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My Private Alchemy Journal By Frater Oannes

Table of Contents 1. Alchemical Laws (Modern) 2. Alchemical Laws (Ancient) 3. Alchemic Symbolism 4. Polarity Chart 5. Oroborus List of Cycles 6. Three Principles 7. Elements of Nature and the Cosmos 8. Alchemic Kingdoms 9. Alchemic Processes (From Real Alchemy) 10. Old Alchemy Process Chart 11. Alchemic Tools And Their Processes 12. Alchemic Metal Planetary Correspondences 13. Old Weights (From Spagyrics) 14. Alchemic Mineral Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 15. Alchemic Animal Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 16. Alchemic Biological Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 17. Noon Emphemeris Chart 18. Elemental Color Chart 19. Solvent/Disease Chart 20. Calcination Color Chart 21. Planetary Healing Chart 22. Alchemic Salts Symbolism (From Real Alchemy) 23. The Four Degrees of Fire (From Real Alchemy) 24. List Of Alchemic Chemicals 25. Concerning The Nature of Metals and Minerals (From The Way of the Crucible) 26. How to Collect and Prepare Plants (From Alchemists Handbook) 27. How to Collect and Prepare Metals and Minerals (From The Way of the Crucible) 28. Alchemic Processes Dictionary 29. Concerning Nature (From A Short Catechism On Alchemy) 30. The Laws of Biological Alchemy 31. Moon Cycles/Lunar Mansions (From The Way of the Crucible) 32. Astrological Guidelines For Herbs (From The Way of the Crucible) 33. How To Interpret Alchemical Texts (From The Way of the Crucible)

34. Elemental Influences/Seasonal Energies (From The Way of the Crucible) 35. Chart of the Lunar Phases

Chapter One Alchemical Laws (Modern) 1. Law of All-Is-One: Everything came from the One-All-One (Metatron/Enki) or the One-All-Thing (Sephiroth Yetzirah). 2. Law of Polarity: Everything has an equal, opposing, and complementary counterpart." 3. Law of Correspondences: As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without. As the Universe, So the Soul.

Chapter Two Alchemical Laws (Ancient) 1. Law of Oroborous: A cycle is without beginning or end. 2. Law of Laboratory: Work (experiments) and pray (spells). 3. Law of Beginnings: Everything came from chaos.

Chapter Three Alchemic Symbolism 1. One-All-One = Enki/Metatron 2. One-All-Thing = Kabbalah/Sephiroth Yetzirah/Body of Enki 3. None-All-One = Set/Thoth 4. None-All-Thing = Qliphoth/Daath Yetzirah/Body of Thoth 5. Oroborous = Cycles 6. Red Lion = Yang 7. Green Lion = Yin 8. Taoist Symbol = Chaos/Source 9. Star of David = Fire/Water 10. Mountain In A Circle = Knowledge Of Chaos/Knowledge Of God 11. Palace Of The King = Throne Of God/Kingdom Of Heaven

Chapter Four Polarity Chart Yin Earth Water Dark Space Spirit Nexus Yang Wind Fire Light Time Metal Chaos

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Chapter Five Oroborous List of Cycles 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Moon Phases Wheel of the Zodiac Menstrual Cycle Solar Circular Calendar Lunar Calendar Cycle of Nature Leap-Year Cycle Planetary Movement Cycles

Chapter Six Three Principles 1. Salt = Body 2. Sulphur = Soul 3. Mercury = Spirit

Chapter Seven Elements of Nature and the Cosmos 1. Earth 2. Wind 3. Fire 4. Water 5. Dark 6. Light 7. Infinity 8. Time 9. Quinta Essentia 10. Waters of Absu 11. Singularity 12. Chaos 13. Aes (Ass)

Chapter Eight Alchemic Kingdoms 1. Plant Kingdom = Vegetables, Fruits, & Herbal Remedies 2. Animal Kingdom = Herbivores, Carnivores, & Omnivores 3. Mineral Kingdom = Minerals, Metals, & Chemicals

Chapter Nine Alchemic Processes (From Real Alchemy) Zodiac Sign Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Status Element Process Digestion Fixation Distillation Separation Calcination Congelation Sublimation Dissolution Incineration Solar/Lunar Planet Mars (Solar) Venus (Lunar) Mercury (Solar) Moon/Luna Sun/Sol Mercury (Lunar) Venus (Solar) Mars (Lunar) Jupiter (Solar) Moon Phase New First/ Third First/ Third First/ Third New Full Full First/ Third New Time March 21April 19 April 20 May 20 May 21 June 20 June 21 July 22 July 23 August 22 August 23 September 22 September 23 October 22 October 23 November 21 November 22-December 21 December 22-January 19 January 20February 18 February 19March 20

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Cardinal Fire Mutable Earth Fixed Wind

Cardinal Water Fixed Fire

Mutable Earth Cardinal Wind Fixed Water

Mutable Fire

10. Capricorn

Cardinal Earth

Fermentation Saturn (Lunar) Multiplying Projection Saturn (Solar) Jupiter (Lunar)

First/ Third Full First/ Third

11. Aquarius 12. Pisces



Mutable Water

Chapter Ten Old Alchemy Processes Chart Solution Calcination (Leo) Corrosion By vapors (Aquarius) By immersion In the wet way By Amalgamation (Aquarius) By Precipitation (Libra) In the dry way By Cementation (Taurus) By Commixtion (Sagittarius) Ignition By Combustion (Cancer) By Reverberation (Gemini) By Incineration (Sagittarius) By Vitrification (Pisces) Dissolution (Scorpio) SUBTILLATION By Operations Of Short Duration By Elevation In the dry way Sublimation (Libra) In the wet way Directly In An Alembic (Capricorn) In A Bladder (Capricorn) Obliquely Through A Side Retort (Capricorn) By Descension By heat (Leo)

By cold Deliquium (Leo) Filtration (Capricorn) By Operations Of Long Duration Exaltation By Circulation By Ablution (Scorpio) Digestion By Putrefaction By Imbibation (Aries) By Cohobation By Coration (Sagittarius) LIQUEFACTION Simple Proving By Cineritium [Ashes (Taurus)] By Antimony (Libra) Coagulation By Cold By Heating

Chapter Eleven Alchemic Tools and Their Processes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Athenor/Stove = Coagulation/Solve et Coagula Glass Tubing = Circulation & Digestion 2-Liter Pop Bottles = Congelation, Fixation, & Fermentation Cast-Iron Frying Pans = Calcination, Sublimation, & Separation (Plants) Crucible = Incineration & Dissolution Rubber Stoppers/Large Glass Tubing = Distillation Incubator = Separation (Metals), Sand Bath, Multiplying, & Projection

Chapter Twelve Alchemic Metal Planetary Correspondences 1. Sol Sun Gold 2. Luna Moon Silver 3. Mercury Quicksilver 4. Venus Copper 5. Mars Iron 6. Jupiter Tin 7. Saturn Lead 8. Uranus Uranium 9. Neptune Neptunium 10. Pluto Plutonium

Chapter Thirteen Old Weights (From Spagyrics) Grain 1 20 60 480 5760 Obulus 0.5 10.0 30.0 12.0 144.0 Scruple 0.05 1.0 3.0 24.0 288.0 Dram 0.0167 0.333 1.0 8.0 96.0 Loth 0.0010 0.021 0.063 0.5 6.0 Ounce 0.0021 0.042 0.125 1.0 12.0 Pound 0.00017 0.0035 0.0104 0.0833 1.0 Gram 0.0648 1.296 3.888 31.103 373.242 Handful 0.5 1.0 2.5 3.0 3.5

Chapter Fourteen Alchemic Mineral Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 1. Sol Sun 100% Diamonds 2. Luna Moon Moonstones, Labradorite, & White Pearls 3. Mercury Agate, Amethyst (If Multi-Colored), & Any Other Multi-Colored Gemstone 4. Venus Malachite, Emerald, & Pink Gemstones 5. Mars Rubies, Garnets, Bloodstones, & Any Other Red Gems 6. Jupiter Amethyst, Lovulites, & Any Other Purple Gems 7. Saturn Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, & Black Pearls

Chapter Fifteen Alchemic Animal Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Sol Sun Lions & Eagles Luna Moon Wolves, Bats, Cows, Fish, Crabs, Shrimp, & Hermit Crabs Mercury Dogs, Birds, Monkeys, & Coyotes Venus Cats, Doves, & Rabbits Mars Sharks, Hyenas, & Jackals Jupiter Bears, Elephants, & Whales Saturn Snakes, Lizards, Crocodiles, Frogs, Goats, Dungbeetles (a.k.a. Scarabs), Scorpions, Yellow Jackets, Mud-Doppers, Hornets, Bees, Flies, & Octopi

Chapter Sixteen Alchemic Biological Planetary Chart (From Doctrine of Signatures) 1. Sol Sun Spleen, Heart, Veins, Arteries, Spinal Column, Body Temperature, Thymus Gland, Breath Control, & the Eyes. 2. Luna The Moon Stomach, Esophagus, Brain, Saliva, Tonsils, Urinary Bladder, Pancreas, Memory, Glandular Secretion, Thyroid Gland, Lachrymal Mechanism, & Changing Fluids. 3. Mercury Intelligence, Meditation, Transmission, Translation, Speech, Writing, Mental Processes, Nerve Processes, Dexterity, Ambivalence, Energy Distribution, Nervous System, Ears, Hearing, Speech, Mouth, Voicebox, Breathing, Body-Mind Coordination, Logic, Sexual Nerves, Larynx, Motor Functional Nerves, Lungs, Cerebrospinal Nerves of the Brain, Feet, Spinal Chorde, & Psychic Abilities. 4. Venus Art, Harmony, Proportion, Affection, Balance, Mixture, Music, Cellular Transmission, Reproduction, Enriching Substances, Bodily Preservation, Complexion, Relaxation Of Muscles, Glands, Stomach Veins, Appetite, Breasts, Germenation, Diuretic & Emetic Processes, Eustachian Tube, Exosmosis, Fermentation, Fertilization, Ovaries, Testicles, Biological System Balance, Neck, Nose, Umbilicus, Smell, Palate, Spine, Urinary Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Low Libido, High Libido, & Sexually Excreted Bacteria. 5. Mars Muscles, Body Heat, Phallus, Red Corpuscles, Body, Bodily Combustion Processes, Suprarenal Capsules, and Blood Formation. Vitality, Initiative, and Courage are brought by Mars with the Sun. Motor Nerves, Left Cerebral Lobe, Gallbladder/Gall, Blood Fiber, Astral Body, Diaphragm, Left Ear, Head, Body Cleansing Processes, Inflammation, Surgery, Smallpox, Scarlet Fever, Typhus, High Blood Pressure, Acute Pain, Fevers, & Hemorrhages. 6. Jupiter Liver, Arteries, Bloodflow, Abdominal and Leg Arteries, Blood Enrichment through Food Intake, Fiber in Blood, Internal Fatty Tissue, Suprarenal Capsules, Food Intake & Assimilation, Spleen, Kidney, Power of Bodily Resistance, Carbohydrates, Blood Oxygen, Cell Structure, Cell Mitosis, Energy Conservation, Digestive Organs, Feet, Sexual Organs, Sexual Veins, Thighs, Butt, Lungs, Ribs, Right Ear, Sanguine Temperament, Body Sugar, Tissue Maintenance, Teeth, Pituitary System, Lack of Food,

Impure Blood, Bad Digestion, Blood Diseases, Lungs, Liver, Irregular Heartbeat, Strokes, Abscesses, Convulsions, & Cancer. 7. Saturn Aging Process, Bone Structure, Teeth, Crystallization Processes, Spine, Hardening Process, Anterior Lobe, Auditory Processes, Auditory Organs, Left Auricle, Endocardium, Sterility, Bladder, Blood Makeup, Blood Circulation Between Skin Layers, Joints, Calves, Certical Vertibrae, Absorption/Assimilation of Internal Fluids, Vagus Nerve, Blood Minerals, Knees, Memory, Spleen, Contracting Processes, Rhuematism, Hardenings, Calcification, Melancholy, Depression, Chronic Diseases, Lethargy, Frigidity, Eccentricity, and Crankiness.

Chapter Seventeen Noon Emphemeris Chart 0. 12AM = 0:00 1. 1AM = 1:00 2. 2AM = 2:00 3. 3AM = 3:00 4. 4AM = 4:00 5. 5AM = 5:00 6. 6AM = 6:00 7. 7AM = 7:00 8. 8AM = 8:00 9. 9AM = 9:00 10. 10AM = 10:00 11. 11AM = 11:00 12. 12PM = 12:00 13. 1PM = 13:00 14. 2PM = 14:00 15. 3PM = 15:00 16. 4PM = 16:00 17. 5PM = 17:00 18. 6PM = 18:00 19. 7PM = 19:00 20. 8PM = 20:00 21. 9PM = 21;00 22. 10PM = 22:00 23. 11PM = 23:00

Chapter Eighteen Elemental Color Chart 1. 2. 3. 4. Earth = Red, Brown, & Green Wind = Dark, Gray, & Clear Fire = Yellow, Blue, & Orange Water = Green, Blue, & Clear

Chapter Nineteen Solvent/Disease Chart 1. Volatile Cures Acute Illnesses 2. Fixed Cures Chronic Illnesses

Chapter Twenty Calcination Color Chart A. Plants 1. Gray Bad 2. White Good B. 1. 2. 3. Metals Black Bad Brown Bad Natural Color Good

Chapter Twenty-One Planetary Healing Chart 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mercury = Jupiter Sol/Luna = Saturn Venus = Mars Mars = Venus Saturn = Sol/Luna Jupiter = Luna

Chapter Twenty-Two Alchemic Salts Symbolism (From Real Alchemy) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. King of Salts Niter (Sea Salt) Scale of Salts Vitriol (Sulfuric Acid) Purest of Salts Sal Ammoniac (Niter Alkahest) Alum of Salts Aluminum Salt Key of Salts Sal Gemma (Table Salt)

Chapter Twenty-Three The Four Degrees Of Fire (From Real Alchemy) 1. First Degree Balneum Marie (Water Bath) Boiling Water Then place the subject into another container and lower it into the boiling water. The maximum temperature is 100 degrees Celsius. 2. Second Degree Balneum Cinerus (Ash Bath) Tightly Packed Ashes Place the subject in an ash pit. The ash insulates the subject, making it slightly hotter than boiling water. 3. Third Degree Balneum Arena (Sand Bath) Tightly Packed Sand/Incubator In Use Place the subject in a sand pit. The sand both surpresses hot spots while being able to maintain a higher heat than water or ashes. 4. Fourth Degree Balneum Ignis (Fire Bath) The hottest level possible. Place the subject in a cast-iron skillet on an athenor or place a cauldron over an outside open flame.

Chapter Twenty-Four List Of Alchemic Chemicals 1. Aunus Manure 2. Aqua Fortis Heavy Water Radioactive Water 3. Aqua Ardens Methanol 4. Aqua Regis Royal Water Worlds strongest acid. 5. Aqua Vitae Living Water Elixir of Life. 6. Arsenicum Arsenic 7. Gumma Resin/Tree Sap 8. Magma Underground Molten Rock 9. Tartar Wine Resin 10. Calx Tartarus Black Wine Resin 11. Tuna Tuna Fish Juice 12. Brimstone Sulfur 13. Sulphur Philosopheru Philosophical Mercury 14. Mercurius Philosopheru Philosophical Mercury 15. Sal Philosopheru Philosophical Salt 16. Spiritus Wine 17. Sal Tartari Tartar Salt 18. Caput Mortis Dead Head Aunus Bath Manure Bath 19. Enus Equatum Sublime Manure 20. Mercurius Saturn Lead Mercurite

Chapter Twenty-Five Concerning The Nature Of Metals And Minerals (From The Way of the Crucible) They know nothing of the ways of women. They are aggressive, cruel, and strong in nature. They know nothing of fear or weakness. The Alchemist must surpass all snares and delusions. He must follow them passionately, forsaking all sadness and sorrow. Be brave and press on, enduring and striving toward thy goal. Never give into grief and frustration. Control thy rage. Use caution in thy work.

Chapter Twenty-Five How To Collect And Prepare Plants (From Alchemists Handbook) NOTE: Make sure they are safe and ripe beforehand. 1. Barks Should be peeled from young trees in Autumn or early Spring. After shaving off the outer portion of the back, cut it thinly, and place it in a good position in the shade to dry. 2. Roots Dig them in early Spring before the sap rises. 3. Seeds and Flowers Fully ripened or in full bloom is when they should be gathered respectively. They should be dried quickly in the shade. 4. Medicinal Plants Can be gathered at any time during Spring, Summer, and Autumn. 5. Leaves Should be gathered while in bloom. Dry quickly. 6. Fruits and Berries Should be picked when fully ripe.

Chapter Twenty-Six How To Collect And Prepare Metals And Minerals (From The Way of the Crucible) Metals and minerals must be collected in the day and hour of that subjects planet.

Chapter Twenty-Seven Alchemic Processes Dictionary 1. Circulation (For Essences And Spagyrics) A process of continual distillation during which the subject evolves due to continual life, death, and rebirth. 2. Sublimation (For Metals And Minerals) To turn into a vapor without a liquid state via heating. 3. Coagulation/Fixation (In Nature) A process of combining liquids and solids to a semi-solid. 4. Sulfurization The process of removing the philosophical sulfur. 5. Extraction A process of removing seeds from metals or minerals. 6. Separation Removal of the Three Principles. 7. Precipitation Basic Distillation. 8. Putrification A process of storing something in manure to put it through life and death or placing urine in the dark while storing it to create Caput Mortis. 9. Purification (For Metals) A process of heating up a test subject until it is 100% pure or has melted down by an Alkahest. 10. Solve et Coagula See Coagulation. Turning a solid into a liquid. 11. Distillation The act of running water into something to spread it out. 12. Digestion The act of causing a test subject to enter an alembic one drop at a time via heating. 13. Calcination The act of burning a plant until it becomes white ash or of burning a metal until its natural color is returned to it. 14. Congelation The act of turning a liquid into a solid. 15. Cohobation The recombining of the Three Principles. 16. Dissolution The act of separating a solvent from a solute. 17. Incineration The act of burning until the subject is black. 18. Fermentation The act of leaving something sweet out in the heat and freezing until alcohol is produced. 19. Projection The act of purifying a subject a subject until one is purer than another.

Chapter Twenty-Eight Concerning Nature (From A Short Catechism On Alchemy) 1. Nature is divided into four palmary regions. The regions are Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. 2. The four palmary regions govern the twelve signs of the zodiac as well as the twelve major processes. 3. The beginning and ending of Nature is God. 4. The chief study of a Philosopher is the investigation of the Alchemic Processes of Nature. 5. Make sure your experiments are in harmony with Nature, possible, and attainable. Imitate Nature in every detail to accomplish things by your own power. 6. Nature is divide into male and female differences. They are Earth and Water which is governed by female Yin, as well as, Wind and Fire which is governed by male Yang. 7. Nature is like Mercury as Mercury contains all things within itself. 8. You cannot see Nature herself but you can see her effect on things, although it is volatile due to the Secret Fire. 9. The examiners of Nature should be truthful, simple, patient, and persevering. 10. To improve something alchemically through transmutation, one must divide the male and female attributes and apply them to his soul (male) and spirit (female) and then apply them to the test subject. 11. The metallic nature stores his seed in the four elements. 12. The Philosopher can accomplish anything with the elixir/germ/a quintessence/philosophical sulphur of anything. 13. This elixir is engendered by the four elements. 14. The center of the earth is a hollow place where none may repose. 15. The four elements expel and deposit their seeds in the ex-center which we call the mantle. 16. The elements procreate their seed from the Yin/Yang symbol. 17. Mercury is governed by the rays of the sun and the moon. 18. The second matter is Sulphur, and the third matter is Salt. 19. The matter must be purified via the corresponding degrees of fire. 20. The end of nature is not in metals. The life of metals is the Secret Fire. The death of metal is fused fire.

Chapter Twenty-Nine The Laws of Biological Alchemy 1. What is above, is like that which is below. 2. Prey is positive from a divine angle. 3. Predators is positive from an infernal angle. 4. Daylight species is positive. 5. Nocturnal species is negative. 6. Reptiles are negative. 7. Amphibians are negative. 8. Fish are negative. 9. Insects are negative. 10. Crustaceans are negative. 11. Carrion birds are negative. 12. Scavenger animals are negative. 13. Lions are positive. 14. Eagles are positive. 15. Normal birds are positive. 16. Doves are positive. 17. Sharks are negative. 18. Whales are positive.

Chapter Thirty Moon Cycles/Lunar Mansions (From The Way of the Crucible) Most of the ancient cultures based their calendar on the cycles of the moon. The effect of the moon on the oceans tides is well known. Did you know this tidal influence also affects the atmosphere and even the earths crust? In fact everything on our planet is heavily influenced by the course of the moon. Some believe that the earth and moon share the same subtle etheric body and the cycles of the moon modulate this energy body in a predictable manner. The practical alchemist utilizes this modulated energy to assist works in the laboratory. The first and most obvious lunar cycle is that of the waxing and waning of the moon each month. The Waxing Moon is good for Enriching or Essential element by circulations, sublimations, or distillations. Its magnetic influence draws things up, volatilizing, exalting, spiritualizing them. The Waning Moon is good for Separating the Pure from the Impure. Impure whether by fermentation, extraction, or calcination, etc. Just as the dying moonlight, our matter is subjected to the fermentation and putrefaction of death in order to release its essence, thus separating the pure and the impure. Each month, as the moon circles around us, the signs of the zodiac become a backdrop to it, one by one. The moon concentrates these zodiacal energies and focuses them upon the earth. In this way, the alchemist has an opportunity to harness the power of a particular sign in his operations on a monthly time scale. The traditional correspondence between signs and operations is shown below. Mansions of the Moon # 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Name Alnath Albotain Azoraya Aldebaran Almices Athaya Aldirah Annathra Atarf Sign Aries Aries Aries Taurus Taurus Gemini Gemini Cancer Cancer Start Degree : Min 00:00 12:51 25:43 08:34 21:26 04:17 17:09 00:00 12:51 Planetary Ruler Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28.

Algebha Azobra Acarfa Alahue Azimech Argafra Azubene Alichil Alcalb Exalua Nahaym Elbelda Caadaldeba Caadebolach Caadacohot Caadalhacbia Almiquedam Algarfalmuehar Arrexhe

Cancer Leo Leo Virgo Virgo Libra Libra Libra Scorpio Scorpio Saggitarius Saggitarius Capricorn Capricorn Capricorn Aquarius Aquarius Pisces Pisces

25:43 08:34 21:26 04:17 17:09 00:00 12:51 25:43 08:34 21:26 04:17 17:09 00:00 12:51 25:43 08:34 21:26 04:17 17:09

Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn

Chapter Thirty-One Astrological Guidelines For Herbs (From The Way of the Crucible) The system of Lunar Mansions used in the West was developed by the ancient Chaldeans. This system became very popular with astrologers and magicians of the Renaissance period, for election of times to undertake various actions. In laboratory alchemy, it provides another guide for opportune times in which to perform operations and capture the momentum of celestial energies. To such as study astrology (who are the only men I know that are fit to study physick, physick without astrology, being like a lamp without oil) you are the men I exceedingly respect, and such documents as my brain can give you at present (being absent from my study) I shall give you, and an example to show the proof of them. 1. Fortify the body with herbs of the nature of the Lord of the Ascendant, tis no matter whether he be a Fortune or Infortune in this case. 2. Let your Medicine be something antiphathetical to the Lord of the Sixth. 3. Let your Medicine be something, of the nature of the sign ascending. 4. If the Lord of the Tenth be strong, make use of his Medicines. 5. If this cannot well be, make use of the Light of Time. 6. Be sure always to fortify the grieved part of the body by sympathetical remedies. 7. Regard the Heart, keep that upon the wheels because the Sun is the Fountain of Life, and therefore those Universal Remedies, Aurum Potable and the Philosophers Stone, cure all diseases by fortifying the heart. Planet Earth Wind Fire Water Neptune Uranus Saturn Jupiter Mars Vices Death Sorcery Corruption Casting Stumblingblocks Evil Injustice Greed Cunning Anger Virtues Life Prophecy Purity Hiding Transgressions Good Justice Charity Wisdom Courage

Sun Venus Mercury Moon

Pride Lewdness Envy Lust

Humility Virtue Benevolence Stability of Mind

Chapter Thirty-Two How To Interpret Alchemical Texts (From The Way of the Crucible) The only known method for interpreting Alchemic texts lays in its sister science known as Astrology. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus also supports this method. In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, there is the expression As Above, So Below. In other words, everything that is above the earth has something that corresponds to it below the earth. Astrology takes it two steps further with the following statements: As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul. In other words, everything within the body or within the creation of God corresponds to something beyond the body or beyond the creation of God. Beyond the creation of God it would be negative instead of positive though. Also, everything within the universe corresponds to everything about the human soul. Here is an example of this method: 1. We know that the herb aconite which is ruled by Saturn exists on the earth. 2. Because it exists on the Earth, there is something that corresponds to it in the stars. 3. Taking it one step further, something about aconite exists within us. 4. And even further, something universal about it exists in the human soul as well. Take a look at this chart: Universal Saturn Beyond Creation Werewolves Soul Essence of Aconite Below The Earth Shapeshifters Within Creation Aconite Above The Earth Canis Major

1. Universally, Saturn (aconite) is seen as the herb related to death. 2. The essence of aconite can be extracted through Separation, Purification, and Cohobation. 3. The plant aconite exists within creation under the other two names of Monks hood and Wolfs Bane. 4. Werewolves exist in the realm of legends and folklore. 5. Werewolves would fall into the category of Shapeshifters and would be tied in with Shamanism. 6. Because Canis Major means Great Dog, it would be in the stars as that because the Wolf is part of the canine family.

Chapter Thirty-Three Elemental Influences/Seasonal Energies (From The Way of the Crucible)

Planetary Hours Chart Period Sunday Monda y 12:00AM Mars Mercur 3:25AM y 3:26AM- Sun Moon 6:51AM 6:52AM- Venus Saturn 10:17AM 10:18AM Mercur Jupiter y 1:42PM 1:43PM- Moon Mars 5:08PM 5:09PM- Saturn Sun 8:34PM 8:35PM- Jupiter Venus 12:00AM

Tuesda y Jupiter Mars Sun Venus

Wednesda Thursda y y Venus Saturn Mercury Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun

Friday Sun Venus Mercur y Moon

Saturda y Moon Saturn Jupiter Mars

Mercur y Moon Saturn

Jupiter Mars Sun



Sun Venus Mercur y

Mercury Jupiter Moon Mars

Chapter Thirty-Four Chart of the Lunar Phases