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Train Your Mind With The 4 Keys To Mindfulness, & Start Living Life In A Perpetual State of Positive Awareness.
Introducing Neurotuning, A Breakthrough Combination of Proven Silva Meditation Techniques & Cutting-Edge Neuroscience.

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Dear Silva Member,

The Silva Method

You close your eyes and take a deep breath The crimson red curtains of a philharmonic hall are slowly being drawn. The conductor composes himself. The grand performance is about to begin. You have a violin in your hands, an instrument youve played masterfully thousands of times before. The conductor waves his wand, and your bandmates start to play. Every note is beautiful. Every chord, exquisite. Your part comes, and you start to play. The crowd gasps, the conductor cringes, and your bandmates look at you in disbelief. Your notes sound painfully flat. The harmony of the orchestra is brokenall because youve forgotten to tune your violin. And so what you must understand is this:


Vous aimez.

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Your life is an orchestra, and your mind a beautifully crafted instrument.

The magic of an unforgettable orchestral performance lies in the talents and skill of the band. But before magic can happen, a musician must never overlook the simple yet crucial step of tuning their instrument. What you may not realize is that tuning your mind is just as important. Because doing so is the only way to achieve the state of mind known as mindfulness.

Did You Know?

Silvas work has influenced many world-renowned writers, doctors, sportsmen and success coaches. These include:

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10/12/2013 18:34

Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Most of us are unaware of the concept of mind-tuning.

Wayne Dyer Best-Selling Self-Improvement Author & Success Coach

And if youre one of them, you are really doing your bodys greatest instrument a Shakti Gawain Best-Selling Author of disserviceby not allowing it to perform at its highest potential. With a perfectly Creative Visualization tuned mind, your life becomes the equivalent of a brilliant orchestral Marguerite Piazza Famous Opera Singer performance. One where you are constantly connected to your physical and Dr. O. Carl Simonton Cancer research Mindfulness lets us be more compassionate mental states, and everything that surrounds you. pioneer

What science has learned about mindfulness

and empathetic

Prof. Clancy D. McKenzie, M.D. Medical And where true happiness and fulfillment are endless encores. Pioneer Back in 2002, neuroscientist Richard Davidson and his associate Antoine Richard Bach Best-Selling Author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull Lutz studied Buddhist monks who regularly practice mindfulness Chicago White Sox Baseball Team (in the meditations. 70s) They placed several electrodes the Scientist, discoverer of When you are not mindful, you relinquish control over your mind and body, and Dr. Cleve on Backster monks heads to examine theirPerceptive Capability in plants let yourself run on auto-pilot. Primary brainwave activity during meditation. Many of your actions and emotions arethe beyond your control. The result: meditating monks Instead showedof powerful gamma activity in the conscious decisions, your every moment is governed by erratic And as pre-frontal cortex (signifying optimal impulses. brain function) specifically when the a result, you let your thoughts go astray. You allow your emotions to get the monks meditated on compassion and loving kindness. With constant practice better of you. You rarely stop think meditation, about the consequences of your actions. Jack Canfield on the Silva Method ofto similar it is believed that we can become more compassionate and empathetic towards other peoples feelings and emotions. Your career, health, relationships and spirituality remain stuck in a rut. A rut Source: Antoine Lutz, Julie Brefczynski-Lewis, Tom Johnstone, Richard J. known as mindlessness. Davidson. Regulation of the Neural Circuitry of Emotion by Compassion Meditation: Effects of Meditative Expertise Heres a look at mindfulness vs mindlessness, and how it affects the different

Why is mindfulness so important to your well-being?

areas of your life.

Mindfulness affects our mental performance

In the early 1980s, Harvard psychologists Ellen J. Langer and Benzoin Chanowitz conducted a study to find out if the way we initially take in Jack Canfield, information (mindfully or unconsciously) effects motivational speaker and co-creator of the Chicken Soup how we use that information. for the Soul The study utilized an invented disease and two study groups. One group was led to believe they had the disease, but not the other group. Has my vote Then, a test was designed which resulted in Anything with the name of Jose Silva as the everyone thinking they had the disease. author has my vote before I open to page one. The result: The group who initially thought they didnt have the disease began Read it with a pen for underlining. performing poorly more poorly than those who initially believed they did
Dr. Wayne Dyer,
motivational speaker, author, and popular This occurred because they had taken in the information about the disease self-improvement guru from best-selling book unconsciously, while those who believed they had the disease all along had Real Magic (Harper Mass Market Paperbacks, 1993.) brought mindful contemplation to the situation, seeking ways to compensate for their problem and thus performing better on the test. Source: Cahnowitz and E. Langer, Premature Cognitive Commitment, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 41 (1981) 1051-1063.

Mindfulness reduces pain psychologically

Silva International is an A+ accredited business

A study by Janis, Langer and Wolfer by Better Business Bureau examined the power of Mindfulness to help hospital patients reduce post-operative pain by using their conscious minds to change the context of the pain. Patients were asked to imagine themselves in one of two situations in which the pain from bruises or cuts would

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

be almost disregarded as superfluous (playing football and accidentally cutting oneself while preparing for a dinner party). This taught the participants that the degree of pain they experience depends on context. These participants, along with a control group who did not receive this counsel, showed a marked difference in the amount of pain relievers and sedatives they required the length of their hospital stays. Those who were given the opportunity to change the context of their pain required lower doses of medication and had quicker recovery times. Source: E. Langer, I. Janis, and J. Wolfer, Reduction of Psychological Stress in Surgical Patients, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 11 (1975) 155-165.

Mindfulness affects our moods and feelings

In a 1980s study of mindfulness, depression and the elderly, researchers found that nursing home residents who had been given the most opportunity to make mindful decisions independently were more likely to have become less depressed, more alert, more confident and independent, and more differentiated in their choices. Langer and L. Perlmuter, Behavioral Monitoring as a Technique to Influence Depression and Self-Knowledge for Elderly Adults, Harvard University. (1988).

How a chance meeting turned into a mission

About 2 years ago a documentary film producer who had been working with the Silva method contact Laura about being part of a series on addictions. The series involved a host of different scientists and researchers, including Mark Robert Waldman, a world-renowned neuroscientist. Hes also an Associate Fellow at the Center of Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania, and has had his extensive research on the neurological effects of meditation and other spiritual practices have been featured in Time Magazine, Washington Post, Oprah Magazine, USA Today and The New York Times. Mark was introduced to Laura Silva, and once they met, they had so much in common that they began speaking at length each week, becoming both colleagues and good friends. Their conversations revolved around science and the brain, with the revelations that, while Jose Silva based the Silva Method on the science of his day, it still stands up to the litmus tests of todays modern findings. Laura was also extremely interested in Waldmans mindfulness-based techniques, which he developed to help people cope with personal and work-related problems. Soon, an idea was struckto combine his techniques with specially selected Silva meditation methods to create a brand new concept that would easily and efficiently train anyone to be more mindful.

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10/12/2013 18:34

Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Their mission was clear: to make the world more mindful, one enlightened mind at a time. They would call their mission The Mindfulness Project. And the result of the project was a brand new concept that changes the landscape of mind empowerment for good

The 4 Keys To Mindfulness

When Laura and Waldman set out on their mission to start the Mindfulness Project , they asked themselves a very simple question: Why arent more people in the world mindful? After extensive study and research into our regular habits, mental patterns, belief systems and spiritual knowledge, they developed the 4 KEYS TO MINDFULNESS which address four of the most common barriers in attaining this state of mind: KEY 1: Fully understanding how our mind works, and how to tune ourselves to become more mindful. KEY 2: The ability to tap into our minds great potential to always be mindful. KEY 3: Overcoming negative barriers that stand in the way of mindfulness. KEY 4: Training your brain to concentrate, relax, and observe feelings, thoughts, and sensations without judgment.

Neurotuning Answered Questions About New Scientific Findings

I, Ted Pittman, have completed the NeuroTuning course and it is wonderful. Over the years, since I took Silva courses, I have wondered about the effects of new scientific findings about the mind. The NeuroTuning course answered all my questions and brought me up-to-date. Ted Pittman,

Introducing NEUROTUNINGthe first-of-its-kind home training program created by Laura Silva & Mark Robert Waldman

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

The NEUROTUNING Home Program Includes:

Powerful Silva meditation techniques that were carefully selected from by Laura and Mark to specifically tune minds towards mindfulness. Insightful lectures that help you understand the concept and science behind mindfulness. Great mindfulness lessons from Laura and Mark that focus on fine-tuning our physical and mental states.

(Running time: 40 minutes)

Begin your journey with Mark Waldman, as he reveals how to begin the process for questioning your own beliefs and interrupting your negative oneswhich is the first step towards mindfulness. Highlights include: The Neuro Resonance phenomenon: learn what your facial expressions, body language and tone of voice could be secretly saying to the people around you. The two things you need before you can practice effective prayer and healing exercises. What you must do to question your own beliefs, so you can find the hidden limiting beliefs that are holding you back in every area of your life.

(Running time: 1 hour)

How exactly does it feel to be mindful? How will it affect you? And most importantly, how can you start applying it in your life today? Get answers to all these questions and more in this crucial opening module. Highlights include: The Yawning Exercise: how something you do every day can be turned into an indispensable tool for instant mindfulness and stress reduction. The Neuro Resonance phenomenon: learn what your facial expressions, body language and tone of voice could be secretly saying to the people around you. Are all rich people greedy? Are all men the same? Discover the danger of the False Belief Trap, and how even one tiny misguided belief can negatively affect the rest of your life.

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Includes the Mind & Body Relaxation Meditation for mindful peace and tranquility in your daily life.

(Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes)

There are countless scientifically proven ways in which your mind influences your reality. Whether this influence is positive or negative, however, depends on your ability to program your own minda skill youll learn extensively in this module. Highlights include: The single best form of medicine in the world. It can cure almost any physical or mental disease, has no unwanted side effects and its all in your head. What would you do if something you passionately believed in was proven wrong? How to deal with changes in your reality, so you can be a more stable and adaptable person. Whats your personal success blueprint? Understand the real reasons behind your every success in life, whether its in your relationships, career or health, so you can replicate them for even more future success. Includes an introduction to the Walking Meditation technique, which trains you to be mindful of your thoughts, actions and surroundings with every step you take. Its meditation with your eyes wide open! Also contains two exercises: How to spiritualize science and How to stay true to yourself: 3-5 things that you deeply believe in.

(Running Time: 1 hour 2 minutes)

The human mind is a complex combination of primitive impulses and evolved mechanisms. The key to consistent mindfulness is to overcome the former, and allow the latter to flourish. You must learn to train your evolved brain. Highlights include: Strengthening the Anterior Singulate. The Anterior Singulate is the newest, most evolved part of the human mind. Discover how to strengthen it so you can be more open to positivity, love and compassion. The little-known power of mind over matter: how through your beliefs you can reliably and effectively influence your wellbeingand add up to 3 years to your life.

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

How to most effectively use positive affirmations to build a positive mindset and open yourself to positive guidance. Includes the Reflection Meditation to help you reflect you on all the learnings you have acquired up to this point, and how they will make a positive difference in how you think and behave. Also features the Love Meditation, which helps you be mindful in your experiences with love. You will have a deeper understanding of love, and learn how to connect better with your loved ones.

(Running Time: 58 minutes)

Does it ever feel like youre your own worst enemy? Its human nature to create self-sabotaging barriers for ourselves, like stubbornness and procrastinationbut with the right mindfulness techniques, you can overcome them for good. Highlights include: The Helmet Technique: what revelations would you find, and how would your perception of reality change if you could see life from the eyes of someone else? Escape the confines of your own thoughts with this powerful technique. Have you paid it forward? Why making a difference in the world, no matter how small, is crucial to your own mental wellbeing. The 14 tricks our minds play on us. Learn what they are and which ones youre falling victim to, so they can finally stop twisting your perception of reality. Features the Helmet Technique Meditation, which puts you in the shoes of others, ultimately making you more aware of how you affect their feelings and emotions. Also includes the May All Be Kind To Others Meditation to help you be more mindfully loving and compassionate throughout your waking life.

(Running Time: 26 minutes)

Blind optimism is equally as damaging as stubborn pessimism. Learn why becoming a skeptic is a vital step to mindfulness, and one of the most important things youll ever do for your personal growth. Become a Skoptimist: how to combine skepticism with optimism, and why this will help you become a better believer in both yourself and the ideals you stand for.

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

The 3 crucial keys to holistic health: what they are, and why so many people miss them. The danger of falling prey to trendy scientific and spiritual studies. Why its infinitely more important to seek multiple sources of information.

If you already are practicing meditation

Then you are already have a great head start into NEUROTUNING. Although NEUROTUNING may have meditation exercises that seem familiar to you (especially if you are Silva Method practitioner), you must remember that they have now been combined with the expertise of Mark Waldman, who specializes in mindfulness-based training for personal betterment. That means you will experience the next evolution in The Silva Method, and thus, taking your meditation practice to greater heights, and experience new areas of personal growth.

Become the master of your moments

Remember that life is made up of moments. And every moment you lose is a moment you never get back. The question is: Are you making the most of yours? Mindfulness is the key to ensuring your every moment is lived to its fullest potential. When you look at the lives of the most happy, successful and enlightened people on earth, youll understand that they got there by being the masters of their moments. They were mindful. You too can choose to be a master of your moments. Now that Silva has teamed up with cutting-edge neuroscience, becoming mindful is as easy as following a simple 4-step process. This is why we have created NEUROTUNING, and we cant wait to help you get started on your journey towards a more mindful life.

Get NeuroTuning NOW

1. Quality
The sheer quality of every lesson, every technique and every meditation in The Silva Life System will exceed your every expectation. Even the online membership area has been made with the greatest of care.

2. Results
Upon using The Silva Life System, youll notice virtually instant results that will only get better in the coming days, weeks and months. Remember you can also write to us at any time for personal guidance and tips.

3. Impact On Your Life

The Silva Life System will empower every aspect of your life, and turn you into a highly capable Silva practitioner. We stick by our claims. If for any unlikely reason The Silva Life System doesnt live up to any of these three promises, just drop us an email. You can opt for FREE personal coaching, or a prompt and courteous refund within 90 days of your date of purchase.

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Dont worry, we were mindful about the price

NEUROTUNING took over 2 years and thousands of man hours to create, and is the result of a revolutionary combination between spirituality and science. And yet because its Laura and Marks mission to make the world a more mindful place, weve strived to make it as affordable for you as possible. Bear in mind that NEUROTUNING is entirely new content. You wont even find it at the most advanced Silva seminar (which youd normally have to pay thousands in attendance, accommodation and flight fees to attend). Were offering it to you for only $129 $89. This offer ends in 24 Hours!

Try NeuroTuning Today & Get 30% off PLUS A Limited Time Bonus with Mark Robert Waldman
Youre being given the opportunity to save 30% on the NeuroTuning Program. You will get the entire NeuroTuning Course and pay 30% of the normal price. But remember, this offer is on for the next 24 Hours, so youll want to take us up on our offer. You see, you really have nothing to lose because even if you decide you dont want the program, you still are covered by our full money back guarantee for the next 90 days.

Order Today & Get:

NEUROTUNING (over 5 hours of tips, techniques and lessons that lead towards more mindful living) priced at $129 $89

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Take advantage of our 90 Day Guarantee and experience the power of Silva, today!

Order Now & Start Listening in 5 Minutes

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NeuroTuning Program
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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

Why Are We Offering You a 30% Discount PLUS Giving You A Limited Time Bonus?
We are offering a 30% because we know that customers who get to experience the extras of the Silva Method tend to become life-long fans and steadily study the materials for years. Thats how powerful the programs are. We want to get as many people as possible to experience these teachings so we are offering you a 30% discount because we know youll love them enough to come back for more.

The Bottom Line: Used by over 6 million people worldwide, The Silva Life System is a scientifically proven and time-tested solution to awakening the full power of your mind. The result? Massive improvements in every aspect of your life, from your career to your health to your relationships. Its as good as attending a world-famous Silva seminar, but at a mere fraction of the cost.

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A program youll use for life

The Silva Method has been fine-tuned and enhanced over 5 decades. Welcome to our 2010 version. With 1 seminar million graduates and over 6 million books sold, you know youre using a system that has been distilled and refined to perfection.

A world-class authority
The Silva Method organization is certified by the Better Business Bureau. MindValley, the publisher is voted Worlds Most Democratic Workplace 2 years running. Youre dealing with reputable companies and names you can trust

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It doesnt take much time to learn. Listen during your commute, or while you jog, do yoga or workout. Feel the difference without having to add too many new tasks to your already busy schedule.

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Silva Mind Control - Jose Silva Method | Silva Life System

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