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. 1899.

1-"(1 '51
HIS work has been compiled with a view to
. providing "an index to the numerous ramifications
of the Pathan tribes of the North-West Frontier,
in such a form. that any obscure sub-division may be
easily" referred to its proper tribal position : but all
detailed of the history genea.logy
of the tribes, such as may be found in larger works
of have been excluded. In order also to
dimiDish the bulk" of the work without greatly de-
creasing its utility, certain cis-frontier Pathan tribes
"the divisionB, etc., of the Bangash and
Khattaks.) have been omitted j the Turis, however,
have been included. " "
J. WOLFE MURRAY, Lietee.-Colonel,
A3IJilltarct Quarter Ma8t'!r Geucral,
JUft' J8!J9.
l"lelligence BrancR.

P6111i:awar and Koliat borders are divided. At some'
remote peried at bitter" feud' ensted bet:ween the Gar
and Samil branches of the great Bangash t:ribe, and'
all the neighbouring tribes appear to have joined one'
faction or the other; although the origin, of the'
quarrel has Oeen forgotten, the divisionstilfremains.
"SUNIS'" AND" SHIAHS.I1_ The vast majority'of'
the frontier tJjbellmen belong to the'former sect;
tnis ma.y be- to be tlie case 'other-
wise expressly stated. '
"HAMsAYAs.n-Vassal er-
amongst an. alien. .
" ,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen: Nur
. Muhammad, Ahmad Din.
-A minor fraction of Abdul
Rahman' Khel, Muhammad
Khel, M:J.lakh, MaUizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Fazil-
din, Kasim, Salam Khan, Zar
-A section ot Muha.mmad
Khel, Mr..lakh,,
Dawaris. Headmen;
Din, Hakim Khan, Gul
AUDur, WIDANAI (50).-A
section of the Malik Dinai,
Manazai, Ali zai , Mahsuds.
Headman; 8hawagal'.
- A section of the .\1 usa
Khel. Xa.muzai, Lashkarzai,
Orakzais. Gar. '
ABRAHIM 'KHEL (560; See} . .:.....A . section of
the Alikaran, Mamuzai,
La,shkarzai, Orakzais. Gar.
ACHAAZ,US (13,00 ); Both.
sides of the PeHhin border).-
. A large tribe, an off-shoot'
the Barakz.a.i I 'urania, Ill-
vided into the Gujanzal and
Badilmi clans. The lead-
ing division of the former
clan is the said
to be' distinct from the
Hami<hai diviSion. Head-
, men; H aji Ghnlam Haidar
Khan, Khan BaAadur, is
the leading man'; otIiet's EIre
Ayaz Klian, (Hamidzai),
"kbar Khan (Ghaibzai),oetc.
The olans, divisions, 'etc., of
the Aohakzais are not sepllO
rately indexed. in this Dic-
ACHAB KHEL (20).-A sec-
, tion of Maryam Khel, Darka
,'Khel, Mallizacl, Dawaris;
Headmen; llidar,. Yar'
Muhammad. X..,
or AruB8 (900-
Kazha Valley, North Waz-
iristan).-A colony of
y \1sufzai SIIoiads, now set-
tled amongst Madda
Ki,el Wazirs of the Tochi.
Headmen:; Q,ingai. Mh'baz.
&starn J.{h1Ul, Siulim.
ADAB K:a:BL (Bmnll; Cbapri,
eto., KUT&m).-A minor frac-
tion of Said Khel, U m.a.rzai
(600). Shin Khel.
. J1arwesh Khel Wazirs.
AJ)ALA KOB.-A minor rae-
. tion of Behram Kor, Dildar
K'hel. Mohmand Khel, Kattillo

ALl XlIBL.-.A section of
Manyar Khel(360), Ibrahim
Khel. Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khtll Wazirs. Headmen;
Zira Khan, Mihrab Khan,
Kabal, Nawaz Khan, 'Adal
Baz Muhammad, Niaz Gul.'
A of Khel,
Bhin Khel (3,400), Ahmadzai,
Darwesh Khel Waziris.
ALI KXEL minor frao-
tion of Bonii Khel, N asra
Din. Kaln Khel, Ahmadzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazh ...
ALI KXEL (100).-A sootion
01 Ashu Khel, Hassan Khel,
Adam Khel, Afrldis.
.ALI KHEL.-A minor tractIon
ot Tor Khel, Asad Kbel,
Mitha Khan, Khel, Knkl
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar.
Headmell; Razai and Islam-
din. .
ALI KXBL (178).-'One ot the I
five sections of the Haidar
Khal, Tor, Tappizad, Do."
waris. Headmen; Mad Alam.
Alif i:han, Abizal', Azad
ALI KXEL.'-A seotion o'
Sheikhmal, Kambar Khel,
:(4,500), Afl-idls. Gar.
men; Ahmad &hah,Hikmat,
A.lia Khan, Mifshak, Shah
zada, Kha"irulla, M'U' HusBan
Shero, NUl'ai, :Nur Ali,
Shuja Gul, Munir.
tion of Panj pai, N asuzai,
niaszai, BllIlerwals
A.LIKZAI (21; ThaI Chotiali).
-A division of Drigtai.
Lunis. Headmen; Agat:,
(Shikar Anmar.
(Hass!ln Khallza1), A1am,
(Nura Kha'/lZai), Bado,
A"LI:H KXAN minor
fraotion of Sultan Khal.
Hassan Khel. Pakhai (1,000), .
Budai, Zakha Khel, A.fridis.
4LI K:a:EL.-A seotion of Samil. . see
Jowakai, Babakri, Sipah .SUlta.n Kh!31. .
(1,200), Afridis. SamiL,
Headman; Shah. . . ALI MUHAMMAD KX:lL (100).
-A minor fraction of the
Nikarrab Khal, Khoidad
.Khel, nidi Khel, Manaza i,
Alizai. :Mahsnds. .Headman ;
ALI KHEL.-A 8ub-divMon
of . Landi Khel, Bipah
(1,200), Afridis. Samil.
. Headman; Ali Shah.
AnrB EXIL. (20; Dem Is-
mait Khan, Distriot).-No-
mildw, a, minor fraction of
Baloeh Khel, IlOt Khal,
Miau Khel,Lohana. Pawin-
dahs.; see .ian
Khe1; '.
A.T.UB KUlIL.-A. sub-division
of Yar Ali Khel, ltamrai
.Khe] (600). Mridia.
Headman; .ham DilL
Au Kxill. (UO).-A"lOOtion
of ' IChel, Boba. Dana,
AUD KDL.-A seetiOll of
Sultan Khel, Sher Gulla,
Alta Khel, (1,8(0). A.fridis.
AlAD KXlIL or RlPAX ( Not tle'
DatdatztG Sijal) (610).-
:A. aedtion of the Alikaran,
fraction of Khel, '
Khel, Bora Knel
(1,006), Mobmit Khel,
Utmanzai.. lJarweeh Khel
,AnI KXBL'(200).-A minor
fraction of the Shamak Khel, .
Abdul1ai, Aimal Khel,
Bablolzai, Mabsuds. Head-
man; Azim. .
division of Bar Sulizai,.
Baizal, Akozai - Y WIIlOO
Swatis., Non.-Above
numbers include 1;200 men
liTing outside SwatUimits.
, .
AZI KXBL.-A. sub-division
af Ali lthel. :Bar' Banizai,
Akozai-Y nsu.hai Swatis.
M a m u Z ai, Lashkal'zai, I AZUl KlUl( XOR.-A section
Orakzai.. Gar. of the Umar Khan Khel,
. Alisberzai, Lashkanai,
Aull KXBL (6).-A rmb-divi- Orakzais. samn.
sion of Xhadc.i, Mallizad,
Dawaria. Headrean) Shah- AZII KXBIo.-A section' of
taman. Aliaber Khel, Gadaizai,
AZAR K!I:dL;-A . section of Iliaszai,
Durbi Khel, Xambar. Khal,
Kambar Khel, . (4,500),
AfTidis. Gar. Headmen;
Muhammad Sher, 'Kllwaja
AlIZ KHllL.-A minorfraetion
of Karu Rhel, Mali (or
Muli)Khel, Salarzai
BtUien'ala. '
B.l1!U Kmrr..-A. mInot mo-
tion of Sherp Xhel, Utm&n-
Bai, Aclinzai, Khwazuai,
Ake-.i-Y llsufzai 8n'"
BABULZAI (6).-A sub-division
of Salemi, Rakauwal, La
Di.. Headman ; see 8alezai.
BABUB Khel.-A aeetion of
Keimal Khel, U rmuz Khel,
8ipah (1;100),. Afridls.
&mil. lIeaaman; Khane-
. AUa:ai,Mabsu-ds. 'Ha.ckIaen;
B.tcin Kl!;tr.. - A
tion of Zakho' Khel; JaJiak-
hori. (80U).
Adatn KhfJl, Aftidls. ' .
B.1DA..-A of Asll,
Utman Khela..
:&DANZ"U (SlS).-A division
of .the Shaman Kbel, Mah-
suds. Headman; Sayad
Bnl1lAI (6,000;. t.eft bank
of Swat).-A divtsionof :&i-
sai, Akozai-Y'I1sufzai 8"'a- &w.R.KJlEL (60)-A minor
tis. Headmen; Naeru}\ah :fraction of the Waliaad
Khan, Firoz Khan, Pasand Kl1el.1 Palli Khel, AhduUai,
Khan. . Aima Khal, llahlolzai,
Mahsuda. Headmen; Bayak,
B.umUI (105).-A eeetion of Musa, Bazamdilh
Narozai, Dumar, Semr,
Kakars. Headman; Mnham-
mad Gul of Chilez.
BABUZAI.-Another name for
the Sepah division of Baezai,
Mohmands. .
BACBAGAI.-A minor fraction
of Tor, Jani Ehel (1,000),
Wali Khel, Utman:aai,
Danrash Khal Wa z i r 8.
Headmen; Mirb08h, Shada-
mir, Kaimal, Gulbaz.
B.lC1U. KK:lL (66).-A section
ot the Pathanai, S}labi Khel,
B..vUA J{XBL (Masturariver).
-:-4-lIUb-division of the lbni
Khel, Muhammad
Orakzais. Gar. Shiah.
. BUDA KBBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Saifali, Kabul Khel
(2,600). WaH Kha1. Utman-
zai, Darwesh Khel W"drs.
Headman ; Kotan Khan.
BADDA KlI:&r. (lO).-A section
of Utman, Miram Shah,
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head-
man; Sarak Shah.
--NOTJC.-TbiS inoludes 700 men of this dhiaion not living in
Swat liIIJitl!.
Khan, Saiad Azam, Ghai-
l'Rt, Sultan,. Paind
Khan, Payo. ToIB, Pirai,
Amin Khan, Yad GuI.
fraction of Sudan Khel
(360), Isperka, Kruu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Jalan-
dar Shah, Mani Khan.
ot KeimalKhel. Unnuz
Khel, Sipah (1,200), Afridis.
Sami!. Headmen; Khane-
zaman, La! Muhammad;
'Sher Jan.
BAGHDADZAI (West of Dern
Gha.zi Kha.n District).-A
l6<lt1ion of Inzai, Hasan Khel,..
Balil Khel, M usa Khels.
Headman; Salavi.
BAHADtrn KHEL.-A section
of Abdul Khel, U nnuz
Kbel, Stpah (1,200), Afridis.
Samil. Headman; Shibran.
BAHADt'R' KBEL.-A minor
fraction of Khojal Khel (600
in Wana), Slladi Khel,
Nasra Din, Llu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel

KBEL (Left bank of
the :Mir WuUi KheI,Bazot',
Qrabais. 'Samil.
BAHADUR KHEL (70).-A sec-
, tion of the Shumi Khel,
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai
Mahsuds. ,Headman;
Khan. '
'XHEL 'lDalrka.,
Girm, and Peshawar valley
in winter, Upper Helmand
, in su,mmer).-Nomads, 8
,Bub-div.ision of Utmanzai
_ Kuchj '(Mohmand). '
head division of Samilza.i.
BAHARZAJ (West of Dern Ghazi
'Khan District.).-A section
'of Husenzai, 'Ahmadzai,
Balil Khel, Mus!!. Khels.
Headman; Bahadur.
BAHLOL KHEL (15).-A minor
fraction' of the Bizodai,
Malikshai, Aimal Khel,
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds. Head-
man ; Alimad Khan.
(4,078).-Onl' of
the three great clans of the
From Malakand to Swat
river).-A division of Bat
Bua KllEr..-. f.rac-
tiQD qf Bakal: :H;bel, Ida}
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000),
weeh w
JlUAB JaIL ... A mi.nox n:ao-
tion of Bash K he} (.1 50),
Shoraki, Galai, Adam Khel,
ftA,l:All KHn (Banno 'Diltriet,
Shabi. Birmal and WaDa).
A of leW Khel,
HathiKhal Shin
Khet, Ahmaclzai, Uarwesh
Wl/oZirs. I.IeadmeD,;
Bader nan,. Sbelkh Pir8o,
I.endai, Kaeim Shah.
:&x.u KHBL (lO).-A minor
of M_lUI K hltJ,. :'Uj
lChtl, W d lelal
Jizad, D"wal'is. }J;ea_n ;
fraotion of Feroz Khel. Tor
Sapar (800).
Khel, Afridis.
.Ali H,.han Khel,
lWlda (l,OOQ). Ibra-
him Khal, Dar
wesh Khel W wS.
B,Ali:HlI;ALI R.n.-A
of Kulla XW. Malikdin
Khel. M.alikdin (4,000)
Akbar. Dostai, Sher Gul,
Zuif, libam .. ud,din..
mbt.o.:r f-rl.'otion
: of n,tta lthel, Abdul Khel.
Bara Khel (1,(,00). MQmnit
K hel, U tmanzai, Darwesh
libi!l W"zirs.
BA)[1l8Hl KBBt,-...A. section
of JillUlda Khel, (1,800)
Ibrahim Khel, Ut.auai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
Gulli of 8-.,. a.nd
AlalD. ShU.
BHHU KlI.1tL (}Jannu
triet).-A minor fraction of
Kban\l(w l<Wo TQ%i KhaL
Musa .l\,heI. Bath,i Khel
SlUn Khel. Alun.$d-
aai, Khel Wams.
BUHI KHBL.-A minor frae Koll,.-A. minor
tion of Ali Khel. Idia: fraction of Hyatai Kor
.Khel, J&Dl Khel (1,000), Shalww.nslU Rl)el.. No
Wali Khel, lJtmanui. Dar- Khel . TaMa.i . l1ohmauds.
wesh Khel WaziJ8. llaad Headman; Mult3ll..
men; Almldin. :
B Qf
]luUJL.-" of. .. lIeIJo(l-
Kbcl, :i.ltel, ; llazhi In,au,.
tion, of Mian Jrhel, Ja,nakhori of MlJlIIIo Khel; Km;' Suitzai
BUUI KUEL.-:A mit;J.qTfrac-l BABKHAN KUEL.-A section
Ha8118n Adam Baizai,' Y uwai
Khel, '.' Swat!s. .
BAR KAU:M: (78).-A section
o:f BasSo. Khel; Tor, Mallizad
Dawru,is. "Headmen'; Ba.4il,
Dini, Painda' Khan,' Niz/Iom
Gul, 'Gulsohil, 'Pir'Ahmad
Shah, Baki, Badrang.
BARlrAZAI'.";"A'snb:dhiisioJi of
Daulatzai; ,Ma.lizai, Buner-
wals. ' :
BAR KHANI.-A mioodraotion
of Hadi ,Khel;" Dardooi'
Wuzi 'Khel (800) 'Mohmit
, Khel, Utmanzlloi, Darwesh
Khal Wazirs.
. :
BABIK '({fiBL :4iv!-
'_ simi of Amzoni Dawaris.
Hea.dmpn; JulXlllo Shllo:htMina
Shah, Channi, Majih Shah,
Lar, Shabba Din, Namballi
Khan, patila. Khan, Bokh_
Piya Khan, Gul>zir.
BABIK KHBL.-(lO). A m.inor
fraction of Poi nel. Mu-
haminad Khel" MalJiZad,
Dawaris; Headmi.n; Kadam.
BARIW AL sub-divi-
, sion of 'Zerakki" Malliiad,
, ,Dawads.
zada, Haibat , '
BAB KUAN K'01l(28'o ; Kbsnki
river).-A'minor fraction of
'the 1}mar Khat! Khel
'Karan, Miitnuzai, Lashkar-
zai, Ol'8hais. -Gar. HeM-
man; ,Am,ir Shah.
:a.B ,se,etion of
.Khaddar (77Q), ,Moh-
mit Khel, UtmRnzai, Dar-
. wesh Khel Wazirs/;
. men; ,Sadirai, Huka.ih Shah,
Saidigai, Said Ali. ,-;
B,ABKI' K:S;E,L' (35j.'-;A
.fraction, of DlJr : ltliel,
Babakki,: lfassu Tor,
Mallizad, '"Dawaris: Head-
men; BadaT, Kazam.
. . !
BAR KILLA (30).-'A minor
fraction of ,DanglU" Khel.
Piran, ' , " , ,Khel,
, uh,ainUlad Khel"
Dawaris.' Head-
man'; .Ba.drana, Said Akbar.
I , '
BAR '.aub-divi-
,sion of Wara, Yamund,
BARlusr KHBL.-A !leCtion
of tha Tari Khel, Shakhl,
Wal1lo8pun, Battannis.
fuS'1U,M:b;,-(W-eat bf B.it9HJl1tn
Gfle.zi Khan ,Zira. Attuleni, Kalli-
ft;J,"dhisidn ef NO'Aai, 'zed, Da'tfari,s. ,Headtnlm;
Laharzai, Musa Khels. . KltOliai. '
Headman; Sheran.
BASlU:ll ,Klllt . ....:::&nnli Dis-
trict).-:,A minor fraction of
&zi K1ir'eI, Ali Khel; Mu8e.
KheI, Hathi Khel (",000),
Shin Khel, , Ahmllodzai,
])a.nvesb Kitel W&lUS.
BA81D KHllL.-(Mastura river
ot the' Mishti,

S'amil. .
BASI KHBL.-(Ois.tudus,
and Duma 'm.ountain).- A
" I of. Oltaga.rzai,.
BAsil KHBL.-A s'edion of! YUaafuJa. ,
'Budai, Zakha .' .
A,fridis. Samil._ 'BASI KxBJJ, mara vaIley).-
men; PU' Gul, 'Safar, Dost, A section of KMJ,
Hak, Khanezaman, Zeb Jan, Sahib Jan Aka Khel (1 800)
Rab,inatulla, MadAki. AfridUt.. Samil. "
BASH KHEL {lto).-A. sectton :&8uolt, (Bann'll Distll'iCltJI-
of Sharaki, Galai, Adam A. . minoT 'fmwtiot. of Tori
KU1, :Afridis. I Khel, Muss. KheJ., Hathi Rhel
i (2,000), Shin Khel, Ahma.d-
....,. K . A' ..... _' 'Mii Darw8Sl1 KhelWazirs.
,uas:R .. J.lW- ,
tion of Sher Khan Khel,
U mar KhaR Klull,
SaJllil. ;.,ileil Uniar
l\.han :net '
:PASSI KHEL.-A, minor rac-
BASH KREL:-A sub-division ilion 'Of "Pa.itlda Khel {OOO},
of Mat IOnm Inel, Shadi NMra Djn, 'Ktllu
{t',5OO}, A.mdis, Gar. Khel, Darwesh
Headmen Bhw :thon, Wgini. 'Heil.dmall ;
Hanii4) and Nutt.i. Sawar Khaon.
. BA.ZAN.AI.-A - sub-division of BA.ZI Bootion of
Mekhiani, Spin, Tarin.. Khan Khel, Kuz Snlizai,
Habla!, . Akozai-Y usufzai
BAZAB KHAN KHEL (Mas- ... Swatiil. .
tura).-A Bub-division of'
the Utman Khel, Daulatzai, B.A.ZOTI (500; Mastura).--One
Orakzais. Samil. of the four divisions of the
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Sa'tnil.
BAZID section of
the Badzai, Kattagarm,
Tatta, Battannis;
BAZID KHn (British terri-
tory).-A sub-division of
Jawaki (1,200), Adam Khel, .'
Afridis. .
BERRA..M KOB.-A minOl"frac-
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh-
m"nd lQJ.el, K attia Khel,
HasSan Khel, Mitha Khan
Khat, Kuki Khel (4,500),
Afridis. Gar.. Headmen;
Ghanni and Torbaz.
BA.II], (450;
-A sub division of Mada
Khel, lsaZai, Yusufzai .
Headmen; Shahdad Khan,
SarfarazKhan, SaiM
Kalam, Shah Mardan,
(Alrabi Khet), Muhammad
Ali Khan, Baz Khan, (Tata
Khet)., .
BAZID KHBi:;.-A minor frao-
tionof Mian Khel, Janakhori
(800), Hassan Khel
Khel, Afridis.
BUID KHEL.-(Mastura,
Khanki, and Miranzai
valleys).-A division of the
Sheikhan, "Hamsayas" of
the Orakmis. Bamil.
BE1AL,(19).-A minor'fraction
of Bar; Kauin, Hassu Khel,
Tor, Mallizad, Dawaris.
Headman; Pir Ahmad.
. Shah.
Sen Khel, Abba. Khel, Tatta,
. Bat.tannis.
(loo.i Moun-
tain).:-A division of Dellhi-
wal. Headman; Sa-
dar Ali of Kabal. .
'BETANI section
of th.e Kambar Khel. Bazoti,
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Bamil.
BUAZAI (lS) . ..-Asection of
BUID KHWL.-8ee Tor (or !sa: Khel. Ahmad Khel, Oha.
Bazid) Khet Khel, Sheram..,
.. 'WI 1\Hu.-A .ii'vi.tWn BIZODAI (81).-A aeetion of
. of Xhani 1OW1, ChamkalUliB. th., !blihbai, Aimal Khtl,
&blolza1. Kabsuda.
BJ.B4JW (300 ; Xu Tot.i).-
One of tLa eight c_ of the
Utman Khela.
. BI.D... K'lrBt..-A mmOl'
motion of Warbm Khel,
Alb Khel. IUalzai,
Baunralt. . ..
BIl( KJUU. fM.aQaban).-A.
. of Ha..n K)lei,
RlW, YUfnf
D. HeWmen; Sbdad
Khan, Ahwan
KXII, (71).-O.e c,l. the
of the Gale-
.hahi. ShalJ)Q nel, .lfAh-
Mdu. J ;Pi,.
'JJIZ.AZ.AI (We&t of the Dera
Obu! K:han Diatriot.}.-A
IQI,di'ririon of. Hamrazai,
lWU E4el, Mua naJa.
Headman; Bakar.
,BIll. KIlIf, (700; BriUsh
. terrUloq and
baoti..,. of $badi
Khel, Naara Din. Kalu
:00... (i80).-A. division of
Dana, Battanna. Headmeni
Dillaaa Khan (Azad Khel),
Kbap (Tajbi Khel),
Ashl8f(DIW Inel),Chandan
,han (p,m. Kb,el), Azim
Toti (a.sul Khal).
BoB"! (N).-A. l18etion o
Hakim Khel, M ubarak
S.m. )laillzad, llawarlf.
. lOutn
an4 Lan.cW. .
BOBAK (650).-A diviaion of
l>ua. :&t.tannil .. -Head-
men; Jahari (Ali Khel). Ba
tur IShadi) Khet, GuIa Khan
(, 1l0l'f4 Kh.u

BOB .. LAI.-A minor fraction
of Dre PilIari, Tori Khel
(t,i70h Ibrahim Khel, Ut.-
maDzai, DanftlSh Khel
We-zil'B. He&dmen;:H.ian
din &han.
BoRA KHEL (l,OOO).-A sub-
division ot Mohmit :Khel,
U tmanzai, " Darwelh . K hel
Wazin, .. Headll'.leD; Kipat
Khan is the' 'lhief.; . qtkers
are Sheikh, Khoja Mir, and
Pa.hlwan. . . .
BoSIKlrEL.-A minOl' frac-
tion of Musakki, WU1.1 Khel,
(800). lJ,ohmi1i Khal, Utman-
zai, Darwesh K hel W szirs.
KHEL (150).-A Bub-
. of . G1I.lA.i; Adam
KItel' i.
" , ' .
.. ,
Bo'r:a.:' division of
Tappizad, Head-
man; Gulbar' Khll.n.
BOYAKAI (12).-A section of
the Tappi Khel. Badanza.i,
Khel, :Ma'hsuds.
BoZA KBEL (&nnn, Chapri
and Gurang in Kuram).-
, A .sub-se(ltioR of TO!' Khel,
Umarzai (600), Shin Khel,
Ahma<\zai, , Varwesh Khel,
.'i .. ,,: '
BOZI KHBL.-A section of
. Madda Khel, (1,600), Ibra-
him KbE'l, Utmanzai,
.. we.h Khal Wazil'S. Head-
men; Namwar Khan (Khoji
KbeI) : of Maizar, Nazar
Khan Zur&m, and Rah-
man Shah (laJuail Khel).
BOZI KHEL (25).-A section
, ,of, Shttjawal, Mubarak
Shahi, ,Mallizad, Dawaris.
BRA;ani' K.X:eL .(25; Dem
Ismail . Khan Di.Btriot).-
Nomadic. a minor fraction
. of Shadi Khel, IiJot Khel.
Mian, Khel, Lohana,
PawiJ1dahs. Headman; see
Mian Kllel. ' .. , '
. (west of, Dara
Gbazi Khan District).-A
,.AOOtion of Kabahai, Nokuzai,, Mu!;& )"hels. Head-
. man;. Mu,lla:Nadar.
BBAHIM:ZAI (345).-A minor
. fl'ootiQn of Khanoi:a.i. Pani-
zai, Barun Kbel, Sanatia,
Kakars. Headman; Didan.
BBAXIIl&AI,' (West' of Dera
Ghazi Khall District).-A
seetion of ' Maghduzai.
, ,: Abmadzai. Ba.1il Khal, Musa
K hela. . Headman; 'Sardar
BRA:B:IIlZ.U (West of Dera.
, Gha1;i. Khan District).-
A' sub-dievision of Mangizai,
Laharzai, M usa . Khels.
Headman; Dadu.
BRAHIZAI (240).-A section
'. of Sa.rangzai, Hs.r\ln Khel,
, Sanatia, Kabr8. Headmen;
.:Majid (KWa3). Daoran
Cl!,UU.&.w''&'L9 P,OOO).-The CIIARGIUL ,KHEL (80).-A
name applied to the mixed minor fraction of Shinki
Mandan clans who inhabit Khal, Babakki, Bassu Khel,
the ChamIa valley, south- Tor, Mallimd, Dawaris.
east of Buner. 'Headman; Karar.
ClI:"ND.l.N' , ..... A" 'mirlor CHAR KRn.:"':".!..'- section :'0
,of atjan ':theI" -Alisher Khel, - GadaiZai,
Utmanzai, Adinmi;'" lthwa- . lliatlZai, Bunerwals.
7./\, Akozai - Y u8ufzai
Swatia: ! C:iuRKHEL ,(:MiranZai,' and
-, Mastura vaUeys).-A clivi-
OHA-NDil sion of ,the MalIa Khel (800)
S'Ilbpdivmon of. llat -.Khel, .e Hamsaya.s" of' the 01'l,\k'-
Salarzai, Tarkanis. mis.'
'E BBL.-A ;
fraCtion of 'Adam' 'KheI,
Nazar Khel, Star Ali Khan
Khel, Sarki KheI, .. Madda
Khel .. Ib'rahi!ri f,/hel:
'. Darwesh-' Khel
'Wazita.,' ,
':". , .,
OHAN!fI minQr' frao-
tion of B&1' ' Kaum, ' HaRSU
Khel, Tor, MaUizad Dawaris.
; HetJ.dmen;, Dini. , '
.:: . . .;1 "
CHAPLA (,OO).-A Rub-divi-
_ _ .' W
'; .B&ttan:IllB., ;
CIIAn KREL.-A minor frao-
, 'tion of Zakho Khel, Jaila-
, khori (8!lO), Khel,
, , Khel,
"J '.'
ClIARXHiL " (40).-A, minor '
f1-:8ction of Charkhil,
:Ma.lakh" Mallizad. Dawaris.
Headmen; GuI:, Rahman,
Landai, J d
CHARAHIL (85).-A seotion
of. Lapd, ,Ma,llizad.
: , 'Daw"m. ; Badarii,
Kakir ,GuI. Rahman ..
, and Daulat(Mandl). Dlitan CHAWAR KHEL.-A sub-divi.
(Dari), Janei and RetuIum sion of Bazoti (900), Daulat-
(Umar). ' 'za.i, Ofakza1t1, Bamil. Head-
, ". -, I - , Ahinad Shah.
HAKDAI 1.8600, :' , "
\ , , , "J.
The larger of'the tWt f clsns i CBOTIALIW AL.-'-See Dzam,
of the TuriS. ' ' ':; ,,' Spin Tarin.' '
DARPA Kltn. (235).-Adivi-
siotl of Ms.llizad, Dawaris.
Headmen; Gnl
mnrg,-Gulp!r, Najtb,
and Mira. . .. ,. "
Dun of
the f!lUI": plans of the Cham-
bnnis. . The Darra., Khel
and Mirza. Khel are some-
timeI'! known collectivtlly ,as
the Khwaja Khel.
DAllRI KUBL (SO).-A section
of the KjIoSim l{hel,Badanzai.
Shaman Kliel, Mahsud.8.
Headmen I; Sliadi, Mix and
WaJi Khan:
DARBI KUBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Madda Khel, Miamai,
Kabul Khal(2,600) Ut
manzai, Darwesh Khel
D.UtBI KUBL.-A sec,tion of
Madda Khel, Sher Gulla,
Aka Khel, (1,800), Afridis.
SamiL; .. .
. ' .
(24,560.)-The name giVb
to the Utmanzai and Ah-
madzai clans. ,!f Wazirs.
Headmen; Ahtpaa.zai
and U tnianzai;:. :: ,
D .. :awBsl{ ,
fraction .. of )'Ihite,r
Khel; Hassan
' Khel, ;Mohmit KMl,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khal
Wazirs. Headman; Fazal
Shah. .
DABWBZ KUBL-A minor frac-
tion of Babur Khel, Keimal
U rinuz Khel, Sipab
. ' (l ,2(0), Atridis. H Padman ;
, KhlloDezaman.
DARWJ KuE!. (Mastura).-
,One four divisionll of
the Miahti (:{,OOO), HaJIlB&-
y&ll ;, the Orakzais. Samil.
DARy:'.'irIt4N KUEL.-A divi
sion 'of Haji Khel, Cham-
ka.nniS: '.
DARYA section
of AHzat, Darpa Khel, Mal.
liz ad,' , Dawarls. H cadmen ;
Gul Amm.
DA.RYA. :K.BBL (I00).-A minor
fraction: of the Khal
Abdul Khel, Langar Khel.
; Khoidad Khel, Gidi Khel,
, . . Alizai, Mahsuds
.Bea4men; Bola, Kissar .
Gulaim., .
minor fraction of
Hizen Khel (700), Shadi
N aqra Din, Kalu
. Khel, 'Ab.madzai, Darw6Su
Khpl W azirs. i
Sahib Khan.
D.AULA'J! (Bannu Dis-
iiriQt).--A. fraotion of
. i1Uel, M Khel, :Jla\hi
Khel K\lel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
the Amar Khan Khel, Ali-
. .(3t.lOO1
Mirza Hassa.n.
KUJ! (l10), ...... A :r:ninor
Khoidad Khel, Gidi. Kbel,
Manazat, Alizai, Mahsuds.
B_zan j SWe Khan.
DAULAT KHBL.-A. lemmt.of
GhaUb Khan. Khd,
Khel MaJ.ij[dinlKhel; (4,000),
Afridis. Samil. HeQdmen;
Alam Khan, Ohorai, Kassim,
&id QIndam. JU" Ii
Ak.h.undztd,a., 1tf.irQ, ilir
Mix lUr AWn,
Ahmad, NUl'
;&Mtion.of 1Wb. Khel. AIW',
(1.000)', Khel,
Samil ..
Pir Gul, Sa4r, lail Hak,
.. n, Jan,
Rahmatulla, Madakld..
lfllB-L (65.; Tartan.).
-A of M.uJ.lagoris,
a vassal clan of the Moh
DAtnlATUI (Zhob).-A miqor
frsct.ion of Ibrahimzai,
Shado,:ai, Ali Kha},

)#..trL6r!z,u.-A of

DAULATZAI (i,400; Mastura
valley ad Land1l11!i pass).-
One of the font clans of the
OrakuUit. Bamil. 100 .of
them. are ShiaJla.
DAULATZAI8 (5(Y.); Ghazniand
Kalat-i-GlrJ.lgal).-One of
the. nacling elans.
1,)All'IiAUAI t60 ; Zarghlln
molJ,fttain,east of Quetta).-
A di'Yision of DuUl/U',
of 1the Ibrahim Kbel,
o..iaizai, llias7Ai" Buner-
DAULAUN seeth)n
of Hanzar Khe', (36U),
Ib.him Khel,
})jnowasa Khel W uU:s.
Gul M.mmad
DAWlIZAI (l,OOO).-One of
the affiliated Mohmand
clans. Headmen; Ha.zur
Khan, Habib Jan; see note
on page 46.
DAWIZAI (Welt of Dera Ghazi
Khan Distri,ct).-A sub-
division of N omi, Lahar-
zai, M usa Kliels. Headman;
Shah Baz.
DBHGAN .-A minor fraction of
Umar Khel, Ali Khel,
Khaddar Khel (770), Moh-
mit Khal, Utmanzai, Dar-
WElsh Khel Wazirs.
DBHGA.lIr.-A tribe inhabiting
Kunar, Laghman and Nin-
gmhar. A few Dehgansare
also to be found in Zurmat
a.nd Bajaur. The Dehgans
are said to be descendants
of the Indian races origin-
any inhabiting North-East-
ern Afghanistan.
DnvllZl KHEL.-A minor
fraction of Mohmand Khel,
Xattia. Khel, Hassan Khel,
Mitha". Khan Khal, Kuki
. Khel (4,600), Afridis. Gar.
DBSHIW ALB (720; B I 11.'0 k.
Mountain).-A tribe of
DBWABZAI (40; Z a r g hun
. mountala, east of Quetta.)-
.. A division 'of the Dumar,
Kakars ..
DBANNI KHBL (40).-A minor
fraction of the Shumi Khel,
Palli Khel, Mana,.ai, Alizai,
Mahsuds. Headmen; Bare
Khan, A.hmad Khan.
DHllnn: KHEL (35}.-A minor
fraction of the Gurri Khel,
Doohi Khel, Palli Rhel,
Manazai, Ali.z&i, "Mahsnds.
Headmen; Amm, Diwar.
HUNI KHEL.-A minor frac..
tion of B ilal Khel, Keimal
UrmuZ Khel, Sipah
(1,200), . Afridis. SamiI.
Headmen; Gul, Salim.
DIDAOBI.-A sub-division of
Warukj), Dana, Battannis.
Headman; Adam Khan.
DIGAN KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Datta Khal, Abdul
Khel, Bora Khel (1,000)
Mohmit Khal, Utmanzai,
Darwesh KhelWazirs.
DIG,.:B KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of 'Morib Khel, Utman
Khal, Takhti Khel, Bakka
Khal, Wali Khel, U tmanzai,
Darwesh Khel W azirs.
Headman; Islam Khan.
DIHGAN (15).-A minor frac-
tion of Ida! Khel, Muham-
mad Khel, Malakh, Mallizad
Dawaris. Headman; Zar-
DILAZAKS.-A pe(ple Scythia DINUN minor
origin who inhabited the fl"actioD; of Shpall'ai KheI,
Peshawar valley befere the Zargun Khel (SliO), Galai,
Pathan invasion. Scattered Khel, Afridis.
families 'of them are still
. to be found along the left DOD KHEL.-A minorfractlon
bank of the Indus ill the ' of Mir Hasani, Macha, Mad-
Hazara and Rawal Pindi da Khel (1,600), Ibrahim
districts,' Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs.
DILD.R KHEL.-A minor,
fraction of Mo hms.nd Khel
Kbattia Khel, Hassan Khel,
:M.itha Khan Khel, Kuki :
K hel (4,5(,0), Afridis. Gar,
Headmen; Baghi, SlIoidal,
Ghanni, Torbaz.
DIL :iI,. AXI (14,).-A minor
fraction of Boya, 'l.'appi?.a.d,
Dawaris. Headman; 8heikh
Nabi. '.-
DINAB.-A minor fraction of
Umar Khel, Ali l\hel,
Khaddar Khel (770), Mob-
mit Khel, Utmanzai, Dar-
we,h Khel Wazirs. Head-
man; Zarak.
DINAB.-A minor. fraction of
Ali Khel, Shugai, Tori Khel
(2,670), Ibrahim Khel, Ut
manzai, Darwesh K hel
Wazirs. Headman; Gulli.
DODAZAI (West of Del'a
Ghazi Khan District).-A
section of M alizai, Ahmadzai,
Balil Khel, Mnsa Kbels.
Headman; Lawangai.
DUPARZAI (1,600; Kuram).-
A division of Chardai, Turis.
DODI KHEL.-A minor
tion of Titar Khel, I{han
Khel, Takhti Khel, Bakka
Khel .(1,000), Wali Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman; Gula-
DODI KHEL (Bannn District)
-A minor of
Khandal' Khan Khel, Hathi
.K hel, Hhin Khel, Ahmadzli.i,
DlIol'wcsh Khel WlIozil's.
Headmen; Nizam Khan.
DODI KHEL (50).-A sub-div-
sion of K haddi, MaHiaud ...
Dawaris. Headman; Shah-
Durn (40).-A sub-division of
Arghund, Mallilad, Dawal'is. DODI KHEL.-See Laghul' (or
H('8.dman ; Millmai. Dodi) Khel.
DOIlALLl.-A section of Wuzi
Khel (800), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai,. Darwesh Khel
W 8zirs. Headman; Niyaz
DOSALLI.-Said to be a soc-
tion of Khaddar Khel ('l70).
They are really, howevel', a
section of Wuzi Khel,
:M.ohmit Khel (see above],
owning "land IJDong the
Khaddar Khel.
DOTUL (1,695}.-A clan of
the Allaiwala .
Du DARIZ.-A miJi'C)r fractic.n
of Ali K hel, Shugai, Tori,
Khel (2,6'10), Ibrahim
Utmanzai, I Darwesh Khel
Wazha. Headman; . GuI
DRB KHBL.-A section of
Wuzi Khel (800), Mobmit
Khe), UtmaElzai, Dal'wesh
Kbel Wa'l.irs.
DODAL divi- Kattagarm.
sion of the N andihari
DODAlt: Dis-
b-ict). A minor fract.ion.of
Ali KlIel, Muss Khcl,
Hathi Khel Shin
K hel, Ahroadzai, Darwelh
Khel Wazh's.
DODAZAI {I 50 ; West of Dera
Ghazi Khan Distrlct).-A
subdivision of,
Lahal'zai. :MUM K hel. .
Hcadmen; Panzai. Balak,
Dawarzai, Bazi, Mandizais
Khan Daoran.
tiOll of the Bazar Khan
Khel, Utman Khel (400),
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil.
DOTANNls.-See Dauta.nis.
NAMI.-A minor fraetion
c..f Mllsakki, Wuzi Khel
Mohmit Khel, Utman
zai. Darwesh Khel Wazin.
DBB N A MI.-A minor fraction
of Balal Khel, H38an Khel
(40U), Mohmit Khcl. Ut-
mnnzni. Darwash Khel
Wnzirs. Headmen j Malak-
din Khan, Niyaz Muham-
DJlEl'ILARA.-A subdivision of
Shakhi, Waraspun. Battan-
nis. Headmen; Husen
(Ghul'buru). Ashak (Miani) .
DRE PUURI.-A minor frac-
tion of Asat Khel, W uzi
Khel (SOO), Mohmit J\:hel, .
Utmanzai, Dal'wesh Khel
DBB PILLABI.-A minor frac-
tion of Muhammad Khel,
H Khel (40
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
Dal'Welih Khel Wazirs.
Headman; Sippar ..
DaB PILLABI.-A pection of
Tori Khel (2,670), Ibl'8.him
Khe], Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel W azire. Headmen;
Miandin Khan, Khari,
Shahaadin, Keili.
DBBPILLARI-A minor frac-
tion of Sarki Khe], Mad-
do. Khel (l,tiOO), Ibrahim
Khel, Utmanzai, Da.rwellh
Khel Wazus. Headmen j
Modai, Pyall, Aki Khan,
U mar Khan and Biyan.
DBBPUBA (260).-A section
of Khusrogi, Nasr-uddin,
Zakha Khel Aridis. Samil.
ri t>admen j aee Mil' Kalan
Khel, Dadu Khel, and Bur-
ban Khel lub-"ectiODI.
DBEPtABA.-A section of
Paindai (940). Nur-ud
din,: Zakha Khel Afridis.
Samil. Headmen; Chik
kun, Tamas, Anwar, Nazr
DBIGZAI (374 j Thai Choti
ali).-A clan of the Lunw.
DUtRA KURL (Dir).-A sec-
. tion of Sultall Khel, Sesada,
Malitai, Y usafzais.
.Du}[.l_ (34.0; Zarghun
Mountain, east of Quetta).
-A liakal' elan. Headmen;
Azmal, Vmar, and Kwadad
(Nokarzai). Rahimdad, Lal
han,. Bahawal (B!lrzai) ;
Lalbeg (Dewal'Zai). Sabur
(DaulB.tzai). Husen.(Faizai).
Duxus (1,885).-A division
of Sanzar, Kakal's.
DuR, see Madi Khel and Dul'.
DURAJrII -(100,000) The do
minant' race of Afghans;
and tae .one to which tho
pretent ruling family of
Kabul belongs. The Dura-
nis have two the
Z'irak and tbe Panjpai.
the fOl'tner belong
Popalzai, Alikozai, Barak-
zai and Aebakzai, to the
latter the N nrzai, Alizai,
Isakzai, K hokani and Maku
tribes. See also flad07.ais
and Bar Duranis.
DuR..\B (300}.-A section of
Khusrogi, Nasruddin
Khel Afridis. Samil. Hcad.
; Eee Bucha Khel.
. c 2
DUIlBA KHBL.-A section of
Hamza Khel, Gandab Fa-
limmi, Mohmands. Head-
"Se.mU. Headmen; see Yar
Muhammad Khel.
men; Rogh Muhammad, DUB KHn (105).-A minor
Dauran, Samf, Sahibroz, Yar fra!!tion of Babakki, Ha.ssu
Gul Akbar, Gul Ali, Izzat I Khel, Tor, Mallizad, Dawa.-
Khan, Khan. I ris. Headmen; Badar, Mir
K Rzam. DiwaD80 Khan,
DUBBA KHBL.-A section of II Niazgai.
Ramza l\he1, Kamali, Ra-
limmi, Mohmands. Head-' DUltMA KOB (500; ".Lalpnra,.
man; Jamal Khan. I" Loi Shilman).-A section
. of Shah Mansur Khel, Dadu
DUBBI KHEL.-A sub-division Khel, Tarakzai, Mohmands.'
of "K!\mbar. Ksmbar Khel"! Headman; Akbar Khan,
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head-! Khan of Lalpura.
men; Muha.mmad Sher:
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nurai II DUBMUB KHEL (C5).-A sec-
.sher Khan, Hamid. tion (If Umar Khel, Nana.
" Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
DURDAN KIIEL.-'A section of Headman; Zawakal.
}luS80' Khel, Kuz-Sulizai.
Baizai, Akozai-Yusufzai DUTANIHs.-See Dantanis.
})rBJI KHEL.-A sub-division
of Karna Khel, Malikdin
'Kht'\ (4,0(,0), Afridis.
-A division of Spin,
Tarins. Headmal!.; Shahbaz.
iMANI KHEL.-A miMI' nac-l
tion of Baghdad Khel, Kei-
mal l{hel, Urmuz Khel,
(l,20a), Afridw ..
Sami!. Headmen j Khaneza-
man, Lal Muhammad, She ...
F&lUI (30; east of Quetta) .
. -A division of Dumar,
F.A.IZUlLA KOB.-A minor
fraction of Hanra Khel, Shati
Khel, W ali Kot.
Gandab, Halimzal, Moh-
'mands: Headman; MUllhki.
Yusu/zais and atG taxed by
FAURZ.U (Zhob).-A section
of Mirzai, Alizai, Sanzar,
FARIDAI (SO).'--A minor frac-
tion of Khamar Khel, Gidi
Khel, Manazai, Albai,
F A][IBAN.- A section of Barim
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad,
:Dawaris. Headman; Gul' FABID KHIL (Khanki vallcy;.
Khan. -A subdivision of Salla
Khel (80), Ismailzai, Orak-
FAKIBAN (12).-A minor frac-
tion of Khuttay, Taib K.hel,
Arnzoni, MalHzaa, rawaris.
Headmen; Arsalaband,
Juma .Akbar.
FAKIR KBBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Ashrab Khel, Ismail
Khel, Bozi Khel, Madda
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim K hel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh K1iel
"FAUBNA1U."-A term
which covers Gujllol"S, garden.
ers, tanners,
moslc18ns, arJz"DII, menial
aervants, carriers, pedlar!!,
etc, who live amongst the
zais. Samil. .
FARID KHBL.-A minor :frac-
tion of }!'eroz Khel, Mashi
Khel, llannia Khel, Hassan
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel,
Kuji Khel (4,500), Afridis.
Gar. Headmen.; MuUa Na-
zir, Mirwal, Said GuI.
FABIGH SHAH KOB (South of rivel').-A sec-
ti(,n of Alizo.i (50), Ma;;u-
2ai, Lashkarzai, Orakzais.
Bamil. Headman; NUl"
(Samana, and Khanki va!-
ley).-A 8ubdivbion of

H .. bl .. Kltol (700), Ismailzai,
U,,"kll"lil. l:Jamil. Ii cadmen j
'I\\hh' l!4h .. h, Kamal', Azadi,
M "111\11\1\,,,11 Zaman. Mh'
Ar."I, Uhulam Muhiud'din,
Willi, Wuh',
rn'lIll KUAN KIIEL.-A sub-
,1"""1011 of Utmllon Khel
(Ml(l), nloulatzo.i, Orakzais.
l".nu KlUX KBBL.-A minor
fn",tlon of Marui Khel, Basi
'Khul, KalUal Khel, Sahib
Jan, Aka Khel, (1,800),
1!'ATIU KBBL.-A minor frae-
tinn of Sab Khel, Shekhai,
Aunai (l,OCO), Budai, Zakha
Khol, Afridis. Samil.
1I11admen; Khalu, AlimlloSt,
1\, Alignl.
r ATIB KBBL.-A minor frac-
titlD of Sultan Khel,)!uran
Khel, Babakri, Sipah
) ,200), Afridis. sawil.
Headmen; Naz Karim, Iran,
Gul Muhammad.
Muli) Khe], Salarzai, Ilia.s-
zai, BUnerwals.
rra.ction of Ahmadbeg {{hel,
Mohib Khel. Shekhai, Annal
(1,' (0), Budai, Zakha Xhel
Afridi.'i. Samil. Headmen;
Shahzada, Arsala., Aligu!.
F A'rIlU. KOB.-A minor frao.
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kad.
dam Khal, Feroz Khel, Mashi
Khel, Mannia Kliel, Hassan
Khel, MitM Khan Khel,
Knki Khel (4,5CO), Afr:t-
dis. Gar. lieadmen ;888
Fa.lid Khel Section. .
F ATOZAI. - A section of Mirzai.
Alizai, Sanzar, .
FATTER KRBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Miri Khel, Pakhai
(1,('00), Budai, Zakha. KheJ.
Au.'idis. Bamil. HMd.meb;
see Shahbeg and W 80llibeg
F ATTBR KBEL-A section of
Tar! Khel,Shakhi, Waras.
pun; Battannis.
J!'ATBK KREL.-A aubdivi- FATTER KREL.-A sub-divi
aion of Abdul Khel, Kuk.i sion of Abazai,Khwazazai.
Khel (4,500), AfridiB. Gar. Akozai-Yusu:fzai, Swatis.
Headmen; Mulla Anwar'
FATTER KREL.-A !lub-divi.
sion of Ali Khel, Bar-Rani-
GuInnI', Ali.
FArlK KBEL.-A minol' frac-, Akozai-Yusufzai
tiun d Hati Khel, Mali (or . Swatis

FnuB: KBEL (8).-A section
of Barim Khel, Amzoni,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
mall; Bahawal Khan.
F.nTEB: KOR.-A minor frac-
tion of Rami K hel, Kadai
Kor Gandab, Ha1imzai, Mo-
hmands. Headman; Sar-
minor frac-
tion of Muhammad Khel
(700), Isperka. Kalu Khel,
AhmadzBl, Dal'Wesh 1{ hel
Waziris. Headman; Habib
FUIL KHEL.-A minor frac-
tioll of Ya Khel, Babu KIleI,
Adinzai, Khwazazai, Akozai
- YUSuf1.a.i Swatis.
iI'.uLt KOR.-A minor fraotion
of. Baalll Kor
WaH Bt'g Kor
Gandab, Halimzai Moh-
manda. Headml'n; Babs.-
dur, Zulkadar, Nazro.
FBIOI KHBL.-A section o
Tor Sapar (350), Galai,
Adam Khel, Afridis.
P'EIOZ KHBL.-A minoT frac-
tion of Mashi Khel, Mannia
Khel, Hassan 1\hel, Mitha.
Khan Khel, K uki Khel
(4,600), Afridis. Headman;
lee Mashi Khel.
fraction of Ali Khan Khel,
Ali Karan. Mamuza.i (3,500),
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. dead-
man; Firoz Khan.
FIBOZAt (1,000. extremr
north-east of Buner).-A
subdivision of Chagarzai.
Malizai, Buucrwals.
F 1lOZ KHEL (j(); Del'a Ismail
Khan Dhtrict).-Nomadic,
a minor fl'Mtion of Baloch
Khel, Isot Khel, Klan Khet,
Pawindabs. Head-
man; see Mian K hal.
. FIROI KHEL (SO; Dern Ismail
Khan Distl'ict).-Nomadic,
a minor fraction of Pasant,
Isot Khel, Miau Khal, Lo'
hana, Pawindahs. Headman;
ace ?dian Khel. .
FIROZ KHBL.-A Bubdivision
of NiamlLt Khel, Tatta, Bat-
tannis .. Headman; Dinak.
FIBOZ KHn (1,000 ; Maulr
ghar, and Maatura valley).-
A division of the Daulat,.a.i,
Orakzais. Sainil.
fraction of Kattia Khel,
Hassan Khl't, Mitha Khan
Khel, Kuki Khet (4,1)00).
AfridiB. Gar. Headmen;
Gul Ha.ssan and Asad Khan .

(hDAI KHEL.-A seotion of
Kn.mbar Khcl, Bazoti (500.).
Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil.
<hDAIZAI (900; Southern
slopes of the lIam and
])osi1'1i. mountainll).- A divi-
sion of Iliaszai, Bunerwals.
<hDAZ.U (West of DrI'a G-nazi
Khan DMrict).-A section
of 1nzai, Husan Khel, Balil
J{hel, M usa K he1s. fI ead-
man; Ali Multammad.
GADOI ABEL (50.; D(,l'a
. Ismail 1\ han ).-
N omadk, a minor f!'action
of U ml'zai, Sein Khtl, Mian
Khel, Lohana, Pawindahs.
Headman; see Mian Khel.
GADU KHEL.-A seotion of
Tatar Khel ()l' Akhol'wal
(:-JOO), Hassan Khel, Adam
Inel, Afridis ..
GADUNS (2,80.0; Mahaban).
A tribe of Pathslls, some of
whom also live in Bdtish
GAGA.:ZA.lS (450).--A clan of
the Utlhtaranas. The divi-
sions, etc., of the Gagelzais
are not separately indexed
in this DiotionalY.
GAJlI KHEL (30).-A
fra('tion of Salimi Khel:
Dachi Khel, Palli KheJ ..
Mitnazai, Alizai, Mahsuds.
Headman; Ayaz Shah.
GAJRAI CJ.).-A sub division of.
Shamezai, Rakanwal. Lunis. .
Headman; see Shamezai.
GAZER KOR.-A section of
the TJmsr Khan Khel ..
Alisherzai (3,O:JO) "LRtlhkar-
,ai, Orakzais. Samil. Head4
lUan j AU Sheikh.
GA.l>o.-A division of MandaI, GALH (1,4'1O).-A division of
Utmall Khels. . Adam Khel, Afridis. .
GADOZAI (30).-A seotion of
Land, Amand, Ahma.d Khel,
Oba, I\hd, Sheran.Ui.

GALBmAHI (696).-A div-i-
sion of Shaman Khel, Alizal
Mahsudl! .
GALl KBBL . ......:.A minor frac-
tion of Kasim Khel (25CJ),
Khel, Jawaki: Adam
Khel, Afridis.
KaBL (7).-A sub-
division of Boya, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headman; Shah-
. G.1LL PAO sec
tion of Kalut Khel, Nul'
. Khel, Samilzai. Tarkanis.
GAl.ZADA KBBL.-A minor
fraction of Aib Kor, Shaikh
Khel, Aib Khel, Sa1arzai,
Iliaszai, Bunerwah.
GANDAPtf'BS (l,aOO; Dero.
Ismail Khan District).-A
small tribe, of Pawindah
origin. Headmen.; Guldad
Khan, Naurang K han. The
claus, etc., of the Gandapu1 s
are not indexed
in this dictionary.
GANGI KBBL (400, Wa'na;
400, Gumatti).-A minor
fraction of Borni Khel,
Nasradin, Llu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel,
GABA KHBL.-A. minor frac-
tion of Kundai, Tor Khel,
U marzai (600" Shin Khel,
Ahmadzai, Khel,
Wazirs, Headman ; Fazal.
GABIiB.U (l70).-A minor
:fraotion of the Shumi Khel,
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai
. Mahsuds.
GABWIS (8,OOO).-A. b-ibe
inhabiting the head of the
Swat valley. They are
probably allied to the Kobis-
tanis .
GAt.'HAB KHBL.-A. minorfl'ac-
tion of TUl'8am Khel, Nazar
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel,
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel
tl,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut-
manzai, Dal'wesh Khel, Wa-
GAZNI.-A section of Khaki-
zai, Ashazai, lliaszai, Bune-r-
GIGA KHEL (140l.-A minor
fraction of Sher Khel,
Haibat }{hel, Nana Khel,
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
GBAIBI KHEL.-A. subdivi-
sion of Babakri, Sipah
(1,200), Afridis. Samil.
Headman; Darya Khan.
GHAlBI KHEL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Bahramka-Khel,
Bar B ani zai, Akozai-
Yusufzai Swatis.
GXAIK KOB.-A minor frac-
tion of Sroh, Dusha. Khet.
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh-
mandl. Headman; Khani-
(JSAIBU KBBI .. -A minor
fraction of Dakar Khel, Idal
Khcl, Hathi Khel {2,OOO) ,
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar-
welh Khel Wazh'S.
<1n!L ...... A minor fraction of
K a.rim Khel, Jamal Khel,
Malik Shahi (400), WaH
Khal, Utmanzai, .Darwesh
K hel, Wazus. Headman;
GSAUl' KHEL.-A minor
frac1.ion of Dosalli, Wuzi
Khel (8CO), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai, Dal'wesh Khcl
GSU.T KSBL (Bannu Dis-
tl'ict).-A minor fraction of
Kundi, Pil'ba Khel, Hathi
Khel (2,000), Shin Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwcsh Khel
sub-division of Malikdin
Khel, Malikdin Khel (4,000),
Afridi&.. Samil. Headmen;
Bazmir, Gholai Jan ,Huzrat
Gul, Kolkai, Miran Mil',
Zaman, MuBa Mansur
Payao, Rasul, Salim, Sardar,
Akbar, Dostai, Sher Gul,
Zat:if, Shamsuddin..
s!'ction of the Mil' A
Khe1, Alisherzai (3
IJash.kal'Zai, Orah.ais. f
Headman; Ibrahim K
fraction of Ali Khan
Ali Karan, Mamuzai (3
LaRhkal'zai, Orakzais,
Headman; Arsala.
GHA-LIB KBBL (151).-.A
division of the Bad:
Shaman Khel, Mahsudl
sion of Drigzai, I
Headmen; Khudar ~
zai), SUl'at (Shamb
Ghani (Gaganzai).
GHA.NI KSEL.-A minor
tion of Mil' Hasani, M
Madda . Khel (1.
Ibrahim Khel, U t m ~
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
GSARU KB'EL.-A minor
Hon of Asbmf Khel, K
Khel, Sahib Jan, Aka J
(1,800), Afridis. Sa.m
minor fl'action of D ~
Khel, Ph'an Dangar :
Muhammad Kh!'l, Ma
Mallizad, Dawal'is. I
men; Ghazo Shah, Sar
IIt!Otion of Ibrahim Khel,
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh-
. mands. Headmen'; -Abbas,
Muciasir, Muh-ammad Gul,
Gul Said: .
GK.lZI KHAN (50; Black
Mountain).-A section of
Tasan Khel, Await lsazai;
aKUI KHBL.-A frac-
tion of Baghdad Khel,
Kelmal Khel, Urmuz Khel,
Sipah (1,200), .II fridis.
. Samil. Headman; Abmad
GRAZI KHIL.-A Bub.division
of' Dawat Khel. Khwa.ezai,
:M:ohmands. Headman; Said,
who is the Khan of LaJpura's
.. Kazi."
GK.lZI KHEL.-A I minor frae-
tion of Mannia Khel. Hassan
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel,
Kuki Khel, (4,5UO), Afridis.
Gar. Headmen; see Mashi
GK ... I KHEL.-A minor frac
. tion of Mamun Kor, Kandai,
Iaa Khel, Pandiali, Moh
manda. Headmen; see Isa
GK.1Z1 KOB.-A minor frac
tion of Durbs. Khel, Hs.mza .
Khel, Gandab,
Mohmands. Headman; see
Durba Khel.
GHAZI KOB.--'A minor frac-
tion of Yardil Kor,Kadaikor,
Gandab, Halimzai, Moh-
mands. Headmen; see Yardi
GHAZIZAI (300).-A section of
Mehtal'zai, Harun Khel, Sa ...
natia, }(akars. Headman;
GHAZIZAI (15).-A subdivi
sion of Shamezai, Rakanwal,
Lunis. Headman; see Sha-
fraction of Ismail Khel,
Makhozai, N asuzai, Iliaszai,
sion of Masaud, Sans, a
vassal clan of the Mohmanda.
GHILZAlS (25,o(J0).-A. large
and widespread Afghan
tribe, who extendAli from
Khelat-iGhilzai on the
south to the Kabul river on
the north, and from the Gul
Koh rangtl on the west to
the Indian Border on the
east, in many places over
flowing these boundalies.
The main branches of the
OMl7Aia al'O tho Hotaks.
NaRirs, Kharotis,
An,lars, Tarakis and
TIle. 6hilzais all
I'XI\('mto the Duranis, whom
thoy rtlglml as usurpers.
tlIlOT.A)1 Rnn (50).-A
minor fraction of Khutta.y,
'!'nib Khcl, Amzoni, Mam-
r.n.d, Dill' ark H'admen;
Khel, Mehtat Shah.
OnouM KHEL (7).-A section
of Alizai, Darpa Khel,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
man j Sheikh Muhammad
K hel, Ambar Khel, Mat
Khan Kh'l, Kambar Khel I
(4,500), Afridis Gar Hea.d-
men j- Sher Khan, Hamid,
and Nurai ..
GHULI KHEL.-A section of
Amber Khol, Mat Khan
Rhel, Kamhar Kh .. l (4,500).
. Afridis.. Gar. Headmen;
Sher Khan. Hamid, Nurai.
GnuLA]( KHBL.-A minor
fraction of Balli Khel. Sha.di
Khat, Br,m Khel (1,000),
Utmanzai. Darwcsh Khel
Wazirs ..
OHORANAI (lO).-A division section of Haibat Kht'l,
of Drigzai, Lunis. . J awaki, Adam Khel, A fridis.
GnORIZAI (500).-A sub-divi-
sion of Alizai, Sanzar, K,,
GnOZ!li:.u (40).-A minor
fraction of the Panj Pilara,
Abdullai, Aimal Khel, Ba.h-
lolzai, Mahsuds.
GnozI f{HEL (60).-A minor
fraction of the Shah Amm
Khel, K asim Khel, Chahal'
Khel, Shaman Khel, Mah-
suds. Hea.dmen i Nasir
Khan, Amin, Shahboz.
GHULAI! KHEL (15 j Dera
Ismail Khan District).-
Nomadic, a minor fl-action
of Saiad Khet, Isot Rhel.
Mian Khel. Lohana. Pawin-
dahs. Headman j see Mian
GnUNDA KUEL.-A minor
fraction. of Rama Khel.
Khel, WaH Beg Kor,
Gandab,, Moh-
mands. This fraction goes
with the Buch Khet. Head-
man j Hazrat Shah.
GHUUI{ ALI KnEL.-A GnuNDI (15).-A section of
. minor fraction of Ghuli Barim. Khel, Amzonl.
Mallizad, Dawans. Head-
man; Jalat.
GHUBBUN.-A section of Drc-
plara, Shakhi, Waraspun,
GHUT KARRA.-A minor frac-
tion of I{arra Khel, Ghaibi
K hel, Babakri, Sipah
(1,200), Afridis. Samil.
H eadmen, S ~ Korra K hel.
GHWUUZUS (110; Gomal).
A clan of Kakars, living
!'cpal"ately from the bulk of
the tribe.
GIDr KHEL (1,077).-A sub
division of the Manazai,
Alizai, Mahsuds.
GIGI&NI.-A small clan at-
tachrd to Ranra K hel, Shati
Khel, Wali Beg Kor, Gan-
dab,, Mohmands.
Headman; Mir Bajan.
GILAL (600).-A clan M
GIGlANIS.-See Gugianis.
GnANI KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Muhammad Khel
(700), Isperka, Kalu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
GITA KHn (75.)-A section
of lIuha'Umad Khel, llalakh,
Mallizad. Dawaris.
men; Muhammad
Sawan, Watanai.
GOG.AI.-A minor fraction of
Mandi Khel, WU7.i Khel
(SOJ), lrIobmit Khel, TIt-
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wo.-
GOHURA KOR.-A minor frac
tion of BehTam Kor, Dildar
Khel, Mohmand Khel,
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel,
Mitha Khan Khe
, Kuki
h ~ l (4,500), Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Ghanni and Tor
bar: ..
GORAl (eOO; Scattered on con-
fines of Bajaur).-One of the
eight claDS of the Utman
GORI KH'EL.-A minor fraction
of Khoji Khel, Bozi Khel,
Madda Khel (J ,600), Ibra-
him Ii hel, Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh K hel Wazirs.
GOWHAR KHEL.-A section
of Durbi Khel, Kambar
Kbel, Kambar Khel
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head-
men; Muhammad Sher,
. Khwaja Ali, Yaro, NUl'ai.
GUURS.-A. stalwart :vIussnl-
man pastorMI tribe of Aryan
or l'artar, scattered

. 70
in large numbers amongst
tho Path an tribes, from the
JUaek' Mountain to the
Kunar dyer. ']'hey own
separate villages in or neat
the lower hills, lind in Bum-
In('r migrate with their
flocks to the mountains.
Gujars are num('rous in
llorth-western India Rnd
:1{ashmir. They spenk the ~ n
guage of their winter homeI',
but have a few words pecu-
Iili!' to themselves.
GUGIANI.-(Peshawar Dis-
trict). A tribe who inhabit
the Doaba 01' plain in the
angle between the Kabul and
S WIi t !'i vel's.
GUI. AHMAD KOR.-A section
of Khalil Inel, Kasim
1{hel, Tarakzai, Mohmallds.
Headman ; SaHal.
Guu KHEL.-A minor fmo-
tion of Pira Khl'l, Mh'
Ha.'I8ni, :Maoha, Madda K hel
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel, Ut-
manzo.i, Darwesh 1\:hol Wa-
GCLA KHEL (.70).-A minol
fraction of Walidad Khel,
Ladi Khel, Abdullai, . Aimal
Khe', Bahlolzai. Ma.hsuds.
H (adman; Aligai.
section of Inzai. Has&n Khel,
Balil Khel, Musa ,Khels.
Headman; Haru.
GULA:PIB (lO).-A section of
Barim Khel; Amzoni, Malli-
zad. Dawaris. Headman;
Gulaph" '
GULDIN KHEL.-A minorD.'ao-,
tion of Dawar Khel, Ismail
Khel, Bozi Rhel. MaddR
Khel (1,6(,0), Ibrahim Khol,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
GULl' KREL.-A section of
Adi7ai, Bobak, Dana, 'Bat-
GUL KREL.-A section of A Ii
Khel, Bobak, Dana, Battan-
minol' fraotion of Zalli K hel
(3,000), Boml Khel, Nasl'o.-
di!l, Kalu Kbol, Ahmadzai,
Dal'Wesh Khel Wazirs.
GULLI FREL (Bannu District).
-A minor fra.ction of WaH-
~ i Musa. Khe1, l1a.thi Khel
(2,000), Shin l\he1, Ahmad
zai. Dal'wesh I\hel Wazirs.
Headman; Adam Khan.
GttUNZAI (W('I;t of Dem. GULNA.M KHEL (15).-A minor
Ohazi Khan Distriot.}.-A fraction of Pol Khel,
Muhammad Rhel, Malakb,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
man; .

GVLo KHBL (Yakhdand).-A
division of Ubnanzai, MoYt-
mands. Headmen; see
GU1UBZAI (West of Dna
Ghazi Khan District).-A
section of Kabalzai Noku-
zai, Laharzai, M usa Khels.
Headman; KhatoL
GUNDA KHEL (Mahabop).-
A i*'Otion of Hasanha,1.
Mada Khel, Isazai, Yusuf-
zais. Headmen'j see Hasau-
baz Khel.
GUNDI KHBL (l,000; Kul'-
am).-A sub-division of
Landizai, Chardai, 'ruris.
GUNNA KHEL (60).-A minor
fraction of t.he Shamak ({hel
Abdullai, Aimal Khel,, lIahsuds. Head-
man; Mamak.
GUR1U.Z (1,000 ; southern
border of Khost).-Origi-
nally a clan of Wazir origin
who han since lost all con-
nection with the parent
tribe. A few familieit still
reside in Shawal, (Headmen;
Khan Sahib and Paidil)
in the Tochi, (Headman;
Massan Shah) at Spin Nimal
Khel in Mahsud country,
and at Mil'iam, in Bannu
GuBBUZ.-A misor fraction
<of Khan Khel, Takhto Khel,
Balli Khel (P)(}O), WaH
Khel. Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. Headman;
Ra,hmat Shah.
QuBBUZ.- One of the four
divisions of the Batis, who
8.l'8 a va."!sal clan of the
GUBBUZAI (35).-A subdivi
sion of Darpa Khel.,
Dawaris. Headmen; Shah-
zada, Shadi Khel, Lnzar
Khel. Shahdarra.
GunI KHBL (l20).-A minor
fractiQU of the Da.chi Khel,
Palli Khel, :Manazai,
GunI KHBL (60).-A section.
of the Shamt'rai, Manazo.i
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headmen;
Zale Khan, Karim Khan,
H ABIJl.-A sub-division of
Nagl'uddin (1,20() to 1,500),
Zakha Khel, Afl'idis. Samil.
Headmen; Chikkun, Tamas,
Anwar, Nazr Din.
HABIBIAN.-A minor fraction
of Dreplara, Paindai (940),
N asruddin, Zakha K hel,
Afridis. Samil. Headmen i
see Habib.
H.lBIBZA.I (30).-A subdivi
sion of Manuzai, Oba Khel,
HAl'IZ KOR.-A section of
Kani Khel, Kasim Khel., Mohmands. Head
man ;
HAlAT KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Musil. Khel, Makhozai
N 9,suzai, Iliaszai, Bunerwau..
HAIAZI.-A division of the
Mahmud Khel, Zmarais.
Headman; Sardar Hakim
BAIBA'!: KHBL (l,lOO).-A sub.
division of Jawaki, Adam
, Afridis.
HAIEAT. KXEL (1,1l8).-The
most important sub-division
of the Nana Khel, B!lhlolzai,
H.lIEAT KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Aka Khel, Isrnailzai,
Danlatzai, Maliza.i, Buner-
HAlBTANAJ.-A section of
Tori Khel (2,670), Ibra-
him libel, Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
men i Gnlzamir Khan, Mian-
dad, and Lal Khan.
HAIDAR ALl KHEL.-A section
of the Fateh Khan Khel,
Utman Khel (400), Daulatzai,
Orakzaia. Samil.
valley).-One of the foul'
divisions of the Miahtis
(::1,000), .. HamsaYlls " of the;
HAIBAT KHEL.-A minor fmc- \ Orakzais. Samil. Headman
tion of Dardoni, Wnzi Khel, Mehrban.
0), Mohmit Khel, Ut
manzai. Darwesh Khel Wa- !LUDAR KXEL.-A section of
drs. \1.a Ali Karan, Mamuzai,
Laehkarzai, Orakzais. Gal'.
Headman; Lal Khan.
HAIDAR KBEL. -A section of
the Mil' Ahmad Khel, (Mil' Khel), Khel
(1,000), Daulatzai, Olakzais.
-Samil. Headman; Bhirin.
HUDAR KBBL (f:52).-A sub-
division of the Tor, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Mad
Alam, Alif Khan, Gul Khan,
Lal Khan, Nazar Khan.
HAIDA.R KOR.-A subdivision
of Asaf Khel, Tarakzai,
Mohmands. Headmen; see
Asaf Khel.
B.lIDRU (123).-A sub-divi-
sion of Cha.har Khel, Shaman
Khel, Mahsuds.
H AJAI K oR.-A subdivision
of Baba.zal Kor, Dawezai,
. Mohmands. Headmen; Ha-
Bur Khan, Khalik Jan.
lJ AIDARZAI (100).-A sub-
division of Banzar,
HAIDARZAI (280).-4 section
of Natozai, Dumar, Sanzar,
I(a.kars. Headman; Khani.
HAJI KBBL (20).-A minor
fraction' of Poi Khel,
Muhammad Khel, Malakh,
Malli ze.d , Dawaris. Head-
man; J uma Khan.
HAJI KBEL (400).-A clan
of Chamkannis.
HAJI K oR.-A division of Ut .
manzai Mohmands. Head
. man; see Utmanzais.
HAJIZAI.-A sub-division of
IJadu, Rakanwal, Lunis.
Headman; see Ladu.
HAKIM KBEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Machi Khel, Abdul
Khel. Bara Khel (1,000),
Mohmit Khel, Utman7.a.i.
Darwesh Khel Wazire.
H !KIM KBEL.-A minor frae
tion of Pha. Khel,Jamal
I\hel, Malik ShaM (400),
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar
wfeh Khet Wazirs. Head-
man; Zariban.
HAKIM KBEL.-A minor frac
tion of Bani. Khel, Zargun
K hel (300),. Galai. Adam
Khel, kfridis.
HAlnK KBEL.-A minor frac.
tion of Sharagh Khel, Kadam
, Firoz Khel, Maehi
Khel, Mannia Khel, Hassan
Khel, Mitha Khan. Khel
Kuki Khel (4,WO), An.idis:
Gal'. Headmen; Abbas
Hakim and Nazir. '
Hunt: KEEL (99).-A 'sub-
division of Mubarak Shahi,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; Shandai, Ahmad ehah,
Mil' Alam, and Sakhadin.
HAKIMZAI (SO).-A section of
Sah, Yahia Kbel, Sen Khe],
fraction of Sikandar Khel,
Kanaai, Iso. Nhel Pandiali,
Mohmands. For Headmen;
see I,ll. Khel.
HALIM KOR. A minor fra.c-
tion of Bucha Khel, Dural'.
(300), Khusrogi, Naal'ud-
din, Zakha Khel Afridis.
Samil. Headmen; see Bu-
chilo Khe!.
HALIMZAI (130).- A section of, Harun Khel, Sanatia,
Kakars. Headmen; Taj
Muhammad and Zargar.
- A division (according to
location) of Halimzai KamaH
Mohmands. For headmen;
see Lakai Kor, Khwaju
K uhai Kor. Ghazi Beg K 01',
Nahaki or Yw;uf Kor,Hamza
Khel (Kama.Ii), Ato Khel,
Sroh. See note on page 46.
fraction of Basul Kot', WaH
Beg Kor, Gandab, Halim-
zai, Mohttlands. Headmen;
Abdulla Khan, Yakub,
Kokai. '
HAMSAHGAN (20).-A section
of Hakim Khe], Mubal'ak
Shahi, Mallimd, Dawaris.
Headmen; Mil' Alam,
Sakhadin, J amadar,
HAHSAYAJAN (19).-A section
of Nawar Khel, M.iram Shah,
Tappiza.d, DaWRris. Head-
men; Mil' Hassan, Gulistan,
Fir Khan.
-A subdivisibn {acoording HA)(ZA.. KEE!. (1,OCO; Kur- '
to location) of the Halimzai am).-A division of Sar-
Gandab Mohmands. F()r galli, Turis.
headm('n; see Sultan Rhe], .
Durba Khel Babi Khe], I HAMZA KEEL (450).- A sub-
Barn Khel, Yardil Kol', division of Gandab, RaUm-
Rahmatal Kor, Tatasar, zai, Mohmands. For head-
Dawat :Hami Khel, men; see Sultan Khel,
Sha.ti Khel, Basul Khel. Durba Khel, Khe],
See note on page 46. BILl'll Khel.
(150).-A 8ubdiviaion of
Kamali, HalimzlLi, Moh-
mandll. Headmen; Jamal
]{han (Dul'ba Khel), Jabbar,
Raza 1\ han, Faiz To.lab,
Ghani, Ja.mal, Muhabbat,
Ghansai, Jangia,
Baz Khan, ZainulJa Khan,
Sarfaraz Khan, Moroha,
. Dara Shah, Ajmer.
HAliZA KHEL.-A seotion of
Bal'kazai, Dauillotzai, Mali-
zai, Bunerwals.
HAMZAZ.u (1,000; West of
Dera Gbazi Khan District).
-A division of BallI Khel,
Musa Khels.
H.A:lIZAZAI8 (2,000; Mekhtar).
A division of Sanzar, Kak8.1s.
Headmen ; Gano (pakehZaij'
Anwar Khan (Barozai,
Wazir Khan (Mahozai ,
Shams Khan (Mandozai),
Yasin (S:lfalzai).
HARI' KOR (Part in Moh-
mand, part in British terri-
tOl'y).-Aseotion of Kani
Khel, Kasim Khel,. Tarak-
zai, Mohmands. Headmen;
Khad Gu! ,Khadi Gul, Jallal,
Zehr Gul.
HARIPAL (800).-A elan of
Shelanis. Headman; Mulla
Abdul Hak.
HARUN KHEL (6,108).-.e
of the two divisiom of saM.-
. tia, Kakars. Headmen;
Guldad (Shamozai). Sirdar
Habo Khan (:Mehtarzai),
Sirda.r Bai Khan (Sarang-
zai), (Bazai), Sirdar
Ibrahim Khan (Panizai).
HARuN' KREL (100; Dera
Ismail Khan District).-
Nomadic, 1\ minor fraction of
&.looh Khel, Isot Khel,
Mian Khel, Lohana, Pawin-
dahs. Headman; see MilLu
fraction of Kandao' Khel
(4f!0), Ashu Khel, Hassan
Khel, Adam Khel, Afl'idis.
H ANGU KHBL(Bannu District).
-A minor fraction of Dodi
Khel, Kbandar Khan Khal,
Hathi Khel, Shin Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
W'azirs. HASAN KHBL (4.50; Maha-
ban). A sub-division of
HAN I.-A subdivision ofl Mada Khel, lsazai, Yusuf-
Panezun, Sanzar, Kakars. Zo.i8. .
HARAMZAI (60).-A dMsion HASAN KHEL.-A minor frae-
of Mathel, Sheranis. Hon of Jalal Khel, Mali (01'
:M uli) Khel, Sal8.rzai, Ilia.szai,
HASAN KHEL. -A snbdivisicn
of Gadaizai, Iliaszai, Buner
H AqAN KHEL.-A subdivision
of Sham ezu,i , Khwazazai,
Akozai-Y llsuzai Swa'.is.
HA.'l.A.N KHHL (29ii).-A divi
sio,9 of Khoidad Khel,
HASAN KH'EL.-A minor frac
tion of Mawsl Khel (760),
Haibat Khpl. Jawaki, Adam
Khel, Afriditl.
Khan (Kotwal), . Sherdad
(Mir Ahmad Khel), Najim
Khan, (Zakal'ia Khel). Tora
Khan. (Lughman Klrel),
Aladad (Kaka Knel). Saiad
Azim Shah.
KOR (Utmanzai);
(Yakhdand).-A division of
Utmanzsi, one of the affiliat
ed Mohmand clans. Head.
men ; see U tmanzai.
HASHAM KOR (Khwaezai).-
A subdivision of Kbadi
Khel, Khwaezai, Mobmands.
HASHMI KHBL.-A section of
of the Bazar Khan
HASAN KHEL (1,liOO; West Daulat
of Del'a Ghazi Khan . Dis I zaI, OrakzalS. Sam I!.
trict).-A division of Baolil
Khel, Musa Khels. I HA'lN.-A subdivi!lion of
Panezun, Sanzar, Kakars.
HASANBAZ KHEL (450; Maha . .
ban).-A sub division of I KOR.-A subdIVI
Mada Kh'.ll, lsaza.i, Yusuf. R10n of Muhammad Khan
zais Kor, Burhan Khel, Moh-
. manda. Headmen; Said
ASA.N z.u (50).-A section of Gul, Shahlai; Badshah,
Barakzai, Taragbal'i, Sanzar, Narai, Malik.
l,{akars. Headman; Guli.
HASANZAIS (2,300; 'Black
Mountain and both sides of
Indus). A division of
lsazai, Yusufzaiq. IT ead
men; 11 Rahim Ali Khan,
(Khan KheI, and Khan of
the . Hasanzais), B amid
division of Balezsi, Rakan
wal, Lunis. Headman; see
BAssiN KUEL.-A subdivi
sion of Abba Khel, Tatta,
. Battannis.
HA.SUN KEEL (Ningrahar and
Upper Helmand).-Noma-
die, A subdivision of DR.-we'
mi, Kuchis. Headmen; Haji
Islam, Abdul Karim, Abdul
Wahab, Ghulam, Lalagai.
HASSAN KHEL.-A subdivi
sion of Alishel'zai (3,OUO),
Lashkal'zai, Orakzais. Samil.
Headman; Shalabaz.
HA.SSAN KHEL (SO).-A section
of Shamerai, Manazai, Alizai,
. Headmen; Khd
ari, Zal'dast.
HA.RSAN KliEL (40).-A minor
fraction of the Kharmach
Khel, Naza.r Khel. Aima1
Kht'l, Bahlolzai, Malllmds.
Headmen; Aitwal', Ashik,
Shawar Din.
HA.SSAN KllEL.-:-A division
of Dawezai, Mohmands.
Headman; Habib Jan.
HASSAN KEEL (400; Kaitu
and Laram).-A sub-division
of Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel W azirs.
H cadmen; see Muhammad
Khel and Baln.1 Khel.
HASI!AN KHEL.-A subdivi
sion of Khabi Khel, Malik
din Khel (4,000), Afridis.
Sami!. Ht'admen; Dal'ya
Khan, Dauran, Yar Khan.
HASSAN KHEL.-Asection of
Pukkai (1,01.0), Budai,
Z:lokba Khel, Afridis. Samil.
Headmen; Zann, Sharabat,
Saidai, Mil'din, Madrai,
Nadir, Golab Shah.
HASSAN KHEL. (1,900; Kohat
pass).-A division of Adam
Khel, AMdis.
HA.SSAN KHEL.-A subdivi-
slon of Mit}lI\ Khan Khel,
Kuki Khe} (4,500), Afridis.
Gar. Hendmt'n; Zaman
Khan is the chief; see also
Makki Khel, Futteh Khel
and Mohmr.nd Khel.
HASSAN KHEL.-A subdivi-
sion of Shrkh Ali Khel,
Kamrai Khal (600), Afl'idis.
Samil. Ht'a.dmen; Mulla
Amii' Shah, MuUa Akhund-
zada., and Shel' W aUi.
HA.8SU KHEL (70).-A see-
tion of Urmuz, Tor, Malli-
zad, Dawaris. Headmen;
N ezam Dm, Sheikhdan.
HABI!.A.N KOB. (Loi Shilman).
-A section of Shah Man-
sur Rhel, Dadu Khel, Tarak-
mi, Mohmands. Headmen;
I{haista Khan, Gulistan.
HA.SBANZ.A.I (Mastura valley).
-One of the foul' divisions
of the Mishtis (S,OOO),"Ham-
sayas" of the Orakzais.
HUSBN KHBL (340). - A Rub-
division of lIada Khe], 1M-
zai, YUBUfzais.
H .. usu KHEL (808).-A sub
division of Tor, Mallimd,
Dawaris. Headmen; Bedil,
Dini, Painda Khan, Madda
K hcl, . Gul Hassan, Mil'
Kazam, Faujdar, Mad
Afml, Badal', Mil' Ka.zam.
Hu,u KOB.-A sub-division
of Muhammad Khan Kor,
Burhan Khel, Mohmands.
Headmen; Mahar Khan,
Azam, Razo, Saiddal, Mu-
hammad Shere.
HATHI KHEL (2,000; Bannu
District, ThaI, Shakai, Birmal
and Wana). A sub-division of
Shin or Sani Khcl, Ahmad-
zai, Dal'Wcsh Khel Wazil's.
Headmen j sec Khandar
Khan Nhcl, ldal Khel,
Pirba Khel and MUM Khel.
Mali (or Muli) Khel, Salar-
zai, Iliuzai, Bunerwals.
H;&.TtT KHEL (5 j Dera Ismail
a minor fraction of Shadi
Khcl, 180t Khol, Mian Khol,
Lohana, Pawindahs. Hcad-
man j see Kian Khe!.
H.U:AR Buz.-Nomadie, a sub-
division of Dawezai, Kuchi,
Mohmands. Headmen; Sher
Muhammad, FazI, Fazli
fuZAI (W cst of the Dera
Ghazi Khan District).-A
sub-division of Hnmz8zai,
BaHl KheI; MUM Khels.
Headman; Saidal.
HBZAI (115).-See Yahia Ah-
mad Khel, Oba Khel, Sheranis.
(lOO).-A section
of Barakzai, Yahia Khel,
Sen Khel, Sheranis.
HIDER KHEL (97).-A divi-
sion of Chuar Khel, Shfranis.
HILAL KHEL.-A section of
Keimal Khel, Urmnz I\hcl,
Sipah (1,200), Afridis. Sa
mil. Headman; Gul Salim.
HIliliAT KOR.-A minor frac-
tion . of Ghazi Khel, llannia
Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha
Khan Khel, Kuki Khal
Afridis. Hfadmen;
see Mashi Khel.
HINDI KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Tor, .Tani Khel
(1,0:)0), WaH Khfl, Utman-
zai, Darwcsh Khel Wazirs.
Headmen; Malkun, Pir
HU'DKI.-The name given'to
the Hindus who inhabit Af-
ghanistan. 'fhey are of the
Khatri class, and are found
all over the oonntry, even
among the wildest tribes.
Bellew estimates their num-
ber at souls.
The name H indki is also
loosely used on the IT pper
Indus, in Dir, Bajaur &C. to
denote thl' speake18 of Pun-
jabi or any of its dialects;
and it is further somelimt>S
applied, in a sense,
to the Buddhist inhabitants
oi the Peshawar valley north
of the Kabul river, who were
oriven thence about the 5th
or 6th century, and settled
in the neighbourhood of
HINDaI KOB.-A minol' frac-
tion of Rasul Kor, WaH l:\eg
Kor, Gandah, Halimzai,
Mohmands. Headmen;
Malikdad, Hussain, Gulab
band of fanat illS recruited
from Hindustan, who have
inhabitrd val'ioull pOliions
of the Chagbarzai, Amazai,
Cham la, and Buner hills.
They are now said to be re-
siding in Chaghal'zai terri-
tory, and to number some gOO
men under their aged leader,
Maulvi Saiad Abdulla..
Latest infol'mation pointa
to their desire to return to
Amazai limits.
HOSBNZAI (260).-A IQinor
fraction of Barakzai, Tal'-
ghari, Sanzar, Kakal'S.
l-IOTIZAI (8).-A sub-division of
Malezai, Rakanwal, Lunis.
HOZI J{HEL" (23).-A se<)tion
of Gurbuzai, Kh"el.
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; t'amai, Zerakki, Madi
Shah, Zanpil' Shah.
division of (Northern) San-
zar, Kakarl!.
HURU SHAUl "(150).-A
minor lraction of Mnlazai.
Panizai, Harun Khel, Sana-
tia, Kakars. Headm.a.n ;
Mulla Nur Muhammad.
HUSAIN KHBL (Sen Khel).-
A sub-division of Utmanzai,
Bar Ranizai. Akozai-
;Y usnfzai Swatis.
H usRNZAI (West of Dera
Ghazi Khan DiBtric\).-A
lIub-division of Ahmadzai,
Balil Khel, Mum Kbels.
HUSRNZAI. -A divi,ion of
Mabmud Khel, Zmf,raia.
Headmen; Kaki Khan Lan- tTussEIN KHEL.-A division
dai. of Salarzai, Tarkanis.
HUSSAIN KHEL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Khabi Khel, Malik-
din Khel (4,000), Afridk
Samil. Headmen; Darya
Khan, DaUl'an, Yar Khan.
HUss.AlN KHEL.-A division
of Haji Khel, Chamkannis.
HUSSAIN KHEL (lO).-A sul)e
divisi&n of Khaddi, MaIlizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; J anlLi,
Sheikh Majid.
Iu KHEL (12).-A section,
of Tarota, Ida", Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headman; Faqir.
fraction of Kasim Khel
(250), Timal KhE'I, Jawak:,
Adam Khll, Afridis.
fmcHon of Daulat Khel,
Ghalib Khan Khel, Malikdin
Khel, M alikdin Khel (4,000),
Afridis. Samil. Headmen;
see Danl at Khel.
IBRAHIM: KHBL.-A snb-divi-
sion of Landi K hel, Sipah
(1,200), Afridis. Sam il.
Haedmen ; Amir, W alli.
HnTAI KOR (400).-A sec.
tion of Shah Mansur Khel,
Dadu Khel, Tarakzai, Moh-
mands. Headmen; Abdul-
lah, Babujan, Sayad Rami,
Dawezai, Sofi, Mnltan.
HYDER KHEL.--A minor frac-
tion of Khizar Khel, Mintar
Khal, Muhammad Khel. Has-
san Khel (400),Mohmit'Khel,
Utma.nzlloi. Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman ; Misrai.
lERA.HIM: KHEL.-A mmor
fra :tion of Tarkial Khel,
Mnghal Khel, Barmi Khel,
J\amrai Khel (6;)0), Afridis.
SlImil. Headmen; Amar,
Ba"tadUi' Shah, Sifat Shah,
Sheradin, Zal'dad Mil' Ali.
IBRA.HIM: KHEL (4,630).-One
of the three great divisions
of the Utmanzai branch of
the Darwcsh Khel Wazirs,
viz., Mohmit Khel, Wali
Khel) and' Ibrahim Khel,
The Ibrahim Khel inoludes
the Manzar, Madda and Tori
Kbels. H cadman; see the
above sub-divisions.
IBRAHIM KHEL.-':'A sub-divi-
sion of Utmanzai, Bar
Raniza.i, Akozai- Yusuflai
Swatis. Headmen; Alam
Khan, Asla.m Khan.
fraction of Muss K}lel,
Makozai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai,
IBRAHIM KHEL.-A sub:divi-
sion of Gadaizai, Iliaszd,
bRAHIM KHEL (Bajaur).-
A division of Salarzai,
Tarlianis. This is the
" Khan" Khel of the elan.
IBRAHIM: KOR.-A minor frac-
tion of Dildal' Khel, Moh-
mand Khel, Kathia Khel,
Hasan Khel, Mitha Khan
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,500).
Afridis. Gar, Headmen;
Baghi, Saidal.
bRAHIX KOB. (Loi Shn-
man),-.! minor fra(lt.ion of
Durma Kor, Shah Mansur
Khel, Dadu Khel, Tarakzai
fl'8ctionof Rajai KheJ,YUill'lf
K hel, Iso. Khel, Pandiali,
Mohmands. Headmen; life
Isa Khel.
IBRAHIM KHEL (Kharmana IBRAHIM Z.u (40).-A divisiun
rivel'}.-A minor I'action of I of Marhel, Shel'anis.
the Abdul Mirzi (410),
Landaizai, Masllzai, Lash- I (Zh?b) -A sec--
kal'zai, Ol'akzais. Ga\". tion of Shadoza
, Ah
Headmen; Aighar, Hazrat Sanzar, Kakars.
subdivision of Kamali, Ha-
limmi. Moh mands. Head-
. men; Antar, Arsalla. Khan,
Redai, NUl'ai, Umar Din,
DaUl'an Shah. (Lakai Koo'
and Kh"azu Kuhai Kot.)-
Abbas, Mudassir, Muham
mad Gul Badshah. Said.
(Ghazi Beg Kor)-saimall
Oul Shah, Zai Khan, Post
Khan, Gul. Hamesh, (Naha
ki or Yusaf Kor).
IDn (615).-A division of
the Tappizad, Dawaris. Some
authorities however, f!lI.y they
are a separate clan belong-
ing neither to Ta.ppizad, nor
Mallizad, Headmen; MA-
zaiband, Daisab, QI
IDAL KHEL (Bannu, Shakai'
Birmal and Wana).-A sec-
tion of Hathi "nhel (2,000),
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai. Dar-
Khel Wazirs. Head-
men ; Bandar Khan, Sheikh
l'iyao, Landai, Rasim
b,.l. KBIL.- A sub-division
of Ali Khl'l, Bar Ranizai,
AkI> Swatis.
hAL KIIIL (72).-A section
of }luharomad Khel, Ma-
lakh. Mallizad Dawaris.
Ht'8dmcn ; Nazi, Shabid
In.- KXEL.-Aminor fraction
of A'ti Kht'l, Kbaddar
1\.hel (770), Mohmit Kbel,
Utmanzai, Darw('sh Khel
Wa1.irs. Headmen; N ur
Muhammad, Ahmad. Din,
lIakach, Ziarai, Sakhe Man,
Akbmad, Nambuti.
1Du. KHEL.-A section of
Jani Khel (1,000), Wali
Khel, Utmanzai.. Dar-
wceh Khel Wazirs. Head-
men; N Khan, M ir
Birjan, Zarghun Shah, Gul
Ghafar, AkaldiJl, Zargai,
Sheikh Majid.
IDu KXBL.-A seotion of Ali
Kbel, Boba.k, Dana, Hattan-
. .
kX'UYAB KXEL.-A mmor
fi'&Ction of Badi Kbel,
Dal'doni, Wv.zi Khel (800),
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
Dal'wesb Khel Wazirs.
JKB!IYA.ll KXEL.-A minor
f f ~ t i o n of ltohib Khe1, She--
kllai, Annai (1.000),
Zakha Kbel, Afl'idis.
Headmen; Mir
hHTlYAB KBEL.-Asubdivi-
Ilion of Yal' Ali K hel, Kam
rai Kbcl (600), Afridis.
IKHTlYAR KOB (Kharmana
river).-A minor fraction of
Ash Khel (580), Khwaja.
K hel, Masnzai, tashkarzai,
Orakzais. Samil. Headman;
Said Ali.
IKH'flTAR ROB (IJoi Shi!-
man).-A. minor fraction of
Durroa Kor, Shah Mansur
Kbel,Dadu Khel, Tan.kzai,
hA.L KBBL.-:A division of
Salarzai, Tarkanis.
ILIASZA.I (6,000; Buner \'al-
ley. Slopes of Dosirri
range); One of the two clans
of Bunerwals. Head man;
Hast&m Khan of Bampo-
.klm, (Salarzai).
hUB' KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of 'l'orsam Khel, Nazar
Khcl, Star Ali Khan Kbel,
Sarki Khel, .M adda Khel
(l,60\), Ibrahim Khel,
lTtmanzai, Darwesh Khel
lNAll KnoR.-A sub division 'bABUI.-A seetion of Ah-
of Wam, Mamund, Tarkanis. mad Khel, Targhari, San-
INDAS KnBL-A minor frac-
tionof Bizen Khel (JOO),
Sbadi Khel, Din,
Kalu Khel, Ahroadzru, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
man; Nazir Khan.
INDUS KnBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Indus Khel, Drepil-
lari, Sarki Khel, Madda Khel
0,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khal
zar, Kahrs (Hamsayas).
IUB KHEL (40).-A section of
Ta ppi Khel, Bado.n zai, Sha-
man Khel, Mahst1ds. Head-
man ; Adil Din.
IUB KnBL.-A minor fraction
of Shadi Khel, Bam Khel
(1000), Mohmit Khel, Ut
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa
IsA KnRL (20).-A minor
fraction of Nasr KheI,
INDUS KnEL.-A minor Baidar Khel. Tor, Tapl!i-'
tion of Drepillari, Sarki . zad, Dawaris. Headmen;
Khal, Madda Khel (1,600), Shnjo, Ghazo.
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai, "
Darwesh Khel Wazirs., Iu. (Jarobl).-A sub-
I dIVISIon of U sman Khel,
bus KnEL.-A minor "frtc-: Baezai, Mohmands. Head-
tion of Pain!la Khel, Manak I men; Pli.yo, Gul
Khel, I'akhshi Khel, Madda ' Muhammad, MUld.
Khel Ibrahim Khel, 'Iu KnBL (21).-A section of
Darwcah Khet the BhTi Khel, Galeshahi,
WaZIl'$. Shaman Rhel, .Mahsuds.
b ZAl {West of Dera Ghazi
Khan lJistrict).-A Bub-
division of Hasan Khel,
Balil Khel, Musa KhE'ls.
bI (186). -A section of
Haidar Khel, Tor, 'l'appizad
Dawaris. Headmen; An-
daram "han, }'atteh Kl:an,.
Kashmir, Ibrahim GuI.
Headmen; Piyao Shah and
18' KnEL.-A section of the
. Umar Khan Khel Alisher-
zai (3,000). JAshkarzai,
Orakzais. Samil. H.ead-
man; Ahmad.
Iu. Kn:n (250 ; Samana with
Miahtis and .Ali Khels) A
divisions of the. Ismailzai, 1 manz"li, Dal'wcsh Khol,
Orakz:\is. A religious sect. Wazirs.
hAZA.I (West of Dera Ghazi
Iu. KBBL.-A minor fraction I Khan District).-Asubdivi-
of Bakar Khel, Idal Khel, sian of Hozai,
Hathi Khel, Shin Khel, Ah'
Mu;;a KheIs. Headman;
medzai, Darwesh Khel Wa Gulsher.
zirs. Headman ; Sheikh
Piyao. Iu.zH (.l4.).-A division 01
lSA. KHBL.-A minor fraction
of Dosalli, W ud Khel
(800), Mohmit Khel, Utman.
ZIli, Da.l'w('dh Khel Wazirs.
Iu. KBBL.-A minor fraction
of Saifali, Kabul Khel
(4,6,)(), Wali Khel, Utman-
1.8i, Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
Drigzai, Lunis.
Iu.zA.Is (Baja.uJ).-One of
the four clans of 'I'arkanii'
oceupying the.T an dol valley.
Headman; Saiad Ahmad
Iu.zlls. *-(On the Indus be-
tween the Black Mountain
and Mahaban). A clan of
I K (3 8) A b d
' . Y u8ufz:lis.
SA. BBL 9 .- su lVl
sion of the Ahmad Khel, ....... -A divi':lion of Alizai,
Oba Khel, Sberanis. Utman Khels.
IRA KHRL (1.265).-One of ISHAlL.-A section of Khadin
the two divisions of Sanatia, Khel. Ashazai. Iliasz:l.i,
Kakars. Bunerwals.
ISA. KB;RL .(500).-A division
of Pandiali. Mohmandtl.
Headmen; Ghubm Khan
Paiuddin, Hakim, Shah
Dad. Rahmgul-
Kachkol, Chat, Said Khan,
Soh bat, Za.idulbh.-See note
on page 46.
IsA. KBEL.-A minor fraction
of Mandi Khel, Wuzi Khel
(800), Mohmit Khel, Ut-
InU.IL KHRL. (3,000 j Shamil
valley, Khost).-A olan of
KBEL.-A section of
Makhoz:l.i, Nasuzai, Iliaszai,
IslllA.IL KHEL.-A subdivi-
sian of Sultankakhel, Bar
Ranizai, Akozai-Yustt4'zai
Thl. ter.ul not '1I1&ub used.
InUIL KHBL.-A suo.divi
sion of the Khoja Hawas
Khel, Ali Khel (3,OCO),
" Ham!lsyas "of the Orak
mis. Gar. i Shiah.
Is MAIL KBBL.-A section of
the Sturi Khel (400), Alizai
(Sturi Khel),. Daulatzai, '
Orak mis. Headman;
ISlU.IL KHBL.- A minor frac-
tion of Bozi Khel, Madda
. Khan Kar, or 'Bar' Burhan
Khal. Pandiali,
Hea.dman ; Muhammad
IU.lLA.X.- A section of
Drepml'a, Sakhi. Waraspun,
!silU.JLAU,GB (36J).:-'A divi
sion of Spin, 'I'arins. Head.
men i Sher Khan, Panid
.!\b.n.n, Mobin and.others.
'Khel (l.Oo), Ibrahim Khel, I ' ..
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel dm
Wazirs. Headmen; Bah. ilIon of }flaUl, SheranlS.
man Shah, Nazar Khan.
ISJUIL KHJlL (l50).-A sec
tion of Kimat Khel, Jawa
ki, Adam Khe I, Afl'idis.
h3UILZ,U. -A sub division of
D!I.ldn.tzai, Malizai. Buner
f' 1 M.a.ILZAI (8,lOO).-The most
S){AIL B .- minor rac' f 1 f h h 1
. f Wk' I-U": ., - power u 0 t e t cans
Ion 0 arl'll aI, una f tb U I' h
Khel, Jani Khel (1,000), 0 9 tman \ e .
WaH Khel, Uimanzai, Dar . r
weah Khel Wazirs. Head. sub-dlVl'
man ;' Zal'gai. , lOU of .Manuzal, Aba Khel,
IsJUlL KBEL.-A minor frae
tion of Dildar Khel. Moh-
mand Khel, KattiA Kh('l,
Hassan Khel, Mitha Khan
Khel, Kuki Khel (4,500),
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ;
Kamlal', Boner, Kaddam
IPllAIL KOR.-A lIedion of
Hatai . Ker, Muhammad I
She'l'l1m ..
Is ATLZ 1 (Zhob).-A sub
di\'ision of the AIimi,. San
zar, If akars.
I n'llAlLZ 1 (2,030; Samana
and the Kha.nki valley)..-
On of the four clans of
tbe Oril. kzai.s; 600 Gar, reo
mp.indel Samil. Headman ;
bMAI1..Al (7).-A aedion of
llA"'," Amzoni, Malli
'"II. Headman;
U"jl Muhp,mmad.
hilT AUIIL (600; Dera Ismail
Kilim I >1l1triot>.-Nomadio,
" IIllh'lltV\lIion of lUan Khel,
141111,,1,", l'nwindn.hs. H ead-
Ilum I Khan, (Mian
K 1111), ' '
hUTlI (11' SOTS (480).-A
1I1Il1\1l t l'illo of nomads, who
IIvlI In tho caves of hills
Wt,.t of tho Dera It;mail
Khun flontier. Headman;
llhagu Khan, N ohmi.
hl'lBU (1,360; Bannu Dis-
trict, Shakai and Birmal).
-A subdivision of Kalu
Khel, Ahmadzai, Da.n'csh
Khel Wazirs. Headmen;
Mani Khan is the leading
ma.n ; for others,. see'
Muhammad Khel, Sudan
Khel, Sadda Khe}.
IsPIN KHBL (S).-A section of
Shujawal, Mubarak Shahi,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head.
lOOn; ldak, Mir Kamm.
IssuEI (135).-A subdivision
of Tor, Tappizad, Dawan.<:.
H l'8.dmen; Samand Khan,
Muni Shah, Khwaja
Muhammad. Khan,
JoADA.LZ.u {lOO).-A rection of JABI KXRL.{Bajaul'}.-A divi-
Bra.llimzai, Ya.hia Khel, Sen sion of Samilzai, Tarkanis.
Khal, Sheranis.
JoADAB KUBL.-A minor frac
tlon of Manak Khol, Bakhshi
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600),
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
J.ABU KB:BL.-A sectlon of
Musa. Khel, Sepah, Baemi,'
Mohmands. Headmen;
Gbairat, Ahmad Nur,
Mahmat, Sarfaraz.
JUI KOR.-A minor fraction ,
of BaRgar Khel, Yusuf Khel, I
Isa Khel, Pandiali, Moh-
mands. Headmen; see Yusuf
JADOR (180; Black Mountain).
-A diruion 'of Deshiwal.
Swatis. Headmen; Ambul
Shahi, Izzatullah.
JADBANfl ; see ZADRAlT8.
emall tribe. I J.u.AI. KBlfL -A subdivision
occupying the east slopes of of Sarsa, Tatta, Battannil!l.
the Suliman range, east of Headman; Sher Khan.
Zurmat. '
see GADtT1I8.
J AFAR KlIJIl..-A'minor bae
tion of Daulat Khel, Ghalib
Kh&n Khel, Malikdin Khel,
Malikdin 'Khel (4,000),
Arndis. Samil. Headmen;
see Daulat Khel. "
JUARS (630).-A small tribe
living on the spurs of the
'Buliman range. Headman;
Kalu Khan. .
J.ulB.-(1,590;. KhoRt, in
the valley of the Hal'iab, an
affiu8J}t. of the Kuram river
beyond the British border).
-A tribe of KhOllt.
JALU KlI:n.-A minor frac
tion of Khoji Khel, Bozi,
Khel, lIadda Khel (1,600)
Ibrabim Khel, Utman
zai, Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
J AUL KlIBL.-A aeetion of
Mali (or Muli) Khel, Salar
zai, Ilia.'lzai, ljunerwals.
JALAL KlI:&L (250).-A section
of the 8her Khel, Haibat
Khel. N ana Khal, Bahlo1.zai,
Kabsud .
JALA.L KUlIL(J)il').-A section
of Pa.inda Khel, Sesacia,
Maliza.i, Y
JALA:LZA.I (West of Dera
Gbazi Khan DiBtrict).-A
subdivision of N ozai, Lahar
zai, Musa Khels. Headman;
J.A:LALZAI (4.0).-A seetion of
Mehtarzai, Harnn Khel,
So.natia, Kakars., Headman;
JALuz.u (Zhob).-A Beetion
of Sbadozai, Ali Khel,
. Samar, Kakllil's;
JALA.LZAI (Weat of the Dera
Ghazi Khan District).-A
sub-division of Hasan Khel,
Balil 'Khal, Musa Khela,
H cadmen; K hoi dad,
(Salem Khanzai,) Millon
(Sadozai), Lawang. (Mir-.
J.&LALZU (S,800).-A sub-
division of Alizai. Sanzar,
Kakars. Headmen; Sirdar
Shah Jehan, Dost Muham-
mad, and Sa.ifula.
JALANDARUI (57) ..... A sootion
of,iJ; Hann l{he!,.
Sanatia, Kahrs. Headman; 1 J .. U{A,L KHEL miner .
llir Afzal. 'fraction of AU Khel, Barim
Khel, Amwni, Mallimd,
J HANOlAL KAMOI BADESHI Dawaris. Headmen; Shab-
(400).-A clan of Allaiwals. badin, Khan,
Patila Khan.
J ALANZAI (4f1).-A .. Ham-
88ya", section of :t\ a' ozai,
Dumar, Sanzar, Kakars
Headman; Haidar.
.JnEZA! (IO).-A subdivision
of Ladu, Hakallwal, LUllis.
.lJeadman; see Ladu.
Durbi l{hel, Kambsl' Khel.
l(ambar Khel (4.5 JU).
Afridis. Gar. Headmen;
Muhammad She1', Khwaja
Ali, Yuno, N ura.i.
fraction of Shadi Khel. Bora i
Khel (1,000). Mohm'it Khel,
Utmanzai, Dal'wesh- Khel
JALLH KHEL.-A mlnorfrac
t ion of:K han K hel, 'l'akht
Khel, Bakka Khel, Wali
Khel, . Utmanzai, Dal'wesh
Khel Wazirs. Headman;
JALLAL KOB (Kung).-A sub
division of Maimana KIwI, I
Khwaezai, Mohma1.ds.
Headmen; Khalil, '1'0.'.'111'.
JAM .... L KH:IIL.-A minor frac-
tion of Kaddam Khel, P eroz
Khel, Mashi Khel, )Iannia
Kbel, Hassan K hel, Mitha
Khan Khel, K uki Khel
(J,M..'O), Af1'idis. . Gar.
Headmen; Amir' Sher,
JUUL KH:BL.-A minor frac-
tion of }lir Hu'ani) Macha,
Madda Khe! (1,600), Ibra-
him Khe). Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazi1's.
JAMAL KHBL.-A minor frac.
tion of Dul'!I.1' (300), Khus-
rogi, Nasruddin, Zakhn.
Khel, Afridis." Samil. Head-
man; see Bucha Khe!.
.J lMAL KHBL (Bannu Djs-
trict).-A minor fraction of
Ali Khel, MUM Khel, Hathi
Khel (2,01)0), Shin Khel,
Ahmadmi, Darwesh Khel
fA1UL KmlT..-A minor frac-
tion of Badi Khcl, Dardoni.
'Wuzi Nhcl (80 i), Mohmit
Khd. Utmau ai, Darwesh.
K 11el W IL/.hs.
..lAlLAL KIIJ.L (Dir).-A seo'
tion of .Painda Khel,
Sesada, :r4a.lizai, Y usufmis.
J .nUL KHEL.- A section of
Malik Shahi (400), WaH
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. . Headmen;
J umamn Khan, Muham
mad, Pirj 800, Barjamal,
Taghar, Urmurj HUS880ini,
Zariband, . Gulla . Khan,
J?irzai, Sulemaui. I
tion . of the GhaUb Khel,
Badanzai, Shaman Khel,
Mallsnds. Headman; Fat-
tab aoz.
. J AlIlAL KRBL.- A section of
the lIaidrai, Chahar Khel,
Shaman Khel, Mahsuds.
. J dU . KHBL (20).-A minor
fraction of Shadi Khel, Lar
LMai, Land, Malakh,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; Nazar Din, Gul
fraction of Wadin Khel,
Khazzar Khel, Star Ali
Khan Khel, &rki Khel,
Madda Khel (1,6oo), Ibrahim
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazin .
JA)lALI KHEL (Right bank of
Mastnra river}.-A subdivi
sion of' the Mani Khel
(I,OOO), Muhammad Khel,
Orakzais. Gar. Shiah.
J UU.LZAI (West of Dera
Ghazi Khan District).-A
division of U mrzai, Musa
Khels. Headman; Sa.dak.
JA)lALZAI (200).-A section
of Arozai, Ahmad Khel, Sen
Khel, Shel'\Wis.
J .llllUZ.t.I (12).-A sub-divi-
sion of Ladu, Rakanwal,
Lunis, Headman j see Ladu.
JAlIlALZ.ll' (8).-A subdivision
of Shamezai, . Rakanwal,
Lunis. Headman,; see
Shamezai. .
J..llllALIAI (100).-A section
of Sarangzai, Haron Khel,
Sanatia, Kakars. Head
man; Galun.
JAJULZAI (60).-A section of
Barangzai, Kebzai, Sanzar,
Kakars. Headman; GuI
JAJlBAI KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Warm Ali Khan
Khel, Sarki Khel, Madda
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmansai, Darweah Khel
.1 '1\','\1 4 t.-A mInor fraction
"r K 1ll'l,Manak Khel,
',"I.hllht 1\ 111'1, Madda Khel,
(\.tl\ltl), lllluhlm Khel Ut-
",,,,,,,,,l, l>arwcsh Khel

J."I Kcut.-A minor fraction
Ilr H\lltnn Khel, Hamm Khel,
U"mlnb, HaUmzal, Moh-
\111,,"1". Hnadman; Ghulam
Jur Snu KOB.-A minor
fl'l\(\t.ion of Abdur' Rahman
Khal (200), Muss. Khel, Ma-
JIUlzai; IJ3shkarzai, Orabais.
Oar. Headman; Kammir.
JAN4I KHBL.-A' minor frac
tion of Usman Khel, Takhti
j\hel; Balli Khcl (1,000),
Wali Khel, Utmanmi,
Darwesh Khel Wazira.
Headman; ,Akmad Din. '
JANAKHOBI (800).-A sub-
division of Hassan 'Khel,
Adam Khel, Afridia.
'JJliAL KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Feroz Khe I, Tor Sapar
(350), Galai, Adam Khel,
JANBEG KUBL.-A 811b-divi.
sion of Pabbi Khel,' Kambar
Khel (4,5(,0), Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Muhammad Sher,
Khwaja Ali, Yaro, Nurai.
JAN BEG KOB.-A minor fra.e.
tion of . Segar Khel, Yusuf,
Khet, lsa Khel, Pandiali,
Mohmands. Headmen; see
lsa Khel.
JAN BEG KOB (Part in
Mohmand, part in British
territory).-A section of
Lni K hel, 1(asim Khel,
Tarakzai, Mohmands. Head.
man ; Sheraz.
JANGAR KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Said K hel, U marzai
(600), Shin Khel, Ahmadllai,
'Darwesh Khel Wa!irs.
JANGI KUBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Machi Khel, Abdul
Nhe], Bora Khel (1,000),
Mohmit Khel,,
, Darwesh Khel, WasirB.
JA.NGI TA.BA.R.-A minor frac-
tion of Maroun Kor, Kandai.
!sa Khel. P&ndiali, . Moh-
mande. Headmen; see 111&
JAl'I KHBL.-A minor frac.
tion of K hadi Khet, Mannia
Khe!, Hassan Khel, M itha
Khan Khel, Knki Khel
(4,500), Afridis. Gar. Head-
men; Kashmir, Abdulla.
Khan, Ba.zai.
JANI KUEL (Kharmana river).
-A minor uaction of the
Abdul Mini ('10), Landai-
zai, Masuzai, Lashkarzai.
Orakzais. Gar. Headman;
JANI KX:BL (1,000; Khasora
and Wana).-A Bubdivision
of WaH Khel. Utmanzai,
D&rwesh Khel Wazirs.
Headmen; see Idia Khel,
Tor, and Malik Shahi.
JUI .KH:BL (7).-A minor
fraction of AU Khel, Barim
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad,
Dawaria. Headman; Gub.
JA.N KlUN KHBL (3a).-A
minor fraction of Sogi Khel.
Muhammad Khel. Malakh.
Mallizad, Dawaris.
man ;Ghonsamir.
JAN KHAN KH:BL (6).-A sub-
division of Boya. Tappizad.
mana river).-A section of
the Alizai (50). Masuzai.
Lashkarzai, Orakzais. Samil.
Headman; Muhammad Gul.
JURA'!! KH:BL.-A sub-divielon
of the Khoja BaW'88 Khel,
Ali Khel (3,OOO). "Ham-
sayas" of the Orakzais. Gar.
i Shiah. Headman; Yam.
JA.W.lXAI.-A sub-division of
Bahakri, Sipah (1.200).
Afridis. SamB. Headman;
JAWAUIS (1.200}.-A divi
sion of Adam Khel, Afridis.
JA.WAL KH:BL.-A subdivi-
sion of Abba Khel. Tat.,
Battannis. Headman; Mehr-
J:BWAN KOB.-A sub-division
of Dawat or Dauts Khel,
Khawaezai, Mohmanda;
Headman;. Bars Khan.
JHANDA. KHBL.-A section of
Ghalib Khan Khel.<
din Khel, Malikdin Khel
(4,()()(I). . < Afridis. . SaInil.
Headmen; see Natbu Khel.
JILUZ,U (SOl.-A section
of Shabazai, Dumar. Sanzar.
Kakan. Headman; Mulla
JILAN KHBL.-A minor frae-
tion of Kambir (or Kambo)
Kbel, Aib Kbel, Balarzai.
Iliaszai, .
JINIZ.AI (West of Dera Ghui
Khan section
of Mnghduzai, AhD;ladani.
:&IiI Kh,J. MUIia KheLl.
Hradman; Lat.
lIubdivision of Bar tiuiizai,
Baizai, Akozai - Yusuflai
JIB .. UU (Bannu Dis1:rict).-A
minor fraction of Pirha Khel,
Hathi Khel (2,000), /:ihiD
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darweah
Khal Wazirs. Headmen;
Mu.harrab Khan, Gulbagh.
JOGA..-A section of Khakizai,
Alhazai, lliaszai, Bunerwals.
JOGIZAI (2,OOO).-A section
of Jalalzai, Alizai, Sanzar,
Kakars. Headman; Sirdar
Mhah Jehan.
J UJI KHEL (40 ; Black Moun-
tain).-A lection of Painda
Khol, Akazai, lsazai,
JUGGI KHEL.-A section of
Kemal Khel, Abazai, Kbwa-
zazai, Akozai-YusuIzai
JULA. KHEL.-A section of
Aka Maruf, Babuzai, Bai-
zai, Akozai-Y1lS11fzai
JUXALAI.-A minor fraction
of Datta Khel, Abdul Khel,
Bara Khel (1,000), Mohmit
Khel, U tmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs.
JUXA. KHBL {45 ; Dera Ismail
Khan District.}.-Nomadic,
a subsectioD of Warl!ki,
Sein Khel, Mian Khel,
Lohana. Pawindahs. Head
men; see Mian Khel.
JUliA. KHEL.-A section of
Firozai, Chagarzai, Malizai,
Bunerwals .
KABu.z.AI (300 ; West of
Dcra Ohazi Khan District).
-A subdividon of N okuzai,
Laharzai, . Musa Khels.
Hl'admen ; Kha.tol (Gumar-
ai), Momin (Barakzai),
Mula Nadar (Brahimzai),
Hasan (BUalzai), Momin
( Bandurzal).
K.A.BALZAI (Bori. Zhob).-A
sub division of Kibzai. :Saran,
LBIL KHEL (7, ').-A section
of the Teri (or Tori) Khel,
Tapiai. Tappizad, Dawal'is.
Headmen; :Said Shah. Zakor
Shah, Salik Din, Awarzai,
These numbers jncludu 3.000 men living beyond Swati limitse
KAJft'R KHEL (Khanki val\l'Y).
-A sub division of the
Bacia Khel (80), Ismailzai,
Orakzais. damil. Headman;
KABUL KHBL (2,600; Kur-
am, Bhawal, and Birmal).-
A sub.divisionofWali Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel,
W azirs. H eadml'n ; see
Saifali, Paipali, and Miamai.
Mezhaik and Gulba Khan,
of the Miamai section, are
the chief men.
]CAcliu KHEL.-A section of
Azi Khel, Ali Khel, Bar
Ranizai, Akozai-Yusufzai
XAD.,u KOR (400).-A sub
. division of Gandab, Halim
zai, .Mohmands. Headmen;
see Yardil Kor. Rahmatal
Kor, Katasar, Daud Khel,
Rami Khal.
KADAK KHEL (.Mastura river).
":""A . sub-division of Abdul.
Aziz Khet (SO), Muhammad
Khol; Gar. Shiah.
KADAK KHEL (60).-A minor
fraction 'of the Ali Khd,
Haidar Khel. Tor, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headmt'n; Mad
Alam, Sai1.a1 Salandar.
Khel, Amzoni. Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headman; Piyavi.
KADDU,{ KHEL.-A minor
fraction of Feroz Khel,
Mashi Khel, Mannia Khel,
Hassan Khl.'l, Mitha Khan
Khel. Ruki Khel (4.,50n),
Afridis. Gar. Headmen;
Abbas) Hakim, Nazir, Mulla
Wali, Khaza Khan, Amir
Sher, Zaman.
fraction of Khairak Khel,
Wadin Khel, Khazzar Khel.
Star Ali Khan Khel, Barki
Khel, Madda Kh!'l (1,600),
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs .
KADUZU (600).-A section of
Bazai, Hamn Khel, Sanatia,
Kakars. Headmen; Mulla
:&idula, and Mulla Majib.
KusHI KH'EL (l2).-A minor
fraction of the Nasi Khel,
Haidar Khel, Tor, Til. ppizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Mir
Lazam, Mir Ali.
KARl KRBL (120).-A minor
fraction of the Khoidad
Khel, Gidi Khel, Manazll.i,
Alizai, llahsuds. Head-
man; At Muhammad.
KADAB KHRL (5).-A minor KAHHAN KOB.- A division of
fram.ioD of Alii Khel, Barim Gorai, .Utman Khels .

1\ A I M K JIlu .. -A section of
Mllrlm Khel, Ba.bakri, Sipah
( Afridit, Samil.
111"llmen; Niaz Karim.
IrILn, Oul Muhammad.
J(' AUf KHBL.-A section of
Hllilikhmal. Kambar Khel,
J(l\mbur Khel At-
rilii", Oar. Headman;
I\AI14 KnIL.-A minor frac-
tion of Ismall Khel, Ba.zi
Khel. Madda Khel (1,600).
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai.
lJarwesh Khel Wazirs.
Kult KEIL (6).-A minor
fraction of Alli Khel, Ba.rim
Khel. Amzoni, Mallizad.
Dawaris. Headman; Chor-
KAINZU (5).-A sub-division
of Hakllnwal,
KUJI Kmllr .. -A minor frac-
tion of Palpali. Kabul Khel,
(2.0(J0), Wali Khel. Ut-
Durwesh Khel,
W ,,;,j ...
KUAI KOB.-A section of
Ziaudci.i'l (21.
0), rludai, ZBkha
Khcl, AfridiH. Head
men; flcol:.lul'at Kor.
KUA KBEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Idar Khcl, Ali Khcl,
Khaddar Khel. (70). Moh-
mit Khel. Utmanzai, Dar
Khel Wazirs. Head-
man; Akhmad.
KA.lLA KnEL.-A section of
Tari Khel. Shakhi. Wam-
Spun, Battannis.
KAlLA KnlL (300; Black
Mountain).-A sub-division
of Hasanzai,IAazai. Ywmf-
zais. Headman; AIadad.
KAlLA KnIL.-A sub-division
of Niamat Khel. Tatta, Bat-
tannis. Headman; Khushal
KA.lLA KnlL (llO).-A sec-
tion of the Datti Khel,
Galeshahi, Shaman Khel,
Mahsuds. H e a d men;
Khwaja M uhammad,Karim,
Muhammad Yar.
KAlLA. KnllL (lO).-A minor
fraction of Khare, Taib Khel,
Amzoni, Mallizad. Dawaris.
Headmen; lHna Khan,
Ghulam Rasul.
Ku... KHllL.-A clan of the
KhaUaks. descended. from
8hckh Rahim h.?!.r ; they are
considered Miall8, and, are
much venerated by other
Pathans. They reside near
Nowsher&. and are great
transfrontier traders. Head
man; Hahim Shah.
KA.Kil8 (40,432; Qlletta to
the Gomal Pass).-A large
tribe of :pathans. .
KAEABZU (3,000 ; BajaUT).-
A division of Mamund,
KA.LA. KaRL (50; Black
Mountain).-A section of
Azb Khel, Akazai, Isazai,
KALAL KOB-A minol' fraction
of Shroh, Bussa. Khel,
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh
mands. Headman ; ~ r a z a Gul.
KALAL KOR.-A minor fra(ltion
of Ranra Khel, Shati Khel,
WaH Beg Kor, Gandab,
DaHmzai, Mohmands. Head
man ; Jamdar.
fraction of Ali Knel, MaDrAr
Khel (360), Ibrahim Khel,
UtmaDzai, Darwl'8h Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Mihrab
Khan, Kabal, Nawaz Khan.
X4L.lNDAR KHEL (&nnu
Diatrict).-A minor fraction
of Taos Khel, Pirba Khel,
Hathi Khel (2,002), Shin
Khcl, Ahmadzai, Darwellh
Khel W azin.
X.lLAND4R KREL.--A lIl'ctioD
of Badin, &1 Khel, Salarzai,
KAJ.AT KREL.-A minor frac-
tion of Muhammad Khel
(700), Isperka, Kalu Khel.
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman; Mu-
hammad Jan.
KALI KREL.-A minor frac
tion of MOl'ib KheI, U sman
Khel, Takhti, Khel, Balla
Khel (1,000), WaH Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman; Khoja-
lULl . KaRL (300; Tran
frontier).-A divi8ion of Ali
, Sher Khel, Shinwal'is.
KALLA KRRL (700); A ~
non of ABhu Khel, H88I!8n
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis.
tion of the Badzai, Ltia-
gam, Tatta, Battannis.
e a ~ n ; Nawaz.
KALLI KR'EL.-A minor Irae-
non of Bachagai, Tor, Jani
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel.
Utmn.nzai, Darwesh Khcl
Wazirs. Deadman; X;:aimal.,
KALU KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Sikandar Khel. Abdul
Khel, Bora Khel (1,(,00).
Mohmit KIII'I. U'manzai,
DarNcsh Khal Wazin.
KALU KREL( 8,500).-A divi-
sion of Ahmadzai, Dar-
wesh Khal Wazirs .. Mani
Khan, Isperka, is the leading
man; for other Headmen;
see !sperka and N asradin.
KALU KXEL.-A minor frac-
tion of M Usa KheI, M akho-
mi, Nasuzai, Iliaszai. Buner-
AALUT KREL (Bajaur).-A
division of Samilzai, Tar-
KALUZA! (60).-A section of
Barakzai, Yahia Khel, Sen
Khel, Sheranis.
KAKAL KREL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Sahib Jan, Aka. Khel
(1,800), Afridis. Samil.
E nu.L K REL.-A minor frac-
tion of Malldu Khel, Aesad
Khel, Mitha Khan Khel,
Kuki Khel (4,500), Afridis.
Gar. Headmen; Muhammad
Amin, Gul Jan, Bndai,
Lan gar.
KAMAL KREL.-A minor frac-
tion of Bakar Khel, IdaI
Khel, Bathi Khel (2,000),
Shin Kltel, Ahmadzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
man; Landai.
KAMAL KREL.-A snb-dtiv-
Ilion of the K andahari &fis,
who are a vassal clan of the
KAMAL KRlI:L (8).- A seotiDn
of Ozbakai, Shingi., BahIol-, Mahsuds. Headman j
KUULZU (9).-A sub-divi.
sion of Shamezai, Rakanwal,
Lunis. Headman; see Sha-
KAMALUI (West of the D ~ r a
Ghazi Khan District).- A
sub division of Hamzazai,
Balil Khel, Musa Khel ..
Headman; Hasan.
KAllALZAI (West of the Dem
Ghazi Khan District). A,
section of Husenzai, Ahmad-
z a ~ Balil Khel, Musa Khea.
Headman j. Gulan.
KAHALZAI (25).-A division of
Marhel, Sheranis.
KAMALZAI (l00).-A section
of Shabozai, DUDlll.r, Sanzar,
Kakars. Headman; :Mazdai'.
KAMAR KREL (35).-A minor
fraction of the Karmach
Khel, Malai, Shingi, BahIol'-
zai, Mahsuds. Headmen;
Kajir Khan, Bakhtamir.
,aUKAZAl (l50).-A sub-divi-
sion of 0' tmanzai, Mandan,
KmAR KilEL (4,500 ; Shllo-
bar, Ba.zarvalley, and'Kaju-
of the six Khyber
AfriJi clans. Gar. HAadmen,
Muhammad Amir, Saleh
Muhammad, Jan Muha.m-
.mad, Mehrban, Mu-
KAKBAR KUEL.--':'A division of
the Kambar Khel clan,
(4,500) of Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Jan MuhalJlIllad,
MubSmmad Amir.
Xa. AR KUBL.-One of the
two sections of the U marzai
Sheikhan (3,000), "Ham-
sayas If of the Ol'akzais.
Samil. Headman; Misridad:
lUKBAR KUEL.-A sub-divi-
I sion of the Bazoti (500).
. Daulatzai, Orakzais. Samil.
Headman; Amir Shah.
K.&KBAR KUEL.-A minor
fraction of Warkam Khel;'
Aib Khel, Salarzai, Iliaszai,
K.&KBAR KOR.-A minor frac-
tion of Sultan K hel, Hamza
Khel, Gandab, Ba.limzai.
Mohmands. Headman;' Mir
KA.llBA.J!. KOB.-A minor frac-
tion of Asaf Khel. Dalkha
Kor, Dadu Khel, Tara.kzai,
A section of Aib Khel, Salar- .
zai, lliaszai, BUDEirwals.
KA.!lR KUEL.-A minor frac
tion of Gadia Khel, Tatar
Khel or Akhorwal (000),
Hassall Khel, Adam Khel,
(600; Extreme west of
Bam valley, next the Sipah
and ZakhRo Khels).-One of
the six Khyber-Afridi clans.
SRomil. Headmen; Hafiz
Samandar and Azam Khan.
KANDABUI8.-A division of
the SRoHs, who are a va.ssa1.
clan of the Mohmands.
K,NDAI.-A sub-division of
!sa Khel, Pandiali, Moh-
manda. Headmen; Ghulam
Khan, Paiuddin.
KUDAO KUBL (4000).-A SIlO-
tion of Ashu Khel, H8888n
Khel, A:dam Khel, Afridis.
KANBZ&I.-A sub-division of
KRottagarm, Tatta, Bat-
tannis. Headmen; Miani
(Alam), Khojak and Haan
(Benzai), Tor Khan (Fha),
Daotan Khan (Tar).
KUI KHBL (600; Part in
Mohmand, part in British
territory).-A sub-division
of KBSim Khet, Tarakzai,
Mohmands. .
KANJRAI (40).-A minor frac-
tion of the Dachi Khel, PaUi
Khel, :Ma.nazai, Alizai, Mah
IJIlds. Headman; Khan,
K.lNOZAI (400).-A " Ham-
saya" section of Natozai,
Dtimar, Sanzar, Kakars
Headman; Shq, Muham-
Xuu KHBL (37).-A sub-
division of Ahmed KhoJ,
Oba Khel, She",nis.
K'NUZAI (West of Dera Ghazi
Khan District).-A seotion
of M.alizai, Ahmadzai, Balil
Khel, Mu. Khels. Head-
man; Jala..
KANZAL KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Alisher Khol, Musa
Khel, N urizai, MaJizai,
KAPIP (lCO).-A clan of
Ku KHBL (lR).- A minor
fraction of Ahmad Khel, Zira
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizaa,
Dawaris. Headman; Channi.
KARAM KOR.-A sootion of
Hassan! Kor, Muhammad
Khan K or, or 'Bar' Burhan
Rhel, Pandiali, Mohmands.
Headmen; Bad8hah, Baz,
KARB KHBL.-A section of
Shadi Khe), Bobak, Dana,
KARl KHBL.-A sub-division
of Sultan-ka-Khel,Bar
Ranizai, Akozai - Yusufzai
minor fraction of Abdul
Rahman Khel, Sher Khe],
Haibat Khel, Nana Khel,
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
fraction of Must Ali, ShaikH
. Khel, Aib Khel, Salarzai,
Iliaszai, Bunerwals.
KARI1l KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Karim Khel, Jamal
Khel, Malik Shahi (400).
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
man; Khan Muhammad.
KnIll KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Jamal Khel, Malik
Shahi (400), Wall Khel,
U tmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Juma-
zan, Khan Muhammad
Pirjaa, SarjamaJ,
KABul KHBL.-A section of
Fatteh Khel, Abazai, Khwa-
Eazai, Akozai-YU8uuai
ICARIJl KOB.-A mi:norfraction
ofthe U mar Khan Khel, Ali
Karan,Mamuzai, Lashkarzai,
Orakzais. Gar.
KnntzAI (60).-A section of
Mehtarzai, Harun Khel,
Sanatia, Kakars. Headman ;
I ..... KHBL (50; Dera Ismail
Khan DiBtrict).-Nomadic'
.. minor fraction of Zakori'
Sein Khel, Mian Khel, Lo-
hana, Pawin-dahs. Head-
man; see Mian Khet.
fraction of MOOda Khel,
Miamai, Kabul Khel
(2,600), Utmanzai, Darwesh
IChel Wazirs. Headman;
Mebr Alt.
K"BJlUl'Z KHEL.-A minor
fraction of Marchi Khel,
Abdul Khel, Bara Khel
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, Ut
IIlttuzai, Darwesh Khel Wa-
ms. -
KABln KHEL (50).-A minor
fraction of the Garri Khel,
Dachi Khel, Sani Khel,
Manazai, Altzai, Mahsnds.
Headmen; Tal' Khan, Li-
wand, Handar Shah.
KABltO KHEL (Dir territory).
-A section of Painda Khel,
Sesada, Malizai, Yusufzais.
LBMOZAI (250).-A sub-
division of Ahmad Khel,
Sen Khel, Sheranis.
KABltUZAI '(60).-A section of
Mehtarzai, Harun Khel.
. Sa.natia, KakaN. Headman;
Kulla. Kamal Ali.
KABIU KHBL.-A division of
Malikdin Khel (4.000).
Au-idil- _ Samil. H ;
Azim Di.n. Samand, Sharif
sectIon of tbe Mamdai.
Shingi, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
Headmen; Kandhar, Bagb-
dad, M irza-
KARB!. KHEL.-A section of
Ghaibi Khel. Babakri, Sipo.b
(1,200), Afridis. Samil.
l1ea.dmt'n; Gul Mast, Jan
GuI, Shah Murad. Malik
Sher Muhammad.
lUUUI KHEL.-A minor
fraction of Bar Kholbai,

Khaddar Khel (770), 110h-
mit Khel, U tmamai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Hea.d-
man ; Sadil'ai.
NARKI KRlIL (l80).-A sec-
tion of the Manden, ldak,
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; Nazaiband, Aaim
Shah, Khwaja Muhammad,
Badda Khan, Mirab Khan.
KAHB! KR1lL (40).-A seotion
of Mullagan, Tor, Mallizad
Dawaris. Headman; Faz-
ali. .
KARKI KRBL (60).-A aection
of Urmuz, Tor, Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; lKalim
Khidder Khan, Suhb&t,
Muhammad Amin, Gul

KABU KREL.-A section of I
Mali (or Muli) KheI, Salu-
mi, 11iaszai, BunerwaIs.
K.uul!f KUL.-A section of
Asad Khel, Mitha Khan
Khel, Kuki Khel (40,5ilO),
A fridis. Gar. ; see
Shekhan and lliBhak Khel
K.Ul[.-A Retion of Khaki-
zai, Ashazai, Iliaszai, Buner-
KAllAl[ KBlIL (1O).-A minor
fraction of the Ali Khel,
Haida!: Khe1, Tor. Tappizad,
Dawane. Headman; Sudar.
KA8Ul KR:n (70).-A minor
fraction of Our Khel, &-
bakki, Hassu Khel, Tor,
Mallizad, Dawari.'1. Head-
men; Diwaua KMn, Ni-
KASIM KBlIL (250).-A see-
tion of Kimat Khel, Jawaki,
Adam Khel. Afridis.
KAsU( KR1lL. - A minor rae.
tion of Aib Kor, Shaikh
Khel, Aib KheI. Saluzai,
K.l8Il[ KRllL.-A section of
Buran Kltel.; Baham, SipaJl
(1,200), Aridis. SamiI.
HeadmEn; Ghafar, Hassan,
Shekh. Khan Muhammad,
Muhammad Asgar, Nawu,
Niaz lIuhammad, Shekh
Nur Alam, Syad Alam,
Shekh Gul. .
KAIIIX KUL (80).-A sub-
division of Badanaai.
Shaman KheI, Mahsuds.
KAm( KRlIL (60).-A section
of Umar Khel, Nana KheI.
BahlolJ:ai, Mahsuds.
KASIK KHBL (800; hilla
north of put in
British territory).-A clivi.
sion of Tarakzai, Mohmands.
Headmen; see Kaui Khel
and Khalil Khel.
KABUl KXEL (YakhdaDd).-
A division of U tmanzai,
Mohmands. Headmen; see
zai, YUS1I.fzai Swa.
KAT! KXRL (60).-A section
of Manderi, Idak, Tap,
pizad, Dawaris. Headmen;
8ahib Khan, Zama Khan,
Mughal Shah, Nizam Shah.
KASIK KXEL (22S).-A snb- I\ATA KXRL (77 ).-A divi-
division of Chahar Khel, sion of Drigzai, Lunis.
Shaman Khel, Mahsuds.
KASIK KOB.-A minor fmc-
tion of Rahmatal Kor, Ka-
dai Kor, Gandab, H ali mZai,
Mohmands. Headmen; see
Rahmatal Kor.
K.uu KXBL.-A minor frac
tion of Pridai (150), Ashu
Khal, Hassan Khel, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
KA'UGABUI (18).-A minor
fraction of U marzai, Zira
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Juma-
zan, Khanbadshah.
KATA GBAN.-A minor frac-
tion of Shugai, Tori Khel
(2,670), Ibrahim Khal, Ut-
manzai, Darwesh "Khel W 110-
zha .. Headmen.; Khonamir,
Pirai, . Dalai, Makam, Mu-
hammad Gul.
KA'U KBBL.-A aeotion of
.. Aka Maruf, &buzai, Bai-
KAfAL Kx:n (50).-A minor
fraction of Walidad Khal,
Lodi Khel, Abdullai, Aimal
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mllobsuds.
Headtllan; Khoidad. .
KA'UUB.-A section of Kadal
.. Kor,Gandab, Halmzai, Moh-
manda. Headmen; J amdad
Abdul Wahid, Jamal, Shamo-
zai, Hanjak, Charogai, Shah
Ml1nir, Bahadur, Samodin;
Makaiz. Jallal, Khan Mu-'
hammad. Faizullah Raahat
ulli.h, Ghatol, Fir Muham-
mad, Wahab.
KaTI KXRL (15 ; Dem Ismail
Khan District).-Nomadic,
a minor fraction of Umrzai,
Sein Khel,' Mian Khel,
Ll)hana, Pawindahs. Bead-
man; see M ian Khat.
KATXAI KXEL.-A division of
Salarzai, Tarkanis. .
KAfoBlAI (Bajaur) . A din-
of Samllzai, '&lonis.

KBI.DIZU (200 ; Khanki
river).- A division of
Ismailzal, Orakzais.
KBADU KBBL (520). -A divi-
Ilion of Khoidad Khel, Zai-
KBA\U KBBL (35; Dera Khan District).-
Khel, Beg Kar Gan-
dab, Halimzai, 1tlohma"nds.
Headman; Shere Mubam-
KJUl8U KOB (Yakhdand).-
A dirision of U tmanzai,
Mohmands. Headmen; I!OO
NomadiCi a minor fraction KHAKlZAI.-A sub-diviswn of
of Saiad Khel, I80t Khal, ABhazai, lliaszai, Bunerwals.
Mian Khal, Lobana, Pawin- I
dahs. Headman; see Mian , KHALAN KHBL (310).-A
Khel.. f minor :fraction of Sipah
KlUI.-A minor :fraction 0 (Azad Khel), Ali Karan,
Kui Khel, Sa.par (350)' Mamuzai, 8,500 Lashkarzair
Galai, Adam Ip.el Afridis., Orakzais. Gar. Headman;
fraction of Wadin Khel KHALIDAD KOB.-A minot
Khazza.r Khel, Sta.r Ali I of. the Saiad Kha1!
Khel, Sarki Khel, Madda masl, All Karan, .Mamuzal
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim'Khel, . Lashkarzal, Orakz-
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel, al8. Gar. Headman; Saran-
Wazirs. daz.
KHAIBAT KHBr .. -A minor
fraction of Pira Khel, Mir
Hasani, Macha, Madda Khel
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel,
Wazirs. .
KHAIBGAN (6).-A section of
Nana Khel, Tapiai, Tappizad
Dawaris. Gul-
shahdad. ,
fraction of Ranra Khel, Shati
KHALI!' :KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Usman Khel, Takht
Khel, . Bakka Khel
(1,000), WaH Khel, Utman-
zai, Oarwesh Khel Wazirs.
Headman ; Sll.kam.
KHUIL KHEto (200 ; Hills
. north of M iahni, part in
British territory).-A sub-
division of Kasim Khel
Tarakzai, M ohmands.
men; Janai, Saifal. Shah-
zada. Gulfaraz.
Khel Wazirs. Headmen ;
Nizam Khan, Landai, Shah
KHANDolR KHE1.-A minor
fraction of Pail'ali, Kabul
Khel (2,600), Wali Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh K hel
KHANI KHEI! (600).-One of
the four clans of Cham
KHAN KHEL (70 ; Black
Mountain).-A section of
Barat K hel, Akazai, Isazai,
Yusufzais. .
minor fraction of Kuz
Sulizai, Baizai, Akoza.i-
Yusufzai Swatis.
KHAN KH]IoL(180; Daggar).
-The family of the Khans
of Daggar, distinct and very
influential in Buner, and
not belonging to any clan.
lleadman; Hukmat Khan
of Daggar.
KHAN KHIL (120; Black
Mountain).-A division of
Deshiwal, Swatis. Headmen;
Azad Khan, Kamal.
Mountain).-A subdivision
of Hasanzai, Isami, Yusuf
zais. Headman ; H6!lhim Ali
Khan (Khan of the Hasan
KHAN KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Matkai, Malik Shahi
(400), Wali Khel, Utmanzai.
Darwesh Khal Wazirs. Head-
man; Torabaz.
KHAN KHEL (25).-A seotion
of Khan Khe!,. Shabi Khel,
Alizai, Mahsuds, Headman ;
KHAN KHBL (75).-A sub-
division of Shabi Khel,
Alizai, Mahsuds.
KHAN KHBL:-A minor frac-
tion of Takhti Khel, Bakka
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel,
Utmanza.i, Darwesh Khtil
Wazirs. Headmen; Kha.n
Badshah, Khazan KHan,
Miyan Khel, Gulazamir.
Zamma Mir, Mirza, Gul
Khatni,. Rahmat Shah.
fraction of the Maroun Kor,
Kandai, Isa Khel, Pandiali,
Mohmands. Headman; Pai
A division of Nandihari of Dera Ghazi Khan Dis-
Swatis. . trict).-A seotion of Mull-
KKA'ULZAI (West of Dera I Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, Mah
Ghazi Khan District).-A suds.
IIOOtion of Inzar, Hasan Khel, I
Bam Khel Mll8a Khels. I KHAWAS KHEL.-A minor
Headman' Kalandar. fraction of Ismail Khel (150),
, Kimat Khel, Jawaki, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
KJUTUJU (24,000 ; South
eastern portion of the Pesh KX&YAST.\ KOR.-A minor
awar district, and thp south fraction of Abdur Rahman
em and eastern portions of Khel (200), Musa Khel,
the Kohat district).-A J Mamuzai, Lashkarzai, Orak-
great tribe of Pathns, I zais. Gar. Headman;
whoee' main genealogical Musaki.
divisions are as follows, viz., .
Tari, Taraki and Bolak. KHAzz;lR KH:BL.-A. minor
Irrespective of the above, :fractIOn of. Star Ali Khan
however the tribe has a Khl'l, Sarkl Khel, Madda
local division into two main Khel Ibrahim Khel,
branches, viz., Akoraoreast. Utm!l'nzaJ, Darwesh Khel
ern Khatt&ks, and Teri or Wazl1's. Headmen; Sadda
western Khattaks. There is Khan, A1a.mbe Khan, Sha-
a third inter-triba.l division dam Khan (Ger Madda
which separates the three Xhels,) Sabir Kach),
clasaet below mentioned N ur' Shah (Sanzalal), U mar
from the general body of, Khan.(Inzar Kach).
the the KHECKE.-A sub-division of
Khan Khe!, whIch lncludes Shan Khel Tatta Battannis.
the relatIves of all the . , ,
chiefs; the Fakir Khel, who
have .. reputation for
.... nctit1. and the Kaka Khel.
The dIvisions, etc., of the
Khattaks, with the excep-
tion. of the Kua Khel, are
not indexed in this Diction
KXEl'ZAI (9).-A sub-division
of Salemi, Rakanwal, Lunis .
Headman; see Salezai.
KHESR KHEL.-A section of
the Yarkuki Khel, Bazoti,
(500) Daulatzai, Orakzais.
KHAWAII KKBL (lS).-A sec lCHIDDAR KXBL (llO).-A sec-
tion of the Haibat \Khel, tion of Astanai, Shabi Khel,
Alizai. Mahsuds. Headman; KHIZA.R KHEL.-A minor
Mawa!. fraction of Mintar Khel,
KnIDDI KnEL (25). -A sec-
tion of Baromai, Shabi Khel,
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headman;
Muhammad Ayaz:
KHIDBANI (350).-A clan of
the Jafar tribe. .
KnIDJUNI.-A subdivision of
Mekhiani, Tarins.
Headman; Mauladad.
KHIDB KllEL.-A seption of
Sen Khel. Gadaizai, ,I1iaszai,
Bunerwals. .
KHID:B. KHBL-(40).-A Ham
sayas section of' Bhabozai,
Dumar, Sanzar, Kahrs.
Headman; Botan.
KB'IDBI (IOO).-A section of
Manderi, Idak, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Alif
Khan, Kaim Shah, Mir
Abbas, Wali Hassan, Saleh
KHIDBIZAI.-A sub.division
of Arbu Khel, Sanzar,
KB'IDBZAI (4.15).-A sub
division of Ahmad Khel,
Oba Khel, Sheranis.
KB'IBZAI (200).-A sootion of
Natozai, Dumar, Sanzar,
Kakara. Headman; Karm
Muhammad Khel, Hassan
Khel (400), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai, Dal'wesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Misrai,
Kabul, Khugalgai, Saadat
KHOA KHEL.-A minor frao-
tion of Ali Khel, Ma:nzllol'
Khel (S60), Ibrahim Khel,
Darwesh Khel
fr8(,-tion of Ismail. Khadin
Khel Ashazai, Iliaszai. Bu-
KnOIDADAI (74).-A section
of Malikshai, Aimsl Khel,
Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
KnolDAD KnllL (777).-A
section of the Gidi Khel,
Manazai, Alizai, Mahsuds.
KHOIDAD KHEL ; see Bayuks.
KnOIDAD Rubdivi
sion of the Mamuzai, Mishtia
(8,000), "'HamsaYIAiI " of the
Orakzais. Samil. Headman;
KOB.-A sub-division of
Babazai Kor, Dawezai, Moh-
manda. Headman ; Jafar.
fraction of Sultan Khel,
Hamza, Khel, Gandab,
Halimzai,Mohmands. Head-
man; Muhammad Akram.
tion of Shadozai, Alizai,
Banzar, Kakars.
Kxoa KHEL (30).-A minor
fraction of the Kaimdr.d
Khel, Abdul Rahman Khel.
Sher Khel, Haibat Khel,
Nana Khel, Bahlolz:d
Mahsnds. Headmen; Jangin,
KUOJA.KZA.I (40).-A (Ham-
saya8) section of Umrzai,
Dumar, Sanzar, Kaws.
KnOIDADZAl(Zhob).-A minor
fraction of Ibrahimzai, Sha-
dozai, Ali Khel, Sanzar,
Kakars. . KHOaKZA.I (50).-A section
. of Yahia., Ahmad Khel, Oba
. Mastura river).-A division
of the Ali Khele (3,000),
" Hamsayas" of the Orak-
zais. Gar. i Shiah. Head-
man; Hawas Khan.
KHoaK (SOO).-A small tribe,
an off"8hoot of the KBkars.
Headman; Lashkar Khan.
KHoa KHn (Gumatti and
Wana).-A minor fraction
of Ali Khel (10), Bomi Khel
(5,4.10), Nasra Din, Kalu
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh
K'hel W &zirs.
KHoa KHBL.-A minor fmc-
tion of Marchi Khel, Abdul
Khel, Bora Khel (I,OLO),
Mohmit Khel. U tmanzai,
Danresh Khal
KHOJA.L KHEL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Mat Khan Khel,
Khambar Khel (4,500),
A fridis. Gar. Headmen .;
Mem'din, Gattai, Ma.tta,
Mirshak, Shalibaz, Jumma,
Rahmat, Mira.
KUOJALKHlIL (600; Wanll.)
..:... A minor fraction of Shadi
Khel, NaSl'3 Din, KaIu
Khel, Ahmedzai, DarweHh
Khal Wad1'8. Headmen;
Sarwar Khan, Amir Khan.
WAS KOR.- A minor 1'&1'-
tiort of hasul Kor, W "li
Kor, Gandab, Halimzal,
Mohmands. Headmen.
Abdul Amir, Ghafar.
KHOll KII'IL.-A minor frac-
tion of Bozi Khel, Madda
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman j Nam-
war Khan.
KHon KHBL (Ba.nnu Dis-
trict).-A minor fra,otion of
Daulat Khel, Ali Khel,
Musa Khel, Hathi Khel
(2,000), Shin Khel, Ahma.d-
zai, DalWesh Khel Wazirs.
KlIOlK.U (50).-A seotion
of Khan Khel, Shabi Khel,
Alizai, Mahsuds. Headmen;
Pir, Watna, Wa.ryam.
KlIOJB.U (20).-A section of
Shamerai, Manazai, Alizai,
Mahsuds. Headman; Akbar
KH01BAI (60).-A sub-divi-
sion of Darpa Khel, Malli-
zarl , Dawaris. Headmen;
Shah Hossein, Muhammad
Yar, Mianwar and Makhma.d.
KHONI KaEL. A minor frac-
tion of Dad Khel, Mil'
Hasani, Macha, Madda Khel
(1,60u), Ibmhim . Khel, Ut-
manzai, Darwesh Khel
KHosTI SBUlIS (904).-
. " Ha.msayas .. of the (west-
em) Sanzar, Kakara.
KBOSTW'U (5).-Amlnodl'ac-
tion of Ali Khel, Barim
Khel, Amzoni,
Dawaris. Headman; Lar.
KlIOS'l!WAL8 (12,500).-An
Afghan tribe descended
partly from the Khugianis,
partly from the
inhabiting the Shamil vaney
in Khost, north of the Tochi
border. .
fraction of Talagh Khel,
Kaddam Khel, Feroz Khel,
Mashi Khel. Mannia Kbel,
Hassan Khel, Mitha.. Kltan
Khel, Kuki Khel (4poo),
Afridis. Gar. Headman ;
soo Talagh Khel.
KHUDU KHBL (1,800 j south
of Buner}.-A section of
Sadozai, Utmanzai, Man-
dan, Y usufzais.
KHUGA KHRL. A aub-divi-
sion of U sman Khel,Ba.ezai
Mohmands. Headmen; Pi-
rai, Shahnam, Izzat, Allah-
dad, Hadi Gul.
1f1lUlAL KlIRL.-A section of
Mugbul Khel, Barmi Khel,
Kamrai Khel (600), Afridis.
Bamil. Headmen; Hafiz
Samundar, and Feroz Khan.
KB171BAM KHBL .t:J3).-A mi-
nor fraction of Shinki Khel,
Babaki, Hassu Khel, Tor,
Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; Faujdar, Mad Afzal.
KH171URI.-A minor fraction
of. Kanzal Khel, Alisher
Khel, Musa Khel, Nurizai,
MaUzai. Bunerwals.
KH17M.lBI KHBL.-A section
of Jawakai. Babakri. Sipah
(1,200), Afridis, Samil.
Headman; Ahmad.
KHUNDA. K.HBL.-A minor
fraction -0 W arrukai, rdia
Khel, Janj Khel {l,OOO),Wali
. Khel, Utmanzal, Darwesh
Khel Wazi1'8. Headman;
Sheikh Majid.
KHUNI KHEL (20).-A minor
fraction of the Khannach
. Xhel, Nazar Khel, Aimal
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mabsuds.
Gumatti, temporarily ).-A
minor mction of. Shadi
Khel, Nd.sra Din, Kalu
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs.
KHUN KHBL (20).-A minor
fraction of the Shumi Khel,
Palli Khel, Manazai, Alizai,
Mahsuds. Headman; Lale.
KHUBAMZAI (180).-A section
of Baranzai, Kebzai, Sanzar,
Kahrs. Headman; Madai.
KHURRI KHBL (8).-A minor
fraction of Kill Xhel,
Muhammad Khel, Malakh,
Mallizad, Da'Taris. Head-
man; Miyan Khel.
KHUSHALAI.-A section of
Tod Khel (2,670), Ibrahim
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel W azirs. ;
Fatteh Mir and Sbahmak.
KHUSHA.L KOB.-A division
of Gora.i, U tman Khel.
XHUSROGI (560).-A subdivi-
sion of N asruddin, Zakha
Khel Afridis. Samil. Head-
men; Madraza, Mangar
Shah, Nul' Dost, Mir Khan, .
J amrez, Shah Mard, Gulrez,
Mil' HaSsan, AmiI' Shab,
Haji Lawar Khan, Tor, Sul-
tan Muhammad, Sheno,
KHUTTAY (87).-A section of
Taib Khel, Amzoni, Malli-
md, Dawaris. Headmen;
Hathi Khel, Gul Habib, Ar-
IIIIoIaband. .
KHWAD KHBL.-A seotion of
Tara Khel, Muia, Waraspun,

KHW AEZAI '(2,500 ; Bohai
Dag, G08hta,Kabul River) -
One of the Mohmand clans.
FbI' Headmen; sooW>awat
Khel, Maimana Khel, Khadi
tion of the Chawar Khel,
Bazoti (5(0)' Danlatzai, Orak
zais. Samil.
Khanki and Mastura val
l"ys).-A sub division of the
Bar Muhammad . Khel
(1,000), Muhammad Khel.
Orakzais. Gar. Shiah.
vision of Barmi Khel. Kam
rai Khel (600). Afridis. Sa
mil. Headmen; Azam Khan,
Ali Jan, Azad Khan, Fateh
Mir. GuIzar, Jumma. Mira-
bat, Mir Zaman, Mir Pashak,
Temu, Hamid, Rahmat Khan,
Mir, Zardad, Mohabat.
fraction of Zamia Khel,
Masti Khel, Kambar Khel.
Kambar Khel (4.600), Afri
dis. Gar. Headman; Mu
hammad Yar.
minor fraction of W &ruka Ali
Khan Khel, Sarki Khel.
Madia Khel (1,600), Ibra-
him Khel, Utmanzai; Dar.
wesh Khel Wazim.
fraction of Daulat Khel,
Ghalib Khan Khel, Malik
din Khel, Malikdin Khel
(400:1), Afridis. Samil.
HeadmeIi. ; see Daulat
minor fraotion of Idia Khel,
Jani Khel (1,000), Wali
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. Headmen;
Mil', Bir Birjan.
subdivision of the Zanka
Khel, Ali Khela (3,000),
.. Hamsayas" of the Orak.
zais. Gar. i Shiah.
KHW AU. KHBL (1,500 ; Khar-
mana river).-A sub-divi.
sion of Lashlmrzai,
Orakzais. I Gar, t Samil.
Headman; Husain Shah.
KXWAJ.l KXBL (800; Loar-
gai).-A division of Alieher
Khel, ShinwarlS. Headmen;
Kamran, Saiad Ghulam,
Nadir Kban.
KXWA1A KHBL.-A section or
}'atteh Khel, Abazai, Kh".-
Akozai-Y usufzai
'sOmetimes given oolle/.ltively
to the Darre Khel and
Mirza Khel, olans of the
XS'WAJA.' KBEL.-An un-
important division of Bar-
Ranizai, Akozsi,-Y usufmi
KBWA.lA. KBEL.--A minor
fraction of Ismail Khel (150).
Kimat Khel, Jawaki, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
KBWA.JA. KBEL.-A minor
fraotion of Miamai, Kabul
Khel (2,600). Wali Khel, TIt-
JIl&Ilzsi, Datwesh Khel Wa-
zirs. Headmen; Surkam,
Gulbat KhaD, Mehr Ali ..
A.. section of Mir Kudi
. Khel, Bazoti (500), Daulat
zai., Oraku. Samil.
Lakkai Ker); Antar, ,Ar.
salla Khan, .Said Fakir
Bedai, Nurai. Haidar Khan:
Uzw Din, Dauran Shah,
Ghlfam Jan.
Kaw A.S KXRL (150).- A.. sec-
tion of Karan, Ma,tlzai,
Orakzais. Gar.
Headman; Ibrahim. .
KawA.8 KXEL.-A minor frao-
tion of Madda Khel
Miamai, Kabul Khe! (2,600)'
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khei
Kxw AZAZ.U (IS,Oro; right
bank of the Swat river
from KoMstan to the Panj!
kora liver).-One of the
three clans of Akozai-Yu-
Ruizai, Swatis.
Kaw AZOZA.I (Bajaur).-.A divi-
sion of Isami. Talkania.
KSW.llI KXBL (50; Dera Is-'
mall Khan District}.-No- KIBZAI, KBBZ.U, or KBWA.-
madie, a minor fraction of ZAI 11,180 ; Zhob).-A divi-
Baloch Khel, Isot Khel, Mian sian of Sanzar, Kakars .
. Rhe), Loltana, Pawindahs. Headmen; Bangar Zakaria-
Headman; see Mian Khel. zai, (Mareghutzai); :Mian
Khan (Bal'anzai).
tion of Ibrahim Khe
, Ka-
mali, HaUmzai, Mohmands. ,
Headmen (with those of
KIUBA.I (117). A sub-divi-
sion of Nana Khel. Bahlolzai,
KIKHAI (105). A section of
Dodi Khel, Galellhahi,
Shaman KheI, Mahsuds.
Headmen; Id Akbar, Sawan,
Amzun. Saifal.
KIn KHEL (7S).-A section of
Muhammad Khel, Malakh,, Dawari8. Head-
mt'n ; Niazmand, Tirob,
Mian Khel.
KIZ KILLA (35}.-A minor
fraction of Dangar KheI,
Piran Dangar KheI, Muham-
mad Khel, Malakh, Mallizad
Dawaris. Headmen; Sahib-
gai, Gulli, Pir Badshah.
section of Tapiai, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Fatteh
Khan, Khan.
KUUT KHBL (S30).-A sub KOB KHEL.-AsectlonofSuI-
divisipn of J awaki, Adam . tan KheI, Sher Gulla, Aka.
Khel, Afridis. Khel (1,800). Afridis. Samil.
KUUT KHBL (14iD}.-A 8('C-
tion of Haidar Khel, Tor,
Tappizad, Dawaris. HIl6Ii-
men; N &8&r Khan, Gul
Badin, 14&11
Kiln KHRL (12}.--A sub
division of Khaddi, Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Gul
Rashid, and Khoja
KIRCH KHBL (9).-A section
of Hakim Khel, Mubarak
Shahi. Mallizad. Dawaris.
Headmen; Ain .Shah and
. minor fraction of Salimi
Khel, Dachi Khel, Pam
Khel, Manazai,,
Mah'luJs. Headman; Ajab-
KODA Kun.-A minor frac-
tion of Muhammad Khel
(700), Isperka, Kalu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khet
KODA KHBL (Bohai D1.g).-
A sub-division of Usman
Khel, Baezai Mohmands.
Headmen; Yad Gul, Ghafar,
, Shad Nam, Gulistan, Almaa.
KOI KaRL (15).-A seotion
. of Malta Khel. Chahar
Khel, Shaman Khel, lfah
suds. Headman; Momindar,
.KOLI KHEL Dakka, Girdi,
Pt'Sbu.'.Vnl', nnd Upper Hel-
mand),-(Nomruiic, a. sub-
division of Kuchi. UtmanzrJ,
KO'1'll KXEL (160).-A n..inor
fraction of the Abdul Khel,
Langar Khel, Khoidad Khel,
Gidi Khel, Manazai, ,Alizai,
KO'l'WAL (440; Black Moun-
tain).-A sub-division of, Isam i, Y usufzais
Headmen; Hamid Khan,
Bostan, Dawa Khan.
KOTWAL KHEL.-A sfction of
Aya Khel, Ashazai, lliaszai,
KUCHELAI (90 ; Blark Moun-
t&in).-A division of Deshi-
wal, Swatis. Headmen;
Ahmad, Mir H usein.
KUCHI. (Utmanzai; Upper
Helmand and Ningrahar).-
Nomadic, as distinguished
from the Udrcdunkai, are a
division of UtllUl.nmi, Moh-
mands. Headmen; Asim,
Abdullah, Nur, Khaudad,
M usahibdin.
KuclIis (Dawezai, Upper
Belmand and Ningrahar).-
Nomadic, as distinguished
from the Udrc,dunkai, are
a division of Dawezai, Moh-
mands. ~ n winter they leave
their families in Ningrahar,
and carry merchandize
Detween Kabul and Pesha-
war. They are sub-divided
into AaRsan Khel, Mandozai,
Hazarbuz, with an associated
clan called Za Khel.
KUDA KlIEL.-A sub.division
of the U marzai, Sheikhans
), "Hamsayas" of th;
Orakzais. Samil. H ~ m a n
Nurulla. '
KUDEZAI (80).-A section of
Baranzai. Kebzai, Sanzar,
Kakars. Headmen; Mir
Shah, Walidad.
KUDIZAI (West of Dera Ghazi
Khan District).-A sub-
division of Ahmadzai, Balil
Khel, Muss Khels. Head-
men; Lal Khan (Shamizai).
Dost Muhammad (Ali Khan-
fraction of Misri Khel, Bosti
,Khel (150), Galai, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
Km KlIBL.-A section of Tor,
Sapar (350). Galai. Adam
Khel, Afridis.
Km KHEL.-A minor fractiou
of DUTflr (300), Khul!l"ogi.
N asruddin, Zakha Rhel,
Afridis. SalDi!. Headmen;
see Bucha Khel.
KUKI KHEL (4.500 ; Bara
M.aidan, Rajgal, the Gudar
and Lashora valleys).-One
of the six Khyber Afridi
clans Gar. Headmen;
Zaman Khan, Kambar Khan
and Khaista Khan.
KUKI KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Manak Khel, Dakhshi
Khel, Madda Khl'l (1,600),
lbrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel W azirs.
KUKKOZAI (Right bank of
Kabul river).-One of the
affiliated Mohmand clans.
KULLA KHEL.-A sub-division
of Malikdin Khel, Malikdin
Khel (4,000), Afridis. Samil.
Headmen; Akbar, Dostai,
Sher Gul, Zarlf, Shamsud
KULLI KHEL.-A minor fmc
tion of Dildar Khel, Moh
mand Kh('l, Kattia Khel.
lIa-san Khl'l, Mitha Khan
Khel, Kuki Khel, Afri<llil.
Gar. Headman; Mirwal.
KULLl KHEL.-A subdivi-
sion of Shekh Ali Khel, Kam-
rai Khel (600), Afridis.
Baroil. H('admen; Mulla
Amir Shah, Mulla Akhund
za.da and Shl'r Walli.
KUNAI.-A minor fraCtion of
Sudan Khel (S50), Isperka,
Llu Kh('l, Ahmadzai, Dar
wesh Khel Wazirs.
KUNDAI.-A minor fraction of
Jambai Khel, Waruka Ali
Khan K hel, Sarki Khel,
Madda Khel (1.600), Ibra-
him Khel, Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs.
KUNDAI.-A minor fraction of
Tor Khel, Umarzai (600),
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar
wesh Khel W azirs. Head-
men; Niazzi, Fazal, Zaid
Gul, Ghallai.
K UNDAI.-A minor fraction of
Bizen Khel (700), Shadi
Khel. NasraDin, Kalu Khel,
Ahmadzai. Darwesh' Khel
Wazirs. Headinan; Jalal
Khan. .
KUNDI (Dannu District).-A
minor fraction of Pirba Khel,
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. Headmen;
Shakhai Khel, Wani Khel,
Ghalat Khel, Mian Gul
KtrNDIS (200 i Northwest of
Dl'ra Ismail Khan District).
- One of the le'llleT Pawlr.-
dah trading tn'belil.
KU.I KEn (60; Kharmana
riverl.-A minor fraction of
the Abdul Mirzi. Landaizai,
MaIIIl1Ai, Orak-
zaill. Gar. Headman; ilian
KUBfO KHBL.-A minorfrae-
tion of Kui Khel, Tor. Sapar
(350). Galai, Adam Khel,
KUBUlZAI (West of the Dera
Ghazi Khan District).-A
lIub-division of Hamzazai,
.DaHl Khel, M usa Khels.
Headman; G,1lan.
KUBw,n (l40).-A section of
Taib Khel, Amzoni, :Mal-
lizaci. Dawan,. Headman;
Khalat Shah.
KU8KA KHBL.-A sub-division
of the Zakka Khel, Ali Khels
(3,000), "Hamsayll8 " of the
Orakzaill. i Shiah. Gar.
Headman; Khan Muham-
KVIIHU.-A minorfraotion ()f
Kanzal Khel. Alillher Khel.
MUBa Khel, Nurizai, Mali-
zai. Bnnerwals.
KV8HI KOB (Kabul River,
west of Kiehni, and part in
British territory).-A minor
fraction of Asaf Khel,
Dalkha Kor, Dadu Khel,
Tarak:zai. Mohmands. For
Headmen; see Asaf Khel
Kuru KHBL.-A section of
the Badzai, Kattagarm.
Tatta, Battannis.
KnAB KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Balli Khel ShOOi
. Khel, Bara Khal (1,(}()0).
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
Kuu KHBL.-A division of
Sanizai. Cis Swat Utman
Khels. Headmen; Saiad
Shah, Mir Alam.
KUTAB KHEL (Miranzai and
Mastura valleys).-A divi-
sion of Mada Khels (800),
"Hamsayas" of the Orakzais.
KUTAB KnL.-A minor frac-
tion of Hindi Khel, Tor,
Jani Khel (1,000), Wah
Khel. Utmanzai, Darwesh .
H;hel Wazi1'8. Headman j
Pir Makhmad.
Kuru KHEL.-A minor frac.
tion of Ali Khel, Idia.
Kbel, Jani Khe! (1,000),
Wali l{hel, Utmanzai, Dar-
wcsh Khel Wazirs. Head
JIll.\n; Gul Gh.afa.r.
KUf'l1 AlIBL.-A. section of
U mar Khan Khal, Malik-
din Khel, Malikdin Khel
(4,000), Mridis. -Sami!.
Headmen; , :Bacamir, Gholai
Jan, Ha.zrat Gul,Kolki,
Miran, Mir Zaman, MuUa
Mansur, Payao, Rasul,
talim, ,Sardar, Akbar, Dos-
tai,. Sher, Gul, Zarif, Shams-
ud-din. '
Kunl.KIIEL (40).-.1 section
of Nawar l{hel, Mtran
Shah, Tappizad, Dawaris.
Ii eadmen ; _Din Muhammad,
Sluiikha Din, Sharob.
Kuz (or KHRAPPAw..u) Bun.
BAN KHBL.-A sub-division
of Burban Khel, Pandiali,
MohmandS. Headmen.
LADDA,! (30).-A sootion of
Tarota, Idak, Tc'ppizad,
Headmen i ldar,

LA 1)DI KHBL (SO).-A minor
fraction of the Nekzan Khel,
Sher Khel, H aibat Khel,
Nana Khet, Ba.hlolzai,
Mabauds. Headmen j
AIDan Shah. '
Kuz KXBL.-A minor fraotioJl
of Bolaki Khel, Tatar Khel
01' Akborwal (300), BaBIaD
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis.
Xuz SULlZA.I (6,500; left
bank of Swat river. from
Thana to Maniar).-:-A divi-
sion' of Baizai, Akozai-
Yusuf"ai Swatia.
KUZI KHEL. -A sub-division
of Shekh Ali Khel, Kamrai
Khtil-(600), Ahidis. Samil.
Headmen,; 'Mulla Amir
Shah, Mulla Akhundzada,
Sher WaUi.
K W AI A.- A section of Khadin
Khel, Ashazai, Diasza.i,

liADIKHBL (70);-A aeetion
of Musakki, Tor, Mallizad.
Dawaris. Headmen; 00-
band, Pasta Khan, M uham-
mad, Zamir, Mihrjan.
LADI KXBL.-A minor frac
tion of Khan Khel, Takht i
Khel, Bakka Khal (1,000),
Wali Khel, Utmanzai, Dar
wesh Khel Wazil'8. Head
men i Zamma, Mir.
LADI ItHBL.-A minodraction
'of Tasbi Khel. Shs.raki (2. ,0),
Galai, AdamlKhel Afridis.
LADU (60).-A division of
Rakanwal. Lunis. Head-
men; Rahmdil, Malikzai,
Galdad, H-ajizai, La! Khan,
damalEai, Khandai, J alezai,
Lal Gul, Malwanzai, Dasmal
Boiazai, Fatehan, Sidzai.
LA.G KHli1L.-A minor fraction
of Mira. Khel, Mad Khozhai,
Khaddar Khel (770), Moh-
mit Khel, Utinanzai, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Bead-
man; Sanobar.
LAGHAR (S).-A liIua-divisioD of
Shamezai, Rakanwal. Luna.
A minor fraction of Khazzar
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel,
Sarki Khel, Madda Khel,
(1,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darweah Khel
(or Muli) Khel, Salarzai,
Iliaszai, Bunerw&ls.
LAHARZAI (1,060).-A divi.
sian of Musa Khels. Head-
men; see Nozai, Nokuzai.
Land Palai, Mangizai.
LAILI.-Aooording to to tradi-
tion, a tribe of Wazi1'8
residing on the north-west-
ern slopes of the Safed Koh ;
but they have never been
Mentified. .
LAKAI KOB.-A. section of
Ibrahim Khel, Kamali, Bali
mzai, Mohmands.
UbJ.8n Pass).-A subdivi
sion of Sipah (400), Muham
mad Khel,. Orakzais. Gar.
LAKHI KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Pridai (150), ABbu
Khel, Hassan Khel, Adam
Khel Afridis.
LAKKAN (1,000 ; Kaitu valley,
'LAGHAR KHBL.-A minor Khost}.-A clan of the
fraction of Ashrab Khel, Khostwals.
Ismail Khel, Bozi Khel.
M adda Rh,l (1,600), Ibm- . LALA.KZAI (87).-A section of
him Kbel, Utmanzai, Dar- . Shamozai, Balun Khel.
wesh Kbel Wazirs. Sanatia. Kakars. Headmen;
hat Kach, Guldad (Head-
man of the Shamozai),
Ghafur, Mian Khan.
fraction of Karu Khel, Malia
lfamuzai (3,500), Laahk8l"1lai,
Orakzais. Gar. Headman j
"Feroz Khan.
SAB minor fraction
of Shekhai, Annai (1.,000),
Budai, Zakha Khal, Afridis.
Samil. Headmen; Kattia
Mir Khel, Fateh Khel,
.Sahib Khel.
SABITZAI (lOO).-A seCtion of
Shadzai, Alizai, Sanzar, Ka-
ka1'8. Headman ; Bagai.
SABI!ZAI.-A minor
fraction of Saiadzai,
Barab.a.i, Targhari. Sanzar,
Jan, Aka Khel, (1,800),
.Aridis. Samil.
SA.DAXUI (West of Deta Ghazi
Khan Distriot}'.-A sub-
division of Hamzazai, Balil
Khel, MUla Khels. Head ..
man ; Macha.
SAI>AZAI (10).-A sub-divisifD
of Malezai, Rakanwal,.LuDlS.
. Headman; see Malezai.
SADDA KHEJ. (RQ).-A minct'
. fraption of Mirdad Khel,
Abdul Rahman Khat. Sher
Kh!)l, Haibat Khel, Nana
Khel, Ba.hlolzai, Mahsuds.
Headman; Dakkas.
SABOGAt.-A. minorfraetion of SAI>D. KHBJ;, (300
Sadda Khel (300), Isperka,' and Shakai).-A seotion of
Kalu Khel, Ahmadzai. Isperka, Kalil Khel, Ahmad-
Darwesh Kh&l Wazirs, :elli,- Da,rwesh, Khel Wazirs. '
Headman; Ahmad GuI. Headmen; Zalim Khan,
Ahmad GuI.
SA.BtrRAI' KHEL" .(Mastura
river).-A Bubdivision lof
the Mani Khel (1,000),
Muhammad Khel, Orakzais.
Gar. Shiah.
SADA. KJIEL (80 5 Khanki
. valley). A IjUb-divisiol\ of
Babia Khel (700), llilXl8itzai.
OraJ:zais. Samil. Heaq-
man; Nakshband.
KHBL.-Aminor frac-
$A.DOO KJlEL.-A section of
Fakha\ (1,000), Budai.
Zaliha Khel, Afridis. Samil.
, Headman; Zarin, Shal'abat,
Saidai, Mirdin, Madrai,; Gulab Shah.
SADDU K;HBL.-A lIubdivWion
of Mampzai, Miahiis (3,OOO).
HaJD.BaYas" ()f the Qrak-
zais.' lSamil. Headman'
tion of Maruf Khel. Basi ijADUNUI' (52) . ..-A division
KheI, Khel, Sahib of Palao, J4uniB: . . ,
Kakan. Headman; Kalalldar
of Takhor, and Rahmatulla
of )
',. I
SAIP'ALI KB.1IL. (Ban1l1l Dis-'
SAIADUt" (200).-A section of '
, ',Sarangzai, Harun Khel,
'I' Sanatia. Kakars. Headman ;
. .trict).-A o;tinor fraetioo of
Dodi Khel, Khandat: K.han
Khel; , Hathi Knel, Shin
Khel, Ahmadzai, DarWesh
Wazirs. '
Sirdar 'Bai, chief of all
the Sarangzais. .
SAIADZAI (200).-A section of
Mehtarzai; Harun Khel,
Sanatia, Kakars. Head
man; Aziz.,
A section of Shlljawal. Mu
barsk ShaM, Mallizad, Da-
waris. Ha"dman; Hussain
Shah, Shaikh Kabir, Sheikh
,SUDGAI.-A minor'fraotion of
Khan Khel, Takhti Khel,
Bakka Khel (1000\ Wali
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel ,W aM. Headman j
Gul Khatnio ' '
SAID KBBL (Bannu, Kuram).
-A seetian of Umarzai
(600), Shin Khel, Ahmad
zai, Darwesh Khal Wazirs.
Headman; Pirmal Khan ..
SAIFALI.-A section of Kabul
Khel (2,600), Wali Khel,
Utmanzai,Darwesh Khel
Wazirs," Kotan
SAINI KBBL.-Aminor fmc-
. tion of Narmi Khal, Bakka
Khal (1,000), Wali Kbel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khal
Wazirs.' Headmen; Shah
SAINI KBBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Titar Khal, Khan
Khel, Takhti Khal, Billa
Khel (1,000), Wali KheI,
U tmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Khan
Badshah, Khazan Khan.
SAIN KBBL (70 ; 'Black Moun ..
tain).-A sectionaf Aziz
Khal, Akazai, lsazai, Y u8uf-
SAINZAI (GOmal).;-A divi
sion of Miani,
SAXA KHBL (SOl.-A section
of Salimkai, Khadi Khal,
, Shaman Khal. :M:.hsuds.
. HaJi . :Muham-
'SAXXI 'KlIBL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Mamozai, 'Mishtis
(3,000)" "HalllSlloY.aa" d
Samil. Head
man; Shahzu.

division of . fI Kuz .. 'or
Burhan Khel.
Pandiu.h, Mohmands. Head
man ; Shah.
S:ALlMONAI (35).-.1 minor
fraction of the Abdul Khel.
Langat Khel, Khoidad !Chel,
Gidi Khel; Manazai, Alizai,
Mahsuds. Headman; Nirla
SALO minor .fraction
of . Sroh,' Khel,
Kamali, Halimzai, Moh-
mands. Headman;
SUlfA KHBL (40).-A8ectfon
of' M u11agBn. Tor, MaUizad,
Dawaris.; Mu-
bammad Amin.
SAMADINZAI (456).-A sub
division of lsa Khel,. Sana-
tia, Kakars. Headman;
Malikdad Muhammad.
SAMAND (59).-.1 division of
Drigzai, Lunis.
SAlIEL (or Ismail) KHEL.-A
Bub-division of Sbamozai,
Khwazazai, Akozai-Yusuf-
sai Swatia.
S.UrUtOBI (2'0).-.1 clan cd
Suuu KRBL.-.1 minor &ac-
tion of Ghnli Khel, A.mbar
Khel, Mat Khan Khel. Kam-
bar Khel (4,500), Afridis.
Gar. Headman.; see Khd,jal
Khel. . ...
SA)[OZAI.-(Maatura. KhanJd
and Miranzai
One of the three diviaio1l8 of
of the Orakzais. 8amil.
Headman; Shambo
S.UUTIAB (7.S13; Kalat.
. Peshin, and Upper Zhob ).-
A .clp.n of Kaka1',8. Head-
men; Guldad. (Sbam.o?jai),
8irdar Habo Khan (Hehtar-
zai), Sirdar Bai IOlan (Sar ..
anzai), Baidula. (SaranJrzai),
Bildar Ibrahfttl Khan (Pani.
zai), Malikdad Mnhmmad
SUDUZAI (West of the Delli.
Ghazi Khan District).-A
section of Kabalzai Nom-
mi, Laharzai, M 1l88o Khela.
Headman ; Momin.
8.UULZAlB (Bajaut}.-one of 8ANGAllAl (25).-.1 aeetion of
the four cIaDl of the Bazid Khel, JaWakJ, Adam
JUs. Khel, Afridia.
SUDnI Knn (40).-.A minor
fraotion of Pirdad KheI,
Abdul Rahman Khel, Sher
Khel, Haibat Khel, Nana
Khal, Bahlolzai, Mahsuds.
Headmen; Allahdad, Shahzal.
SUD! KXEL (Bannu and
Shawal).-A section . of
Bakka KhaI (1,000), WaH
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wam. Headmen;
Ashraf 'Khan, Khaki Shah,
Gulak Khan, Rasn.l Shah,
Landak, Mauladad Khan,
SUGAN KOB.-A minor frac-
tion of Ismail, Khadin Khel,
Ashazai, lliuzai, Buner-
SUGA.',l KOll (Bohai Dag).
-A sub-division of Khadi
Khal, Khwaezai, Mohmands.
Headmen; Akram, Aziz
Khan. .
SABGVL KXEL.-A minor frac-
tion of 'Pirwal Khal, Tatar
Khel, or Akhorwal, H ~ n
"Khel, Adam Khel, Afl'idis.
SAu.un KXBL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Shamozai, lsmailzai,
Utman Khels. Headmen;
D08t Muhammad, Mohr-
'an, Muhammad .Akram.
S.l.BKAIU Kxlt. ~ ) ..
sub-division of Shaino2
Ismailzai, Utman Khela.
SABKXI KXBL.-A minor fr
tion of Mira Khel, :M
Khozhai, Khaddar K
(770), Mohmit Khel, 1
manzai, Darwesh Khel 'VI
zirs. Headman; Bakl
SABKI KXBL.-A section
Madda Khel (1,600), Ib
him Khal,, D
wash Khel W we. Hal
men; Sadda Khan, Alam
and Shadam Khan are ,
leading men; See also MaC:
Khal, Ali Khan Khel, a
SAIXI KHBx. -A sub-divi8'
of Akhel (600), Ismaih
Orakzais. Gar. Readme
. Malik Maddu, lIir Kh
Said Gul, N ur Ayaz, S
Shah, SherAli. .
SU1U81UI (50).-A lIectioI
Salimkai, Khaki Khal, S:
man Khel, Mahsuds. He
men; Namar, Pasti, Gha
notion of Machi Khal, J
dul. Khel, Bora Xl
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, 1
manf,ai, Darweah K
SBH.&RI (G4).-A rnb-divisioD SBBGU' KBn (or SiYU).-A
of Ismailalagh, Spin, Tarins. section of Panjpa;i, N'lB1lZai,.
Headman ; !sa Khan. lliaszai, Bunerw.a1a ..
SEN.-A section of Khakizai,
Ashazai, Iliaszai, Bunerwals.
SEN Khel (1,640).-4 clan of
SBN KHBL.-A sub-division
of Abba. KheI, Tatta .. Battan
SBlVAN.llKOB (B9haiDagl.-
A. sub-division of Khadi
Khel, Khwaezai, Mohmands.
SHAllADIlJ KHBL (20 ).-A
section' of PalaU, Tapiai.
Tappizad, Dawaris. Head-
men; Mlr Alam 01' Mil'
Alani, GumbaL
SEN KHBL.-A IR1b.odivliriOD of
Gatiaizai, lliaszai, Buner-
wals. SlUU KHBL.-A. anbiivision
:of Ali Khel, Bar Ranizai ..
Ako:l:ai - Y usufzai Swatis.
SENZAI.-.! section of
Kattagarm, Tatta, Battannis.
Headmen; Khajak,.Haan.
SBNZAl.-A section of Kean,
W oruke .. Dana, Battannis.
SENZ.AI (Bajaur ).-One . of
the diviBioIl& of lsazai,
SENU! (Bajaur) .. -A small
aboriginal tribe. living at
Benza.i, two miles north of
Mundah, in Jandol.
SEP AH.-A .snb-divisioD of
Kandahari Salis.. who are a
vassal clan of the Mohmands
SEPAH.-A division of Bae:l:ai,
minor fraction of Kharmach
Khel, Malai, Shingi, BahIol-
zai, 'Mahands. Headman ;.
Fatteh Khan.
SHABAB KBBL.- A minor frac-
tion of Sarmast Khal, Badi
Khel, Dardoni, W ui Khal
(800), Mohmit Khel,Utinan.
zai, DarwtlSh Khal W
Headman; Nakir Khan.
fraction of Kharmanj Khel,.
Khwaja. Khel, Miamai,
Kabul Khel (2,600), Wali
Khel, Utmanzai, Darweeh
Khel Wazir.. Headmaa;
G1&lbat Khan.
SUBAS KRBL (l5).-"A minor
fraction of Idal Khel, Muham
mad Khal. Jdalakh, MalHrad,
Dawaria. Headman; Kui.
SBABBZAI (SO).-A seotion of
Iaa Khel, Ahmad Khel. Oha
Khel, Sheranis.
division of the Alizai,
SJlABILKBBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Umar Khal, .A.nnai
(1,000), Budai, Zakha Khel,
Afridis. Headmen j Shahaba
Din, Bolak, Arab.
SBABOZU.- A sub-dtTision' of
Arbu Khel, Sarizar, Kakars.
SB&U,U (Zhob).-A.aection of
Ibrahimzai, Shadozai, Ali
Khel, Sanzar, Kakare.
SB.lDU KJlBL (6).-Aaection
of ' Boya, Tappizad, Dawaris.
Headman ; Tor. '
SSADAlt KOB.-A minor frao.
tion of. Hyatai Kor, Shah
lIauaur Khal, Dadu Khel,
Tarabai. Mohmanda. Head
man; Son.
SB'ADAlts.-A miaor fraotion
of Muhammad Khel (700).
Japerb, Kalu Khel, Ahtnad-
AI, Danresh Khel Wazin.
eu i Katamir.
SBADA! KOB.-A. Bub-division
of Maimana Khel, Khwaezai,
Molunands. Headman; MIra
Jan. .
SHADI KBBL (200).-A sub-
division ot Bobak, Dana,
Battannis. Headtnan; Batur
of Bagh.
SlJADI KBRt (75; Dera Ismail
Khan Diatriot).-Nomadio,
a section of Isot Khl'l,
Mian Khel, Lohana,
dabs. Headman; see Mian
SUADI XJlBL (1,800; British
territory, Wana and tlumatti.
'Some fractions mib'l'llte
to Baddar).-A aection of
Naara. Din, Kalu Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darw08h Khol,
Wazirs. Headmen; Sarwar
Khan. Amin Khan, JaW
Khan, 'l'imar Khan. N 8zir
Khan. Gul Adam, Sr&hib
Khan, Gulbaz, Sawar Khan.
Mir Alam, Bhittani Khan,
Mihrwah, Lalo Khan.
SB .... DI XHBL. -A m Inol' frac-
tion of Silm-nller Khc), Man-
zar Khel (360), Ibrahim
Khel, Utmanzai, I:arwcllh
Khel Wazirs. Headman;
Kaddi Khan.
SHADI KHBL.-A section of
Bora Khel (1,000), Mohmit
Khel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. Headman ;
Kippat Khan.
SHADI KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Bozo. Khel. Tor Khel,
Umarzai (600). Shin Khel,
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
W a ~ i r s
SHADI KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Balal Khel, Hassan
Khel (400), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; Piyao
Khan, Badde Fakir, Khan
SHADI KHBL (25).--A pb
division of Banda. Tappizad
Dawaris. Headmen ; Shabol.
Nazr Muhammad.
SHAD! KHEL (9}.-A minor
fraction of Ipi, Haida1'- Khel,
Tor, Ta.ppiz&d, Dawaris.
Headmen; G",ldad, Salim.
SHADl K1fRL (4.1) .-A minor
fraction of Lar Lorai, Land.
Malakh, Mallizad, Dawaris.
Headmen ; Bazar Din, K'unat
Khan. Fakir Muhanunad..
SHADOZAI.-A minor (E
sa18) fraction of
Hasanzai. Barakzai,
gharl, Sanzo.r, Kakars.
SHADO!.!I (275).-A 1I
fraction of Bulozai, Po.:
Harnn Khel, Sanatia,Ka
Headmen ; Ali Muham:
Ramzan, Faiz Muhamm
SHADZAI (3,900).-A sub-
sion of Ali7Jll.i, Sanzar, Ka
Headmen; Ali (Aktal
Saiad Rahmat (Ali K
Hamzai (Daolatza.i). I
SB'AGU KOB.-A minor fra<
of Ambora. Khel, &
Khel, Kamal Khet. E
JaB, Aka. Khel (1,1
Afridis. Samil.
A section of Mllsakki.
MaUizad. Dawaris. E
men; Ha"88u,' Sawan,
Raihan, Mlhr Gul.
SHAIU.B KHl!:L.-A. n
fraction of Manzar Khel
Khel, UlD1lrzai (600).
KheI, Ahmadzai, Dar
. Khel Wazirs. Hea<h
Jamal Din.
SllADUJ.u.-A section ofAlunad SH.tHABUDDIK KHBL (91
KheT, Targhari, SaDZaJ', A minor fraction
Ka.kars... Garerai, Shumi Khel,.:
Khel, Mauzai, Alizai,
){absuds. Headmen; Zafar,
Lab, KabllI, Zarmast.
SIIAB AUK Kill' (128).-A
eectiOll of the Kasim Khel,
Cbahar Khel, Shaman Khel,
fn.ction of Sultan Khel,
. Hamza Khel, Gandab,
Hallinzai, Mohmands. Head-
man; Nurai.
fraction of Mir Said Khel,
Sanzal Khel, Kamal Khel,
Sahib a ~ Aka Khel
(1,800), Afrldis: &mil.
minor fraction of Bizodai,
lIalikahai, Aimal Khel,
Bahlolzai, Mahsuda. Head
men; Zobar, Aaal Khan,
KoI).-A minor fraction
of Bajai Khel, Y usaf Khel,
_ Khel, Pandiali, Moh-
5J1ADBG KUBL.-A minor
fraction of Tor Khel, Asad
1thel, Mi1lha Khan Khel,
Kuki Khel (4.,600), Afridis.
Gar. Headmen; Bazai and
SlIA'RBllG XUJIL.-A minot
fraction of Fatteh Khel,
Mir Khel, Pakhai (1,000),
Budai, Zakha Khel, Afridis.
Samil. Headmen; Muham
mad Nur, Muhammad Shah,
and Kamr Din.
!>era Ghazi Khan Dis-
triot).-A sub division of
Hamzazai, BaUl Khel, Muaa
Khels. Headman; KaIandar.
SHADAD KHBL.-A section
of the Kambar Khel,
Bazoti (5eo), Danlatzai.
Orakzais. Samll.
of Mutakai, UtmaD Khels.
SHAUDOUIB (200).-A small
Pathan tribe, said to be an
o:ffshoot of the Kama.
Headman; Jehangir.
division of Niamat
Tatta, Battanni .
man ; Mir Azar.
fraction Qf Runi Kor, WaH
Beg Kor, Gandab, Halimzai,
Mohmand .. Headmen; Kha-
Hd, Ghulam Din, Kalandar.
SH .. UII KH BL (15 ; Dera IsmaU
Khan District ).-N omadic,
a minor fraction of Saiad
Khel, Isot Khel, Mian Khel,
Lohana, Pawindahs. Head-
men; see Mian Khel.
SHAHI KHEL (80; Black
Mountain). -A aection of
Barat Khel, Akazai, lsazai,
SHAHI KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of GhulaD;l. Khel (300),
Haibat Khel. Jawaki, Adam
Khel, Afridis. .
SHAHI KHEL (40).-A section
of, Tor, Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Nia-
midsr, Azmat, Gul Sahib,
SHAHI KHIL (8).-A minor
fraction of Padmi, Taib Khel,
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawads.
Headman; Faizullah.
SHAH I KOB.-A minor fraction
d Muradi Khel, Dalkha
Kor, Dadu Khel, Tank-
zai, Mohmands. Headman;
Muhammad HaRn.
SHAHI KOB (Kharmana river).
-A minor fraction of the
Ash Khel (580), Khwaja
Khel, Masuzai, Lashkarzai,
Orakzais. Samil. Headman ;
SHAH J AllAN KJIlIL.-A minor
fraction of Jambai Khel,
Waruka, :&.li Khan Khel,
Sarki Khet, Madda KheL
(1,600), Ibrahim. KheJ,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
SHAll KHBL.-A section of
Ibrahim Khel, Gadaizai,
Iliaszai, Bunerwals.
SHAll MANSUR KHBL (1,300).
-A section of Dadn Khet.
Tarakzai, Mohmands.
SHAH MIBI.-A.mlnorfraction
of Dre Pillari, Tori Khel
(2,670), Ibrahim. Khel,
Utmanzai, Dsrwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman j Khari
minor fraction of Pira Inel,
Jamal Khel, Malik Shahi
(400), WaH .Khe!, Utman-
mi, Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
. Headman; Pirgai.
SHAHXAL 1 r B B L ~ A minor
:fraction of Firo,; KheI, Tor
Sa.par (350), Galai, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
. -
8HAHNUR Ko:a.-A mmor frac-
tion of Zaman :JI:h81, Yakki
Khel, Kattia kheI,' Basam
Khet, Mitba Khan Khel,
Kuki Khel (6.500), Amelia.
SRaOZAI {West of Dera Din, Kaln Khel. Ahmadzai,
Ghazi Khan Distriot).-A :parweah Khel Wuirs.
division of Umarzai, Musa.
Khels. Headman ;. Shahosai. SJUtJrH Ka:Bt' . ....;..A _ion' of
SaAllozAl (100).-A sub-divi
adou of Yahia, Sen Khel,

SRmm. KUBL (4lI).-A sub
division of Ismail Khel,
Jhnap,i, Sheranis.
fraction. of Sikandar Khel,
Abdul Khel, Bora. Khel
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, Uta
manzai, Darwesh Khel Wa
SJU1[WAZ KHBL.-A sub-dtvi
sion of the Khwaja Hawas
'Ali Khel (8,000),
.. HaQuiaY." of the OraJaais.
Gar . t- Shiah.
Aib' Khel, SAlarzai; Iliaszai,
SHAIKH KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Kambir (or Kambo)
Khel,Aib KheI, Salarzai,
Iliaszai, Bunerwala.
SRAUH (Talash valley,
. and Dush Khel, in Dir).-
A division of Ausa Khel
(Malizai) Yusafzais. In
oombination with the Nurak
Khels they can muster lOme
1,500 fightingmen.
,BaHAL K;a:BL (l00).-A sec-
tion of Haibat KbeJ;Jawald,
Adam Khel, Afridis.
the Mir Ahmad Khel, BBHliAR KaKL.-A minor
Aliaherzai (8000) Lash.' fraotion of :MWBkld, Wuzi
karzai,Orakzai.. Sauul. Khel (8<!0). Mohmit .Khel,
. Ut.manaal, Danreah Khel
Wazira. Headman ; Kalonl.
SJUm fra.o
_n of Dani Khet, Matkai,
JIalikl!hahi (400),Wali XheI,
Darwesh .neI,
.W.m.. Headman; Marota.
8BAXilE BAIID (Wana).-A
miDor fraction of Zalli Khel
(J,OOO), Bom.i KheI, Nura
SH.UJUB KHU (Bannn Dis
t*t).-A minor fractlou of
Xnndi, Pirba Xhel, IIathi
Khel (2,000), Shin or tlani
Khel, AhmadfAi, Darwelh
nel Wazln. Headman i
DaDJir Khan. .
SHUHI (230).-A division of
Waraspun, Battannis. Head-
men; Said.a.l (Ismailak);
Jandar (Chalak Khel), Ah
mad Khan (1i'ateh Khel).
fraction of Khojal Khel
(600), Shadi Khel, Nasra
Din, Kalu Khal, Ahmadzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
fraction of Mir Hu sani ,
. Macha, Madda Khel (1,600),
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel W'azirs.
SHUXI KHBL (60).-A sub-
divisioJl. of the Band Khel,
BahloI1.a.i, Mahsuds. Head-
man ; Rahimdad.
SHHRZAI (400).-A section of
Land Amand, Ahmad Khel,
Oba Khel, Sheranis.
.sHUMAI KOB.-A minor frac-
tion of Rami Khel, . Kadai
Kor. Gandab, Halimzai, Moh-
mands. Headmen; Khan
. Shere, Zainullah.
.SBAlIAX KHBL (420).-A
section of the A bdullai, Aimal
Khel, Bahlolzai, Mahsu:ds.
,SHAJ,UL KHBL.-A minor frae-
. tion of Pirwal Khel, Tatar
Khel or Akhorwal, Haaaan
Khel, Adam Khel, Afridis.
BHAlI:ALI KH:BL.-A 81lb-divi-
sion of the Akhel (600),
Ismailzai, Gar.
Headman ; Makhodi.
SHAlIAlIZAI (300).- A 1JeO-
tion of the ~ n z a i Keb-
zai, Banzal', Kakars. Head.
. men; Jamal, Behai, Paio.
SHAlIAN KKBL (l,928).-A
clan of Mahsuds.
SHA.MBRAI (l40)'-A sub-divi-
sion of the Manuai, Alisai,
SHAMBZAI (34).-A division
of RakAnwal, Lunis.
SHA.BZAI (4,000; Hat'hawai
stream to Kohfstan).-A
division of - Ki:tw&zazai,
Akozai - Yusufzai Swatis.
Headman; Husain Khan of .
SHAMI KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Shugai, Tori Khel,
(2,600), Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darweeh Khal
W 8zirS. Headmen; Haldm,
Musa, Hashim Khan. (1,000 ; 8hami1
valle!, Khost).-A, clau of
the KbostwtJa..
SKU[SO Kolt.-1. snbdivi
sion of Masand Sa1is who
-_ are a VllSaI clan of the
Saul' KURL (BO).-A divi
Ilion of Tatta, Battannis.
Headman; Mir Azim
SKANA!' or SlLUf K:a:EL (-700);
-A division of'Zakha Khel
Afridie.. 'Samil. Headmen;
Said Khan, Mihr Din,
Bawar,Sultan Mir, Gul
Shah, Khanzad, Langllr,
Khandin, Said Khan.
fraction of Kaddam Khel,
Feroz Khel, 'Mashi Khel,
Mannia Khel, Hassan Khel,
Mitba Khan Khel, Kuki
Khel (4t600), Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Abbas; Hakim;
Nazir. .
SIURAX K1IllL.-A _ miilor
fraction of Sadda Khel
(800), Ieperkat Llu Khel,
Ahmadzai. DarwEllh. Khel
W.azirs. Headman; Zalim
Khan .... '.. -
. -
SIIUAXI (200).-1. subdivi
sion of GaIai, Adam Khel,
SRUB.l'l! KRlIL.-A. . minor
fraction of Paipali, Kabul
Khel (9,600), Wall Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh, Khel
SIIA.ltIF KIIBL;-A minor frao-
tion of Kata Gran, Shugai,
Tori Khel (2;670), Ibrahim
Khel, U tmanzai, Darweah.
Khel Wazira. Headman;
-the CbaWIlo1' .Khel"
(600), Dauiatzai, Oiakzais.
SlInn' (lO).--.-A sec-
tion . of Hakim Khel, Mn-
barak Shahi, . :Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Ah
SRARKI KIIB:L l6!S)'.-A: Roo"
tion of LBim Khel, Chahar
Khel, Khel,
Mahsuds; ; "
SIIA!I KD;JL.-A .section of
Wali Beg Kor. Gtndab,
Halimzai, Mo'hma.iJ,cJs.
SRUKAI (60).-A:8ecti0li of
Malik. Dinai, Manazai,
Alirai, Mahsua..UaMman ;
Bozak.. .
SliA'lo KIIBL (Pipal).-A Rb
division Of BaoiLkai Kor,
Da"ZlIoi, MllhmaDc1I. Head
man j Mohmandai.

SlUWA.!. KlIBL;-A.,
: fraction of Shadi KhI1I, Balal
Khel, Ha.,.nKhel {4OU).
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
DarWesh 'Wazire.
Headman ; Khan .. "
minor fractiaB of Gangl Khel
(800-400 in Wana), Bomi
, Khel, Nasm Din Kaln
. . Khel,, Darwesh
. Khel WuirS. .
SHBIKH ALI.-A minor frac
tion of Narmi Khel. Bakka
Khel (1,000), Wali Khel,
UtInanzai. Darwesh Khel,
Wazu.. Headman;' Ghlli

, ,
SHEIIHAlII', (3,000'; MastUra,, and :val.
lep,).-A'" :clan
of the Orakzais.
'r Utmanzai, :n.l'Wesh Xhel
, Wazirs. Headmen; Ashraf
. ,Kh8.H>- Kliaki Shah, ,Gulak
l,quril. .
minor fraction of W &din
- Khel, KhaZzar TKhel, " 'Star'
Ali Khan KheI;' Barki }{heI,
MaddiJ. Khel (l,toO). Ibrahim
Khel. Utmal.Bzai, DaiwIiJh
Khel Wazim .
SHEIKH' KHEL . (Bajaur).-
A . division . of ,the
" Tarkanis.
division of Karobat Khel,
Kambar Khel (4,500),
Afridis. Gar. Headmen; Jan
Muhammad, 'l'duhaJ:llJllad
SHBKX'ALKB:BL (600; Lo ..
argai).-A division <!f Ali
. .s.hff Kpel, ShinWiU'is. .
. '.' ." '
SBBIJ:IUlALl KnBL (200).-
A mil).or fl'aCtion of, Abra
him Khel, Ali Karan.
Mamuzai, laabkarzai. Orak
SmlIJr:H' ALI,"':':"A minor fmc. Dis.' Gar. Headman; Said
'- _ .. I Ahmad.
'1iton of lfa.eba, . .
Madda Khel (l,600),Tbrahim ,8inuJl:HNUB KHEL.-A minor
Khel., , . fraction . 'of Khel,
. '. :,' Ali Khan Khel,
, .. . . . Sarkl Khel. ]{hel
SJllIyXH,. , m!nor (1,600),-' Ibrahim Khel,
fraetion of Baidi Khel,Bakka Utmanrai,Darweah Khel
Khel (1;000),' Wall Khel, Waiirs. '
;SB:BIXlI mmor
fraction of Pira Khel, Jamal
Khel,Malik Shahi (lJ.OO1
Wall }{hel, UtInanza'i, Dar-
wesh Khel Wazirs. Head-
maD. ; SulemaJli.
SHBIKHWoADI.-A minor frac-
tion of .shadi Khel, Bora
Khel (1,000), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
SHBKH.-An Arabic word
meaningelaer or ohief. It
is a title properly coonood
to tribes ()f Arab descent,
but is very commonly used
to denote a cO'll/vert to 18-
SRUHA! {lOO -; Trans fron-
tier).-A division of the Ali
Sher Khel, Shinwaris.
SEBI[H,U.-A section ()f
Annai (1,000), Budai, Zakha
Khel, Afridis. Samil Head
tnan; Khwss Khan.
fraction of Khusalai, Tori
Khel (2,670), Ibrahim Khel,
U tm an zai ; Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman; Shah
SHUu" ALI KHBL.-A divi
, lion of Kamrai or Kamar
Khel (600). 'Airidis.
Headmen; Mulla Amit
Shah, Mulla Akhtmdzada,
Sher Wali.
SilEX" -A minor fraction
of Kasim. Khet, Suran Khel
Babakri, Sipah (1,200),
.Afridis. Samil. Headmen;
see Kasim Khet.
minor froonon of the Nikar-
rab Khel, Khoidad Khel,
Gidl Khel, Manazai, Alimi,
Mahsuds. Headman; Bab
Khan, PiyaO.
SHEKHAN.-A minor fraction
of Karnn Khel, Asad Khel,
Mitha Khan KheI, Kuki
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Guh!.b, Alam
Sher, Sherai, Ghulam Ali,
, A,lladad Fakir,
SBBXHU 'KBEL, (20; Dera
Ismail Khan District)-
N omadio, a ininor fraction
of Balooh Khel, I80t Khel,
Mian Khel
Lohana, Pawin-
dabs. Heac1men;' see Mian
Khel. ' .
SEu:WAL.-A section. of
Pakhai (1,000), Budai,
Zo.kha 'Khel, AfridJs. SamiL
Headmen; Sher Ali. Mirza,

fraction of 'Cmar KhanKhel,
Malikdin Kbel, Mali kdin
KheI (4,500), Afridig. Samil.
Headmen; aee Kutti Khel.
8llEa KHAN KHBL.-A mioor
fraction of Kasim Khel
(250), Kimat Khel, JawaJd,
Adam Khel, Afridis.
8HBB KlI.Uf KSBL.-A miDor
frac.t1.on of Mohmand Khel,
X attia Khel, Hassan Khel,
Mitha Khan Khel, Kuki
Khel (4,500), Afridis. Gar.
Headmen; Kambar, Boner
n ~ Kaddam Khan.
fraction of Musa, Khel,
Makhozai, Nasuza.i, lliaszai,
SHBR KHAN KHEL (16) . ....:...One
of the two sections of the
Malla Khel, Chahar Khel,
Shaman Khal," "Mahsuda.
Headmen; 8hahid Khan,
, ' Zarpiyao.
SB:I,B KHIL.-A, minor frac-
tion of Kambir (or Kambo)
Khal, Aib Khal, Balarzai,
, ni.zat, Dunei-wali.
,'I II'! . "
San KlUx. (1l)20).-A seo-
tlon of tho Halbat Khel,
Nana Khol, Eahlblzai,
MahaudI: '
SOR KBJlL.-A minor frac.-
tion of, Tugali, Muhammad
Khel, Hassan Khel, (no).
Mohmit Khel, UtIll&DZ&i.
Danresh Khel'Wazirs.
SSER KlIBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Dre Nami,Be1aJ. Khal,
lIaBaan Khal (400), Mohmit
Kbel; Utmanzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs. Headman;
Niyaz Muhammad.
Ssn KSBL.-A minor frac-
tion of Bub Khel, Maddu
Khel, Asad ,Khel, Mitha
. h n i ,Khel, Kuki Khel
(4,500), Afrielia., Gar. Head
men; Mulla Nuir. Mir-
,wal, Said Gli1.
SaBB KHEL.-A minor frac-
tion of Gharn Khel, Ashraf
'K4el, Kamal Khal, Sahib
Jan, Aka Khel (1,800).
,Afridis. Samil.
SHU KHEL."":'"'A 81lb-division .
of Mat Khan Khel, Kainbar
Khel (4,500), Mridia.
Gar: lUaclmen; Shar Khan,
Hamid, and N urai. '
SHBB KSBL.-A ,mioor rae...
ilion of Ahmad' Beg Khel.
Mohib Khel,' Shekhai,
Annai (l,OOO). :Budai. Zakha
Khel, Ahidis., Head-
. men '; , Bhahzada, AtsaiJa,
AliguL ,,, ,
SSIK lUIn (18).-A Btlb-
division of ZerakJd, Malli-
zad, Da.waris. Headmen;
Gu.pir, Kbangnl.
SHIRl Ksu or ALIZ.U (500 ;
Maatnra river).-A din_
of the Daulatzai, Orakzais.
Bamil. Sbiah.
SHIU KH]u' (60);-A section
of lMurl, Tor, Tappizad,
Da.Wa.ri8. Headmen; BaD1a.nd
Khan, Dinai. Nada.m, Minai;
SHXtJNDI KHBL (25; Mastura.
. 8tili-division of
the Alizai (or Stun Khel),
Da.lltatza.i. Orakzais. Samil.
Shiah. Headman; Dalil
. ,. ;.
Sso KiHBL' (16).
-A minor f,action of the
. Ba.rumi Khel, ..
Khel, Gidi Khel; :MaDami.
Alizai, 1rIahauda. ,.Headman;
Ali uL ..
g ...
8BOBJ.B: K.allL (OO).--A minor
. fraction of the Bahimdad
Khel. Abdul. Bahman Khel,
Sher Khel,. lWbat l{hel.
Nana Khel. Bahlolzai. Mah
aucla. . Headmen ; Shale,
ihazal. .
.t '.
SJlODl. :XBBL. (16) ..... One of
tho five 88Otio.: the
Ghah'b Khel, Bulanai,
Shaman Khel. Mabsocls.
Headman; Akbar Khan.
SHOGI KHBL.-A minor frac-
tion of U mar Khel, Ali
Khel, Khaddar Khel (71(1).
Mohmit Khel. Utmanzai,
I Ia.rwesh Khel Wazin.
Headman; Nazarka.
.8HOlUK KHBL (4).-A minor
raotion of the Rahimdad
Khe1, Abdul Rahman Khel,
Sher Khel,' Haibat Khel,
.. Nana Khel, Bahlolzai, :Mah
8uds. Headmen;. Ganilapur.
SHOHA.I (25).-A minor frac
tion of.the Gam Khel.l3aran
Khel, Chahar Khel, Shaman
KJiel. Mahsuds .. ;
Lal Gul.Mauladad.
. .
SHPALXA.I KHBL.- A section
of Zargun Jebel (800).
Galai, Adam Khe1, .MridiB.
SHtTDAXA.&. (50J.- . A minor
. fraction of Glta. Khel,' Mu-.
'. hAIDmad Khe4' 'Malakb,
Mallizad:, . DaWarls. . Head
mea J Sawan, Ahmad Din.
SUVGAI.-A section 6f Tori
Khel (2,670), Ibrahim Khel.
U tmanzai, Darweeh
Wazira. Headme1i; Iliaa and

SrEUDAB KDL.-A minor
fraction of 8ikandar KheI,
Manzar Khel (360), Ibra-
him Khal Utmanzai, Dar-
wesh Khat, Wazirs. Head-
man: '; Ayaz'IDian. '
SIEAliD.&.lt KHEL.-A seo-
tioll of Abdul Khel (1,000),
Mohmit Khel, Utmanzai,
DaTwesh Khel, Wazirs.
SiitAHDA.Jl KOB.-A minor
fraction of Kamal Khel,
Maddu: Khel, Asad Khel,
Mitha Khan Khel, Kuki
Khel (4,500), Afridis.
Gar. Headmen; Muhammad
AmiD, Qul Jan, Budai,
SIllAN (20).-A section of
Mlilli KheI, Idak,' Tappizad.
'Dams. Headmen; Bald
Shab,o Aziirl..Khan, Jama.l
Din.' "':'.
SUlAN KHEL (6).-A section
of Palali, Ta.piai, ' Tappizad,
! Dawaris. Headman; Fatteh
. Mir.
SIN, SUIN or 8ruN (1,000).-
A clan of the Kakars. "
81.1 Kor..-A minor fraction
cd KhiwXhel, Mintar KhaI,
Muhammad. . KheI, Hassan
Xbel . (400), Mohmit Khe!,
Utmauzai, Darweah Khel
Wazil'8o Headman; K-hu-
Bnn' KR:BL.-A section of
Khuniya Kbel (200), Bbadi
KbpI, . Nasra Din, KaIu
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh
Khal Wazirs.
Bun KHBL (8).-A ntiIior hac ..
tion of Khuttay, Taib Khel,
Amzoni, Mallizad, Dawaris.
Headman; Nazar Khan.
BINI KRn (25).-A minor
fraction of La:r Lorai, Land,
Malakh, MaIIiZad; Dawa.ris.
Headmen; Akub, Balyam,
Said Muhammad. '
SIl" KRUR.-A mirlor fraotion
of the KhoidadzM, Shadzai,
, AlizeJ, Kakars.
SINK! KHBL.-:-A, :minorfrac-
tion of Shadi KheI, Balal
Khel, Hassan :KheI(400),
Kh!l, Utmanzai,
Darwesh nel Wazirs
Headman; Badde Fakir.
SlUR (1,200 ; .Bara valley
aud Kajllrai).-One of the
six Khyber Afridi clans.
Samil. Headmen; Shar
Muhammad, Shah . Murad,
BUlim&n. Shah.
SlUR (4.00; MaStura valley, SXRALI K1I'BL.-A minor hie-
and Landuki paas.)-A tion of Bai 1O.el, Firozai,
division of the Mnham-. Cbagarzai, Malizai, Buner-
mad Khel, Ora.kzais. wals.
" .Swah.
SIPAR, (610).-A section of
the Ali Karan, Mamnzai,
Lashkarzai, Orakzaia. Gar.
Bee Amd Khel.
Peehin).-A. small
clan. Headman; Sultan
SIUI K:ilBL (800 [400 in,
Wana], &nnn, Wana and
Birmal).-A. subdivision of
Shin Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar-
wash Khel Wazire. Hl.'ad-
men; Lajmir Khan. Band
Khan, Madazan, . Zargar
Khan. These Malike are res-
ponsible for the Gomal.
SIBILI K1IIL (15).-A minor
fraCtion of Gtta Khel, Mu-
hammad Khel. Malakh, Mal-
Ihl&d. Dawaris. Headman ;
SUKI K1IBL (20),-A minor
fraotion of Taos 'Khel, Bogi
Khel, Muhammad Khal,
Malakh, Mallizad, Dawaris.
Headmen; l'irat Shah,
Zurnl .
BH:EL KHBL.-A mbior' b-
. tion of Bai Kbel, Firozai,
Cbagarzai, Malizai, Buner.
BOB KHBL.-A minor fraction
of Jambai Khel, Warnka Ali
Khan Khal, Barki Xhel,
Madda Khel (1,600), Ibra-
him Khe1, Utmanzai, Dar-
wash Khel Wazire.
BOGI KHIL (lcl.O).-A. section
of Muhammad Khel,
Ma!akh,. Mallizad. Dawaris.
Hl.'adn1l'u; Khan Muham-
mad Khau. Makh.
BOBA KHBL (71J).-A minor
fraction of the Gaga Khel.
Sher . Khal, Haibat Khel.
Nana Khel. Bahlolz&i, lIah-
and,. Headman ; Shabid
Khan. .
SPAIGI (SO).-A min()rfrac.
tion of Abdul Rahman Khel,
Muhammad 1'hel,'
Mallizad, Daw&ria.
men; Hakim KhaIi, Wazir
Amm. .
SplUrIa; see 8UIGI, for which
. it is another name. .
'81'1. KlIu(15).-A section of
Kha1, Tapiai, Tappizad,
Dawaris. .Headman; Zari-
8aOll (120).-A section of
Busha Khel, Kamali, Hatim-
mi, Mohmands.
A name sometimes applied
to the Khazzar Khel and
Nazar Khel. minor fractions
of the Ali Khan Khel, Sarki
Khel, Madda Khel (1,600),
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
Headmen; Sadda. Khan,
Alambe and Shadam Khan.
8\'UJlJ KlIIIL' (400, Mutnra
river).-A sub-division of
Alizai, or Sturi Khel,
Da.ulatzai, Orakzais. Samil.
SUDAN KlIBL (S50; Bannu
to Sbakai,. and Birmal)-
A iklction of Isperka. Kalu,
. Xhel; Ahmadzai, . Darweah
KheJ Wazirs. Headmen;
Jalandar Shah and Mani
Sl1U1UN KlIBL (Khanki
.' sub-division of
the Sada Khel (80), Ismail-
mi, Orakzais. Samil.
Kambar Khel (4,5(0),
dis. Gar. Headmen; Mulla
W alIi,
St1LlnulfI.-Sometimes said
to be a section of Khaddar
Khet (770), bnt in reality a
section of Wnzi Khel,
mit Khel, having land among
the Khaddar Khels. Head-
men; Sahib Din and Gul
SULEHANI.-A section of Wuzi
Khel (8M), Mohmit Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
fraction of Ismail Khel. Bod
Khal, Madda Khel (1600),
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
SULIMAN KlIBL.-A sub-divi-
sion of Bahramka-Khel.
Bar Ranizai, Akozai-Yu-
sufzai Swatis.
Section of Targhari, Sanzar,
BULlMAN KHlILII (9,220 ;
betwoon and
Jalalabad).-The most nu-
merous and powerful of the
Pawindah trading tribes.
&7LBIMAN KlI:KL.-A section -A section of Arozai,A.hmad
of SheikhlIlal. Kambar Khel. Khel. Sen Khel, Sheranis.
SULI)[ANZAl.-A division of
Salar, Gaduns.
SULTAN-1LA-KHEL (700; east
and BOuth of the Bwat-Panj-
kora junetion}.-A division
. of Bar Ranizai. Akozai-
. Yusafzai Sntis.
fraetion of K'harmaBj Khel,
Khwaja Khel, Miamai, Ka-
bul Khel (a,600). Wali Khel,
. Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
Wazirs. Headman; Surkam.
SULTAN KlIEL.-A seetion of
Abdul Khel, Urmuz Khel,
Sipah (1,200). Afridis. Sa-
JDl'l Headman ~ Sher Jan.
SnUB KHJ:L.-A section of
Suran Khel, Baoakri, Bipah
(1,200), Afridis. . saIDil.
Headmen; Nia. Karim,
Iran, GuI Muhammacl-.
SULTAN KHBl..-A minor frat
tion llf Hassan Khel, Pakhai
(1,000), Budai, Zakba Khal ..
A fridill. Samil. e a d m ~ ..
Mehrban, Mad Afzal, Moh-
abbat Sardar, Nurai ..
. paas).-A Beotion of the
Sipah (4U0), MubMDmad
Khel, Ot-akzais. Gar. Shiah.
SuL'l'AN RHlIL (Mahaban).-
A section of Hassan Khel ..
Mada KheI, IB8zai, Yusnf-
Mis. Headman i Tom Khan ..
Hamza Khan.
SUL'UN KHlIL.-A seonon of
Hamza KhaT, Gandab,Ha-
limzai, Mohmand8.
SULUN KHBL.-A sE'Ction of
Hamza KheI.Kamali, HaIim
zai, Mohmapds. HeadDUpl;
Ajmir Khau. .
SULTAN KHElo.-A lIub-divi- . .
skin of ~ ~ Gulla, Aka SULTAN KHEL.- A minor frat
Khel (I,SOO), Afridis. Sa-. tion of Aka Khel, Ismailzai,
mil. Daulatzai, Malizai, Buner-
SULUN KHM..-A section of
Annai (1,ooo}, Budai, Zakha
Khal Afridis. Samil. Bead-
man; Ballgai.
SUL'fAN KHBL.-A minor-fmc.
tion of Ghulam Khel (800),
Haibat KheI, Jawaki, Adam
XheI, A:frid1a.
SuLUB KHBL (2,400; Panj
kora, Dir).-A sub-division
of Sesada .. Malisai, YlUIuf ..
SULTAN MuxunUD.-A 100-
tion of M1lSa1'a Khel. Aaha.-
mi, IliaMai, Bunenrala ..
SULUIUl (240).-A sub-divi-
sion of Shabi Khel, Alizai,
SULTANZAI (l40).-A sub-
division of Yakubzai, Manu-
mi, Sherams ..
SUL'l'ANZA.I (90).-A section
of Natozai, Dwnar, Sauzar,
SUMLA KEEL (120; Black
Mount&in).-A clivisiou of
Deshiwal, Swatis. Head-
men ; Idhar Ali, Samano
Suiu.B KOB . ....:..A minor frac-
tion of Fatima Kor, Sharagh
Khel, Kaddam Khel. Feroz
Khel, Mashi Khel, Mannia
"Khel, Hassan Khel, Mitha.
Khan Khel, Knki Ine]
(4.500), Afridis. Gar.
SUBAN KEBL.-A sub-division
.pf Babakri, Sipah ( 1,200),
Afridis. Samil. Headmen;
Niaz, Karim, Irall, Gul Mu
SUBA.'f KOB.-A seotion of
Ziauddin (200), Budai,
Zakha Khel, Afridis. Sami!.
Headmen; Mir U.eman,
Nurzai, Gulistan, Pahl-
wan, Yar Shah, "Dauran,
dis. Samil. Headmen; see
Bakhmali K4eI.
riet).-A minor fra.ction of
Dodi Khel, Khandar Khan
Khel, Hathi Khel (2,000),
Shin Khel, Abmadzai, I,)ar-
weah Khel Wazirs.
SURl (80).-A section "of Sa-
rangzai, Harun Khel,
Sanatia, Kakars. Headmen;
Saleh MUhammad, A n ~ a r
SURI PAo.-A suo-division of
Kalnt Khel, Samilzai, Tar-
SUBK"1U KHBL.-A section of
Ghaibi Khel. Babam, Sipah
(1,200), Afridis., SamiJ.
Headxnen; Akbar. ManIa-
SURKHA KOB.-A sub-dlviaion
of ' Kuz . or 'Khra.ppawal,'
Burhan Khel, Pmdiali, Mob-
mands. Headmen; Salo,
Nasim Gul,:Baz Mir, :r...rJan.
SURXH KHBL (15;" Dera Is-
maiJ Khan District).-Nom-
&die, 6 minor fraction of
Sha.di Khel. Iaot Khel, Mian
Khe1, Lobana, Pawindahs.
SWABAI.-A division of Man.
dai, Utman Khels;
SUBBA'f KHEL.-A section of
Kulla Khel. Malikdin Khel, Sw ATI8.-The original inbabit
Malikdin Khel (4000), Afri-. ants of Swat, sometime.
. oalled Dehgans, and accord
ing to some authorities, of
Indian origin. . Driven out
ot'Swat and !luner by the
Akozai-YU8ufzais in tiit1 end
Qf the fifteenth century, they
etOigrated eastwards. 1UI.Mr
the leaderShip of Baiad.
llaba . a BOn of famous
:P"u Baba of J3UQer. CrosaJng
Indus.. they Battled in
Tikri. Allai, Deehi, N andibar
Agror, Balakot, and 'Garbi
Habibulla. north' of Hazara,
alld their desoendants are
. there to this !lay.
4.0.-400 ,
SWl'fIS. valley
from ;PanjkOra: junction to
applied to the Yu
sufzai tribe.' .
: I
l '
TJ.BBI KBBJ..:.....A minoi"frac.
tion of HincU Khel. Tor. oTani
Khel (1,000). WaIi Khel,
Utmanzai. :panresh lthel
Wazirs. Headman; lIalltun.
TJ.GlIAL KlIBL (20).-A minor
fraction of the Bahimt1&d
Khel, Abdul Rahman Khel.
Sher Khel, Haibat' Khel.
NIna Khel, :Bahlolzai, Mah
ends. lIeadmen; Janbil,
TJ.GlII KAl (50).-A section of
:Malik Dinai, Maoazai, Alizai,
Mabsuds. Headman; Sahib-
TJ.BIB SRAR (6) . ....;.A seCtion
of Barim Khel. Arozoni,
Mallizad. Dawaris. Head
man; Tahir Shah.
TAIB KlI:KL (SOO).-A lub
division of Amzoni, Malli
md. Dawaris. Headmen ;
.Wazirgai, Bathi Khel. Wa-
Dak, Said Akbar. MokJulem.
TAl KRBL.-A section of
Bazid Khel, Jawald (1.200),
Adam Khel, Afridis. .
TAIKUll KlI:u..-A minor frac
tion of Gadia Khel. Tatar
or Akhorwal (300), Hassan
KheI, Adam Khal. Afridia.
TAlAL KlIlIL (llO},-A leO
tion of .A.sta.nai, ShaM Khel.
Alizai, Mabsuds. He&dmeD;
Shahzar. and Shahnir .
TA.1BI KHBL (150).-A seo-
tion of the Tarn Khel, Boba,
Dana, Be.ttannia.
-These numbers do not include Gujars, Kiana, and other
TAUJts.--The name 1I8ed
throughout Afghanistan to
denote any Pen ian speaking
people who are neither
8aiads, Afghans nor Bazaras.
TAlu KHBL (50; Dem Ismail
a minor fraction or the Musa-
zai, Sein Khel, Miau Khel,
Lohana, Pawindahs. Head-
man; see Mian Khel.
T,u:H . .u KOB.-A minor frac
tion of Muradi Khel, Dalkha
Kor, Dadu Khel Tarakzai,
Mohmands. Headman;
fraction of Nazar Khel, Star
Ali Khan Khel, Sarki Khel,
Ldda Khel (1,600), Ibra-
him Khel, Utmanlai, .Dar
weeh Khel Wazirs.
TAJi:H'f1 KHBL (Bannu and
Shawal).-A section of Bak-
Ita Khel (1,000), WaH Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh' Khel
Wazirs. Headmen; see Us-
man Khel and Khan Khel.
T.uH!I KHBL (British terri-
tory).-A minor fraction of
Budin Khel (10(,), Shadi
Khel, Nasra Din, Kalu
Khel, Ahmadzai, Darwesh
Khel Wazirs.
TUH'lI KHB:L.-A sub"llivi-
lion of U mar Khal, Tatta
TUOB (Laman}.-A division
of Ismailzai, tJtman Khels.
TALlGR KHBL.-A minorfrac.
tion of Kaddam Khel, Feroz
KheI, Maahi K:.el, Mannia
KheI, Hassan Khel, Mitha
Khan KheI, Kuki nel
(40,500), Afridis. Gat. Head- .
men j Mulla Wali, Khaza
TALIIi KHBL.-A section of
Zargun Khel (800), Galai,
Adam Khel, Ahidia. .
TAL KHAliZ.&.I (60).-A (Ham-
saya) section of Shabozai,
Dumar, Sanzaf,' Kakam.
Headman; Salim.
T.&lllU (Herat).-A division
of Sanzar, Kakars.
TAliI KHlIL.-A minor frac-
tion of Ghani K4el, Mir Ra-
sani, Macha, Madda Khel,
(1,600). Ibrahim Khel,
Utmanzai, Darwesh Khel
TANIS (8,000; Southern bor-
der of Khost).-A tribe liv-
ing between the Zadrans on
the west, and the Gurbaz on
east. Headmen; Khan Bad-
shah. Chief village Dragi.
About 100 families (Head-
man j Kaim) are settled
TAKGJ.Id.-A minor fraction. T4B.U (30).-.1 II8CtioD of
of Husan Shamerai. Manvai, AHtai,
]{bel (4t)J). Mohmit Headman.; Pim
Utmauai, Datwesh Khel Khel.
Wazira. Headmen; Gulbat
Shah. -
. I
T.&.aG ... minor hac-
, tion of Khel, Nazar
Khel, Star Ali Khan Khel,
Sarki Khel, Madda. Khel
(1,6001. ' Ibrahim Khel.
DrJWeah'" Khel
TABQJUBI (S,210}.-A' Ham-
'8oya division of tae Sanzar,
TUltI K"lIBJ. (SO).-.1 section
of Matti Khel, I Galeshahi,
Shaman Khel, Mahsuds.
,Headmen; Parang,' Kh'ana,
Nimm Din. " " "
Tolin KEBL.-A sub-division
of Shakhi Khel, Waraspun.
Battannis. Headmen; Jan-
dar (Chalak), Ahmad Khan
(Fatteh Khan).
T .. 1U KRBL.-A minor fraction
of Tol Khel, Abdul Khel,
Bora Khel (1,000). Utman
rai, Darwesh Khel. W azirs.
TABINS.-A tribe inhabiting
Peshin and Thal Chotiali.
pre divided into Spin
and T1)r. The latter clan
Dearl,. all balon" to Pcshin.
Tuu KDL (SO).-A minor
fraction of Charkhil, Land.
Malakh, DawarD.
Headman; Badani,
The name of the tribe in-
habiting the 'whole of
Ba.jaur. Headmen; ,Khans of
,Nawagai, "Jhar, Khar.
Pashat, Barwa. ,
T.u 'KXBL (Tartam).-A.
,division of Mullagorls,
a clan of the Hoh-
TAB KRBL.""""-A section of
Kanizai. Kattagarm. Tatta,
T.ABXUL KRBL.-A eection
of Mughul Khel, Banni
Khel, Kamrai Khel (600).
Afridis. Samil. Headmen;
Anar, :&badur Shah, Sifat
Shah, Sheradin, Zardad, Mir
TARXI KlIEL (20) . .-...1 section
, of Bibizai, Shati Khel. Ali-
zai, Mahsuds. Headman ;
TAUS KHllL' (85 ; Dera Ismail
Khan District).-Nomaaic,
a minor fra.etion of W1U'Uki,
Sein Khel, Millon Khel,
Loh&na, Head-
man j see Mian Khel.
TAUZ KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Be.khshi Khel,
Madda Khel (l,600)., Ibra
him Kh.el, Utm.anzai, Dar
wesh Khel Wazjrs. Head-
Tuurrw,Us (400; Tikri val-
I-ey, BOrth of' Agror).-)[aI-
kals and Ashton are the-
principal sections in this..
Talley, which also. oontains.
Swatis, Saiads, and .Gujare.
Tn..&. KHBI.- A minor fraction
of ,. ir Hasani,. Macha,. Madda
Khel (1,600), Ibrahim Khel"
DaJWeah Khel
men ;. Gulli of Stai:a. &lld TalAR KHU (Si}.;....A
Alam Shah. I of Gurov.:aai, Darpa Khel,
I Mallizad, Dawaris. Head-
T.A.Wll KH:n {Bannu,. Wana men; Kamrai, Khan. Pir,
and Birmal).-A section of Palali, Gul Nam.
8.irld Khel (800. f 400 in
Wana]I, Shin Ahmad-
za.i, parwesh Khel Wazirs.
Headmen. see SiTki RIlel.
TAZI KHEL (25; Mastnra
. river).-A sub. diVision of
4lizai (or Sturi Khel), Dan-
latzai,Orakzais. Shiah.
Heaamen; Ghulam Muham
mad. Muhammad Khan.
TBMURZAI (200).-A section
of Sarau.gzai. Hartm Khel,
. Sanatia, Kahrs. Headmen;
. Daoran and l1ulla
.TlIRI KHU (140).-A suh
division of Tapiai, Tappizad,
Dawaria. Headmen; J umaz
... Said Shah.
TIU KHBL.-A minor fmction
of Mushakki, Macha,. Madda.
Khel (I,BOO}, Ibnhim !{hel,
U tmanzai, Darweah Khel.
TIBA KHEL.-A section of'th&
Ali Bobak, Dana,.
TiB KHE'L(60).-A minor frac
tion of the Ali Khel, Haidar
Khel, Tor; Tapl'izad, Dawans.
Headmen; Alif Khan. Amal
Khan, Abu Samand, Mubati_
TXTAR KlIEL.-A minor
tion of Khan KheI, Tuha
KheI, BaJtka Khel (1,000).
Wa1i Khel. Utmanzai, Dar-
wes.b. Kllel Wazira. Head
. Kban BooshRh, KhS..
Khan, Mian' Khel,
KHBL (30)'.-A section
l'an Khel, Chlihar Khel,
lID Khel" Mahsuds ..
nan; Hila Wazir.
{HEL (60).-A sub-
)n of Band Khel,
lzai, Mabsuds. Head-
Sadda Dih; Rahman.
[HEL (30)'.-A minor
)n of . Kiki' Khel,
mmad Khel,
:ad. Dawar1B. Head-
Nill.zamand, . Aniid,
Faiz, GuHa'Khim.- '
KHEL:-A: mihorfrae-
f Dani KhaT, Matkai"
8hahi Wali Khel,
nzai, Darwesh . Khel
Heaa'man; Umar'
[BL.-A minor fraction
:hagai, Tor, Jani:'Khe]
'), Wali Khel, Utman-
.arwesh Khel Wazirs.
nan; Mirboshs '
UEL (55).-A minor
m of the Sher Khel,
t Khel, N ana Khel,
lzai, Mahsuds. Head-
Mir Aj;l.b. Bare
Malang Khan.
Ton Ka:xIi.-a minodractiou:
of Pira,J(hel,. Jamal Khel,.
'Malik ShaM (400), WaIf
Khel,. UtmaDzai,. Darwesh,
Khel Wazirs. H-ea.dman ;:
Gulla Khan.
TOJJYA KHBL. (1,600,-of'
whom. l, ana).-A.
minodra.ction of Bom i Khel, ,
N 808m Din, Kalu Knel; Ah.
madzair . Darwesh. Khel
TOKHIS (1,500; Ghazni' and
. Kalat-i-Ghilzai).-One of
the Pawind8.h trading tribes.
TOLAB KH:n (30). -A minor'
fraction of . the Kotar Khel"
Abdul Khel, Langar Khel",
Khoidad.. Khel, Gidi KhcI-,.
Aliai. i Mahsuds ..
. Headman Sad,amir .
TOLA. KREL.-A mmOl: frae-
tion' of Mir Khan Khel Asat
Khel, W uzi Khel (800) ..
Mohmit Khal, Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khel W &Zits.
T'OLAZAI (W cst of Dera Ghazi
Khan District).-A sub-
division of Maghduzai.
AhmaJzai, Ba.lil Khel, Musa.
Khols. Headman; Jamal
TOLl KHBL.-A minodraction
of Musakki, Wuzi Khel
(800), Mohmit Kbel, UtlIl&lr
zai. Darwt'sh Khal W

(fOL KnBL.-A minor
, of Abdul Khel; Bora Khel
(1,000), Mohmit Khel, Ut
manzlli, Darwesh ,K h e 1

:TOR (1,328).-A division of
, Mallizad, DaWMia. Head
men; see Ha.ssu Kht>I,'Mnl-
lagan, Urmu,z, 'and
['OR (987).-A divisiott ,of the
KnEL minor
, 'fraction of the Lalli Khel,
AbdulIai, Aimal Khel, B.h
lolzai, Mahsnda.
[' KnBJ. minor
of the Torang Khel,
Ladi Khel, Abd nUai. Aimal
Khel, ,Bab,lolzai,
Head'man j , Mil'
hammad ..
l' ,I
TORDAIiI (18).-A subdivi-
, sion of 'Khaddi, Mallizad,
Dawaris.HeadllUlD; PiJa,.
:war Khan, Aghar. '
trict).-A minor fraction of
Dodi Khcl, Khandar Khan
Hathi Khel (2,000),
S1m Khel, Ahmadzai, Dar
Khal Wazirs. Heim
P,lAD ; N emm Khan.
,KB: BL conti.
nnous belt of oountry outside;
but parallel to onr frontier
from the Shaktu to the lr nr.
ram dV9T ,:4nd t.he Kaitu
stream).-A of
I\>rahim. Khel, ,Utmanzai,
Darwesh Khe} W.azirB. Head
men; Ilias and Madel
, . (Muhammad) Akbar are t\Ie
men; for' others see
Shuga!, 'In,usbalal. HaibtAJIai
: and Dre Pillari. '. ' r:-;-
'. ,
TORI KnBL minor
, of the' Sbiili .A1&in
Khel, ,Khel". Chahar
KheI, Shalnati Mah.
suds. Shahzad,

T!lKI KHIL C\2).-:-A. miJaor
fraction o!' Ida! ''JChel,
M ',::JP;iel, ,1d'I'lakh.
TORI KnEL (Bannn
-A. minor of ;&I-
Khel, ,Hathl Khel. (2,OQo),

J(hel Wa;irs. Ii.
man,.Shah "
,TORI KHJlL (70).-A
, Teri or' TOl'i Khel, Tap ..
JI __
men ; J Um&2:lUl, .Ha.rIat
Shah, Magh.r ,RaID
Sheikh Pir, Mult.n. '
. \. .. :.

-!CQB (or BAlID) . KHBL.-A
, for Teri Tappi- mill-or fraotion, of ,Khazzar
,Khel,iStar ,Ali Khan 'Khel,
,Sllrki Khel. Madda Khel
; (l,f}OO), Khel, U t
manzai, Darwcish Khel Wa-
:TORI JDinor.
. fractIon of, lAnd,
;Malakh, MalHzad,
Headmen; Kabir" S h a. h,
Umar, ;Nizt\m Khan.
TOB KHBL.-A of the I
Mh' KulH ,(SQP),

TOB' KH'8J..-A section of
Sipah (1',200), Afrii!is. &mil.
. paud. "
TOB KHBL.-A section of
. J\aad . Khel, Mitha Khan
Dill, . Kllki Khal (4,600),
Afridis. Gar. Headmen ;
Islam Din. .
TOll KHBL.-A minor fraction
of Aziz Khel, Shad! Khel,
Bora ,Khel (1000), ,Mohmit
lOlel, Utmanzai, Darwesh
Kbel Wazi1'8.
KHBL.-A spotien of
oTani Khel (1,000), Wali
K1ae1, Utmaniai, Darwesh
][hel Wazirs. Headmen;
llalknn, Pir Makhm.i.d,
Amaldad, Mirb08h, .Shada
BUr, Kaimal and'unlbaz.
TOB minor fraction
of Musakki,' 'Wnzi .Khel
(800), Mohmit KheV Ute
ma,nz!,i, :parwe,h Khel

TOB KUL.-A minor fraction
of Said U marzai
(600), Shiri KhN.. Ahmadzai,
Darwesh KhelWazirs. .
TOB KHBL.-A. Bubdivision of
Sheikh Ali Khel, K a m r a i
Khel (600), AfridiB. Samil.
Headmen; ltlulla Amlr Shah,
MulIa' Akhunzada, Sher
TQB KREL (Bannn and Knr-
ram).-A sE'f'tion of lJlIlarzai
(flOO) , Shin Khel. Ahmadzlli,
Darwesh Khel Wazll'!;,
HE'admen; Jamal Din, J\dal
Khan, Alam Khan, Seman,
Niazi. Fazal, Zaid Gul,
TOR KREL (9).-A srction
of Alizai, Darpa Khel, Malli-
7,ad, DaWal fl. H'adman i
TORUli[ KREL.-A minor frac-
tion of Naiar Khel, Star
Ali Khan Khel, SII.l,ki Khel,
Madda Khcl (1,600), Ibra-
him Khel, Utmanzai,. Dar- Khel W szirs.
rai, Za5at
Ahmad,. Dawezai. .
Tau KEBAI.-A subdjvision of
the Khoja- Hawas Khel
Ali Khol (3,000)," Ham:
sayas" of the Garv
1 Shisn.
TOR SAPPAB (350; 8 valley run-
ning from the Kohat road).
-A sub-division of Galai TUGHAL KHBL.-A diviSion.
Adam Khel, Afridis. ' of Cis-Swat, Sanrzai,
.. man Khels.
TOB Tnn8 Peshin:t).
-A clan of Tarins, di,ided TUUB KHBL. sec-
into Harun Khels and. Ali . tion of Musakki, Tor, Malli-
Khl'ls. The divisions, eto.,. za.d, Dawaris. Headmen'
of the Tor Tarins are not Knan. Hi'Dat Khan:
separately indexed ill this Wali Khan, and. TawaMri..
II In addition lOme families of
the Tol" Tarins live with the
Spin Tarinll of TbalChotiali.
TOTA KHEL (Mahaban).-A
section of Bazid Khel,
Madan. Khel, lsazai, Yusaf-
zflis. Headmen; see Bazid
Khal find Madda Khel.
To ... KHEL (l6t').-A section
of Ha.idar Khel. Tor, Tap
pizad, Dawaris. Headmen;
Gul Khan, Halim Khan,
Asad Khan.
TUBA KHRJi,.-.! of
Sadin, llal Khel, Salarzai
Tarkanis. .
TUBANGI (l4').-A section of
Alizai, Darpa Khel, M&lJ.i.
zad, Dawaris. Headmen ;:
Ghazal,GulAzam, Pir Azam.
TURANO! KHEL.-A minol'
fl!8ction of Pai'nda. Khel,
ManJlok Khel. Bakhshi KheI,
Madaa Khel (1,600). Ibn.
hiro Khel, Utmanzai,. Dar.
wesh Khef Wazirs.
TRANOANl.-A subdivision TURJ KHBb.-A-minor.fractiOD.
of the l[ekhiani, Spin, of Dod Khel, M ir- Hasani,
Tarins. Macha, Madda Kh(>l (l,6 '0).
Pr,ARJ..-A minor Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai.
JI Darwesli Khel Wazirs.
fT:l('!ion of Shati Khel. Wah
Bl'g Kot, Gundab. Halimzai, . Tt:RI KHEL.-A division of
H('admcn She I Mutakai, Utman Khel.
(R,lOO; Kllrram).-A: I TUBJLI KHBIJ.-A minor har--
.of divided into tion ;-()f. Ghuli Khel, Ambar
TactlOns, called rrspec- Khel,.Mat Khoo!Khel. Kam-
, Ting Ghundi, and' Sust 1w- Khlll (4.500), A fridi!!.
Idi. Gar. Jamaldin.
r (500; Shamn valley,
t).-A clan of Khost
also known as TarWizai.
KHF.L.-A suo-division
K uz" 01' Khrappawal,
,an Khel. Pand':ali,
nands. Headmen; Khan
Muhammad Umar,
:&1' Shah.
1 (Pipal).-This
I IS applIrd to "thOS;e
)DR of the Dawezai and Mohmands, who,
mtradistinction to tlte
or nomad tribrs,
fixrd habitations in the
mand country.
KOR.-A sub-division
K uz or Khrappawal,
Ian Khel,Pandiali, Moh-
:ls. Hradman; Lal.
KnEL.-A minor rAC'
of 111 ir Hllsani, M'&Cha,
cla Khcl (1,600), lbra-
KiwI, Utmanzai, Dar-
Khel WazirB.
-A 8&'tion of Musara
A.A.I KHEJ...-A minor frac
tlon of Mian Khel, Jann-
khori (1300), Ha8B8n Khel,
!-clam Khe1,
Khel. Ashazai) lliaszni,
UllIn BEG KnEL.-A sub-
division of Shanai (750),
Zakha Khel, Afridis. SamB.
H-eadmen;, Lan-
I gur, Khandin, Said Khan.
UMAR KHAN.-A section of
Ml1sara Khel,
lliaszai, Bunrrwals.
tioD of AH Karan, Mamnzai
(3,500), J"llKhkarmi, Orak
zais. Gar. HI'ooman; Anala
division of Aliliherzai(3,OOo).
Laahkarzai. OrakzaiB. Samil.
Headmas; Abbas Khan.
of Malikdill Kht'l,
Malikdin JP.lel (4,OOO).
Afridis. Samll.
Darya Khan, Dauran . Yar

UMAR KHAN'KRBt . ....:.A minot
fraction of Balli Khel, Shadi
BOra. Khel (1,000),
Mohmit Khel, Utmauzai,
Darwesh Khel Wazirs.
KHEL.-A rp.inor
fraction of Malik Shalli,
Jani Khel (I,OGO),. Wali
Khel, Utmanzai, Datwesh
Khcl Wazirs.
minor fraction of liiri Khel,
Land, . MaJakh, . Mallizad,
Dawaris: Headm,en; Khojai,
Idali, Khoja Akbar,
Pirjad, Zarband, Fakir
UMA:B KHAN KOR'.,-A section
of Baruzai, Danlatzai,
Malizai', BunerWals.
UMAR KHEL'.-A sub-division
of Itakazai, Mamund,
Tatkanis. .
UMAR KHEL, -A minor'frac-
tion of the Khel, Ut-
uiahzlI.i, Adinzai, Kbwazlizai,
A:liozai - Yusufzai Swatis.
UMAR XnEL <u'vi-
sian of T!lita,
Headmeh; Bangi fMamIi
Khel) Sher
(Salemi Khel).
UM'AR KHEL.-A section of
Taru Khel; MUm, Wal'as-
pun, Battannis.
UMU KHEL (Kharmana
river).-A section of the
.!.lizai .. MU/ll!<zai, Lashkarzai,
Orakzais: Saroil'. Headmm;
Said Ali.
UMAR KHEL.-A sub-division
of Abdul Khel, Kuki Khel
(4,500). Head-
man; 'Mullli Lajba1'.
U:M,4B' I i!OOtion of
Masti KIM, Kambal' Khel
(4;500),' Afridis. Gar. Head-
man; Muhammad Y'ar.
UMAR KlIEL.-,.' section .of
'A:rinai '4: (l,ooo),. Eqaai,
Zakha KJiel, Saniil.
Hpadmexi ; Shahaba Din, I
Bolak, Arab, &.ngaio
. UM:AR :plhior' frac-
tion of Thitt1a.t Gha.ib
KhaJl, Kh;el. lblikdin Khel,
Malikdin Khel (4.000).
Afridis. SaJDil. He8dmen;
see Dalilat Khal.
I U MAR .8t'Ution of
. Sharaki (2nO), Galai, AdAm
Khel, Afridis.
UMAR KHltL.-A minor fmc-
tion of Saada' Khel (S00)
Isperka, Khalu Khel,Ahmad,-
ZaI, Darwesh
tfiil!t.Kli:Et ..=j; ri1Wtor fM 'UlU.lJlZ'At . nKui;titai nattki
$ri'of ani Mirimmi, valleys).-R
Mlf'liamm.a.d . 'R;heI, division of tbe. SheikhGns
Hassan Khel(400),. Mo6hinit "Hamsaias" of tbeOl'skzais.
Khel. U . ' P&rwesh SaintI. ; N
. lU,'e{ . \
I(&hlI1. , .,' U (600; and .
. " . . of
IhtWtI ........ :.(1niM'fI frac. Shin: Khel. Ahmadmi, Dar'
tiori. of AILmliefr Kliad4ar weith Khel Wazirs. Headmen;
Khel (770), l\lohmit Khel, ., Fi:toin&I Khan, JaIIiWl,
'Utfuaniai, .' 'LllitW'esh KHeI "lam Seni&n,' Niazi,
W IIrzirs. .. HeaciJnetl f Balih F&ial, GuI, Ghallai.
Din, Nazarka, Za'rak. .' .
.;.. '..' ., . '. j 'UkiRiA! (5&)i",-A, .seetion of
U Ira It KHlI t: .. . - Zira Khel, ..(mz(}ni; MalIimd;
tion of Khel;, Panrie. Headmen; Amir,
Jleadmen; _ Khan, Jumazan,
AlIf Shah, lttiuIT1. GuIapir.
Ui(.uc "1' 'ndt
tradtton' of-. NjIWrab '. eI,
nOidad. Oiiff.K e1,
':A'ltt.aii ''ttds.
Headmen; :Badar Din; . :M:u
hammad AfroI, Salehin, Sari
BUld. .'.'
UXB..flf (taman.):--k Bfj(lt.ioti
of :&10, AsH. ISl'iIAilzai,
Utman Khels.
UHBARA' KUB:f..o-.;..& .S'Ub-mvi'
Ilion. of: Sn.1tanlmKhel, Bar
Rani2jaf. Akozai-Yusnfzai
11 .. ' .iBEI. .:(OOG): ..... ..t enb
dlvi.ion. of" NMlaI 'Xhel,. lb:I:A KO'R;--.A:seetiori
&bloizai, MaiJaull.... . . .. MIr Ahnrad Khelt ..
'. Orakzt.IS.
UJtA..1l KOB.-i : &mi}. .
of Khel. Kamali,. 'liMBANI olaa.' of
the Jafar tribe. r'
man . '.. : ..... . .
: _ ' I.: , ..... UK. KHBL (Agi'&,.
of Shagai, eto.).-. .&mt::C;tlI
", kko- of Shamozai,: . if
tai-Ynsufzai Swatis. Utman

(60).-A section of
.8ah, Yama Khel, Sen Khel,
'ID'HBZAI ,(213'; Pawindah8 ;
Dera Khan District).
Nomadic, a 'section of 8ein
Khel, 1dian Khel, ,Lohana,
'lrXRZAI (4,5).-A. divi8ion -of
Drigzai, Lunis. Headmen;
Gulan, (Hamalzal), Thibai
(Amranzai) , Laban (Dungar-
zai), Kahn (Isafzai), Miht&r
(Watarzai), ,Mohabat ,(Go-
lJllRZ,!I,(969).-A minorfrnc-
tion of Bulo'Zai, Panizai,
'HafUn' Khel, ,Sanatia, Kilo-
West()f Dera'Ghl1zi Khan).
-A clan of Musa Khels.
'Headmen '; see Shahol'.ai,
Pashczai. Jamalzai.
iUHRK'RRL (785; Khl1rmana
'rivell).-A minor fraction of
,the Mastu Khel. Khwaja'
Khel, Masuzai, LMbkarzai, Gar. Headman;
Yus11 (P).
'Ihu KHEL.-A minor fraction
-df Mir A8I\n Kbd, Babn Khel.
Adinzni, Khwazazai, Akozai
,-T usufzai Swatis.
ITx. 'secmOll d
'Ibrahim Khel,
.Bar Ranizai, Akozai-
Y uaufz&i. Swatia.
"U..:HB KeB.- A minor fraetioll.
'of the lIyatai Kor, Shah
''Mansur Khel, Dadu Khe1.
Mohmands. Head-
man; u..wezai.
UR:&ZAI.-A diviaion of Ali.
zai, Utman nels.
URlIAR KRRL (4l.-A !lee.
tion of Bah-
lolzai, MahlUik. Headman;
:Mian Ha_n. '
UR:IUR KRn (405).- A sub-
,division of Nana Khel, Bah-
lolzai. Mahsuds. Headmen;
,Jakhar ;' Khwajabaz. Shah
URMARS (900).-A tribe of
Saiads living among tbe
Mahsuds. 'They have a
gllage an4 customs of their
own, and are probably des-
cendants of the original in.
'bt.bitaate of theeonntry_
URM'UR.-A minor fraotion
of Balli Khel, Sbadi Khel,
Bora. Khel (1,000), MobmU
Khel, Utmanzai" Dar,veah
Khel Wazir,.' ,
tidn of, Kirwajs; l{hadin'
Khel, Asha$i', Iliaszai;
Bunerwalif. '
KHEL.-A' 1iiin6f 'fi-ac;..
mort of, Khwajaf' ihadin
KHat; Ashaiai, Iliaszai,
KflBi;,..i.:A aectloli" of
SUltan h'el, Sher Gulla;
Aka' :Jrhel (1,800). Afriliis'.
of tlt& Swat' and
Panjkbra riven.
UfJ(AN KHBJ. (2,oOJ; U'pper'
Zhob and BOn
division-' of (Son.them) san-
2tar. , , '
UTM::A.K' Kultt: 1;0 '600 ;
MaBfulra a.W ' Ub1tt.ti
divi_i Dau-
, latzai, Ora.kiais. Sanill.
UbUN :KnElt ,minot'
o of , ChIn-
o 14til, :Labd, Mal-
litad, Da:waris.
UTMAlfZAI.-A sub-dM.sion
of Adinzai, I(h wa Z a z ai,
Akozai-Yusafzai Sw'atis.
(800; kft
of SWat tiv(\r).-A
, of" B&r-Ranizai; Altomi-
, Yusufzai Swatis.
U ttrlanzli.i, Dal"1rif8hKliel
Headtniltl; Rain!
W A raiL KUBL;"':-'A miMY'friIo
WADIN KREL.-A , ;:t;ion,>f W1i.zi Kbel
tion Khel; Star :.: (800);: Ut-
Ali Khan Khel Sarki Kh'el !. 1IIIIoftZ&1. Da.i-wesh Khel W\r.-
WAD1!:R (KunsT
division of th, Salis. who are
a vassal clan of the Moh-
Madda Khel . (1,60(1). lbra- I ZlrB. .
him Khel, })gr- ,W'AL'( ,B.IiG ROll'
wesh Khel Wazlrs. i . sDb,ilivision of Gaud"b,
W A.RAB KOB.-A small,broken
8ub-division of Ga,ndab, Ha-
limzai, Mohmands, who are
clcsely allied to tne Rasul
W ALAI KOB.-A minor rae.
don of ABaf Khei;
Kor, Dadu Khel. TarakZa.i.
W A.L.4llHl
-A division of Rakanwal,
Lunis. Ali Umr
zai. Mir Khan.
W ALA KRBL.-Aminor frac
tion of Sardi Khel, :aakka
Khc1 (i.OOO)., waH Khel,
, .' Ha.limzai; MohmanWi. . '.
. .
fraCb9n .. of Hll&1: . el,
; . .
I Sir,ab {1,2(0), !*L-
. mIl. Headmen; Gut Salim.
! 'loI
IW ALtIUD' . KHEL (i48} . ...-JA
. ,mhtoi Mction of tlie Li.'di
: Khel:; Albd'ulla.i, Aimal Khel,
: 'Bahlolmi, Mabauds. : .. .'
pf Mutakai, Utman Khels
('. . . t '..
WA.:LTD .. ur:. KHn.-A:
:fr1aclion of Z'akha KNill. Ji.fia.
HaSsan 01.
Aaaam'Xliillj Afridia. '
WUIDAD KOL-A mmodr8e-
tion M lhmun Kor, Kandai,
I. KheI, Pandiali. :Mob
W ALIG.U (Bannu Di8triC't}.-A
rmnC1l' fI'aclion of )JUlIa Khel,
Hathi Khel (2,000), Shin
Khel, Ahmadzai, Danresh
Khel Wazirs. Headmu. ;
Adam Khan.
WALl KBEL (60; Khannana
I'iver}.-A minlJl' fraction of
the A"h Khel, Khwaja
Khel, Masuzai, Luhbrzai.
Orakzau.. Samil. Htadmn;
l"oeShilmaa with Wazir Kor
WALLI D.lD ASEL.-A section
of Kulla Khel, lIalikdin
Khel, If alikdin Khe:
(-,,oro), Mridis. SamiL
Headman; 8fe Bakhmali
WALLI KBEL.-A minor fmc
titn c,f Ali Khel, Sheikh mal
Khel, KamilaI' Khel. Kam
bar Kbel Afridi!' .
. GR. Headmen; )[iro, Ali
Khan, Gauhar, Feroz.
WALLI KBBL.-A seclion of
.Asad Khel, Mitba Khan
Khel, Kuki KlKoI (4,5O(J)
Afridi.. Gar. Headman;
and lIaMan Kor}.-A sec W ALLI BEG KBEL.-A minor
tion of Shah M anROI' Khel. I fraction of Fatteh Khel,
Dadu"Khel, Tarakzai, Moh Miri Khel, Pakhai (1,;'00),
Manda. Headmen; Ghulam I Budai, Zakha Khel, AIridis.
Kadlr, Adam, Nasro, Narai, Samil. Headmen; Akbar
Faz! Din. Din, Aliakai, Mohiuddin.
fraction of Ahmad Beg Khel,
Mohib Khcl, Annai
(l,OOO), Budai, Zakha Kbel,
Afridia. Bamil. Headmen;
Akbar Din, Aliakai, Mohi
di-vieioa of Mat Khan Khel, '
Kambar Khel (4,500), Afr;.
diL Oar. UI'adml'n; Sher
Khan, Hamid, and N uai.
WALLI KBEL (35).-A minor
fraction of Mirdad Khel,
Abdul Rahman Khel, Sher
Khel, HaibatKhel, Nans,
Khel, Bahlob;ai, Mah8Uds.
. Headman j Mianji.
W ALLI KHEL.- A minor rae.
tion of Mirghat Khel, Basi
KheI, Kamal Khel. Sahib
J Aka Khel (1,600),
Afridis. Samil. C
W ALLI Koxr. {6,{JOO}.- One
,)f t.h" a gr"at divillioM (Villi.,
M"hmit KI1I,), llJrahirn
KIwI, BlId Wu11l Kh"l) of the
r tmIUl7,l'\ ollm f/f Ow nar-
wt"h K 111,1 W B",i I'll. JI,'Q,ll
rrH'IJ i I"!! K "h1l1 Kh,'I,
)fll.likllhllhl, U"kka. Klwi.llt!
,I Bill KIwI
WAr"" KIII,,,-A III!lliifll1 of
I'ak 1",1 ( I,O(IO) HuillL1,
Zuklill Khl'), MridiH. ijllmil.
1l1'IWUll'll i KutnrlUl, Rudin.
W A 1911 On4lAt.-A lIu},.dlvi
lion flf KIwI, St I'ah
(J Afrilll", Hamil.
HI'Rdmfm i Hhl!r Muhammad
Khl.J1, (jul Hu.lim.
WANr KUIL (DBnnll m,Mlct.).
- A rni lIor l'actiuJI of
K unlH, Pirbn Kh,'J, lI.thi
KiwI (2,CO I), Shin Kh,I,
Ahmadzai, Varwclh nel
W,UfUOHI (307).-A WViRioD
of Spin, Tn.rina. 1I1'adman;
W A ItA (or Wua) (8,000 j
va'lt\y). -A !llvi-
"i4m of MamuDd, Tar-

W .HUIl I'UN (l,ng I) -A clan
I/f tlll' IlI\t.Lftllllil!. II"admen i
l:iaidal Ahm,ul Hhah.
W.4ll D&JlBl KHBL.-A fINY
tiou of I>Urbi Khel, Kambar
Khd, Kambar Khel (4.,600).
Afridi". Gar. Headmen;
Muhammad Sher,. Khwa.ja
Ali, Yaro, Nurai.
W UGNKB (lOO).-A divisioD
(If t.he Dana" Battannis.
Uula Khan (Ma-
ruf Khel).
W.AK GUABKA.- A miDor frar-
tion of Karra Khel,. Ghaibi
Khd. Babakri .. I:Hpah (1,200),
Afl'idiM. Samil. Headmen;
Lalgul, Purdil, Shah Kalim.
division of Ahmad Khel,
Oba Khel, Sherani .
WA.RBU KUBL.-A. sectioD of
Ali K.hcl, Bobak,. Dana, Bat-
taDnis. . ii
WUIU (12).-A minorfl'ac-
tion of Ahmad Khl"l, Zira
Mallizad, Va-
walis. Headman i Shandai.
WAR:S:.Ll1 KHEL.-A section
of Aib Khel. Salarzai, Ilias-
zai, Buncrwa18.
WAR KHEL.-A minor fraction
of 1>rlplavll, Paindai, (1J4,u).,
NOMruddin, Zakba Khl"l,
Afridis. Headmen;
ChikknD. Anwar,
Nazr Din.
'" AROlAl (11P; Black Moun-
tainl.-A division f D-
s\Ii:wa1, ,Swatis. ;
"Hazni.t Shah.
. . I
division ' of U sman Khel,

)'nauizai ,Sw.atis. . . ,
W ABOOKAI.-A minorfl'Blotion
W ATA.;B (26).-A minor frae
. tio
of Bar ' Kaum, Hassu
, Khel; . TQl. ,Malli'zad, Da-
'waris. 'lleadmeii; Bald,
,J;ladrang .. ,. , . .
W AT! KliEL (60).-A minor
:frAction of MiriKhel, Land,
Malakh, Malliiad.Dawaris.
Headmen; 'Mrihammad
Akb/.U', KaimKhan, Alam
-Shah, Shah.'
of Jdia Khel, Jani Khcl
'Khel, WATIBAI Jllinor hac-
z&), r>arwesh ,KheJ W,azu's, 't' ... . fA ' h . Z" Kh 1
Head Z
d b ikh Ion 0 g zan, Ira. e ,
. . .. IIlJln; . an .6 Ar:o.zppi, .
]lQ. . .,Headmen; ,$,ha,p " .lIur,ad,
Aziz'lrhan. . ..
W..,aUKA. Ai-I KlI;4;NKllEL:- . , ,
.A. 'name. I WATIZAI
.to the NIaJ;Xlat 'Khe1? K,liwI.LJIIo of MamU'zaI or Munam-
Ahmad Khel .Janibal IJ;1adzai, Zaimukhts.
Khel mino.r of ,the , .. ' " '
.Mian Ali !PIan . . Kb.el W AZAB KREL . ....,.A minor frae-
fraction . of ' Sarki lqt 1, tiOn of Mir Khan,Khel, Asa.t
Khel (1,600),. lorn Idel, Wnzi 'lrhel (800),
hIm Khel, Utm':U17,o,l,_ Da.r- 'Mohmit
wt'sh Khet WaZlrB. Head- Darwesh Khel Waziris.
men; Maddi and
W Allll'i:I (125; Dera
Khan District.)-Nom.adic.
a section of .Shin Khel. M;ia.n
Khel,, Pawinaa'hs.
W.lSUL KHEL.-A Rection of
PaincW (940), Nasrnddin.
Zakha Khel, Afridis. SamiL
JIeadman; see
W AZA.B KHEL (95). -A minor
fraction of Klki Khel, Mnh-
ammad Khel, Malakh, Mal.
Tu'Ob, _Kuttl .
W AZI KHEL (90).-A minor
fraction of Shammal, Ha.asu
}{heI, Tor, Mallizad"l)awaria.
:Headmen;' Madd,,' Khel,
anI :al!oS88on, Mir Kawn,

'f{ AZIR KHEL (9).-A minor
fraction of Ali Khl'l, Barim
Khel, Amzoni, MaJ1izad,
Dawaris. Hl'admen; Balh
" tamir, l'iya Khan.
:w ,minor
fi'action 9f J{hfDlar Kli,el,
Ma_.;! 1; i,
I Mahsuds. , ' :
WAZJRS l.s,e
tribeof'Plltbans, wlio,inhablt
the hm country to th west
of the Trans-Ihdus Ft'ontier
from the Kurram riveT nell!'
'1hall, :to the pasS.
They are divided into' 5
-JDain . branehes-'The . bar-
:wi!sb KIlel; -"i . , ,Utmllrlzai
12,600 and AhmadzM
ll,9BOi the Mahsuds lO.O(8';
the' !Gnrbaz; the :Laili;
Headmen; see the .a.bove
olau.s. . . , '
WAZIR KOB (300).-A.aeW.oD
of Shah Mansur Khel, Dndu
, -Khel; p
. Hajj, SQ!1b-
&iad: u-
WILAYAf _ ao-
tion of Sangar Khel, Y usaf
Khel, Jsa Khe
, Pandiall,
WOCHAK (40).-A
minor fraction of Mitha
Khel, Badiwai,.Kliadi KheI,
.Shamlln . Khel. MahaUds.
BeadIPen; Jamal,.ih&bDfr.
. .. . ... .,... ..
)V QRUJE (350).-,..A div;
of ,the -Dana :Battannis.
; Khan
, ; enr': ' an 'lSfn-
Adll S _ and Ali
Oul (aissizai.), .
(40) ... -;-:-A
of tl"e ;:ftP,h-
loIzai, Mahsuds:
Mtlhamad Ashraf, . Khan
WUJJI KHE;L (ijl)) . -:-:-A , JIIlC-
tion of the Haidrai, 'Chahar

Wuzi KHEL (800; Khai80ra
\o;-A .. tub-diviaion
.,qI . .M:@mit Khel, Utmauai,
..Khel Wams.
; Bozi, Wazir
' .Khan, ..
GuI, Aalonl"Jama :GuL
.( ",I
I I ",
U' . ,
, 'II.
TAGHf Kol . ...;..kmfuo.r . frac-
tion of Sl'Oh, BUBha Khel,
KamaU.: Halimt&ai,,' Lh-
mandB. Headman;
YA<11 KlIEL i ilee TOB'SAPPAB.
YABIA KURL. or Hgz..u,
Ahmad Khel.. Oba
YAB:U KUIL (167).-A dh.r-
sion '. the ChuaI'.
.' '
YAUIA KURt, or lIB:Ilu
(690).-A division of Se,u
Khel, SheraniS:. " .
Y A KBBL.-A of B8.bu
Khel, Adinzai, Khwazazai,
Akozai-YU8ufzai SW30tiB.
An offshoot of the Sargarrai
Kor, Khadi Khel, Khwaezai,
Mobmands. Headmen;
Jamal, Nadir Shah, Mian
Jumma Khan.
YAKUB KUBL.-A section of
Ghaibi Khcl, Bahra.m-b-
Khel, Rv Ranizai, Akozai- ,
Y usuuai Swatis. J
'A){UB KOB.-A. minor frao..-
r'- tion Khel, Shati'
, Khel" Wsifibeg Kor,. Gandab,
Halinizai, Mobmanas. Head-
man; Ahmad. ;.
YAKUBZ.H' (256).-A. sub-
division of Manazai, Oba
.1{hel, . ,
, .,
YA.;B ALI KHBL.-A. diviSion.
, of Katn.rJM or Kama.r Khel.
. (600), Afllldi8. Sarnil.Head-
man j Azam Din. ::.: !':'"
' ..
YABAN KU:8L.-A sooticn of
Sheikhmal, KamDar Khel,.
Kambar K.hel Afri-
dis. Gar. Headmen j lIullMn-
mad, Sher, Khwaja Ali, Yaro"
Y.A:RDili KOB.-A. section of
Ka.dai Kor; Ga.nem-b. Hallm
mi, Mohmands.
Shah Jehan, Nawab. Mnsa
Kha.n, Gnlai. Yad Muham,.
mad, Niamat-.
Y,ARGUL KUEL.-A section of
Pabbi Khol, Kambar Khel,.
Kambar Khcl ( ... ,600), Afri-
dis. Gar. Headmen; Sherai.

Ytrl.u KlIKJ; (Dir).-A sec-
tion of Painda Khel. Sesada,
Malizai; Y1l81lfzais.
YtrltrPUL(7SJ)OO4J).--A, great
group of Pathan tribes
. which includes thOlJ8 of' the
Black Mountain. the Buner-
wals, the Swatis, the people
of Dir and the Panjkora
valley. and the inhabitants
of tbe Y ll8l1fzai plain in
Britiah territory. They all
claim :deseent nom one
Mandai, his son Y usaf, and
grandson Mandan. From
Y usaf's four SODS, Isa, M usa,
Mali and .Ako are dellC6nded,
respectively, the Isazais,
Iliaszais, MaIizais and Ako-
:mis: Ako was also the pro-
genitor of the Ranizais. The
Utmanzais are dtlllOllnded
Z,uuB KxllL (North-east of
minor fraction
of MJU!& ,Khel, Makhozai,
N aaozai, Ilia8zai, Yusufzais.
minor fraction of
BacIa, Asil, lsm&il-
zai, Utman Khelil. '
ZADBAD or JADlUN! (9,OO(),;
Spalgun valley. Xhoet).-
A tribe of lOtost,
"the Kazha l\!adda Khels of
the Toold." They He be-
tween the Ghilzais on the'
west and the 'ranis ou the
eufi. I Babrak.
ZA.Jr:rAB KllBL '100-
tion of Nana KheI, Tapiai,
Tappizad. DlIowaris. Head-
lllen ; Khamid, I>awogar.
Fir, Mir Alani Khan. :
ZA.:rIUN KOB.-A 'Pinor
MctiQn of:
Shah MIlo'Jl8Uio Khel, l)adu
Khel, Tarakzai, Moh'lhaida.
Headman; Abdullah.
'LID lrlll'lL (6).-.A.
, sion , of Khaddi,
. ,Daw$rls. '
"ZA.IMU:&:R'fII or'
(3,500 ;. oomitry ,betWeMt.the
Zawaghar range, Kurram
river, and lfira.nzai).-A
tribe of, ' Pathana, . diYidell
.<into IOtoic1ad;. XIiIeI; or
Eastern Zaimukhfiilt,. and
Mamozai, or Weatem Zai-
mukhts. s.u.n.., .'
Z,ULUJ KHBL.-A minor fmc-
of ,D8I. ,K.attia
KJreI. HflIBIIl K'.b.d.. Dha
Xball itherl., Knki Khel
(','500), Afridis. Gar.
.ljIeadmen ; see llakki.Khel.
ltHBL.":"'"A section of
lthel.,' Ku Sulimi,
t:lwa'tiS. ' ' .
iiXlk Khll (l>ahlsh trcil).-
A mctwti of "Rajai
LilJa 'KRto:..-A aetiion Of
M&st.i:Khel, KaIBIE Khel,
,iKt.mbai" J{(1Ml (,,500). Miri-
Gar. HelimeD.'; Fakir,
Gulistan, Gul iJmh. Bahmat.
ZUUHU KBBJ.-.(.sO).-A minot'
:JUl' :Khe1. Gidi Khel, -
.rAi. 'AUzai. Lhsuds. Head-
ZAIU KHBL.-A section of
(6l' KlteI, '8alar-
'tIM,lliasrai.1Juae!'Wlils. ,
Z.ANGI KHEL.-A eecti()n of
Ghaibi Khel, Babakrl. Sipah
"( l,2OOh Ahldis. &.mll.
Hur.dman ; Du:ya Khan.
ZANlU. KH-kL (Mastura river,
at itssonrce).-A division of
the Ali Khels (3,000),
., Hatlll8J1l8" d the tG_-
!Pis, 'G1n-. ,t Bbiah. Heada:an ;
, nalid Kium.
iAti'iKmllo '(14):-A section
. of Boya, ''l'appizad, Dawari ..
ZA.BGAa (6).:-A !Bllb .. di -mion of
Khaddi, ,liallizad. Dawarit.
Headmen; Khoja, Muham-
.mad Ithan.
Z,UUlr.\,B KH'IL (l5)_A milaClt
baetion of KWma.c)a iK .. eJ.
N uar Kbel, fKihel,
Bahlolmi, Ma'ban.da. llMCl
man; Malo. , '
)rIEL (16).-A:mi_
iractioll of the lTikarnb
Klael, llanaQi, AliMi. Mak
Buds. l'Ieadman i UtlDlL

ZlrRan Kn:!JJ4.-Aanlnor&at\- .kr&i ;1lf..u.-A'
, llon of Sarmast Khel,' &di' f(jf HaiMaon,al
Ted Khel
Khel, Dardoni, W uzi Khel (t;67Q), JrOOI,
(800). Mohmit Khel, Utmam . UtmaMM, 'Darweth nel
, 'rai, Dannlsh' IKhet W'80th'B.: Wazirs. HeadmSn:r' La!
Zi:BJ&1'R KRE'L.-A minor frt!,c-
, ,.mon afUmar Khet. Ali :nel,
, K1md.dar Khe1 ('1'70), ,&h-
'Olrt Khet, 'Utlnanzai" Dar-
, ,'W'e8h Khel ,
ZABGAR KHlIL (18).-A Bub:-
, of ,Boya, 'TSfpi.d,
" Dawaris. He&diun'i' '<ffllbat
:K:ha.n. '
of Malli Khel. ldak, Tappi-
zad, Dawaria. JIeadman;
, Walli Hassan.
ZABGUN KHlIL (3QO}...-,!;gtb-
divisiou of Galai, Adam
Khel, Afridis.
LaD' KlfIL.-A m'inor frae-
tiOD.'af Thtrar Khus-
-rogi, Nasrndciin, 'Za.kha
Khel Afrldis. Sarnil. Head.-
man ; see Bucha Khe!.
k&IY KoB.-.A. fMiionlOf::Kani
Khel, K8IIim. Khel, , 'JIal'llkilai,
llobmaudL Heaimsn ;
.8hamshere, A:dal.' DadIlIbh,
Ajun. .
Zum KnL.'-A minor frae-
tioll of :K.lli
Khel, Ha.ssa.n Khe!, M itha
Kha.n 'KM;K'llki K.'hel
. (4,&oIl), Aftlidis.Fleaimen';
Kolak, Sherai, KhSirUlla,
ZJl!RIN ,Kn:BL.-A mmor
tiOll of, :M,i&l'l, Khe!, Jana
Khori (800), HlLIISaft Khel,
Adam Khel, Mt;dis.
ZA!RlIAB'KlIBL (lS).-A minor
fraetionof I Khel,
Abdul R"hm:an K.Jhel. Shcr
Khel, Haibat Nana
Khel. Bahlolzai, M &hsuda.
IlNdmen 0; 1111.'
'mindar. ' ,
Z;i:ItO of 'the
Aimsl Khan Khel, Zanka
Khel, Ali Khels (3,000),
"lkmeay&s" ef the OI:akzais.
&T. i stU&b. Headwan;.
ZA.RlU.X KHlIL (8).-A minor
bacAion' 1) W.Udad !Chel.
, ,Liadf .A.'hdnllai. Aimal
HtadlDlRi; 'DiD.
KlIJ1.,(160).-:A.. minor . .lil!1ad Bh&b., Sheikh' AixdIl,
. fraotip,n Qf the Shamak . Zariband. .. .. ...
Khel,, AimaLK.heI, '.
, llahlolQ.i" .Mahsude. Head I -
, . man.;. Tarkai. . (200).-A BIlb.
.. , division of . Budai, Zakha
ZARRI KUBL (1l5).-A sub Khel, Afridis. SamiL Head
diviaion of Ohahar Khel, men; Mir U N uza.i,
Khel, Jrb.hsnds. . - Gulistan, Pahlwan, Mir
Azam. Mabrez, Amir Shah,
ZB.U (20)' .. .:....A !I8Otion the
.' Sa.h, ta.hia. Khel, Sen Khel,
. Sheranis.
l'ar . Sher, Sberdan, Dauran,
. Yar Baz, Said Khan, Yar,

ZEBAinn (203).-A division
of Mallizad. Head-: Zx:nu (Mastura nver);
men' Sha.hzada Haibad. . A sub-divlSlOn of the Mam
Gulapir Ahmad Khel (1,000). Muhannnad
Khon:..r, Roza.m Shah, Ghain I Khel, Gar. Shiah.
Shab, Pir Muhammad, Ali Jan.
Ma.s$l. DoQi. &tidi,. Said
Akbar, S.lamai, N abait Shah,
Khataki, Saidulla. Jan,
. Badrallg.
fraotion of Sherga '. Khel,
Utmanzai, Adinzai, Khwaza
'. ' ZIloi, Akozai-:,-Y uaufmi 8wllo.'1'

: (9r Kam1?o) Khel,
AiD Khel. Sa.1arzai"'.DiMiai,.
<Uvisio? of. T,.piai,.
. I>awans. .HeadIQen; leab
. Khan, Gulab Din,
Zn[1ru.-A minor of
Aib Kor, Shaikh .I(het, Aib
Khel, Salarzai, lliaszai,
ZIRAI minor fraction
of Shadi Ellel, Lar
Land. M ..
Dawarls. Headman; . FalW-
. ' :
... , . ,
: ":
ZIRA KHEL.-A minor frae-
,tiOn of Mad Khozhlli,.Khad-
-dar .Khal (1'10), Mohmit
. KheI. U tmanzlU., 'Darwt!8h
Khel Wazin. Headman;
Pir Muhammad.
IRA KJlBL (24.7).-A sub
division of Amzoni, Mallizad,
Dawaris. Headmen; Malik
K h a ~ Muhammad Alam,
~ Garwal Khan, Ghulam.
':ZIRA KBEL (15).-A sub
division of Banda, Tappizad,
Dawaris. Headman; Ayaz
Khan .
IIBKlZA.I (West of Dera
Ghazi Khan DiBtrict).-A
, sub-division of the Hamza-
zai, BalU Khel, Musa Khels.
Headman; Lashkar.
, . ( ~
(130; Dem Ismail Khan
frontier).-A small tribe
claiming descent from the
ancestor of their neighbours
the Musa Khels, with whom
they are very friendly.
Headman; Sardar Hakim
ZOBBA KOB.-A minor fraction
of Zaman Khel, Makki Khel,
Kattia Khel, Hassan Khel,
Mitha Khan Khel, Kukl
Khel (4,500). Afridis.
ZOLI KHBL (14).-A section
of Atman, Miram. Shah,
Tappizad. Dawaris. Head
man ; Shabah.
ZOLIZA. KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Muhammad Khel
(700) Isperka, Kalu Khel.
Ahmadzai, Darwesh Khel
W:az,i,m., Headmen; Jan
Nur . Muhammad. Shah
ZU:B.A.IB KHBL.-A minor frac
tion of Musa Khel. Makho
zai, Nasuzai, Iliaszai, Buner.
; ,
,'" -",'
lfo. 10 Q ; . : ~ . I. B.-+7.ft.-;-5JO.-Rose.
1'/ ; ,
.1. Ill,
,I 1 II)
.. ~ . r.
. .:
. .;
: TAefoliOflJing note 7J!} Captain.A.. H. McMaAon, O.S.1., C.lJ!
Political Agent, Vi'l'. Swat and Okit'l'al, explain, tM
'Va'l'io'U8 spiritual titlea and denomination, in ulle among
PafAans .
.. The denominationR under which the desoondants of all
Muhammadan spiritua.l leaden come (according to Pathan, and T
might say Indian, usage), are, in order of spiritual rank, as -fol-
lows :-
1. Saiads.-This is the term given to descendants of the
Prophet. Owing to their large number a.nd varying
circumstanoes, it does not follow that a Baiad. as such,
is given precedence over other spiritual denomina-
tions, but a Saiad who comes into prominence as a re-
ligious man takes preced6nce of all other. religious
2. Mians.-These are the desoondants of saints and spiri.
tual leadel'lf who have acquired IL wide reputation
among many tribes . and not a merely local reputation.
All Mians are, or are supposed to be. descendants or
saints of ROme past century. The term is not
deacendant& of modern uints, but some 0 theae
may in course of time bt'come Miana. The remark.
made regarding Baiads apply to Miana also. The
prinoipal saints of this clasa on the northern frontier
are nnked as follows:-
(1) Pir Babs. of lIai, Buner (as a Saiad, he ranks first).
~ ) Kaka Sahib of Nowshera.
(3) Haznt Ji, near Attock.
fraction of Aghzan.: Zira
Khel, Amzoni, Mallizad,
.' H_c1metl ;'
Xnru.mmad Alalllt Fir

*10110 (l6).-A'. mitior
fraction of Poi :((hel. Muham-
mad Khel, Malakh, Mallizad,
DaW6Jis. Headman l . Su1e-.
. man .... :.
Kii:EL "3,000;. West .. of
JJera Ghazi J<han).-A clan
,of the 'Masa . Khe18. Head-
. men;.'se6 Ahmsdzai. Ham-
zazai,. 'IoDd: Hasan Khel. .
BALIL KHEL (lS}.-A millor
fraction of Chuttan, Zira
KheI, Amloai, Mallizad,
DaWllo1'is. Headman;
GholamKha ..
BALI aectioll" of '
Ibrahim Khel, Utmanzai,
Bar> Hanizar,
y nsufzai
Hathi IDel, (2,000), S bin
.:. Khell' AhmadZai, Darwesh
XhelI WaZirlJ. .
". ;: j
BALLi" "i A. minor frac-'
tion 'of !o.ha'di" Khel, Bam
Khal (1,OOU). MohIQit
Utinanw... Darwesh Khel
. nea'dmaa; Xipat
;:lJan. ..' . .
BALO (Lnmun).-A sub-divi-
of AsH, Ismailzai
. . iU
... 1
BAiOcH ;'JtHEL (215,. DerlS
Ismail Khan District).-
N . a sub-division of
of the IlIQt :Khel, llian :Inel.
BALO! KII'BJ.. (20}.-A. minor
fraction of the I pi, HaiEiar
Tor, Tappizad, Dawa:'
ria': Headmen; Andaram
Kban,Mihl-din Khan, Mil-
Esz Khan, Gulghad'In.
BAL KHEL.-A miDOl' fraction . &LOI.Z.AI (60). -A divieicB of
of Kharmanj Khel, Khwaja . Kapip; Sheranil.
Khel, Miamai, Kabul Khel
(1,600), Wali Khel,
U tmanzai, Darwesh- Khel
Wazirs. ..
B.nn KXEL sub.
division of Bablltai, Baizai.
Akozai-Yusuftai Swatia.
BALLA KHl!:L (Bannu Dis-
. trlct}.-A. minor fraction of BUI: AXEL (7BO).-A. clan of
TaOit Khel, Pirba Khet, Khudu Khe1s.

The End.

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