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Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one and includes the word given. Use between two and five words. She couldn't remember anything about the exam. Both students were unhappy with the results. They didn't gi e out any in!ormation on the situation. #ore people went to the li e concert last year. % would rather they didn't allow students into the computer room. 'pparently( each room has a ideo wall. 'lthough he's ery busy( he replies to all his letters in person. They ga e ery little money to each child. -e didn't get the .ob because they thought he was unpro!essional. There wasn't any rain at all last wee/. Fill in the missing word. %'d better ________________ 1ohn's letter soon( or he'll thin/ % didn't get it. 2ould you li/e to ______________ an appointment !or Tuesday 20th #ay3 %' been trying to phone her !or ages( but % .ust can't get _______________4 %t's terrible that _________________ o! her children has had a good education. %n the past people belie ed that _______________ 5arth was !lat. 'nn doesn't li/e her new haircut6 she thin/s it's much ________________ short !or her. % ha e to ________________ hold o! 'ndy as soon as possible. % thin/ he's ery rude4 The !irst time we met( he didn't e en bother to sha/e hands _____________ me. There are 7uite a _____________ ad antages to wor/ing here. -er ________________ tongue is %talian( but she also spea/s 5nglish and 8rench. Choose the correct item. 2e couldn't concentrate on the !ilm because two girls behind us were _____ non9stop. They really dro e us mad4 a: saying b: telling c: spea/ing d: tal/ing _____ photographer is wor/ing at the moment. a: 5ither b: Neither c: Both d: Se eral had was given as want all letter sum enough drop She _______________________________________________________the exam. Neither __________________________________________________with the results. No ______________________________________________________the situation. Not ______________________________________________the li e concert this year. % don't ______________________________________________into the computer room. 'pparently( _________________________________________ ideo walls. *espite being ery busy( ___________________________________he recei es in person. ' small _________________________________________to each child. They didn't thin/ ___________________________________________to get the .ob. There was _________________________________________last wee/.

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;ould % ha e _____ piece o! ca/e( please3 The !irst piece was delicious. a: another b: other c: some d: either % don't thin/ % can come to the cinema with you this e ening6 % ha en't got _____ money. a: little b: some c: many d: enough The actors ga e such a good per!ormance that the audience _____ !or ten minutes at the end4 a: clapped b: yelled c: whistled d: giggled 't the ery beginning o! the storm there was a huge _____ o! thunder. a: clap b: piece c: noise -e !inally won his court case and was paid <2)$(000 in _____. a: damage b: damaging c: damages d: !lash d: damaged

% /now how to wor/ this !ax machine( so please stop _____ me what to do4 a: saying b: telling c: tal/ing d: spea/ing Use the given word to form a word that fits in the space on the same line. Ready Steady Euro The 5uro was in ented as a common currency !or all the countries o! the ________________ =nion. There is no longer any need !or _____________________________ to change money when isiting other euro9Aone countries. 2ith a single currency we are able to ma/e _________________________________ throughout the large single mar/et. This will ________________________________ lead to ___________________________ in prices !or many goods and ser ices. *ue to the ;entral Ban/'s low rates( ___________________________ should be _________________________ reduced than/s to the increase in ____________________________ growth. The euro is one o! the two most important ________________________ in the world. This allows us to do business with many _____________________________ 2orld countries in our own currency rather than in dollars( which can be _________________________. The main ad antage o! the euro( o! course( is that it ma/es buying and selling much more simple. 5D@5NS5 ;?#@'>5 8%N'B >5*=;5 5#@B?C 5'SC 5;?N?#C ;=>>5N;C T->55 5=>?@5 ;?NS=#5

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Fill in accent nati e body language tongue speech tal/

Cou can understand a lot about how a person is !eeling by examining his _______________language. 1ac/ spea/s !our languages( but his ______________ language is 5nglish. 1ane spea/s 8rench so well you'd thin/ she was a _________________ speaker. %t's di!!icult to understand someone who has a strong regional _______________. The official _________________ o! The Netherlands is *utch. Eerman is his mother ________________ although he also spea/s excellent 8rench. 2e made some small _______________ about the weather and then went on to tal/ about the contract. % didn't mean to o!!end you F it was .ust a figure of ________________.