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Mississippi Judges Issue Illegal Gun Orders Mississippi Circuit Judges violate firearm laws when they prohibit

citizens who hold an enhanced firearm permit from concealed carry of weapons into court houses. Lee County circuit and chancery judges issued a firearm order on December 1 ! "#11. $he judges claimed the entire court house was in fact their court room. %n &ebruary 1"! "#1"! these judges filed an amended order that banned all weapons in court houses. %n March "'! "#1"! (inds County )enior Circuit Court Judge $omie $. *reen signed the most over+reaching firearm order to date. Judge *reen,s order prevents anyone other than law enforcement officers from carrying weapons in any part of the court house! court buildings and even the grounds outside the court house. Judge *reen banned weapons anytime there is business conducted anywhere in the courthouse -not just during judicial proceedings as )tate law allows.. $hese illegal firearm orders violate the )tate Constitution! )tate laws such as (ouse /ill #0 -July 1! "#11. and Mississippi Code! )ection '1+21+1. 3one of these orders or laws have been challenged in the )tate )upreme Court. )ince these laws were passed by Legislature and signed by the 45ecutive /ranch! the Judicial gun+ban orders are illegal. (ouse /ill #0 and M) code '1+21+1 allow citizens with appropriate firearms training and permits to carry firearms in many places not allowed for untrained citizens. %ne of the specific places the legislature authorizes enhance firearm carry is court houses! but not court rooms during a judicial proceeding. 6fter (ouse /ill #0! Lee County )heriff Jim Johnson as7ed the 6ttorney *eneral whether or not he could leave the no+gun signs on the courthouse. $he 6ttorney *eneral answered that even if the )heriff posted signs! the signs would have no bearing on a person with an enhanced firearm carry permit. $he 6ttorney *eneral rendered a clarification on December "! "#12 that affirmed what the legislature said. &irearm laws state that no+gun 8signage could not prevent an enhanced permit holder from entry into the court house.9 $he new opinion also affirmed that the judge only has authority to determine 8who will! who can and who cannot carry a weapon in his court room.: Many illegal judge orders regarding firearm laws remain in effect. Mississippi )pea7er ;ro$em *reg )nowden said such orders violate the separation of judicial and legislative powers. 8<t=s our job to ma7e the law > not the judges= job!9 he said. 8$here=s not a lot of leeway in this law.9 )nowden also said an armed civilian wrongly+denied access to a court house may reverse the judicial restrictions by filing a ?rit of Mandamus.

@ic7 ?ard! a firearms trainer from Collins! said 8?e don=t need judges who create illegal orders. Citizens have to pay a lawyer to file papers to get our rights already outlined by )tate lawA < feel that at least one of the judges has no respect for the )upreme Court because she has previous admonitions and many overturned cases. < would li7e to believe the other judges only need a clarification of Mississippi law.: ?ill the judges who signed illegal firearm orders now rescind themA ?ill citizens hire attorneys to file litigation against the judgesA %ne thing is for certainB some orders by Mississippi judges are illegal. $he illegal orders seriously infringe on the rights of citizens with the special training reCuired to obtain enhanced firearm concealed carry permits. /y 4laine Dechori7! Legislative Chair Mississippi for Liberty ;ermission granted to reprint and otherwise distribute this article.