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Amar Naher joins Virtus Data Centres as Head of Strategic Business Development

Virtus Data Centres, Londons flexible and efficient data centre specialists, appoints new Head of Strategic Business Development. London, !, December "#, $"%& ' Virtus Data Centres Ltd, (Virtus), Londons flexible and efficient data centre specialists announced today that Amar Naher has joined Virtus as its ne !ead of "trate#ic $usiness De%elopment& 'ith o%er () years of experience de%elopin# strate#ic relationships ithin the *nterprise sector includin# time at +isys, ,nterxion and C$-*, Amar ill focus mainly on three .ey areas/ to stren#then Virtus presence in the 0lobal *nterprise mar.ets and further de%elop Virtus "trate#ic 1artnerships and Channel Alliances& Neil Cress ell, C*2 of Virtus, commented3 4, am absolutely deli#hted that Amar has joined our team& !is breadth of experience ithin the *nterprise sector is a %aluable addition to our current s.ills and capabilities and ill allo us to address ne mar.ets and opportunities more efficiently& Virtus is committed to pro%idin# its customers ith the most intelli#ent data centre solutions in the, as ell as, the most eco5efficient& 'or. has no started on L2ND2N6, our fla#ship data centre in 'est London and e are at sites for L2ND2N7& Althou#h e are expandin# fast, e ill not lose si#ht of our core %alues 5 ser%ice, flexibility and efficiency, but ultimately lo est 8C2s for our customers&9 About Virtus: Virtus, Londons flexible and efficient data centre specialists, help customers optimi:e their ,8 for todays challen#es& 'e assist clients to po er their 6;<= ,8 operations ith enou#h flexibility to enable ,8 expansion and consolidation, hich helps businesses to run smoothly and #ro securely& 2ur data centre and connecti%ity solutions pro%ide the foundation for technolo#y hich is increasin#ly at the front and centre of e%ery successful, connected business and helps ma.e ,8 more efficient, flexible and more cost5ali#ned to chan#in# re>uirements& ,n the last fi%e years e ha%e built a reputation for exceptional ser%ice and %alue& 'e speciali:e in the for data centre solutions in London, incorporatin# the best of holesale and retail models& Virtus solutions are ideal for businesses that need scalable, reliable and efficient colocation, ith the con%enience and rich connecti%ity of London locations& 8hey are uni>uely flexible solutions supported by honest, responsi%e customer support, at the lo est 8C2 a%ailable in London& Virtus is Londons fastest #ro in# specialist data centre pro%ider& 2ur hi#hly experienced

mana#ement and operations team has a perfect trac. record of deli%erin# (??@ a%ailability to our cloud, +"1, financial, media and education customers& All our solutions are deli%ered from lar#e eco5efficient data centres that ha%e been desi#ned, built and operated by Virtus on land that e o n& 2ur expandin# portfolio currently comprises 6A +VA of po er in 6(,6;6 s>& m& of data centre space located in outer Londons Bone ) and interconnected to .ey sites in London by 6? leadin# net or. carriers& 8oday, e continue to inno%ate in the and connecti%ity ser%ices& ay businesses of all types deploy and ac>uire colocation

Virtus is Londons flexible and efficient data centre specialists for ,8 "er%ice pro%iders and *nterprise ,8 Companies& Cor more information please #o to3 DVirtusDCs& &%irtusdatacentres&com or contact us on t itter3

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