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The Cullens go to Hogwarts

Hey this is after breaking dawn when they go to Hogwarts and nessie and Jacob go
to Dartmouth the story is changed harry potter is there to and this is first year with
his friends

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or harry potter or ant of the characters

At the station

Harry p.o.v

I could not wait for this day I stepped in to the station all my hopes drowned as I
heard uncle Vernon laugh behind me ha boy find your station by yourself he said I
sucked it up and walked over to station number nine I stood there until I saw a
woman with lots of kids oh she said I will miss you all happy year at Hogwarts
beside her was a younger girl at least a year younger than me holding her moms
hand I went up to her um…… madam I said do you know where station number nine
and three quarters is oh she said looking at me she had red curly hair first year she
said oh my she said again realizing who I was harry potter she said the girl beside
had a peek at me so did the rest of her kids yes I said well all you have to do is walk
through she pointing at the wall between the spaces of station ten you can go with
Ron if you like she said pointing at him the boys ears went pink um……. Hello he
said quietly sure I said smiling then one of the others boys who looked like twins
whined but mum Ron gets to go we don’t now she said Percy is being good follow
his example one of the twins said in a evil voice it is perfect prefect Percy mum the
eldest boy whined tell them to stop behave yourselves Fred and George the mother
said and we headed inside

Bella p.o.v

I was so excited we had to keep our identity a secret because we are vampires I was
holding a Edwards hand as we went in to the train behind us we heard oohs and ahs
I turned around to see who I was it was harry potter I had heard about him once I
smiled at him when we finally found a nice place to sit with the rest Edward shut the
door jasper was stuffing alices baggage when there was a knock on the door alice
looked happy rose went and opened the door in came to boys one was a red head
and the other was harry potter hey they said mind if we sit here the little place was
almost full but we made room sure I said smiling at them both emmet was busy
petting his new owl Abby which Rosalie was not so found of um……. Emmet we
have visitors I said Emmet turned around oh hey he said you must be harry potter
and friend he said yes harry said and sat down the train ride began Ron and harry
kept to themselves I snuggled up to Edward and Alice and jasper where staring at
each other harry and Ron were staring outside the window me and Edward were
doing our thing and eventually emmet had gotten tired of playing with Abby and
was with rose alice and jasper still staring at each other once in while they would
peck each other harry and Ron were talking to each other when a plump woman
was carrying a trolley hello darlings she said would you like something to eat she
said harry was crowding over the tray with when he realized we were there to would
you like to something to eat he asked I felt Edward stiffen but jasper calmed him
down I kissed him lightly alice seemed fine she said in her pixie voice we would like
to have six blood flavored lollypops Ron looked at us funny the lady handed alice
some lollypops and alice gave the lady some money which we had gotten from
gringotts in diagon alley it was a wonderful place I wish nessie was there to but she
was in Dartmouth with Jake and was having a good time as alice handed us all a
lollypop I opened the wrapper to mine and licked it yum I said they others smiled
around us harry and Ron stuffed their faces with every flavored jelly beans and
chocolate frogs they offered us some we denied it after a while a girl came in the
little space she had bushy blonde brown hair she was with a boy I has seen earlier
on holding a toad which slipped away from his grip has anyone seen Neville’s toad
she said she had a bubbly tone no I replied so did the others she was already
wearing her cloak she looked at us you should wear your cloak by now we are close
Ron snorted so did emmet Ron smiled at emmet in a friendly way from their
similarities harry asked the girl her name Hermione she replied alice spoke up after
a long time almost everyone jumped to hear her pixie happy go lucky voice check in
the last one Hermione jumped and went of harry looked at us so he said im harry
potter and this is Ron Weasley the boy next to harry ears went pink he looked down
Edward seemed to be still sucking at his lollypop when emmet yanked it out of his
mouth I have had enough im hungry and with that he started sucking on the
lollypop Edward growled furious pulled out this wand muttered something under his
breath and emmet was in a headlock howling in pain serves you well Edward said
harry and Ron stared at us I didn’t need to read minds to figure out what they were
thinking freaks I smile weakly at them and started at emmet rose was now putting a
spell on Edward he started to throw up slugs I took out my wand dug in to the book
searched for the spell to stop throwing up slugs I did and one to turn your nose into
a snout I stopped the slugs and turned roses nose in to a snout even emmet was
laughing at this she turned around until I said sorry and undid it for her harry and
Ron seemed to have liked what happened to rose outside I could see the castle a
little bit we are almost there I said excitedly jumping up and down in my seat harry
looked excited to when we reached alice let out a squeal we all are going in
Gryffindor tower even you to she said pointing at Ron and harry they looked scared
Edward threw an elbow to her ribs she stuck out her tongue at him and turned to
look outside the window emmet was clapping his hands in a very odd way when the
train stopped and harry and Ron looked like they would do anything to get out of the
cabin just dance was one of my favorite songs and suddenly I felt like singing it I bit
my tongue to stop it we went out the train where a very tall looking man greeted us
he took us to a huge hall we sat where other first years were staring at us Hermione
sat next to rose and harry and Ron sat as far as possible from us then Dumbledore
came into the room carrying a hat that must be the sorting hat alice was talking
about earlier in the train Dumbledore knew our secret and with Carlisle they had
made a deal that we would not feed on humans Dumbledore was understanding
man and understood our reason I was thinking about when they called my name
Bella Cullen someone said I went and sat on a stool they put a hat on it shouted
Gryffindor I walked back next was Edward , alice, jasper , rose and emmet
Hermione was bouncing up and down when it was her turn she was so happy to be
in Gryffindor we had a large feast Dumbledore let us got o the tower cause we are
vampires we met professor McGonagall and snape who seemed to hate us already
there was someone else to professor Quriell who was very tiny Edward said he
seemed strange and alice couldn’t see his future I scoffed at the news we settled
ourselves Edward , emmet and jasper were in the same room same with the girl
after a while Hermione came up hey she said you were not in the feast well um……
… we um alice helped me she said we were busy so your with us right Hermione
nodded and started to set up we left after a while meeting the boys in the common
room we have Hermione with Us I said to Edward as we sat near the fire we have
Ron and potter Edward said you k now I have doubts that harry might find out what
we are he is curious about us Edward said I don’t know if he does we will but what if
he passes the information around about us we will see about that I said putting my
hand on his cheek we just sat after a while people started to go to bed I never
thought about this part were we were going to have to sleep it would be hard but
Edward said everything would be okay after a while I got bored and went to nessie
she might be up

Harry p.o.v

I was tired and sleepy but something about those people in the cabin with us kept
coming into my mind it was annoying I felt my head feel heavy and soon I was
asleep ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

Hey im going to stop here u want more leave comments harry find out who they just
after a few day and ***** helps him if u figure out who it is I will write a story just for
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