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First Preliminary Examination CSC 16 Integrated Applications Software



I. TRUE or FALSE: (2 pts each 20 pts)

Write the word TRUE if the statement is correct and If the statement is wron ! write FALSE and correct the "nder#ined word$phrase% (&) The basic structure of a database in MSAccess is the object ''''''. (2) The database structure in MSAccess is created in the ''''''''''' of the Table. (() The ''''''''' determines what field values you can possibly enter in the field. ()) The maximum field size of a TEXT data type is !! characters" but the default size is '''' chars. (*) The #ormat property is used to indicate ''''''' formats for the data entry in a specific field. (+) An ''''''''' is used to ensure that the data entry in the field will fit the #ormat defined. (,) ''''''''''' are displayed accordin$ to the settin$s specified in MSAccess but depends upon what the pro$rammer%encoder has personalized for the specific field. (-) The '''''''' is the value automatically entered in a specific field property. (.) &ecords are added" edited" updated" and%or deleted in the '''''''''' of the Table. (&0)A '''''''''' controls the relationships between or amon$ Tables.

II. /AT01I23 T45E: (& pt each &0 pts)

/atch 0o#"mn A with 0o#"mn 6 78 indicatin the #etter of 8o"r choice from 0o#"mn 6 in the 7#an9 pro:ided% 0o#"mn A (1) Text (2) Memo (3) 'umber (4) Auto'umber (5) (urrency (6) )ate%Time (7) *es%'o ( ) +,E +bject (!) -yperlin. (1") ,oo./up 0izard 0o#"mn 6 A. Can contain up to 8 bytes of Disk space with predefined formats for date & time. B. Used to store numeric data for mathematical calculations that require a high degree of accuracy C. An alphanumeric data that can store up to 2 characters.

D. A field!data type used for calculations in"ol"ing money!currency formats. E. A logical data type that occupies one #$% bit of a disk space. F. A U&' or address used for linking containing up to 2()8 characters. G. An alphanumeric data type that can store more than 2 chars to a ma* of +),((( chars.

H. An ob-ect linked to or embedded in an ./Access 0able. I. 1enerates sequential numbers that increments by one #$%. J. Used to perform look2up list of "alues using list bo* or combo bo*.

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First Preliminary Examination CSC 16 Integrated Applications Software
NAME: SUBJECT/SECTION: /ULTI5LE 01;I0E: Morse Types (& pt each &0 pts) Se#ect the 7est answer from the options i:en 7e#ow: Write D if the statement is re#ated to A< Write C if the statement is re#ated to B< Write B if the statement is re#ated to both< or Write A if the statement is not re#ated to both% &)
It refers to an8 ro"p of components (f"nctions! peop#e or acti:ities) that interface with or comp#iment one another to achie:e a predefined oa#% A= S8stem 6= >ata7ase It corresponds to discrete! recorded facts a7o"t phenomena from which we ain information% A= Records 6= >ata It is a co##ection of re#ated data e#ements% A= Fi#es 6= Records It is a co##ection of re#ated records% A= 6its 6= Fi#es It is an increment of 9now#ed e that can 7e inferred from data% A= Information 6= Records It is 7asica##8 nothin than a comp"ter?7ased record?9eepin s8stem whose o:era## p"rpose is to record and maintain information% A= >ata S8stem 6= >ata7ase /ana ement S8stem It is a co##ection of re#ated fi#es% A= >ata7ase 6= >ata E#ement It is a comp"ter?7ased s8stem "sed to mana e data7ases or fi#es% A= >ata S8stem 6= >ata7ase /ana ement S8stem It is a#so 9nown as a data e#ement% A= Fi#es 6= Records It is "sed in fie#ds in creatin Ta7#es and @"eries! and e:en in teAt 7oAes and com7o 7oAes to format data and pro:ide some contro# o:er what :a#"es can 7e entered% A= Inp"t /as9 6= Format 5ropert8


2) () )) *) +) ,) -) .) &0)

&% 2% (% )% *% +% ,% -% .% &0%

Fi## in the 7#an9% (& pt each &0 pts)

If 8o" c"stomiBe the fie#ds in the data7ase so that 8o"r data can 7e entered! 8o" m"st 7e in what CiewD What Ta7#e Ciew a##ows 8o" to add! "pdate$edit! de#ete and :iew records from a ta7#eD What is the first o7Eect 8o" m"st create in an /S Access data7aseD What is the Fie#d 5ropert8 that contro#s the :a#"e of a record and sets in specific formatD The fie#d that contro#s the re#ationships 7etween or amon ta7#es% A co#"mn in the >atasheet Ciew that defines a data t8pe for a set of :a#"es in the ta7#e% A p#aceho#der that indicates a reF"ired character or space% It forces a character to 7e #eft a#i ned% A character that con:erts #etters into "pper case% 5ertains to the t8pe of :a#"es or teAt! that wi## 7e entered into the fie#ds%

Good Luck and God Bless !

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