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5 December 2013 Purchase Quotation No.: Address

Madame/Gentlemen: Please quote your lowest price on the item listed below, subject to the attached General Conditions/Terms of Reference. Submit your quotation duly signed by your company representative in a sealed envelope, to the Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat not later than 12 December 2013 at 5pm.

Adonis A. Zeta Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat


Price (Philippine Pesos)

Scanning of approximately eight hundred thousand (Please provide your (800,000) numbers of pages of documents into a soft detailed quotation) copy/pdf file and also saved into generic machinereadable and searchable text format (metadata) that can be integrated into the appropriate OPAPP database; complemented by at least one (1) set of hardware and API software for performing the same scanning and data capture process beyond the duration of the project and capacity-building session/s for designated OPAPP personnel in the use and maintenance of the hardware and software aforementioned.

After having carefully read and accepted the General Conditions/Terms of Reference, we quote you on the item and the price noted above and binds ourselves to deliver the above articles/merchandise within ___ working days from receipt of your valid Purchase Order. The quotation is good only up to 12 December 2013.

Canvassed by:

Supplier: By: Tel. No.: TIN:

For inquiries, please contact Mr. Adonis A. Zeta Chairman, Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat (632) 6360701 loc. 820

General Conditions


The Document Scanning and Data Capture is one component of the Information System Development Project that requires outsourcing of the documents scanning and acquisition of hardware to support the over-all execution of the project. A Technical Working Group (TWG) designated by the end user unit shall carry out the evaluation of the quotation and the legal, technical, and financial documents submitted by the Service Provider who submitted the Lowest Quotation, applying the following criteria: a. Soundness of the quotation with regard to the Project. b. Specific experience of the organization/company related to the Document Scanning and Data Capture Project; c. Compatibility of technology to be employed (API, scanning software et al) with existing database in OPAPP; d. Data capture quality based on technological specifications submitted; AND e. Validity of the legal, technical and financial documents submitted. The service provider who submitted the Lowest Quotation shall also pass the evaluation process of its submitted legal, technical and financial documents conducted by the TWG. Otherwise, it shall be disqualified from awarding the contract to it.



OPAPP shall notify the Service Provider who presents the Lowest Quotation. Award of contract shall be made to the lowest quotation which complies with the specifications and other terms and conditions stated in the RFQ and the General Conditions and Terms of Reference.Before the Award of Contract, the Service Provider who submitted the Lowest Quotation, upon notice, shall be required to submit to the BAC, thru the BAC Secretariat, the legal, technical, financial and other documents required in the TOR, for evaluation of its legal, technical and financial capability by the TWG who shall then report and recommend to the BAC the results of its evaluation. The BAC shall then recommend to the Head of the Procuring Entity the award of contract to the successful service provider. The winning Service Provider is expected to commence the project within 10 days after the signing of the contract and at the location specified by OPAPP. The project shall be completed within three (3) months. The winning Service Provider shall enter into contract with OPAPP within 3 days from receipt of Notice of Award. Attachments: a. Terms of reference (TOR) 3





DOCUMENTARY REQUIREMENTS (Original or Certified True Copy) a. Legal documents Registration certificate from the Securities and Exchange Commission and Department of Trade and Industry for sole proprietorship; Authenticated copy of the latest Articles of Incorporation showing the original incorporators/organizers and the Secretarys certificate for incumbent officers, together with the Certificate of Filing with the SEC; AND Mayors permit issued by the city or municipality where the principal place of business of the service provider is located. b. Technical documents Statement of the service provider of all its ongoing and completed government and private contracts, including contracts awarded but not yet started, if any, whether similar or not similar in nature and complexity to the contract to be bid. c. Financial documents The service providers audited financial statements, showing, among others, its total and current assets and liabilities, stamped received by the BIR or its duly accredited and authorized institutions, for the preceding calendar year which should not be earlier than two (2) years from the date of the RFQ. Other requirements Tax clearance; Latest income and business tax returns; and A sworn affidavit of the Secretary of the Service Provider that none of its incorporators, organizers, directors or officials is an agent of or related by consanguinity or affinity up to the fourth civil degree to the officials of the OPAPP which are authorized to process and/or approve the proposal, the MOA and the release of funds. COMPANY PROFILE The service provider shall provide OPAPP a brief description of the company which includes its history, number and competencies of its personnel/staff to be assigned at OPAPP for the duration of the Project, expressed through a Curriculum Vitae, NBI Clearance within the past 6 months of the staff to be assigned for the project, present financial and physical resources relevant to the project, organizational and management structure, their standing of their services and their organizations experience in similar projects. DESCRIPTION OF ENGAGEMENT The service provider will be tasked to do the following: Scan and electronically store relevant documents of OPAPP with an estimated number of about eight hundred thousand (800,000) pages within three (3) months or less. Capture the contents of each document and save into a generic machine-readable and searchable text (TXT) format. This is to preserve the integrity of data contained 4



in the documents and allow the integration of the documents data contents into an existing database in OPAPP. Tagging of text content of the scanned document. If tagging fails, the service provider must manually encode the text content in the system. OPAPP will delegate a number of its staff to monitor the scanning operations. Provide OPAPP with an Application Programming Interface (API) or equivalent software that is compatible with OPAPPs current database and information system so that OPAPP can perform the same scanning and data capture procedures on their own beyond the duration of the engagement. Utilize and transfer this API or equivalent software to OPAPP that should allow OPAPP to integrate the scanned images/files into its database search function that includes content searching of the information/data within the scanned documents. Provide OPAPP with at least one set of high speed scanner/s with a resolution between 400 to 600 dpi (dot per inch) and software applications prior to the completion of the engagement. Train at least two (2) OPAPP personnel, which shall be determined by OPAPP, in the use of the abovementioned hardware and API or equivalent software.


SCOPE OF SERVICE The successful Service Provider who submitted the Lowest Quotation shall include in their technical proposal the following information: Set-up and installation -Number and type of equipment that will be used by the service provider for this project -Other Hardware/Software and other device/s -Readiness of the equipment (the service provider must have existing equipment) -Schedule of installation Document Scanning and Conversion Project Implementation -Project Structure -Project Management Arrangements -Document Preparation procedures -Document Scanning process -Quality Assurance Checking (must include OPAPP personnel in this process, including spot audit of scanning count, quality of scanned images etc) -Turnover and Acceptance protocol -Project Timeline (3 months) -Project Work plan (3 months) -Process flow (from turn over from inventory team to turn over of scanned images) -Manpower -Number of personnel who will implement the project 5

*Workplan of each personnel (estimated number of pages by month per head, etc) 5.0 EXPECTED OUTPUTS The deliverables from this project are the following: (1) Approximately eight hundred thousand (800,000) number of pages of documents scanned and converted into a soft copy/pdf file that is viewable in standard pdf viewing programs (2) Approximately eight hundred thousand (800,000) number of pages of documents saved in generic machine-readable and searchable text format (metadata) that can be integrated into the appropriate OPAPP database. (3) At least one (1) set of hardware and API software to allow OPAPP to perform the same scanning and data capture process for incoming documents beyond the duration of the project. (4) Capacity-building session/s for designated OPAPP personnel in the use and maintenance of the hardware and software specified in no.3 above. 6.0 SECURITY PROTOCOLS The successful Service Provider who submitted the Lowest Quotation shall also include in its technical document the following requirements: Demonstrated capacity to institute guidelines and protocols, to be vetted with relevant OPAPP units in order to safeguard the confidentiality of the documents to be scanned Provide OPAPP with an initial set of guidelines on security and confidentiality such as: Copying of documents/files shall be strictly prohibited; likewise, physical documents shall also be prohibited from being brought out from the scanning premises. The bringing in and use of unauthorized paper documents, electronic devices or equipment capable of, photo capturing the documents, and filesharing and other similar device shall strictly be prohibited inside the scanning premises.

Additional measures to ensure the integrity and safekeeping of the documents in the project may be imposed by OPAPP at any point of the project.


DURATION OF THE PROJECT The project shall commence upon contract signing and completed within three (3) months or less. Workdays shall be from 8:00am to 5:00pm, Mondays to Fridays. Extension of the period of this project due to unforeseen events or other just and valid circumstances maybe allowed, subject to prior and written agreement of the parties. Extension of period shall bear no additional cost or charges to OPAPP.


TERMS OF PAYMENT Terms of payment will be as follows:

APPROVED BUDGET OF CONTRACT (ABC): Two million pesos only (PhP2,000,000.00) Payments Milestone Service provider shall provide a performance bond of 10% of the Contract Price and in the form of cash to OPAPP within 10 working days from the date of signing of Contract. Performance bond to be returned by OPAPP to Service Provider within 30 days from project completion. Mobilization fee- upon award of the of the contract Balance payable based on monthly job accomplishment /benchmarks Amount (depends on the final contract price)

20% of the Final Contract Price 30% of the First Month upon submission of Monthly Accomplishment Report 20% on the Second Month upon submission of Monthly Accomplishment Report 30% on the Third Month upon submission of the Final Accomplishment Report