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Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets together with the suitable preposition (up or down) to replace the highlighted parts. You should talk to people about your problems and not bottle things up. (open) You need to have a couple of weeks holiday in order to relax completely. (wind) hy don!t you try to work less intensely and not get so stressed. (ease) You should try to relax and en#oy yourself. (loosen) %othing & said could make him feel better' he was really depressed. (cheer) )lease try to control yourself and tell me what happened. (calm) +ve!s #ob is making her unhappy. ,he needs a change. (get) ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

&!m so sorry & disappointed you yesterday. &!ll try to be more reliable in the future. (let) ___________ Fill in: .uick 1 2 3 " $ red brown .uiet

as _________________ as a berry as _________________ as a flash as _________________ as a mouse as _________________ as a sheet as _________________ as a beetroot

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hoose the correct item. / here did you live before you moved here01 / e _____ in a small village in ales.1 a) were used to living b) have lived c) used to live d) have been living /2o you always travel to work by train01 a) am going b) go /%o. ,ometimes & _____ by bus.1 c) went d) was going

/& think this egg has gone off.1 /Yes3 it certainly _____ too good.1 a) isn!t smelling b) does smell c) smells d) doesn!t smell / hy aren!t you speaking to 4ary01 a) at b) about /5ecause she!s always complaining _____ my music.1 c) for d) to

/6ow!s your new #ob3 7olin01 /%ot bad. & _____ used to it slowly but surely.1 a) am getting b) have get c) am going to get d) have been / here is she going for her holidays this year01 a) thinks b) will think /,he _____ about going abroad.1 c) has thought d) is thinking

/7an & speak to 8enny3 please01 /,orry3 she _____ a shower right now.1 a) has b) will have c) is having d) have /6ow do you feel now01 a) very b) lot /9h3 _____ better3 thanks.1 c) much d) more

/ hat !s wrong0 You seem upset.1 a) have b) am / hat did you think of <om!s behaviour01 a) at b) for

/& am. & _____ #ust failed my driving test.1 c) was d) had /& felt really ashamed _____ him.1 c) with d) of

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Find the unnecessar" word in each sentence. <he teacher is always complains when we fail to do our homework on time. & always feel stressed when & am about to take up an e=amination. 2avid and >i? are used to live in the city centre but have now moved to the suburbs. @l set off earlier than usual so as not to avoid getting stuck in traffic. +ve will have to get being used to working long hours at the office. & think she is trying to hide from her true feelings. <he children were very disappointed when the trip was cancelled off. >yn is normally being very cheerful but today she seems to be very .uiet. omplete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first and includes the given word. Use between two and five words. &t took a long time to adapt to life in another country. 9ur teacher always arrives to class on time. e used to go swimming every weekend when & was young. e didn!t know anyone at the e=hibition. 6elen is not usually late for appointments. <his cream must have gone off because it has a funny taste. 8ohn often gets embarrassed at large parties. 4onica doesn!t mind walking to work any more. e didn!t find the film as amusing as we had thought it would be. Arank doesn!t write as many letters now that he!s got email. used never would nobody like so tendency used by used &t took a long time ________________________________________in another country. 9ur teacher _________________________________________________class. hen & was young3 _________________________________________every weekend. <here ____________________________________________________the e=hibition. &t is ___________________________________________________late for appointments. <his cream tastes ____________________________________________gone off. 8ohn ___________________________________________embarrassed at large parties. 4onica is _____________________________________________to work now. e _________________________________________the film as we had e=pected to be. Arank _____________________________________________before he got email.

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Fill in the missing word. & ______________ .uite used to living in the country now. 2on!t _____________ think we should get there a little earlier #ust to be sure0 hy _______________ that company always take so long to deliver things0 6e will never get ________________ to living away from home. <he detective tried to avoid ______________ noticed by wearing ordinary clothes.