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844 Lawshe Rd. Senoia, GA 30276 678-876-9535 Jaldrich1@gmail.



Operations management position within an organization where Im able to apply creative solutions and cost savings management for the growth and successes of the company. Vendor acquisition and management, contract negotiations, strategic planning to reduce costs; account management, marketing and circulation; project management; development of workflows and procedures; organizational proficiency and interpersonal ability; proven ability to set and meet goals; and excellent verbal communication skills. WALK THRU THE BIBLE, ATLANTA, GA Operations Manager for Publishing (2009-present) Researched and managed transition to a new printerincluding negotiating and obtaining contract for devotional magazines for an annual savings of $68,738. Maintained our current delivery system for bulk, individual and client subscribers. Researched and oversaw transition to a new fulfillment companyincluding negotiating and obtaining contract to combine our bulk and individual devotional magazines under one vendor for an annual savings of $83,991. Maintained good customer service for magazine delivery to subscribers. Negotiated and obtained contract with new web devolvement company for creations of online order forms to facilitate smoother, problem-free ordering process for subscribers. Negotiated contract with new vendor for stock photos and managed transition for designers for an estimated annual savings of $6,101. Researched app landscape for the best solution to move devotional magazines into digital arena. Negotiated and obtained contract with vendor for indeed and YW apps. Managed our digital apps that enhance readers experience through exclusive video clips, links, and social media tools. Managed clients response envelope redesign. Moved devotional magazine to a bind-in card with savings to printing costs. 2003-PRESENT



Publishing Services Manager (2007-2008) Managed publishing services for six clients for personalized devotional magazines. Served as client representative for LifeWay, Walk Thru the Bibles major client. Responsibilities included supervision of editorial and design teams and production and printing processes to ensure timely and cost-effective creation of printed materials. Made sure magazines were delivered according to clients specifications and satisfaction. Handled customer service including client retention, acquisition of materials for publications, and communication with clients for quantities, shipping instructions and troubleshooting. Managed invoicing process for accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Publishing Circulation & Marketing Manager (2005-2006) Worked directly with VP Publishing to implement Publishings marketing strategy of B2B and B2C for seven devotional magazines to increase annual circulation. Managed over 67 marketing efforts through various distribution channels including direct mail, Ad Word, email marketing, website advertising, telemarketing campaigns, bind-in and deck cards while adhering to established schedules and budgets. Responsible for maintaining good vendor relationship with fulfillment companies for bulk and individual subscribers. Worked with vendors to ensure excellent customer relationship management and establishment of policy guidelines. Administered subscriber renewal and invoicing process with a yearly evaluation to improve customer attrition. Performed project evaluation and marketing analysis with emphasis on growing and retaining subscribers along with online product pricing analysis.

Publishing Circulation & Marketing Coordinator (2003-2004) Created and oversaw production of printed promotional materials. Served as principal information source to staff and customers for devotional books, Bibles and magazines. Performed other duties as assigned by Circulation/Marketing director. Monitored fulfillment expenditures and payments and maintained good vendor relationships. Managed product inventory for devotional books and Bibles and oversaw shipping of promotional materials. Prepared sales reports and evaluations for product sales.



Worked directly for ACMC president in various capacities including staff support and completion of projects assigned by president and Board of Directors. Created, maintained and handled presidents calendar, schedule and travel arrangements. Screened phone calls and reviewed all communication to president. Planned and coordinated all arrangements for quarterly board meetings and annual staff conference. Created board books and maintained organizational policies and procedures manual. Implemented contract process for all speaking engagements for president; established a tracking system for the presidents donors and supporters. Negotiated contract with Billy Graham Center to store archival records and implemented a process to maintain organizations legal records. Supervised office building expansion for a 1300-square-foot facility on a $50,000 budget.




As general contractor, designed and constructed three 3,000-plus-square-foot homes in Senoia, Georgia: 1993, 1996 and 2000 Willow Creek Leadership Conferences, Willow Creek Association, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 & 2003 Effective Personal Productivity, VisionPoint Inc., 1996

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