the )e0age Treat ent Plant" 1ns0er2 -o0isitrepla In this episode, a 0aiter yells at 6arshall after Barney re!o ends he ret$rn his food" 1fter that, 6arshall tells Barney that he doesnt look as good in a s$it as he thinks he does, #$t Barney tells hi to yell so ething thats tr$e! Barney !hanges the na e of the title !on!ept 0hen he !alls it a % 8ir!le" 7ily says the 8ir!le version of the theory !ant 0ork #e!a$se 6arshalls #osss #oss doesnt have a !hild in 7ilys !lass, and 7ily doesnt yell at her st$dents" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h Barney tells 6arshall ho0 to deal 0ith the stress of #eing s!rea ed at #y his #oss" 1ns0er2 The 8hain of )!rea ing 1 s$#plot in this episode involves 6arshalls !oa!hing of the kindergarten #asket#all tea , over 0hi!h he and 7ily fight" If Ted 0ins the #et in this episode, he gets to talk to Barney a#o$t ar!hite!t$re for three ho$rs" Barney and ,o#in !o e $p 0ith a % list of things Ted $st do, in!l$ding take forever to ans0er the phone and go to #ed at 9 P6" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h Barney tries to do a list of things that Ted says he is too old for, na ed after -anny :lovers !hara!ter in 7ethal 3eapon" 1ns0er2 6$rta$gh In this episode, Ted and Barney are given !ontrol of 6a!larens #ar, 0here they 0in the affe!tion of t0o girls 0ho are in a #and" That #and t$rns o$t to #e the 1rizona Te!h (ighting 5ens 6ar!hing Band, 0ho later play 1$ld 7ang )yne for 7ily as she arrives fro the % airport" (or ./ points, na e this episode, 0hose title is !o prised of a length of ti e and a 0eather pheno enon" 1ns0er2 Three -ays of )no0 In a side plot in the episode, Ted eets 8indy, the roo ate of his f$t$re 0ife" Barneys tailor, Ti :$nn, is introd$!ed, and he fixes the s$it that Barney rips 0hile !hanging #a!k into his T'shirt, 0hi!h he 0ears to i press the first % 5ot Bartender at 6a!larens" This episode feat$res a legen ; 0ait for it< -1,= song and dan!e n$ #er !alled >othing )$its 6e like a )$it" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h Barney 0eighs the first title o#?e!t, exe plified #y the #artender, against the se!ond title o#?e!t, his favorite type of !lothing" 1ns0er2 :irls vs" )$its

In this episode, the only one dire!ted #y >eil Patri!k 5arris, ,o#in !o es to Teds !lass 0ith a egaphone after learning a#o$t the ,o#in )!herpatzky drinking ga e" 6arshall, after hearing a#o$t a theory of rea!hers and settlers, de!ides to ake 7ily ?ealo$s" % That title !hara!ter has po$red !herries over herself and peed o$t a !a# 0indo0" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h 7ily istakes the title !hara!ter for a an and ends $p p$n!hing her in the nose o$t of ?ealo$sy" 1ns0er2 Jenkins In this episode, @evin !o ents on the n$ #er of a0k0ard referen!es to arriage that 6arshall and 7ily ake" Ted and Barney stay $p all night at a 0hite#oard trying to fig$re o$t the sol$tion to a pro#le " Barney is distra!ted on the tit$lar % lo!o otive #e!a$se he is thinking a#o$t A$inn, 0ho he ?$st et" (or ./ points, na e this episode, in 0hi!h the ans0er to Ted and Barneys 0hite#oard !on$ndr$ is laid o$t like a 0ord'sear!h2 :ET -,B>@" 1ns0er2 The -r$nk Train In this episode, Barneys other tells ,o#in, >o0 0e !an really talk! Barney fails to drop off a !ollateral pay ent for his 0edding !aterer" Ted proposes a drink every ti e he hears % 1l :ore say !atastrophi!" (or ./ points, na e this episode in 0hi!h Billy Capka plays a !lo0n and !ontri#$tes to the 0orst night of Barneys life at the tit$lar event" 1ns0er2 The Bro 6itzvah Name that Season In this season, Barney des!ri#es a r$le even higher than the :olden ,$le" Before that, he goes on an $nl$!ky streak that he !alls the =ips" This season ends 0ith Barney getting hit #y a #$s" This season feat$res the #eginning of #oth the % slap #et plotline and the ,o#in )parkles plotline" (or ./ points, na e this season 0hose first line is -1,=! 7egendary! ending the s$ er'long 0ait' for'it that Barney i posed at the end of the previo$s season at 6arshall and 7ilys 0edding" 1ns0er2 )eason Three In this season, Ted goes o$t 0ith Janet 6!Intyre" 5e re inis!es to his Boy )!o$t days 0hen he prepares for a h$rri!ane" )!ott dit!hes 6arshall on the roof 0hen they are preparing his )y phony of Ill$ ination" DE 6in$tes refers to the a o$nt of ti e it takes to get to % 6arshall and 7ilys ne0 ho$se in the s$#$r#s" (or ./ points, na e this season 0hose t0o'part finale is na ed The 6agi!ians 8ode" 1ns0er2 )eason )even In this season, 6arshall dra0s on the infl$en!e of 1$relia Birnholz'&asF$ez to fit in 0ith his !o0orkers in this season" Ted goes on a date 0ith a paralegal to the 7o!al 1rea 6edia 10ards" 6arshall holds a ga e night, 0hi!h is a!t$ally a ploy to pry infor ation o$t of % Teds ne0 girlfriend, 0ho ends $p in :er any" (or ./ points, na e this season feat$ring The 7i o, P$rple :iraffe, and The Pineapple In!ident" 1ns0er2 )eason Gne Round One Bonus: )ing >othing )$its e like a )$it" H points for every .H se!onds of singing, for a axi $ of I/ points" )ong $st #e at approxi ate te po fro sho0" 7ines $st #e !orre!t" 1ll players !an try"

Lightning Response: J+ points for a !orre!t response" '+ points for an in!orre!t response" ." 3hat is ,o#ins sisters na eK Katie I" 3hen Barney 0as yo$ng, 0hat instr$ ent did he 0ant to play professionallyK Violin +" 3ho are the sho0s !reatorsK Carter Bays and Craig Thomas D" 3ho is Teds favorite poetK Pablo Neruda H" 3hat is 5a ond -r$therss prized possessionK Pete Rose ! Baseball E" 3ho plays ,o#in )!her#atskyK Cobie Smulders L" 3hat kind of a$to o#ile does Barney 0in on The Pri!e is ,ightK "une Buggy 9" 3ho does the voi!e of f$t$re TedK Bob Saget *" 3hat does Barney do for a livingK #dismissi$e %a$e# Please& ./" 3ho is in the fla ing Beekeeper s$itK 'arrison Cootes .." 3hat !lassroo does Ted a!!identally go to on his first dayK E(onomi(s )* .I" 3ho does 6arshall fire that goes on to #re0 his o0n #eerK Randy +armpus .+" 3hat pl$s'aged strip !l$# does ,o#in !hoose for BarneyK 'olden Oldies .D" 3hat !ondition does 6arshall have, aka iliopsolis tendonitisK "an(er,s -ip .H" 3hat is the as!ot the Barney steals to get into the pro K . turtle .E" 3hat 8anadian fast'food !olle!ti#le does the (rozen )no0shoe !olle!tK -ar$ey,s Trays .L" 3hat food does Barney eat to i press ,o#in at -ons apart entK +asabi .9" 3here did Barney go to !ollegeK /0T .*" 3hat #ody of 0ater is the s$#?e!t of 6arshalls trial against #radK 1rog La2e I/" 5o0 often does the >aked 6an 0orkK 3 out o4 times5 guaranteed I." 3hat is the na e of Teds assistant at 6os#i$s -esignsK P6 II" 3ho is ,o#ins #est friend fro 8anadaK 6essi(a 'litter I+" 3hat is the na e of Teds eF$ivalent in The 3edding BrideK 6ed /osley ID" 3ho a!!o panies 6arshall on his F$est to find the #est #$rger in >=8K /aurie Po$i(h IH" 3hat hospital is 6arvin #orn inK St7 /ar(us -ospital IE" 3hat is the Platin$ ,$leK Ne$er5 e$er5 love they neighbor IL" 3ho 0ins the d$!ks vs" ra##its de#ateK "u(2s I9" 3hat is 6arshalls pass0ord to his Bar res$ltsK aob(d899 I*" 3ho tells Ted nothing good happens after I 16K -is mother +/" 3hats Teds sisters na eK -eather +." 1!!ording to Barney, 0ho ade the Three -ays ,$leK 6esus +I" 3hats the ideal #ait in the episode 5ookedK . tea(up pig ++" 3hat a!tress plays Coeys !o$sin, 5oneyK Katy Perry +D" 3hats the land ark line on the 5ot'8razy )!aleK The Vi(2y /endo:a "iagonal +H" 3here did Ted, 6arshall, and 7ily go to !ollegeK +esleyan +E" 3ho plays 7ilyK .lyson -annigan +L" 3hat T& sho0 0as ,o#in on in 8anadaK Spa(e Teens +9" 5o0 any slaps is 6arshall allotted Min!l$ding those fro the -$!ky TieNK 8 +*" 3hat is the last line of )$perdateK .nd that,s your superdate& D/" 3hy did Barney ?$ p into the 5$dson ,iverK They ha$e to tell the story

Lists: J+ per response, axi $ .H per player per list ." >a e so e annoying !hara!ter fla0s that people have, revealed in the episode Spoiler Alert Gptions2 8he0ing lo$dly M7ilyN, )inging 0hatever hes doing M6arshallN, 8orre!ting people MTedN, is$sing literally M,o#inN, $sing a high voi!e MBarneyN, spa!ing o$t MBarneyN, $sing !at!hphrases MBarneyN, talking too $!h M8athyN I" >a e so e na es that people !all Barney #ased off of )0arley" Gptions2 Bo# )0arley on, )0arles Barkley, Gl )0arles, )0arlos +" >a e so e of the plays entioned in the episode The Play#ook Gptions2 The )>1)1, The 8heap Tri!k, The 6y Penis :rants 3ishes, The 5es >ot 8o ing, The Ted 6os#y, The 6rs" )tinsfire, The 7orenzo &on 6atterhorn, The )!$#a -iver D" >a e so e 0ays people !a$se Ted to iss his flight in 7$!ky Penny Gptions2 Ted finds the l$!ky penny, Ted and ,o#in eat at the hotdog stand, ,o#in and 7ily 0ait in line for the dress, ,o#in !o es ho e early, 6arshall #reaks his toe, Barney r$ns the >= arathon, Barney is st$!k on the s$#0ay, Ted ?$ ps the t$rnstile, Ted has his !o$rt hearing H" >a e so e variants of )$it Bp! Gptions2 (light s$it $p, )no0s$it $p, Birthday s$it $p, Peng$in s$it $p, E" >a e so e variants of 5igh five Gptions2 ,elapse'five, Phone'five, Tiny'five, 5ypotheti!al'five, 1rthritis'five, )elf'five, -oor'five L" >a e so e things that the !hara!ters hold interventions for Gptions2 6agi! MBarneyN, British 1!!ent M7ilyN, Gld 6an )$it MBarneyN, The ($nky 5at M6arshallN, 8harts M6arshallN, )pray Tans M,o#inN, 6arrying )tella too early MTedN, Pron$n!iation MTedN, 7oving a arried 0o an MTedN, Too any interventions MeveryoneN, The A$intervention MBarneyN, G#session 0ith Barney M,o#inN Round T%o Bonus: )ing 1 ,o#in )parkles )ong" H points a0arded for every ./ se!onds of singing, for a axi $ of I/ points" )inging $st #e at approxi ate te po fro sho0" 1ll lines $st #e !orre!t" 7o0est' ranked player gets first pi!k, and no song !an #e repeated"