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Next fundamental state in orbital ANS: G-STATE

18. Management that tends to get the least of attention ANS: FUNCTIONAL

26. When liquid freeze, it release thermal energy in ANS: ITS IMMEDIATE ENVIRONMENT 27. In the study of light wave, the effect that results when light passes through certain liquid or crystalline materials in the direction perpendicular to an applied magnetic fluid, making the material doubly refracting is known as ANS: MAJORANA EFFECT 28. How many constants Van der Waals have? ANS: 2

Debtor is only liable for proportionate part and also creditor is liable for proportionate part ANS: JOINT OBLIGATION

10. Fundamental classes of engineering materials are metallic, polymeric and ANS: CERAMIC

19. In KBP, what is the fine imposed for grave offense in violating the second time ANS: P 40,000


What is the maximum power radiated by a device to be considered as an indoor device or equipment? ANS: 250 mW

11. To lower the maximum demand of resources by using slack ANS: LEVELING 12. Maximum length between junction boxes ANS: 27.5 m 13. Second highest specific heat capacity ANS: WATER 14. Inability of the system to predict the location and volume of subatomic particles ANS: UNCERTAINTY 15. Property of a material that suddenly fails under an applied load with no or with little deformation ANS: BRITTLE 16. Strobridge equation has how many constants? ANS: 16 17. Van der Waals force is weakest in which element? ANS: HELIUM

20. According to Weins law of displacement, wavelength ANS: DECREASES WITH INCREASE IN TEMPERATURE 21. What is the charge of hydrogen atom?


Managers should promote team spirit ANS: ESPRIT DE CORPS

29. Rad is a unit of absorbed radiation per ANS: 0 ANS: KILOGRAM 22. What percent of oxygen is dry air atmosphere? ANS: 20.93 % ANS: LAG 23. In organic compound, what is the prefix that indicates that it has 4 carbon atoms? ANS: BUT ANS: CRITICAL MASS 24. A pendulum is suspended in the ceiling of the train, when the train accelerate uniformly, what happens to the period of the pendulum? ANS: DECREASE 25. What is true in space mechanics nomenclature? ANS: SPACE CONSTANT IS 1/METER ANS: 15000 32. The p-block in the periodic table ANS: GROUP 13 18 33. What is the most abundant inert gas? ANS: ARGON 34. Annual fee for commercial TVRO 31. Minimum amount of chain to maintain the nuclear reaction 30. Minimum time allowed for the delay of activity


Method used to measure the molar mass of oxyhemoglobin ANS: BY OSMOTIC PRESSURE


Welding bronze using bronze electrodes ANS: ARC PROCESS


A system moves from equilibrium state and returns to its original position in equilibrium ANS: STABLE EQUILIBRIUM


The vapor-pressure of a liquid is measured using an apparatus that compares the vapor-pressure of the liquid with that of water, using the same temperature. ANS: TENSIMETER


Best reducing agent ANS: Mg(s)

52. Alloy of 60 % copper and 40 % zinc 35. a jet flies in air? ANS: THE THRUST COMPENSATES THE GRAVITATIONAL FORCE 36. pig iron pure iron ANS: WROUGHT IRON 37. One disadvantage of this organization is the poor cross feed of information ANS: FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZATION 38. A local corrosion attack that refers to the formation of anodes on the metal surface. ANS: PITTING CORROSION 39. Orbit eccentricity is inversely proportional to ANS: UNIVERSAL GRAVITATIONAL CONSTANT 40. f-block elements ANS: INERT TRANSITION METALS 41. Main component of natural gas ANS: HUBBLES LAW ANS: METHANE 42. Among elements on earths crust, the least weight equivalent of 2.09 is_____. ANS: MAGNESIUM 43. no heat engine can operate more efficient than a heat engine that operates with 1 reversible process between 2 reservoirs ANS: CARNOT PRINCIPLE 50. The electrical conductor alloys are normally used for stranded conductors. Electric conductors have _____ percent aluminum. ANS: 99.45 51. For variable capacitor, steatite ceramic is usually used because it is suitable for _____ application. ANS: LOW TENSION; HIGH-FREQUENCY 44. Binary compound ANS: YELLOW METAL ANS: HYDROCHLORIC ACID 53. First meeting of the project group 45. Energy change accompanying a mole of electron being ANS: ELECTRON AFFINITY 46. In measurng the stiffness the slope of the straight line in the strain-stress diagram is the ANS: MODULUS OF ELASTICITY 47. The pairs of substances that can be used in preparing metal salt are_____ ANS: IRON AND DILUTE SULFURIC ACID 48. The ratio of the magnetic force to that of the magnetic flux is equal to the reluctance. ANS: BOSANQUETS LAW 49. State the ratio of velocity to distance of galaxies in the universe is constant ANS: PROJECT KICK OFF MEETING 54. Same shear modulus ANS: TITANIUM AND BRASS 55. Coefficient of static friction in dry condition of steel to asbestos-faced steel ANS: 0.15 56. Packing factor of body-centered cubic ANS: 0.68 57. Complex of _____ lignant is also called chelates ANS: POLYDENTATE 58. 1 curie is equivalent to _____ events/s ANS: 3.70 x 1010 59. Types of mica ANS: RUBY MICA & AMBER MICA 60. Project management want to train some of its staff ANS: FUNCTIONAL 61. What decay... nuclides with high proton to neutron ratio ANS: BETA DECAY 62. What element of contract... time of payment, rate of interest and place of delivery

ANS: ACCIDENTAL 63. What material has one of the highest ultimate strength for tension? ANS: COPPER 64. What part of life cycle has the lowest risk? ANS: CLOSE OUT 65. Heat cannot, by itself, transfer from cooler to warmer body ANS: CLAUSSIUS STATEMENT 66. What functional group contains carbonyl group? ANS: ALDEHYDES & KETONES 67. What is the component of total force resistant to sliding? ANS: SHEAR FORCE 68. What element is common to all organic compounds? ANS: CARBON 69. What hydrocarbons have triple bond? ANS: ALKYNES 70. One astronomical unit is equivalent to ANS: SEMI-MAJOR AXIS OF THE EARTH REVOLVE AROUND THE SUN 71. The acceleration is directly proportional to the force and inversely proportional to the mass ANS: SECOND LAW OF MOTION 72. According to McGregors theory X and theory Y, _____ manager...

ANS: THEORY Y 73. Percent ionic characteristic of bond between two atom is dependent in ANS: ELECTRONEGATIVITIES 74. What iron is produce from pig iron? ANS: WROUGHT IRON 75. Who is responsible for deciding if a change is necessary? ANS: MANAGEMENT 76. _____appears as a series or bright lights ANS: EMISSION SPECTRA 77. peronal achievements, rather than financial rewards ANS: MCCLELLANDS THEORY 78. _____is used to measure the achievements total quality management ANS: BENCHMARKING 79. What should you not do to speed up the reaction between solid and gas? ANS: COOL DOWN THE REACTION

ANS: PROPORTIONAL LIMIT STRAIN AND PROPORTIONAL LIMIT STRESS 83. High carbon steel ANS: 0.6 % CARBON 84. One characteristic of neutron is that it has the highest_____ ANS: PENETRATING POWER 85. Promote team spirit ANS: ESPRIT DE CORPS 86. Crashing the p means making its time shorter by _____ ANS: ANY ECONOMIC MEANS 87. Structural forms of electrovalent compounds _____ conduct electricity ANS: CANNOT 88. Triangle bh2/_____ ANS: 24 89. What analysis is used when and estimated values have changed? ANS: SENSITIVE ANALYSIS 90. Resistance to twisting

ANS: ABERRATION SPHERICAL 93. Study of reaction of friction between solids ANS: TRIBOLOGY 94. Direct material cost plus direct labor cost ANS: PRIME COST 95. A ductile material is one that can be stretched, formed, or drawn to a significant degree before fracture. A metal that exhibits a percent elongation greater than ____ % is considered to be ductile. ANS: 5 96. An endoergic reaction is a reaction where there is ANS: GAIN OF KINETIC ENERGY 97. What characteristic of an atom in an ionic compound is the number of closest (touching) atoms ANS: COORDINATION NUMBER 98. Ar denotes ANS: ONE ATOM OR MOLE OF ARGON 99. It is the transfer of energy from the more energetic particles of substance to the adjacent less energetic ones as a result of interactions between the particles. ANS: CONDUCTION 100. It is a colorless solid capable of being cut into brilliant crystals is the hardest, must abrasive mineral known ANS: DIAMOND 101. It is used when product are made singly or in small batches. It happens when a small

number of products are processed at each storage before going on to the next stage ANS: JOB PRODUCTION 102. In the law of obligations and contracts, different kinds of conditional obligations are mentioned. What do you call the condition, suspensive in nature, and which depends upon the sole will of one of the contracting parties? ANS: PROTESTATIVE 103. It involves a voluntary association of people, called members, who operate an enterprise collectively. The aim of this organization is not to make profit but to give support to their members. ANS: COOPERATIVES 104. Constant in magnetic polarization of light ANS: VERDETS CONSTANT 105. Each member of the Board shall take the/a __________ prior to the assumption of office. ANS: PROPER TAKE OATH 106. What is the coefficient of static friction for a dry condition of steel on asbestos-faced steel ANS: 0.15 107. Nickel-coated copper capacitor can be used up to what temperature in degree celcius ANS: 300 108. The highest electron mobility ANS: INDIUM ANTIMONADE 109. In project management, what do you call the plan developed for risks that constitute

80. What network diagramming method uses dummy activities? ANS: ACTIVITIES ON ARROW 81. internal resistance applied by a unit area ANS: STRESS 82. Value of resilience.., product of the

ANS: TORSION 91. _____ is a defect whereby horizontal and vertical lines are brought to a focus at different distances. ANS: ASTIGMATISM 92. What is a defect of a lens by which entering near the edge of the lens and brought to a focus nearer the lens than the rays that enter the center?

high impact on attaining project objectives that is intended to be used in case attempts to reduce the risk may not be effective? ANS: FALLBACK PLAN 110. When some isotopes are being separated, a phenomenon occurs, when a mixture of gases is subjected to a temperature gradient; the heavier atoms concentrate in the cooler region, while the lighter ones, in the hotter regions ANS: THERMAL DIFFUSION 111. It is the mode of energy transfer between a solid surface and the adjacent liquid or gas that is in motion, and it involves the combined effect conduction and fluid motion. ANS: CONVECTION 112. It indicates that the rate of heat conduction in a direction is proportional to the temperature gradient in that direction. ANS: FOURIERS LAW OF HEAT CONDUCTION 113. For the determination of the molecular weight of oxyhemoglobin, an organic molecule, having a molar mass of many thousand, the most suited measurement technique is ___________ technique. ANS: OSMOTIC PRESSURE 114. In the study of fluids, one of the statements given below regarding volume flow rate is NOT true concerning Poiseuille's Law. The volume flow rate is ______________. ANS: DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE FLUID VISCOSITY 115. Carnot cycle uses _______ constant temperature reservoir.

ANS: 2 116. What is the coefficient of static friction for dry condition of cast iron on cast iron? ANS: 1.10 117. As the car heats up when parked in an open space during sunny day. This illustrates what thermodynamic process? ANS: ISOBARIC 118. Wood is commonly used as posts of transmission lines. What is the dielectric constant of wood? ANS: 4x108 V/m2 119. What is the universal gravitational constant expressed in cm3/g-s2? ANS: 6.673X10-8 120. Aluminum sphere with 100kg mass and iron sphere with 30kg mass dropped from the same building, same altitude, and at the same time. At 10meters from the ground, _______. ANS: BOTH HAVE IDENTICAL ACCELERATIONS 121. When a system is displaced from its equilibrium state, but still stays on its displaced state. It is __________. ANS: NEUTRAL EQUILIBRIUM 122. Amortization is the more appropriate term than depreciation when ANS: THE COST IS TANGIBLE 123. Maximum angular momentum at ANS: FIXED AT ONE END, HINGE ON THE OTHER END

124. Refers to the initial cost of acquiring the asset including the transportation expenses and normal cost making the asset serviceable for its intended uses ANS: COST BASIS 125. Has the highest melting point ANS: NICKEL 126. Range of service factor to be multiplied to obtain in designing a belt system ANS: 1 1.5 127. Has the greatest deviation from its real behavior at room temperature ANS: XENON 128. 2 or more leaders with different interest and results to having dual boss ANS: MATRIX ORGANIZATION 129. Maximum fine in any situation regardless if TV or radio ANS: P 70,000 130. Forecasting by specialist, experts etc., who are outsiders ANS: DELPHI TECHNIQUE 131. Reason of using heavy water on nuclear power plant ANS: TO SLOW NEUTRON FOR FURTHER NUCLEAR FISSION 132. Equivalent to C in computing for orbit eccentricity ANS: 1/m

133. Person is more motivated when the real reason is personal achievements than personal reward ANS: MCCLELLANDS THEORY 134. Used to schedule and control project that cannot be precisely be completed ANS: PERT 135. Using silver as electric contacts, reduce voltage low and current up to ANS: 20 A 136. The change in entropy in an irreversible process ANS: GREATER THAN ZERO 137. In an AM, individual... second offense ANS: P 400,000 138. The freezer in a refrigeration is fitted at the top so that it can ANS: COOL THE INTERIOR BY SETTING UP CONVECTION 139. Difference between the amortization and depreciation ANS: AMORTIZATION IS USED FOR TANGIBLE TERMS 140. Quasi-stable exist if you assume ANS: THE PRESSURE AT ANY INSTANT TO BE EVERYWHERE CONSTANT 141. NTC defined indoor equipment devices as radio equipment devices with ERP not exceeding__without external antenna ANS: 250 mW

142. What newton law specifies velocity dependent force such as that viscous liquid? ANS: SECOND LAW 143. Transition temperature range ANS: -20 C TO -70 C 144. Refes to the assembly of atom which is mostly in excited state ANS: POPULATION INVERSION 145. Has the largest ultimate strength for tension ANS: COPPER 146. Disintegration constant of radioactive isotope ANS: ARE INDEPENDENT OF TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND CONCENTRATION 147. Dynamic friction of groove rubber on plastic ANS: 0.40 148. Mass that emits 1 avogadro ANS: 1 EQUIVALENT 149. Another term/name for inelastic impact ANS: ENDOERGIC 150. Reasons why copper is difficult to weld ANS: IT HAS HIGH CONDUCTIVITY 151. Functional Organization ANS: HAS A GOOD TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER BETWEEN PROJECTS 152. Not a property of mottle cast iron ANS: IT CANNOT BE BRACED

164. Another term for annual cost method 153. Coefficient of static friction for dry condition of steel on graphite ANS: 0.21 154. Static friction for dry condition of cast iron on cast iron ANS: 0.15 155. Steel on asbestos faced steel (coeff. Friction) ANS: 0.15 156. Steel on steel 168. Nuclear fission in large scale ANS: 0.42 157. Groove on rubber pavement 169. Highest tendency to form positive ion ANS: 0.40 158. Plastic on steel ANS: 0.35 159. Bronze contains how many___leads ANS: LESS THAN 1 % 160. Has equal shear modulus ANS: TITANIUM AND BRASS 161. Not a weldable grade ANS: WHITE CAST IRON 162. Has the highest bulk modulus at room temperature ANS: OIL ANS: 200 163. Gun metal is an alloy that contains how many percent copper? ANS: 88 175. Total momentum ANS: SUM OF SPIN AND ANGULAR MOMENTUM 185. Provides the essential control and measure feedback loop necessary for quality improvement ANS: BENCHMARKING 173. Types of engineering materials ANS: METALLIC, POLYMERIC & CERAMIC 174. Typical fission events release about___MeV of energy for each fission ANS: FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS 184. It is a borosilicate glass with a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, its widely used for cooking and serving utensils ANS: PYREX 172. Amagats law ANS: 0 C AT 1 ATM 171. Another term for work hardening ANS: STRAIN HARDENING ANS: ISOBARIC 183. States that energy cannot created nor destroyed system; it can only change form 170. Yellow metal ANS: 60 % COPPER AND 40 % ZINC 182. As car heats up when parked in an open space during sunny day, this illustrates what thermodynamic property? ANS: CAESIUM ANS: 467 K 181. Van der Waals has howmany constants? ANS: 2 ANS: THERMONUCLEAR ENERGY ANS: 4 x 108 V/m 180. Critical temperature of Kelvin ANS: CAPITAL RECOVERY METHOD 165. X-axis ANS: ELASTIC LINE 166. Tension of copper ANS: 150 N 167. Labor cost and Capital expenses ANS: PRIME COST 179. Wood is commonly used as posts of transmission lines. What is the dielectric constant of wood? 178. Equivalent rest energy of photon in MeV ANS: 938.8 MeV 177. Principal quantum number ANS: 1 7 176. Cost performance index ANS: EARNED VALUE TO ACTUAL COST

ANS: PROJECTITIS 186. Atoms emit light only when electron changes... according to... ANS: NEILS BOHR 187. Able to know the limits... ANS: CONTROLLING 188. R.A. 9292 was approved ANS: APRIL 17, 2004 189. Number of scanning frame per minute (facsimile) ANS: 360 190. Scattering of light by colloidal particles ANS: TYNDALL EFFECT 191. Process of attracting the potential employees to the company so that the selection process can be carried out ANS: RECRUITMENT 192. Posouille is _____ to turbulent flow ANS: DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL 193. Most abundant inert gas ANS: ARGON 194. Pendulum is hanged on a train... ANS: ACCELERATION WILL DECREASE 195. Glass and water ANS: SAME REFRACTIVE INDEX 9. 8. 7. Exhibits optical birefringence ANS: MAXWELL EFFECT Energy gap of diamond in MeV ANS: 5.33 Fatiguemaximum value is ___ the ultimate strength of the material ANS: LESS THAN 10. IONIC BOND (keyword) ANS: SHARING of electron on non-metallic to non-metallic atom 11. Inappropriate intense loyalty to the project 6. 4. 3. Annual license fee of TVRO ANS: 15,000 Newton down for further fission ANS: TO COOL 5. Atoms that have completely filled the ns and np subshells giving them great stability are the ANS: Noble gases Universal constant in cm^2/gm^2 ANS: 6.673 x 10^-8 2. ANS: GANTT CHART 12. An instrument used to measure internal Soft magnetic alloy, high saturation use in audio and transformer instruments ANS: NICKEL-IRON ALLOY 13. grams of particle is dissolved in water, the solvent can still dissolve more solute, the solution is said to be ANS: Unsaturated 14. Carnot cycle involves the following process ANS: Two adiabatic, two isothermal 15. RA 9292 was approved on ANS: April 17, 2004 16. Checking and rating all license exam is done by ANS: Board of electronics Engineer and chairman of PRC 17. What refers to the amount of energy needed to change a gram of ice to water at constant temperature? ANS: Heat of fusion 18. Timeslot not for children authority ANS: 9pm 5am 19. It is when the workers are motivated to work when the management is concerned to the welfare of the workers ANS: Hawthorne effect 20. Manned by professional ANS: Project zed Organization ANS: TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPE 21. What gas will exhibit the highest deviation behavior ANS: Xenon 22. Van der Waals force is weakest in what element? ANS: Helium 23. specific gravity for mineral... used in transformer ANS: 0.88 24. What is the approximate value of universal constant in lbf-ft^2/cm^2? ANS: 3.436 x 10^-11 25. Minimum value of stress applied to a material that work shall flow ANS: YIELD VALUE 26. What is a defect of a lens by which entering near the edge of the lens and brought to a focus nearer the lens than the rays that enter near the center? ANS: ABERRATION SPHERICAL 27. In chemistry, which among those compounds given is electrovalent or ionic? ANS: CARBON DIOXIDE 28. Superconductivity is characterized by ANS: BOSONS 29. Easy to machine and good wear resistance ANS: GRAY CAST IRON

1. Scheduling with start and end date

30. Denotes the direction end magnitude of the atomic displacement distance around dislocation. ANS: BURGERS VECTOR 31. Process of predicting future events such as time, cost etc. ANS: Delphi Technique 32. The ability of an atoms to catenate ANS: BOND ENERGY 33. Any person who shall violate any provision or any rule/regulation, the code of ethics and the code of technical standards of practice promulgated by RA9292 may be imprisoned by. ANS: not less than 6 months or more than 6 years 34. The value of stress in the stress-strain curve in which there is a significant increase in strain with little or no increase in stress. ANS: Yield point 35. How many reversible processes are there in a Carnot cycle? ANS: 4 36. Which of the following phase changes represents sublimation? ANS: Solid to gas 37. Workers will work for personal achievement not for reward ANS: MCCLELLAND METHOD

38. Highest tendency to denote proton ANS: MAGNESIUM 39. S block will release ANS: OSMOSIS ELECTRON ANS: HYDROGEN 40. ABOUT PROJECT MANAGER (KEYWORD) ANS: 0.03% ANS: DIRECTING, COACHING, SUPPORTING AND DELEGATING 41. RA 9292 has how many sections? ANS: 43 42. Orbit eccentricity c = constant, G = Gravitational, h = height and M = Mass ANS: CH2/GM 43. Nucleon nucleon collision (keyword) ANS: PION 44. The transfer of energy between a solid surface and the adjacent liquid or gas on which the motion involves the combine effect of conduction and fluid motion. ANS: Convection 45. Magnetic couple to magnetic domain ANS: Exchange Energy 46. What reaction involves the replacement of an atom or a group of atoms attached to the carbon back bone organic matter? ANS: Substitution Reaction 47. Material that is malleable and cannot easily be weld 50. Which of the following is a ternary compound? ANS: Potassium Chloride 51. Bond with three pairs of electrons between two atoms ANS: TRIPLE BOND 52. A colorless liquid is poured in a beaker and a glass rod is putting it. The rod immediately seems to disappear because ANS: the water and the glass rod have the same refractive index 53. Reason why it is expected that the critical path of a project has a tendency to deviate ANS: SENSITIVITY OF NETWORK 49. Percent volume of carbon dioxide in dry air ANS: White cast iron cast 48. Porous (keyword)

ANS: MARKOVNIKOS RULE 57. Under section 2 of R.A. 9292, they should produce virtuous, competent productive, and ________ ECE, PECE and ECT. ANS: WELL ROUNDED 58. The blurring of image distortion of light formed from concave mirror. ANS: SPHERICAL ABERRATION 59. Material is the Best conductor of heat ANS: DIAMOND 60. Refers to the rational way to ensure that our limited time is used effectively ANS: time management 61. One of the disadvantages of this organization is that it has poor cross feat of technical information within project what is the type of organization? ANS: PROJECTIZED ORGANIZATION 62. What element has a sea of electron ANS: COBALT 54. Universal Constant in ANS: 6.673 X 10-11 N-m2/kg2 63. What is the time block for cockfighting of lottery and gambling in TV according to NTC ANS: 11:00 PM to 5:00AM 64. Method used to compare the desirability ANS: 88 ANS: PRESENT WORTH METHOD 56. If you add a polar reagent of alkene

55. Gun metal alloy is an alloy that composed of ______ carbon

65. Suppose your team has identified several risks related to your project. You decided to take preventive actions to reduce the impact of the particular risk event by reducing its probability of occurrence. What risk response strategy will you use? ANS: RISK MITIGATION 66. Lattice distortion centered around line ANS: DISLOCATION

velocity of the planet is times the velocity of the earth ANS: Square root of 3 74. Bronze contain less _____ lead ANS: 1 % 75. What kind of obligation that fulfilled the rise the obligation ANS: SUSPENSIVE CONDITION

ANS: Radiation 82. Argon the third abundant gas in the atmosphere is how many percent? ANS: 0.93% 83. S-block ANS: ALKALI, ALKALINE EARTH, HYDROGEN & HELIUM 84. Do not done reaction between solid to gas ANS: DISK VELOCITY 85. DISK VELOCITY ANS: 5400 AND 7200 86. Electrical conductivity ANS: 5.88 X 107 87. Brinell hardness test load ______ and second

ANS: Parametric technique 92. Element that has the highest tendency of lose electron (most electropositive) ANS: CAESIUM 93. Most common ligand ANS: BIDENTATE 94. Easier communication ANS: PROJECT TIME DIRECTORY 95. Section 2 of RA9292 states that the state develop and nurture competent virtue, productive and___________PECE, ECEs and ECTs. ANS: well-rounded 96. In belt system, what is the range of service factor? ANS: between 1 - 1.5 97. The higher the degree of deformation prior to recrystallization the _______. ANS: LOWER THE RECRYSTALLIZATION TEMPERATURE 98. Measure of resistance to twisting ANS: TORQUE 99. Q. ANS: PROJECT LIQUIDITY

67. Spark passes through ultraviolet ANS: HERTZ EFFECT 68. Percentage of the total budget ANS: APPORTIONMENT METHOD 69. Relatively weak intermolecular bonds are formed between molecules that possess permanent dipoles ANS: PERMANENT DIPOLE BOND 70. Carbon percentage on malleable cast iron ANS: 2.0 to 2.6

76. The ratio of velocity of distance galaxies and universal constant ANS: HUBBLES LAW 77. Denote of C of orbit eccentricity ANS: 1/METER 78. The equation of the pressure decrease as elevation increases ANS: BERNOULLIS EQUATION

ANS: 3000kg, 30 79. The sliding the directly to the puncher and scissor ANS: DIRECT SHEAR 88. When the weak bonding is due to asymmetrical distribution of electrons ANS: FLUCTUATING DIPOLE BOND 89. Relation atomic mass unit and MeV ANS: 931.481 90. Element that has the highest tendency of lose electron (most electropositive) ANS: CAESIUM 91. Cause / effect technique (keyword)

71. Distance between junction boxes ANS: 27.5 m 72. Each fission produces how much energy ANS: 200 MeV 73. The mass of a planet is 6 times of earth and the radius is 2 times that of the earth. If the escape velocity of earth is v the escape 80. Access and compare the project to be implemented ANS: PROJECT SCREEN MATRIX 81. The transfer of energy in a matter by a form of electromagnetic wave as a result of the changes of the electronic configuration of the atom or molecule.

100. Section of Modulus of circle with respect to the centroid. ANS: 101. Formula of BCC

111. Applicable in any types of wave ANS: 102. RA 9292 has how many sections? ANS: 43 103. Role of Project manager about change ANS: WORK PREVENT CHANGE 104. Coordination number of complex is equal to atomic bond around a ANS: CENTRAL ATOM 105. What is the energy added to one mole of electrons to one mole of atom or ion? ANS: Lattice energy 106. Q. ANS: WORK AROUND 107. Speed of planets (keyword) ANS: KEPLERS 2ND LAW 108. Of neutron is 10-5 - _____ times the speed of lights ANS: 10-1 113. What organization has the advantage of having good technology transfer between projects? ANS: functional organization 114. The shear modulus of rectangle in the base b and height h in the bh2 divide by ________. ANS: 6 115. Type of risk principal element, uncertainly. What is NOT principal element? ANS: INABILITY OF SYSTEM 116. I do and you do, what is the innominate contact ANS: DO UT FACIAS 117. Reduce leveling of used in resources ANS: OVERUTILIZATION OF RESOURCE 118. WOOD is not commonly used as electrical insulation but as of electrical transmission line, this is because selective strength is about ANS: 4 X 108 119. Beta particles are emitted by the nucleus with velocity about _______ the speed of light ANS: HUYGIENS PRINCIPLE 112. What element is use in modem super permanent magnetic coactivity? ANS: NEODYMIUM

ANS: 9/10 120. The SAE and AISI specification ANS: Minimum value of physical properties 121. What electrical conductivity (ohm-m) -1 of aluminum (electrical wire usage) of electrical wiring. ANS: 3.57 x 107 122. What do you call the borosilicate glass that has very low coefficient of thermal expansion and it is widely used in cooking materials. ANS: Pyrex 123. Denote and decision of _________ organization which is assign in cross department. ANS: FUNCTIONAL 124. What is the chemical composition of Ar stand for? ANS: Both a mole or an atom of argon 125. Method used to compare the desirability of the . ANS: Present worth method 126. Where the project manager essentially contracts the functional manager for the completion ANS: Matrix Organization 127. According to the code of ethics for ECE, what is the most ethical thing to do if you are employed in a company and you wish to engage in a business which may

compete with your company ANS: Tell your employer about your business 128. Person violating the rules, code of ethics of R.A.9292 ANS: NOT LESS THAN 6 MONTHS BUT NOT MORE THAN 6 YEARS 129. Which one best conductor of heat ANS: DIAMOND 130. Q. ANS: GENERAL RELATIVITY 131. What is defined as the ratio of shearing stress to shearing strain? ANS: Modulus of Rigidity 132. The eye of retina change in accordance of _________ ANS: SHARE OF THE LENS 133. In nuclear, what is equal . That will emit 1 mole of electrons (Avogadros number) ANS: ONE EQUIVALENT 134. Atom that has the greatest ability to attract electron ANS: Oxygen 135. Energy gap of ZnTe ANS: 2.26 136. Elemental solid having a different crystal structure usually due to prevailing pressure

109. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed ANS: FIRST LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS 110. Van Der Waals force weakest in what element? ANS: HELIUM

and temperature ANS: Amorphous 137. Coordination compound refers to ANS: COMPLEXES 138. A complex has coordination number ______. ANS: 2 139. Uniform acceleration of frame ANS: PRINCIPLE OF EQUIVALENT 140. It is when the workers are motivated to work when the management is concerned to the welfare of the workers ANS: Hawthorne effect 141. Isotopes has greater than ______ proton is unstable ANS: 92 142. States that two bodies are in thermal equilibrium with the third body, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other. ANS: Zeroth law of thermodynamics 143. ______involves a voluntary appreciation of people called members who operate an enterprise collectively with an objective of not making profit but of giving support to their members. ANS: Cooperative

the earth? ANS: Potential energy 145. ALIGNED (KEYWORD) ANS: PARAMAGNETISM 146. Q ANS: CRITICALLY INDEX 147. The penal provision of RA 9292 is stated in what section of the act? ANS: Section 35 148. A measure to the total resistance to sliding is called. ANS: Shear force 149. Maximum intensity (keyword) ANS: decreasing with increasing temperature 150. The shear modulus of triangle in the base b and height h in the bh2 divide by ________. ANS: 12 151. Which of the statement about alkenes is incorrect ANS: They do not show isomerism 152. Q ANS: NOMINAL DAMAGE

154. At constant pressure and temperature, the volume is directly proportional to the number moles present. ANS: Avogadros law 155. Mica as an insulator can be cleaved in a very thin sheet. Mica is available in ANS: Ruby mica or Amber mica 156. Major number 2 in ______ ANS: COPPER 157. What refers to the indication of the resistance of a material to indentation by a penetrator ANS: Hardness 158. What refers to the ability of a material to absorb applied energy without failure? ANS: Toughness 159. grams of particle is dissolved in water, the solvent can still dissolve more solute, the solution is said to be ANS: Unsaturated 160. Brinell hardness test load ______ and second ANS: 3000kg, 30 161. What business that is composed of a number of people, usually part owners involved in which it can be formed informally? ANS: Partnership 162. Carnot cycle involves the following process

ANS: Two adiabatic, two isothermal 163. Reciprocal of wavelength ANS: Balmer formula 164. Number density is reciprocal ANS: VOLUME OF A MOLECULE 165. Which of following situation has a convectional cash flow so that an internal rate of return can be safely calculated? ANS: you invest in safe dividend and receive dividend each year 166. Q ANS: STAFFING PLAN 167. Skidding Velocity ANS: V2/2a 168. Also known as f block in the periodic table ANS: Inner Transition Metal 169. Catalyst (keyword) ANS: IT WILL NOT CHANGE 170. Checking and rating all license exam is done by ANS: Board of electronics Engineer and chairman of PRC 171. Civil wrong committed by a person, causing damage to another person or his property, or emotional well-being or reputation? ANS: TORT

144. What type of energy is possessed by the system as a result of its elevation with respect to the gravitational acceleration of


172. The second law of thermodynamics maybe interpreted as no device can transfer Heat from cooler body to warmer body without leaving an effect to surrounding. ANS: Claussius statement 173. What element is used to protect the material from corrosion? ANS: Chromium 174. The period of the original (keyword) ANS: PHYSICAL LIFE 175. Sharp re-entrant should be avoided because they may cause ______. ANS: STRESS CONCENTRATION 176. Project management process transformation Data and Information Decision making

ANS: DIFFICULTY OF THE COMSUMER TO RECOGNIZE WHO REPRESENT THEM 181. In modentate lignins, coordination number is equal to ________. ANS: NUMBER OF LIGNINS 182. Carnot cycle operate at ____ constant temperature reservoirs ANS: 2 183. What type of material has atomic arrangement occurring per unit time in liquid structure over large structure? ANS: Crystalline 184. Which of the following materials is the best conductor of heat? ANS: Diamond 185. Atoms that have completely filled the ns and np subshells giving them great stability are the ANS: Noble gases 186. How many reversible processes are there in a Carnot cycle? ANS: 4 187. What refers to the method of managing all the activities that has the quality of goods and services in order to ANS: Quality assurance

3. ANS: superposition METHOD 190. Which is true In space wave nomenclature ANS: space constant is expressed in 1/m 191. One of the main reason why there is pressure in matrix organization ANS: PRESSURE ON SHARED RESOURCES 5. 192. What is the electron mobility in m2/V-S of GaAs semiconductor material ANS: 0.85 193. In the condition of _______ waves, arrives at the same point 7. ANS: CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE 194. Two common velocities which hard disk rotates in read and write process ANS: 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm 195. How much fine is required for any person who shall violate any provision or any regulation in the code of ethics and technical standards as practiced from RA 9292. ANS: not less than 100,000 or more than 1,000,000. 8. 6. 4.

It is considered as derivatives of ammonia in which one or more of the hydrogen have been replaced by the alkyl or aryl group. It is characterized by unpleasant odors. ANS: amines Beta particles ANS: 9/10 times the velocity of light Alpha particle ANS: 1/10 times the velocity of light Alkenes ANS: isomerism Benedict- Webb- Rubin Equation has how many state ANS: 8 Strowbridge Equation has how many states? ANS: 16

ANS: IMPLEMENTATION 177. Stages of contact Preparation Perfection


Van der Waals Equation has how many states? ANS: 2

ANS: CONSUMMATION 178. Responsible for employees skills improvement ANS: FUNCTIONAL MANAGER 179. Generally has two or more oxidation state processes ANS: TRANSITION MANAGER 180. Disadvantages of functional authority

10. Which of the following phase changes represent sublimation? ANS: solid to gas 11. It states that, "If a stress is placed on a system on equilibrium whereby the equilibrium is altered, that change will take place which tends to relieve or neutralize the effect of the added stress". ANS: Le Chateliers Principle 12. Steatite Ceramic ANS: low tension, high frequency

1. Disintegration of a radioactive isotope is dependent in ___ ANS: Temperature, Pressure, Concentration 2. What will happen to the energy of photon when the wavelength will increase ____ ANS: It will increase by a factor of 2

188. Is the value of the point in the stress-strain curve in which the material has deformed drastically and no longer return to its original shape and size? ANS: Elastic limit 189. For 10 years, except on the 9th

13. For protection for TV broadcasting, the medium field strength required is ___. ANS: 65dbu 14. Divided by the value of elongation and the current gage length. ANS: Truth strain 15. Absissa of GoodmanANS: s diagram ANS: static 16. Formula of ANS: v^2/2a 17. Series of training ground for every management. ANS: Projectized Matrix 18. Atomic packing factor ANS: 0.o8 frequency 19. A ductile material is one that can be stretched, formed, or drawn to a significant degree before fracture. A metal that exhibits a percent elongation greater than ____ % is considered to be ductile. ANS: 5% 20. MACRS depreciation ANS: Half life 21. Astronomical unit is equal to ANS: 22. Polar Molecules ANS: Ligand 23. atomic mass

ANS: decreases up to a periodic table 24. What is the specific enthalpy of Heat of fusion of water? ANS: 333.5 KJ/Kg 25. Who is one of the assignatory for RA 9292? ANS: Roberto Nazareno 26. Who first postulated that stress is proportional to strain in 1678? ANS: Robert Hooke 27. Motivation starts in which management level? ANS: Lower Management Level 28. What is the metal that has a highest melting point? ANS: Nickel 29. Commercial copper is composed of hoe many impurities? ANS: 1% 30. It is the scattering of light by colloidal particles ANS: Tyndall Effect 31. Universal Gas constant in ANS: 32. Universal Gas constant in ANS: 33. Universal Gas constant in . . .

ANS: 34. Universal Gas constant in ANS: 35. Juan drives negligence ANS: Quasi delict 36. What type of organization that influenced the most? ANS: Projectized Organization 37. In AM Broadcasting the protections against co- channel. ANS: 30 38. Hydrocarbons that will substitution reaction with halogens is ___ ANS: Butane 39. High carbon steel is composed of ___ carbon. ANS: 0.6% 40. A tube that measures static pressure of fluid. ANS: Static Tube 41. The elements of the same period group in periodic table contain equal number of electrons. ANS: Not correct 42. A substance that have small masses. ANS: Beta rays 43. In Balmer formula, R represent for what? ANS: Redberg constant .

44. Dielectric strength of wood. ANS: 45. Reporting and decision making ___ vertical ANS: functional 46. Wein displacement law ... as the wavelength of the maximum intensity ___. ANS: decreases, the temperature will increase 47. In Endothermic___ ANS: increased as temperature decreased 48. Real gases are ___ ideal gases. ANS: not compensated 49. This process can be used to measure achievement in Total Quality Management (TQM) system. ANS: Benchmarking 50. The surface tension of the triangle, the base is multiplied by the square of the height over ___ ANS: 12 51. Coefficient of dynamic friction of steel to steel. ANS: 0.78 52. What is true about space mechanical nomenclature? ANS: space constant is 1/meter 53. alpha iron ANS: BCC

74. Dye Laser is used in what application? 54. High metals are easily drawn from their ores. ANS: not true 55. What is the critical pressure in MPa? ANS: 22.064 MPa 56. It is a colourless solid capable of being cut into brilliant crystals is the hardest, must abrasive mineral known ANS: Diamond 57. A material whose atomic arrangement occurs as periodic, repeating structures over large distances. ANS: Crystalline 58. What is the color of the pure copper? ANS: Reddish 59. 1 ksi has how many psi? ANS: 1000 60. What are the steps in project management process? (Initializing, processing, executing, controlling and) ANS: Closeout 61. The second law of thermodynamics, state that it is impossible to have ___ process. ANS: cyclic 62. It is the rational way to ensure that our limited time is always used effectively. ANS: Time management 63. It is customary to indicate accuracy by using a certain numbers of figures or digits. ANS: Significant figures 64. Inelastic Collision is also known as ___. ANS: Endoergic Collision 75. Psin(theta)/2A is ___ 65. According to section 43, RA 9292 shall take effect __________ following its full publication in the __________ or any newspaper of general circulation. ANS: 15 days, Official Gazette 66. What is a standard deviation? ANS: Measure of dispersion 67. Rate of image form. ANS: inversely proportional to the squared of f number 68. Solid type laser ___, Nd-Glass ANS: Ruby 69. Measures Accurately ANS: PERT 70. A covalent bond between two atoms with different electronegativities, so that the electron density is unsymmetrically distributed ANS: Polar bond 71. Which is also known as the dual boss ANS: Matrix Organization 72. Microwave has ANS: shorter wavelength 73. Index of sensitivity of brittle materials under constant pressure. ANS: 0.15 ANS: shear stress 76. The resistance of copper ANS: 77. is hot. ANS: iron 78. Y theory ANS: Mc clelland theory 79. Typical Temperature ANS: -20 degrees to -70 degrees 80. Coefficient of static friction on cast iron to cast iron. ANS: 0.15 81. X-rays, Y-rays___. ANS: Electron 82. What is the crystal structure at room temperature of gamma rays ANS: FCC 83. Complement of House cable. ANS: Building cable 84. In AXE, A represent for the ANS: Central Atom 85. In stress strain diagram, what refers to the curve first deviates from a straight line? ANS: Spectroscopy and pollution detection

ANS: Proportionality Limit 86. It is the indication of the resistance of a material to indentation by a penetrator ANS: hardness 87. It is a method of managing all the activities that affect the quality of goods or services in order to prevent faults. ANS: Quality Assurance 88. It is the scattering of light by colloidal particles ANS: Tyndall Effect 89. _________ states that at constant pressure and temperature, the volume of a gas is directly proportional to the number of moles present. ANS: Avogadros Law

1. In ionic bonding, it is the strong transference of valence electron from one atom to another. It is found in _. -> Ceramic materials 2. In general, the _ and _ of chromium increase rapidly while the carbon content decreases. => Tensile point, yield point, and ductility 3. In ligand field theory, the ligand. . . . =>polar molecules 4. What is the type of refrigerant that is normally used in refrigerator? => Gas that is easy to liquefy

5. Sodium reacts more vigorously to water than lithium because sodium is _ than lithium. => Electro positive 6. In comparing of alternatives, it is best suited for ranking the desirability of alternatives. => Present worth method 7. What is the substrate material used when very high heat and very flat surface is needed? => Sapphire 8. In designing belt system, what is the range of service factor? => 1.0 to 1.5 9. A phenomenon occurs, when a mixture of gases is subjected to a temperature gradient; the heavier atoms concentrate in the cooler region, while the lighter ones, in the hotter region => Thermal diffusion 10. In project management, what technique refer to this, "when you have to finish your project on time with limited resources, you added a project buffer before the end date and feeding buffers before each critical task". => Critical chain scheduling 11. Distance of the object of a Natural eye distance___ from the object =>25 mm 12. A particle which has spin quantum number of 1. => Photon 13. A "blend" refers to combination of 2 or more => Polymers

14. What is the crystal structure at room temperature of delta iron? => BCC 15. Housing stubbed width and depth of what is considered a terminal box => 300, 100 mm 16. In VSEPR, the electron pairs surrounding the atom, bonding or non-bonding is called _. => Steric number 17. A material is considered a brittle material if it exhibits a percentage elongation of _ 5%. => Less than 18. It is a measure to resistance to twisting. => Torque 19. What is defined as maximum safety stress a material can carry? => working stress 20. How many reversible processes are present in Carnot cycle? => 4 21. It is the Energy change accompanying a mole of electrons being added to a mole of a gaseous atoms or ions. => Electron affinity 22. If the volume of the mole of gas molecules remains constant, lowering the temperature will make the pressure => Increase 23. Permanent deformation that remains after the removal of applied load.

=> Permanent set 24. The volume of FCC.... 16 times square root of 2 divided by _. => R3 25. I will give you P10, 000 if you will marry Mrs. Dela Cruz. This is an example of what condition? => Mixed condition 26. What is the reason why malleable cast iron is difficult to fuse weld? => Because of chilling effect ..., 27. In a confined ideal gas, the 1st step is isobaric followed by isochoric. The work done is _ heat dissipated. => Equal but opposite 28. Beta particles are more penetrating than alpha particle and can be stopped by _ thick. => 1cm

33. In qualitative planning, _ refers to forecasting by the consultants. => Delphi technique 34. Beta particles are said to be produced when neutron replaces _ in an atom. => Proton 35. It is the energy liberated in nuclear fission by large scale. => Thermonuclear energy 36. In AISI specifications, the point of the carbon is equal to _. => 0.01% 37. In medium broadcasting, => 10% 38. What is the reason why copper is difficult to weld? => It is conductive

29. In FM broadcasting,,. 60dBu :: _ => 53 dBu 30. The amount of activity the project can be delayed without imparting the completion date is called _. => Total float 31. Which of the following is a binary compound? => Hydrochloric acid 32. In organic compound, what prefix denotes a compound with 4 carbon atoms? => but

39. According to NTC, "indoor equipment devices" refers to the devices with ERP of less than _ with external antenna. => 250 mW 40. What is the crystal structure of iron between 1697F and 2552F? => FCC 41. Materials color, light is able to pass through =>transparent 42. Juan, .negligence =>Quasi- delict

43. Market value is the amount of property a willing buyer pay to a willing seller =>present worth

=>square root of 3 54. =>central atom

64. It is the value of stress on the stress-strain curve at which there is a significant increase in strain with little or no increase in stress. =>yield point 65. As provided in ACT 3846, the construction of a radio station shall begin only when => The NTC has already issued a Permit to construct 66. If the temperature of a given quantity of gas is held constant, the volume of the gas varies inversely with the absolute pressure during a change of state =>Boyles law 67. It is the macroscopic magnetic properties as a consequence of the interaction of ____ and =>external magnetic effect 68. Bohr-summer field =>1 69. Shear stress ____ normal stress =>one-half

=>significant figures 74. What do we call as the ability of the material to absorb the applied force without failure? =>toughness 75. The transfer of energy between solid & adjacent fluid that is in motion it involves the combined effect of conduction in fluid motion. =>convection 76. Who postulated that proportional strain in 1678? => Robert Hooke 77. The internal resistance of an area in which the object is made to external force applied. =>stress 78. It is define as the pressure exerted by a force of one Newton acting on an area of one square meter. =>Pascal 79. A material with permanent dipoles which align themselves externally. =>paramagnets 80. In communications network for Band C having an output frequencies of162.235 162.735 MHz, 166.25 MHz and =>170.150 MHz the stress is

44. Coefficient of static friction on dry condition on steel on steel =>0.78 45. Delayed mora solvendi =>negative obligation 46. The maximum theoretical of Carnot is greater than the actual because the actual is =>irreversible 47. . Solubility

55. What electron emission is when the nucleus has too many few neutrons, a proton transforms into a neutron with a positron emission => +beta decay 56. Steel that has nickel added manganese =>very ductile 57. Pure copper color => Reddish 58. Obliged to do the duty

=>solubility product constant 48. An object at 10 m below it was dropped have =>identical acceleration 49. Wiedemann-Frantz ratio in (microvolts per K) ^4 for pure metals =>20000-30000 50. Bronze is weld =>arc process 51. Attracting potential employees =>recruitment 52. The maximum efficiency =>Carnot Principle 53. Mass of planet is 6 times of earth and radius of planet is two times of earth. Escape velocity of plant is ___ v

=>passive 59. Another term for ligand field theory =>crystal field theory 60. Speed of lens is dependent on ___ and independent of ___ =>f number, focal length 61. wL^2/2 =>fixed support on one end and hinge support on the other end 62. The heat that is added to increase the temperature of a substance to one degree =>specific heat 63. In FM broadcasting, scanning lines per minute =>360

70. Cause and effect =>parametric effect 71. Static friction steel asbestos =>0.15 72. A covalent bond between two atoms with different electronegativities, so that the electron density is unsymmetrically distributed. =>polar bond 73. What refers to the accuracy by using significant numbers of digits?

81. Plancks theory states that the quantum energy of radiation is determine by _______. => Frequency 82. Carnot engine system has _______ constant reservoir

=>two (2) 83. What is the most widely used tool to determine scheduling & control w/c predicts the early start & the late start logic? => Gantt chart 84. What is the coefficient of static friction in in dry condition for steel & graphite? => 0.21 85. In chemistry, the number density is the reciprocal of ___________? =>mass volume of molecule 85. Intermolecular forces responsible for the high boiling point of water. => Hydrogen bond 86. It is composed of blocked materials & walls in buildings. =>outside plant 87. In engineering materials which states that, For any calculated shear stress there is always an equivalent normal stress and normal stress is _______ shear stress. =>equal to that 88. It is the principle of the equivalence =>gravitational redshift 89. Which is not suggested that air is a mixture and not a compound? =>air(may mataas na karugtong) 90. The heat that passes electron through the anisotropic crystal. =>bridgmann effect

91. =>15,000

The radio annual fee for TVRO.

101. Three phases solid, liquid, gas to 4th state of water. =>super critical fluid

111. Type of organization where the project manager is held for the completion of the project and is often assigned a budget. =>Matrix organization

92. The speed of alpha particle in the nuclear reaction is _____ to the speed of light. =>1/10

102. What is the equivalent number for spin quantum number? =>+1/2 or -1/2

112. Electrovalent structure ____ conduct electricity =>Cannot 113. Weidemans Frantz ratio ranges from. =>20,000 to 30,000 114. Dynamic friction of groove pavement on steel. =>0.4 115. Poor communication concerning necessary technical information among leaders and workers. =>Projectize organization 116. A man running towards a stationary person has mass ___ the man at stationary.. =>Greater than 117. At constant temperature, the pressure is inversely proportional to the volume. =>Boyles law

93. What is the theoretical maximum value for poisons ration of a given material subjected to a uniform? => 94. In engineering economy, which shows for gradient calc? => (N-1) G 95. Amortization is used rather than depreciation when. =>the asset is intangible. 96. The composition of acetylene is composed of what compound? =>carbon & hydrogen 97. A condition of fulfilment to rise obligation. =>suspensive condition 98. In MACRS, The salvage value for depreciable property is defined _______. =>to be zero 99. The typical poisons ratio to uniaxial stress. =>26-38 % 100. Using silver as electric contacts you must limit voltage low and currents to ______________. =>20A

103. A type of bond w/c is relatively strong nondirectional bond. =>ionic bond 104. Lawsuit for lost profit caused by ceasing use of product name against the firm. Damages and delay of part replacement =>lucro cesante 105. The tie of the subject & object..

=>efficient cause 106. The density is ____ to the Avogadros number. =>Inversely proportional 107. The elongation of a material that does not return to its original shape. =>Elastic limit 108. Positive ion and negative ion. Define as ___ surrounded by the particle. =>Central atom 109. (Given process) work done is ___ to the net force, =>Equal but opposite 110. Maximum penalty for airing in KBP =>70,000

118. What is the most ethical way to do if you engage in a business that is competing with the company you are in? =>Tell your employer about it 119. A dimensionless number.., the product of loss of heat per unit area. =>Snullen number 120. 3 boson particles.

=>Photon, kaon, pion 121. Technique used to minimize the probability of occurrence of a risk. =>Risk mitigation 122. The rotational energy, a diatomic particle is proportional to the square of ____ =>Angular momentum 123. It has a fast fracture of a body. =>Brittle fracture 124. Republic Act 9292 has how many articles =>8 articles 125. Polar reagent =>Markouvnikou 126. At least one sleeve is required in a riser conduit, what is the minimum diameter of a sleeve in a conduit? =>101mm 127. Colloid that is large enough to be recognize but large enough to settle =>Disperse colloid 128. In depreciation time, it is equal to ____ =>Estimate Lifetime manufacture 129. What stress has distortion? =>Shear stress 130. The magnetic property of a material is cause of _____ and magnetic dipole. =>External magnetic field

131. Why freezer is placed on the top of a refrigerator? =>To cool the interior by setting up convection current 132. Gun metal has __ copper. =>88 133. in section of inertia of a rectangle, base time the square of height over ___ =>12 134. Why hydrogen, has two hydrogen atoms? =>The principle of uncertainty 135. Exoergic is defined as____ =>Gain of kinetic energy 136. Newton per unit area =>Pascal 137. Soft and easy to die cast Gray cast iron 138. HeCd ____ type of laser. =>Is not a solid 139. Lens that has a minimum distortion =>Lens aberration 140. Who is responsible for project integration? =>Project manager 141. Strobiridge has how many constant =>16 142. What type of organization has poor cross feed of information?

=>Projectize Organization 143. A brittle material has elongation less than =>5% 144. A material that is easily deformed. =>Brittle 145. What technique is based on cause and effect? =>Parametric Technique