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COPTIC ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY COMPILED BY CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMBRIDGE LONDON + NEWYORK + MELBOURNE Published by the Syndic ofthe Cambridge University Press ‘The Piet Building, Trumpington Sues, Cambridge 02 tnt entley Howse, 200 Euston Read, London 1 208 12 East g7dh Street, New York, wvi0022, USA sg6 BeaconsGeld Parade, Mile Park, Melbourne ga, Australia| {© Cambie Univesity Pro 1078 “Livery of Congres Catalog Card Naber 10108 senso sat o7md x Fine publited G76 Printed in Great Bain st the University Pang House, Cambridge (Guan Philip, Univenity Pate) CONTENTS Publishers’ note Preface List of abbreviations COPTIC ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY APPENDIX: GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES (aw seLection) Indexes a: oe PUBLISHERS’ NOTE Professor Cerny died at an early stage in the printing of this book. The heavy task of seeing through the press the larger part of the proofs was ‘undertaken by Professor A. F. Shore, DrI. E. S. Edwards and MrT. G. H. James of the Department of Egyptian Antiquities, British Museum. To these three scholars the Press owes a deep debt of gratitude. In addition, the Press is obliged to the Reverend Professor J. M. Plumley for advice in the setting of the hieroglyphic passages in Professor Cernj’s manuscript, and to Dr A. Alcock for compiling the index of Coptic words whose etymology is still unknown. ‘Thanks are also due to the British Academy and to the Allocators of the Sir Alan Gardiner Settlement for Egyptological Purposes for generous subventions towards production costs